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A heap Ice flout.
& wm P A rem
- fSBk far w ,a
lrn SowetUlnR.
The oM lifts jxnse(l away, in agriculture a
ia other tliinirs. in Uiw country. When out
oil was new the tInT farmer tial only tc
'tickle tho rarth with a hw and it laughed
with a hnn-t." 81oveiilinw, ial Ullage
and rocklf mha of virgin loom alike fail)
for many yrrn to destroy the fertility of the
But that prnid old lay ha ROite .forrver,
along with the great trees and myriads of
wild gain tn the fom.t primeval. Tho agri
i."ulturift of our period must praotice improved
method of apiculture if he would not' be
crowded out of lili place and ro down. Th
I'inwr must keep up with tho time.
Our ancotcrs wore out the rich virgin sml.
The tarmr of U- loy must nourish it again
and brin liacH ....stn-ngth. He mu1 acquaint
hinwelf with tho lst manures and fi-rtiiiwrs.
It fa shown by the rvoonis that tb Koil id"
(treat Britain ptfxlurvs lxftter envi than it
Ud forty yean. ago. Jutolligvnt frrtilizing ha"
brought alxiut this goal iwurt. It show,
moreover, indisjiutahly, that, fihaii'-Ted wil
can le brought up ngvin.
In no way has tho agriniltun'.-t ami htv-k-rsiser
put money in hin pocket inoro Mifee
fully of re' f iit y.-ars tbnn by improving the
breeds of tlomivd.ii.: animals. Kven the vast
herds of Texas rattlf, the wildest of their
kind on the continent, have Uva improved
10 per rent, in weigh' and quality of U-f
by careful crossing with tlie it 'Vivilixed ''
bread. Tlii, chango ha.s W'n t-fl'o'U'd only
since the wholesale exirtutioti of lecf cattle
to Europe U'giui, being m sliort a tinie as to
1)0 scnrcvly MicviiHc, Hotes, Kwiw, i-lieep
and poultry have changed for tlie letter in n
no kiss mnrkcl degrto within tbe memory of
'ory young farmers. This the agricul
UirLit, who would unl io lift U-hmd, niu-t
avail hiniM-Jf of.
lie nitt-t inform himself rt'ostaiitly en
lrainnge, farm machinery, rotation of crop)-,
the best varietiw of wtils, fruits and plantu,
mral homes, lianin and outbuilding ami the
liesfc fond f'.r domeMJi; iiiiii(l.
AH this the boldest outline of what the
farmer of our time mwT know if he would
a lake a living und pr.iier. Agriculture i
tho oldest, utlrt of o 'Ufwitioiiv, and it will
be an ill (lay for the lait.l when fanning
to pay. Tlie time for tbfl tiller of the Niil r
4in the neeest-ary knowleilgv for mhts is
now in winter. When the earth i at ref,
hit mind should be moat active. The way to
et bin uttx k of information i to read care
fully the farm and garden department of hi"
newKpafiM', and books and magaxine no the
ame themes. The success ul farrier mutt i
cultivate lila soil with bmins. ami winter fa
the time t cult j ate bis traitm.
Tske Care of ine Tig.
The hog ii universal. Wnererw civilised
man go, he goes, and in son fuses at least
ho to na civlhaed man. His tender flesh
may b too rich for jxictfi bjkI tlj7efvties, but
vere phTiital labor, epfiaU' in the open
nlr, may bo better sustained on a pork diet
than on any other meat.
The bog is not more prone to di.smse than
other anirnal. Hickoet comes to him only
bocaom bis firotector, man, does not iuidT
tand bis requirements! and delicate coiwtitu
tioo. Mik h of wluit Ls called trwine cholera,
for instant-e, Ls the rwult of fwling him noth
ing but ccro diet. Corn and hog cholera gc
together. This valunblt article of f.nxl u fat
tening. Imt it. ts aLso beaUug and eonstiating.
It will not produce muscle. K-tv swin
r-aiser knows t hat it i di.-atroiu to f el brood
vwon rn alone.
