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VOL. 45.
NO. 20.
Have- opened this week an im
mense stock of New Cloaks.
They do a very large business in
Fine Cloaks, and every garment
they sell will be lbund good in
quality and perfect in fit.
If you want some Choice Milli
nery Goods, see the new stock at
Scott Bros. & Co.'s Millinery De
partment. Sheetings cheaper than ever
6) and ( now at Scott Bros.
& Co.'s.
Fur-lined Circulars, now only
$15.00, at Scott Bros. & Co.'s.
I J.
PALETOTS, in the Cloak Departm't,
largest line ever shown here, at inter
esting prices, and fits guaranteed.
and popular shades. - Sole agency for
these celebrated goods.
special importation by this House di
Curtains and Lace Goods, &c.
marked reduction tr om all forme
Boot aid He and Grocery
Call ana Examine this Trnly
Immense New Stack.
Sawdust, Kindling-Wood and
Shavings, at Kings Box Factory,
near the Loch. TelcpJwne 149.
Livery & Feefl Stable.
150. TELEPHONE. 130.
Wmild fMnUinill..nBAH.M A .l.jk .1.1 . . . .
and vicinity tlmt he has one of the choicest Utitj
blocks In the city, at the City Btablct, uch ai the
Latest Styes of Harks, Carriages and Buggies,
to let at price to uit the timet. Parties, wedding,
tunt-rala, picnics, 4c, supplied with Rood rgn on short
notice. Funerals in the country or ailloinln towns
promptly attended to. Persons taken to and from the
depots, or to thecountry nlulit orilny. f VKemeiiiher
..: iMacc u nam street, cast oi side cut. one block
west of new court, bonne. t'ETEIJ KG AN.
Of Value to Housekeepers.
! Ve shall after this print crery week erne or
more KtaxwiaMe receipts, by the use or whlrh a
variety can always be had.
Three cups of milk, yolks of three eggs,
uslnjf the whites for the meringue, one half
package of gelatin, six table spoons full of
sugar, juice of one lemon for meringue, flavor
in); extract for cu&tard.
Soak the cc latin two hours iu a cup of
milk. Heat the rest of tlia milk; add that in
which the gelatin is and stir over the fire un.
til the gelatin i melted. Take from the tire
and pour upon the beaten yolks and sugar.
Heat slowly until It thickens well; cool, stir
ring every fifteen minutes. When cold flavor
and pour into a wet mould. Set on ice or in
& cold place. When It is Arm tnrn out and
surround with a meringue made by whipping
the whites stiff with a little powdered sugar
and the lemon juice.
It don't pay to use groceries which are not
up to the standard quality, and knowing that
we don't keep poor goods for sale. Satis
faction potitirely yuiranterel at TnE Coffee
Stobe. E. H. Clark.
J uremia Books.
Hapetnan & Graham have on hand at very
low prices the finest line of juvenile books
we ever taw in Ottawa. The bindings are
beautiful and the contents of a high class.
The Father Matthew Temperance Society
has been reorganized at Wenona.
Don't buy a photograph cr autograph al
bum, or any fine box of atationery, any
amoker'a article, until you have seen what
Gehring, the druggist, can show in that line
or aay otLcr fine things for Christmas.
The Mason.
No careful buyer will neglect the great
winter sale now In progress at H. J. Glllen's,
It is a positive fact that so great a stock was
never before offered at equally low prices in
Ottawa in the midst of this season. Clear
ing out sales are numerous enough after the
seasoa is over, but there the enormous stock
is going at reduced rates now, when you
need the goods.
