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' lUtvsry l.iiwi :i. i! it. I
MS". I l.i
A 1 Oe. jm'i.o f .r .!.
Ji'.'fiiiVrasTr i-.ii' oo;f.
S:il!lpb lot (if a,1 tloliv.
er.il i.i nnv 'irt "f Ho
U.S. fnr$!'. Son r..rour
terms. Ho. SCIINl'I-li
KliAU. IinUaii'ilHili-,, i:ta.
JtoTSniokersl Scud usyoiirai.kli-oi.-i.
Rose Polytechnic Institute,
tei:i:k iiatte, ixmana.
A well endowed School of 1-:iirtti-Ti nr. I .-;:irt-
iii-iilc : Mechanics. Civil KiiRliiecriiuJ. ;l-finlHtry and
Drawing. The Worcctir plan. Ample iinuiusactur
inil machine-shops, laboratories, library. cabinet and
models, Tl.rre daises organized. Anil"'", till Sep
tember 1, S. . LAI'-LY. Kt-. bee y.
After that date. charleh f) TI0MM0N.
AdTerbseR Geo. P. Rpwell & Co.
newspapers. lT lUU-imitB f amplilft. -".
A Common-Sense Remedy,
No more Rheumatism,
Gout or Neuralgia.
Immediate Relief Warranted
Permanent Cure Guaranteed.
Five years established and never known to
fail in a tingle case, acute or chronic. Kefei
to all prominent physicians and druggists
(or the standing of Salicylic a.
BAljICYTilCA li known as a common sens
remedy, because It strike directly at the cause, ol
Rheumatism, Uout an '. Neuralgia, w hile so many so
called pecltlc arid suneil panaceas only rent locally
the efTeuta.
It Im ten cnnc.ded by eminent scientist thnt out
word applications, such as run' lng Itli oils. Din im nia.
liniments and soothing lotions will not eradkatu ih..
diseases which are t tie result of thu p tsonin.' f tlif
Hood witli L'ric Acid.
SALICYLiICA works with, msrve'o'S effect
oa this acid, and so removes the 'Its n!er. It is ow
exclusively used tiv all celebrated physicians "I Ameri
ca and Kur pe. Highest Medical Acadeny ' Paris I
port M per cent, cures In three dii)s.
That Salicylien Is a certain cure for Hliiimn
tiam, limit mid NVumlKla. Tlie ! ot tn
tense pains are sulidued almost I siantiy.
Give it a trial. Itellef guaranteed r in myrNiinJed
Thousands of tesilmoiiia.s sent on application.
$1 a Box. Six Boxes for $5.
gent free hy tnall on receipt 6f ir. ney
But do not be deluded Into taking imltatl ns or an'
ititutcs, or something recommended in "mt a" k !"
Insist on the genuine with the name of A:-II" U..NK
fcCO. on each Ihix, which Is guaranteed clu imc ally
pure under our signature, an Indispensable reuMltdte to
insure suufiss In the treatment. Take . j otner, . r
lend to us.
WASHBUEHE & CO.. Fiop'rs.
8)87 Broadway, or. Reade St.. NEW YOKK.
tor sale by O. Gehuino.
LaSalle Co. Heroli
Has seeun-ii a w out miyi n ui-, ." : 'Y :
the most powerful and th" "' wlde.y cirs-ulated
German weekly In fin stiit-. out'lde of tlieeityof
Chleaeo It Is n-coanlcd bv every class and element
as th" worthy exponent and representative of the
genius and spirit of the German population of Central
Illinois. , , i . ,,i
Its popularity mid (Treat circulation amot.g lutein
cent anii I prosperous Germans bestos upon it a va.ue
ne an advenlaliiu mediHm which Is not possessed by
aity other tlcnnan .Imin.al In this part of the state ol
l"lM"1''' C. ZWANZIG, Editor.
(ittiiwu. 111., Mnreh 1.. isi.
To Nervous 8ufferers.-The Great European
Hemedy Dr. J. B. Simpson's
Specific Medicine.
It Is a positive cure for Spermatorrhea, Bemlnal Weak
ininfioiev. and nil dNesse. reanltine from Self-
Aunse, us Aiemai
Anxiety. Loss of
Memory, rains
n Hack r Side,
ind diseases that
end toC'onsump
Ion, Insanity A
in early Krave.
