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Sh ttwvn xtt Srmto.
rvnuHiiRD Kvkuv Sati -iiuav Muknino,
At Nun. aOniul 1 Ji.-irsalle Sti t,
Wyi. OSMAN .Sc HONS, 1 'ropi-iel or.
WM. OSMAX, Ki'irc.li;
I01IN .1. SWKKSKY, I i n Ki-ithii.
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1 .7
Terms of Subscription:
nadvniico, per minimi
If not pniil till -ml of Hirer months
If not paid till cnil of nix nioiitlm
ly carrier, fifty ti-iitu extol.
Fifteen cent u year 1" nddcd '" I'11!'1'1' l'm "," "r ""'
ouuty, to COT.T prepayment of poMar.
These term will be nrletly iulti r l to.
IMeiiao be certain that theilale on the Hume label on
our naix-r Imlli-alm the time t" which you Imvu mhl
tour uliTlpt Ion. If II ilo"-" not, I'leaw notify ii Inline-
dlately. In keeping thce :ie ennui-. llh so niiiiiy differ
ent Bubitcrlbent error are liable to inetir, ami w lake
this nietlioil to keep correct iiccoiuiIh with mini nb
acrlbem. If the lalM'l li riot coneitcl lkltliin two weeks
4fter we fchouhl litivc received pa inenl plen-e notify ns.
We lire even more iinxloiit tliim yon I" lmve the ace. unit
on: ai.i:ni:
Til KiikkTk.uji.ii may be obtalni-il at the fuHnum
place hy the lni;lc copy, or ie.ilniT!pil"ii will he taken
for any Iwiuth of time at ihe n-iruiar :aU-:
R. II. I'ooi.vn. Serena, III.
I. II. Ti:o -iin: ims i:. M.itw':!'-.'.
D. II. I'MiHimiM., Seneca.
L. T. Vax I"1skn. (iriiml IM
G uoik.k II. Hi.!: .ki:. t..r 1: .-y t,t:
thaw. A'lilre.v,T:-oy Onm-.
Nr rni I'lmt SIiU M'ir
, I'.liiioii, hi
OttUHH. III.. .lllil I I. I"
From Paris, France.
M i-Ciu-cini-.
Tbe guiety f the French people is so of
ri'rvosrciit.th.'it, Hltlmu-li the Kenton re
strictions are nut severe, it cannot bo sup
pressed f'r forty dins and nights, hut tit
mid Lent or Mi C'areine, in a fete, the
file (!' l!t'in-Iu'.ncn.i. The blanchlssen
ses are laundresses. The old washenvom
en pound tho buttons off our (dotlies in the
lloatiuu hospital alnn the Seine, the jaiin
ty little grisettes who iron and bring them
to our hotel cm .Sunday morning, and the
middle aged lady who keeps the hooks ami
sews on the buttons compose the three div
isions of tho Order of the Washtiih.
The connection between them and this
infringement upon tin? fasting and prayer
is not very clearly defined, unless it is that
the Manchissenses are chosen to bear the
burden of the sin, as they are of a profes
sion able "to waah their sins away."
At all events the day is w ell celebrated,
and the festivities coiniueni e at an early
hour. The maskers in costume begin to
appear on tlie IouIevard-i in the afternoon
of the day previous, and by evening they
become unite numerous. They do not
seem to ilo much of anything, but they
wander about in couples or small parties?
and t ike their aniu-ement in dialling or
being chaffed by th" knots of idlers who
gather about them. This goes on until
midnight, and even 1 iter. As lung as there
is any one to see an I a Inure them, they
are willing to sacrifice them-elves. I tithe
evening aK, group, of young men w ith
hunting h rns i ollei t around the buvettes
and freiplented places and produce a w ierd
ear splitting music. run-Ming of one re.
frain, which is repeated with variations un
til they are invited to tak something or
told to move on. There is something po.
etlc in tho music of these horns if heard in
the fore-t of lintahi!!!il.MU w li-n the huu
ters and doir are crashing ihrough the
woods or galloping over a rolling plain on
a line autumn day, but w hen it is sent re.
verberatlng up between the fill build
ings seeming to stiike and rebound from
the narrow strip of sky above, it is not; it
is painful However, they amuse them
selves, and as it does not nicur too oft"ii,
society submits to it.
