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Vicinity Items.
... .... ... iw... nun In "a land Mat 1.4 mntlT uiau
i r inn ii iu'iin ii 1 1 1 nnt u iv,y - i
I u iv- ""--!- ,
1 .. i T..1i.. tit-irn nwrd IthlM
fin ililinrv T.nriw ittTiru ajoiiUw
.... . ........ ... .:....:, ,,m i,, oh,., oillcer McKay and l-ayorlte toou ncgj
tihA vnni Difictut uuivoit, . 1 I wo ol Uiese Piers nre unu; uu...... i -
tda,m'0aTii"ti L. . . , .-.i ,.n n ti..- to Ottawa, where lie may become acquaint-
uu i, .., i...r. ti... with the ltitciior of th Milllgan Man-
town line, near r rcu i.en.mu.. . . .
.. . ... ... ...ill r..ini r il l) sion. ami me - "
tnree uu.un..:,. ... ' '-;.. ... .,. ,. ,. ,,ia ,.,. wasn't stretched
i nT.nir i. i in ntui ni'- --- --
war, ,,rcii 01 mohu u ... , , t
nen wis wwiiv w v.uij... . i,., ,.i ills
to commence uradiou and macadamizing iow in lxu , .,, ... ......
xti 7i , 1 fr,., Illinois street to that none but a tol,l Olooueu urme ..u.u
lUU .uaill n.. .-... . . .
. . . " tl.u .... hi; L'lllltV Ol MK II Jul HI I.
otter l. recti line, iiiuhi'itoui ....., clival
... 410.UI I he s'r.v.viM-rry nun .'" --
1,roveinentvMllueuu.Mu.r.r, . church hist
.StreatorJ4(Vr: John McDouau, who i-" "
i ..... wiirri's.?. Anioni!
I.. I' ..... . Walla.. n fclri.f.r fVVIIIIIU. n .i- v ...t-.v
uvea on ncui ircui, n ......... .
ha. a eat. There In not anything strange lc merry throng I noticed O.C.tlu. fee-
about anyone owning a cat, but there wan j - ;
something peculiar about this animal 7, 7, ,...; l uH-bind
,ri i,.i, ,.,ti.r ni,.,ised the owner or therLMi
I .,...-.. ........... ... -
.. . ii ... i..i, nts last wecK.
ne irhUoriioou. 1 ne biuiuhi "i'B , ... ,,,,
.m... .. . ..in.,,. hv.lro- Devme .V Hill nave receiveu BUuw.
ime a nog m.u dii. . oju., r,r,P4
t.hobia to such an alarming extent that it i a ' i f) .........
tmnilv. Thursday
ulu,",' " - it,..
a party got after It with clul- and ptUtt-, uen -us
Nichols. aed 13 year;
drowned at Peru last week while bathing.
The pay roll oi' the KUwood barb wire
factory at Do Kalu last mouth amounted
to $10,(100.
AT llnrrifau's residence at ha pane
was burned on Thursday afternoon a
week; loss. i)Q.
rniugeuieiiU have been completed tor
" , r..... ... 1... .1...
tho erection ot an upera uou u, ....
Turners of Jlendota this summer.
Wednesday night, according to the Jicr
vnl, the old Yorkvillo paper mill turned
out 0,a00 pounJs ofpaper in thirteen hours.
On Tuesday J. dm Chester, aged 25 years.
.irowned at ha Salle while out sailing,
the boat being capsized by a siiiali. I hree
others in the boat were saved.
The new !?t. Antonious fierman Catholic
church, Creator, is rapidly approaching
completion and its consecration is at pres
ent being viewed with a lively interest.
Judge Kinnc, who has recently been
nominated for governor of Iowa on the
democratic ticket, was formerly a Men
dot a boy and studied and practiced law
On Wednesday morning, Frank 1.
niili. book-keener of tho ha Salle Mation-
b! hunk, was united in marriago to Miss
ftf tho rcsniencc ol the
11 i I U I If- JWi.,.-.B -
bride's mother in Chicago.
