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We mnniml the rlotmn baby
Agaiu-Mlinco ijikb w nil
a lily grow at tlm inrislitili
X id ilin l)iy w u Justus lull;
ArnyiltiR'T-IJiy. , ...
Willi ano'a (if purple and gopl.
"1 a 'i-"t I Kr- J. '.' I'-'l cliasllcS
Tub fragrant dew to bold.
tVPinut lh blackbird whlstla
Hun p m Hie old roof urea,
An, I in a id fro at tue window
Tin rod roso rocked her bees.
An I ilia wee pink fists of tin- baby
Viih never n luomon tlll
Sn&'r-'il'iir at Khi'if H'lil shadow
Tliat danced ou Ilia w iudow all).
HI eye were wide ai blue hell.
II a iiiouili like a fl iwi-r unblown
Two hula ''are Inel lie funny v. Idle mice,
peeped out Iroin lismowy gown;
And wellioiigtit, wit u a I hi ill of rapture,
Tli.il had yet a toned -f pain.
Wiio-n .Inne rolls round with lor rot
We'll measure tbe baby agaiu.
ATinie! lu darkened chamber.
Won the unsuiue auui aw.n :
Thr ma-Ii tears that fell liko Piiier ralu.
We in. :isiti'Cl our baliy lo-d.iy;
And the IHUe barn fed mat w. ro dlmpleO,
An I sweet at a binMniR ioe.
Lay ul ly ado log' llier,
lu the htiali of a long repose,
Un from the dainty p'llow.
White as the risen dawn.
The fair lililu hi ' U mh
Willi the liRhiiif In aveu t.,ereon;
And Hid Me u' in le hiuid, like roue leaves
i .i;,i ',1 from Hi" io e, lay atdl,
! i.i sn.iti ii a; l ie miosIiiiio
1'iiat crept to the shrouded Sill.
V manured the aloeplue baby,
Y 111 notion while as snow,
fur ;h s shining rosewood casket
That wailed hint below;
An I out of the darkened chamber,
V will itli a cliil'llesi moa
To ' ho ii" rht or i he sinle-, angels
Our lilllo o ,o liasKrown.
Shu was not beautiful, few people in.
deed cull it lur H'tlly, but till tlie men
ktujing al Orwell Homo ran uller her, and
all tne women, ami iutur.il consequence,
were desperately jealous of her.
Had unveil iioiisu oecn a private man
ion, tuis state ot u Hairs might have pro
duced serious complications, but us it was
simply a uoarUin,uoune, where people
could coiiio for as onort or us long a time
as tucy ciiose, and could go away ut a mo
ruciita notice, provided only Unit llicy
paid their bills, masculine, infatuation and
feminine jealousy were matter which did
not concern tue two eminently respecta
ble ladies who presided over the establish
ment. They listened to May llalston's rattle,
they also listened to many .spiteful things
suid about her. anil in each ease they
nrxiiled and prudently ibrclmre to utter a
word that could give offence to any one.
Mo iladeap -May, a sue w as often called,
pursued tho uneven tenor of her way,
equally untouched, by the adulation or
the euvy no freely u warded her.
It in a most singular proceeding for a
girl who claims to be a gentlewoman, to
jo careering about the country with no
other protector than a boy of fourteen,''
remarked .Mrs. Pruilliolui, sneeringl,
nrhen our heroine was the subject. ( con
versation. Indeed, does .Miss ll.ilston ( 'career
ing' about the country';'" asked a quiet,
mild looking lady who had arrived itt Do
vereourt the previous day.
iYes, at least I don't know what else
you can call it," was the mhucw bat con
fused reply. "There is aonie Morr told
about her father having left lier here, and
about a married cousin coining to chape
tone her, but no father lias been here in
ruy time, or cousin either, and I and my
srtrls w ill have been hen: three weeks to
morrow." 'Then you think the lather and cousin
re myths'?" asked Mrs. Drake, quietly.
Mrs. I'rudiiolni shrugged her shoulders
expressively as she said.
"It doesn't matter niue.ii what I think;
you and Miss ltalston became friends at
Mice, I observed, and therefore you will
no doubt bo prejudiced in her favor; still,
even you, Mrs. Drake, must admit that it
is not the correct thing for an unmarried
sirl to go out in a boat w ith Captain Fer
ris and Mr. hmytlie, and only her little
brother to take care of lur. and without
asking any other lady In join the. party."
