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What it did for an Old Lady,
Cokiux tos Station, N. Y., DuciW,
(jESTs A number if ju'oplc had lieeiuiMlii!.'
your Bitter hew, unci with marked Hffrt.
In oiki ciiw, a I inly of over seventy year, liuil
heeu sick fur year, and for the niwt ten years
has not been uhle to be around half the time.
About six month m; she ot o feeble slie
wa helph . Her old reniedien, or physician,
beiiitf of no avail, I sent to Deposit, forty-five
miles away, and yot a bottle of Hop Bitters.
It improved her so she was able to dress her
Keif and walk about the houso. When she
had taken the seeond bottle she was able to
tuke eare of her own room and walk out to
her neighbor's, and has Improved all the time
sinee. My wife and children also have de
rived irreat benefit fi I their ue.
At. L'. S. Kx. Co.
Kdituks Fkkk Tiudkii: It seems that
t ime of your foirsxn(li'i)ts liuvf lieeii
"stirring up the Dutch" on the "iiiiuid
damnation business, hell mills," vfce. Hut
friend Zwuiiy.ig is badly mistaken In Hilliiij;
lliewuiior editor of the Fkkk Thadi.k u
Dutchman. It is the writer of the first ar
ticle on the late convention that claims to
be a Pennsylvania Hutch nniii, wo or three
times removed from the old country. He-
moved, so long that he not only coii-ider:
it an honor great ami sublime to lie a citi
.en of the United States, but likew ise lm
learned to respect the American Sabbath
and not to make the day hideous in noisi
of brass bauds, songs and revellings. I h
most sincerely love the honor of being an
American citizen, and I love to see our
children trrowiii'' tin temperate and an
honor alike to the fatherland and the laud
' of their adoption. The "insult" seems to
be nrinciimllv in callinc my brethren
Dutch instead of (Serinan. In deference
to my friend Zwun.ig I will henceforth
use the term German instead of Dutch,
but lie must not ask me to go back on my
terms for a saloon or s'aloonist. They, the
latter, are certaitilK hell mill. N. H. In
I'ticaorLa Salle a few years ago a Ger
man drunkard from beer or something
stronger knocked his wife, soon to become
a mother, down the stairs and killed her
In Chicago two Germans over a jug of
beer quarrelled. One. man stepped out for
more, and when he returned he found his
friend in a loving embrace with the w ife
of German No. 2. lie, No. 2, took " an
ax and severed the head of No. 1 from the
b-xly and was hung for it, or ought to have
been, because all were drunk. Again, in
Pittsburg in about 1H-."5 a German named
Diehl got on a "high," and in his insanity
dashed out the brains of his infant child,
struck the other son with a hatchet and
killed him, and then brained his wife,
committing tripple murder, and although
lie was hanged for it that did not restore
the three precious lives that had been
sacrificed. This could be multiplied by
tn thousand and then the maximum of
the evil would not be reached.
It is the province of the Prohibition
Home Protection party to hcnelitmankind
and save the people, all German, Irish and
Americans, from w hatever land,agaiiist the
evils of intern iterance. And the only way
is to sweep breweries and saloons and
wane drug stores from the land. And we
are going to do it the same as abolition
ism drove slavery from the land. John
Wesley denounced African slavery as "tin
sum of all vlllianies." We denounce in
temperance or the selling and the licensing
of the sale of intoxicating liquors as worst
twice over than African slavery. And vi
do openly denounce those, especially in
we cnurciics. wno uniioKi saloons as
"fanatics, fools and dead beats, and hypo
crits of the darkest dye." 3Iore anon.
Joshua Pi.skv.
A Sure Cure for Piles,
The tirst symptom of Piles Is an intense
itching at night after getting warm. This
unpleasant sensation is immediately relieved
by an application of Dr. llosanko's Pile Kern-
dv. Piles in all its forms, ltrh, salt rheum,
and ringworm can be permanently cured by
'he use of this great remedy. Price Ml cents.
Manufactured by the Dr. Hosanko Medicine
Co., Piipia, O. Sold by Forbes A: l.oniaii.v.
From Walthara.
Waltiia.m, .March 20. The roads are in
a formidable condition, anil the atmos
phere is heavy with drizzling rain from
the northeast. Come, gentle spring, come.
The time for migrating water fowl has
come, and many Walthain hunters are seen
watching the duck ponds.
David Moore gazed upon the electric
lights of Ottawa Monday night.
