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A Vy ft "iprniii Garden Ci-nt'.
1 really womlrr wliethtr tho lust ilay of
February at.Sprlng Garden t oiler is
anytlmig at alt like Iho Inst any "t wmii.
ary at horns, fur if it ia you Mil bid it
. farewell with regret. The windows are
open, and tbMiigU them, in spit" f the
hoUuiisbine glitieru.g on the sand, floats
a breeze rViiotouely sweet nnl ccol. The
sky is perfectly bluo with the exception ot
a lew white clouds, and the M,li f het.ill
pjnes sway very lightly in the morning air.
As I write 1 look out. oyev n Itaby .range
$ro?e, around v. hose rooti the mellow Mind
bag Just been upturned, and I have a dim
suspicion that it will benmo wtk before
tbefarintu of Li Falle county tut; their
plows in a similar way. My eye also te.us
upon u little garden patch In our bark
yard, wbone bean vitun urn lifting their
heads ambitiously skyward. l?y th gnu
cious perinilon of its owrn r, we hope in
two weeks together from them the male
rials for a tooih-onie tlinh if mncoliu h.
Over my IiomiI is i bouquet of b'.otsonis,
gathered this morning, and in Hie bouquet
are treat pink and white oleander., grow
ing wild ou tbe atcuue, .carlel phlox, re
jolciog in' the freedom of gmirdiK . tLe
hlieU walk, ojtHldc of Mujor Ni.rn' gnic,
orange b'ossonn and red rotes.
The boy f avenue re m rrtly try.
ing the runninj,' gear ol the new tramway
from the mill to the pine land. The citi
zens nre btiny at the mill or in their grovrn.
and many of them (in J no necessity lor
Latt .Saturday we tor oren the wrapper
from a handle if homo papers and read
therein some startling iicuh. There was a
tnryof ruin and destruction by flood; the
city wan not Cincinnati, nor Louisville, nor
Frankfort, but our own Ottawa. We rub
bed our eyes and read aguln .' " Mr. I-iane
Fredeuburj informs us that ho never wit
nessed sueh Hoods in lib loiii,' riklJuico
here. Twenty six years ago, when the Illi
nois bridgo went out, the water was 4 Inch
es deep In his house, snd .today it w in 14
Inches at 8.30 o'clock." r Mr.Supp'sf.ird
is all under water. J 4m Stout's flue burn
moved out this morning, taking a bet-line
to Degen's stable, and then went crashing
uuder the bridge, a total r, reck.", "The
walk and woodwork to the1 bridge Is badly
sni'ished. On this side ftwdeis liro-i. shop
is a wreck, Dewej-'a foundry is nil HUiat-U'Jd
up, and Degen's barn badly ruined.
Btrawn'a lumber yard is under 10 feet of
"TliO'l.'t paper of the bundle bore Unto
of Feb. lOih. and inmrnied us that " hun
dreds of persons were scattered u!l along
the banks yesterday viewing the aii'hta."
Now, on that particular day we were look
ing at tea roses instead of ice .'urges, ai1''
enjoying the (Uvor of ripe atrawberrba
in place of depiorlng thu ravages of tle
wild Fox and Illinois. Tba', date, too,
found us in a spot nlmoit an novel to un m
bers of our parly no un Art Loan. Th 8
spot was the cxti osiveaml tieitntifuloisrijie
grove of Jlr. George II. Norris. One of
tle furtv bad accMmpanleit Major Js'orris
at Kn early hour, and w followed later in
a Florida carriage on two wLctK some
times vulgarly styled a tart. . Our ride wi.s
a slow uiul traiKpiil nllair, for the pedate
mule considered hssto beneaih I isdignity,
but as thu mcruliig under the shaded pines
waa decidedly pleasant we sulfi red him to
select bis own pace. At last a gate optnal
before us, aixi when It had closed wo found
our path winding down through tiie heart
of the grove la Hie fruit house on the lake.
There were orange trees to he rijtht, to the
left, before, behind us, und all were loaded
with fragrant white bloMSoma. Nothing
more lovely than an orange flower ever
Lung from the branch of a tree, and when
this delleuto stainlessly white vision o
beauty duplicated over and over for mil
lions ot turns shines out at you from
among the richest of gbwsy green lenwa.
the scene is a strange and attractive one to
northern eyes.
Not until wo bad reached the fruit bouse
did the blosioms give any place to tin
riponed fruit, for Iho season was nearly
over and only 100,000 oranges remained to
bo gathered. Major IS'orris becau to gath.
er h's harvest a little later than tbo farm
ers ot La Salle began to busk their com
themiddleot November; but, tinlike them,
he has taken three months to complete the
task. The crop, however, is not a small
one. Major N. ships this year 1,100.0110
oraugtis, representing a very desirable in
come of $20,000. JSut the. Major's grove
is still behind tho Harris gr-.ve, near Pa
latka, whiob during this year has enriched
its owner, according to report, with the no
ble sum of $50,000, and uext year will
prove a regular bonanza 1 100,000.