With the exception wf ihe triumphal pro-res-Ion
of 1 1 I! 1,1 ," i,..''VsrMc.v, the
mi-caroino is practically a repetition of the
previous evening. The pinees-iou consists
of the chai lot uf tiie Oiiecn uf the Latin
drees, preceded by a .-itiadron of '-.nights
of the wa- tub and followed by rhnriut-repre-entinj
('ominerrc, A 41 iriiltur", It-
honii'iir .i',("i''', i.iiierty ciiiiglil'iung
tho A orld, and othci . While ;bi-, joyous
cortege isniakin.: the rounds l ilie locale,
vaidi ami the lLilies(iiiaiket.-'i the crowds
look on and the little boy- blow thcirtruni
pets. The trumpets have much the suite
effect Upon one as the h l!l- of Ihe night
Ijelore, except tuat tae rxecutii 11 1- more
naive and epileptic h casionaliv a few
1'ieiTiit-, Harh'ipiins and Columbines rol
Kitieu in carriages w n a lew Util-lil- or
cuirassier form a proiv ion ol tin-it- own
tuiue and given a ball. It In Raid by those
who havo seen It that some of these poor
creatures are (piite serious over It and con
duct themselves with the utmost gravity,
wlille others are gay and seem to enjoy
themselves with the intense delight of
children, but none are Itoisterous or disor
derly, and that to 11 casual observer they
would appear entirely rational.
The walls are draped with white and
decor .ted w ith festoons and boqtirts of
flowers. Mush: is furnished by a pianist
and a blind fiddler.
Turn from them to the students and
their couipainioiis of the J'.otiillier at their
dance, their antics and shouting, ami one
would ask himself who were the lunatic-
and w ho were the sane people. K. S. C.
For chapped luuuls, face, lips, and nil nnih.
ih-ss uf tin- skin, use Kuloih riiiii. 2.1 cents.
Sold try K. V. lirlgu's.
- - -
I lie Iteddlck liKtiito.
Last Saturday a claim was filed in the
I'johate court by Tims. Khoades consisting
of one seventh interest in 1'JO acres of land
valued at '.) per arte in Henderson eoun-
tv --!"., u.i 1. I le claims tna: tne jano was
laiidulentlv withheld from the widow
ami children heirs to I boinas Klioades of
the village of Ihownsville, l'liyette county,
ami state of Pa. Kerdick refused to return
the papers to my mother in the year 11:!,
statin:.' that they were lost. The papers
were afterward seen in his possession in
HIT. A one. half interest in a bill for slid
ling corn amounting to l!0; for harvest
ing and other labor :'.) .10; one-seventh of
board bill for Hi years, sfi.l.l; ten days
work with team hauling corn from the
Vermillion farm nt $;f per day, :!(); one
shovel plow borrowed and not returned, Sli
Total, iJ'.'.OT.'l.oO. Interest on that amount
for :'l years at 0 per cent, per annum, $.1,-
.i:',0, due on account, ijtso l.Cl."
some of the battle scared soldiers of ':0
will bo present.
Our prospect for an abundant harvest is
flattering in spite of the cold backward
spring. l!ot!i wheat and oats have made
rapid progress since the freezing let up a
little. The ground for planting con: ami
cotton is in a fine condition. Corn-planting
is about over w ith.
One by one the present incumbents of
the federal ollices resign for new appoint
ments, and it is of rare occurrence that one
has to be invited out, to give, place for the
new appointee. Mr. Manning for his (hir
ing bravery in the defen-e of poor (iosling
was immediately endorsed by prominent
men of both the republican and democra
tic parties to till the oilier- of l S. marshal
of this district. There seems to be about
twenty applications for every olUre to be
filled throughout the state.
Lrrri.K Ti: w
. -
Have tested Tongaline in neuralgia, it
Is very seldom that I give laudatory notice
or praise of proprietary medicines, but
Tongaline has given me perfect sati-fartion.