Ihe specitlc Mi--Heine
Is bcinn
isi'd with won
lerl'nl success.
Pamphlets sent true to ail. write lot tiiein aim gel
"nil particulars. Price Specific, f 1.(10 per package, or
ix packages for to. Address all ordera to
it) t. Y. GI'.IGOS. Ottawa, III.
n i
A.t 44 LaSalle Street.
IstheOnlj German i'a per
in LaSalle Couuty.
Also between Chicago and davenport, -n-therefore
well adapted as an
For Old and loungr, Male ana Female
INtajruotio Meilioins A.
C-Ttrmii nnt INrvt t .10.1
Positively Cures Nitfltt Iotea. Hw
, matorrhira, Inipotency. Nervous
Debility. I.ncorrho-a. llarrenn
and tor all Weakness of the (ien
(""oi-KivratlveOrirans In either sex It la an141,11""
T7nfniliiii nl Positive Cure, Tones np
the debilitated sstem, arrests all Involuntary dis
charges, removes mental eloom and despondency, and
restores wonderful power to the weakened oritans.
fvvith each onler Tor twki.vb packages. accompan
ied with five dollars, we will send our t.i ARAs rr.K or
refund the money If the treatment does not effect a
cure. It is the t'li s't and Ilest Mcllelnc or
the market. Full particulars In Pamphlet, which we
mail free many address. Sold hy all Drutzlsts. One
pickle 50 ets; Six for or sent by mail on receipt
of price, bv addressing MAtiNKTIC MKHICINE
Of.. DETlJOIT. MICH, (.uarantces iurd In Ottawa.
byForbcs Irrisux. Van Scl.aack. Stevenson & Co.
Chicago, wholesale Bilents. dei-9
On the Loss of
A lsHTur on tlio Neture, Trrtf tiinnt
and Kail'.cal cure of Setninal Weakmws. or Sm-rniatur-rlnr.
Induced by P.-lf-Ahnse, Involuntary KmlssiotiN
Iii!!.tency. Nervous Iteblli1)-. and Itn"l:tiients to
Msrr.sire (renerally: Conaumptlon Epiler-yand Fl';
Menial and Physical Incapacity, Ac Ilv HuBKUT J.
t TLVEKWELL, M. D.. author of the "Oreen Book.
Ac The worh!-renownel author. In thla admirable sr
tare, clearly prove from bis own experience that the
awfal consequence of elf-al.use may be rffectually
removed without danxvrout surgical operations, bou
itte. Instnimenta. rtnga or cordials: pointing out a
mode oi rure at om-e certntn anJ erTrrtiial, by which
every sufferer, no matter what hia condition may be.
may cure himself cheaply, privately and radtrallf.
IT ThU L- lurt triU prott a boon to tkoutnniU
and thowand
Sent, under seal, in a plain envelop-., to any addrea,
pn-t pnid. on receipt of six cent or two postage
ft.nip. Addrea
41 Ann St, New York. N. V.: P. O. BoilM).
Ginir allliiitMckshit
Culled Here aun There from the Hid DaU
IlnnRiiinu'a Day.
Couwuy, S. C, seems to have teen the
ODly point where last hantMiiiiri's day was
duly observed. Two colored men named
William Hardee and Soloruuu llewctt
were privately executed lu the county jail.
Last October they murdered Jeremiah
Stalvey, a country storekeeper, tor 1.j. A
month ago they made their escape from
jail utter killing a prisoner who would not
join them. The fugitives were followed
by bands of armed men and bloodhounds,
and ten days later were captured. They
then narrowly escaped lynching.
Judge Lynch.
Wetumpka, Ala., was the scene ot a
lynching oa Wednesday niht of last
week. Two days before Jeidon Corbin
murdered Ilenjamin Carden, and seriously
wounded his wife and son. II is object
was to outrage the daughter, who made
her escape to the woods. Friends after
wards found her alruot dead with fright,
i tid she is not expected to live. Finding
that the proposed victim of his lust had
escaped him, he took to the brush, and re-
maiued hidden tilt Wednesday, when he
was captured and taken to jail. His crime
is the most atrocious in the history ot evil
doing, and his death by lynching was far
from being an adequate pnnishment.
