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VOL. 15.
NO. 19.
New Coffee Boaster
And It dues Better Work than any
one could expect.
The Best Coffee in the World
Can be obtained
fWHin new IiniMter 1h Die Mime an In uned It) the
urge! i ntrKO iioum. anil til Iiu iiiiicb tor lumliix out
to bent (!ood are unequalled In tUe county. I'eople
uavv icarueu inai me very ieni place in lowu 10 DU)
list Clark'. He received this week a lot of 6'C'A
PQ WDEK TEA to sell for OOo per lb.
In All Kinds of Canned Goods,
To make room for new stock next fnll,
30 Days'
Special Sale!
Spring Stock
Now ready and offered
at Greatly
10,000 Yards of flew
Carpets of all
New Curtain and Up
holstery Goods.
New Store and New
Departure in the
Groceries at wholesale
and retail, and at
Lower Prices
than ever.
Mew Goods, &c. Dr. Dlmmlclc. Epleoopal Church,
Aiming the now goods arrived this week at The funcrul of Dr. L. N. Dimmlck, of Santa Rev. Wm. E. Toll, of Chicago, will preach
II. J . Gillou's ore: Barbara, took place June 1st. from the Baptist I at the Eplsconal church on Sunduv i.Tim v
a large uno or mrasois, wuieli aro offered cnuren, or that city. J lie church was crowd-1 at tuo usual hour, morning ami evening
at so jer cent, ueiow price or :) days afro; ca and many were unable to obtain admission, suuday School at 12 m
Fan. at new and verv creallv reduced The church was most heuutifullv decorated.
price, ; and the casket was literal! v burled In flowers. " ,ou wu"1 na' or "V Ior y or
Hosiery, Gloves, and notions, at prices that Rev. lr. Nisbet made the address. The nag i, " "''P" I,0Bltllle " K
Wilt f .lrti. ,wt,, til, .,. . ....! I... I.. II -....., . ..J . ... flBMO. Dmil.
J ." juw , i iu nit KHJ will, at IIHll III US I, UBIIOICU, SUJS
r-veryiiung new in mules' lace neckwear, me lndepemient, "the great loss which the It's hard time vm,-,,.,,,,.., i.,
an A nil In. m ivivi1o I .............. tA . . it a it ni ii i I ' '
mi imvv wno, community nas sustained. mo louowing you can cot the -A,..,, ,..). ,.t tll.,
m.,l,. H,l, I, II 1. ......!....., ...... . .. ' a '
i.iuuuiuL-i nun is mu yrrai Kiuninivr uio 01 icniiiiioiuui 10 ine IJOCtor a memory, Uy IllC I BeCHl's mu- iin'.v store thn
juwc roou. au lines 01 siiks, uress iwnpfwwtf, will be interesting to his mauy store in Ottawa,
goods and all seasonable drv coods. as well as old friends vet renuiinlnir in tiiU eitr ui.nr.
boots and shoes, are Included lu this great he lived many vears ago: Don,t buy olJ 8U0P worn voOun and out of
sale. Prices urc way down below all prece- By the death of Dr. Dimmit-k our communl. "J"'-""'? are not mirth half price; but pood
dent, for the summer stock must be closed lV sustained a greater loss than can be serviceable goods you will always find
out as soon as nossihle now uuuwsiuuu ny tnose who were not intimately r uu! Deem s
, I ACIlllH Inf rn tt-lfh lilt.. lit.. .. 1.1.
a' i , . 1V , . i 1 - ...... Mi.... . i i.i Livui nui iii, ma
niucitMiBroeerj conunucsio oner us un. gtorling oualltes. his earnest, svimmrhotle TW. if ..if i. ji....j ..i
t.. i .ii ii.... ... j. ...!...'.... i.i : i . . I " v. uivi.iu wui runic
vifuuuvu uuiluiun 111 nil UHUO VII UUUS, UI1U W ""Hill; mivl HIP UIIUBUU1 (ICICIUIUC aUainillClllS
take produce at the highest market prices. were. 90 'eed under his unobtrusive retire
. " I Iti nil t. Aitrl tin win
All invited to call. " " . C.