Otir meditations on' the pleasure nnd
profit of an orange grme were brought to
an abrupt stop by tho appearance of the
packing htuw, and soon we were deep in
the mysteries of orange wrapping nnd
The fruit house slam's on tic bank ol
Spring Garden J.ako. That very respecta
ble body of water stretches away In lazy
calm uni'era blu tropical sky. It is i n
circled by ta:l stiff palmetto, the satin.
smooth leaves of tho magnoltaa, and all
the tangled luxuriances of the hammock
8o much for tho location of the Ingath
ering; now for the manner. An orange
for shipment is never picked from its sup
porting stem, but is carefully cut and
laid in a basket. This basket when full
finds its place among other baskets in a
cart, and thus reaches its destination. Ar
rived at the packing house, the basket is
emptied on an inclined plane formed of
lata, so arranged that the oranges act on
Darwin's theory and make a selection of
the fittest that is, the small oranges fall
Into boxes prepared lor fruit of their size,
the medium ones into boxes for medium
oranges, and the large ones seek their natu
ral companions. From these baskets the
fruit is transferred to its proper racks, and
the wrapper Is ready for lu rtisu. On her
lap is a package of ;i thousand ti-sue
squares, bctore her is tho trout pile of jtl
low beauties. She takes an orange, plants
It squarely in the (enter of the tissue
wrapper, g'ves ihc paper a dextrous, corn
pact little twist, and the astonished orange
finds itself smoothly encased In the elo ia
for its Img journey northward. An ex
pert wrapper can wrap from 11,009 to ;i 0(H)
oranges per day, hut Mich woi I; u not usu
al, and we thought thai 1 10 would do for
our stint. From the ruck the orange pro
ceeds at once to the box for shipment,
these boxes vsring from 120 and 150 tn
170, according to the si.o of fruit. The
oranges ate packed iu Tjas of two. or
threes, and threes ;r lours, as tlie Iruit is
large or mi ill; nut! to properly airaege
the e rows is a trick of the inde, requiring
mine rt'.ort to I earn on the part of a green
baud. The box bow receives its cover, and
a stroke of the bru-h over a tin plato in
delibly leaves the name of me owner of
the grove and the address of the New l ork
linn to which il is gotnjr upon Us surface.
At this pmni the car on. the tramway re
ceives it and sw ltly whirls it away lvtle
waitiug boat, aed so.-n it is on its wnv to
the tables of those who love the juicy and
luscious oranges if Florida.
The groves along iho avenue ure in tine
coi.dition, and Hie many bloaaoms ol those
In bearing gladdeu the eyes of iheir own
ers and give pleasant premise of sung ad
ditems to sundry pocket book".
One or two traabfuis oi real cs'.stc may
iu.eresl'your readers : ' . . !. v
Mr. George '('ad veil recently sold 80
acres of unimproved land for per acre.
Mr. Mortimer U 'jell's new orm;e grove,
which he puicluaKj Ji.'tu Mr. Lyman, ot
Kenosieo, Wis., for $'1,000,' is for its live
years of life a daisy aiiioni; grove.".
Mr. William Phillips has sold -0 acres
of or.'.nge land, including a ynuu;; grovo
of seven or eight acres, for &.C,000,'iMr.
David Fullci ton,' oi.ee o! I.'Uch, 111 , i the
purchaser,, ''. !;
Meis'ts. Will, fiul Cal. Phillips have re
ceiilly piiivhiii-d from Mr. William Cook
a large body o orange land, including a
groe, und will make luelr future winter
home there. Lydia Stkawn.
Ma.nuici. ok Wooij Enobavinu. for, titk
Amateuju- By Arthur lIoe. (.liiicago:
The O Igrorc Ihxtk Company. Price,
fit) ecus.
Wood engraving has nnuln surli ndvanc
(g in later yen is and lis methods have un
dergone such changes and improvement.",
thai manuals are a necessity to keep puce
with the art. Tbs unpretentious little vol
ume before us itCogni7.;a nil the forward
sie) s in tho art, and then gives full, pre--tieal
instructions in all tho details of the
a-t. Peginners and amateurs cannot fail
to find it a mo-t valuable hand book.
How It Wah1)oe, Special Edition of
the 15. & O. H.it Book. Uy d-'Q. Pan in
born, lialiimore: 15. it (). Kailway Co.
,To rouke advertising elleetive, the thing
to do is ti keep tho iiauit) if the article
advertised prominently lu sight. The rail
road aggregation in this country parsing
uuoer the common iinuio of Baltimore &
Ohio, Includes several thousand miles, and
is so well known for Us splendid manage
ment that the traveler always selects it if
comes withlu bis route, if he happens to
th ink ol it. So that company, as a con
slant reminder, places in bis band the 15.
it O. Red 5nok. It Is a very beautifully
printed, compact little volume of some 123
pages, filled with the olllcial election re
luriis of all the states lu ISM, compared
with thu returns of 1SI31-2 on congression
al and state results, illustrating tho great
political revolution of the latter years and
"How It Was Done," It is just such a
book as every intelligent voter as well as
traveler wants to curry in bis pock
et, and though issued as an advertising
medium, the possessor is surprisid to find
ilo.t less than a page id' the compact little
volume is devoted to the 15. & O. railroad-
riie letters 15. & O. show prominently on
thegaily illuminated cover. That'a all;
but it says the traveler very Insinuat
ingly all the Btime, when buying his tick
et. "Don't forget the 15. & O."