C. I'. O.-trander, M. D., Fairbury. Ills.
and I
L'nder the direction of the New York
State Hoard of Health, eighty-four differ
ent kinds of baking powders, embracing
all the brands that could be found for sale
in the state, were submitted to examination
and analysis by Prof. F. ('handler, a ineiii-
her of the state board, and president of the
New York city board of health, asMsted by
Prof. Edward (. Love, the well known late
I'nited States Government chemist.
Tins ollidal report shows that a large
number of the powders examined were
found to contain ulum or lime; many of
them to such tin extent as to render them
seriously objectionable for use in the pre
halation of human food.
Alum was found in twenty nine samples.
This drug is employed in baking powders
to cheapen their cost. lite presence or
lime is attributed to the impure cream ol
tartar of commerce, used in their manufac
ture. Such cream of tartar was also ana
lyzed ami found to contain lime and other
impurities, in some samples to the extent
of ! per cent of their entire weitrht.
All the baking powders of the market,
with the si-.H'le exception of "Hoyal"' mot
including the alum and phosphate powders,
w hich were hm since discarded as unsafe
When Baby wu alrk, we cvo lior CASTORIA,
Wlii-n alio wna n Child, lio cried for ('ASTORIA,
When nlio liecainii Mis, ulio tlui.g to CASTORIA,
Wlieu hIio had Children, alio favo tlieiu CASTOHLA
(ir ineflicieut liy housekeepers) areini.de
oaiii- j iioui impure cream of tartar of commerce.
to a corres.
.Much money is expended in one '.
another to increase the quantify off
in the waters of this state. ( )w ners of
are compelled by law to construe
...... . : .. : 1. 1 : ? 1 .1
iuiiii ii.-ii- iiv .1 .;i oiismeiii.iu: e.," - .... , . , . , , -
' I be run 'baking powder vet fo.iut ls
to facilitate the .rogres.s of the I'miiy rln'inical t'tnalvsis " to be entirely free from
lime and absolutely pure Is the "Hoyal."
This perfect purity results from the exdu-
imd i and coiiM-iitiently contain lime
1 11 irn i i nr extent
. ii-e 1 1 . ... n : v
"Tie- St. .'ncolis Oil Family Cnlemlar urn
Rook of Health " is the title of an iiiinai
puMi-licil l-y the Cluis. A. Vogcler C'oiiipaiiy
of Ifaltimore. Like St. Jacolis Oil, this pill
iii ntioii lends all competitors und has a dis
tine tive feature ill itself which makes ihe lit
tie liooli well worthy of preservation. All th
i-niliiig humorist of the time, Rill Nye, M
timid, Rob liiiiih-tli-, Derrick Dodd, Spoopen
dykc.Opie P. Road, R. lx. .Munkilrick, am.
other have contributed lo its pages. Scud
J-cent stamp to the publishers and get a copy
It will ii pav vou well.
The recent announcement of the suspen
ion of a daily paper called '-Ve Jiiiif,'
published iti New York durin'r the past
vear, has invert an impression that the ex
llent monthly journal, Th? Jh'nl, by Jan
sen, McClurg it Co., Chicago, is the oik
referred to. This is a -rreat mistake. The
h',il, of Chicago, has just closed success
fully its fifth vear and is irrowin better
wicli each sma eedimr number. It is cer
tainly the best literary journal ever pul
li-hed in the west, and probably the best
now in existence, in America. It is beau
tiful in appearance, and most ably edited
To any one w ho wishes to keep informed
as to the literature of the day and to every
book buyer, It is invaluable.
From Texas.
and make a tour of the Uoulcvard-. -eein
and being seen. And that is about all there
i s of it.
All this aimiseniei t which in America
would he classed as ' tomfoolery-' is looked
upon here, as a necessary relaxation from
work, and as the enjoyment is innocent, it
is commendable.
The old people lament the decadence of
the carnival, the waning of interest in fetes
chide the young people for not participat
ing in them, and talk of the time- of tlu
procession of the Un-uf.gras ibarblcue.)