only one price
The Inaugural Meeting of the Washington
Park Club begins at Chicago to-day, to con-
tinue to July 12th. The track, club house,
grand stand, stables and other appointments
of the Washington Park Club are the best of
the kind in the world and have cost the club
nearly a haJf million dollurs. The most prom-
is Heem s high one w-iir, as It Is all bosh. You
ment aud modesty that those only who sought rt't moro and hcttr Koods at Flske A Becm'
lltm out knew how luriro and KeneriniH wan onf brlct store thnn nnywhprw nlm. In TIlliw.U
i'i,8i'Ttter' f'"!,1 J ,whttt. "tcut his efforts Come and see for yourself; you teon't qet
and desires extended fur tin henprit f t),ni . ' . "'"i uw" w"
cheated at Flske & Becm s.
and desires extended for the benefit of thnso
among whom he resided. I think I may safe-
iy say umi i never spent an Hour with him
without making the reflection, "here is a man
wno lives and feels for others."
Ladies, bring your children to Flske
Bet-in s and lrct them clothed In ntvln with
ii. j ... : . . . -i "
ins Bi-cmea ever on ine a erl to nlnn nnri I nr,,,, ti,t .,;; n.i it t..i, ....
.'U-rlr.,t ,...!.! 1 .a ! I ' j im , mu miu , inn, l,IIURB Hit
1 o"iin.-iuiin iiciieuciai ior our com-1 i.0. ... ,i.
niunity. his adonted home. always welcome
ai one tunc 11 would be the beautifying our
urn of U,"V0 up our public library. intcretti ami mme. Cotiie and come quickly.
b the . . ,clima.tlc observations and reports have Ruglness Is business mid vou will find bits of
. ;"c been the reliable basis for published informa- . . "?f ' ? J ' 1U f
st day tion distributed abroad fur the benetlt of In- 11 at Fisko ,5,'l'ln 8 onu l,ri('e itorei Ottawa,
luent horses In the country arc entered and streets and plazas with tasteful plantiugof Laborers, mechanics, farmers, everybody
engaged ror this meeting. More money will "V-" ",,u ""ruuucry. ai auotiier time his can get clothes at Flske Becm's w Wy
. I Valuable nt.teiitinn unnl,l lwi ..Hw,.ti. i I v f
!.e pam to the winners than ever before of- to sanitary mtasures for the city. Again he 8tre ,n 8,y'U tt"d flu'ul'ir thu" nnywlu-rv
fcred In any country for the same length of would devote his time, knowledge and rcflec ul!, ln tuo eounty of La Salle. Isook to your
time. In eight days the magnificent sum of uo". 10 bu"a;"J' P our public library. interest ami mme. Come aiul come quickly
S7,(HK) will be earned. For instance
winner of the "American Derby" the first day
gets over $12,000 a nice sum for a single valids and others. Ill
dusb of one nil n imlf mill. while eneli miH naving prontea Himself from the climatic
.... . . ' . . .. I Condition of Sun In Rurl
everv (lav wl l be as fu of nterest. T ie , i.. i.T." . " -"""'' " j ... ju n ... ......
- - - - - DWtlLLI k 1U I K U M IK IM1 Vll III fl Iff tl Tl W .1 lll ft. Tl il t a a ia t
Illinois Central trains will run direct to the sufferers. On this be seemed , " . piai " : tt u ou wm
irrnillilU . ami nr.. nvnei tinir In narrv In !, UllU altllOUiill COnllllC'd to Ills Inline liv wenU. ,,uu JOUBIII sale IllOUCJ UJ Calling at U1C
eisrlit davs hundreds of thousands of neonle. '"7 '."."" ' l"u nmount of work "tf ' pnee store in l.u oaue county.
-- mine inn in nr. iif nirriicniii u-ut intm..na
III ! r....im.. nnjviiuiiuuiin,
tin uu t- iiiiiiiiit'r win np. rrmiinfkinrt in I . .1. j i . . ,
MUlc Cans. scores of visitors who 1 ave enio vd t T; ,Trl f. T0 B,,ouuy' " ",,0P worn "0,w' no SLT0IK1
The celebrated Fairlamb milk can fur sale leire of his conversation mid ndvien n.intfir. priee, no Jewing, no moth-eaten goods, no
by J. H. Brown & Co., old creamery building. romimj here for settlement; for even when cheating, no misrepresentation, no high
"" iu iuiu uisease ue seemeu to price, your money's worth every time at
flay & Spencer manufacture eiyht ktwh of " r ",7,""'?. "L8.,"u.8'rS i1" BVrvc Fiske A Been.'s W- vnce store. A child can
ftrai'f, including their popular Vienna bread.