Wiu'Oitn'H Microcosm. (Hall & Co.,
Philadelphia. $1 a year.) As nu oil' set
to the scientists of tho day who are prone
to deal ho flippantly with the frolemn tjueB
'.ions of spiritual and dtviue existence, and
talk so yauntingly of their scientific de
monstratlons, we know of no publication
1 1) at can be read more profitably than this
unpretentious little monthly. Its contri
butora are among the ablest orthodox theiv
logians and thinkers of the day, and theli
writings are generally criup, pungent and
to tho point.
Ocn Litti.k Oses. (The Hussell Pub
lishmg Company, Boston. $1.50 a year.)
The March number is a very gem in its
way. Not even Jlarper't or the Cuntury
has finer . illustrations, while its contents
are such as to tuft a stx to ten year old wild
with delight.
The advertisement of tho Now Vo.k .San
which commences this week In our coluuiu
will be continued fur three months. Tbe
.Sun slates that the circulation of Its scveritl
editions last year was 55,Mt!,(C0, against 50,.
tO,U19 the year previous. The .Sun, while U
furnishes a live snd generally acceptable
iiowspnper at verv low rate, exoend a treat
dual of money to advertise the fact. This Is
ona of the secrets of its success. The Sun
believes that every man should suburrlble for
and liborally support bis local newspaper
first sod foremost. IUvlnu done this cons
cientiously and faithfully, it advises all thoas
ho may wish to supplement their town or
county paper with a metropolitan Journal, to
give the Han a trial
Cullad Kern unit Thrre from tbo IIIr 1I
llitnBiiiiiii' Day,
Last huugmuu's day was somewhat
nure iiumerens'y observed than usual,
there having been at least five such celo
brations in the country.' Tho most noted
(imes were probably those of Michael Mc
G'oin and P.isquale Majoue, in the Tomls
prison in New Yoik.. MtGloiu was a
professional - thief. On the night of Dec.
27, 1881, with three others, he broke uito
thu saloon of Louis Ilauier, a Frenchman,
on Went S2d street, and tbo thieves being
surpti-ed at work by Hanier, MeGloin
turned upon und shot him dend. Majnee
was an Italian street mtisiciati, living with
his wife, who was bur, 13 years o'd, i nd his
mother in law, with both of wht m he had
frequent quarrels. Ou Dec. 0, 181, be
hurriedly entered his house and asked bis
wile tor a receipt for some money be bad
sent to Italy. She told him to ret it blni-
c!f. lie seized her and caggtd her Into
an at'jscent room.aud, drawing a revolver,
shot her through the head, killing her in
stantly. Then be ran back to the room
where bis mother-in-law was te'tting. and,
putting the revolver sgainst her temple, be
lired one shot. Then bu sht himself
twice in the throat and Blairaered into the
street, where Policeman Harrington arrest
ed hiin as a wouldbc suicide. The mother
in law died two hours afterwards, but Ma
joue recovtn d sulllciectly Irom his self
inllwte'' wounds to stand a trial uiul jield
up his life in a more reeular way -on the
Joseph D. Loom is was hanged a! Hpring
field, Mass. Ho was 28 years old, lhe son
ol a Euostauttal limner, and, nt me nine
he committal the crime for which be was
hanged (Dec. 1, 182) engaged to he mar
ried to N Hie Stevens, wi'h whout be bud
had arranged to eo next day to Il.istot:.
I!ut as he lacked the needed read money
for the trip, be invited hla friend David
Leavirt to take a ride with" bhn in the ev
tiling, and on the way shot him dead with
a pistol and rifle'! his pockets. Iiut he had
done the work so awkwardly that bo was
arrested next day, imprisoned, ti d, found
guilty and banged. ' ".
At Ti'-hitningo, in the Indian territory,
William IhowH wai hanged. . In duly las'
he had mualeitd in cold blood W. Camp
bell Tubby without any cause whatever.
Dob Cochran, colored, was banged at
Clayton. Alabama, for the murd'-r ot M
L. Drew in Noremb'.T last. Drew kept a
sni'ill orc in which be slept, and Cochran
called him u; in the night under pretense
of w bihing to buy something. Admitted
to the store, while Drew was banding
goods across the counter, Cochran bit him
over the head with an ax and killed him. lie
r 'fled tbo till and made oil", but was arrest
ed next day. Ho confessed bis crime be
fire his execution, okl his body to a doc
tor for $10, ate a hearty dinner, took a
drink of whiskey and n cignr, and sit ft.
teen minutes pa-t tweUe was taken from
jail and led to the gallons where ho met
his fate like a gamecock .