No. Tbe pig rnuft have variety of food a
well as man. Hoots, wheat midlling and
bran ami rlo-er hay are among the U;4 food
to mix with the com. Nothing can 1 U-tter
than turnips boiled and fed with bran or with
tbe clover hay. Tbe hny, too, is boiled pre
vious to feeding by svme of the best ewinc
raisers. Tlie turnips can lie grown upon
jtronud frfim which narly potatoes have been
rog, anl thus the soil twice utilized. lta
foea too small for use by man, tbe pig will lo
thankful for and eat gladly, at oocn making
jaicy rk st-aks for his owner and saving
what would otherwise be a dead loss and
waste. l'otntvs are a valuable food for
nwine, A writT in the Agriimlturist sajs
that be has fe 1 to bis hogs in addition to tho
article alve mentioned alout WO bushels of
Iples, whi'.-h he bought moe1ly Ur tlxun foj"
dossert, as it were. Tlw animals tlu,ied
abundantly on tlie fruit. Here, ton, is a sav
ing, for apples too small an-1 knotty for
marketing may U gathered at slight, expense
and saved to give varie v to tlie winter's fel
d hogs. It is enough to feed the win plenti
fully when it is wanted to lay on tut at
aiarketing time. Then, to, the rn shiHild
l shellel and fid from a dex'ent, slationary
trough, and not thrown at random into u
mnck of filth and mud. A hog tnted in
wich a nanty way will becomo dismsed awl
die, infallibly.
Much attention Ls being paid to bog breed
fug at precsent, and those who are giving it are
being repaid tenfold The IVlnnd China Ls
one of the best general breeds in the country.
Jt is represented in our engraving. Tbe im
proved large Yorkshire ha.s also Un found
most desirable, especially wlien crtxwl with
3w Berkshire or Cheshire white.
The rig IVn.
Jeither L tbe hog a dirty animal when de
cently treated. It Ls exposure, slovtaily sur-
foundings, improper food and dirty drink
that make herds of swine sicken and die off.
This is becoming understood at last.
The model pen is built in two parta. One
end Is k'ft of bare earth for the animals to
root in as they like. At the other is a raisci
floor, elevated eight to ten inches from the
ground Here the hogs have a dry, covered
place to sleep in. The floor is made of strips
nailed on a quarter of an inch apart, so that
the moisture may run through. Upon this is
placed straw. Rooting into straw stacks and
neaping together under them in piles upon
raw another overheats hogs. Then, the next
thing, they will be exposed, unprotected, to
the northerly blizzard, steaming hot as they
are. When they take oold and die it ts a vis
itation of Providence.
The hog must also have his drink of clean,
pore water. He is given every abomination
B his twill, from the soapsuds of the week's
wash to the contents of soured tomato-cana.
Tovl water ls aa hurtful to hogs aa to horse
r eows, and the sooner farmers learn thin
fact the bettor. The bog drinks impure
water because be is good-natured, and doexnt
refuse anything; but it is thia very thing
which introduce the true hog-cholera germ
fctto him, Then when this diaease attacks
kirn, and the herd dies by the hundred, once
Bore it to a visitation of Providence.
In order to facilitate cleanliness in rwfne-
keepuig what is called a "dumping pig- -i
trough" has been lately Invented It ia fixed
in the edge of the pen and made to tip oos
wardlymaato deposit outside the pea tM
Kfusp accumulating.
i lL'iue. it J . irali
Toe mode) fanner in the north always has
an ice boose. At lea-t he build" one as sc
as be can get around t it. For milk, butter,
meats and fruits in tbe hot weather ice Ls in
valuable. The figure in cur cui is rfprulti.'ei! from
the Orange .Tudd nnny"s "Barns and Outbuilding-."
Meet sloping ground, so that
you will require no dnijnage. Kis -igbti
pj'otsintl) gromid, two nl each inrwr f
the hou. as shown in tlx illustration. A
ninth rs1 ptit up in the fron!. nar tlw
corner, -makes one side of the d.ior. The
larger the pile of ice the Is-ttor it uiU seep,
A house 10 by ii feet, and 10 t.- t bich -n the
inside, wdl hold 'Si tons The froat jos1s are
higher than the buck, to make n sloping rtf.
Nail the t ttom planks firmly to the xvt.-'.
The rest bjv put n xc you f.ll the ice bouse.
Covir the tiot.r with a foot ( t Kiudusl, shav
ings, or -trnw. N-gin then and jmck. leaving
a fx.t fif sputv U-twer-n the .utor all and tho
ice. Thi-74n-e is to I filled in with suw
dust. Nail on the outer boojd-i of the wall
and fill in with sawdust as the i.v )acking is
cam'! .r.p. Siiwthist is li for picking,
but shaving-. ihTtl straw cr hay will
answer. Leave nUut. two feet of space U
tween the hv and the r'f, and fill it in com
pactly with sawdust or whatever the packing
material is. When done the door may l
simply lniiirdcl up with plonks. Wight cra-ks
are to l k .ft U-twtvn the Unrds for ventila
tion, but the r'f inut. ! water-tight. Nail
thepkuiks to the inside of the outer posl.
