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TLo Fabyrn tin Car.?.
Tliere wa :i liiiby n n ctir of 1 1 1 j
(!iie:iro, Iiiriii;rtoii mil I Quincy Itnii
rotid yesterday nficrnooti.
ll :i l:ily in low; clothe is silways
an it was loaded to tut) niuzlo with
rv. Il was a little thin;;, riot mom
than two Iff' Mz. uut it had more cry
.,!!, ., I mi in it t!i:ill Voll would Slioposo
cotiiil he stowed away in
..i i.;,,
a n town coiisialili
an auctioneer irive
.Veil," tlm train an
irooil. even start, am
What wouldn't
for that baby's
th baby
for f-CK'IU
tlio passengers looked
in tlio raff. Almost
bet, oiT-liand that a In I
run down before an m
knfw this i :ift ifiilMi-
on with i;:!"i". -!
nnyl.oii, '.v. ml. I
v's v'.f 'iin wir.iM
, nut ii mi
tlistlain all i.lijral j in t -i : t i- :i -clan!
vtniix'if "not a In'ititi
md .!-
tcr;" which, by the x a.
ri 'litf oils tlfchiration win
no sure ihinir.
The imor, vouiil: ni"lhfi'of t!
port i
li ni-
lilt- noise factory was cfiin-oii u;ii
narrassnic nt. f r of curse i.tv
seti"vr lookfil at. her and f!ii
to sav: "Win" tlon't you si. til
jtijuallinu' bra! !'"
IVcst iitlv a man with l-ui"
beard eaiiie no I ic ai-lc. ci,:t
1 to her
lii ti.at
Mow u-:
kfl Iii"
iiabv under the chin,
'riinaet! and !-iiunere
mail" a horri'l
I. -Da. da. da.
tootle t'1 lootv."
Tiuj baby w as cr in' as loud as it
could, but this made ii t rv hinder.
Then a woman reached ocr from the
next sent and whjieivd soui' l hinr in
tin; motlier's car. Oi trotirs", noliody
hoard hat -he said, and the mother
oniy sat tiie little one '..I i,er hatid and
sdiook her head.
A man across tin! way sai l ier.ias
theft! was :i pin sticking into it; and the
baby was tipped and turned and waps
od about until investigation (Atdoiitid
thi.s thciry.
"Probably xl the colic," said a dig
nified woman with a double chin. A
man in a lone- du .l, r ave it a p, ppef-
tnint loeil'.'e. but the bali d' e.iti'
with k cks and cli.
Till! )oof Hiothef louk' d do". II !i!
;1ool' as if sue w isiied to liud a n' i
to slip through. A kind looking
man came fnmi thu her end oi
ear, took the babv and pr;iuef(l up
d it
w li
the and
down the aisle, bobbin ; and j imniii j;
tht! I hi r, 1 1 J of scream ii.it:! it was d
moiislrateil tluit tnis was not the cure.
Slio passed the baby to :i man. w ho of
fered it his. kn.f", but that was -piti ful
ly ilun to the lloor, as tin: baby open
ed lint .steam t nro: : another notch.
A voting man with ;i -triiu-.'Hn r mu
tach'! ami iii'Ji c"l ai- was in i n vr on!
of tht! wintlow wlc-lhiii; "Only a l'an- ,
II ti-soin." lie turned hi- he:,. ian
ffllitlly .Mini .-'U'."re.-led In the 111 in who
was iroltin1; l!,e -e;e:imiu iutanl on
Ins kne- inin to h:ii.f jj. Inn r down
into the un. 111. n;; f ' I I - of its .on ,.. 1 ri
"If Mm I oik- heel i oil ii n: il Mm Iii.; iiien
the babv lo death it'll s;,,p cnin;. I
Kvel'V eve in the car sic! a blood red
;lare at that voting m m. Una! del I.e
iiiow al,oii: iia'nie-, tii" -! rip! n ; 1' lint
the babv was p:i-.-ed b l 'k to i;s moii.er
and all l!,e pa--"ii :, r- at .-till and
pouted o vef tne in-iiit. Tiienlhc baby
ill the dell-e ipiie'.llde laid its little lead
upon it i ino: Imr s mioii.iI"!', sinlll nl a
few sobs and fell into a peaceful, noise
less slumber, and lie: oun:; man turtle I
his head down into h.s hiii collar and
colltiliUi'd his tribute to tin: pansy blos-
.-nni, while tin: other passeii.'crs t houirlil,
I," th.llks lie
( ,'iirtlj't ,i If ;.
s smart, tltcsn t
Tin J.-rJr.n Cam!.
v. V. .). Stae. of Norw ie
W fde-i to I h" (i 11,11 ll tin lo '!
he lb
feet at tlelllion to ; lie ap
nieiil. in three several win..
.ari lit
, .I' Hit
licet il)e
se.l he
et llzekicl's Words in chapter
should ill" propo-cd plan of con
the Mediterranean and t Im I 'em
carried out:
1. Bearing in mind that Jerusalem
stands I1) ) bet above the Mediterra
nean, whilit tht! Dead sea lies l.-'ino feci
below that level, the waters of the Med
iterranean would llow far up the valley
tif tht) Kedrou, so that to one cnmiiu;
from Jerusalem ea-t w aid, they would
be lir.-t "ankle deep," then "to the
knees," then "lo ihe loins," then "a
river thai I eolihl no! mm,s over." Note
also that Ziehariah .xii., S, foretells a
cominiinicalion by water from .Jerusa
lem both to the Dead sea tin, I the Med
iterranean, "in btitu .summer and win
ter a ike" i. c. never failing.
-'. The waters of the Dead sea (v.H-!))
arc to he healed ami tilled with a multi
tude of IMi "as the li-h of the errcnl.
.m'a"--i. c. the Mediterraiiean. Tho
mention of Kneodi (v.lo) makes the
referciice to the Dt-ad sea certain.