Some of them say that Paris needs a touch
of royalty and th example of a brilliant
COUrt to show the people how to amuse
The people who take part in the prore
sions atvi promena-ie me liotiievards 111
rosiume uie ;'rii'-raiiv 01 'tie lower classes
or the bourgeois at best. The ., ,,,),
'diverts itself at th lial d Lnfants at the
Opera, the special matinees a! the theatres
-- - - -, ... . ... . .
and expositions or palutings. in the een
ins there are given bal ma-ipies at several
theatres after the representations, ami at
public balls, such as the famous Hal lioul.
Jler, the students' hall of the Latin (Quarter
This occasion Is chosen as an Interesting
yet peculiarly Impressive affair the ball
at tlie Salpetrlere or crazy Lospltal. All
the demented, hysterical and weakmimled
people in the hospital are dressed in cos-
Waco, Mi-Lean Co. Tex., March 'IS, 1SS.1
The ( losiu:; up of the great strike on the
(ioiild system of railroads has practically
demonstrated the folly of such n state of
affairs, and the untold amount of d image
lone the commercial Interests of tho coun
try. Ten days suspension of business on the
tw o paclllca, seems to be but a small affair,
yet when we think of Its immense trains-
running daily across our great state, far in
to the heart of Mexico, a few days suspen
sion causes serious delays attended w ith
heavy losses in business circles. If th
railroad men and their employees were all
the persons to suffer, it would not matter,
but every branch of industry lias to suffer.
The murder of Hal (Iosling by a con
victed prisoner, 0:1 the train near New-
ISrauusfeld, cieatcd 1.0 little stir among
his friends. I . S. Marsha! Co-ling was
conveMiig two convicts lroin S-an Antonio
to Au-tin, of a dc-pcra't' nature. Several
friends of th'- prisoners were aboard the
train, and although having been warned
that they would make an attempt to escape,
(iosling gave tliein liberties inconsistent
in tin? premises. The wife of 0:10 pri.-oner
gave them arms, when a general battle en.
sued. Poor t iosling fell a victim the firsl
tire. After the smoke cleared away in the
car snflldently to see, says an eye witness:
"Two men and two women lay prostrate
upon the lloor, bespangled with their own
life's blood, while both prisoners made
their exit from the moving train, one of
whom fell mortally wounded within a few
rods of the track, while the other one was
re -captured the next day. t losling's ileath
was lamented by both press and people
over the state.
I ui- si -ter city Marlin was the scene of
another tragedy last week 111 the shooting
of two convicts by tlii-ir guards, w hile at
work on the railroad. The custom of the
state lea-iug out the penitentiary to private
parties, has resulted in great loss of life to
piisom-rs 111 the way I have just mentioned,
and such a piactice should be abolished.
The bill pending in the legislature, t
substitute granite in the place of limestone
as per contract in constructing the state ca
pitol. has V(SM(t tlie senate and w ill doubt
less become a law. The change will cost
the - tatt about one half million dollars.
Tin- bill has neated much cnthusia-nt
both within the legislative halls and among
the comuion people. There will be no re
union of the Texas veterans on the -.'M of
April, which would celebrate the 4!th an
niversary ol the La'tle of .Iiu lnto or the
gaining of Texas indeH-nderc . Jefferson
Davis will lecture on the '.'1st at New Or
leans, which w ill be Texas' day ft r exhibits
at the exjiasltlon. Many Wucoites will at
tend on that dav. Amonir whom doubtless
on their way to spawning grounds ; and t wo
or three galoots in every river town are
permitted to seine till of the be.-t l!-h and
destroy spawn by the million. In other
words these two or three persons not only
reap nil the advantage to be derived from
the efforts of the l iiited States and State
ollici.ils, but actually in a great degree to
neutralize their action. This is about as
consistent as it would be for the city of Ot
tawa to plant shade and ornamental trees
in Washington park, and then permit two
or three persons to chop dow n the trees for
fire wood.
As Ihe case now stands th galoots alore
siid not only destroy large (piantities of
spawn und young fish, but, it is said, care
fully take out the game fish and ship them
to Chicago, so that tho citizens of Ottawa
c innot get them by hook or purchase.
Were a proper law enacted or enforced
tish would be so plentiful in our rivers that
any man could in an hour secure fish
enough for two or three meals for his fam
ily, but as it stands fishing with hook and
line is played out. Two or three individu-
ils get w hat belongs to live or ten thousand, j
- - .
