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election to carry it. The law Buys: "The
ballots, in so far as they relate to this net,
Khali be in the following form : 'For the
531,712 appropriation;' and when so voted
shall count in favor of this net ; but if can
celled with ink or pencil, it shall be count
ed against this act." The law then pro
vides that the votes shall be counted and
declared by the same officers, who count
and declare the votes for presidential elec
tors. If it stopped here the inference
would be irresistible that to carry the state
house appropriation it must receive a ma
jority of all the votes cast for presidential
electors; but away down at the foot of the
section another clause is added : "But if a
majority of the votes shall be 'against the
$.31,712 appropriation.' then it shall be de
feated," Jec. The law defines what votes
shall be counted "for" the appropriation,
and what votes to wit, such as have been
"cancelled" against it. The intention of
the framers of the law seems thus manifest
to have been to carry it by a simple major
ity of the votes actually cast on the subject
in its favor, though such vote may fall far
short of a majority of all the votes cast at
the November election.
Individually we care nothing about the
distinction, for we think the appropriation
ought to be voted anyhow ; but it may ie
as well for those who are opposed to it to
understand the changed conditions under
which they will vote on the question this
oucKlen's Arnica Salve.
The Best Salve in the world f-r Cuts, firnis
, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Hi.f.nii. Fever Sore.
Tetter, Chapped Hard-, (.'liilMains, urn and
01 Skin Eruptions, and positively cures Piles,
or no pay required. It L- guuruLteed to
Dtrfect satisfaction, or money refunded.
Price 25 cent per Lojt. i'or talc ly Lutz A
A KoiiHiiig Dt-uinrrittlc Kally t Grand
Grand Rihoe, Oct. 2. With hardly any
effort, and threatening skies, an unexpected
ly large and enthusiastic Democratic crowd
was gathered last evening in this village, the
number present being about 2,0o0, of whom
many were ladies. The Streator delegation
consisted of five car-loads, including the
Cleveland & Hendricks Club of that city with
2U0 carrying lamps, headed by St. Patrick's
Band, a fine musical organization of all "solid
Democrats." No less noteworthy than the
Streator' Club was that of Grand Kidge, of
which Lacey Hibbs is captain and II. White
ball and Clark Moss are lieutenants. They
have a crack drum corps and skilled f.fer, and
their "marching band'' musters 100, with
white oil cloth helmet, white cape with light
blue collar, red leggins and each beaing a
torch and small flag.
The train arrangements brought the Otta
wa Club, 200 strong, headed by McDonald's
fine drum corps, last upon the scene. They
were formally received by the other clubs
and awarded the post of honor, in front.
Amid ascending rockets and the popping of
i. . - .i. . .i,...!.. ..... ;i
jtoman canines me procession s:oi. ui:.",.-
ed itself from the square in fruit of the de
pot and marching through the principal treot
moved to the stand erected in the western li
mits of the town.
The stand reached and the speakers seat
ed, Ransom Palmer, Ksq., president of the
local club, called the meeting to order, and
then gave the audience a most agreeable sur
prise by introducing the famous Bart els Glee
Club, who had hitherto kept in the back
ground, and who now gave a few of their po
pular songs, which were boisterously encored
and cheered to the echo.
The first speaker introduced was Willard
Gentleman, Ksq., whose clear logic, keen in
vective, delicate sarcasm and yet courteous
treatment of his opponents had a fine effect.
Ben. F. Lincoln, Esq., followed, dealing in tin
answerable argument based on historical
facts, sparing no culprit high or low, and not
omitting an admirable reference to our too
much neglected local ticket. M. T. Moloney,
Esq., came next, beginning humorously, but
soon warming up to his work and pouring
hot shot into the enemy's ranks. He was in
good voice and made an eloquent speech,
leaving a splendid impression with many
who had previously been prejudiced against
him without knowing the mental qualities of
the man. Senator Duncan and G. W. W.
Blake were next successively introduced, but
both being painfully hoarse from previous
speaking for many night in succession, were
excused after a few remarks and loudly cheer,
ed. The last speaker was Dr. Leroy, of Strea
tor, who made a fine address, but was unable
to do justice to the subject en account of the
lateness of the hour.
The meeting adjourned about 11 o'clock
and everything ha 1 passed off so successful
ly and pleasantly that the Ottawa boys were
poorly prepared for ihe disappointment that
awaited them on being escorted back to the
depot, from being informed that the engine
that wag to take ihemback had become disa
bled at Streator, had to be repaired, and
would not be along for at least a couple of j
hours. The boys, however, made the best
of the situation, and what with songs, stories,
&c., managed to kill the time pleasantly and
extract a good deal of fun out of it. B.