John Fox, of Eellcvillp, Ohio, widely
known for his attempt to murder Dr. Ir
win, ( f Mausfleld, a year ago, was instant'
ly killed on the night or the 8th inst.'
while tiding in a wagou with bis brother
Daniel on the public road. Half n dozen
of shots were fired, two bitting John and
instantly killing him, and another hitting
Daniel in the leg. There is no clue to the
ussiissin. 1' ox was nreu at two wceas ngo
in the cveniug as be entered his home. He
bad lately been divorced from his wife for
cruelty, nnd though quite wealth-, win a
bard, brutal man.
All luxuut Fury.
At Philadelphia, on the Dth Catharine
Metzgar, a servant girl in the emp'oy of
Samuel May, ntieiupted to murder Mrs.
May and her child. Sin; assaulted the
former with a hatchet nnd (pictured the
skull ol the latter with a bottle. It is be
Beved that Mrs. May will recover, but the
child will die. The girl gives no other
reason for her murderous sssnlt than that
she was directed by some unseen power in
a ureaui to commit the deed.
Various MurJm-w,
At New York, on Sunday, Kiebard Ca
sey, a police olllcir, entering the oflice of
tho ltrst precinct, seeing Roundsman
Richard Comisky setting nt tbo desk de
liberately drew his pistol and shot him.
The only reason ho gave was that Comis
ky was "following him round," to sec that
be attended to his duty. Casey was under
the Influence ot liquor at tbo time, and ou
account ot his liquor habit had lieen re
ported by Comisky.
Near London, Ohio, on Sunday, John
O. Tracy in urdered bis brother-in-law, Da
vid Gillinwatcr, by cutting bis throat with
an axe. Tracey, with his wilo and two
children, had come from Lnjan county to
Gillinwatcr. Tho two men went into the
woods in the afternoon to cut wood, and
thero got into a trilling dispute, which
ended in the murder.
George Kirsch was on Sunday evening
found dead in a house cn Urownvillc ave
nue, in Pittsburg, with two stabs in his
face. Two brothers named Williams are
accused flf tho crime. Cause an old
A very horrible murder ot two women
living in Lafayette, Pike couuty, about 14
miles from Indianapolis, was cemmitted
last Saturday night The victims were
Mrs. Lncinda Foreman, a widow, aged DO
years, and her maiden daughter, 51 years
old. They lived alone on their farm. One
of the bodies was found outside the house,
under a pile ot atraw, and the other ia
the kitchen of the dwelling. An aie was
tho instrument used to accomplish the
deed. There It no clue to tho murderers.
On Sunday, a drunken father in Hall
county, Georgia, named nerrlng, poured
a shoi-cl of hot coals on an inlact child
and burned it to death.
At Hunnewell, Kansas, on the 0th, Rob
ert V. Dodd, an extensive cattle-dealer,
was snot dead during a quarrel with an
unknown person. Dodd belonged to Pe
tersburg, Vr.
Near Crawfordsville, Ind., on the !Hb,
Wm. Stickncy and Kilns Armstrong be
came involved in a quarrel at a dance near
Bower's Station, which resulted in Stick
uey dangerously shooting Armstrong.
Death in the Flames Near Freder
ick, Md., in an old fashioned two story log
house, lived Samuel Crouise, with his
wife, six children and a (leaf mute brother.
All Slept up stairs, and in the night of the
8ih inst. the lower part of the bouse took
fire so that there was no egress for the in
mates except from one narrow win low up
stairs, fifteen feet from tho ground. Tlie
I futher nnd oldest boys leaped out and the
mother undertook to throw the smaller
children into the arms ot those below. All
had thus been safely lauded except one lit
lie ::irl whom the mother hold in her
arms nnd was in the act of dropping when
the deaf mute darted between the mother
and child, and getting half way out the
window, hung there in terror, leaving the
horror stricken mother and her child
standing on the brink of death, with the
(lames w ithin a lew feet of them, while the
husband and children ia safety below
were powerless to render any assistance.
Mrs. Croni.'o was unable to escape to any
other window, and shrieked to the crowd
b .'lo for help, she appealed to the deaf
route, but he could cot bear her, nnd stub
bornly clung to tho wind-jw, blocking her
egress, tier frantic cries tor aid were in
effectual, and, after a desperate struggle,
she fell buck ttito the building and per
ished ia the flames, clasping the chill to
her bosom. Tlie old deaf muto clung to
tho window sill in the hope or being res
cued, and at last fell to the ground in a
dying condition.
Dynamite Exixosiok. At the mouth
ot Deadman's Hollow, McKeesport, near
Pittsburg, four men were employed in a
stone quarry. They had drilled a blnstou
Friday evening and next morning propos
ed to charge it with dynamite. They
found the btufl' frozen nnd placed it near a
lire to thsw out. Ot course it exploded,
and two of tho men were instantly killed.
the others being badly injured.