In speaking of the influence for good !
women exert on the Pacific coast, Chief
Justice Creeti, of Washington territory,
says: "Twelve terms of court I have now
held in which women have served as grand
and petit jurors, and it is certainly a fact
beyond dispute that no other twelve terms
so salutary tor restraint ot crime have ever
been know n in this territory."
Tln-se an- Sullil Farts.
I'hs lie.st blood purifier and system regulator
ever placet within the reach ol sulleniig hu
manity, truly is Electric Hitlers, inactivity of
ties liver, biliousness, jaundice, constipntioii,
weak kidneys, or any disease or the urinary
organs, or whoever ri-ipiires an appetizer,
tome or mild simulant , will always luid Elec
tric Hitters the best mid only certain cure
known. They m l surely and iiuirklv, everv
ttle nuaiuiitecd to give entire satisfaction or
money relumled. Nld at Mltv cents a bottle
by Lid and liriggs.
l'ho Fletchers, father and son, were last
Saturday found guilty of the murder of
Otto J. Hope, at Aurora, and sentenced the
son to the penitentiary for life and the la
ther for three years.
William Whiteside, of Lancaster, Pa.,
writes: "ror over six years I was alllicted
with diarrho-a. Mishler's Herb Hitters
cured me ami improved my general health.
1 here is no remedy 111 tlie world that can
show a similar record of cases, covering so
arge a ran' of diseases, as this great
lousel.old specific Kidney and liver
omplaints. indigestion, foul stomach, diz
ziness, nausea, sick headache, etc., all
ield to the magic of ihi treatment."
.. -. ..
Dixon .S"-( It is a horrid thought to
think of burving friends before they are
lead. 1'eniamiti Forsyth, a Freeport boy
god Hi years, was apparently dead and his
nihil was about t lie lowered into tlie
rave, w hrn, in compliance wit;, the lie.
seeching cries ol it IS mother the roll!) was
ipened and a slij lit mob t 11 e was dNeov-
red Upon the boy's forehead, lie Wa- re.
moved to a house near bv and ellorts made
o restore him. These were successful at
r several hours' work, and complete re-
ovety is now promised.
-. -4 .-
lull 011 Wan, to K mikk .
F.vervbody wants an honest answer t
this simple tiie-tion: -What is the host
medicine to regulate the bowel-;, cure cos-tivrne.-s
and hilioii-ness, help the digestion
mil give strength to the whole system?
eople ask us this everyday. We .in-wer.
'acker's Tonic. It is pleasant to the taste.
All the children like it. Mothers all
praise it. It will save a thousand times its
ost in every family. L ditor llufmi A?-
. .
La Salle Times: Over and aKive the
bonded in lebtedness of this township, a-
liow ti in Supet viso McLauclil.in's report
last week, there N, as shown in Treasurer
Deegan's report this week, -i iloating in
debtedness of sfl1,s:!-2J- standing against
the town in the form of commissioners of
highways "scrip." This debt was contract
ed for improving the Imttom road.
I)rstry Hint Mjjii.
( hie may feel that he's getting old, but
he uat'iral'ly dislikes that anything about
his appearance should advise others of the
fact.' Yet nothing does this so effectually
as thin and falling hair. No woman wants
to marry a man, and business tirms hesitate
to employ a man, who -hows this fatal
sign. Parker's Hair Dalsnm is worth to
to you, in this regard, more than its weight
in diamonds I se it, and have plentiful
and glossy hair. Many have had every
trace ot grayness removed and bald sjiots
covered by using a single bottle.
The .loliet ll?turblie ami .m says that
that Edward J. Phelps is envoy extraordi
nary and minUter plenipotentiary to Great
Britain. Such Is not the case : Mr. Phelps
has no title of the kind and the It. nml .S.
should post up on such big words before
attaching them to the name of a personage
whose title Is simply .Minister riieips ana
nothing mote.
ive use of cream of tartar specially refined
and prepared by patent processes of the N.
V. Tartar Co., which totally remove the
tartrate of lime and other impurities. The
cost of this chemically pure cream of tar
tar is much greater than any other, and on
account of this greater cost is used in 110
baking powder but the "Royal."