Another notable casu ot lypch law oc
curred on Friday of last week at Cheboy
gan. Mich. Nellie Lyons, a beautiful lit
tle girl S years old a sort of village pet-
was playing near the railroad depot with
half a dozen companions, when, a little
before dark, she strayed from them after
some wild flowers, and her playmates, af
ter waiting a while, went home without
her. Not having returned at a late hour,
her parents with a dozen people started
out and searched the woods. She was not
tound until next morning, and then she
was lying, too weak to cry, on a little
raised spot in the center ot a swampy
piece of ground, her clothing torn, her
person outraged, and an ugly gash in her
left side. 8he was ta&en home, made a3
comfortable 113 possible, and then in her 8-year-old
way, told wnat she knew of the
injury she had received. She said a man
had come up the track and grabbed her,
took her over tho fence, and to stop her
crying hit her with a stick so that she
went to sleep which was all she could re
member. A tramp named Frederick Till
man Warner, an ex-pen Itentiary convict,
had been seen on the tracK about that
time, and being hunted up und carried be
fore the girl was positively identified as
the person who had seized her. The man
was lodged in jail on Thursday, but that
night five hundred masked men visited
the jail, overpowered the sheriff, took
Warner out, and at a point just outside the
town hung him to the cross lies of a rail
road viaduct. lie protested his innocence
to the last.
Chicago' Similrty Murder.
Last Sunday's usual Chicago Sunday
murJi r was of more tnan average atrocity.
The victim was a Mrs. Little, residing at
572 North Wells street, and the murderer
her paramour, Thomas McGuire, a dock
hand. Sometime ago McCuire quarreled
with Mrs. Little, and, meeting her yester
day lulu slighily inebriated, he cut her
throat with a razor and tLen cut his own,
but Hie doctors do not think his wounds
are t'ltal. Mrs. Little is dead. She was
13'i yei;-s old. The murderer is -10.
A Seducer Shot.
L. W. Floyd is (or was) a young broker
of Columbia, S. C , who tor some time had
been paying marked attention to Miss
Nellie Kay, a young lady f rare beauty,
of the same city, aganiat whoc fair name
no word bud ever been utteied. Floyd
took the lady out for a buggy ride, and be
ing provided with a bottle ot wiue got her
so inebriated that on their return to town
in the niubt he took her to It is bedroom,
where he kept her several hours. On the
tact becoming known the girl's father
wailed upon Floyd and demanded that he
should m,trry his outraged daughter,
which Floyd positively refusing to do Kay
shot him, Inflicting what is supposed a
mortal wound by lodging a ball in his ab
domen. Illoody r'lfilit at School Kxhlliltlon.
At Sulphur Well, Metcalf county, Ky-,
on Saturday, during a school exhibition
Marshal Henry Beauchamp asked J. Ii.
Winfrey and J. Price to desist from mak
ing a disturbance. Winfrey and Price
opened fire on Beauchamp, who returned
it McFarland, a bystander, was shot
dead. Beauchamp was mortally wounded,
and Miss Phillipot was 3truck on the
cheek. A negro who lived at the well has
not been heard trom since, and it is sup
posed is deal in the bushes wht re be hit!
Winfrey escaped injury.
A Kansas Cily Tragedy.
At Kansas City, on the 15tn, John Hty
scr, a mechanic aited 21, t,hot and killed
AdaThorn.au inmate of a bagnio. She
was a handsome girl, aged Id. Kayscr
married the girl about a year and a half
ago at Leavenworth. She afterward left
him, and several weeks ago entered on a
life of shame in Kansas City. Rayser
while under the influence of liquor visited
hc-r and attempted to persuade her to re
turn. Failing in this, be drew a revolver
and tired five times, three balls entering
the woman's head, one m her shoulder,
and tbe last through the heart. lie was
then arrested and locked up.
Other Mardera.
Eight persons, men and women, were
drinking in a Floyd county (Va.) brothel
Friday night, when a discarded lover of
one of the women threw a blazing pine-
knot through a window, upsetting the
lamp, which exploded, and sot the whole
mirtr on firo. The houso and one man
were consumed, and tho remainder of the
carouscrs were shockingly burnt.