A Fatkd Ste.ymeh. The steamer Na
varre, bound from Copenhagen to Leilb,
foundered ia a gale on the Dih off the
Enclish coast. There were ilghtyone
persons, mostly emigrants, on board, only
ivteen of wtiom were saved. Most of
them were on their way to America.
EtRSEi) to Death. About 12 o'clock
on "Saturday nlgbt Scott's lodging sheil at
Brownsville, the wood camp terminus of
iho Black Hills and Fort Pierre Railroad,
took fire und burned up. The building
-.tore. w-i;'i ft loft overhead, ni
- -j -
which fit teen persons at the time were
a-deip. Eleven of them pvnshsd in the
flames, tbe other four barely escaping with
sorioua injury.
CoiXArsi: OK A TlIKATUK Rooi . At
Havana, Cuba, n, Sunday cveuing, the
roof of the nortnwestern wing of the Pay
rcl Thea're crushed through the entresol
into a coffee horse below. Among the
many dead taken from the ruins is En
rique Sagastizab.d, co-proprietor of tbe
theatre. Several families escaped miracu
CnusiiED i:y a Tiiai.v. On Monday
ayening the hack which runs regulariy
bet wet ii Crawfordsville, Ind., end Alamo,
was struck by the west passenger train,
and thu entire outfit thrown up an em
bankment ferty fuit Irom tho track.
Gam. the driver, Mis. John Chak, ol
Waynetnvn, lud., and Miltou Hush, of
Alamo, were iusiantiy killed.
BuuNti). At J.uther, Mich., on Mon
day, a hoiifo !' ill-tame was destroyed by
lire, and two inmates, Jennie Goodsill end
Rube ii Myers, pen-died. It is stated thev
were both intoxicated at the time.
Shot hy an Idiot. Last Saturday
evening, Catharine Edwards, a young lady ,
o li years, liviug at Caseyville, St. Clair
couuty, El , some tea milen from east Hi.
Louis, was shot and killed by John Jacobs,
tm intimate lrieud, who thought to tnuht
en and have some fun with her by point
ing a shot-gun and snapping a cap at her.
The gun, however, to Jacob's greit sur
prise and horror, proved to be loaded, and
the young lady received the charge of shot
In her left breast and died almost instantly.
Jacobs surrendered himself, and Is almost
crazy over the event.
AtJollet, on Moniav a 10 ytar oM son
of Mr. Kinson's, residing on tbe West
Side, met with an accident which will
probably cost him his life, lie was thrown
trom a horse and trampled uuder its feet.
His skull was crushed and mi collar bone
A Tore UakiDK Taper.
The Tin Top Baking TowJer, which has,
been advertised in our columns lor some umc
pant, is pronounced by Prof. C. Gilbert
Wheeler, of Chicago, and other equally emi
nent chemists, as superior to any brand ot
Making Powder on the market. They Mod by
anaiyois that It Is composed only of pure
grape cream of tartar, finest bl carbonate of
oda and tho whites of eggs. The addition of
the whites of ecus tn a dessictted form being
great Improvement, Is especially noticeable
In the making of One rake, biscuit, etc. It Is
much mors economical than other well
known brand, as It Is fiee from starch, with
wbteh they are largely adulterated. This Is
why so ranch U required to accomplish a
given result. A trial will prove these state
ments, and will remit In Us bring adopted ss
the best, purest and most effective powdei
ever offered to the public .4rf.
"Wlwt ii hei ven's best gift to man T" she
sik-d, sweetly sinllloir upon him. "Dr.
Hull's Couth Syrup," he replied, with pru.
ih'Hct:. lie Ii ml Just been cured by It of a bad
A Eoston man was much horrified
when a fat nnd greasy wench appeared
in his oflieo nnd told him that she hni
prepared her trousseau nnd was ready
for the ceremony. Ho expressed nston.
ishment. She coolly told him that he
had promised to marry her. Ho showed
her to the door. Sho brought suit Vr
$5,000.' Ho won tho suit. Sho was
Talmago says: "Spanking children
photild be done coolly, vigorously, and
with the aim to let tin lesson sink deep
into their little hearts."
r:vVifd mm
n v i l e- n a j
Th C. M. ft St. Paul Hallway tiavtiw dl-ptufd uf H
: ",-l'iinl (jnuie wcofr-rrorH-'l" t Iji'linr. si umlln'M to
il nfiri ion of It, InnllOO.OOOAvro, in 111.- Him-
..i liraM II tfon m etW'nt for corn, iti.lrv n:1 'o. i
-Mil.. und K.'nuriil Brlcultum Kor mupa ami jm,
.iri" .-m fl-.-,.. .1.lr - KUKPEUlKSKK.HA.V .-A
U11MOKD, Slii urtlieurK6u, Cuicuiki, lLi.
S tf9
Passage Tickftts,
Foreign Exchange
Iniwnwc Uiisiness.
oa. 'n-ast ermor Poostfflce Black. ottHWS Illisola.