11. As I hi) (Jordan descends I'lim
between the Sea of (lalilet! aiul
Dieid si.'t il,.. level .,f il,.. foi niei-nool.l
bu raised from bin) feel to Toll feet, i " here every hoard I'm. Is itself divided
wallowim; up Tiberias, and form'ui" a into slender sticks. Tim sticks are fed
Hca norlhwtird over the silcs of Caper- ,u :l lltll ":inZ 'f three saws which
naum, lifthsaida, Ma"dala, etc.. to.var.l t,f 'Meeu inch slick three
Damascus, Mount lieiuion, ami 'neat little Micksof precisely live inches
llauranfvv. Hi. 17). This we niav well , 1,1 leni;lli. making the roip;!, shape of
re'.'rel, as that .lericho and tho fountain ,t!iu lolhes-jun tnat is to be. 'Ihe saw
of Klisha. ami the lords .'iti.l nlaii. ..f in" is now all done. All cb valor belt
tht) Jur.hu, should be buried .hum ((H.. j
below the water
In tht! "Speaker's bible" there art'
many points of interest in the comments
upon Kzekifl lvii., bcar.n;; directly
upon this project, never tlioliv;ht of
when ihcy were written.
Ehort-IIautl Kcporifn.
A short-hand writer has become one
ff the lit'ct'ssilies ol modern life, but It
is a "i-e-it i,o.i..L,. i,. ...........
many p,,,ph. .seem to do. that journal- lmo -r, :., O"'"" '
ists imt.t ii,,t Ii.m-,,,,,0 exiit-rt in the an l8.,,:im- tlm 'ru-tion of the cloil.es
if they would ever amount 1., anvthi,,". il,,ni 'fl,;, " l,or '"'tl" r-
.Not on,! new-paper man in a dozen re-1 f;le''s n,ul P H'emi some po.ish. but
sorts to h.oft-,:,il writh." or is famil-! & ."r,n ,l,!f H lllwn
iar with it. :! it U only on special oe- i""" B!,ch ''"'.'.''T . ,,l'f"lrc tl.' ro".,l,S
oasious, wi,,:,, reut .iet:ii n,ul cxacti- keases which limshes thorn to pcrfec
tu.le ar.5 rcp.ircl. that the trained !,'"n' C v,iulaX ,,r"I are U le.l
hort-han.l writer is sumuioned in. jtl.roii-U seuttlei from ho lr in- bin
, , above, nml nro einptietl direcily below
A New Knland lady was askiii" Iter lo a ,;olll,tor whero tho pins arc Horted
cook tho other dav about wii'i d. iinto iirst ami sccoml praties, by tfirU.
r ..,...., ... ,i--ii,ue, ill
proposed to him, and. said: "M rv is
she Irish?" "No. ni.Vaiu," said Marv
"she's American." "What i.i her natic
Marv?" !(. nv.
x, U H'k"' wf courii0 sho' Irish,
t rj'it 'h ' raa aiu5 8,10 wm lorn in
Lynn. -On, but that makes no dif
ference, Man; she is notan American."
i ,Sn,ub' Perhaps she ain't,
ma am. Thoy tell me the real ones is
A Ciiic.n Coucort.
It was our iiiisfurinnc not luii; siti'to,
to lio invited to a Chinese concert, ami
with our characteristic foo'liardiiies'i in
hravii.ir ruviii" danger we :i. t-i,it'l
thf iiivi'ati'Hi. lint now tl'.at wt have
sun .veil til-! ordeal, we tlon't .fo)iose
to lit; faiijli' aira'n in th" sane: lox.
, !Vc tlon't ,nw Low reckless wo may
yet I f ( n i -. We niav stun 'llni" r f t n i
a M'no .i iM.. ..u.in o. a
l''-i.-latur.'. hut. i c it. iind.Tstooil n-
!,y that we v.-.-i:i'l alii ml ntiothiTCh nest
i mus.c al nn iioi'f i'.
'1 h " cvci.t whit
!i we extremely rerit
ot'fiirrfil in I
.f wasiiiii;' t'-tabiisliiiit'iit
on urn! of our jirincijial
: 1 1
wa a ort of h:!if -if ".round
. and ll," ( '. l.-.'biN "::tlieiv. in
. .' . j -t . -i to re. i i':,te kin! oce.T-
. -.i.-i .'i a e a
;iiti '. M.i!..ir..r.
abo'i! t . i'. i : ll
a .
ml Y
! Ii" ii
!r.:i,.nr t"a
!ia:i'jin' lie
I f..
is in tht
.,n lv u . , I , , 1 1 . i.i
the Mm:
i i. liars
1 lick"''
cam" r r ;n" im:i-;" ;h;
,were I..-.. i. ! our . t
'and -r,.h. :e v I
ti.at .- I.! . .aNt-ie-!"
in l.i,
tol l '
'wa- f
iii n-
.'i a' ;
r. 'J
el bl
' II
e I'll
of I
! v-i.l
.-. . I
c: l;:;".'
nun nis
W:t- .-o.pol'i!
held a' Ilia-;,
I iet l. ", n a I
emii!e I a i
-mall head ;
had only on
d to 1 :
lie i n at
- i ' '!
t a
I a
i a l"" ,t e
s; ri n-..'", but
". lt;i-
the ar-
t..-t;c l
rt rin
ot was at its i . i , .
could emit in O'
t hau any seven p
at". Auo: her i n t
i ill"
,t tin-
t ,T a "a!". Alio:!,,'!' I erlo :n
led . iih i.M-trttnient that
:i ban w ith tnret; string -.
tht! a-;,"- out of it,(o- a:; i
of the band had u-"d it to r
..tove that I ; : ). and L'i i:;.:
twi-t proceeded to In;:" : p
end of the orchestra was .a -inj;
( 'iiinamaii witii :i llu'.' w
Iv re-iMiib ed the civiii I :u
-iderable (i-!..a!e ensued :;s
tlie lead"!- Was at conc.T! 1
., .... 1 i:k,;
1 ! -iiook
. n. ember
in out the
I" screw a
1 im tail
HIS lnok-
h s'j'oii";-
: i i . (lon
to whether
.:e'n, I i 1'. !'i ii o-
il that tin;
io.v to niav
W ll. e
: a;
. er in-
st wn-,
tleeidediv t"
'Ih- liiir:
men! I"
w i! ii a
'; : mu- t. Ti.
"vi u when an openln
eh c', ion Ifom a !,ni
'W !,
s mail'.:
Tlie lead
an o-yi
froiii his
bailee, n
it sound :
a w :
w i : 1 1
-'.V t
l.e drew evn.e
i n... -trains
:!. i:.njoi-t
;::. t:i:'i.;ne;
j, irad.ne; mi
.-ine-i" ,-:rln -.
ay at his in :r'.'.:
a -nare tirtim
1 ll'' ll I.e III. ni w
n an cx-
of p, i feel colli -l.'.
heed j i i ; : : i i i : i n . ll
! hii l,e-t to reach I
. u: on bis
ir.-d aw
," ud . !'
bad .!!, i.
and Hi",
ever.' I, .