John Wolfe is having his orchard
pruned. Ditto John Myers. W. 11 Jones
is doing the pruning. He is an expert
at it.
(Jeo. Sargeant is becoming skilled in
equestrianism. Whoa Knima!
Ota Esmond has erected a new wiwlmillj
It is the Monitor.
The Erb brothers, Henry, Knoch and
Frank started for the "land of blizzards"
last Tuesday. Ditto Albeit Myers, for In
diana. May prosperity go with you, boys.
A law suit is pending between Will Far
mer and Frank Whipple.
John Edgeconib is building an additii n
to his house.
John Carlin.who has acted so worthily in
the supervision of this town, is a candidate
for re-ehVtion. Let there lie a large mini
ber of votes polled for John.
Walter Moore inhaled the fresh breezes
of the placid Vermillion in Diinmick last
William Wenner, wlw has becu pursu
ing a commercial course at Valparaiso for
the past three months, lias returned home.
The sociable at W. F. Wylie's on last
Thursday evening was sublime.
Mrs. D. Y. Ixiwd, who has been sojour
ning ith her daughter (Mrs. Will War
rick) for the winter, started on a trip
through Iowa and Nebraska on Thursday
to be gone all summer. Klie was accom
panied by her son Dannie.
W -?. U.ANI)I.
Go east or west, wherever they have been
introduced, Baxter'a Mandrake Bittern out
efl all others. Price 2.V. Lutx & Brigrs.
Mttle f.ikrliliootl of un Burly Adjourn
ment Ouest I mablo I'm t tires of the
Alaska sieiil ( uiiniiy f'oimtei felt
Certificate t oiicrrHHioiiul.
Washington, March 17. There are now
on the calendar of the Committee of the
Whole House on the State of the Union
ninety bills, each Involving an appropriation
of money, exclusive of the general appro
priation hills, fourteen in number, and not
yet disposed of. On the House calendar
there are sixty-eight These do not Involve
appropriations, but are matter of gener.d
legislation. Some of them are of an Im
portant character. I'esides these there are
private bills to lie disiosod of or go over
to the end of Congress and then die, only to
come up in the Forty-ninth Congress. As
remarked by a member a few days
since: "The claimant may (lie, but
i i..;.. . i ,...i.,i " i...... I. ,..,u r
the chum Is Immoital. haeh call or
the committees,
rule, an hour is
to which, under the
devoted eaeli morning,
swells these calendars. In addition to thesi
calendar measures there are nearly a hun
dred bills on tne Shaker's table that have
passed the Senate and been sent to the
House, but which have not been referred to
committees for consideration. The reports
from the Committee on Flections on contest
ed election cases will soon be coining in.
They will be numerous, and being questions
of hiuli privilege can he called up at any
time. Each one of these contested cases is
likely to (sriipy the time of the House for
at least one day. With these facts in view
the early adjournment of Congress promised
nt the beginning of the session does not
seem probabl".
.It -STK t: Mil. I. Kit's ASI'l NATION S.
The Presidential fever has reache I the
United States .Supremo Court. It has re
cently been discovered that Mr. Justice
Miller, of Iowa, Is a candidate, and that
his friends are endeavoring to secure dele
Kates for him to the Chicago Con
vention. The movement, although kept re
markably cinet so far, has considerable pro
portions, and has the support of some in
fluential combinations in Iowa. The pur
pose is not to formally announce his can
didacy until after the delegates shall have
been selected, when it will appear that they
will favor tlie nomination of Judge Milier.
It has not been learned that any attempt
has so far been made to secure delegates in
any other States.
Mr. lielford, who is supposed to know a
good deal about liosroe Conk ling, was asked
by a Slur reiortcr what were Mr. Conk
llng's Presidential Ideas. He said: "I don't
like to talk about Mr. Conkliiig's differences
with Mr. Arthur, but 1 will say this: The
man Mr. Cotikling favors for the nomina
tion is General Grant. He thinks that
(Irani is the best and most available man in
the llepublicaii party. Hut if (irant can
not get it, ami Mr. lilaine is nominated by
the Chicago Convention, Mr. Conkliug
w ill enter vigorously and earnestly into the
campaign, and do all he can to secure his
election. As to Mr. Arthur, I don't want
to talk on that subject. If lilaine is nomi
nated Cotikling will support him. He will
work for Grant or for lilaine if he is nomi
Postmaster-General Greshatu, who re
turned here yesterday, says that the new
fast mall will not cost more than was paid
for the old mail facilities, and that so far it
Is highly satisfactory to tha Post-office De
partment and to the public.