Sewing ladies,
VVc sell y.u a F; r-if-c I ihh Srwiri; MiU'liInu clii'-npor
than any vnv. m (his ronut.i', rtiiipr lor
Cxvsli or lastnllmeuts
Oil ur.il ititwljiiieiiid on h;ii.l. Ml Miirliinit fi!ly
wrviit;i(l. I'uil .-Hid sw
Ottawa, Kovcmljrr 11. 18 l.
Cantraetor a BnildBf.
f?hop Three Doors North of
Clifton Hotel,
An one. hwtti? either PiilMlma" ro rrcrt or Ilepairi, to
(ilvcii ud work zunriint.'eil tn lm Hri.t rln.K In all r
spue Ms. I.stliiiiri'i' rurnislicil on iiii:..'ii!iou.
work wirnti Tom iiiilldini! conlriiL'Ik.
111-11 I1IVO t'APKIi fur k:i!i rlM
A Si-i'tion .f l.mul V of n mllo from tlie Ii.'not nt
Tint. .Ii. MiiiiH-sotu. Hu'ii' l lirukrn up 3' hvti; a
gooil I'll : kiimiI ihiI:'.-, ISv-'o. plnHti-tCii ; jj'.oii mini -or
1J or t" horsn-x-. n k"1 hiiihII grunnrv. II Is cnliril llif
hcl wH iion In l !iiirnr'i:u o. n.)iii. Will be -uld
chi'ai'. ltiMPi.ni Tor m!" umile known lo npiilli'iinta.
Ottawa, Jan. in, IKK.-i. ii . ihi.m.-s r.i.i..
t In- O-tnt.rtpil Olv.l.s,1.V0 i-'t l'tloB BLAt'W C.'IIIKF.
Alm Ktirhl Hfail of Urwtc IleK'fonl Rulln. For pnrtlc-
uhrs nil.iri'ft H. I.. UBH .
..til i-Jnion1 i-iunwH, in.
M MH (IMT OP rnro flriitwrwum Tartar. Fliww
Di-l al bouon r Soiia nnJ Whit- rf Eju.
r.ciiuirii l Kss.
Caus aru f a LAIUiKIt.
T(ifuit ami dike rprTi-rl-ftter hin uilnir II .
J( . ..uirt, Ifir rtvnmrh d'lipiytie pmont.
Tii il iwkwfnt I'KKK. Bollonly In can.
brui.-iu llukluj t'udcr Co., jriKii,.V T.
liPIl UfltUllT. 11
iiBiallmu Cl'RK
for S e in I u a 1
Weak ims. Snrr
mtori hea, I ui -
Bilvary, and all
ineuri tbat fol
low a. aftrqnenra
of6lf-Atm.; at
14W9 of Memory,
t'nlvernnl Lmi.1-
Vlilon. Premature Old Ace. and many other niawwca
that Irad to Insanity or Conaninptioa and a Frrroalnrt
IF Foil psrtlcnlara tn our pamphlet, wntrn we d
Ire toat'nd free hrmall to every one. tyThespeetde
Modiclna la aold by all dnmlata at tn per packair, or
lx cackaraaraSorwill beaeat (re by mail on rc
eclpl of th fnoney, br addrpMlnK
On aoeoiiKt of eonnuirfelu. we bara adopted the Tel
w Wrapper, tbe only irenainfl. Oaaraiee of cr
turd by O. QebrlK. Aeau Ottawa, LU. (
m i Ik Jk m
V'eJTIfK.-Kvi-Ara of Ounoa B. nr.t'snar.x.
l IJtr'ii. Smli-e la hereby itlvi-n. tlml the under
Ik'ni'il. Semva Tiipimt. Adm nlmrntor of 1 lie t-amtn of
Oi-noaS. nriii.(liii!i.. lute of I In futility of !. rR;u ami
.Inlo of lllln..)., ili-i-i'UM'il, will apponr U-fire Oie Pro
biiteroiirt of Mill ronniv on thr third Mondny (being
tlie2Ut dny i of My s, at tlie rmbate Oi urt Kobui
In ittaw. In aiild cniintr. whrn and uIiitohI! imthhii
liHvlniirlHliii ordi'inaniU nuiiiniit itiil itale are n..(l
tied to niiund ami un:iit I lie wtuie in wriliUK for ad
1ntnienl. Kilted thi5tli day of Murch . i. IS.
SKNfceA Trrt'KK.
mario-aw . AiliitliilntrHtcr.
I i -. ,1 iii
i,.,',' "J'T.,1 -?r Riven, Unit the miili-mliou'd.
rreilerlrK- 'Jrharda, Kvecntor of ihell will and tet
i,".., J"nl',u'i", l",' "f 'iinty or I.a walle
and Btate of llllnol.. decwd, will a.peiir hoforo tho
il'T?Leii0.ur "r."y l''.,u",r "n '"I Mondny (be
Inw he Jl.1 day) of May ihns. nt the I'mhnto fonrt
HiKiin. iuOtlii. Uaaul roimiy. when and where oil
KTi i'li'ii .r"J, " "J rt,'"''"t Plo.t Uil emale
fiimlJuJiniMiV! lraHJietiietn wrlilntc
Ilhted thin Kill day of Man-h 'a 'n ti) '""'' "
,,, KllKUKUltK lilt'HAROS.
niarl0-3w Knerwor.