Streator Monitor: C. h. 1 oilman, of
Kaglc township, reports that in his section
the corn is quite promising, having a much
letter stand and being much less damaged
by water than in tho northwestern part of
Livingston county.
Suit has been commenced by Judge
Pillsbury in tho Livingston county circuit
court against tho Chicago &, Alton rail
road company for fiO.OOO damages on ac
count of the wound he received while
riding upon their cars laBt summer.
On Fridiiy, Juno 29, The La Salle and
tra h'rpm will make its first appear
ance. It will be n German paper, 8 col
umn folio, and w ill be edited and managed
by Mr. Carl Strack. This is the first Ger
man daily in the county, and will be ably
edited, wo are a-isured.
According to a statement just made, the
C. H. it (J. H. K. own and operate 1 1,521
freight cars and 2.1 passenger couches.
they would reach over S miles. They are
teachers' normal drill will bo held this
....,.., ,..(;, u i,,.,ini Hit this condition or
killed by running the tines ol a lorn the vital fluid ramioi wm ioh """V"-'
Wo were under the impres- nous r- pfy"e , and
Impart mergy to the system.
Ottawa Wholesale Market.
Ottawa, June 22, 1S.
Victor Mli: Silver Cluu.1, iwiciit, t't.
,f U' B. i
throuirh it.
sion that the canine race were the only do
mestic animals subject to this disease.
Streator Monitor: Another hmhway
robbery occurred between the two bridges
on south Ulooruington street, last rmlay
nurht This time the unfortunate victim
a ' '...
was John Kemmets, an industrious young city ; . im-. i-
r,,n liimr nt n SuhRft. Ho states that '.''"'V"''1'"1'
Flour, Talent. n
... ... .... ... ..U...,. a .,.il..V an, u-i u,..r,.r ftttiHItrR
no leu nireaior ui uuu,g r . .. o? .......
whilo on his way homo was pusaeu uy uvu iimo. vy '"-
n Hl.li, .I.M.t nn,l tlin lit'idl'l I l- .. .1 ,,:.t. licr 1U0 11h
men UUlti;u ...a.n " , ' OBAIN A.SU.Hie..
L. ...1 . tt..n)ra ii-oa P.r.IullI hllC I n t m !.....
ho was between the bridge ho was Hp-
.. .1...:- .... . , ..oi ii. r
proacheu oy two men in weir nim-nuit; ,,at, b.
fi.,.t from the rear and struck in tho back Timothy s:.i
- . . ... 1 1 1 ,.1. i PlktAtlM'N. 9 llUfll
ot the necH witn a ncavy sanu-uug j,--
nir inm iiown. v niio in an unconscious :.rr ' " . ... ,i
' i i i h b. ni;. ibiiiiurw r
uii,. ii.,.v ,otiK.,1 him of .50 in cash, a Hir. ton ..... w
E7tlW v.. I bill "i
pair of new gum boots and a watch and c-itjieon o-; .cow.
,.i,in viilnedat 20. This is tho third rtciv.iiyts wi-igi.t. iuw..
-" di..,..h w iiiiiriH
1 :in
A l
3 JO
i r
... 1 11
1 10
4u .(, :
SI i.:
l m i r
10 (.
i V, i i, s r
4 vi in
freight cars ana w passenger B u w(th Tho question natu
II tho cars were ft r,iso ot suicide, or is
-'j . .
highway robbery that has been committed li iiuto. 5
in that locality during me pastsixmonuih. ini, ....... ......
' . ... TaIIow. in oil lilil.. r
. . r .. .. v a... ..., i, it . .. . :.