The I'uor tlnur, the Grave anil Vlrtory.
Ashmofe, Illinois. The Citizm publishes
the following facts: Abram Beaver, an inmate
cf the Coles county, 111., poorbouse, certifies
that he suffered several years with rheumat
ism, so that he could not labor, and finally,
became so poor and proetrate he was sent to
the puoi house. The il.ysiciaus there jpve
him up and said lie must die, Mit, as a last
chance, they tried St. Jacobs Oil. A few ap
plications gave relief, and by its continued
use he was enabled to leave his bed. To this
is added the certificate of the Superintend
ent to the truth of the statement and to his
belief that the man's life was saved by the j
use of the great remedy. j
Commenting upon the foregoing, the C..c-i
says, editorially, as follows: ' e are pleased
to be able to te-tify to the correctness of the
above. s the cae came directly under our
notice. Any ene desiring further information
can correspond with this office."
Everybody of ordinary intelligence In Il
linois knows who James F. Joy is. He is
the great Detroit railroad king, for years
the president of the Michigan Centrtd rail
road and now president of the Wabash sys
tem. Mr. Joy is not only the equal of Win
derbiltor Jay Gould as n railroad king, but
he enjoys the further distinction, which is
not always awarded to the others, of being
a rigidly upright, honorable man. The
Hev. Henry Ward Iieecher, ex-U. S. sena
tor Ihddwin, of Michigan and now presi
dent of the Second National Bunk In De
troit, of which Mr. Joy is a director, and
William C. Thompson, who was twice
elected mayor of Detroit by the largest Re
publican majority ever given in that city,
unite in a statement, published in the New
York IhnM of last Saturday, that on dif
ferent occasions, to each separately, Mr.
James F. Joy made the following state,
meut :
lie was in Washington during the winter
of lsiSU-70 ia the interest of the Leaven
worth, Lawrence &i Galveston railroad.
The road had been given a large land grant,
the most valuable part of which'was claim
ed to be covered by a prior grant by treaty
to the Great and Little oage Indians. A
house committee of investigation was to
be appointed to inquire into this. Mr. Joy
was coufident of the legal rights of his com
pany as against this claim. He sent word
to Mr. Blaine, asking him to appoint on
the committee one lawyer of high reputa
tion. He did not care whether the man
was a democrat or a republican. Mr. Blaine
made no promise at the time, but the next
day an intimate friend of his came to Mr
Jov and said to him that if he, Mr. Joy,
would take from Mr. Blaine $25,000 in the
bonds of the Little Rck & Fort Smith rail
road at par, the speaker would make up
the committee as far as posssble just us
Mr. Joy wished it to be made up. Mr. Joy
said that he was so confident oi the merits
of his case that even if he had been dis
posed to make the bargain the price was
entirely too high for the service to be ren
dered. He declined the proposition.
Mr. Joy, who is now understood to be a
supporter of Blaine, has been challenged
to deny this statement but remains mum.
Beecher, Baldwin and Thompson, all hith
erto ardent Republicans, are now 'vigorous
supporters of Clevelaud, as is also Don M.
Dickinson, another distinguished Detroit
lawyer, hitherto a Republican, but who is
unable to go Blaine after hearing Mr. Joy's
Blaine Caught in Another Shameful Lie!
In connection with the labor troubles in
the Hocking Valley, Ohio, where about
8,000 miners are resisting to the verge of
starvation a shameful attempt to compel
them to work for pauper wages, the state
ment had frequently been made that one
of the principal owners of the Hocking
Valley Coal and Iron Monopoly was James
G. Blaine. To set the matter at rest, Mr.
II. S. Bundy, an Ohio Republican, wrote
Mr. Blaine, asking about his interest in the
mines. Mr. Blaine answered in a letter
dated ut Bar Harbor, July 22, 1884, In
j which he declared :
I am not, and never have been, the own
er of coal lands or iron lands, or lands of
any character whatever, in the Hocking
Valley, or in any part of Ohio. Nor have
I at an' time owned a share of stock in
any coal, iron or land company in the state
of Ohio.
This, it will be seen, is a denial by Blaine
as emphatic and sweeping ns language can
make it. He denies that he ever at any
time owned any land of any kind or any
stock in any coal, iron or land company in
the state ot Ohio.