"Then! you arc in error, Mis. 1'rud
holin, lor she. urged me to go with her; but
1 am afraid of the u.vlcr'said Mrs. Drake.
IJut as you would not go, she could have
invited somebody else. I would have al
lowed eiiln rof my daughters to lime gone,
out of fchetr kindness to u poor motherless
trirl, or I would have even joined I he par
ly myself with both my daughters."
"Why didn't you volunteer to tin so"
asked the ni.w-cuiiier, with slightly elevat
ed eyebrows; ''surely the offer j-linuld have
come from you."
"No, it should riot," replied .Mrs. I'rud
holm, with great dignity; "only last week
tallowed my sympathy to get the better
or my judgment, and tuy daughters and I
were neglected most Miauieltilly. What
( he men can see in her i cannot imagine."
'No, nor can J," here chimed in Mrs.
Thorroh!, the jealous wife of a careless
husband, and molhi.r of three mismanaged
"Then you don't admire Miss Kalstotir''
kcd Mrs. Dia;e, sweetly.
"No; but my husband dot s," was the
spitetul reply ; "he even carrie. his admi
ration so far as to order me; to be civil to
her, and though 1 do all in my power to
keep hi in ai.d the children from following
her about, I don't in tno least (succeed."
l ucre can't bo much harm in the girl,
if the children like her," remarked Airs.
Drake, quietly.
"1 uon't know about that," was Mr.
Thoi fold's dubious reply.
Tne conversation was here interrupted
by tue entrance of May K.iMoti herself.
She caiiw into tnc room with her
face llusucd, her eyes bri.'it, her wavy,
Huily brown hair hanging in pretty uisor
der about her pleasant sweet oval face;
and sue swung in.r wide biiie-Iuutl hat hi
her hand, as sue looked latlgliiunly ut tiiree
childieu who loiiowed at ncr ncu,s, and
then addressing herself to Mrs. Tuorroid,
"Fred wants to go in my canoe with mc
Mrs. Tborrold; wul you trust him to my
"And I want to go too," clamored both
the oiucr children.
lean only lake one at a lime," said
May to the noisy brood; tnen, glancing at
their mother, sue repeated her uotsliou
"Will you trust tudu to lue, Sin. Tuor
roid i"'
"Certainly not, Mis Uulston; I should
have thought jou miiit have been satis
tied w ith roobiug mo of lue allccliou.i of
my uusiund wituout triii.g to steal my
children's love Iroin inc." And Mr.
TuurrolU's lace became white witli rage
s 6he ulleied toil outrageou iuipetli
oeuce. May Ualston, tor moineni stood petri
ted with asioiitshiucut.
The accusation was so cruelly unjust;
tb outburst of petty spite so utterly uu.
Sue had played with the spoilt children,
but it had bceu to please lucm, not for
Iicrown amusement; and as for toeir fa
ther, sha had not spoken to hiiu a uuzeu
times la Iter life.
Stariug at Mrs. Thorrold with bewil
dered gaze, she next turned her eyes up.
a Airs, l'rudholni, to see if she coucuired
la eoudemniug Iter.
lint that worthy matron, tli.vi:g1i sue hud
Lerown'llttlg spites and jealousies eould
not sit tamely by and see a motherless girl
gratuitously "insulted in that way. and
feeling for once an impulse of lioiu st in
dignation, she roso to her fc t and said
Korsiiame, Mrs. Thorrold, you have
forgotten yourself, and your remark is most
"Awl most unwarranted," added Mrs.
Drake, likewise rising; "and I shall in.
form Mis Budd that I must take my cons,
in awuy from her house, if she is to re.
ceive such treatment from any ef its in
mates." And, so saying, she linked her arm in
that of poor Madcap May, and led her from
the room, followed by all the other ladies
except Mrs. Thorrold, who was left with
her three children screaming in concert
'I will go With Mi"S Kalston! I will go
in a canoe with Miss Kalston!"
Their mother tried to quiet theui, but
in vain; nn-l, sometime afterwards, her
husband erne Into the room, pale with
passion but terribly In earnest.
Silencer' he said, sternly, to the little
ones; "leave the room!"'
And, as they obeyed hiin, he turned to
his wife, and said coldly
Pack your things directly. We are or
dered out of the house because of your
confounded jealousy and bad temper. Uy
Jove! you'll have cause for jealousy one ol
these days! You will go into lodgings
now: you" are not Ct to live with etlier wo
men." Then he turned on his heel and the mis
erable woman was left alone.