Itunning vines iver the w.dls in sumim-r will
add to its coolness and g:ve it Ix-auty.
Here are aji-oved iii:i-ticti n bow tc
jack ice: Ice nm-1 Is- -ut with a saw. not
nn are. into blocks of r, -pilar sw, mi that
tbev will pa-k inti the iiv (.o.ix- mkIIv ami
without h-aing spat-s U-twi-i n. WU-ncut
rcpdarly and paktVi iut stiid. if kfs-ji.-we!i
tlugh if may rxi? N ioom- than thr4
iixl.c- id thiknes, but a tliifkness of six
inclrf?- fr more L preferable. It i advised tc
cut ami .k tbe ice in frci-zj'ng weather. A
Kjumon practice is to throw a pailful o-f water
rer each layer as it is b. ir'g )cked to fill tlie
space Utwj) tbe blis ks and exehide the ahr.
Tor a day or two Utore the house i filled
it. will be well to throw it open thnt the
.'round beneath h niay freew. and it may
be left open for a few la.vs nffT it i CUi,
if the weather naitJnuw -o!d. Be sure and
finally e!sfc t he bons during eoM.dry w-ec.tber.
Tbe I arm llf lr-hoi.
W. H. M., (Jermenfown. fa. -"Kvtt farm,
iki matter how sjnau in ntcnl, otighf, in mv
bumble oj-inion, to have a repair shop w-re
tools are tit and wagons and implements
can be repaired and bou and lorm cmvent
ences mode.. On small farms tbe wagon-hou,
with a little planning, ran N made to tr-e
the three-fold purpuvof sljeheringtlie wagcns
and lorgv piece of farm machinery, with a
work or rejir shp partitinel off in ne cor
ner. In such a wxrk mom I ha-e seen a work
bench on one skle mr a window, withshelv
and tceckefes to hikl tofils hjm! rocks forsina.ll
farm imlement.s. such us hoes, nktir and the
Kke. Uf.re the fnran-r and his boys may,
with the assistance of a set of carpenters'
and blacksmiths' tools, add largely to
the profit Khle of tbe farm's l-alnnoe
sheet, not only by the early rejiairing
of tools, ma'hinery and harness, but during
the winter months, by the fashioning of num
berless conveniences for the dwelling bouse.
The repair house, tn swfions where fuel is
plentiful, ought to 1 provided with a stove.
An ine.ipfn.-dve, small, tight rw, with a
secure pipe k-t into a substantial chimney,
will render it a comfortalde shop ff4- the
workmen ami afford such flrv as may l rs
fpiireil in blacksmith work."
Lire Mm k hdiI iHtlry Ml th eOi Iean
Ki position.
The aUit is the unique feature vT the
great southern fair. The horses rango in
breed from splendid Clydesdale draught
animals to Shetland j-ooies no larger than an
average dcg. The finest flraught horses are
from Iliinots, Indiana and Knnsos. The lwst
stock of all kind conw from the wwt with
out exception, the crittle chiefly from In
diana. Illinois, Iowa aud Kentucky. Tho
favorite bleeds in ctUU are the .Jersey and
Oulwoy. (if hogs the U'.st s's.'imens are
chiefly the I'olond Cliinn. C1ter White,
Yorkshire, Jersey Bed and Cheshire.
Heventy thfsisaml ssjunre feet of the agri
cultural section of the expfisition ore
given up to the dairy exhibit. Ten
thousand feet f this s;ce are occupied
alomt by refrigerators for storing dkiry
products. There was never before such
an cxjKsitiouof chcesr, but ter and dairy prod
ucts in this country. The mysU'rico tf mak
ing creamery butter are unfnldral to the
visitor and practically illustrate. The dairy
exchange room Ls luind.'Hiely fls.-orated, iuu
it is said spectat an' to he permittMl to tr
for them-vlves the taste of the butter on.i
cheese entered fv cx.rii4ition. There will
be thousands and tbousuauls of cin-es-ns.
Ilee Ciilfare til ountrr.
At a meeting of the Nu-lkwcstern Hfx-iet.y
ol Beekeepers, the statistician of the Hoeietx
presented sirveral statements of wilisreal
interest, among which ocf-urretl the follow
ing: Tbe Tnlted fttaf and Canada prrdn the
bulk of honey consumed in the world and our
apiarists are the must (.killed and siiocwssfuL
We have a total of 8,000.0(0 colonifss which
yield annually U!0,(Mi,(KO pounds of honey.