Hi" mid
wa- la--t,
lid" I !'
nor mi i
!,-( ell'
I'll' lion:
I- h. en,: Ii." leadi
, e. T;.e Hi'.! -el,
'. .' a - : . i , !
Of V
a n;
a :i
v :
I i" .el 1 1 v i n-'h-.n
v in il ini
l !' some ar
'."'l ills lillt
ii.e room and
""'.-rate I I.o.v
nhcred them
inner. As he
.elK Ml
cat cv
d he :..
lfs ll.
i a ;
- !:
,"t I",
1 1
, 0
ill in
I efi
till;; n!o li;c ditli .Mill I'.arl ol the selec
tion he -"("lied o think that e', ef t nil).;
depended on him, and i.e whacked
away for a. I he was worth, whil.! his
pi'4-iail li'einliled in tiuec-tacy of enjoy
ment. The !u:n-:ii;ii operator il.du't.
: pl'opo.-e to I e I
i lii'ad i-f steam
i he could, but
make ner" not
I lime, had the
time the llu'e i
o lie
a lull
s ltv-t
w c
I on
tiie h-ad i.
- in a "iv;
ild're on i.
aver had .
who could
leiltii of
m. I!y this
ctuln -.! ios .,
r h" pip 'd
all in'.ere-t in lb" simw f
away dreamily at his own
l Ueeute one e , , oil l ne en. I
f his I'nr.e,
1 while willi the other he watch
i who was makin;.; faces at him tiirou.:!!
tht! w indow. ! inaiiy tlie pieiv call!" lo
jau etui with a t,".":ind lloiiris'.: by the
I leader, the banjo mail broke :i sirim.'.
I and tin' lluif man tjuit bi'c.iu-" I." '.'.as
i out of breath.
U't: then "tthcrcd oursclf iiji and de
I parted w ith a feel in;; of unrest in our
jsold, ami ti mixed smell of Chill'-e t'ja.
i candy, and bad tobacco, upon our
clothes. We may be lackim; in ti :i
mu-ical ta-te, but we reiterate oiir.-'.atc-meiit
that we won't attend any more
Chinese concert-,. (i'7c.'0,''.( I'jc'titi
How Cluthes-Ti:;.. Ar
llll's-pilis, not the kind with
but the ord.miry biblical, d
Wooden ones, all
mail" in I im larm' l.ic-
torics of Maine where the inachiin iy is
ingeniously arran",eil to save processes,
and above till to save haiidiin. The
wood u-ed is mainly while birch anil
beech. The Iolts are cut ami hauled to
tin- water and floated down to the mill.
Much lo;; as retpiireil i- raised wi'li :i
chain by steam power tip an inclined
plane and canned to the lifst saw w hich
cuts it into sixteen inch lengths. These
! pieces pass on to a silicic inaclune
(t.0( 'where Ihcy arc made into boards three
,l. iiiiarters of an inch thick. Thence thev
"o t ( a " ;Ui ; of twcivc circular saws
takes the pieces up to several turning
lnactnnes, eael, ot wincli rolimls out
eighty clothes-pins in a minute. Final
ly a slottiri"; machine cuts out tlio iotiij
slit, in the pins, mid another elevator
belt carried Ihcm to a new department
of the factory, where they arc seasoned
from hot air by steam pipes, u bins that
hold, say, seventy-! wo thousand clothes
pins each. Polishim; is the next pro
cess, am! for this the pins are treated
like small cast-iron articles, bein put
. ,. . . i.. .1 i.
v,1 Vnc ,no,n 'to hixos of live gross
!cach' wuil-u aro shipped to Kniand
'and Australia, as well a to points in
tho states. Boston Courier.
A Memphis girl was committed to
prison at the request of her parents,
tor persisting in running after a bass
singer 'm longing to a colored minstrel
troup-. Jailed for fulling for blach
ba-.. .
L'cuk-Up M-n.
A Sa:i J'ratif i-f o Cl.ruuif'c reporter
was criji'eil in conve r-alion with the
jiro.'irii tor of a Marm-i si rent corset
fan'ory a few days :io, when adapper
l'i.u;i!x :iml M lishiy-tlre sseil VoUULT
r.i.',,i. ufilkiioun in Kieiety, e:i;ert!U
.Mini. .M'hliv ss'n' the 'roirit'!or, wanted
to Ui'iiv if "tho-u tilings" hu hail tr
tiiTnl were done.
Voll mean th" eoisft ami ia'ls?"
a-k-d ti
. . .
1 1 -,
llv rei'Iifil tin! ilainlv.
I- okin .-u-pie
t i' l'k w as eali
voiin man, w
ms y at. t.ie reporter. A
i :t!nl took fliarj-e of the
o M'curcil tin.! tilings and
"Ves, that ounir; man and mar.y oth
ers of his fia-s wear c r-.'ts and pads,"
said the !!'( p."' in Mii-wer to mter
r"v'.niories. "i'.i'i ni'.is: ict ih.ni; tiiat
artiiiei.nl in ike-,tp ar conlined aloli'!
to women, " le -ail. 'Vim inav not
j beiee i
! biitidretl
i w ear c. w
I 1 "; linn
j Infer , ;;
i ,
,ri nam now
iii".'i in this c
I ( veil a Teat
o in. I ! ,ie,v I .
t.-d of a
itV wild
r nnui
Tar h -i u .n vii'i:
pantaloon- cam
-il.ee I
I ;
- i v I
tics !':
s and
i.i ;- ti it
l I, Wile.
ii.al. It
s, , in-
-i o!
. cr-
i tin.r o.d
i ti.i'ii the
1,1 lk(
no to a :
slender and
.o:i;ely 1, ,i
Aiier a in in
i "ar- of
'.;i:iti I- and
".-.V": i li;i
ii. ait no:i ll
I (lancer III lie' roi
i r.
Y( t - to
I, bet wee:, 1
m. in inn I i'i
' :i'e I;.-
i I." !"(
i I " !.;!