A special from Steubcnville, Ohio, June
lGth, says that that evening Edward Mul
holland, a worthless young mau, who lives
at Mingo Junction, near that place, went
home intoxicated. His old mother said
something displeasing to him, when he
drew a revolver aud shot her in the head,
inflicting a wound from which she will
certainly die.
A l.eilieroua "Itev."
A Mansfield, La., special ot June KitU
says: "J. Lane Borden, president of the
Femalu College, was Killed by Rev. Ben.
Jenkins, Jr., this morning. Borden se
duced a young lady friend of Jenkins.
Thousands are beinir cured of Catarrh
every year with Hall's Catarrh Cur?, that the
doctors had given up and said could not be
cured. 75 cents a bottle. Sold by all drug
gists. (h)
Our Note Hook.
1 love to seo tho fair tattoo
That spreads in every kind of hue
Down from her necklace to her shoe
The green and yellow, red and blue,
Tho pink and terra cotta, too,
In v-Aiu I Bigh In vain 1 rue
She waves rua back a cold adieu
And ineltiuj; from my ravished view
She bid me, pleading, "Tra la loo,"
This cruel fair,
With speckled hair
This proud and heartless younir Tattoo.
Uttovr Tribune.
Aurora is just now going through the
agony of a superabundance of daily news
papers, it has four or five more than
twice what it should have. Of course there
is a struggle lor notoriety, and as a matter
of course the city sutlers. The other day
some one of the papers discovered that the
smelting works, which is doing business
at tho rate of $;!,000,000 a year, is a dead
beat, beggarly establishment, and has since
been belittling and besmirching the com
pany ; the next day, not to be behindhand,
another discovers that the city, owing a
small floating debt, is bankrupt; and next
day a third notes the fact that tho factories
make too much smoke and interfere with
the trade at some of the stores ! Aurora
must do as Joliet did with her parasites ot
the same kind and as Ottawa is doing
refuse to support them. An applicaton or
two of blue ointment will be quite etlectivc.
W. II. Brearlcy's Guide Book of his ex
cursions "From Detroit to the Sea," (W.
II. Brearley, Detroit, Mich., price 30c) is
out. Like former editions it is very hand
some and very useful to those who contem
plate a trip east over the Grand Trunk
Road and down tho St. Lawrence. Brear
lcy's excursions start from Detroit lune
27th, Jnly 11th and July 25th, making
2,200 miles to the Win to Mountains or
seashore for $22.00 tho round trip.
Tlie La Salic Press figures it nil out in
this way: "Anew feature of tho extension
of tho tile system may be expected to show
itself in the course of a few years, in the
way of a reduction of the water supply of
wells. The subterranean water supply
from which all wells are led is derived
from what is known as surface water. As
the drain tiles carry oil' the surface water
it follows that the lower strata will in time
be deprived of a large portion of their
heretoloie regular supply, and a diminu
tion of the water in wells will follow as a
result. While tile drainage is highly ben
eficial to crops on the higher grounds, it
doesn't seem to help those much on river
bottoms, and this and the possible future
difficulty above mentioned are among the
bad features mingled with the many good
ones of the tile drainage system." But
tile laying will go on all the same, and
future Generations will have to rely on
"lager," as did their fathers.
Property owners on Main street, Streator,
west of Vermillion have ollered $2,000 for
the coal under their property, and the coal
company is "figuring,"' and now the owners
south ot Main street are beginning to trem
ble lest they, too, be compelled to buy their
own foHndations. in most places a man
has the consolation of thinking that even
if his top acreage is small it is 4.000 miles
deep, but at Streator it is not' so, and he
who buys must look to it that be buys the
bottom as well as the top if there be any
bottom to buy. It must be cheering to a
Streator man to know that his property
swings in mid-air, until it seeks out the
ruther regions!