Summer underwear, sizes to lit everybody,
from 25c upwards, at Fkexch's,
The annual conclave of the
Circle will be held this year in
Ohio-July 8th, 'Jth and 10th.
rates have been obtained from
Chicago to
Bnrlni' i
acter seemed to be to think, to plan and to do ,,u' cheap us a man at Flske Beein's
for other. "When comes such another?"
JIad I my w ish, I would have erected to Ids Mr. m. Ilossack, son of Mr. and Mrs
memory sucn a monument mh a wonl linn. .l,,l,n Tr..,.i. ,.r i,;. ,.n.. .... .....t...i ..i
. . ,- . v v.o. ..w..v n , v'l iiiid iiii, nr. iniiiiiuil
ucsircu, viz.: comciuingeminentiy useful and ii. , v...., v n ,. , .
ii-neHc ,i 4.1 .itl,n..c r- i.;. J u ii.bhiv.iiii- .i run. .1. iiunuin, ie
II. T.
Would npwtfiil1y unnonnre u the citizen of Ottawa
uo vicinity oiat ne lias one or the rlioirnit Livery
Stocks ln the city, st the City Stulile, uch u
The Latest Styles of Hacks,
carriages ana Buggies,
i. Picnic. c. mippllwl with Good
Funeral In the country or mil
To let t price to suit the time. Purtle. Wedillna.
epnt, or to the country
VM Imemlier the nliire n MwltHin mtnt n..t nf
Idocut, one block wet of new court houne.
Otuwa, Feh. . 1SS4. PKTER EOAX.
promptly attended to.
aepnt. 01
Itllt on short
iiltilliff lnvn.
Pernm takcu to or from the
In the country or adjiiiuin
1 TO. i-PTTHl THKe
or to the country, nlKht or day.
The La Salle county delegation has enj
gaged a special car on the C. R. I. & P. R. R.,
which will leave Ottawa at 3.20 p. m. July 1st,
and La Salle at 3.50. The fare for the round
trip is 3.05.
The Masonic fraternity of Tonica formally
observed St. John's day (June Aj) and had an
Interesting time. Thos. W. D. Crane, of Ot
tawa, was the orator of the occasion.
Rev. J. M. Caldwell, presiding elder of this
Jolict) district of the Methodist church, will
occupy the pulpit of the Ottawa church to
morrow morning, in the absence of the pas
tor, Rev. Geo. L. Young.
Illinois Democratic State Convention.
The C, R. I. & P. Ry. will sell round trip
excursion tickets to the DemiKratic State Con
vention at Peoria July 1st and 2d, good to re
turn on or before July 4th. Fare for the round
trip, W.O.'i. R.F. Pkstttmax, Agent.
Columbus and return for ?:i.5( for all mem
bers of the Circle fir Odd Fellows and their
families. A number of the Ottawa P. C. will
probably take advantage of the low rates and
go. Information concerning the trains can
be had of E. Y. Griggs.
Moines, la., on Monday last, to Miss (iussie
Strawn, daughter of Col. Win. Struwn, of
Odell. They will make their home at tiirard.
If you want u watch, a clock, or any article
ol jewelry, call on I). Hess, the jeweler, La
Salle street.
pcoui5ros.iV to. have on exhibition at
their store a case showing Nature's most sue
cessful manufacturers of silk the silk worm
in the various stages of life from the egg to
the moth. It Is an interesting study and
..utu.ununuuui.icroumicaiiou way niioum tie seen ny everyone. Tills llrm have rorn: Jameiatf radlev. Chicairo: J. W. Mi-Pur.
& Spencer for lunch, who provide a first class inade arrangements for buying direct from thy, Lomotil; J. C. Higgins, Peoria; John
$1.00 buys a linen suit for boys from 4 to 10
years old. M. Stiefei..
The delegates from the A. O. II. divisions
of thii eounty met in this city last Sunday
and elected James P. Trench county delegate.
Tho benefit association of this order met in
Bloomlngton, June 4 and 5, and elected the
following state board: Edward Spellinau,
Peoria; E. J. Kelly, Ottawa; Wm. Litlor, Au-
luuch for a small price.
Thos. W. D. Crane and Jesse B. Ktiger arc
out as candidates for state's attorney on the
republican ticket.
the manufacturers (not the worms, but their Green. Chicago; and in turn the state board
growers) for handling good silks, both black elected the following ollleers: President, Ed
and colored at bottom prices, and every lady ward Spellman; vice president, E.J.Kelly;
wunw arwi8 or f't"f good In that line secretary, Wm. Lalor; treasurer, James Brad-
Scott Broa St Co.