The House Committee on Agriculture has
authorized that a favorable report be made
on the bill allowing persons to manufacture
wine or brandy out of apples, peaches,
grapes and other perishable fruits raised by
himself or his tenants from any internal
revenue tax or restrictions.
TiaATIOK. Secretary Chandler has written a person
al letter to Chairman Cox, of the House
Committee on Naval Affairs, protesting
strongly against a second Investigation of
the Jeannette expedition. He declares that
Jerome Collin's friends had every oppor
tunity on the first Investigation to ascertain
the facts of the case, and the proposed re
opening was a pitiless sacrilege of the
graves of the dead for the purpose of in
decently calling public attention to trivial
difficulties winch had no influence in bring
ng about the disasters to the expedition,
and no pernicious effect upon its general
A resolution olfcred In theiloiiso Monday
by Mr. Henry, (California), calling for the
appointment of a siss-lal committee to in
vestigate the contract with the Alaska Seal
Fur Company, was based upon a charge
that the Company secured the exclusive
privilege to catch seals paying therefor
but Sfio.uoO a year, for twen
ty years, while a responsible company in
California offered at the time t liu
lease was made 2T2,rU() for the same privi
lege. Charges of gross favoritism hiiiI cor
ruption are also preferred. It is said the
profits of the company amount to from $3,
500,000 to $ 00O.OD0 a year, and that it costs
but $4 to lay down each scnl-skiu in Ixin
don, the average wholesale price for the
same being $.'!0. The company can catch
100,000 a year, and it Is alleged it frequent
ly doubles the catch. The resolution was
referred to the Committee on Ways and
KIUIITKII. The United States Supremo Court has
decided the suit of Napoleon Sarouy against
the Harrow-Wiles Lithographic Company, of
New York, for Infringement of the former's
Mpyright upon Oscar Wilde's posing photo
graph. The court held that such a picture
was un original work of art, and therefore
could b copyrighted.
In the Senate on the 17th a Joint resolution
was passed CD U 14 apprnprtittinf t&a.OOO te
be used by the OmmiMioner of Ajrrieulture
(with the c-operatin of the autfaorittaeof tlie
States in which It may be ueedi for tatnplnff
out tke foot-und-mouth dtaraie, the Uovern
miit not to be committee' beyond the amount
named. Tl.e bill extendtajr the term of the
Court of In bams Clalnu until Iccniber IS.
ISM, was passud. Petitions were presented
frem reventl nun iierettl bodies, ask
ing the repeal of the law lor the ooliiure of
the stiver do.lsr; and from citizens of Mlchi
iran. Minnenota and Nebraska, prayluff (Vn
press to pitiH.e a Sixteenth amendment pro
LlhHinjr the disfranchisement of oiliwns an
account of aex Hills were tntrodutd In the
House: by Mr. BoItorJ. rotiulrtna nil land
irrant or subsidy ntllrotids to furnlub the See
rotary of the Ireamiry a full and true quar
terly statement, under oMh, of their
earnings and indehuaesa; br Memrs,
Wood and Calkins. vrantlnir home
stead to aniitiere of the late war; by Mr,
Hewitt iN. V.), to suarend for two year the
coinage of the ilr dollar, and maklnir it au
la ful forth Heerer-iry a( tba TiMuinry to
Eand Inttue 1'reasury notes af the denom
o of $1 and tS; by Mr. Oreen, requ r1n
route eantracior to be residents of the
(Mate tat which their route is located. The
rulM were auapended to pass the special de
aMny appaoprtattoB of SI.IU.OM.