Seasonable dress goods,
Seasonable cloaks, shawls,
Seasonable notions,
Holiday goods,
Blankets, flannols, Ac
All seasonable goods, in the greatest vart
ety, at reduced rates. No one surely will
complain of htgb prices who examines this
stock. The- sales have iudeed been extraor
dlnary considering the general dullness of
the seison. and it can be accounted for on
no other ground than the exceeding low prl
ces. which offer to many an inducement to
buv even a little in advance of immediate
The wcck tan been spent by Mr. tiillen on
the market, and for next week an elegaut
Hoe of new light colored circulars, ilk good,
and a wealth of holiday, goods may be ex
pected; nnd the holiday stock promises to
be more than usually rich and attractive-
No one should buy a dollar's worth of dry
goods, holiday novelties, a cloak, or shawl
until this stock has been examined. Go ar.d
sec It. If you don') get bargains wo shall
lose, faith In your ability to appreciate one
when you see it.
More than fifty different kinds of cologne
bottles are displayed among Gearing's holi
day stock, at less than half the prices others
auk you. .
Vlirlstiuas Cards.
A fine assortment of Christmas cards, both
of Prangs, and Imported, at Hapetnan k Gra
ham's. A choice selection of confectionery at Wal
tber's. The. choicest, freshest, and sweetest
the profession can produce.
A Pittsburg telegram, dated the 6th, says:
"It was rumored to-night that the sub-com-mtttce
of the Glassworkers' and Manufac
turers' Conference Committee had effected a
compromise, but all efforts to confirm the
report were unsuccessful. A conference
takes place the lth Inst., and it Is thought
It will result iu breaking the lockout. The
manufacturers, it is claimed, under the con
tract, will not start up until Jan. 1, and if the
strike is broken the Ores will be lighted at
once. Eight new window glass factories
will begin operation that dato and will em
ploy 250 Idle workmen. A largo number of
the strikers left the past two days for work
at Ithaca, N. Y., and Barnesvllle, N J."
Aktisth Matrriai.s. A
at Hapcman & Graham's.
full assortment,
Mr. Chas. Dcenis, ,of Uutland, has just
conpletcd his fine new house and lias taken
unto himself a wife. Scott Bros, it Co. fur
nished the house with carpets and curtains.
Scott l.ros. &. Co. lately baa two men in
Earlville putting down carpets and hanging
curtains in Mr. J. J. Pool's elegant new
Buy your husband one of those fine canes
at Gehring's drug store- You can have a
gold or silver bead. Ivory or horn handle on
ebony, rosewood, malacca, Manilla or bam
boo stick. Gchrlng sells tbem cheap and
guarantees quality the very best in the land.
Call at Spencer's and see his stock of ladles'
and gents' fine shoes and slippers.
Fitzgerald's Band, of this city, have form
ally announced that they will give nn open
air concert on New Year's Day at tho Court
House, at 2 p. m. If the day is pleasant the
Band will give an entertainment lasting
about two hours, but be the weather what It
may the concert will be given, and all are in
vited to come out and hear it. The Band is
one of the main fixtures of the city and de
serves the moral and financial support of the
citizens. To this end on New Year's night
a dance will be given at Turner Hall by the
Band, and every person should feel In duty
bound to aid the management by the pur
chase of a ticket. Music for the dance will
be furnished by a superb orchestra of eleven
The Hock Island Itoad has just given un
order for three new chair cars, to be built at
once, on the same plan us those now In use.
They will be run between hero and Omaha.
In the rush for holiday presents no one
should forget that Waltuer, as ever, lias the
stock to select from. Everything to make
the children happy.
lb: tile works of Williams .t Hess, at
Brickton, have been shut down for the
Akcihtect. Our readers will observe in
another column the professional card of Wm.
A. Youmans, who has opened an ofllce in
thfs city, and who is well known in the east
ern part of the country as a practical con
structor of fifteen years' standing. He is a
gentleman of considerable experience in his
profession, and has just completed, In rcs-
sponse to an invitation, plans for the new
state house at Atlanta, Georgia, for which
one million dollars have been voted for the
building. We belL've Ottawa to be a good
point for a good architect, which has had
none since the death of Mr. Furness, and un-
questionably Mr. Youmans will have a good
If your son, your brother, your lover, your
father, your husband, or any other male
friend does not Emoke, or ou wish to dis
courage them from so doing, go to Gehring's
drug store and you can find hundreds of ar.
tides suitable for a Christmas present, that
will delight them. Gehring's is the holiday
stock of the city.