! i: i i !l- :
Ule- ,',
an a
. i ; !
l i lie
'. W :
.in :
!l', l - -..in ha! ll
: s Ir i a c i
w ear. r'.- :n p -'
e h,s lorui a. tuo-!
I.o. '1 i. , n by tht
pads and -on, p
ten, we t
r- 1 .
j -ft.
j 1 1,"
1 ma
j Ai"
: few
-", mil clmci.es
t. --u no so a- to
a- perfect as tin
jmiicioiis u " ( i a
wti! and tio.vder,
a:-,- tecin ami n ::r
i I cks man v e:,r
s younger
ii wiiii a
:'). Artny
a., "i.i a I). i, I fo
bt. a- a on: h of
- a ", icl al tiilii .
. a- 1:
nr.: very
,i, I "I
:i nnk
m ir s:i::pe, and .t nature ua
:el lo tie I'I tii 'V wear cof-et-i
m f" :;:'c a Coen o) more
vim's b;-a-s-Ki united dandies
Will I.i .
. : . a: e e,i.i I customer-. Of
. : :':. :a only wear t cc
ii Ik : .-ta-:! to carry out
..; :: c'ia.'aeter, but l co'.iid
( f !'::,
v,i,o ,1
a m
1 1 v.
.o wear tneui iiotu on
.d , i
: -:e;e.
einner i
l nei't! is t'liu in par
,.f an eastern coini'i-
i.i n
he is jil-t loo sweet
; of (i.e rirls think
prii)"ii:a.iy on lis
is could but know
Ike. would be tls-
I If
. II V.
ii,- r.
i.; . '; . , i " ,s a luvjudiei! against
,i!".n; c ,r- !-," coliiiuued liit!
:i ,n - :im cases it is a silly
one. N .v i. i.e oi tin.' case ol lai'ee,
h- aw iitec; ;:.:. ii is an absolute iie-
r,.';'v. 'I i.ey become so fat tiiit 1111-
I s.s tin-v wi ar - I'.ietiiin-; to brace their
i odie.. Im v would ''v; ciilit'eiy olll of
prop .rii.i.i."
A C"ipu: -nt f-i-uttctimn vm w:;.t:!"d
lo i,:, e a I f itv madu intcn t:i'cd tii"
i-i,:, vt r-atiou ami tii" it1; r 1 1 r look h:.s
tiioeii'i ere. 1 1. ,!, I r. : e' over 1 . , s i i i - f o crv i
t ii i! I.e 11 V'. of" eo.-scl -.
. t
Hi .ti'l Jliza.
ni v
r,,t -
' on 1 i ,e:,m .-omu1 lr:u
sou," .-aid mi Au-tiii v.' ; 1 1 i i , , : i : i
onm: i. op. in). "iSriekiayer
1 .1, ' ': !..'' ' a da . w h :le ;mv. ;. .
... ii H e 1 1 ' ,e iie .-: -i'i-! e;.: . '
'1 .1.
:- tii
:i t
oil i' a:':i a tl':e
, -:e a i .
u oniy
a siliv.
mi a
i::1 : I : .mm;
t rail" w hen
i lor our le
' oi, an oi. i, i
1 wa - :
l,V out o
1 wanted
to s i .- 1 ,
'" iVt'
la: Iff wa- a ;
"D can't i.
I im boy moo i
con-iilicl me,
l"f ', mi t be
im e I ( i li i I,
.- . - i :!r, j
on' icinaii.
helped m
h, "but 1 w
rcpi .('ll
oti hail
n ran -oil
I COIllll
I of
it we had :
br.ckla er,
ntieliian m
Invito! Uul.
i A Ilondcr-onville (N. ( '. ) cuti spou-
ilent of th" (lal'.e-lon A'-fs wrdc.-:
I Court lias been iii sf--ion here tin' last
t wo weeks, mid I have several tiinc.
I dropped ill to see bow justice is di-pens-i
cd in the old North State. 1 am struck
j with the difference apparent, in tin
'court hero from that in our own state.
I'lie Ju.l
wears no ;ow n or anv o it-1
ward insignia of ollice, and apt.ear.-;
i ..... 'i j- . .
1 oniy as a common citizen, scaie.i ioi .
the time beiii on the oenca. 1 he law
yer sit in a sort of huddle I tifore him,
! ' ., , i 1
i gaincreu arouuu one common oot
taliknnsle.nl of bcim; strung out m an
orderly group bei,in,l :i line of small
tables'jiis, inside lb" bar. as with us.
They retain their .-cats undo examining
witnesses, and do nol stand up even
when addressing the .Judge They
seem to be ery "tlein 'crallc" in dies?
and mariner too. I observed one on a
hot day saunter. ng about within the
bar iti a long Uiien duster. I saw also
some one coin.) into the con, ;-rom ami
beckon to him, the lawier who wa.
conducting the ilefeu-e in a case w hile
the solicitor was examining :i witness
on tlie stand ; and telling l ie solicitor
that lie would le back in a few mo
ments, be walked out with his friend,
and tlie whole court .-iiem". short,
without explanation or apology, and
waited some live or ten tutiua s until
ho returned. The jury a - ( , xhibited
the same "free and cayM : ppearance,
nome sitting with coats t li. and all look
ing as if court was a mi';. it,' common-
I id ace all. nr. Ami tins i-. -- i ir man
ner sccm"tl to pervade lb" w hole court.
1 do not say that in tne trial of oilerid
ers or the enforcement of the 1 iw they
are any less thorough and ellicient here
than in South Carolina. Hut the absence
(d m uc i of that dignity and propriety
which character!..! the court in out
state ii very apparent, an I one familial
with tho cu-toins in South Carolina can
hardly fail to bo impressed with the dif
ference. m
III some families cleanliness is not
next to L'odlincss by several blocks. A
Virginia woman named Mrs. Miller,
who ba.t been suffering from a debili
tated spino or some thing of tho kind,
publishes a card in which he navs:
After taking ihreo bottles of the Afle
riator I did a large nashinir, which I
bad Dot done for three years before."
A woman who was as lazr as that need
ed medicine of some kind.
Fish on the Farm.
Tim (icruiun Cinpi h I ! l-'lnh. I-'uMb
lur I rtrint rit.