Ma. Hirur Introduced a bill In he Senate
oa the istb aathorlainir the Fecretary of the
Nary toeffer reward of fa,0Wfcr re4tilaf
or ascertaining the fate of the Greer 'Arotlo
expedition. The bill to aid the establishment
and temporary support of common sehi.oU
was dlsciisM'd In the Homo a bill was im
ported to prohibit the mailiiiif of lottery cir
culars or newspapers Roiitalninir lottery
advertisements. In Committee of llio Whole
the I'" st-olliee Appropriation bill was taken
up. An amendment by .Mr. Kenyan to extend
the fninklnif privilege to inemlier of Con-Krc-
was lost i to !. The committee then
aroro ami reported Die bill to the House, and
the amendments Hirwil to In f oniniittmi of
Hie Whole wen- adopted with t lie exception
ot that inci'ctiHinK by f lUtl.ltfM the appropria
tion lor the letter-currier service, which was
rejected r.U to 137. The bill was then passed
luu to 7
In the Senate on (he H'th the Committee on
Foreign Itelut ions reported a bill for the in
spection of meats for exportation, and pro
hibiting the Importation of adulterated ai t
cles of food or drink. Debate took pluce on
the bills to tlx the salary of district Judifcs at
f.l.noo iiml to appropriate J iri.ioo.iM) ror the
support of eoniinoii seho its. In tie; Mouse
the Committee on Foreign AITuIrs report
ed that ti e resolution on the death of Her
I.asker was Intended as a tribute of respec
to the memory ol an eminent foreign states
man, and that the Moose ni l not deem It nee
essary to its ilUrniiy to crttleise the eireum
stances w hich prevented the expressions o
sympathy from rcuehiior their destination
The report was adopted. Alter a Tew pill
had been rein. rtr-il the loiiK-expeeted utroRifle
over the Wlilsky bill beuun, a motion
. ... ,,,,., ,. ' ,,, ,,,. ,,..,,,. 1f
the Whole m the Itevenue bill beinir airreed
to - l;i to Kl; the IJoniled-Kxtension bill was
thu tlrst to come up, anil lis consideration was
ilecelt'ii upon ley a vote or l-i. to lis. anil Mr
Morrison took the floor to support the bill,
ami, alter some delay oil points ot privilege
ami order, lie iineiiy ex o anion tne purposi
ofthobllland ornu -d that the object of this
leifishi'lon as to place this industry on an
equality with all other articles pay iuir internal
revenue laves.
MrKadden, One of the K press Itobhers,
Kt tirouud iIms Tiller Coiifse.
St. 1ii is, Mo., March 20. Tiller, the
express robber, could not stand the press
ure, and yesterday ho confessed and Impll
cated McFaddcn In the robbery. When tlie
latter heard of tlie action taken by bis
pal he made a desperate attempt to com
mit suicide, ami probably will not live.
Just before lieing transferred to jai
McFaddcn was given a good dinner. In
his cell in tho hold-over, realizing the des
perate position in which he was placed, lie
took a small, empty bottle that had coir
tallied medicine, and having Kwnded it into
fragments, he then swallowed the glass
with his food and waited for the end. On
the way into jail he fold Tiller what he had
done, but the express clerk would not be
lieve him. About four o'clock he was
taken ill, and the attention of the jail
guard was attracted to him. A physician
was summoned, ami emetics administered,
but the glass had passed from tho stomach
into the intestines, and could not be reached.
He is suffering intense agony, and physicians
pronounce Ins case almost hopeless. Three
thousand dollars in silver were recovered
yesterday in Kansas City, where they
had been slnped by liller tlie day
after tlie robbery. It was found in
the United Stales Express ollice, marked
"To be held until called for." The Chief-
of-I'olice said that SH'2,000 was still missing,
and that it was controlled by Tiller. Tho
latter says that McFadden went from here
to Chicago with tho proceeds of the robbery
two days after it was committed.
A California I.evee Itrenks, Destroying;
Haifa Million Hollars' Wort li of Wheat.
Sax FttANf isr o, Cal., March 20. A
break in the levee at (Cohorts Island, near
Stockton, Tuesday night, destroyed 27,000
acres of wheat, valued at $500,000. The
broken levee was one of the largest on the
island, being one hundred feet w ide at the
base, forty at the top, and 'ten feet high.
Heforo the break occurred the middle
section of the levee was cut in tlie hope of
relieving the cross-levee, but the w.iter
didn't run off fast enough to take off the
pressure. As the sudden heavy rush of
water swept over the iftlanu on Its way
toward the lower section, the immense
fields of tall grain disappeared from sight,
and tlie whole was transformed Into one
great lake. The inhabitants quickly hud
dled together what they could carry off in
wagons, seeking refuge on the lower sec
tion. Arrangements will be made to take
them ashore should the lower levee give
way. In the meantime every effort will be
made to strengthen it. Horses and cattle
stampeded in wild fright, breaking across
toward the dry ground of the lower portion.
If the lower levee breaks the loss will bo
fully $1,000,000.