It was in vain that she ran after him,
and wept and entreated, and offered to
apologize, itiKl vowed she would nev r lose
her temper in a like manner again.
Her husband was obdurate; and though
Wav Kalston and Miss Kudd would both
have forgiven her, he was determined not
to run the risk ol another scene ef the
t-o the ThorroM'n went into lodgings for
the rest of their stay; and though the
children always ran alter May whenever
they saw her", the made a pointed dis
couraging such expressions of affection.
This little contretemps had the i(l (.
however, !' iiinkk'g May KaisJon y !"T
u!ar in (.'rivi II !l"Uk'-.
.Mrs. I'rudlii.lm (l:v,-ovr d that she was
1 verv charming gin, and il sir: H'l take
part in a few mad pranks, still she was so
votihtr, and so artless, and so uiiaflei teuiy
good matured, that it wa well enough lo
smile at and look, over I nrni.
Mrs. Drake' presence and suddenly
.vowed relationship was also a protection
to May, and as Captain I'erris and Mr.
fcmythe round their attentions were ac
cepted with equal impartiality ami good
natured Indifference, 1 lit- y were piqued oc
casionally into devoting tbcmsclvrs to
more appreciative members el !i a-M in
Mage of visitors at Dov ercoui t..
.vo the day went on. Happy, pleas
ant, sleepy Jays. AVhnl with bathing in
the morning when the tide was in, stroll
ing ou the sands, ?r on the parade, or
lounging iu the pa tulc i iption rooms,
the tune slipped awuy a)nt:st imjiercep
tibly. Excursions were organized lo aii the
places of interest iu the neighborhood, and
very much May enjoyed them; hut her
chief delight was to paddle about the
broad, eabii harbor in her canoe. Some,
limes she led a little fleet of canoes, and at
other times she was quite alone, without,
even her brother to accompany her.
Those who know Dovereourt will re.
member that it stands in the centre of an
extensive bay, bounded on the right by
Walton-oiNthe-Naze, and by l.anguard
I'oint on the left.
IJetween the latter and Dovereourt lie
the broad estuary of I he IMvers Orwell
and Stone, and I lie harbor and town of
At a point abvul midway between Do
vcrcourt and Harw ich there is a low head
land, from which ihere has been built out
into the sea a kind of breakwater or rather
groin for the protection of tbe 1 1 arbor of
Harwich. Standing at the end ot this
groin, one may have the water at one's left
hand as calm as a uiill-pond, while there
will be a perfect little tempest raging at
one's right, with only .some five or m. feet
of solid stene between the two.
From seaward comes the monotonous
boom! Loom! boom! of the bell-buoy on
the bar at the entrance of the harbor, and
its ominous clang reminds one incessantly
that, however placid and safe it may be in
the harbor, there j storm and danger
enough outside.
Sometimes this groin is under wafer,
and inaccessible; but generally it is possi.
ble to get out. lo the end of if , w here strong
seats have been lixed for the benefit ol
those w ho appreciate the luxury of having
water on thru- sidts of them, w ithout the
least risk of having their retreat cut off.
The current are dangerously strong oil
the point of the breakwater, and it is per
ilous for any small craft or canoe to tempt
to round it without going some distance
out to sea, though the most fragile craft
ever floated could He cluse lo the sloping
stonework ou the harbor or Harwich side
without the least danger.
It was a hot, hazy afternoon. The Spa
was filled with brightly dressed people,
w ho seemed t') have deserted the parade
and the sands fur such shade as they could
find here.
A hand is playing in the grounds, and
Madcap May sitting comfortably in hei
canoe, with her paddle at rest, listens
dreamily to tho witching strains, and
thinks how much sweeter the music sounds
here on the water than it does close to the
Her canoe is lying almost opposite the
Spa, and not a hun.ired yards from the
breakwater, and she is enjoying the pleas,
ant sensation derived from the slight rock,
iug of the canoe, and the note ot the dis
tant music, when a sorill piercing shriek
eclioes through the air and makes every
listener start with sudden alarm.
May looks about her anxiously to see
from whence the cry of terror comes.
Then she sees upon the end ;f the break
water a woman frantically waving her
arms, and screaming, while tvo terrified
children cling to her skills.
Their faces are turned in the direction
of Laugu ird Fort, and they arc evidently
trying lo call attention to some person 01
thing that had fallen into tue water.