The iion. Spencer 1'. I!urd lias been
uiakini,' i xnti.sti vt t xpcriincnis w ith llu
(fiiiintu cuip, and his advices thus tar
l.nvu lit fli Vtiy tntaiui'Hlujj. It hns been
foiilid Unit lius I'Xitt li-h will thrive in
Aincricrtii cret ks Hint pontl-', hikI the cub
jit t oi ( arp ciiitiuc is at present iittr.'ictini;
;t eiuiil lit u 1 "I ultl Ut'OU HUlolli; l.ll'lll' l s
Ai tin! recent convciition o! Ikn Iowa Im
proved Slock H'cedel-' A'-dclull.iM, tlie
lion. ,. ii, ii .iiii,,, Neva. 1 1, It, k.i.I an
1 ii ti ic-I im; piiptr on luis Mi'-jecl. (i iv.
Scull la-iivin tiie subject ot ti-li-ci.i'.uic
iliMlljhtlnl coli-iilt I't'ltin, ut.'.l, ben, a
;,, mint lit hu un r and slock bit t th r, w h.tl
i.e .-ay- cannot but lntt it -i funnels & nt r
ally. The p ip. r w is u very lenillhy one,
in I fioi.l ll I lie o,i,niii:: in t, ms were
I'ikcn :
ll tlii- p iper were simply i nlitiid "Fish
Cuitine," tin re me m my I limi ts who
w 1 1 i 1 1 1 turn lioin it us a mailt-r in wtnen
1 1 v had let interest.
S, 111 llllnk lh. ll Hie bft eilin' n,ei K irj
oil ol li-ii w an ocf tni.ition not .-ni!id to
i he -;tii. I v i.'oiu and t iiu'iitiil In in ner, and
tlia! it i- o! kin to the bandliii": f line
li iiicd do:- for spoitini', or Rainm; I'm,
in, iti d lu'ises ,l,.y i,r raciiu;.
Ti.cj :i.--oi i ll, Ihe i,i,l and line, the dot:
I i:uu, ti.e Ir it.k and Ihe m d box nctc
or It-- ii.ditinili ly t'selht r, and c-clu w
inch of thiiii ns !ra lliitf to tlissipal k ii or
id e .t.-s mill full o' tliiit which is not pro!,
limit', lint, v bile a (lisst I tittion on '.'iituc
ti slit's woo lit bn utterly out ol i l l u before
ii convention ol Imi iih rs stu ii us Hu.-,
j 1-cie ule iacis conut ctvd Willi the iciruii;
I I'.od li-lns that are surelv v.otthy the
ctt(tiil t onsiti.-ratio.i of breeder m im-
ploveil live sioii;. i;,ii, Wiiui! l no nol
pl1. tn'.se todl-elii- ill" tpjt-lloli of ft sleek
iiiur our llepM let! hik: s anil ttiealils, I st 1
be in isunih rs'oo I, it Mould be btst to say
rn.'ht In re llial I rci'ar l Ihe policy which
has pri'Vaih d for inimy y t in s of ul tn in-r
the v.t alih ol our waters to he iu!h!e
dt s'r-iy t d as bei i; short siih'eil am! shiit
it -s in the i xtituie, tut rittm; on! v ccn-
,e. li.l: l! ,iili.
l'.-li faitn.ii::, or water culture, i- not a
ei w iiit. U .t.'nn I .ciitv yen!-p t-t it ha-Ms-uiiied
new ami "mud proportions, ;'row.
inbuilt ot ni'-liii 'l- lor aitili.mthy inipii'L'
unliiijr ihe spawn mid c:-.ri:nr i"i'i icyimny;
try, whcrel y it hi,.- been found prat tici iiblc
to muliiplv ti-ht s a thousand limes Lister
ji.f. l in. He cei l unlv 1 1; an they d" w hen left
lo Iht ni-t Ivi -. leit I ". several iiiimlre.l
t-iir.i the iciiri.u- of ii.ili m ptiv ile w i!i rs.
Hi inclosed ponds whole they wife e.- c.'in
pletely under ilm control of the ovnois as
are our t'oiius ic fow ls, has lit c;i smvc-s-tuliv
pructit c I ; mid to-d iy the wed-li'il
Aldermen of II.Tlin and II inilii'.r.- t u ihe
lineal ilesceleliitiiS ol ll -Ill's, thai u" cc I Hie
labh si.f l'lt tii ru k the ( limit. The b.vmi
i.iiiL' of ciitp cuituie in Koht-nii'i i i 'r a i d
to Ihe j i-'if loliT. The I, elds of K i-cnbe,"
liotilllaiiied c.xteiis vi: I slab! isli tliea ' s hu
Ill's pUi pose m ar Wit'impm h f i t .'.'ilil ;es,
whii hin 107M p ;s ni into lie po-n
of the f.unily if I ne piv-'.nt propneius.
I'Iil-c in tilieial poinls are support tl lo Ic
i l.c ino.-t csten-ivc kno.vn to hen-ed f, r
Hits piir)o-c, while in 1 1 movt r, I Io!st; in.
and otlli T (il'l lllllll slab',, I).-. Ile.-Sell Si,.-
"ihi re ale many huialn ds of poi.ds, none
of Itn in covering uiorth in a fe.v arcs,
biitalni') I every lar;,' fiirm p iss '-..in- at.
Iciist one of them."
Wan r f irnnn" h:- its vw'.-i. v.-; profits
i no Ii ss ci rt nn Hum Iho-e oi himl imMurc.
j Many a fanner may In: c.xi'U-cil lor stittini;
I iniifitiiliius.lv when told thai an ncii: laid
jtlowri m wa'er will brin;; more prolit with
j less lubor am! risk tutm an acre i ii 1 i v. t- t
I in standard crops; or that corn fed lo ti-!i
I will pay se( I' ll tlint-3 ihe protit it pays
! wlicii led to c-iul", hii;- or poultry. j
1 Ibit i f asked why tins is so, it were t tt-y
to Hiiswer. In Hie first ph:c",m t!u: inur-
kihst i ( tiiti.il Iowa Hie price ol fi-.li Is
ife'Ccr ttian i lint ol licet, pork, luu teii, or
poul'iy, pound lor pound
S coaiiiy, any iLrivcn amount of food will
pii.tlm c sevt i.it nines more wuiMil ot ti.-u
j tluiM it will of flesh.
i Tliiiillc Ihere nr.- ereiit oiianlitii's of
food for ii-bis in km Habit; waters that cm
be utilized in nooiht r wy thaa by rearing
li-h. 15 it hi im: one ttsks w by corn ted to
tisbes will nivi: trrtutcr growth ihan when
fed to warm-blooded ;niimnls? Mk'.iiIv
for iwn rca-ons: (I) Ik'i'ause ti very luxe
jit r ccnta.L'i: of the food taker: by air
I re athini; iinlriials, is consumed and cv
jli i'.i.-tid nv that slow combu-tioii which
lii iiiiliiins Ihe be it of the aiiimul m a tern
pcrai me hi low its own.