The approach of summer, which should
come in the natural course of events, re
gardless of the weather, tbe subject of gas
stoves becomes one of interest. Gas is cer
tainly a pleasant fuel to use and is much
more safe than the usual light oils and
their products, and is withal corvenient
and comfortable. "One of the numerous
advantages of the gas stove," says one who
knows, "is the saving of heat, as the stoves
can be med immediately after they are
lighted, and turned off the minute they sre
done with, instead of keeping a tire burn
ing all or a large part ot the day. Another
is the saving of labor, as there are no ashes
to be removed from the premises or scat
tered over the house, no coal or wood to
handle, or time wasted in waiting for the
fire to burn. Th ire is no necessity for
building the same rizel fire for boiling a
quart of water that you would to cook a
dinner, as you can regulate the supply of
gas at will. Tbe objection so commonly
heard against cooking with gas is that it
taints the food, and consequently thai tbe
food cooked in this way is prejudicial to
tbe health of those who eat it, is said to be
without foundation. As a matter of fact,
the whole of the food at a London hospital
is cooked by gas, not only for the patient.,
but for the staff of surgeons and attendants
as well; on the contrary, it is healthful
through the absence of the waste of heat,
soot, smoke, and dust.
As to tho comparative cost of gas fuel
with other fuels we are not posted. It is
claimed that gas is more economical. That
of course would depend on the cost of gas.
The small city of Nakshov, Lapland, has
tried tho experiment of cheap gas and en
courages its use for cooking as well as il
lumination, and thu consumption has
reached nearly 3,590 cubic feet a year for
each inhabitant. Tho result was accom
plished by this arrangement: The price
for purposes of illumination is $1.10 per
1,000 cubic feet. The price for heating
purposes is 67 cents per 1,000 cubic feet.
The gas is put in the houses tree. The
meters are sold to consumers at cost. The
uou.-e pipes, fixtures, and appurtenances
arc furnished as cheaply as possible, and
five years arc allowed for paying for them
in quarterly installments, with four per
cent, interest. Tho gas is paid for monthly
When ml the arrangements are completed
every consumer can burn gas free the first
month. One burner Is allowed in the
kitchen at the same price as tor heating.
All classes of people are well represented
among the consumers of heating gas, es
pecially the small famllicsof working men.
Tho gas works are so managed that all the
officials and each of the permanent em
ployes receive, in addition to their regular
salaries, a portion of tho net profits of the
works. In spite of the extremely low price
the gas works are doing a good business,
besides lighting the streets gratuitously.
It has been suggested that the present
city council should consider a resolution
passed by tho last council, in which a pub
lic library was voted tor and directed to be
established. While, of course, tho act ot
tho old in this respect is not binding upon
tho new, it can do no harm, but rather
good, to call it up and see what the sense
ot the body might be in this regard. An
appropriation of say one-half of that per
mittcd by law ($300) would be lightly felt
by the tax payers, and form a neclues for a
great public benefit.
lu spitu of a mental protest, it will some
times come to mind that Ottawa men are
singularly slow to see a good thing.
Everyone knows "there's millions" in
the sand about Ottawa if pushed. There
arc also "millions" in tho mud around
here too, if used. It took a long time to
make people believe it, but W. II. Hull
and the Ottawa Tile Co. have proved it.
And yet the halt is not told. CUy is
used in Ottawa only for round and tire
proofing tiles. With the exception of one
yard, dependant on the good graces ot the
weather for drying, there is hardly a brick
made in Ottawa.
And yet Mr. Sherwood tells us that
all the fine pressed brick used iu tho new
block opposite the posiolllco is made of
clay hauled to Chicago on canal boats
from Ottawa, where it is made into brick
by the Anderson Company und then sent
back to Ottawa! These brick are very ex
pensive, and are made at a large profit
Even the common brick used in the same
building are made at Marseilles.
Why doesn't some one take bold of It in
a business like way ?
Rev. Mr. Il.izeltine, in the La Salle I'nas
noting the progress of -Mrs. and Miss
Kiiiie, we take it, hays, very justly, that "in
thi.? country, where the worthy poor are
well provided (or by both State andneighl
borhood benevolence, there is no ne ed tor
indiscriminate begging. Orphan homes,
etc., are well attended to by general, local
or chuieh care. Therefore patronize no
stranger beggars, man nor woman; for W
per cent of them are frauds."
Messrs. lilliser, Pallner A: Co., of
Bridgeport, Ct., Architects and Publishers
of works on architecture, have lately is
sued a sheet containing plans and specifi
cations of a very tasteful modern eight
room cottage with tower, and also with the
ntcessary modifications for building it
without the tower, and with but six rooms
if desired. In in most costly form the
outlay is estimated at ?:J,(M0; without the
t,,wer it has been built for 2,500; and if
onlv six rooms are included, the cost may
be rttluctd to $1,700 to $2,000. Details
are given ot mantel.", stairs, doors and
casings, cornices, etc. The publishers
state that it has been adopted in more
than five hundred instances within their
It You are K allied
In health from Ht;y cause, especially from the
use of any of the thousand nostrums Hint
promise bo largely, with lout; fictitious tcstl
tnouiRls, have no fear. Keaort to Hup Hit
ters at once;, und In a short time you ill hate
most robust and blooiuitii; health.