So, ne of the people of the Spa grounds
hear the cries of distress, lor what wind
there is, is iu that direction, and madly run
along tne sea-wall toward tne breakwa
ter, uut it will tai.e tue quickest runner
full ten minutes to reach ii, and traverse
it entire leugtu; and, even wiieu there,
what help can any one give? It would be
madness lor tne strongest swimmer to
turow himself into the seething, w hirling
water at tms point. Uoc moment's pause
ai.d llieu May makes straigot for the spot.
bun knows her danger well, and in tue
brief moment that elapse between tue
aiariu -ud her reaching tue scene of pern,
s..e luinks of what Che has to lose, aud oi
w oo will oo left behind if she perish.
'l ucre is her lather. He will mourn for
her, but tier broiuer Frank will couiKirt
him aud tuere U ai.oiuer; but sue knows
iu uer heart tuat cit..er or tuem would
r.ss. his Me just 04 sue is abuut to risk,
her-, so sue tiisoiisvd from iter mind all
Itiouutof hesiUliou.
A few vigorous strokes, and she I ith
iu speaking distance of the people oi luit
break witter, and sue culls out
What is Hie matter Tell niol"
"Freddv! Freddy has fallen iitotho
water! My child! 'My child 1"'
And Mrs. Thorrold, for it was sh, held
up her arms', shrieking like a siad wo.
May's face wa very pale; a clear stead,
fast look came into her eyes; Imlo Fred,
dy was drow ning, and she must lave him
or lose her ow n life in the effort.
A few seconds later, and she Is on the
tpotjat the mercy cV the swirl ng cur.
rent, it would fecm, but as she is swept
past the place where the child was lust
seen, he rises again to the surface, and she
reaches over and clutches him.
"Well done! Well done!" is shouted
by the lookers on: but their exultation Is
premature, the girl has grasped the child
tiliuly, but what she feared, what sho has
prepared for has happened, she Las over,
balanced the canoe, and she and little
Freddy are both in the water.
She had just presence of mind enough
to throw herself out when she found sue
must go, and grasp the canoe with her left
hand in the hope that the tiny emit would
hear the strain long enough M allow time
for help to reach her, and here sbc floats,
holding Freddy iu one baud and clinging
to the can..e w itli the other, while the bell
from the lloaltng buoy noani solemnly as
if ringing le r knell.
Hold on, hold ou !"' is shouted wildly
by the spectaiorsoti the breakwater, while
people in boats u,,;u the Harwich side are
pulling luMiiv towards the u t e of tho
accident, Ibouli they only have j very
hay idea ol what has happened.
Counting by iniuuiis. and not one had
been lost iu e-iining to May Itabfon's aid,
the time had lni:i very short indeed, but
toher if seemed ',s ti:i'Ugh the iiL'ojiy of a
lifetime ciul.l in vi r be so lengthened out.
To ketp tb' ehl id' head above water
was not an easy matter without the use of
her other hand: and tlmngh she could
swim she dared not let go her hold of the
canoe, and she had not strength to turn it
over and lift lilt!-' Freddy into il,
So lu re sbe bung at the un io of the
current, vv lii- li had already carried her
several yards ii, om! the end of t lie break
water. Ii Was nMl th'- s.,fe(V ef the
child that i.ii'nbolc thong!. I were celt,
Iter arm w .s t'nd and nuiiiii. and seem
ed as 1 hough il must fall powerless by her
side: but if Freddy's face wen- not kept
above the water, of what use would her
own peril have been!'
Her very terror h'M she should loosen
her hold oil the child increases her c.haiis..
lion, ami her ideas become vague and con
fused. She is diinly conscious of a Kahel
of oicis and the rushing sound of the wa
ters; and then, with one convulsive sob,
she realizes thai help is close by. and she
lias just strength enough to murmur
"Take him!" Her eyes watch tlm child
grasped aud lifted into the boat, and she
knows no more.
She was nearly gon ." is the verdict
passed upon her as tender hands drag her
tenderly into the boat. They carry her to
Orwell House, where everything that
skill and affection can suggest is done for
her recovery.
She came hack to life slowly and pain
fully, and the first thing she was positive
ly conscious of, was; a small curly-headed
boy of live clambering over her bed and
uestling in her arms, as lie said
"I'm your Httle boy now, Miss 3iay;
mamma says so, and she says, please will
you forgive her. for my sake"
Two days later May's father returned,
he had beard of his daughter's noble act,
and was justly proud of her.