This is notubly the easy in very cold
weather, and tlut iiiL' nn exposure to cold
winds mid storms. This fact is ihe text for
many st rmocs on the importance ol pron
iIiiil: siillicicnt shelter lo the dumb I. rules.
liul tlie cold-blooded lish has nocapacily
: for tli-i.ositii: of heat-producirii; tood in
tins wav, mui win n consumed ny n mu ic
nil is ii store ol' bit and increased er mtli.
"J lively land ntiimul carries t's own
wc;eht except when it lies tlown. At every
step of the o or tiie elephant he lif'is bun
dic.ls of thousands of pounds.
D iubtlcsit much ot the nutrition of e.,inie
tishes Is exhausted in repairing Ihe waste
causttl by their active lives, but the slow
and easy motions of those which find their
food in tho boltom of ponds reduce their
waste to a minimum, and remind us of the
easy life of Ihe well fed pig or Ihe lazy
(Tciitlt iniiii of leisure.
In ninny parts of Iowa there are snnill
lakes, ponds, sloughs, rivulets and springs
that nro of themselves or by llieir outlets
unsiphtly and w aste, mid in their neglected
condition arc of little or no value.
Tlie accomplishment of these facts will,
nu'iuilune, beautify ihe landscape, destroy
malaria, gic moisture to the parched at
mosphere, ipiench Ihe thirst ot man and
beast, as wi ll as that ol the birds of the
air, and fjive phosphates to the brain of
man uud the nerves of woman, and thus
cause the l ist days to be beitcr than the
Now the special Inducement for the far
mer to interest hiniscif in this great work
is that the iccent introduction of the lier
imui carp into American waters givis
promise that tho industry will pay.
They seem capable of appreciating kind
ness, and are said to have been taught to
na hi r lor Ihclr food at the sounJ ol a bell,
and to sutler themselves to be lifted from
the water by the hand that fteJs them.
Such would only lie the case, of course, in
close confinement anil under persistent
As to quality when served there is
plenty of evidence. 1 havo tasted their
llesh, and pronounce it excellent, f find
the French and German books on cooking
give many recipes on dressing them, and
highly commend the diahesMbat are pre-1
pared from their flesh and from the very
abundant roe which they contain.
Hrcedlng and care havo developed three
distinct varieties, which vary in outward
appearance, some or which are very beau
tiful, but do not differ, to my knowledge,
in quality of flesh or profitableness for cul
ture. Tho variety which was brought to Call
fornis nine years since, Is Ihe common
"Cale carp. U has Hour shed in its new
home tar beyond its h tint in the waters of
llutope. Its ra'e of Increase in wctittit
sin! uiiiuhcrs is truly astonishing, A due
renaid It r one's reputation for veracity
would set in to siitiL'esl cainion in the rela
tion of "ilsh stories," and this certainly
obtains In retereiicc to ihe CHrp. It is said
Unit Mr. J. A. 1'oppe, of Sonoma, Cd.,
-dried tr uii the ponds ot a miller in Hoi
s'ein, in llu: summer of 1U?"J, will, clirhtv
three carp, vary in i! in s'.e Irt'in two led in
h iiiMli ilow u to the. size of un ordinary
steel pen.
On the voyage he lost all but five of Ihe
vt rv Hiniilltslof Ihe lot. These were placed
n bis ponds on the tilth day of August,
17','. and in Ihe May folio ing they bad
iii-owii sixteen inches in length, and had
produced mcr o. (Kin oiin ir li.sh.
It sb. llld III! stavd tint Mr. l'oppe':.
pi nds were of a temperature tnat admits of
ihe growth ol the carp In the wiu'tr
lll"lltlis. iosli, li lisull would be po.-sihle
in Iowa diuim.' licit part of the year.
Tl t I'liti-'d Slates l'i-b Coinmi sioiu r,
the lion. Sjiei.ct r F. 15 lird, has ijistn! utnlj
the leather c up, which is nearly naked, i
and the minor cum, so called t.ecuu.i" ot
three rows of very large mirror like 'c-iV-!
on ns sides. The rcporls from the dis'rMi
utioi, un: very cncouramii!;. A gentit in in
placed a ib..t u ( aro in a muddy pond on
Oruni'c Mountain, N. J , in July, thev llicn.
nieiisiir n g thru: to lour inc'ies in IcriL'th. :
In tour mouths the ti-hes were found to
h ive grown lll'ict ii inches in length.
In the spring of ISStl some carp wcr.'i
tike to (icorgia. l'rot. 15 did, to w liom lj
am indebted for 1 lie account, Illustrated'
ihe size when taken tiom the ponds a-j
Washington, by marking with his ihuiub
about two-thirds of his little linger, sny;
one and one-half inches in Icnitlh. In the!
f. bowing November three of these tishes i
measured from twenty-two to twenty l':vc
inches in lenit'h. j
I said "rrolcssor the Hung is iiieicih
b!c." He replied, ''1 admit ll; and t'nv
only answer lo tlmt is thai ii is true."
These lads have additional significance!
when it is rcmelnlit li d that the carp is a;
luiikv fe'lo'v in propoith n to bis length,!
Iiroad. shouldered and it'Tp-bodied Tfcj
1 .rgest lish mentioned aKovc weighed st v :i
pounds. In tin: North they have gr.m n '
Iroin one-ball ounce lo two pounds in one;
Such growth is greater than the carp l..i
atiium tl in Imr.'pe in Ihe same tone.
Ir is thought that our waters ull'ird ti ni
betiir nutrition. Ilowtvtr this may be. I
the i videlice is ail in fiver of ihe vahtt of:
Ihe carp as a food 11 - ll in Atreiit a, ami thai ,
its importation will prove to be a lasting;
benefit, and one that will expand n.s time;
p:is-es until its extent villi smi'clIv bec-ii ,
m tted.