Insert In the fJr,snry.
A practical entomologist sas thai only
two remedios arc satisfactory actios', gram
beetles. Bisulphide of ciibon sprinkled
freely in the granary is death to weevils
and all other inserts tin" e tt stored corn.
The liquid should be sprinkled in the
bins to ihe amount of a gu'lon if the prao
ary is large, and the g-an try then cloe i
as tightly as nixsib.e. No firy should be
t iken near till the bins ar.- thoroughly ven
Mated. When no odor is perceived, then
all is safe; but the lighting vl a match or
presence of a lighted cigar before tiiis
would blow the building in pieces. With
care there is no danger, however, as ventt
lation Is aquick process The second rem
edy Is very dense tobacco smoke, or strons
tobacco water sprinkled into the empty
bins. I have not tried these in the gran
arle, hut have experimented witn them in
small boxes, and find them quick death to
weevils and other grain eating beetles. The
tobacco water a strong decoction could
only be used w hen the granary was empty.
It should be sprinkled or thrown ail over
the room and bin., and then left to evapo
rate. In connection with this I would ad
Tise the free use of tobacco smoke. Upon
a kett'e of coils coarse stems could be
placed, and o the zrmary thoroughly fum
igated. This cannot be overdone.
on East Side tor sale at much less tnan lucy cost. Also
a number of desirable llulUtlnK Lots.
Still lurther. I have Dwellings and BulUInK Lots In
all parts of the city. N ow is the t ine to buy, us city
property is advancing, call auu iook over my iit.
lnayi'j mi. j. o. tiAi, uis.
rp I V 4 C Lands, either for occupancy or tor In
IIjA AkJ vestment, are surely the best IntiieU.
S. tall for maps, printed matter and Information, free.
Several Ottawa men have tiiaie 4W per cent, on Ttxas
Land, and just as good chances can be had now.
uwyllMf Oil. J. t). HAURIS.
the time to bny. 1 have a law list from hlch to se
lect, and buyers will consult their own interests py
call us on me. Will sell dwelling's at from HVJ to
f lil.Ooo, biiiMniu lots at from (75 to f-'st), and some de
sirable nusincsa property at tair prices,
niartt-tf Uli. J. O. H.UU'.ts.
'Pirrn P DintflL'CC Proper-
I II Ii II JU IlliriiO tv. on
Columbus street, for sale at less than ha f lis cost!
This Is the best frame dwelling In Ottawa; has ail
modern liiiiirovemcnts: Is lu itood condition; near to
business, aud yet snlllclently retired for s dwelllHif. A
rare chance fur some one. Pit. .1. P. HAKlilS.
Of six lines, to and from all European porta. aC j
est rates. OH. J. O. HAliUIS.
wTrp f( to a blacksmith to art your
IJl7i J- I Jt watch repaired, or to a Jeweler
to get your horse shod -Every man to bis trade is
a wise proverb, vnd the correct thin is for both buyers
and sellers of lieal testate to to to mo i;eai r.aiam
Uroker, to wit, 1K. J. O. IlAtims. uiiawa, Illinois.
TTVroin ATOIs1 At current ra'cs tn the
11 BU li Al U lJ very best conipnntes.-
Oood solid Insurance In my larj;e companies cosU UO
more than that ottered by the weaker ones.
A lew doors west of M. Knetisal's Urutf Store.
Ottawa. Illinois.
I'be public wiH always find my market well stocked
with the choicest
uch as Beef. Mutton, Veal. Pork. Corned P-ef, Pickled
Pork, smoked Hum and Mues, c.
Especial attention paid to Yankee and Bologna Sau
aje. If Free Delivery to all parts of tlie city.
