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VOL. ih
NO. 59.
New Arriv as, New Prices.
Summer Silks, Black
Silks, Cashmeres, Bun
tings, Nuns' Veilings,
and French Novelties.
Complete Bress Goods
Stock at New Prices.
Prints and Ginghams.
Bomestics at Greatly
Reduced Prices.
Large arrivals of Par
asols, Fans, Gloves,
Hosiery and Notions,--all
at reduced rates.
Call and see the great
Bargains wo are offer
ing every day.
Telephone No. 57.
Staple and Fancy
2:5 .La Salle Street,
Every Family in La
Salle County.
Whether ujw trailing In ( trati or nut. aro
And Lcara Prices and Examine Goofls.
That the Stock is First Class in Every Re
spect, ami Sold at
We Keep a Full Stock of
tho Best Grades of
The "Victor Mills," of Ottawa,
Minnesota Flour,
And tlie Best Crnnls from other mills.
Highest Prices Paid for Parmers' Products.
Please tfv us a call whs-n In the city, or send rour
or den by mail. telttrraph or telephone,
and they will receive
Ottawa Aug . 80 !.
Tastti this In your hat and don't you forget
it that the biggest stock of boots and shoes
la town, aud tho beSt place to trade for these
goods, for the best here aud the cheapest is
F.vhms ro Sale. Head B. F. Lincoln's
adv. oil the 5th page of this paper.
The Domestic dues all the sewing any
other machine can, besides inary things nnne
of the others can.
DEsr ix rut: market.
They captlvnte the world!
Having curil the Sole Agency of them celelirateil
Instruments I wish to nay to thoso Interested that,
having no Btore rent to pay, with little or no expense,
and liuylnK illnrt from the fwtorles, I will give the
IiOW'HS r ever known In this lec
tion. Please call sml me. I will make It an object.
CaiuluCiii's sent free I!eni lfully,
Opera House Block, up stairs, north entrance.
Sawdust, Kindling-Wood rind
Shavings, at King's Box Factory,
near the Lock. Telephone 1J9.
Livery & Feeti StaWB.
would reapectfullT anaonnce to theeltliena of Ottawa
Aort vicinity that be haa one nt the choicest LI very
Stock! la the city, at the City Surilea. loch aa the
Latest Slves if Ms, Carriages and Baggies,
to let at price to stilt the tlmea. Parti re. weddlnn.
tunarala, picnics. Ac., (applied with good riga on short
notice. Funerals la the country or adjoining towns
Sromptly attended to. Persons taken to and from the
epots, or to thecountry Bight orriny. ('iiemea'ber
the place en Main afreet, eaet of aid rut, one block
vest of new court boose. 1'ETkH F.QAH.
Every Sataraay Afternooii
A Lnte Schmwu.
The great advantages offered at II. J. Gil
lex's summer slaughter are creating more
aud wore uttention as they become more gen
erally appreciated. Such marked reductions
in the height of the local season (though In
the wholesale lino the seusou was very late
when these goods were purchased) ure tiulte
unusual, and people will be skeptical until
convinced of error. Hut now the few skep
tics are being rapidly convinced and feel the
aavautages of late purchases, when the pro
nU are divided with the customer, as is tho
case at this house.
There havo been some late arrivals In new
goods purchased under tho same favorable
circumstances, among which we notice
Somethluir specially choice in French
Buntings, colored and black.
Something new In Lace Huntings.
All new shades in sateens at a marked re
duction in price.
N'un's Veiling in all the new shades.
More novelties In hosiery, gloves, parasols,
fans. making a much hanisouier stock nt
lower prices than has been shown at any time
during the season.
Something new in shawls, iu cardinal,
cream and blue, at prices that eainivt Of imt.
(Tho general shawl stock, by the by, Is very-
large and complete, and offered at prices that
are making large sales.)
ew dress goods, including lawus, or
gandies, linen lawns, te. Something choice
in lawns, us low ns ec
We repeat the fact, to Impress it on the
memory, that in nil departments these unusual
inducements will bo offered during tho short
time remaining of the season, until tho 4th
of July (iu which tho boot and shoe house
and grocery department are Included) and
cordially recommend our readers to call and
see for themselves what Mr.Gillen Is doing.
The carpet line, though badly cut, is still
offering some choice bargains', among which
are some new patterns just received, and a
new list of prices will be found throughou
In curtains and curtain materials this house
is certainly showing the Quest assortment in
La Salle county.
The Domestic sewing machine Is winning
golden opinions every day.
Is Cuming.
The grand success of the last "extra"
present lias prompted tho American Tea Co.
to give on Saturday, Juno 23d, an "extra"
far surpassing anything yet given their Otta
wa customers. A largo case, 5,0(10, aro ready
for Saturday, and if any are left they will be
given away the following days. This is spe
cial to exhibit the fine teas now fold In the
Tea Store.
Toe slippers for $1.00, at
J. Mboafpix a Co's.
The public schools closed the year's work
on yesterday afteruoou, with tho usual exer
cises in some of tne buildings.