To raise them to the best lidvan'ti ie ,
there should be several ponds, varying mi
ex'elil. ami tteplll. I her.' sliouM I.e in
X'eul. ami tteptli. I Her.' slioul.l i.e a ; ll n - . v. ...
rassv pond, two or three teet in dct. Hi mlSi, & ' -j i M. -i'A
lit' t!t't')ct part, btit having shallow- pet-; ?i H !J. j;i $ j o :: h'S
tons, in which the bleeding fish inayi v -' v-7 v ' '-' '-J iuii
In these should be placed a few feeia V-.;
say three lo live, and a like number ( I j
nr. It's. The spawn adheres to gras-, smd ;
the young hat di out in a lev (fits. T"ii I
tho spawning season is over, which is ti.ua
May to duly, the parent (hies sliouid be
't moved lo the dcepi r ponds.
Tht re should be a pond m which they
can pass Ihe w infer in safety, w hich Ihevj
do by burrowing in the soli bottom in the,
deeper liar's. j
They seek these basins or kt t'lrs as the;
wa'er becomes cold, and pass the winter in
a state oi roi piti niucrniiuon. iui ice uns
Mm: thev s-c ircciy gam or lose appreciably
in weight, though taking no liu'nmi nt for
scvel al !lioi!l!s.
The-e kettlc-i should be o! uih p'h of:
cigtii or more tcet, ami oi an exutu io ac-;
com tuo bite the mini her of lish in the point.
Dtli'tg nid.l winters, and cspcciaiiv,
"itii water llowing continuady ihrotig'c
th ' pond, particularly that from -pringsor;
fr un tile-tir uns, t-t ns to prevent the form.!
ation of vciv thick ice, thev would no;
I will III Iiouo oi 1,-ss VI. l'O, ,
it is best to be safe
In adititicn to thc-e.i
there should be ponds in which the lish of
one year old, and, perhaps these of two
years, might be kept to themselves.
Thi.s is not absolutely necessary, but they
art! said to thrive as much better, n.s do
otherilomcstic animals when assorted with
rel'enmct: to size ami strength in Ihe teed j
lots. Hut if a fiirmcr should not wish io;
breed and rear the young fishes, hut enlvj
to feed them forhis'owu table, or for mar
kel, he could dispense with the breeding!
ponds p.nd might then be content with a
single pond so arranged that it would ans-j
wer tor both summer and wint'T. i
To supply this he could occasionally
secure a few" hundred ofyoumr ll-hes ti
si im: one Unit, bad breedinir ponds.
I'y this method one could have birge re
turns from simill expeniltiurcs, tmd supply
the ttblc with nn excellent lood from a
comp!init.ive!y Hiiall botly of wnn r. Such
is said It) be tne method ol' numv thinners
in those countries w here the carp is known
;tnd vulticd.
Hut they nreottcti bred and renred in the
sfime pond o'tl anil young together. This
ih culled miiti culture, and ns they do not
orev on each other this mo It: is prncticii
I iie," but not. as successful us when tl.ey Hfc;
cJti-sed according t sie i
The capacity of an acrt: of water to turn
isli ft it ul is probably us ludetinite lis that
ol iu acre of bind. If sterile and exposed,
at.d the stock compelled to search its entire
eslcnt for its spontaneous products, the re
sult iiiiuht be unsatisfactory.
fn the other liimd, if protected, enriched
and cultivated, and if l"o 1 be mldcd from
other Bocreos, the rcurtm could be mnlii.
olied m inv t'mes. It is one of the tno'
valuable characteristics of tlieenrp Hint la.
is an omnivcrous feeder. It will cat nn
thing that a hog will cat. The n fuse of
the table, the garden, the stame, iioiteti
corn.tieans, pea?, coagulated blood, or milk
Insects, worms, and vegetables that uro
In the water, all these are welcome, and or
their, they may be subsisted at small ex
pense. .
An acre of water w ill furnish food for a
certain number, but It overstocked extra
food should be addetl.
They dclinht in sheltered eitu jtious, and
in warm and filucrgish water.
Ponds in which trout and almou would
not live for a single day, re well suited to
the carp. Ditches by tho roadside anil
even tubs of water have been used Tor rear
ine them-
There are thousand of farms in Iowa
which have waters that without this fish
are of littlo value, that can no doubt be
made highly productive, more especially
in the central and southern parts of the
state, where trout and some other of tht
game fishes will not thrive.
The carp offers not only a cheap and
convenient food lor the farmer1 ramilv.
but also elements of nutrition that supple
ment his other aTailable foods, and mak
them more completo and a quality and
desirableness far exceeding that of tlie
beef from th tillage butcher or the pork
Irom his own pens. lias not enouph been
said in introducing this distinguished era.
lerant to suggest that he is worthy ol a
Western welcome?
"I'll at lite season Tor build in
and repair im; is close at linud,
any nre havlni? contracts tu let,
in low n or country, should call
on W. K. STKWAIIT, Contrac
tor and Iliiilder, Uiret4 doors
north of tlio Clifton Hotel, Ot
tawa. Hales low, and ieiTect
satisfaction guaranteed. Con
tracts taken for 1'lasteri:: or
Chitnney Work sepniM' JVom
IJuildin:; Conlracis. liildin-r
iwv for stile clieaji.
In I tu- i.raiit' ,,f :,is 1:1',' l.y itrilidt i:.-,ii-,-,
.y.-Tt llu Wunls iim-,1 l.y tn frieial.. .,1' :i jnmiir
laiui :f this I'll.,-,', win, itir l a.,t li.i.u' ns nil!.
tii.it (In ;:.!. , I iii:,l iiij.ti'r!,,iS ,1;-. Aii'l
the ,li. I'M' ' ir ,T. :,-llr: un, nilv.tf.flw l.fci' tl:f
ta;.r-, li .,f it -i-ent army. A o.l li,.-),ni!',' :ti.il t,!,
fi.tl vit'titiiii tu l! ,,ti tv ry l-.uii'l. It U ititrtwuii
el !. lalf cf I'.V I'.-r rent, in Hie I ni;,. SI;,:, ;-.
It !t.' lit. imsitlv.' i.Mn;,t.in to i!U:;n,-u!s'i i:.
r.ii'l i-ri-i'iw t.;i Its viflan uieiftur.
.my tru'i'.l , iili yiir .ii, r .
r, f ,l! l..-r. .- I,.,, tu!,..
. I r y.