Will celebrate all next week, beginning on
Monday morning, by offering immense bur.
gains in all lines of summer goods.
A lawn dress 10 yards 50 cts.
New stock parasols.
A calico dress 10 yards 25 cts.
New stock fans, very cheap.
Palm leaf fans only one cent.
All wool black and colored buntings at 12k'
Atcful low jirlces on mili.inkhy ooods.
Also very low prices on shoe.
Special nice things lu ladles' and misses'
slippers, lawn suits, summer cloaks, and sum
mer shawls at about half their value. Call In
at Scott Bros. & Co.'s anyway whether you
wish to buy or not. They will be glad to see
The ourth,
The bills and programmes for the Ottawa
celebration have been printed, and the pre
parations for a big time on that day are going
ahead actively. Tho order of exercises has
not been materially changed since the an
nouncements last week. Speaking by Rev.
Mr. Day aud Hon. Geo. W. Stipp In Wash.
Ington Square, Instead of the court house,
various sports in the afternoon and a fine
display of fireworks in the evening constitute
tho main features of the day.
hveryone who is disposed to have an cniova.
hie time should come U Ottawa. Tho rail
roads, as usual, are selling tickets for tlie
rouud trip for one fare. Following is the
programme complete as announced:
W:I50 a. m. Procession, consisting of Fitz-
ger'ald's bund, military, fire department, civic
societies and trades. j
iu:.w a. m. Heading of Declaration of In
dependence by Hon. II. Mayo. Addresses bv
Rev. W. F. Day aud Hon. Geo.
... -w-.,
1:00 p.m. Foot, potatoc, hurdle, sack and
wheelbarrow races, in each of w hich three
prizes will be awarded of 5, f;l and f 1 res
2 P. m. Military drill by Company D.
3 p. m. Fire department drill. Prizes will
be. ollered to members of the company in the
following coupling contests: Break one coup
ling and put on pipe (three prizes). 1st, $5;
f3;:id,$l. Break two couplings and put
on pipe (three prizes). 1st, 5; 3d, :(; 3d, 1.
Break three couplings and put on pipe (three
prlzcs).-lst,$5; 2d, 3; ltd, $. Hitching
contest (three prizes). 1st, $5; 1, $:;; .
In the evening there will be a tine display of
fireworks, and dancing at the various halls of
the city.
Come and look at our new line of straw hats
arrived to day. M. Stiefki..
Mixed paint, all shades, ut Lorriaux's.
When you come to the city call In at D.
Iless's and examine his assortment of Jewel.
Of new IVhifo Goods
received this morning
at NULL'S. All non
styles very cheap.
Biggest Variety you
ever saw at pricos
that will surpriso you
should cull on Scott Bros. A Co.
Cases of mistaken identity and absent
mindedncss frequently occur, but seldom are
they more amazing or more happily settled
thau the one that took place near the Fkke
Tuadek office yesterday morning. A farmer
(name omitted) drove up in front of a grocery
store and hitched his team and went away to
do some trading. Soon after one of the bovs
of the store had occasion to tie the team in
another place a few feet distant to facilitate
loading the grocer's wagon. This done it was
driven away, and farmer No. 2, a stranger to
No. 1, drove up and tied his team where No.
l's was first tied, and went into the store.
There was some slight resemblance between
tlie two, and the buggies were much alike.
In a few minutes No. 1 came back, untied
bis (?) horses and proceeded to drive away.
No. 2 thought some one was taking undue
liberty with his team and rushed out like
mud, demanding, "What are you doing with
my team?" dec. No. 1 was aghast, looked at
the man, at the team he was driving, and then
at his own team that stood tied within 20 feet
of him. Words failed him, and when he
comprehended how near he had been taken
for a horsctliief, the misery depicted on his
face was very comical. The bystanders
roared with laughter. Finally No. 1 stam
mered out his explanation of how he left his
team, was thinking of other matters w hen he
drove off, and well, the whole affair was
passed as one of those funny jokes a man will
innocently play upon himself sometimes.
Ladies' scissors, at Lorriaux's.
Fresh, delicious
Gay it Spencer's.
candies, just received at
D. Hess, the jeweler, has a very fine stock
of watches und jewelry, to which attention is
called. The latest novelties in his line can lie
found there.