Contractor and Builder
is now prepared to make contracts f,,r all kinds ol
tlulMUiK, mnusii tnaicriai anil mane esiiiuaics,
I'hosc contemplating building will find It to their ad
i- intake to call on Mm. mavJU-lvr
The Dan l Blake Homestead Farm
The old Daniel Itlake Homestead rami, containing
about 4'l acres, situated in the town of Serena, near
Urn Serena depot, on toe C. B. Q. U. 11.. Is ottered
forsale. Pi ssesslon given nevt f ill. If required, For
terms enquire of JAMK.H A. BLAKE, oil the premises,
or of MAIITIS KLAHKKTV. iiiarl5-3inos
Notice is hereby given, tint on 'I'll 11 rsdays
nnn Krula.VH of each week visitors will be ad
mined .o tie Asylum. No visitors admitted on Sun
days. T. CO I BSD N County Agent.
The Woman's Christian Temperance I'nlon of Otta
w will hold meetings at the residence of Mrs. .1. W.
Lyons, went side. ni-.irC. It.. 'it; Hep.1. every Thurs
day afternoon, t II o'clock. All ladle Interested In
temperance work ure especia''v Invited.
Miss, i.ansino. Pre.
ilf.fi. SKI I'll. Pec. dl cll-ClllOS
Law Deti.irtment of Illinois Weslcyan Culvers!!)'
For cliciilais address
Ii. M. BKN.IAMIN. I I. ! . tieiiri.
luir.l-.lmo4 ilkoinltiKtuh. 111.
L.ime, Salt, Cement. Plastering Hair
ann Stucco. Also the
Horse & Cattle Fool
A rsepniarlon far superior m any common
powder ever made.
Oil C'.iU.., Corn Meal, Aco.
,'cji,. li. tf III Main street, Ottawa, III.
Lumber Yard
Near the Illinois River Bridge.
Farms for Sale.
A number of (Jood Farms in
this county lor sail-.
Nov, i. lii.'tf Ottuwa, Ills.
179-183 MMM STREET. 200-206 Randolph St
Farm or Sale.
Tne South Half of See-ton 7. T. Jt Ill K. If not
sold by m-tober Is! It will be for r-at t"t terms and
full particular rotiulre at law "Tflee of Thonia C. Fue
Icrtou. r,i .l ie Court House, (it'awa. LI . or of Inch-a-d
J l"i!Ii rton on the premises Ju!y?J-tf-
Seed !
L'assase Tickets,
Foreign Exchange,
Insurance Business.
sn itaestt corner PoostfSce Block. Ottawa IllisoU.
That the season for building
aud'repairing is close at band,
any one having contracts to let,
in town or country, should call
on W. K. STEWART, Contrac
tor and Ruilder, three doors
north of the Clifton Hotel, Ot
tawa. Rates low, and perfect
satisfaction guaranteed. Con-
Intets taken for Plastering or
Chimney Work separate from
lluilding Contracts. Ruilding
Paper for sale cheap.
Stilwell's Specific
Ask your lirukvlst for It and obtain relief. The most
woiiderlul medicine of the aire; never fails. Itsacttou
on thesvstem Is nuick and permanent.
Manuiip.tuad In lt original p'irity by tbe
Price $I.ti per bottle. MuTiiiinnlh. lit.
To be obtained at All Iru?u'.sts In the U. H.
30 3030 - 30 - 30 - 30
.'to Pills for lUcts. UO Doses;! eta.
The most perfect liver Pills i:i the market. Ask for
them, liri els. per bottle. These plils are piuk, est
shape and small; in ttiass bottles to keep pure; aud I
pill a dose, only S-if ets
Oculist & Aurist,
Who has practiced in th' -ity since l,
ti.ay be consaiteu
On the Br st Saturday f eacU raontk,
a as follows:
Saturday Jim. CI, 188:1
Mrtturitny I"'eb. H. 188H
Huturilay Mar. II, 1B9H
Hutur.tny A.pr. T, 188.T
Hatunlay May fi, lf8.T
Mrtturiloy .lunoU, 188.1
At all other times (as thl Is tlie only place bo yuitj
professionally) he may be found In Chicago.
85 WastittD St.. N. W. ccr. Ceartjorn.
Intelligence 0
The nnderslirne 1 has opened an Intfllliictire Office m
the In-lano Block, up ktairs, next door to Lsi). Weeks'-,
otll.'e. north of the Court Mouse, Ottawa, III. hit u
Hons found and help supplied to all upplicinta prompt
ly and without till. Cluires ino ieraie.