Excluded by Her Sex and Condition.
riiu.ADKi.PiiiA, Pa., March 20. Presi
dent Judge Ludlow, one of the ablest jurists
in tlie State, on Tuesday dismissed the mo
tion for the admission of Mrs. Carrie B Kil
gore to practice as an attorney, lie opjsised
tlie )lea of the lady, who is a woman of un
questionable character and ability, first, be
cause no law or custom sanctions it, but,
on the contrary, contemporaneous exiawi
lion and universal practice condemn it;
second, to giant this motion would be in
tlie present condition of the law an act of
judicial legislation, and, tlimefote, of judi
cial usurp dion; third, because, in this in
stance, the applicant being a married wom
an, she can not enter Into those contracts
without ability to make which she cm not
legally practice as an attorney of the
courts; fourth, because the question must
bo solved by legislative and not by judicial
authority. Mrs. Kilgore has etitionod
every Common I'leas court in the county,
ami has failed to obtain admission to any
of them.
Death ol a Famous Cow.
Iowa City, In., March VX Mercedes,
the celebrated Holstcln cow, ow ned by Mr.
T. 11. Wahn, Secretary of the National Hoi
stein Jf.-eoders' Association, died Monday
morning of milk fever. The cow and lie
calf, which has also died, were valued at
ten thousand dollars. Mercedes had the
greatest milk and butter record in the
world. Slie took the lircenierrf Gazette cup
at Chicago last fall. Her last calf sold for
four thousand dollars.
A Heavy Failure.
Nkw Oici.kaxs, La., March 19. J. C.
Itousseau & Bros., general stores and plant
el's, at La Fourche, La., have failed. They
carried on several plantations, which they
valued nt $18.000. nnd also had several
stores in various parts of the parish. Their
statement last July showed assets of $193,000
and liabilities of $55,000.
Q An Aristocratic Defaulter Under Arrest
Nkw Brunswick, N. J., March tt. Ex
Setmtor and defaulting Collector and Post
master 1-evi 1). Jarrard, who mora than a
year ago tied from this city to Canada, and
has fought ever since aatnst extradition,
was brought here from Toronto ad (edged
in jalL
A Disastreas Blaia.
Chicago, March 18 A Art in Sooth
Chicago Sunday night destroyed two blocks
of buildings, including a hotel, several
stores and slus and a number of dwell
legs. I"s about $70,000.
minor yrcwa "ITEMS,
l or Week Kixled March "30.
J. K Cooke A Co., of Morris, N. V., mndo
nn assignment Nt'urdny. Liabilities, 75,
uoo; asset-, tin k ii vn.
The engagement is announced of Mrs.
Frank lslle, of New York, ami the Marquis
de Leuville, of Pans.
A surplus o! ."i,000 from the Texas penl
tent in ries was handed over to the State
Treasure r last Saturday.
The Delaware, Lackawanna A Western
Itoad lias decided to extend Its tracks from
Buffalo to Tohi lo this summer.
Seiuoiiine A Co., tob ceo warehousemen
of lniisville, made an assignment Saturday,
with liabilities exceeding 75,0(0.
Hoffman A Billings' machine and brass
works at Milwaukee hume l Sunday morn
ing. Loss, $5(1,000; insurance, $5,000.
In the Ontario Legislatuie Saturday the
bill giving widows and spinsters who have
the necessary property qualilicatioti the right
to vote at municipal elections was passed.
Benjamin Kiqiert, one of the oldest citi
zens of Duhiique, la., and a prominent Odd
fellow, died Sunday, aged seventy-nine
yen i s.
Cuban troops had a light Saturday with
tlie bandit band of Santa Claro, killing
three and capturing eleven, twenty-two
others subsequently surrendered.
The French Oovernmciit has learned that
(ieruriny is about to double her force ot
marines ami sailors, and has ordered new
submarine batteries on a most extensive
Oeotge Harris and Dan Harding, while
drunk, attempted to clean out the saloon of
John Chesmau at Walnut Station, lud.,
when both were fatally shot by the pro
prietor. John Allen, Jr., of Buffalo, for many
years President of the Wes'ern Transporta
tion Company, died Sunday in New York,
aged lifty-six years. Ho was noted for his
'The annual meeting of the American
Tract Society was held at Washington Snn-
day evening. The receipts for tlie year were
shown to be $36H.0f6; exenditures, JSrtl,
280; donations and legacies, $116,957; avail
able lor benevolent work, $S4,551.
The Crand Comuiandery of Knights Tem
plar will on Decoration Day adorn the
statue of Lafayette in Union Square, New
l ork, in honor of that patriot s visit here,
sixty years ago, and.his being made a Knight
Six line lake steamers are being construct
ed at the Detroit ship-yards, at an estimated
cost of $1,000,000.