Don't You Faint?
Everybody docs now. Any shade of paint,
ready for the brush and in any quantity, can
be bought of D. Lorriaux. He guarantees
the quality.
dike. ueo. W . Sweet, who has spent the
past few months In Ottawa, has returned to
Kansas to harvest his crop.
The canal commissioners seem to think that
the La Salle street bridge over their stream i,i
good enough with a few repairs, and conse
quently are putting in some new timbers.
Oils of all kinds, at Lorriaux's.
A first class lunch always
Iless's bakery and restaurant.
to be had at
Special Rates to Merchants & Shippers.
The Chicago, Burlington A Ojiincy Ry. run
a Refrigerator Car, iced and otherwise ap.
pointed, for the transportation of butter, eggs
and cheese for the Chicago market, leaving
Ottawa every Wednesday morning on train
No. i4. Shippers should have their goods at
freight house by 11:30 a. m.
Geo. E. Roe, Agent,
Artists' Materials.
at Hapeman A Graham's.
A full assortment,
FARMERS leave your ORDERS for BIND
IG I WINE (best In the market) at KEN.
Every one who wishes to enjoy a dish of
good ice cream, cither on tlie Fourth or be
fore or after, should call on L. Hess, at the
New England bakrey who has the reputation
of making as good as can be found in the
Underwear, the finest in
down prices.
trie city, at way
M. Stiefel.
On Wednesday of this week a 12-year-old
son of Henry Malaire, of Serena, while play
Ing around a bin of grain at the Butters
warehouse, in some way fell into the bin, and
before It was known that an accident had oc
curred the unfortunate little fellow was
smothered to death. His body was found
deep In grain when the machinery was
Blaiuc hats, at French's.
Gay A Spencer have a big assortment of fire
works buy your supplies of fire crackers,
rocket, candles, Ac., Ac, of them.
The light from the burning barns at La
Salle, between 11 and 12 o'clock last Friday
evening, was visible in Ottawa.
Money to Loan.
We have money to loan on real estate se
curity; alo a few mortgages, for small
amounts, for sale.
MacKixlat & Lelaxd,
Postofflce Block, Ottawa, 111.
Send Honey by American Express Co- Money Orders
Keceipts given. .Money refunded If Orders
are lost. Sold at all offices of the Co. Pay.
able at 6,500 places. Rates: To t5-5c; 10-c;
lJU-lOe; M0-12c; 40-13; j-20e.
Don't forget to call ut Iless's Bakery for
anything in tlie line of bread, cakes, pies, con
fectionery, Ice cream, fruits, Ac. This Is the
place for a good lunch.
Some interest was manifested on Saturday
and Sunday last In the mysterious disappear
ance of a cigar maker who hud been at work
for Mrs. Schneider, of this city. For a time
it was thought he had been drowned ln tho
side cut and the water was drawn off.
It was subsequently found he had been on a
'spree," recovering from which he had gone
to Streator, leaving his tools, clothing ete.,
White luad, linseed oil, colors, at Lorrl.
The election of officers by the Knights of
Pythias was held Wednesday evening and the
following chosen: P. C, C. W. Boycc; C.C.,
Joseph Schaefcr; V. C, David Krouse; P.,
H.J. Dawell; K. of R. and 8., J. L. Pierguc;
M. Ex., Peter Miller; M. F , Emlle Nitchelm;
M. A., Carl Wendell; Representative, T. C.
The managers of the Morris Telephone Ex
change have refused to reduce rates, and the
subscribers say the 'phones must go they
won't stand it.
The July meeting of tlie City Council will
lie held next Tuesday eveni'ii:. when it is ex-
-ted the subject of lighting the city will
again come up, there being hint- of a more fa
vorable proposition to light with electricity
than tlie last one presented. Meantime the
council probably understand that tlie people
of the city are in no humor to pay six or sev
en thousand dollars a year for "fancy" street
lighting while the streets can be very satis,
fai torily lighted ut one-third the expense with
The event of thu week to the ladies has
been the exhibition of sewing at the Singer
rooms on .Main street. The expert sowing was
done by S. E. McDowell, assisted by L.- H. Coo
and Miss ('. A. Lincoln. Fully five hundred
hat-bands, with the owners' names neatly
written thereon by the machine, marked for
gentlemen in Ottawa, bear witness to tlie in
terest also taken by the masculine portion of
the community.