11 Bs
best extra C sugar for fl.00 at
Wantei'. j00 pound tceswax.
K. Y. (;ai(.(H.
Uon'l Like II.
Those fellows who have been industriously
circulating the reports that Fiske A Beem's
orices OB clothln? are t,iah Drier, don't like
n . .
the tolMfaelt that have been told that tbey t
have but o price and that is the lowest ever
seen in Ottawa. Yes, reader, Fiske & Beem
have the best and biggest stock of clothing,
Ac, In this vicinity; they don't play "second
fiddle" to either Ottawa, Chicago, or any
other place. Their goods are bought low of
the manufacturer, or are Imported by them
selves and consequently, for good hcnetgood,
all wool-and a-yard-wlde-warranted-never to.
rip-tear-ravel-or-run-down-at-tbe-heel, the
purchaser will find flake f- Beem's stock to
select trom. But if you want thoddu. for
which you are willing to pay nearly or quite
aa much as for a good article, you can't Hud
It there. Go somewhere else where they do
have two or threo prices and they wld finally
make you think you have a bonanza of a bar
gain, and have palmed off on your lunocent
hand some old ahull-worn, moth-eaten arti
cle not worth garret room.
A large lot of overcoats, men's suits and
all kinds of ready made clothing for youths,
boys and children.
Ladles always welcome. The children's
department will interest them.
Fiske & Beem are selling amenta for tho
Goodyear rubber goods cheap.
Examine the one price store before j ou In
vest one dollar.
Good gooils cheap at Flake & Beem's.
Tho Degen Bros., who recently purchased
the fair grounds, are converting Floral Hall
into a mammoth horse barn. Already sev
eral tine animals are stalled there.
100 be6t matches in the world for a cent at
C. M. 8haw's.
The Holiday stock at Hapcman & Gra
ham's is now open, and we believe no more
complete and elegant line can bo found in
this county. So many lines aro carried that
the variety of goods is practically unlimited
Seekers after pretty thibgs will do well to
call, for here they will tlnd more kinds of
useful and ornamental goods than they can
possitly find anywhere else in this part of
me country,
On Sunday afternoon as Major T. C. Gib-
son and family were out riding In the vicinity
of the fair gronnds the horse became fright
ened and, turning suddenly, the buggy was
overturned. Fortunately no ouo was serious
ly injured, although Mr. and Mrs. Gibson
felt the effects of the shock for several days.
-N ever has there been such a display of
odor caskets, filled with the most exquisite
perfumes, as can be seen among Gubring's
holiday stock. You cannot fall to please
your lady love or your Bister, your cousin
and your aunts, If you get tbem a present
from Gehring'a tho finest, best and cheap
est stock of Christmas goods.
Go to Spencer's for holiday slippers,
his embroidered slipper for $1.00.
Solutions to Scott Bros. & Co.'s puzzle, re
cently advertised in the Oitawa papers, are
arriving from nearly every town In Illinois,
as well as from distant states and the "Far
Northwest." A Free Tkaker reader awny
up la the cold regions of Dakota is among
the latest contributors. Already a large box
full of letters containing uuswers have been
received. Should any person desire tho puz
zle they can get one by culling on or address
ing ttie firm. These puv.i:lc ure a source of
much amusement, and a correct solution will
be the means of profit to the person solving
it urcucr ruies.
Photo and autograph albums in all
and styles, at Hapetnan fc Graham's.
Several fine meteors have been observed of
late, particularly one on Saturday evening.
U$ ttis. C sugar for f. 00 at Shaw's.
Tea Nrre III.,
Full of teas. Bins of coffees, wholesale
for winter. Larger display of presents. Be
on hand next Saturday, a rush and sncclal
Inducements. The Tea Store is Ottawa's at
traction, and Due. 15th will prove it.