And be brought with him a young lieu
tenant in the navy, who had evidently
known our heroine at some earlier period
of his life, and who, the tirst moment he
found her alone, clasped her in his arms,
exclaim:"!)!.'--"Your father has consented,
This will, no doulif, account for the
very sudden departure of Captain Ferris
and JMr.Smythc from Dovereourt, and also
for the wedding that took place at the old
church a few weeks later.
May is as happy as any bride can he; but
the will always be Madcap May to those
who know her.
For chapped hands, face, lips, an 1 al! rough
ness of tbe skin, use Kali'derma. 25 cent':.
Sold iy K. Y. fJriggs,
The Peanut.
A m ieiitihv, journal having recently said
that the manufacture of oil from peanu!
was destinod to draw on the crop to such an
extent that the mils would become a scarce
article of trade as a food nut in the near
future, a reporter asked a wholesale dealer
in peanuts for further 'information on the
subject :
"There isn't a pint uf peanuts made int.
oil in this country that I know of, and inner
will b! as long as the greasy cotton seed
holds out," lie said. "Jiefore they began
to make cotton-seed oil peanuts were used
largely in manufacturinir an oil that was
used in place of olive oil, and during the
war a great deal of the illuminating lubri
eutinf oil used in the south was made from
peanuts, the entire crop being used fur the
purpose. The making of peanut oil was n
very extensive industry in France for iiiiinv
years before the introduction of cotton seed
oil, anil in thos days at least 50 per cent,
of the oil iniH)rted by us as olive oil was
either pure oil of fieanut or olive oil adul
terated with peanut oil. France- makes
considerable jvantit oil yet, and America
m the duel buyer of this product, and we
eat it as well as our cottonseed oil, when
we eat oil at all, in nine-tenths of the res
taiirant.s and hotels, and imagine it is the
genuine olive grease. The nut now chiefly
... .t : . .. t.s i . . r f
usru in i min t: ioi mi making is tne jni
ran ground-nut, which all through tropical
Africa is largely raised and is used, ci inked
or raw, as fxd. It is exerted in large
quantities to r'rancc fp.m Cuinea and An j
goia. It is richer in oil by one-thinl than '
the peanut, and is put on the Marseille i
market heajwr by half than the American J
nut can be told there. The peanut lover !
need have no fear for the future of the jxip-1
lll'.r shell fruit " ',n ....
Flnriil.t ami New Orlruna ICxt-ursinu,
To all who arc contemplating a trip to the
World's Exposition at New Orleans, ,r to
Jacksonville, Florida, or any point in the
south, I would call attention to the fait that
the C. B. & Q. K. R. Co. offers to the public a
greater variety of routes over which the con
nections are surer and rates of fare n low or
lower than offered by any other line. Parties
purchasing tickets over thu lino have their
choice of a variety of routes via either (,'hiea
iro or St. Louis. Connections mad in Union
depots. Bajriraire cheeked through to dcstl.
nation. Any information in this connection
will be cheerfully furbished. Call on or ad
dre i;eo. E. Rob,
Agent C. B. & Q. R. P.., Ottawa, IU.
sg 1 11, 1,1 II II I
11. M. HAMILTON ..
tOUV V NASH ... .
.....Prc;,. Ut,
.Vice Pre e ut,
i lUllllcl
Milton It. Swift, horriuo l-lHIiil.
II. M. Hamilton, K. V. l.rikV",
W. dashiiell, I John K. N will,
taaac llano.
Exelianite on I'lilcap), New York, and all tho princi
pal cltii's of the United Statea bought and sold.
ExchanKOon England, Ireland, Scotland and Conn
Dental Europe drawn in sums to suit.
United States Honda. Cold and Silver bought and sold.
Our fiirlllthn are nucli that we can offer Inducement),
to cu!utners, and wo ahull use our endeavor to Klv
ofl8fH Un to those entrusting ua with their huslncM.
Hanking hours from 9 a. m. to 4 e. .
JOHN K N ASH, Cannier.
i Formerly City llink uf Kaiurs, Allen Jc Co.)
;. L LIM'I.EY....
.Vice President.
.Assist. Cashier.
EMtu'ye! on hicaito and New York and all the
principal cities e:ist and west bought mid sold.
Exi'hutiKe on England, Ireland, Scotland and all im
portant pomus lu Continental Europe druwn In xuuuto
suit purchasers.
V. S. licvcnui! Stamps of all denomination constant
ly on hand and for wile.
t'nited States I mds. Loca! Securities, (lold and .silver
bought aud sold.
Ilaukliif hours from 9 a. m. to 1 1. a.
. L. LINDLEY. .Wist. Cashier.
iJrofcsBlonal 4ffai.