Prof. Love, who made tho analyses of
baking powders for the New York State
Hoard of Health, as well as for the Govern
ment, savs of the purity and wholesomeness
of "Hoy hi":
"I have tested a package of Hoyal Mak
ing powder, which 1 purchased in the open
market, and find it composed ot pure and
wholesome ingredients. It is a cream of
tartar powder of a high degree of merit,
and does not contain either alum or phos.
phates or anv injurious substances.
K. G. Love, Ph. D."
. . .
The following, taken lroin tin exchange,
is good advice, and should he followed by
Ottawa citizens; it is eoiiallv applicable
here :
Taliv about the city.
Help to improve it.
Heaiitify the streets.
Patronize tlie merchants.
Advertize in its newspapers.
F.leet good men to ofliee.
Pay your taxes without grumbling.
I !e courteous ti strangers'that come am ong
Never let an opportunity to speak a good
word for it pass.
If you think of nothing gm-d to say
about it, say nothing bad.
Hcmember that every dollar you invest
iua permanent improvement is that much
money at interest.
Never "kick" against any proposed ne.
cessary improvement because it is not near
your own door, or for fear that your taxes
will be raised lifteeu cents.
A remedy that can destroy the germs ol
scrofula, and when once settled has the pow.
cr to root it out, must be appreciated by
those afilicted. Tho remarkable, cures ot
young children ami the more wonderful cures
of those of middle ago anil late In life, as il
lustrated by our printed testimonials, prove
Hood's S.utSAi'Ai:it.i.A to lie a reliable rem
edy, containing remedial afrents which, do
positively cure scrofula and eradicate it from
the blood.
Wai:m:h, X. H., .Tan. 21, IS79.
JlFSSits. C. I. Hood ; Co., Lowell, Mass.:
Gentlemen For ten years previous to tho
early part of 1ST7 I had been a constant suf
ferer from scrofulous ulcers or sores, which
had liiully reduced me to a helpless condi
tion, as described in my letter to you in s.o
tembcrof that year. Tho continued excel
lent health which enables Hie to keep liouso
for my aged father and to enjoy life, keeps
allvemy intense personal interest 111 IIood'h
.SAitSAi'Ai;ii.LA,aiid I cannot refrain from ex
pressing my gratitude for tlie permanent
cure this wonderful medicine effected h. my
rase nearly two years nuo, while living hi
Lowell, w hen all my physicians gave me up
as Is-ins in an incurable condition. O110
thing before I close. 1 have recommended
yot-.rSarsapaiilla to hundreds, and I think
more than a thousand cases, and my faith in
its invincibility in curing scrofula lias be
come absolute by the wonderful cures it lia3
effected aside from my own. 1 trust you
w ill not lie .slow in making the merits ot
Jloon's Sa issai-a 1:1 i.i.a known everywhere,
for It is a duly you owe to mankind. "VVltl
best wishes 1 remain very trulv vours.
SAlIAlt ('. YvTllTIIER.
HOOD'S sIrsaparilla
Is a skilfully-prepared compound, concen
trated extract, by a jiroccfs peculiarly our
own, of the best remedies of the vegetable
kingdom known to medical science as altera
tives, blood-puriliers, diuretics, and tonics.
Sold by all druggists, l'riee Si, or six for
5. C. I. HOOD & CO., Lowell, Mass.
JQllli 1IV1I ISVVUlll
OrruRiihvl Celliiiiw, Knioko Stark. Iron Poor und
Hliniln; W ater, (oik nnil steaiii I'lpe r'lttniK dime; Ol
lern unit Deep Well W iml Mill I'll ill ih ; Ucnaini for all
klmlB, or ImiKK pinnon. moves ami runni-h; t renin Cu
Milk ( unit, uml ull kuula of TInHiire iiihiIchiii) repaired,
lourt 11, SMKKTON.
We will tell you ft tint-dun Sewinn Machine chPanei
than any 0110 in lulu county, either lor cault or Install
ment. (Ill anil uttsiehnienta on hand. All Marhmet fully
w (.1 I r.i.i.,,1. VUII Allll im
Ottawa, Jan. U. 13-4.
f lAfttiti.voise, uuuoieh, ate.