Homer Deaves, who failed to pass the
dental examination nt the University of
Maryland, killed himself with poison Sun
day night near Camden Station, Md.
Thirty-one cars loaded with com, shelled
and cleaned, the offering of Sedgwick
County farmers and the business men of
icluta, Kan., to the Ohio flood sufferers,
left Wichita Monday forenoon for Cincin
The number of men killed in the Poca
hontas (Va.) mine is officially re i sir ted to
be 112.
Miss Annie Key Turner, daughter of the
author of the "Star-Spangled Hanner," died
Monday at Mare Island, Cal.
Sarah Bernhardt refused the offers of Ab
bey and Allston Brown for an American
tour. She wants higher terms.
Mrs. Cunio, an Italian woman of Boston,
has a babe which at birth weighed twenty
four and a hall pounds.
After an all-night debate the bill to In
corporate the Orange societies was defeated
by the Canadian ljegislnture105 to 08.
Tlie largest shipments of cotton goods in
the history of the trade were made last
week, being 9,793 packages, valued at
The inventor of a system of electric light
ing announces that he is about to use the
water-power at Niagara to furnish light to
sixty-five cities.
Roughs attacked a "knobstick" boarding-
house at Fall Uiver, Mass., Monday night,
breaking all the doors and w indows. Sev
eral shots were fired on both sides, but the
police finally dispersed the mob.
The Gulf, Colorado A Santa Fe Road
is nt war witli the Western Union Tele
graph Company in Texas, and sends ten-
word messages throughout the State for
fifteen cents.
In the German Parliament Tuesday all
parties gave their support to the proposition
of tlie Government to appropriate 17,780,000
marks for the construction or torpedo boats
and batteries.
A valise containing $5,000 obtained at
tlie Treasury Department by a 1'hiladel
phian was thrown by a thief from a
car window at Wilmington, Delaware, and
seized by a confederate. The owner quickly
pursued with a revolver, and recovered his
A dispatch from Miles City, M. T., states
that nearly six thousand Indians are slowly
but surely starving to death at
the Fort I'eek Agency. The game has sud
denly disappeared, and the red men real
ized almost nothing from one thousand acres
f land which they zealously cultivated.
Navigation on the Des Moines Hapids
Canal will be resumed April 1.
Ij. Ij. Warner, the uierchant-philauthro-
pist of Umisvillo, Ky., died Wednesday,
tged seventy-six.
Mrs. Dr. Thomas, of Kingston, 111., ob
tained a verdict of $500 and costs against
saloon-keepers who had furnished her hus
band liquor and ruined him.
A call has been issued by the Connecticut
Republican State Committee for a conven
tion to be held at Hartford April 23 to select
delegates to the Chicago Convention.
Charles C. Brown, receutly of the United
States Lake Survey, has been appointed
Irofessor of Civil Kiigineertng in the Rose
Polytechnic Institute at Terre Haute, Jnd.
By a vote of 82 to 33 the New York As
sembly on Wednesday passed the bill mak
ing it obligatory on cities of 20,000 inhab
itants and upward to adopt Civil-Service
M. W. Ford beat the hop-skto-and-jump
record Wednesday night at the New York
Athletic Club exhibition. He scored 29 feet
2S' inches; the previous score being 28 feet
SJi' inches.
Tlie Canadian House of Commons has
passed a bill to enable the Grand Trunk
Itoad to lay double track from Montreal to
Toronto and ainalgaaiate with the Great
Western Road.
Mrs. G. D. Alsop, residing ner Louis
ville, Wednesday gave her four children,
by mistake, optaiiu for powdered rbnbartx
Two of the little ones died and the others
are.past recovery.
Godfrey Weitel, whom General Butler
promoted from Lieutenant to Brut.idier
Ueneral at New Orleans, and who since the
war has been Lieutenant-Colonel ta the En
gineer Corps, died Wednesday.
The Iowa (CoL) Gulch Mines, purchased
four yean sgo far $285,000, were sold at
suction at Hiiladelpuia Wednesday for
$800, a representative of tbe eawpany
(which intends reorganr.iug) betas Pur
chaser. Tat Dynamite Mwrwarar It Haas.
PorniiKKKpHiK, N. Y., March 18.
.f ndee Barnard has set itertced John R Qrif
in. tlie Panling dynamite moraferar, to Im
lixncwl on May It. .