S. tl. HI I m m iio.
IIORV'K Ht t.t.
i.....-. iiniuiiV tii'ijij, AllorneVR, Ar
1 mory!ll.H-k. Ottawa, III. Horace Hull, Stcnogra
phcruiid Notary Public. novS'M
KIC HAUI) A. 1 lAKl'K, Attorney at Law
Otllcc with 1. A. took, Armory lliock, OMawa,
Illinois. octiVtf
. nieiinijioy. w. iiks ti.kuan. .i. c. pinch.
JV aao i i nselorn at L.1W. Will practice law in the
i .tw.il La Salic ami adloinlng countlcu. Oltlcn wrk
o court Iiounc, Ottawa, HI, scpJU'si
I.1 C. HW1KT, Attorney at Ijiw, Armory Hiock,
J Siwcial attention giten to probate mutters.
j w. nuNi-a v a. jr7oiNoir
IVUNOAN Ac (Vl!ONOK, Attorney at
I f La-v. Ottlcelu Futterert Mctirfcr' hlo k. emit
of court house, Ottawa, Illinois. July29'tU
BVIjIj, KI'llAWN .Sc mUiKK, Attor
neys and Counsellors at Law. otflce over City
Drug Shirt), corner of La Sail aud M.idUoD itrxef. Ot
tawa. Hk Jan.61
niLHKKT At KPIiKbH, Attorney aud
VJ Counselors at Law, Fuilurer & Mutger'M IiliK-k.
east of Court House. sep'j S3
tonieysat L;iw. OtiHwa. Illinois. Oiliee In Hush
uell'e block, west of Coui t House. uiv'Jl-Iy
CU. CHA entAN, Attorney imd Cnnnsetoi
ut Law. Olllce Willi O. McIlouKall. 'ittawa. 111.
MX. AltMSTHONU, Attorn ) and Conn
. svlnr at Law.OUawa, 111. Notary ublie. Office
In Ueduvy' II lock. utawa. nnS,'W
JOHN H. HICK, Attorney at Ijiw. Keil.ilr.k'i
Uloek. city of Ottawa. Will practice law in L
Salle and adjoining counties, and lu thu Aupellau
and btipremo Court. epwo-'yr
Ottawa. Hllno!.
Probat tiiHtiers a specialty.
Office ovei Hull' Dry Oooda Store. JnnnfU
IHASK FOWLKH, Master In Chanrcry, Al
J turuey and Counsi'lor at Law. oille In (icdneyl
Hiock, northeast coni-r of court hoiiso square, I'isinii
3uud 4, Ottawa, Illinois. JunllThl
'V C.
KUNAIIY. Attorney at law ilitir
With I. W ltl'.lL...r Ifiuiti.l M 1,1. Ill I.
- ...... ... ... ..uui ..a . , .... i-, win-, u , aniinc
liloek, Ottawa, III. juii
IW. HKKW Kilt, Attorney and Counselor at
J. Law. and Notary Public. Itooin s, !) A. ID, opera
Uouie lliuck, Ottawa, 111.
1 (jUtlCiCJH, AtUirney nd Counwlor at Law.
umce iu L,yncu i nioca. Main street, Ottawa, ill.
JC). HOYIjK. Attorney at Law. otflee wltk
M.T. Mo!on, y, Opera Uoune Block, Ottawa, III.
DMoIX)U(A I .I Attorney at Law, Ottawa.
III, Office In liedney' Hloek docile.
K. LINCOLN, Attorney at Law. Otnoe
over No '. I H4II0 tri!et. wncl side 'if the
Court Uouao. Ottaw. 111.
f JKOH(K H. I:i.IHKI IOK, Att'irneyat
V Law Office In I'uMtoltice Illoiik Ottawa, 111 nprl'
I A VO rtc. W I IM KH, AtUirney at Law -
.'1 OffliM III NattlHifer's lllik, cor hit of I alle
na Main trft front room un stnlr. Ottawa. 111.
I kit. C'l I A KI'I'Y SANHKI1S. Miecesiior
If to Dr. Alein, la Auten. Oilier over 11. A. Holler'
grocery store, in Union lliock, Oltuwa, 111. scpla
DIl. ii. MIlo.KK, tho well known Ocullsi
and Aunst, Ottawa, I,:. oiliee, II La ShIIo strei-t
up iair. aprvauios
DR. K. W. WF,:iH, (OeiitchiT Oirtor,) lab
Physician and SurKeoii to !. St, Louis Ketrmii
Mosiptal. ( illlre over Sttrfid's Clot Mug Store,, Comer ol
Yiain ami it naiie nirevts. ucs.ilniioi on eoalh hlutf
it Mr, kens . ap'i
nit. J. H. ItV 1 .