YOTK-'K-K-TATior Majukkh Tiiomah, Or-i-EtKi,-
Notice in hcreliy given, thai tin: muter
ulirned. 1'Wia A. 'i.oina. Kxecntor of tUu lat will
and Iqitalm ni of Marlunna Tlioiima, Inir nt the coun
ty of I Salle mnl Mute of HIiiMiIk, duream-d, will appear
before the I'oliate Court nt auld couiitv on Un tnlril
Monilny (belna the Ibin day) of Aorll liH. at the
I'r.'UiU. Cuurl ilouin. Im Ottawa, In (aid roniity, when
and where all pt-nutna ' having rlniiim i.r dVinundi.
agnlnat aaid eufnte are nnililed tn uttend and pnwni
the same In writing for mlJiiKi metit.
Dated thin M day of ilaii-li :. I:l.
hmrlO Str Kii t utor . .
'I'AX HU NOTtrK.-Notlee In hereby given to the
1 unknown owner of and the Unknown purlieu In-lerem-'d
In the loin or puna of lota hereinafter ti -rrilM'd.
anil all oOier per ua wlio'n It may eonvern.
i 'ml nt a aule of duliiiquent Innda and town otH by the
treasurer a. id ex oilli-io fo'lertor of La Salle county,
in the mate of IllinoK fur the urate, county and other
i;ix.- and coxta due thereon for the yer a. u. ItSO nnd
prevloua years, held at th t oumy court hone. In the
city of ot aw.., In iildi'iiuiiiy.cotiiiiienciiigiiu the ISth
day of .(line . I. 1KM. and .'Ontli'iic d Irom day to day
inirmiant to law, Wm. II ,l,aup, 1'riiaice. on the 2lal
day of 111 ' e a it. 11. became the pnrehiucr of tbe
following described lown loia or part of loin, ultuatert
In wild count and itc. t. :
Inuhtyr imtiit hmd. i.nt. mock: ' jnitn.
J. C. Kollowh.
Town of Miireillf
Fellowa Hill,
.I iceph Kcl'owa,
Kellows HIM.
Jimeph Fcliuws,
Fellowa 4 IltU.
That all of fnld lot" were ..old '.aforild for the tae
of the yearn a. p. 1817. I8 I8i and 180; and lliat the
tniieoi redemption of a.dd lo'a from a nd tale and pur
clnoe w ill expire on the 2M duv nl lime a. ii. IhfS.
A'no. nt the aforenniil Mile, Win. II. .leaatip, Truater.
ou fie 2IhI dav of June a. ii I -SI, became the inirchan-i-r
of the IuUhkIiu dcai rlhcd lutn, kltuatca in nakl
county and utaie. vir
.' ictwir mime ttixfl. I.nt.
Jilnck. T nirn.
fullov A Hill,
i. Town or .Marneiin .
- da
That a;l ot aiid loin were mild n nfnrenuld tortbeuixea
ot liieve ira a. i. MS. Ir74 1-75. 1-76 IST7. IH78 lT9anit
IS 0- and lb"! the lime i l 'redemption ol said loialrom
siiil'i-alu m d nurchase. willcxplre on tlie Slut day ol
J a'w HUhe Mfiifsald ale, the add Wm. 11 .l-Mop.
Truiei on the 'Jim dav or .lune a. n. I8itl. bceaiiie the
pun Iiiimt of i-ot 4. l:ii:k 23. Town or M.ire!ei, taxed
in the mom; -f Ke'towa A- hill, for J, "ftbe
v-oiirn a n. 11.71. l;i 1813. Il. W. 18.6. 1877. 1878
IS79 .mil ISP- and that ti e time of redemption or aald
lot irom aald mle ami purchiibe will expire ou the 21t
dav of .lune a. ii. !S:t. , ,
im at the ar.u'. i-dd unit, the said in. n. Jewnp,
I'rii-ie'e on Oie -.1st day of .lime A l. l"l. became the
purchawr of t,.il I. H,..ck 27. Town of MaraelllcB, taxed
In the iciiiifof Mr Mnrv Ma tin, for lhe luxe of the
venii. a. n. 1R7f.. iSH. 1HX 18:HiiU'l 1SS0: uml that the
lin eof rerleniiitl iii of Mid lot from i-ild Mle and pur-ein-iie
will expire on lhe 21st day of June a. i. Iftf.