M IVER 'Sajw
Sick nraditrho and rcllrre all the trotiMc nel
dent to a bilious unite of the lyitem, iarti as Diz
ziness, Nausea, Drowsinif, Distress after eating,
fain in the Bido, Ac. While their most remark,
able success has been Shown la curing
firadarfcr, yet Cartrr'sLIttle Liver Flllsare equally
Valuable in Coustipaiion, curing and preveuUng
this annoying complaint, while they also correct
all disorders of the stomach, stimulate the liver
and regulate tho bowels, fives U they only cured
Aee they wotild be almost priceless to those who
culler from this distressing complaint; but fortu
nately their goodness dors not end hrre.and those
Who once try them will find these little pillr 'ilu
ble in so many ways that they will not be willing
to do without them. Hut after all sick acd
Is the bane of so many lives that here I where we
make our (Treat bout. Our pills cure it while
others do not.
Carter's Little Liver Pills are very small ani
very caiy to take, Oneor two pills make a dose.
Ttuy are strictly Vegetable and do not gripe or
pnrfre, but by their gentle action please all who
tisethem. In vialsat sJ5cents; Uto for 1. Bold
ty druggists everywhere, or sent by mail.
Ume, Salt, Cement- Plastering Hair
and Stucco. Also the
Horse & Cattle Food
A pi epai atlon ntr superior to any coulltloB
powder ever made.
Oil Cake, Corn Meal, Sco.
Fob. U-tf 144 Main street, Ottawa, 111.
Lumber Yard
Near the Illinois River Bridge.
Did She Die?
Slio lintfi-rod and sufferuil iiltmy;, pininir
uwhv all thu time for yearn,
Tin; doctors doinsr li:r no jruod;"
And at lust was ourwl by lliis Hop Hitters
the papers say so miicli about."
IndVed! Indeed!"
'How thankful we should be for that incdi-
A Daughter's Misery.
"Eleven years our daughter suffered on a
lied of misery,
"From a complication of kidney, liver,
rheumatic troubles and Nervous debility.
"lnder tlie care of the best physicians,
"Who gave her disease various names,
"But no relief,
"And now she is restored to us in good
health by as simple ti remedy as Hop Hitters,
that we had shunned for years before using
it. The I'akexts.
Father is Getting Well.
"My daughters my :
"How much better father is since he used
Hop Bitters."
"lie i
s getting well after his long suffering
from a disease declared incurame."
"And we are so glad that lie used your Bit
ters." A Lady of Utica, N. Y.
7 ' :.:'':mf
cure for Weeding, Itch
ing nn4U lot rated Piles.
A single box lias cured
tho Wfirst fdirrnln nnar
of 30 years' standing. No one need suf-
fnr aftai- iicdntr flu VtT T T a r' "Pit r. rWvn
upwt ftsthi l,v Tlrnffonota ni mntlnsl ,r
....... .. IJ J U.k..VT, V. UlUIIVU UU
receiptofprice.fl.OO. P.R.Lanck&Co.,
rrop s, i.r.v r.i..pi if, if.
For sale by Forbes & Lorriaux.
Modern -Science
M Skepticism
What lias Skepticism done fur the world?
NirthlnB hut. to suKk'pst doubts. It has even
ctitftfesH'u Ibat Kin uiiiiitlsm cannot be cured,
skepticism Is as bad us KlieuiuutlsJil.
Y!i;;t lias Science done for the world ?
A j'xnl ninny things; fur Instance, It has
show it that It heumut lain ca u hi' cured.
It, has show a that Ncuralglacau be got rid or.
Modern s-'lencehasproved that Klieuiiiatisin Is
a blood disuse, and uus provided Atumipiiokob
us tlii; rt'Kieily which cau completely cure it.
U has proved Unit nilhouxh. the o'd doctors
failed touvcivome Neur iijrl.i, ATiiLoriioaicau
reach it, tii.d eradicate It Iiom the s stem.
It has prov. d that though these Uinnentlui?
discuses were so slow and obstinate, theycau
be overcome In a liltie w lillc by tneaus ot
7niiIopIioro5 1
I loot be skeptical. I f you have a ny doubts as
to what Athi.ophoros can do, write to Rome of
those whom It has cuied. For instance, Hev. S.
It. Rennen. I). I)., Pastor Third congregational
I'burvb, or New liaveo, cotin., the Kev. W. P.
. 'orbit, pastor George St. j. K. Church, of New
Haven, the Kev. J. K. Carles, pastor Wtllett St.