IU the Oner Houte
Ottawa. III. 0!hl
Iu iillleo day anc
wte i
1U. It. M. MiiAllTIII'lt, Ottawa, III.-
1' offlcf In the Ojiera Houvt lllork. flptn from (
o'clock a. a Ui'clrk p. a. Id-judenrv 011 K'nior
trw-t,uuth of Illinois Avenue. nu121t
HM. OOHFItKY, M . !.. L It. C.
Killnhurg. OtHrH. in Aruioiir's eew hulldtng. 01
Madlaur atreet. IStwtdenix II WMl,tr st. augllT
nit. M. ZHN I 'e.lt, Moinosijiatliic thir;aii
Ottawa, III. Offers lilt lervteca to the fVtcnds o
'he HomuMifiatWesy.tcni l Ottawa. In all branched o
hi proNsslou Particular iCU-iclon irl vc , b-troi
merit of womeu and rhl'.lreu. lflc In (.1 ivi r a
Cook' liloek. f, hi
F V. -ItIKH, IinggTM. tl ,kf..:r and H
J. Hon er, 1 ittawa. HI. H.vi.n l store lu N".l.ger
Hl:k. loutti sldii of Conrt lioasf S-iaare.
KNKf !KMI,,hHrmn Prnre.st n-1 Ap"" e-
. l-ttrv i m hill.'.M'M UI..I ...l.tll I S.I .In B,r...K tllk.
Ill, I mp'iruT 1,
v. Brandlra, W'n. Ao
111. Iniport,.r..f Itruin. Clienila.. French Cui.
nit. WM. ri-i J'AItI. Vfen tier f ts,
Koyal College terin ary surg.-r,. K: u.-id
Fl'ow of th Lori'tos e'Tinary M.sCcsl As lati no
aleo Vetar'nary Kdt or un' AMHIor . r
can tiecouanlted at h otflcu. wi Lafayette St. acgS
County SnpcrioteDileflt ofPoliIic Scbools
Will haldrtan.liiatlor.: t ,eof!',-'tn tteC' UM tlovar
oil tf.o ecind ami fou'tli Sa'urdiye of t . h n: ot(
nnlil rurtijer uotiis-. 'unij
Tl.e lute reiil-nc of F. .T. W 11 Houm" I larg a(HI
fitted up in iikhI rn tyie. at,l in r.rst-elsM r.nitiUoQ
being nearly n-w. Ifcan'-d by furn-u -. Artc:aii aaut
in house and yard. Oisi u.-it l-.t and e-s iwrn. Pot
further paruculr Inquire of J AM.'.s GALVIN, IsIim
baok.OtUwa. LI. fA'i
Farm for Sale.
tan acre farm In rur,io! ( ourtv. li 'lKr.v mile
from l.oodlainL on 1 , P. W. It f; , ard i 10 .- fnm
VA arfi-ti. on ('.. A (. S K. . Inaid !:, htm. wind
pump, crib, hearing orrliard; f-nisl aa4 ditctsl;
rliixil tw.m-r on corner of laud. Tme a wed improved
farm; price, tt'f; eay Irriua. Apply to
Isaac K. I'linrcw, Fowler, Int.
house row Ens,
fuapisf or Pow
Iron Pump
V Iron rlftt,
Lfttfii 'ice. Wilkin? vo 1 CambiDeJ
La Ball Cu..Ilhnola.
I JVT. m WW.' . . m m ,
UlPr.7T-..Tr. KT7rr.T.7 h...:;i,i
35 & 37 La hallo Street.
Road Cart
( nit nnd evimitm our
large stiH-k ntul get prices
before liuviug.
Itonii 1,'iirts from t I'.'JO
to .iti IW.
One liI(H-k west postoflh e
Ottawa. Illinois.
TONfJ A ii a product of tlio Totit or rricrully
IslnniLs wlicre It lum long Inch ii.m 1 n. I vui
liable remedy by tho iititives'.
ViNPVfVP 'H n comiaiHtnl of 1 otigu v itli
--VJvVV,v.V (,t1(.r iiigreilicnis vvlinse i in
B'.ive pnijicrtles huvo la-en tlior,it:"tiiy tcteil.
tN rvt n ', taken intcnmllv . an l pro
OS.nUVV dm cs no ii!i.ieii-at,l cil. cl-.