And now comes Mr. J. Henry Brooks,
the trustee of whom the Hocking Valley
lands were purchased by the present mon
opoly that owns them and has erected upon
them the famous Hope Furnace and is run
ning all the mines, and by letters, papers,
receipts and contracts in his possession
shows that in May, 1882, Mr. Blaine on the
payment of $30,000, became the positive
and indisputable owner of one-fifth of that
vast property and is such to this day. The
documents furnished by Mr. Brooks are as
indisputable as court records, and as im
movably as a Supreme Court decision con
vict Blaine by his own correspondence of
another most shameful lie.
Bull-dosinn in the south has been the!
w -.
theme of thousands of columns in Republi
can papers in times past; but the terrible
offence was always a crime to le found on
ly in Democratic circles south of Mason and
Dixon's Hue. Republicans never bull-dose
they prefer to do It in another way, say
boycotting. Our cotemporary, the l tlea
Xeir. seems to be in that fix now, some of
liis influential Republican subscribers hav
ing threatened a withdrawal of patronage
because the Xeic prefers Haley to Plumb.
The Xetr seems to be cut up about it, to a
1 11-1. 1 X"-.... t I 1 .w.ll
neuree. neu u.r .Kr n wru in jwii
tics as long as the Fkee Thadkk such
little eccentricities will hardly excite a rif
fle of annoyance.
Irish butter seems to be the best. At the
International Exposition held this year at
Calcutta, it was awarded a diploma and
medal. The sample eximted bad voyngeil
from Ireland to India, and had withstood sev-
eral months' exposure to tropical heat. The
next in merit was a sample of American oleo
margarine, but it was thrown out by the jud
ges on learning its nature.
All In the Line of Nature.
Tlmro ia nntliinir in the line of mazlC or
mystery about that wonderful and popular
.. . , i m . . - 1.
medicine, ranter s ionic, u is snnpiy uie
l.out nn.l in nut ai'iunt ! fin mm 1 ii n ill inn liossible
of the essential principles of those vegetable
curatives wnicn act poweriuuy anu uireeuy
on the stomach, liver, kidneys and blood.
But there neither is, nor will be, any success-
. a. V. . 1 iL . a! :
rul imitation or it. it is an me nme curing
those who had despaired of ever getting well.
For yourself, your wife and children.
Want of Faith.
If C. M. Forbes, the druijKist, does not sure
ceed, it is not faith. He has such fuitli m I)r
Boeimko's Couidi and Liihs: Syrup, as a rem
edy for eouirhs, colds, consumption and litnir
affections, that he will tive a bottle free to
each nnd every one in need of a medicine of
this kind.
Bald to Be Better than Bessemer Steel.
Rradixo, Pa., Sept 29. A syndicate
lias been formed for experimenting in a new
process of manufacturing steel to comjiete
with the Bessemer process. The patentee
is James Henderson, of Bellefonte, Pa. The
new product is an open-hearth steel differ
Ing in this resist from Bssetuej, and is
ak said to excel it in pliability and tough
ness, and it is claimed that it will take the
plane of hammered and rolled iron alto
Money-Order Offices to B Kept Open.
Washington, Oct 2. Frank Hatton,
Acting Postmaster-General, has" issued an
order to the effect that on and after Octo
ber 1 all posvoftces of the first-class and
their stations or branch offices shall be kept
open to the public for the issue and pay
ment of money-orders and for the receipt
of matter intended for registration and the
delivery of registered matter until six
o'clock p. m. every day except Sunday and
legal holidays.
Real Estate and Loans.
I Iiiivp three cottiitres tunl loin mi tho liidtsi' fur mle.
till eiiKV puyiiifiitH. w ill sell mi mniwr or M-piinii.'.
one hit (in Klcttfe. Houm- i room. 2 let", barn. At., i.n
West Side, near I'. 11. & i. uepoi.
Money to Loan on Lour or Short Time.
Office In Lynrli'B llloek, Ottawa, Ills. (Ktl-tt
N'OTICK, Kktatk ok ItoiiKKT Akmocr, IiKC'n.
v..iii.. m Iiiti'Iiv oivon tlmt the uuilcrsiniuMl, d-
iiiinlHtrutiir of the estate nf Hubert Armour, lute of the
county of Lii Snlle and flute of Illinois, deceiwed,
will Hiper before the Probate Court of wulil County, on
the third Monday (beluifthe Kthiliiviof November 1H.
at the I'robate Court Kooin. In Ottawa, in witil
n.iiiitu wlw.ii mill uluirii nil lii'l-HonM havllllf ChlllllH or
demands apilnt said estate are notllled to attend and
present the same in wrniuu ior nijuuiu-m.
imieu mis an 11 imj 01 n- hcikui . I7';, ,
M. 1'. Khr.S,
octl-3w Administrator.