IC i.i ti.
a h.iv,'
Ill '."!"- ll'.i
il t.'k, I, ia tna
-.1 wi t: Ki,
t W.,!!
ll will in nil
ia-,' j. ii. I'i i- y.
i r I.it er
l'i- I,..::;,'.
S'T'" MON.MoUl'll. 11.1..
l r-.r
-ni i.
, .1 ..ii :-
a Ms Co. tail
s,', nr. ,1 :i u i.i, T !.!. ,v l) ,!i-t ice, ,,i : h ttn' ll1,:,'.,..
it ,' nn, .-I p. i .1 . r II 1 1 ntiit lh" most tvi.l.lv rirciilul.'il
j ;T'l..'in ll" l'l 'Ills . i, ul ( I,, ul' tin- rilv 1,1
jleiir-ie,,. it is i',',,,1 I-' 1 I'v . t. ry t'li, ii n.l ftfiiit'iit
o.n th,- v.urlhv i''..i,'lit iin-l 1-. I'-roi'i.. . t v,' ,,f II,,'
o.i'i.i, s :ui,l s , n I o, the li, T ll. -in n,jin:iii,,,n ol' l't nil .it
i tllineis.
I:h j-, ,i,n l.i rrf ' ru.,1 rr. nt .ioaiTiiti,'ti tiiai t u Inlt'ili
; e,..(. niiti pr, lens ( ,,'i'in:tits !, ir nn it m ihn,
! n ., 'i 1 1 i , "." i - i ' . '-" le , ' i i (. In (tt:,li t net r.o-.-,,l .
I i I't ,,;!,, i- t.i'i iiiiin ,, i.ia.al In lliis .:.ri ol Hit- Hale i,l
! Ihhi"
C. ZVANZIG, Editor.
'.. NV.n li 17. Is-...
iK'.oh. !!
Ciiicaeo, Krtrlin.'jtc"! and Qulncy T,. K.
TIM Ji TA tll.F.
i ii.i,..,.. l : :t li, tss;i.
Going Scuih. jf j'
Goi.ig North
lMt.. I'uss. I" . tbiAilOHS. i
I 'Hft-.
1 I No M i f Z ii .
I'.'.l. r.v a M. I. v I
.. . . Aitrui ii... .
i.WVist Atir,,ru. I 1
:,-. lo.x I il v .Iiint'i '..",
;l, ... Oswego.... :i
u , .Ynrkville... r,
,11. . . . VttX I !
y l
t 51
K -li
K is
i ro
V . I.v
S !
I. -It
i. '.'I
(i.i I
6. is
I, 1, :;
1". -s
tu : 9
ll ni
II. l i
It .- a
11. :n
ll.l !
i; 4 i
; r.i
M'lllirook.. :'-.
-.'!v: ..M'iiii'ltt.iii.. :.u
1 ,7u,!...s.!,,'i-li!,in... ,i
M-J '!....S'':,'tl....l 4'j
it I ...Hliikcs.... 'v'
I . ... W t ilroii. . . 1
i'H i .. . liny ton I 1
4;sjic.t:.i.cci'i:. :i
,llli OltauH.
1 li.'-.: ..Si,!.' 'I r:i,-k..
K i hlini.iil lii.lKf.j I1
.r,,; ! . ,.l.'u-lmr,Is. . . :1
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B. f: o, IN ii. e ttiln Curs, liy this i-oiili'. All inforttia
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Ci'iii ral I'usM'iin. r Ai:t l.l, I Mrnjrc.
Tll'ls. .1. I .-.TTHR.
Ocma-Rl M.iinii."..r, i;-'C.-.t-(.'. T. II. M AKVIN.
Ar.t'nl RI I Ulti il
Cbictgo, Iiock Island & FaciSo Eai!ro3d.
llo: St. RAKT.
No. '!. I'i, Ui" Kxpr.'-ss nml Mall
" i ViliI 1- xpri'sH
' tl, K:ii.' Cltv Kxpr.-ss
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' 10. rem Fast Arcoiiiiiio.laUon
" 1.', St. I'linl Kvpr- ss
fY'l'jliti Carrying ',i;,flfr.
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V.i. 1. Atlitntif Kxir,'ss
' :l, Nieiil r..vpr,
5. riiiivwo "t'.l Kiiii:t ('I'y Kspn-fii ....
' 7, Davi'iiporf AiToiniiimiatioii
9. I'.T.l l-n-t A.-.'ollI'lloiiatloIl
' ll. St Paul Kxpr.'ss. via AUirrt j
Frrtghl Carrying I'anrxtltrt.
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na.ssi'iiir-1-s l,. t.s ii .loll.'t nn,l M SullP.
p N,.i mui is carry ui.:iii(i-w betww Blue biMi.1
nt"' I a Sail,'. .... , .init.
V. carri,A Ptp-n, - VMnSSr"
in n.i.
K. Sr. .1,-in-
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C. K. Fm.m
Aii,-nt t oiik.
Is the Loss of
A Miur on tlw Ni'tni. Tn-atmont
.ii'l Itiairal turv of Sf nitnil W ikn. . or f.m rtiitor
rhiiL hi.liia-'l Iw Si'ir-Ahu-. Involnntary KitilwM.os.
O.Jw.'i,rV. Nor IH-Mlfy. .n.l l.ni-WIt"; rt. .
MnrrtASP B-n.'rlly; V0',,,nMltl"lK'MLHFUT J
.,.it tl sn.l Phvsl.'il Inc'ipwliy. f -IW KlKHT J,
IT LVKUW I LL. M. I).. utlir lo
The world-Tenowned aatlior. In thin lmlrmM t
ttirp. i-lrariy provr. from ht own . prrlenr thl lh
n-.tiovl without dniPToai. nrtrl "r'J" JJB
1. liLtrutitf nts rims or 'on'.llii,"t!n
mo,! oi ran it on. rertalii n. 'lTrtnl. by wntrli
fTcrTtiilTrer.no mttrr wht bn wnUltlon nwy be.
nt cure hlmiflf chiplr. privately ad rol4iiii.
IV ThU sctnrt irUl prott a boon lo HouanOt
md thouturuu
tn-nt. nnder . 1n p-!n rnTrlop9. U v.j Ktdrn.
pt-patd. on receipt of li cent or lw poMatra
tamp. Ad4re
1 Ann Ht, New Vork.M. T.: T.O.Boi

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