1 p
Carriage Factory,
Ooort CarriH(!e, Top anil Open ItUKpies, bllile Seg
HilKliieH, Two-Heat open nucules, Lltfht WaonB,
Sulkies, &e., enn Una lliemat (his fac
tory, all or Ills own inane, ol the
Heat Miuerial anil In the Most Approved
trie and Klnlsh. all W arranted anil for rale
Low Prlrra. Aleo make to order each an are wanted.
Itepalrlna done promptly : palntlne. trlmmlne wood
and Iron work
Wagon Carriage Manufactory
JOHN D. VETTE, Prop'r,
On Superior Street, near the old Foa
River IIoupp.
Spi-invf .Xeilu-iiie,
Why docs everybody take n spring med
ieino ? For three gotnl reasons, iz. : I
Decatise one bottle of a blood purifier taken
ut this season will do more winl than two
at any other. II llecause the blood is in
11 more impure condition than at any other
season. Ill lJecuus? the system is so
weakened by this impure state of the blood
that it has not si.iftlcient vitality to with
stand the debilitating effects of spring
weather. Hence, by common consent, peo
ple seek relief in medicine. The combi
nation of Hood's !Sarsaparilla commends it
to our judgment as a jro(d spring medicine
and blood "purifier. Such things as Sarsa
parilla. Yellow Dock, Mandrnke, Arc com
pounded hy competent drujrgists like Messrs
UnoiUV: l'o., warrant iw in su.sjestin.ij that
all in need id a medicine of this kind ive
Hood's Sars oi'ii ilia a trial.
'flu- follow in jr methods of preparing seed
wheat should b.' uf iireat interest to the
fanner. The :
j,ron luan, and ta
City. Wis., tak
West of Court House.
llavtnn tntrodui-ed any tmporiHiit itaprovcmeau
la leaentabllthmcnt, niaklnc It tl" lanrest and
mom cor plete In the city, the under
Ignnil liiTltenf arircrK aid othen
ileBirlng new whkohii ot
old ones repnlreil'
or Minima:
Fine Fninlly ("arrlHRCH, 1 1 (, , Khwtona
uml llcmorrnt AVafjima,
Or anytime In liln line to pive Mm a rail. A work
warriiniedaiidpr.ei-ii Hint Oefv 1 iiiiipetltlon.
loilN O. VKTTE.
t Designs,
Largest Sloe
il -t is bv
- nt.i-'i- by a
n I n;i tli
a 1 'oik city, Ore-
inn.-r in i lane
I'r.in-!, :-
Carriage and Wagon
0n Main Street; n-; Tox Eiver Brldg
llanuftirtiire all klnd of CiKMAtiEB, Top a
Open Dnoona. various itylea of (im akii Two-
AianhiiTik a lr unnrtiiipnt alwv on hand, r'.rit-
I OlasM Fabmirs' Waoow alwayt on lianrt.
1 All our work li warranted, and ma'tn of the neit ra a
' terUl. and will be wild a low as gtmi and reliable wort
can be fold at. ...
We employ a flrst-cUiu Trimmer und a.-e prepares
for ad Irindioftop-work and reimiric hi .iiort notice.
Call and tne our mock of ('arrlmre. Hni?lr-i aa
Waiont before tiuylBK. IIU.L ft roKMHALS.
I'his the i.n-ta-i'l 0!' iiivp-irinu'wheat :
seed to prevent .-unit. adoi'el by the farm-
e-.s tiltu'.et'p- 'a!le . Finely ul-
l'o. .f M
!i!l. of M'i'ii
lis, If full o:
vitriol, h-ttiu
si ilve lu-iii:
Put a bush.-l
1 burlaps or s.;
the soiutiuii. :
that will run
: it;iol for every lo
:'.'.: .1 lo -il. barrel about j
t -r. 1 ut in. - iv. :l nf th-- 1
i -t .iid 1 -.': vl iioms to lii- i
v ,'(', if haste is iit-eded :. ,
1 -en! in each of 'i or I sack-1
uiiv ;iie best), drop them in
;ii d place on a wide plank, i
tin' drippings back into the i
As tli -i lution is reduced, add
more. Let the seed stand over night, so I
it will dry before uiorninL'. The work
may be dor.eon wet days, or before sowim; ;
time, as the crain is uninjured by standing '
alter the blue vitriol application." j
Another farmer says: -I dip wheat from
the bin with a -creep from the lannin.