Tbe comparative showing of all Kurope is ht
than one-U nth of this amount. In America
honey is plentiful and cheap; in Ivuropo it is
scarce and costly. There are few locaiitiw in
Europe where the honey bwj prospers. Eu
rope imports boney largely from our tastexn
states, while California supplies Australia.
France depends ujion Switzerland for boncy
supply. At the Ixindon agricultural fair was
recently displaved Amorican honey in tbe
comb, which was awarded the prize over all
the Europmn exhibits
The lively Kara! New Yorker gives the
following valuable directions in little far the
month of February:
vVelL, you may now prune your trees,
grapevine, curranta, shrubs, etc., if it haa
not been dooe before. Be careful not to
prune shrubs which will bear their Sowers
upon last yearN wood like the lilac, mock
orange, magnolia, Crataegus, boneysurkle, etc.
Collect all the manure you prosibty can.
Hake compost heaps. Collect bean poks and
brush for peas. Cover the strawberries;
make a hotbed. A box, gash, manura and
oil are Deeded. Then you can start your to
matoes, egg plants, flowers, etc, rater."
There Is some doubt whether tbe wortd wiQ
be able to -eat all toe sugar that is made for U
eext year. The crop will be over 4,500,000
Ions throughout the world. Over halt of this
Is beet ifligmr, the rest cane. Of maple ntf
there to mad only 30,000 tons.
Untie aiul Warble Umnl Stnrr.
: i. 1 Qlmll' ?
X 1
One day a poor, half frozen kitten came to
Birdie Granger's houe. Birdie had no
brothers or sisters to play with, so 1h took
the starved little gray cat in and made it wel
come. She. warmed it and fid and gave it a
good bed to sleep In. I'nder such kind core
the stronger grew fat and sleek. By tlie time
it w-as grown it Nf-nnwi the most wonderful
rat that ever was. Birdie named her jt
Warble, liecauso it pumxl so loud.
WortJe and Birdie were inseparable friends.
If you don't know what "inseparable"' means,
look for it in the dictionary. ,lfHikirg up
every won! you don't know; t)e meaning of is
a very pond -exercise for loth young jssiple
and old.
The cat folkiwed Biinlio evcrywliere. It
was very large and strong, as big as a small
flog. For a cat, it was astonishing how in
telligent WnrlJe was. It had many cunning
ways, and Birdie's jsipi taught it to perform
tricks like a dtig. I'ajio, would clasp bis
luimU and put Ids arms out in front of tlie
cat as it stotsl upon the rug. Then he would
kv: "Jump, Warble!"1
And Warble would jump through his arm?
and out over his lmniU ns if it understood
just whnt was menait ; which to le sure it did.
If Warble was watchin; for a mouso at a
hole awl nnjtxly cain niir it was accus
tomed to rais its iw as n sign to the person
to kwp lck and not mukeanoLse. Warble
did so many cute thing-- tluit Binlie called him
her fdr-r-u f nt.
But (Jin tiny Warble dkl Binlie a service
which she will never forget as long as she
lives. It is not easy to M-e Imiw a cat could
save a Uttk- girl's hie, but that wus what
Wh-M did. Li-tn, ami yoi shall know
(ire slimmer ruoniing Birdie Uok puss
t- of milk emt besidu the gardeji wall m
ti-ua' KlM.falleil Warble, and heard a low
ui.-w just Nide a crevice in tlie stones.
Warble w hs w niching f . t something a mouse,
jt. rd.o thought. He lu" d his imw to warn
hi- lilt's- ndt.res- to b-ep la k. But she went
on and snid:
'I Vjne, Warble, this rich new milk is hettex
than a uhkisc. CVanean kip it,"
Stulflenly M'arbleV eyert gkuuefl like twe
IwJIs of tire. He wavl hLs tail back and
forth in fury. He looked like a tiger alsiut tc
spring. He raided his jw again to warn
Binlie (Jr. But she was determined to see
what was disturbing bT cat so, and tfk
several steps forwiinl. She hfstrd a rattling
in the grass. Warble leaped into the air at
tlie nune inomont, and came down upon th
s-pot w here she brd the rattling. There wai
more rattling, and a tremendous hissing and
lashing and noise. The girl was frightened
and screamed nkrnd.
Her mother and gromlmother ran to her Id
an instant. They saw with bfirror the cat
dragging a great rattlesnake out of the grass.