MNAIi HK'tTIiKM KNT. Kktati ok
Kiveu to all persons Interested in said estate, that the
linderslKiied, Administratrix of the Kstate of said An
drew lmmer, deceased, will speir before thy I'robate
Court of the county of La Salle and state of Illinois, at
the County Court House, in Ottawa, in said county, on
ki I.... i-rtii ,1,1.- (if Knvi'iiiher a. i. 1SK4. for the
puriMiseof rendering an account of her proceed inn in
the administration of sahl estate for Ihe final settlement.
i ... . l.lu .lut' t.t I li'liilu.l- 14V1
l.a.e,, a. u,,.- - "j,,-, S,MKIt.
Attrht: A. T. ABTKi.?. Administratrix.
Clerk Probate Court. La Sialic ( o.. 111. octl-8w
JOTIOK. Kstatk ok I'atiiick Collins. IK(t'.
1 notice is nereii) kuco, uhu ki
minlstriitrix of the Estate of Patrick ( o ins late
of the county of La Salle and state of Illinois, de
ceased, will appear before the Probate Court of said
county on the third Monday (heiiiK the liih day) of No
vember 1HS4, at the Probate Court ltooin, In Ottawa, In
said eoiintv, when and where all persons liavltiK claim
or demands apilnst said estate are untitled to attend
and present tnesauie m nuii mi h.ii.i.-.h..
l""la U"'M C ATI I iii ! IN K COLLI N S,
oetl-3w Administratrix.
Have received their
Fall i Winter
and Invite Your inspection.
Our stock of Dress (iooils, Vel
vets, Silks, (linsrliams, Prints,
Blankets, Flannels, I'mlerwear,
Hosiery, (Jloves, Shawls, Nap
kins, Towels, Table Linens, Cot
ton Flannels, Dleached and llr'n
Sheetings and Shirtings, Varus,
&c, is complete, and
Prices tie Lowest
UTAH we ak is u liberal slime of your
pVroiiuge. Goxl Goods, Low Trices anil
Fair Dealing you will always fiuil fit
Opera House Hlock, Ottawa, 111.
Short Horn Ca
On Tuesday, Oct. 14th, 1884.
This kale will enniprlse tne l:ntir It'ni-rv
ilHiit (if ',. o. .HrhsoN, top'ther Willi R (Irstt from
the Maiilcloh Herd nf J. N. In sauay. 111 all alsmt :i"
hrut of yonnirCnws, lleifersainl first -classyoiinK Hulls.
The entire ollerinu, Willi the exceplluu of four head,
have heen bred by their present owners, and all are In
a healthy, thrlviiiu eondttioh. Kaniillcs represented:
Aniiiih, I'jitf t'lmtn (or Oxford tjneen), Itiiilt, LiiiIij
Klivilrth, I'riiimm Flmrrr. and others.
Lunch tit 1J o'cliH'k Sale to eoinnieiiee lit 1. The
farm on which the sale will he held Is loealed on the
llluiiinnitrluii mud, 5 miles south of Ottawa and 2H
miles north of lirand lildk'e. Trains, both from the
north and soiilh. on the Kox Itlver brunch of the C II.
A- i). li. IL. pass the farm III tune tor the sale, and stop
at Ihe rrossinx within ill rods ot the sale uroiind.
For e:ita!oiics mm oilier iiiiorniiiioii address
.1. N .
Z. II.
C N A WAV, Ottawa. III.
ACKSOX, Kami lililKe, III.
Road Cart
Call and examine our
larire stock and gvl prices
before buying.
lioad Carls from fcEi.UO
to f.iU W.
One block west postotliee.
Ottaw a, Illinois.