Kemember that It will pay ycrti to get
prices at Lynch's before purchasing any.
thing in the dry fmils line. You will llud
there u complete stock, and prices in cvory
case satisfactory. The stock of ladies' mus
lin underwear is worthy of special attention;
lovely, yet cheap.
The lawn festival of the Presbyterian
church, announced for thia week, has been
postponed until next Thutsday evening, ut
A. IS. Smith's, on west Jefferson street.
For SHle.
Fairlamb Milk Can, the best can made for
raising cream, for sale by I). L, Grove, at the
The Kock Island rond will scil cxeusion
tickets ut the rate of one fare for tho round
trip on July o and I, good u return on or be
fore July 5.
Spring heel shoes for children.
J. Mixi.uii.v : (J'J.
Ollicer Frost, of the police force, reports a
lunar bow aoout two o'clock Monday morn
ing, and again within seven minutes of the
same time on Tuesday morn'mir, one being as
near like the other us uny twu lain bows can
be. '
Leaaoni. id Klorutlon,
Mrs. L'. G. Osiuuu (nee Lottie Clark) will
receive a number of pupils in the nrt of rend
ing or public speaking. Mrs. Unman has
i . , , ... , . . . , .
already taught with hucccss, and is lug hly
recommenuea t.y per old instructress, .Mrs.i ai al.,tSt rii and pains to know that
Laura J. Tisdale, of Chicago. Mrs. Osmun : Tlt'im.i' F.eUetrie Oil an unfailing and
may be consulted at her residence on Pearl 'splendid cure.
street, Last Ottawa, on Tuesday and Wed-I
net-day afternoons, or may be nlilresed; A clock is to bo put In the north front of
through the post ottico. the court house. It will be a fifteen day af-
. tuir, and be plaftered round about with ad-
A flve-jear old daughter of Charles Pjlus, i vortlneniuutts !
of the first ward, was thrown from a wagon
on Main street ou Tbun-Jay and Injured
slightly, but badly frightened. The nervous
shock and Its cousetpuences were fearful to
behold. The accident was caused by the
wheels of the wagon dropping into an un
protected ditch near Clinton street.
Gallant Kescues.
There can bo something heroic In a medi
cine as well a In Individuals, llurdurk ltl-,l
liitUr have effected many a gallant rescue
among the eutlerlng sick. Thousand have
escaped the miseries of dyrpi-pila and nerv
ous debility through the use of this wonder
ful medicine. It is euiphaticui.y the best
stomach and blond tonic in the v. orld.
The A. O. II. of this city will give a grand
ball at Willi?'.-. Hail on the evening of July
4th. It Is needless to say this announcement
will be recehed with pleasure by hundreds
of young people hereabouts. It's bard to
find anyone who can make a dance pleasant
er than the A. O. 11-can.
O. P. Cunnlnubatn, Champaign, III., says:
"I am selling a largo amountof ltrown't Iron
Bitters, aud il Oils the bill remarkably well."
Nearly twenty Odd Fellows of this city at
tended the special session of tho Grand
Lodge In Jollet on Monday and Tuesday. Be
fore coming home all the guests were taken
through the penitentiary and shown the
sights. It U whispered among the Initiated
that a school of Instruction will be given in
this city some time during the summer by
the Grand Lodge officers.
The Assessment,
The board of town auditors will meet at
'Squire Lockwood's office on Monday next
and be in session nil day for tho purposo of
correcting tho assessment. As tho work has
been done this year by two assessors aud in
both cases under adverse circumstances, tax
payers should bo particular to call and see
that no mistakes have been made in their In
dividual assessment.
Tho Juno sale of dry goods and carpets
continues with a "boom" "at Scott Bros.
Co. 's. Ou many lines of dry goods "tho knlfo
has gone clear In."
Ono lot of 25c dross goods at 12c.
Another lot of 50c dress goods at 'J5c, ana
still another lot of all wool colored cash
meres, 40 in. wide, regular price Z..00, now
marked 5iic.
A few more pieces of dark and light fancy
silk Foulards (new) worth $!, now 50c.
These reductions are "sweeping":
10c lawns at 5c.
10c ginghams at 5c.
5e prints at lie.
7c prints at 5c.
15c dress ginghams at 10c.
15c lawns at 10c.
Parasols, fans, hose, gloves, laces, cm
broideries, handkerchiefs, neckwear, and la
dies' underwear, all marked down. Also rib.
bons. Scott linos. fc Co.
Tho city board of education havo rented
new and plcasanter rooms In Kncussl's
block, which they row occupy, and where
the superintendent will hereafter havo his
headquarters. During next week tho writ
ten work of the entire city schools will bo on
exhibition In these rooms, and tho public are
heartily invited to call and seo what the
children of Ottawa are doing. We are of tho
opinion that our schools, liko nearly all
other things pertaining to tho city, are a lit
tle ahead of any in this part of tho state.
Those hand turned shoes for ladles are
worth looking at. Como In and seo them.