A No at the ifore-iud aale. the hi.l.i Win. It. J. M,un.
rni-lee. on O o '.'IkI day of June a. n. K-tl. ln raine the
pun-haw r of I.o n U and 12. Htock 2'J. Town of Mae
Mdlle". taxed in iho iimiiic of Fe'lowa Hill, for the
raxe rr the year a n. li; and that tho liinei.fre
iieinnilon of -aid lots rrotn aul aale a"d puichiiacvil
evnlre on the 21at day of .lune . i. 11
lb. 17. H-l.-CW W l. II. JESri. r.-ae.-
mia SALIt NOTICK. NottcoiarerebTtiventothe
I unknown ownera of and the iinknowu partlee
Intci-cfted In the lot hcrelnafier desi rilieii. nnd all
oOier peinon whom it may concern, tnat at a alo of
leliMiiient lamia and loan lots by the treasqiur and
ex-oilli iocollccitil of Lai-alle coiinti. In the state of
Illinois, for tlie siate. county and other tuxes and cost
due thereon for the ear a. r. ii.d previous years.
he dnt the ( my court horn. In the city ol' Ottawa.
in a ild county, i-oiiin.eii' inp !: she 1"'li d iv of June a.
n iwti and continued from d.-iv to 't iy pursuant in law.
Mia. t. M. Henry ou the li d'iy of June . n. IMtl he
came the pundiai-er of the fid'ow in--' detnitied town
lot. Mtuati d in said cuiiniy and j.t...n-. vi. :
Lot I. In Itlwk I. In VnVm A.idition m the town or
ot (oiim: taxed in tin- nameof Itiiib Ori ent
T!mt the time of r.-di mptlon id s itd drscrined lot
rroins-dd u'u and purL-lmtu itl c..; ire on the, 2lst
davor.liiiieA.ti 1"NI. MRS. M. HfcNK.
(lllawa, Mi ill 2d. Ih8' -Sw
Attomeu ui Law. ,
N OTICtM.-Fsi ATt ok Cviti'b Fhavrr, Iko'i
Notice la hereby given, that the under'Kni rt, Ad
ininlctrntor of the estate of Cyrus Miaver. late, of
the count V of I.a Salle und hlule of Illinois, deceased,
will appear lie 'ore the Probate Court of said county on
the third Monday (being the IHth day) of April imc.-.
at the Prub aiefourt liooin, In Ottawa, in Mid runnty.
w hen .ind where nil persons havinn claims or deuiaii.U
ivulnst said eslalc nrc notified to atroad and present the
Mine in writinr for ndiustmetit.
Hated tills 2Gth day of iYbruiry . T. 18.
l.KOiiliK I). SIIAVKR.
niara 3w . Administrator. ,
"fuffi Sale.
Tiie South Half of Sec 1 in 7, T. J4 N .. K. 8 A. 11 not
nolo hy Oc totier UI It will l.e for rent, ror terms and
full particulars enquire at law otllce of rinmius C. If ol
iertou, weal siueCoiirt Iloiw. Ottawa. I il.. or of Kl
ai d J. Kiillerton on thu preni1.. es. JuUJS-ti-"
-Farms for Sale.
A number of Howl Farms in
this comity for sal .
vox.. wa-it OUawa, His.
WELL LlirilOVEl),
I nave i9(om mrius oi i-'- :,m(.
. i ..... ,.-a m 'in, to Can
acres eaeli, in Irispiola anil imiiimik'-" ,'u,..i,iri,n
adjoining the towns of tieban. . Otto and W aldron.
others .S. . . 8,4. J. fc 7. 8. ' S"'?. 3KVSS
Irwin. In Iroonols and Kank-akee counties. ! "
ranne from : to M per acre, jeeon IM to ocatl on
and Improvements. 1erms. one thl"' ?''! '? "J
il...r.h..nla. tmh.liee Oil lo (t 1 1 lite ' 1 'l-ir l ' Pr
.... . , ,.,. aMir b lrTt Jtrtir vvfn
rent. annual Interest. ' ''.V.-renee to ao!!
irest. K40 r-r acre tinya a ChUf Farm.
Call on or address. .;
LtfilUtL IYI11I,
Chcbausc, 111.
Dec. . 1IW.-amo-tmat.i
hrhT rvfD. in1 iiurt;
??"H?dv- of Wh week vtaitor. will be. ad
n ii
mirted 10 tie
!nm No Tlsltora admtneii oo sbp
T. C. OIBSON ConntyAite.nl
day a.
I will vnall (free) the recipe, tor anmple Vmsi-,
. ; u.im tnat will remove Tan. Kreekles.
Pimoles and Ulotehe . leartnn the akin aofl.
eleVranrtbeantUnl: alao tnstmrtioaa for prodnclnit a
Inxurtant imwi. w ii.h vm unu ... .iuw-m.
Addreso. Irwloslni! t rt stamp, livii Vsndelf A
Co. U Barclay St. N. T.
A OKNTLEMANwhoirntrered for yearmfrotn SKBV
etrerta of yoataful IndiseretioB. will, for the
atrering hauianlty. send free to all wlK seed It tfc. re
tlraiand direction for makinf the simple, remedy W
whtcbhewaa eared. Batterers wlsblna to proBt by ta
adTerUwr experleBe eaa do so by addrtaalMi la P"
alO-ly Juky B. OODKK. Ctdar Pt.. w Yr

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