The Ottawa Wagon,
UKFOUR lntvlnrn Waiori tliN full, will it tint !av von ! sf-e tuxl examine thor-
Highly the "OTTAWA," wliii li N.so rujiMly becidiiiti-.' a titvorite w!, rt-vt-r itssuierior
(U!ilities are kiKiwnr verymmy Miys: now nt'iu r. run-: now cu iroianuou.
eil!" "How neatly rlnUheJ!" and -How (luiuble it hum ! iin e KiiiL' A: Hamilton
Co. make it!" Am' their reputation for UMiiir mly tli l..-t pintcrinl :uul iloing first-
class work should lie a MifHfient Ltiamiity that tln if i mi ! no l'f.t-i - w agou nude
You 'an have a I'i.xk or w iiitkwiioi) Uox, a may he j.feferrt-.i. Try one or two, or
more if needed. They are fully warranted. 3T . '.h'-io :t l'.D. Sweetsku &
Co.'s, or at the Works north of the canal. sep'20
Groeery and Provision Store fact
At the Lowest Living IMices.
Awttiiarit of IlllnoU Kailroads.
Srw.NoriKLD. 111., Oct 2. The State
Board of E'j'ializatron yetcrday finished
tLe assessment of railruadi in Illinois. Seven
tbusiid nine hundred and seventy-two
miles of main track are a.ssesset: SH0.267,
M3. The highest is the Burlington, with
M" miles at $v. 1 0.352. The lowest is the
Mound City Road, three miles, at $-3,00a
The assessment indudes sixty-one road.
The Illinois Central is not included.
Coinage for.th Pat Month.
WAfirufGTw.N, Ot. 2. The coinage of
the . various mints durinj Septnuber
amounted to M.?AX of whi.-h HVA.WO
wert sttid.rd dullars.
Starch, Pickles, Tolmcco, Macliine Oil, Molasses,
Syrup, Kerosene, c, iVc.
Hams, Shoulders, Kaeon, Choice Hutter, Fresh Ksss, Lanl,A.c; in
Adjoininir, but not in the fame room, is a
With a neat Bar attached, stocked with the hc-t liquors mid iL'ar.
IV Old iiid new cufctotnert inritl ( J. ..! t-iiv r-l to all .nrtc of the city 1.11'! to tl d-pot.
To the Public of La Salie County. '
That our si 5.00 Suit is worth S20.00.
That our S14.00 Overooat is worth A18.00.
That our si2.co Suit is worth sjfi.oo.
Tliat our sS.oo Overcoat is woith si 2.00.
That our 6co Suit is worth io.oo.
That our 81,50 Pants are worth 82. 50.
That our 2.co Pants tire worth S300.
That our S4.50 Hoys' Suits are worth s6.oo.
That our S5.00 Hoys' Overcoats are worth $8.
That we have the largest and best selected
Teas. Ooffees. Sugars. Smceskn a rm
Jk JtAV JL stock of fine clothing in the state
Oak Hall One-Price Clothnig House,
North of Court House, Open till 9 P.M.
riA ill I i
u miuuu u a
West of La Salle Street, sonth side.)
All the sew 4 iwpular Pstect M!!ciE. hx:it xtd 6p!fi for culir.srt
Perfumery, Brushes, and Fancy Articles for the Toilet.
Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Window Glass, &c.
Particular Attention given to the CompoEndicg ot riV&ician& Prescriptioni
O "Y O
1 Mill . I
Evervbodv Paints.
And before anybody paints they will do well to call on ine and get
my figures and see what I have to offer them. I keep all the best
brands of White Lead, and Pure Wisconsin Linseed Oil. 1 have
secured the agency for the F. W. Oevoe A: Co. Celebrated Mixed
Paints, of all colors. They will weigh more to the gallon and
cover more surface than any other paint. The manufacturers are
the oldest paint firm in the l . S., and from their long experience
and strict integrity I am sate in saying it is THE 1JEST I'AIXT
IN THE WOULD. I am aNo agent for F. W. Oevoe & Co.'s Col
ors, ground in oil. My stock of Hrushes, such as W hitewash, Cal
somine, Paper-hangers', Paint and Varnish Hrushes, is the largest
in the city. Also a full line of Varnishes, from the ordinary Fur
niture Varnish to the finest wearing Hody Carriage Varnish.
flQIIflO For Drugs 1 am Headquarters. My Prescription
UIlUUw('as' s " ''rug store in itself, and is in the care of
thoroughly competent hands day and night. I can till prescrip
tions from any physician, and as I pay no commission do not nave
to charge exorbitant price-.
nnniC Hooks of all kinds, (Jilt Hooks, Novel, School
j DUUki VI Hooks ami School Supplies, Fancy Writing Papers
by the box or quire, and the largest stock of Hlank Hooks in the
rty" IE. "Y". GKRIGrGrS.

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