X. K. Church, New York city. Mr. Brumuiell. the
well known candy manufacturer, of New York,
Ex-iov. Billow, of Connecticut, and many
others, rqu.dly well known. -
If jmu v uunt svt ATRLOPHOHonof jrnnr dnttnrit,
will miiiI it tipmm i i.l. nn receipt of imUr
nee one dollar ir hott V w prefer that you bar'
t from your dmiortK, bnt If h nant it. lo not ba
Jviwustlrd to try iaiuUuiitT olae, but order st onr
ram us M directed. .
................tin t. ....................
Sewing MacMnes,
W will sell you s tlinl-1 lium Hewing MiM-lilne ghesnei
tlmii any one in ilil cmuiiit, elilier (or l unh ur Insmll.
Oil and KltHi'tiiiienia on luind. All MmcIiIiici full;
WHrmcled. Cull and aire
Otlawa. .Ian. U. la 4. F. l. KWt'ETBKU A CO.
Carriage and Road Cart Factory
GAY & SON, Prop'rs.
Buggies. Side Bars and Tanner's
Two-Seated Buggies.
Whlcb I acknowledged ! all who have used them
be the moat complete for
Beauty and Durability of any Road
Cart placed before the public.
Call and examine our different styles of CarriaKes se?
Komi tana. :c,, oviori! purcliaalnK, which we
will null as cheap aa good work can be sols'
far by ant manufacturer in ttieatato.
In Fainting, Trimming, Iron ft Wood Worn
Promptly attended ts and eatUlaetlo
Factokt Onb Block West of Pout Orrici
Carriage Factory
Good Carriage, Top and Open Bugles. Slide Seat
HuHKiff. i wo-bwu epen ihiuvicb, i.inni waKona,
bulkleH, 4c, can find litem at this fac
tory, all of hie own make, of the
Best Mutrrlal and In the Most Approved
Stvle and Kinlbh. all Warranted and for rale nt
Low Prices. Also make to order such af are wanted,
liepalrlns dene promptly; painting, trimming wooC
and Iron work.
Wagon & Carriage Manufactory
JOHN D. VETTE, Prop'r,
On Superior Street, near the old Fox-
River House.
Having Introduced many Important lmprovsireriU-
IB rrsfwaDinnmeni, maim n.mr largest na
mostcor' plete tn the city, the nnder
iirned invttesf armeri aid others
desiring new wagons or
old ones repaired'
or wishing
Fine Family Carriages, Rajf gles, Phsetona
nnt Democrat Wagons,
Oranythngln his line to give him a call. All work
warrastedandpnees that defy competition.
Carriage and Wagon
n Main Street, nr Fox Hirer Bridge
sfaBulacture all kinds of Cbibib, Tor
OrsK Bdosibs, vsrioos ryles of Ins "d Tivo
batsd Pbatons. DsooBTwr8rBri8 Wanows.
Also have lsrgesssortmeni always on hana. First
Class FtBMBB' Woi slwsys on
All our work Is warranted, and made of the be t m i a
tertiil, and wrll be sold s. low ssgood snd rellsble work
MWeemp!oyB Brst-clsss Trimmer nd ave prepsrta
(br , kmdi ioftop-work sn4 jepalrlBRM hJi;",,'Ji
Call and see oar stock ot- t"
mtg,,,. hefore buylsg. HILL FOKMHAU.
How Lost How Restored!
just puousnea, a new ruiuuu ui .. .
wellwCelbratd v on the radical rim
of Spsbatobrhoia or Seminal Weskness. Iny ilnn-
tarv animal Losses, mwrwri, '"
e i r i n m . r-ri i-ai-n, . . . y
eenre or seins) eitrsvsgance. c. .
The celebrated author. In this sdmrranie emsy. rier
lydemonstrstes from a thirty yesrs a(ful iac
tlce. that the alarming consequences of self-abuse msy
.ft . 1 ..A SlrtulA A "11 fSB ai
oe rsniesny cureo: poinuu ; "'"" vii.
once simple, certain an effectual, by means Of which
J a. ha. riiflitliisl ttlaVV ts
mm Tvu itnM.ahnn M h in the DaMlUl Ol Vr
you.h and every man n th; land
wm, UBQer semi, in iiiu j
ruuluiif nn recelnt of Six CSnW or two POStSr
stamps.- Address
41 Ann St. New York. S. T.j P. O. Boie..
New StjIeB of Type and Low
Prices at1 the Free Trader Job
Print ineRooms.

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