The child had been almost upon it Warbl
had set his strong, sharp teeth into tho liacfc
of the reptile's neck ivnd broken its spine.
The pretty, innocent little girl did not kuow
bow near to death she had Urn. But hoi
mother did, and canght her up in her ormi
ami almost cried over her.
Ls not that a good cat-ond-fmoke story f
How to llit no Vgn In u Hot tie.
A writer in the Bund New Yorker telk
the young folk how tbey may jmrform th
magic feat of putting an egg into a bottle.
Like nwny othtx tilings, it is easy enough
wwn you know how. This is the way it if
done; Hoak a fnJ egg for several days in
strong vinegar. The acid of the vinegar wiL'
eat the lime of tlie shell, so tlint w hilo the egg
kioks the same it will be soft and capable ol
compression. Melt a bottk with tho neck
a third Kraaller than the egg. With a Uttk
care yon will have no trmilde in preming tin
latter into tbe bottle. Fill the bottle ludf fut
of limo water, and in a few flays you w ill
have a bard she.!kl egg in a bottle with a
neck a third smaller tluin Uw egg. Of coursi
you pour ff the lime w ater ax soon as tin
shell hanteriK How t . f;s got into the
bottle will lsa eoiiuiidi"uin that few can an
swer. A hruMinablx Hel)u-
tsn K1.AYIXU AtlKt..
C't nf Itrtrik lti(.
Rome years ago, says Form-roy's I)emo
Tat, we had in our employ a man who sev
rnl times a iby ran (nit of tlie ofliov. to buy a
drink of whisky. Every tim he went, out
tlie cashier was Instructed to drop ten cents
into a drawer to our mHt. At the end ol
17 mfnths the man who luwl gono out sc
often had drnnk himself out of a gil situi
lion; and the drawer, when oticm-d, wa
found to contain f!', which we hufml to a
young man at seven fwr cent, interest, lit
rnl it to purrhose a s-t fif tinner's tols.
On the Kith of February, l. be turned it
to us with interest, saying in his letter that
be had a vrife, two children and pri-rty
Wfrth M0. The other fellow is a bunutwr,
hunting tc-r foai
Upon a sfkius meadow vast
Are fhe.p in thousands, white a "now.
Aj we bebokl them there today
Our father saw them long ago.
Tbey ne'er grow oM; fresh life they dra-w
Frn Htrvams that never cense to fto.
A lovely shepherdf is theirs
Wbo bears for crook a silver Irm
Bbe leads tbera out to pastures fair
Through golden galea. Hhe ccrinfj eact
No lamb ri her was ever kwt.
Bow oft 'er the w ay theyv gone.
A ram sh has t ro before,
A bear for d to guard them well.
Now can you guewi the Rhepbcrde
And what the sheep are, can yon ImLH
Take a word that means silent; decapitate
it, and lea v a kind of boa; decs pi lata a gain
sal leave not well.
lUlIS F SASH....
Vice rrtnlitent,
Mtltoo II. Swift, I I.oreuro Lc!nJ.
II. M. llHiiilltou, K. V. (ini,
W. llustiiu-Jl, jyiu y. S)h,
I NiC ti W.
EzclinnKe on Chlowo, New York, Ktul all lie j-naci-psl
cities uf the United statea bought aud old.
Exchitngeoa KngUnd, IreUnd, Scotland and Conti
neuUl Kurope drawn In sum to atilt.
I'nltcd States Hond, Oold and Silver bought and fold.
Onr fiwillti.n are am-U that we can offer tndurvnirnn
to cuttoineni, aud nhall xut- our rndt-avora to k".v
futiafaetian to thouc entrusting u with their biiFlaitfx
Banking hours fmui a. m. to 4 p. M.
JOHN . NASH, f-hier.
(Fomii-rly City llauli of Ilaniiw. AU.-u 4 Oj.1
(i. L I.IMH.KY
. . . Awi-t. Cashier,
K.(hai: on t hli-ago and New York and ail the
principal cities ca-t and wot bought and sold.
Kxchatigt.-on Knglaud, Irelaud, Scotland und a.1 i:u
portanl points in Continental Europe drawn In puni to
ult pnrchiycra.
U. S. Kevrnue Staniprt of a'.l dcm-Uilnatlousrwu-tiint-ly
on hand and for sale.
I'nltcd Statin liujids, Ijciil .Sccuntics. (iold and "s-Tivvr
bought and sold.
ltiinklng hours from 9 a.m. to I v. u.