J. Meoaffin A Co.
"It stands at tho bead." That is justly tho
motto of tho Domestic Sewing Machine
Company. Tho Domestic leads.
Don't forget tho nobby styles ol straw hats
selling ciieap at A. Frank & Co.'a.
Scott Eros. it Co. sent out a load of carpets
to Streotor yesterday. They aro furnishing
one of the liuest houses lu that city.
They also shipped several carpets to Chate-
worth and Miuonk this week. These car
pets were sold to parties who had beeu to
Chicago and llloomington but got lower
prices here,
Subject of discourse at the Congregational
church to-morrow night: " 'Congregational
lst' and 'Sfpiare Deal:' Pulpit Plagiarism or
Sermon Stealing."
The Heat nd Ciieapcat.
llurko Bros, are on hand this week with a
fine supply of fresh groceries and lots of
fruits, green and preserved. They have
plenty of good things and Bell them cheup.
They have i:o rent to pay, and henco can
afford to undersell others. Try them and
Corn h.i6 grown amtir.ingly during the
past week, and tho opinion seems to prevail
tnat It is fuily as far advanced at it was last
year ut this time.
The Wilson liros. white i-hii t has uo equal
fir wear, elegance aud neatness. Alshuler Is
tlx; only unu allowed to sell thin superior
shirt in Ottiuvn.
The Btst Drink ol the Age.
Ftoddarl's T!t:l!'a! mend, the great health
driiik, c julii.g, cxkiliT.iii.ig and refreshing,
acknowledged ! v all to I e a most delicious
I beverage. Fivoreiils n glifs. Sold only nt
G. (iehring's, (ittawu, ill..
Hand turned jhu.b for
Mloaffin it Co.
Woodruff Pot, 'o.
(j. A. U., was or
Mouduy eveuiug
gsnized ut Marseilles
last, several of the old soidiers of Ottawa as
fisting in tlie reremotiUs.
Called to Froach.
We fuel called upon to preach a few gospel
facts facts that uru north knowing. We
want everybody to enjoy all that Is possible
In this world. We want all those wno are
i turn oi:u. i : naiu mi iooki; n uyj uio
1H1,nn, ,,, ,,.,.,.,,, neuralgia, aud
A hundred of those 5 all wool Scotch
suits for men nnd bovs, the best ready made
suit ever offered in Ottawa. For Nile only
by Alshuler. (in und see for jowrself.
.. . t- ... r, L' t.... t...l -t
are tho agents f r the Domestic sewing ma-j
chiiii the bt st and ino-t perfect machine
Attention, Knictita Templar!
The Chicago, Itm lington ' Ouincy Kail
road oiler you excursion ticket, t.y live differ
ent routes to San FraM-isro and itturn at
7.To for the round trip; good for going j
passage up to August loth, '""i, and to return ;
to October uiit, Slop over privilege are 1
allowed both wajs W'.sl of the Mi-sourl river. !
T. II. M.uiviN, Agent. '
Jacob Heinlcy. living near Ottawa, exIiPJ;
itid, one day thU weik, two hen's eggs that;
had been laid a day or so before, one of which;
weighed ounces an 1 the other '.)' ounce.
If any of our readers can show a more eggs
aggtrated specimen of hen fruit we should
be eggseeedingly well pleased to see them.
We should like a doen or o of just such,
for which "we will pay the highest market
price." I
From Cleveland. Ohio. !
Comes a letter signed T. Walker, saying: i
"About six month ago commenced taking I
Uunlaek Lll Litter for protracted case of J
lumbago and general debility, and now ami
leased to state hsve recovered my appetite
and wonted strength. Feel better altogether.' I
Tie Men Owieity of to Season.
"Te have now open
for inspection the best
selected and most de
sirable assortment
elegant spring modes
for men, youths, boys
and children.
We desire lo tall the attention of all lovers of (Jootl
llreart to the "Siher Cloud" and "Hungarian" brands
of Flour, manufactured by us. These Flours are made
from the choicest wheat that can bo procured. y a
scientific admixture of No. 1 hard .Minnesota spring
wheat with the winter "wheat, we produce a Flour pos
sessing all the advantages of each kind. The "Silver
Cloud" is worthy of its name, and makes the whitest
of Haky loaves, though it is especially adapted to pas
try, biscuit, rolls, etc. The "Hungarian" is our great
est and best known brand, because it is the great bread
making Hour, producing as it does a white, moist, nutty
flavored loaf. Ask your grocer for either brand. You
will be well pleased.
You will find a Better Assortment of
And dieapor, too, than ever before.
They also keep all kinds of Mixed Paints, Colors,
Leads and Oils, Varnishes and Brushes,
which they sell at the
It will PAY YOU to call and sec their Goods
and get their prices before you buy.
k. ? We keep at the
((y j front'
We defy corn-
antee satisfaction.
hope to see you soon,
at the Square Deal-
ing Llothiers,
& i petition. Ye
of Z antce satisfaction. We
w i i .' .

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