April J. l.i-J. C. L. CALKIN'S.
A Section of Land X of a mile from the Dei t at
T'intah. Miimcsot.t. l.c-re is broken up ;t. ac res.
ipind well : u-oeil boii.e, 1 s x J '. plviercd : h I bam I ir
1 1 or :t bori.es : a ood small granary. It Is calb d t'i
iH-st section la t li itupaikTu tonn-li!p Will b" sold
cheap. Ileasnns ('or saie made know n to applicants
0taw:i..l.in. '. HsJ.-tl W. Itl'MIN'M.!..
Chicago, Kock Island A FaclSe Railroad.
eM and Mi
.a sr.
No. 1. P:.clHe Htpt
. Il l', tf
.. :t.v a at
.. 11 lo a
.. t. r
.. 7.m a u
,..u.w p
" 1. Mltht Upres.
" ti. Kansas City Kxpress
s, l Mc.ii.-o and Davenport Accom
' 10. Pern Ksst Accommodation
' 1J, .St. Paul Kxpre,
tYUgSit Cnrrymj PHMttigm.
" o
So. I. Atlantic Fprre
3, NlKht Kxpress
" 3, Chicago and Kansas City Elprvs
" 7, Davenport Accommodation
. 9 v r u
. i mp a
. 7.4S A M
. 5.W r x
. s in p m
.1? W A
. I V A M
1 Si P II
7.M p M
" , Peru rast Aocnmno.ition
II. St Paul Ki press, via Albert Lea 3 00 p at
FrtigKtn Carrying ravtenjer:
' a 4. on p h
!fj , .3 a a
No. I and Id leave and arrive at Chlcaiw dally (Sun
day excepted i at I 1 r . and 10.10 a. a. respectively.
V'M. 11 ami It run dally. Including StimUjs.
No. ' and 90 will have a passenit'r coach. Carrying
passengers lief ween Joliet and La alle.
Nos. 1 and is carry pasM'iijtert b-tweca Blue Is'jtml
and La Halle.
No came psaentp-rshef wcvn Ottawa and B'.ae It
land. II. It. Caiii.ii, 0-n'l Manager.
K. Sr .Innx C. K. Krizki ls.
Oenl Tkt Pais. Ar. A-ent at Ottawa.
Chicago, Barllngtou and Qulncy R. R.
.Tanuiiry tjtltli, 188H.
Going Soj'h, 3
... t s
Pas I Pass. . z
No 71 ! No. (S
n. 1 b. '2
w1 Going Noth.
3 i No. TO I
z1! n. ! b.
S o
10. M
10 :ti
10 40
10. is
11 i t
it i'
... Chicago...)
;.Wes' Aurora.:
hot l:tv June
... imwejro....
... . Foi
. Milibr.v.k...
.... niakes...'
....Wed.mii.. J
... Daytr.n....
C R.I PCr'
South Ottawa.,'
..Bide Track..'
.Graad Iti.lge.
I... Strestor...
I 10.
5 W
s is
i it
S . )
I u
4 M
4. It
4 JS
4 .
! 'U.
( (4
s -St
a. 15
1 14
' r,
7.50 11.42
S.10 1 !J IV
1 li 10
.) I
P.M. a.
M. A.
a m.lt
retuht train carnrtif parn-er leave Ottawa as
follows: Fur Karl, 5.1 a. a ; for Aurora. 10.11 a. a.;
for istreator. i) . w . VIJ p. a., and S.ST P. M.
Morning train make c!oe connection at Aurora lstr
all point east and west,
Pallaian Palace Sleeping Car. C B. Q. Drawls.
Room Cars, Hortoaw Kerllstna Caalr I'stra. and the.CT
R. A Q P ace Dlnlnf Car, by thla route. All t a forma
tion about rtn of fare, sleeping ear arcofnnin4UoM
and time table wll h rerril It ptb b rnlytnc Us
Oenerwl PaMet.rer AtTLl. Chtcasra.
Tn.- J. Purrs.
Oenera! Maaager. Chicago. T. II. W ARVIV.
StilWellS SD6C1DC
Stilwelis SpBcinc
Stilwell's Specific

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