(i. L. l.ISPLKY. Assist. CftfhliT.
IJrofeBsional !TarD.
s. Tt. m.rn,i:p. iioi:rK tictt.
I 1 1. M'HAKIKV llfl.I., Alloiiii-s, Ar
11 uiorv HIiM-k. Oftawa. III. II ot Hun t.'i,ii..
phcr and Notary l'uhllc. no-s'M
RK'IIAlill A. IIASTK, Attorneys law
Olllco Willi I. A. foul.. Annurv U1,, W Dit..
Illinois. nelt-tf
h, Kiciioi.ao.v
AV aaj . i neori at Law. Will prac tiro law In the
i. La Halle and adjoining rounti.w. tflr wrsl
o court hou', Ottawa, 111
If C. HWIH'T, Attorney at Iw, Armnrr H'ort.
IJt Special alU-ntion giree to pruhate matter. .
IJUNOAN Ac O'CONOB, Attorneya at
1 Law. Otttceln Kutlerrr A Mitp-rV blot h, f-
of court honne, Ottawa, Illiuola. lultit'id
t. P. Ht'LL. l.XHTIB H. RTBiWrJ u ii-hvb
BUlI, SSI' It A W N At Hl'IIKK, Altor
ne and Counsellors at Iaw. ()rtlci over Cm
. I". Jan'a.M
( U.1IKKT Ac KtnCKIH, Attorneya and
VJ Counaeluia at Law. KuttercrA Metyirer'a Idrw-k
east of Court House. arnW.U '
tornevsat Liw. Oiimwk. Ilhnnia t mr i nn.i..
noil's block, west of Court Houne. ulrtl-ly
(1 H- t'HA fpvtAN, Attorney iand Counwloi
Jm at Law. Oracu with V. McDougall. . tUwa, III.
MN. ARMKTKONOi Attorn and Conn-
selor at Law, Ottawa, III. Notary l'uhllc OITtc
tn (tedney's Block. Ottawa. janft.'W
JOHN li KICK. Attorney at Law. Keddlcts
HhN'k. city of Ottawa. Will practice, law In La
salle and adjoining connUes, and la tha Appellau
and Huprmia Courts. arp'jl-'yr
inuwa, Illinois.
' Probate uiaitera a specialty.
Offico otut Hull's Dry tlooda Store. JsnlTS!
UlArih! KOWLKH, Master In ChanTy. At
V lorney and Counselor at Law. (JtMco In lerdneyt
Ukifk, northeast C(ir.."rof court bouse square, Ifnnnu
Sand 4, Ottawa, Illinois. JuaKrO
rP O. THKNA ItV, Attorney at Law. omraj
I . with L. W. Brewer, Kooms s. i lu, Opera House
Illn-k, Ottawa. 111. JunS
IW. HKKWKlt, Attorney and Counselor ai
i Law. and Notary Public,. Kooma 1, 4 10, Oprra
House lllork, Ottawa, III.
r 1 iiil(i( irt. Attorney and Counselor at Law.
.A UlUc In Lynch "s block. Main street. Otuwa, 111.
C. ilOYIK. Attorney at Iaw. OIBee wit
O . M. T. Moloney, Opera Houso lllork, Ottawa. III.
MoDOIJOALL, Attorney at Law, OUawa.
III. (lUr. In (le(lne)'s Block. derm
h LINCOLN, Attorney at I aw. Ofllet
over No 19 La Hallo atreet. west side if lb
Court House Ottawa. III. JalyCTS
HlilUiK H. KLDKK1IOK, AtUirney at
V ' Law OfllCti lu l'oet.itiico lllork Ottawa, 111 apri:
IIXNBV ma ro
I A YO At WIDMKK, AtKu-ney at Law. -l'l
Oldoeln KattlRger's Block, corner of I alh
and Main strata front room uo stHlrs. Ottawa. III.
nH. f 'HAHI'I'Y HANIIKIIM, urr--or
Ui Dr. Alclnda Auteii. oilier uter II. A. Itutler's
grocery ntorc, lu Cmou lilock, (Htiiwa, III. scpl.l
nit. (I. MILi.KH, the well known Ornllal
and Aurisl, OUawa, 111. Uttlce, II La Sslle sfj-e.
up atalrs. aprKmo
It. K:. W. WK1H, (Ilentcber toctor,) Ian
If Physician and biirioin hi tl, hi Louis Ketnaie
lliilrital. i (illeo ovur stlefel's (Nothing Hloro, corner ol
Mul u and bale- stm-te. H'MiU'.enco on sonlh liliill
at Mrs. Keii2 f. ap'M
nit. J. H. HYi..
in the Opera House
Ottawa, Hi. ONir
In omce day and
nU. It. M. M.iAllTlll 'R, Ottikwa. III.
offlc In the Opera House lilock. Open from
u clock a. at. to 6 o'clock v. at. IMaldence on ltenton
itnwt. south of Illinois Avenue. Jan22"?