It contains no Opium or Morphine
lOR KAI.K KV AM. OHfl.l. fsTS
A. . rvlELLIEH. NJ- Pr..j.rv-t., ?o:j
Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific R'Y,
Belns the Creat Central Line, affords to travu'ejrr, by reason of Its unrivaled oC
Krapnical ooaitlon, the shortest and best route between the East, Northeast and
Southeast, ana the West, Northwest and Southwest.
It is literally and strict' true, th.it Its connections are all of the principal lines
of road between the Atlantic and the aclflc.
By Its main line and branches It eaches Chicago, Jollet, Peoria, Ottawa,
La Ealle, Ceneseo, Molina and Rock Island, In Illinois Davenport. Muscatine,
Washington, Keokuk, Knoiville. Oskaloosa, Fairfield, Des Moines, West Liberty.
Iowa City, Atlantic, Avoca, Audubon, Harlan, Cuthrle Center and Council Bluffs,
In Iowa Callatln, Trenton, Cameron und Kansas City, In Missouri, and Leaven
worth and Atchison In Kansas, and the hundreds of cities, villages and to
Intermediate. The a
As it Is familiarly called, offers to traveler all the advantage and cowOft
Incident to a smooth track, safe bridges. Union Depot at an connecting point.
Past Eiprcas Trains, composed of COMMODIOUS, WELL VENTILATED, WELL
latest designed and handsomest PALACE 8LEEPINQ CARS, anal DINING CARS
that are acknowledged by press and people to be the FINEST RUN UPON ATT
ROAD IN THE COUNTRY, and in which superior nals ai serd to traveler M
the low rate of SEVENTY-FIVE CENTS EACH.
.HRCE TRAINS each way between CHICACO and the MISSOURI RIVE.
via the famous
A New and Direct Line, via Seneca and Kankakee, has rentfy bsen'opew!,
between Newport News, Richmond, Cincinnati, Indianapoll and La Fayettvk,
and Council Bluffs, St. Paul, Minneapolis and Intermediate point.
All Through Passenger carried on Fast Eipres Train.
For more detailed Information, see Maps and Folders, which may b Obtained,
well Tickets, at all principal Ticket Office in the United State and Canada, or e
Vkce-Pses't Cen'l Manager, Cent Tkt PaST Af
No HoRsa will die of Colic. Both or lcl fg
, If l-oiiue Powder aro used in tlrtm.
Kuutzl Pnwdemwlllcure and revent lion ("noian.
tout' Powder will prevent 0es ii Kowls.
Font' Powder will bicease the qnsutlty of aillk
and cream twenty per cent, and n.ake Ui butter tnu
aud sweet.
Kontr.' Powder will enre or prevent lmo miT
Disuss to which Honu-sand Cattle are snhssct.
KoiTi' Pownega will viva t-aTisricneui.
Sold everywhere.
DAVID E. TOHTZ. Proprietor,
Sold by D. Lorriaux.
GEO. 7. RAVEflS,
Passage Tickets,
Foreign Exchange.
Insurance Business.
outDt corner Potace Block. Ottawa Ullaou.
Send lx eenta for Mat
age. and receive free a
contly ix uf guod which
i ".II lie In all. of either
nev.t.1 niore mnnevtialit
away than anything clue In thla world. Fortune, await
mo woi-Kcm armuutciy ture. At.once d4rea Tbub A
Co.. Auguata, Maine.
The oldest House,
The largest Stock,
The Best Variety
Of Go .sis in this Line is
La Salle County.
Am convinem, after tiating it that TONOAUWI
p,wrii dH-iiieil end niark.-it enrativ. proiM-rtie.
in KMouniMic Nenrnlgi. and aleoin kfuacnlar Kbeu
mat I'm, Wal l i u (. ni l. M. V , M. Louu, Ho.
Hrti. t,-'... Tiii-iuijJK in artera! caae of Neu
r.luia. It li r",,ii in perlect sat lef act ion.
I' H si hANin.R, 11 O., Kairtmrv, Kl
lli.r. i, ml TiAjiuvr in .ruraigia ati t IniUrn.
rr. m . i-. litieoinat, m, .,.'! th xert Iret rrul -
.1. N. Vo.l . M !".. Vandee , k J.l
rmrr nvr ixt i it pit. noTTir
"1 711 V AMIIM. I'll.V VI VI'i . SV

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