Sunday School Temperance Concert,
Tlie German Evangelical, South Ottawa
I'nioii, Baptist, Congregational, Methodist
and Presbyterian Sunday schools will give a
temperance concert In the Congregational
church on Sunday evening. Tlie exercises
will consist of singing of temperance song,
by the schools and a choir of young people,
recitations, dialogues and class exercises, in
which children belonging to all of the schools
will take part. Tlie concert will begin at 7:45
Ice cream, of the best make, alwaj
had ut the Vienna bakery. Call there
Fourth, or any other day, und try it.
Rip Van Winkle
Would not have gone lonir unkemnt and nn.
shaved if he could have bought one of Lor
riaux's line razors, one of his fine combs, a
hair brush and a tooth brush out of his larf e
to be
hi t lii-
La Salle was the scene of a sad chapter of
accidents on Saturday lust. About two
o'clock in the afternoon Edward S., an eight-year-old
son of A.J. Reddick, of tho La Sallo
Ai;ii..-m-,;v.s.i, went Into the Illinois river
bathing, following the example of olden boys.
He w as. of course, unable to swim, and was
soon beyond his depth and was drowned.
The body was recovered soon afterwards, and
the funeral took place on Monday. Mr. and
Mrs. Reddick have the sincere sympathy of
the public in their atlllction. On the same
day Mrs. Uobt. Truman, an old lady who wm
much Interested In the bright little fellow, on
Inuring nf his untimely death, soon after
wards expired from tho shock. She was the
mother of Wm. Truman, of Mendota, whither
the body was taken for burial. On Saturday
morning Wm. Trieder, aged II years, while
fishing with his father, was drowned while
bathing, sinking before the very eyes of hi
father, wlin was unable, to render him any a.
If you want a strung, well-made trunk or
valise go to M. Stiefel'.
Candii ., us Bwoot as the sweetest aud as
good as the best, to be had at L. Iless's restaurant.
Rev. O. O. Fletcher's subject next Sunday
morning will be "The Free Man." There will
be no preaching in the evening on account of
the temperance meeting at the Congrega
tional church.
Rev. Madison C. Peters' subject on Sunday
morning w ill be "The demands of the age."
In the evening, "What difference docs it
make, or does It make any difference, wheth
er men have revelation of God's will or not?"
lake") OIL STOVES may be SEEN is OP
The Township High School has reappointed
the old teachers for the coming yeur, and in-
creased Prof. Tufts' salary to l,2n0 an in
crease of 200.
Sanici la. A formal opening of the Sanie.
ula Springs and Bath House tukes place to
day. The work of repairing and improving
the buildings, reservoir, grounds, Ac., has
been considerable and accomplished only uf
ter an expenditure of considerable money and
time on the part of Dr.Gumllach and his ener
getic backers. During the several years ln
which the bath-house in particular was not
used, much damage was done by minchlcvoiiR
and thieving persons, all of which has been re
placed and everything put in neat and tlrt
class order. Baths for ladies or gentlemen, hot
or cold, have ln-en provided. No reason can
cxiet why the Senicula mineral bath of Otta
wa should not be one of the attractive fea
ture of the city.
The premium list of the Third Annual Men
dota Union Fair is now ready for distribution.
It is an extensive list and the premiums of
fered art-liberal. The Fair will bo held Sept.
1 to a, inclusive. Information and a copy of
the Premium List may be secured of Cbas. T.
Madden, S.-c'y, Mendota.
Tim concert at the Congregational church
on last Tuesday evening was the most sue
cessful local affair that has been given in U.
tun a this season. It was really something
unusual In its array of talent. The vot alNts
also were In splendid voice, und the whole
programme was given with splendid spirit.
The orchestra never performed better, and
their music was a genuine treat. Mrs. Wright
was very kindly received, singing with -itat-cr
effect than we remember her to have given
ever before, her voice und execution having
improved greatly during the years she had
been uway from Ottawa. On encore she gave
"Tlie Last Rose of Summer." Miss Whittle-
soy wus cordially greeted, of course, und fill-
ly equulletl all the expectations of her friends.
Her voice hail improved in quality during
tlie year and her execution is better than ever.