M. (H)MKHKY. M. I .. L IS. C. H
Kdluburg. Oldi e, in Armour's new building, on
Madison street. Ibstldence 11 Webster L augllT
nil. M. ZKNIIKU, Iloinoxipnthic PHsinan
Ottawa. 111. Offers Ins ervli-m to the frli-nds ol
the llonitropathle system lu Ottawa. In all hrnnches ol
tiln professiuu Particular attention give. .Ue trriat
ment of wotneu and children. OiTlcc In Olnver a
Cook's Ill K-k. f-lil
I? Y. ft Itlf if H, nruifglst, Bookseller and H
Tj. Hon er, Ottawa. III. s.-.ind store In Nattlntr'-r's
Block, sooth sldii of Court lloue Hiiuaro.
T KNKI7HSI ..(ierman Hrirgit and Apotm-
cary. twnoiesMie anil r.-Tii,i yimn 'reel, . ma
wa. III. Importer-tf Drugs. Chemicals, French C'ornl
v. Brandies, W'nea, Ac.
nit. WM. s'l I'I'Altll, Member of tS
s r i ht ai i ill 1H". r irimai j nutR'ills, r.liai.nltl
KelW.w of the Lorilf"i pfnnry M. l Ani M-urlun.-
' u i'r i'jwiUtKi st uin vim w:t su itsiiay ri i: . ntit
Connly Superintendent of Public Schools,
Wilt hold ria.titnattoi.sat klsoftlre In tbeCo'in li ioss
un fie s.-roti't and lourth Saturdajs of each D-unti
ntitlt farther notice. 'I,n'!
Ttr j:r rei(Jrn e of K. J. V lU Hourr Is rv aad
f.tu-d uj In modern t) le. nd in flr-t-claw ..u.nt:.m
being nearly-new. Heated by furnace. Aru-siaawatrr
In house and yard. (ood sied l't anl giMl htru. Ftit
further p.rtiru!ni inquire of JAM- (rALVl V, Delano
HeKk. Ottawa. Ilk fe'S)
Farm for Sale.
7.T) arrw farrsi la rWutcn Countf, Indiana, 5 culns
from (.o-nlUri-l, on T , P. A W. ti. fl. and 2 nuler troin
Wsd'oa, oo C A tl. ft. IC li Irmet house. Inrn. wnl
pump, crlrt, bearing orehard ; fenc-d and riltcONl:
srhcil hotter onrumerof latut -llitsl a well imi'Mjved
farm; price, 1UUP; ty terms. Apply to
In4? It. I r.-, Fowh-r, 1 tt.l.
mATID I 0Ne' Tw0, r0UR w E,GMT HOUSE
iiujixn run eics.
rcrs Put pi
Iron i'ipft
ux culiivai;ss.
35 & 37 Lahalle Street.
SP Till.
Road Cart
(u.'1 aii'l eiamine or.r
Urire sl.K-k and p-t prlc
before bulr-f.
Iliisd tsrte fr'T. 1-0 '
u fC n.
I'Af TOl; V ;
One MocW wcm pi.wtorJ'.tT
orraw. ir.LiKciK
TONGA If a prraltKt it" thf Ioiikb or ri( tul'y
Wand where it hiu loni; Ixcn ic-rj i va;
raitilc wnwdy hy liic nalivcf.
.ffve "iHiiitHi ot 1 cairn m ;lh
K VJVASN OI,f r irijfrf-iitctlt." u (i.e.- i ur
lUvt proportic have hfs-n i.bcMi:-'l.'y : i.
'tSf ' lulfn iti'.niMv, etui .n
VVAVVS fjtn 111! UI (i.-'l.-bl I ( !e.-tf.
H contains no Opium or Morph ino
I'OH SAL!- HV All. l)Kl(.f .Ir-T.
A. .MELLIER. tl Pi-wr. KrH
WLjA ai;aai: utivi c
1 I) 1
Chicago, Rock island & Pacific R-y,
Belnsj the Crsjal Central Line, afTortfs to tratrwlesr, by reason of Its unrtvakrd g0
Kraphlcal oosltlon, th shortest ami best route between trie East, Mortheast unaj
Southeast, and the West, Northwest and Southwest.