J.a nailO Hi Jllioc nil ; jjubi ,uiuj, ........ lanow, io.,ok. r ib . .
some jiersous wuiu """6 nun.i,. r f n
Central railroad bridge, which reaches from V,. i ??
i.!.,n ... .i.,ir ...a t, ItHnow rivi-r vh - r.lln "l"ir " io
ley at this point, and while directly over wi;:rllo .,;"ViS.i, to nrices n.n.i fr oa.i io.i. for te,i
flin iMPdp (Imnnl thpv fanlid hiood MiioU. Mu'au' Isirket,
i. . ...t at n. . n ,.wiitnn, 1 I imr orn VPfiLUruilV S 1'iunmi;
lucircunnsny uxcucu, iul-v cuuimuuLtu
...:.. ;... T. ... r...,.l nlw.r.. Imll HrliT on 'ClianiTO ai -iiieii:", '-l'' " "
.. . ,, ...i.i.. i,.,i ,m..i,i,,l It. S. Ciilhert & Co.: heat, fl.05; corn,
1 . . . . I -.in . nntj f tinrk. SI
!. I .....lr r,r ll,A Hi,1.ri tmd J- l. t w1'1! t
ilDUli It lliu VT V' v t ii n w "-fi-i
they also found that the iron braces of the
structure, down to tho top of the pier, w ere
ami y ft
The Chicago Ch ukoh Choik
W TO OT TS! TEfc s
u i nna lOrs-NipelitN Sort. Kinawurtn!
aii(( Ilim iiM N ol llicMkfu HiiJ.Soalik
J.k;k hi:h. 75 cets.
1 ,I AHI1(H.IS.I,VE U th,
t C ATTI.K KMIKtlV for t
fe lruii.., h rnxt Iliti-H, 8111
L 1 Woulh, More Tlirout, Wwollc
III ihiid IiM-RNd Ft't'l.
hJ 11 li,KKICKArKorC'K.U'K
Strong Orchestra
l V;. " ".r. 1. r.if, r.l, zor IDC
In Gilbert & Sullivan's (authors or lMn&SnSSSffi!
DEALERS. Prepared only bv
ck River Falls, W
-.00: lard, ?'..
The tireut N'ortli went.
The u'ruat increase la travel to tho mir.n.
west, has forced the "ramoua AlDeri i.ea
i:,iti." to nut ution Its line niagiiiiicent
1.. ... n t... I.. I . . .. ... u. n 1,1.
j 11. .. mum ,r. an .....i.'r .'v.'.i. L. ... uin. . I. . ...rd in u'.ii.-ii I nnriiKcia
valued at nearly two million dollars. It wd dl8apiu.Hr g(;rvcJ uicai; ln MUllUty to no tirst-
reuuires 428 engines to keep tUem in 1110- Jho south end f hoUl for the 8IIlllU sum of seveuty-tlvo
tion. iTi.llinir lntn hud ndor. H'l'IltS each.
La Sallo,n(: The I.a Salle county r;:. U Was renorted The Chiengo, Hock Ishind Pacifle Kail-
Ullg umaicw eveu. .K8 . . rQu ha9 alway9
1 a a 1,. Knii r,nn n tt i ii r ii i 1 n
..., t. tl,a hieh Bcho.,1 bu.ldini: in thia WVW""B " , . nmlntttinedareoutatlonforKiving travelers
j - . ... thfttiocaiitv dv a cane 01 toueus. ine . . . . .. ... .n,i in
be in session about tnree , , , . . .1 tirstciuss meuis on us unuuS v.", -
siory nas ueeu ueuieu, uuv iui-ic DU- ,iuttliu, (m this line the faino class or cars, 11
erai reasres ior causing uuu iu uuiu:u iuu fllls a want ttiut ti,u traveling puoue win a
reDort was true. rirciute.
"The Albert Lea Koute" is carrying a vury
r.itv. and will
weeks. It has not been definitely settled
whether the drill will begin July 10 or Ju
ly 2:1, but it will be one or tho other of
those dates.
Peru -Nor ; Tho Peru Business Men's
Association are not altogether 'pleased
with the manner in which the grain buy
ers of tho city manage matters, and have
directed tho executive committee to inves
tigate and devise ways and means to keep
Peru on an equal footing with other towns
aj a grain market.
Salle J'ri'Hs: Por Hie past three 01
four years tho minors and operators have
lii en in tho habit of annually settling mu
tually on the price to be paid tor mining
coal. This year it is suited the operators
have tixed upon 11 scale of prices without
consulting the miners, and us a reduction
from hut vear is contemplated, a ueneral
strike is threatened.