A new firm has token part of Hogg's shops
and will engage In the wood-turning
Walther, the popular confectioner, will
furnish parties, festivals, Ac., with the best
of refreshments at the most irasouablo ratcf .
Tax Receipts
of ull sizes, printed on good puper, at Hspe
man & Graham's. Orders by mail promptly
Based upon the estimates for October and
November the earnings of the Chicago, Bur
lington and Quincy Hailroad for the year, it
is stated, will show a net gain for the year of
about t H.OOO.OOO.
The Fhek Tuaoeu was a little "on" last
week In saying that the attendance at the
Union Service at the Baptist church on
Thanksgiving Day, where the sermon of the
occasion was preached by tho Uev. Mr. Day,
of the Congregational church, was "only
fair." The truth is that the house was com
pletely filled, many being troubled to get
seats. Our Informant had evidently not been
there himself.
ioj; rt.s
standard A sugar tor 1.00 at
Fine variety of fur goods and other novel
ties for the holidays at French's hat store.
Firm Hidge.
Geo. Cole, late with Manley fc Jordau, of
this city, will, on Monday, Dec. Ud, open a
blacksmith shop at Farm Ridge Village,
where he will be prepared to do horse shoe
ing and blacksmith jobbing generally, and
Invites the people of the neighborhood to
call on him.
Money to Loan.
We have a large amount of money in our
bands which we will loan on farm property
at low rates of Merest.
Attorneys at
Loading Clothier, Gonts' Furnisher $ (latter,
Has Received his Entire
And his display of Latest Novelties of the
Finest, Best Made and Most Perfect Fit
ting Garments for Men, Youths, Boys and
Children's wear excels anything ever
shown in this city. Ever' department in
our Mammoth Store is filled to the utmost
most capacity with the best and
goods money can procure in the
Our Boys' and Children's Clothing De
partment contains the latest New York
designs. The New Styles in Boys' and
Children's School and Dress Suits, Over
coats and Ulsterettes are superior to any
thing to be found elsewhere. Pieces are
furnished match
ing every Boy's
Suit purchased in
this Department.
xtfwil 11111
We desire to call the attention of ull lovers of (Jood
Bread to the "Siher Cloud" and "Hungarian" brands
of Flour, manufactured by us. These Flours are made
from the choicest wheat that can bo procured. By a
scientific admixture of No. 1 hard Minnesota spring
wheat with the winter wheat, we produce a Flour pos
sessing all the advantages of each kind. The "Silfer
Cloud" is worthy of its name, and makes the whitest
of flaky loaves, though it is especially adapted to pas
try, biscuit, rolls, etc. The "Hungarian" is eKir great
est and best known brand, because it is the great bread
making flour, producing as it does a white, moist, nutty
llarored loaf. Ask your grocer for either brand. You
will he well pleased.
Low Prices, and (Jood Work (iuarantced.
nice hi hi New York
GASH CAPITAL - - - $3,000,000.00
Reserve for Re-Ins. & all otherjiabilities, 2,421978.21
Net Surplus,
Assets Jan. 7, 1883
Losses Paid at Ottawa Agency, $11 742.13.
LoHsast Paid at the Great Fire in Chicago, $3,155,216.12.
Total Losses Paid Since Organization:
GEO. W. RAVENS. Agent. - S.E. corner P. 0. Block.
Our Gents' Furnishing Goods Depart
ment contains the largest and finest line of
goods in the Northwest. This department
is an Elaborate Establishment in itself, and
Novelties are constantly added as fast a
they appear in the market.
In our Hat ar.d Cap department will be
found the latest styles and lowest prices,
i A f.-.w r rP-.,.,i. ., ,i ir !:..,"
Hilt Ul A 11111113 llllll V UII3C3 tUil
on handr " - -
every department will be
introduced b-
S7, 171 ,270,82
' r i

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