It is llterallf and strictly true, that Its connections are all of the prfnolp-ai imea
of road between the Atlantlo and the aclflc.
By Its main line and branches It eaches Chicago, Jollet, Peoria, Ottawa.
La Salle, Ceneeeo, Molina and Rock Island, In Illinois Daenport, Muscatlrra,
WanhlnRton, Keokuk, Knoivllle, Oskaloosa, ralrfleld, Oes Moines, West Libert
Iowa Cltj, Atlantlo, Avoca, Audubon, Harlan, Cuthrle Center and Council BUifnj,
In Iowa t Callotln, Trenton, Cameron -nd Kansas City, In Missouri, and Lea-sew-worth
and Atchison In Kansas, and the hundreds of cities, vllragee and towns
Intermediate. The
As it Is familiarly called, offers to tratrelem all the advant&cea and conHOftS
Incident to a smooth track, safe brfdees. Union Depots at aN oonneetrnc points.
Fast Enpress Trains, composed of COMMOOIOUS, WELL VENTILATED. WCU.
latest desisned and handsomest PALACE SLCEPINO CARS, and DININO CAM
that are avhnowieded b press and people to be the FINEST RUM UPON ANT
ROAD IN THC COUNTRY, and In which superior meals are served to traveler at
the low rate cf SCVENTY-FIVE CENTS EACH.
HREE TRAINS each way between CHICAGO and the MISSOURI RIVER.
TWO TRAIN eaoh way between CHICAGO and MINNEAPOLIS and BT. PA,
via the temotte
A New and Direct Line, via Seneca and Kankakee, has recently beew'cpsnseV
Lstwssn Newport News, Richmond, Cincinnati, Indiana pott and La FajillSk
and CouncU BlufM, St. Paul, NHnneepoIss and mtermedlste pornts.
Ail Threuch Passensjera carried on Fast Kipresa Train.
For more detailed information, see Map and Folders, whtoh may beobtalnd,as
well as Tickets, at an principal Ticket Onto n the United State and Canada. or
Vloe-r-wai't . Oen'l Maneer, Cavitl Tkt 4 fWi AaTV
No rtoR w'l die of Coi.tc. Horn er Lcira F
TKR. li Koutz's I'nwdera are nsed In lime.
Y out?- I'ow lers w'.il --nre and prevent Hon Cbalska.
V'oii'i'a Powders will prevent Oapes ih fowl.
f,iuu.' Powders w.'.l in.-rervee the noant.ry of Willi,
si-l rr.-am twenty p r orn and rrke tha batter trm
an-l sweet.
Kor.u's I'owlrrs w.l e-ire or prevent aJcwst ETttV
ls: to wti-n llarvn aivl ( altle are salier.
Korri'a Powik will its Sstist action.
told everywhere.
DAVID E. FOBtS, Prepriete-r.
6oM v I. I.erriiiax.
geo. w. nnvEfjs,
Passage Tickets,
Foreign Exchauge
Insurance lUisinm.
onihtait tortc Poistmce Hlorl. Ottawa lltia-iMs.
eoiry bo f.f uis whir
I will fcclp kit, cf either
- - - -. i, m ne-e laoaryrtrht
owty :.s sr.yl!iir.K e h' ir. f.,s Wurw. Kortuirs await
the workers .',l,o)u:eiy to.-c. At oucc rmtrs
t.'.. Ascus'a. Mh'.iis.. ir.art-ljr
Th oldest House,
The largest Stock,
The Best Variety
t Of G o is in this Line in
La Sille County.
Am . f erre,L alter tesair if. that TOMamOl
t-.-ee.- i.yiM.l aiel niarkl enrstrra tirotM-stlsS)
ui H.v-ruj.1;.- Neors.sta snd sJsoui MoseoW Khen
(nm MiiTtJi (iJji, M. !ru Luuw, Mi
17.t i:e.! Ti-v.-.ii :-- in sTrJ esr of Sr.
f fcr I. r.K. eti nte tierfM-t MtetaetMsx
i: Ki ttiAilJv, M. II., rairliiii- V
t Tuscit In Nrurs'rra sml It i'ir,-
n I. ; .rr.sl.Ti f b 1 1 e ,ery el Mill
.1 N. I'soii SI tl.. Vand.r.. k I.;.
I'Rin IK-II.I.AH PFH Rornr
end lit M'IM.rl IM I. M t

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