The Stre'itor water commission propose
boring a well seven or eight hundred feet
deep, to i.siartain the quality ami amount
of water that can lie secured. To this
proposition there is a huge dissent, in the
council and out. While the people voted
for water works, they were explicit enough
to denote the fact that they did not want
to spend any more public money.
Aurora Ihneon: In tho case ol'O. .Mason
hgainst the Town of Aurora, wherein Ma
Bon claimed for fcii.OOO of Pox Kiver 11. H.
bonds, Judge Harlan decided in favor ot
the town. 'I his would seem to sweep
away any further hope tho bond holders
may have ot collecting, though, as the
amount in this suit Is over if "i.OiK), the par
ties may see fit to appeal to tho hupreme
I.a Salle Democrat: A sago of I.a Salle
informs us that one of the troubles in rais
liie corn Is that most of the seed is planted
with machines, and they always plant too
deep. In favorable suasoiiH this defect Is
not particularly noticeable, but in such a
season as the present one it is very appa
rent. Agricultural matter is not our
stronghold, but wo give this information
to our tanner friends fur what it is worlh.
I.a Salle Co-operutive Coal Company;
capital stock, $30,000; has been licensed,
incorporators, John P. Duncan, Jas. P
Duncan, Thos. Young, Knox Alexander
and others. Tho new organization was
formerly known as the Caledonia Coal
Company and it was probably brought
ubout or rendered necessarv throuch the
rectxt death ot Mr. William Mitchell, who
wm generally understood to have had
largo interest in the shaft.
Tho plans for the Aurora cotton mill
contemplate a structure of considerable
proportions, the main building 100x338
feet in size and tour stories hizh. while the
end wines will each be 50x100 feet, one
designed as the picker room, and the other
as engine and boiler rooms. The factory
will be of capacity to employ five hunlred
bands. A force 01 men and teams are en
-, A nnl.niint large share of the northwestern travel, and,
....in .in in inn ".mull nf th nark" in ft UlthoiiL'h early in the season, hus com
danirerous svniDtom. It means approaching ,nf.nced to sell tourists' tickets to tho varl
klduey trouhlo-possllily Urluht's Disease. ous .,ioartUre resorts in a volutuo sutllelently
It ouia no ne neRie - lrlllir,lntl!0 ... immt.U6U summer
11. nir. r in 1 uiv v v udu niuiuiiiii.aiu r
ly cured. Hunt's Remedy, the great kidney tratlic.
ana liver ineuicine, lis mi nuBoiuio nu uin....- ..... ... ,i
Inir speellic tor them, and for any diseases of ork given out. On n-eeipt of .'" -11...
b.. hiart.lnr liunr nml iiruifirv or- dress we will mak an oiler tv winch jou
. Ji.'i.. .n nt ii,, . if, V tun, ..n ...in, to 7 evi'iiiiiL's. ut vour home
inuny times mived a life.
From Lostant.
I .oKr.ST, June 20, iss;j
llliner Sibley is married.
Plmer Pell came homo last Saturday
spend the vacation. He has been attend -
ing school ut (inlesburg.
1-M. Doucan was in Ottawa last Wedncs-
Henry Ihltabrand is building a large
burn for his cattle.
David Hall is erecting a large houso on
his farm south of Cal Moruan's.
Pd. Dongan's livery rigs are all out for
the 1th of July.
The people of this place talk ot celebrat
ing the I'.h by a grand picnic.
The ladies of tho M. E. church contem
plate having a festival so 1110 time after the
4th, said festival to bo held in the school
yard crove.
Mr. I). Ilurd spoke to tho children last
Sunday afternoon and to the people in the
evening in the SI.. E. church. Sir. II. is
from Marseilles.
Clara Reynolds has returned to Chicago.
Mrs. Lid e Adams has put out a dress
maker's sign and is prepared to do all
kinds ot work in tho dressmaking lino.