iiiili. siuiki' a few times, an I pour up m
the ilo ir. and v jieat until I s,et a- nun li a- j
is no,ii-d. 1 .-pi inkle th- pile with a pail
of chamber lye to the hu-hel. then throw
on air slaked "liui- -'iiiin, and b'trinu-it
take up all that will -tick to the kernels.
Stirolteii, till ready to sow. Toteniove
oats and other font stuff, li jlit en uh t
float. :u;d water and salt to the lye. put in
n tub an 1 slowly pour in 1 bu. id' wheat.
Skim. stir. ; n l' thoroughly skim a.iiu.
pour the raptor into the tub No. and tlie
wheat from No. 1 ; ch.-intre basket to No. 1
and proceed the same way. Kmpty tie
wheat on llo.ir, and so until" siirlieient esi
has been thu- treated. The li-.ne will kill
the smut nernis."
A Ki'iiisirUsilile Kciiu-.
Mr-. M.iry A . Paili-y. o:"TiimK1i;i'i:iiii h. t'.i..
si- a;!i;. ti ll fur six year- w itli A-llim.i .-ind
Brinu hitis. iluriiij: loi-ii thai- the li--t physi
ci.ois l uiiiil uive 110 roli-r. Her life was des.
paiivil of, uutll in lsi-t icte'-er she pnu-ureil
a Imttle f Hr. Kiiisi's New Discovery, w iicn
immeilisiti- relief was felt, siud I'.v eontimiin
it us.-for a slant time she was completely
enrol, irainiiu in tk-sh.Vi !!-. in a few months.
Free tria! Iiotth-s uf this eertsiia cure of all
throat and lutl' il;se:i-i . at Lutz V UlirsTs'
lints,' store. I.ar.'i- ln.tt!e M.
All Work Guaranteed.
New Furniture Dep
iNSI'MCTlON S01.K U l l).
A Hi'
M l
vi wrf.vi'Ti ui'.iis ok
Sash, floors, Blinds,
The Seneca skatinsi rink had a narrow
ascape from destnu tioa by tire one after
mxn recently. The tire U supposed to
have istniteil" irom spark from the chim
ney, ttiite a liirire portion of the roof was
burned before the tlame were extin-gulahed,
Stair IS a i I HaliMers, .Nomi'In,
K....p ;n s-ikV; 7 '' "'.. fUn ituiMiny l:ir,
L - II a i'. -V'Ki'j. uml eki't-j tlmirf necessaik locoui
pi.'ie .1 li."i-'-. vv Tik'..e ri.iitrsieri. In siny part of llni or
i!ih 1 '. -..inii.-J tsiti . ;'iriu-!i i-onieiiiplatiim biu'iling
.i.ii,l li.. ;; to , si., mi u siiel ft our Hun-a.
l.a Salle Street, Ottawa, UN.
One Uoor South of Stor
niont's round ry.
Houplit, sold, or taken In cxi-liange for new.
Repaired and Uxholstered
Ottawa, September 13th, ISSI.-tf
Art prepared to do all klnli of
Gas & Steam Fitting.
Wroaglt lra Hp, TlztUM, YlttUp.
fte., faraiihd ftt
English Shire, Norman and
Cleveland Bay Horses,
Miike n-veral lifiportatloni every y-sar. An ImportaUoa
of Tlilrty Hnul. now on tbe a. will arrtvr a( Wenona
about Aug. (tb, ninauitiuit only of the choir cut animala
to be fonnd In Europe. I'artlea wlahlntt the brU cail
and er u- Frlr moderate. Ternia o nun r-nrrhaa-era,
and every Hone Guaranteed a brwtler. Ntentoou
r an Tbadii. fulr
aji.jvyT.y w-
- -i. fc . t jj; .

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