She has acquired much of the manner of the
professional, naturally, and shows a decided
dramatic talent. She was rupturously en
cored, giving "Swanee River." Miss Grant
sang with her usual good taste. She Is a fa
vorite in Ottawa, and on recall, gave the
charming "Maid of Dundee." A splendid
quartette, Mrs. Wright, Mrs. Brose Jordan,
Messrs. Kendall and Prlt hard, gave Ken
dall's " Rock of Ages," a very fine creation,
show ing Mr. Kendall to be not simply a sing,
er, but a real musician of not a little creative
genius. The female trio were not the least
enjoyable part of the programme. Mr. Jor
dan Is a new voice to Ottawa audiences, but it
Is so rich and so well cultivated, she will no
doubt be heard often again. They made
charming selections and executed them faith
fully and tastefully. Miss Evans again showed
herself one of the most accomplished pianists
lu the city, and delighted the musicians in
hearing; though a selection less artistic
would have pleased the major part of tho au
dience more, we think. The audience wus
very large, nearly filling the church, and all
were enthusiastic In the expression of praise.
Mrs. .lane Cnlleii, mother of Hon. Win. Cul
len, died at her son's residence on Saturday
The deceased, whose maiden name was Jane
Cassady, was born lu Donegal, Ireland, in
the year 17'..". She was married to Jame
( 1111.11 in the year 1M2. They lived in Ireland
until u Itttle over fifty years ago, when they
came to the Cuited States and settled in Pitt.
burg, where they resided until the year 1M0
when tin y removed to this county and settled
in tin- town of Adams, where thev followed
the pursuit of farming until the infirmities of
age iieec-itated the giving up of the active
duties of i i f. -. and where most of their chil
dren grew to manhood and womanhood und
left them to form homes of their own. 0.
f'ltll irttli .
She w.i- the mother of three sons and four
daughters, mid two sons and three daughters
survive her. The funeral took place ( n Mon
day on tin- arrival of Mr. Cullen from Wash
ington, and I hi- body was taken to the family
eeuiett i v in Yorkville
cer's ci
i iet your wife roast in tlie kitchen
bread when you can have (Jay Spcn
lel, rated bread delivered daily ut your
Uriff?s' Glycerine Halve.
The best on earth can truly be eaid of
Griggs' Glycerine Salve, w hich Is a suie cure
for rut., bruises, scalds, burns, wounds, and
all other sores. Will positively cure pile,
tetter and ull skin eruptions. Try this won
der healer. Satisfaction guaranteed or money
refunded. Only 25 cents, of E. Y. Griggs.
Mr. Pok the well known carpenter and
builder of this city, has just entered into a
contract with Mr. Rath for the erection of
a flue residence on the Neff corner on Ottawa
Avenue, cat of the fine residence recently
erected there by Mrs. Hughes.
Strawberries were unusually fine, abunditit
and cheap this season, und we arc only norry
that the picking i about done with. Among
the tine-1 brought to market was a new vari.
ety originated by Mr. C. II. Force in 1SSI,
and brought into full bearing this season.
He lias named it the Ik Tax Forv. It is a
splendid table berry, large, hardy and as pra
ductivc as the Crescent.
ping reduction in straw hats, at
Un Wednesday evening Frank Marstoil, of
I'liea, wus halted on the street by a stranger,
near Mr. N. D. Gilbert's residence, who fired
tw o shots at M.irston, one passing through his
hat. He then ran, und Marstou in turn fin d,
but neither fetching his man.
"Opinions are but little things," saidohr
Wesler 135 years ogo. We think that opinion
which are backed by experience are substan
tial. The masses who use Dr. Bigelow's Posi.
tive Cure all speak highly of it for congba,
colds, whooping cough, croup, brouchitia.
asthma, Influenza, and all throat and lung dU
eases. It cure Is safe, speedy an perma
nent. Price 50 centa and one dollar; E. T.
On yesterday afternoon the closing exer
cises took place at St. Francis Xavier'a
school. The rooms were lcautifully decora,
ted for the occasion, and a large number were
preetit to witnes the closing exercises,
which were very enjoyable. The welcome
address was by Misa Josle Keating and tlie
valedictory by Miss Kate Donovau. The ex
ercise consltcd of vocal and Instrumental
miislc, recitations, Ac. In addition to those
mentioned tukinf part were Misses K!ie
O'Gam, Mamie and I.lllie Ileucry, Katie
Funk. NMlle Keno.Nly, Irene Lovan, Belle
Duncan. Fannie Zellcrs. Julia Carry, R-.46
Yotttig and Katie Barton.

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