McShaue boys are burning their third
kiln of tile.
Part of this week was vcrv warm, caus
lug the corn to grow more rapidly than it
I1114 lor tho last week or so.
llv Wii.ki.ns.
vi.... ,.1, lo.vx nr ,'irls run do It. 11. t
Wilk'iHson A Co., l'." and 107 Fulton street,
New l oik
lUJJll.li 1 11JJ j Ul 11111 1 UUll iiliu iiiJJ i mi
Reserved Seats
Wr$ caus
now for sale.
Cmes Rheumatism, Lum
bago, LameBack, Sprains and
Bruises, Asthma, Catarrh,
Coughs, Colds, Soro Throat,
Diphtheria, Bums, Frost
Bites, Tooth, Ear, and Head
ache, and iU pains and aches.
Th Iwtt inttfr.il anl citttn.il reme lr In the
wnrl.l. livery lioMla guarantee.,, soi'i it mc.it.i.w
detlcri everywhere. Oire.linn. in eifihl Isnuaces
Price 50 cent anil f i.uo.
Ul'FFALO. N. Y..U. S. A.
Crnv hairs nrrivenUd. dandrulf removed.
i'li- rieatp cleansed, anil the hair made to
trow thick ty the. uso of Hall's Vegetable
. . . .
SK'IIIUII iiuir iwucnui.
From Ransom.
June ll)th, 1SS;5
liricklayers are uuuaiug tne nun at.
llayo's tilo works.
A scene was enacted in town yesterday
which canio near ending In a hauging.boe.
During the forenoon Joo Hegy ana Char
lie Iiarnhart were engaged In moving the
holler from Hegy's blacksmith shop to the
tile works. liarnnart made torno remarks
fthout the orders Hegy gave him when the
other kicked him on the neck and knocked
him senseless, in which state he remained
for some time. He now lies In a critical
coudltton. The news spread through town
and it was soon too warm to be comforta
ble for Mr. Hegy. Had it not been for the
Clydesdale, EiieM Draft, and Norman
Alio. Thorocghbred and Grada
(The Bt Bvft Cattle lo Uie World.)
Rtgisttrtd Berkshire and Poland-China Pig:
etock alwiyi on hand (or tale.
April 21, 11. -ly Mint Box Ot3,0ttiwa.UL
his entire stock of Dry
Goods, Hoots and Shoes, &c., at prices
And invites all his old customers io call at tlic store
iimi see what hargains can c onianiBu. m yy
s MOXA FIDK, and every inircnaser tmc
such bargains as have never mm ore myii "-;-
Don't wait, hni oil at once, me siock cmimm uj
11 full line or l ancy (ioous. iiannt-ib, iiiaimr,
y,aiiB iic ..11 i,in(k. snul a f'oinnlete stock
HUMUS. .Mil.ivn.i wi ii.j - . (,
of Hoots and Shoes from the best manufactories ot
he country. , . jn
nM... ...w,.rn- ISili.ll'l JlWMlt 14 WOl I StOCKC(l Mlll
Familv (iroceries, which are sold at the lowest lig-
ires and delivered io an nuns ui mu titj .
v Telenlione yo. i auenuuu iw jnunipnj .
Jii.A lfi,n mon Trial. Hill! T will COHVinCO YOU
that it will lie to your interest to Trade with me.
Corner of La Salle and Superior Streets.
HanRQtpr and Twine Binder.
. ...oman? fur 1KRS
Call and Se ) the New Improvements for 1883.
, ..a mn.leni. rl Chmplon. nirlfr nd McCormic
W 1 l,.vr Ihf Chmrlon a Pnrtfyf nnmunM.t Kot..Ur- liar I'ki-fc Wehe lnr
prr. .ml Mow-rt. Wl but th Knr.t Brnjy. ,rt Mower. mle. We re if-nM 1 tr
orttif u-kle. a.-tlon .nd 1(1,1,1 .11 Ihr ldui , Urge tteck 0I 1 kind, of HelJ.
New P. O. Block. D- SWEETSER & CU.

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