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VOL. 10.
NO. 39.
Wo have Just received fresh from the factories a
Ingrain Carpets.
The patterns uro ull new mid pretty, nnd prices arc
LOWKK limit ever offered in Hie West.
Slock Is not equalled In the ciiiiiitry. It comprises al
the Novelties of the Season, nml prices will be
found Mni'li li'HHthuii heretofore.
Of every dcsprlptlun.
UW Something In thin Hue AW TUfl. V .VV It". .Ml
Our Ladles' nml Misses' Corsets.
Our tallica' Mushu I'liderweur
Our Hosiery hikI (i Invert.
Our tares nml Kinhrotdcrs.
Our Talile Limusof euery description.
Our Towels, Towels, Towels.
Our ( niche!., Crushes, Crushes.
Our Clothes for Men nml Boys' Wear.
Our Men's ami hoys' l.ituiulrird unit
I'lilaundried .Shirts.
On these iroods we are ninklnir lower prices tluili will
lie found anywhere.
Remember the Philadelphia
Shoe House when about to pur
chase Hoots and Shoes.
It Merle's.
"Say, Mrs. Smith, do you know that 1
get the very best quality of Groceries ut
I Iaeberle's V It's a fact ; autl honest weights
too. I get the highest prices for my but
ter, eggs and poultry: and I would advise
you to trade with
160. TELEPHONE. 150.
Would respectfully announce to the citizens of Ottawa
and vlelnlly that he him one of the choicest Livery
Mucks In the city, at the City stables, such aa
The Latest Styles of Hacks,
Carriages and Buggies,
To let at r'lces to milt the times. Parties, Wcddlngi
funerals. Picnics, &c supplied with Good Kim on short
notice. Funerals In the country or ndjnlnlni? towns
promptly attended to. Persons taken to or from the
depots, or to the country. nif lit or day.
tW Remember the place On Madison street, east of
ldoe.nt, one hlix-k west of new court house.
Ottawa. Kelt. a. 134. PKl'KR E'iAN.
To Continue Next Week.
Aa Inw in.. .n tlu.ir iisn.il custom nn thi'lr an
niversnry Scott llros. A Co. will continue their
uiinual opening sules ull of this and next
week. This will enable people from ull purts
of the county, and those even of udjoiuing
. . . . r . - 'i . i . .i ... - .... i
L'onnttes, to avail uioinscives oi u opjjui mm.
lu d..l.liiin -ir.r..il t.-k hnv iron. la from P.verv
department of tlie store itt lower prices than
i...:... i
uuiu ciui uucu iiiuiiuuucu unuiv,
. i
J. (!. Armstrong announces in to-day's
Fkee Tkadku that he has opened a law olllee
in Esti. Gulvin's olllee. Ho will give special
uttention to abstracts of titles nnd general in.
suranee business. Everyone knows Heemtis
and when it Is generally known that he has
begun law business again, he will no doubt
have bis nanus lull.
J. W. Ebersol Is a candidate for alderman in
the fourth ward.
Carpels are going lively at Hull's.
We have the largest lot ever offered iu this
market. If you want any work done please
place oruers soou.
As will be seen by advertisement else
where Messrs. John Clegg and Co. have op.
ened a plumbing establishment in the Opera
house block. Mr. John Clegg. the head ot
the iirm, lias been in this business iu Ottawa
lor a number of years in connection with the
gas works, mid is well known us a first-class
and reliable workman m all branches of his
business. In business for himself there
should be no reason why he should not con.
tinue to have the confidence of the public
ana ineir patronage us well.
Sew Fames
Dew Colors,
New Prices,
We place on sale, this week a beautiful lot of
rugs .mid mats. See the new rack rugs, at
The Ccal Kun Coal company, of Streator.
has its hands full these times with law suits.
Only a few weeks ago Mary Jones got a
veruici Here in me circuit court or 113.000 for
the death ot her husband iu one of Its shafts,
aud last Saturday night in the same court
here, James Coughlin was awarded a verdict
of $2,()00 damages against the same company.
.v no in. i.) munius ago, young iOiignilll leu
into Eagle Creek shatt, a dislauco of 00 feet,
being malncd for life. Another suit It is said
will be soon brought by a young man. named
Green, who was badly Injured lu that shaft
some time ago.
New Handkerchiefs and children's collars.
new ideas in needlework and lots of novelties
t Hull's.
Itlckens Reception.
The entertainment provided by the ladies
of Ottawa at the rink last Monday and Tues
day nights in behalf of the library uud in the
interests oi acumiuiaie lor Hie state Indus,
trial school, was an elaborate affair and iu ev
ery way highly creditable to those who do
signed and carried it to a successful comple
tion. All the prominent characters in "'I lie
Old Curiosity Shop," "Our Mutual Friend,"
unver lwist,' "isarnahy Kudtrc. ' "The
Cricket on the Hearth," "Little Dorritt,"
ureal expectations," "Uomboy and Son"
and 'TickwVk 1'apers" made Mr. Dickens a
call in formal procession, and after the intro
ductions and h.ind-siinkings were over, gave
an entertainment to the farce audience cou-
sisting of tableaux, lively scones uud incidents
drawn from the various writiugs of the great
author, whose first novels were given to the
worm nearly nan a cenlury ugo. Charles
Dickens is dead 15 years and as he could not
be present except iu spirit at the entertain,
incut, Ilev. M. K. Whittlesey personated Mr.
Dickens and did It very well. As the great
author would scarcely have been able tore-
call one-half of the characters of his own
creation, even iu the costumes In which lie
clothed them after the lupao of so many
years, they were all formally presented to
him by Wilhird tientleman. Esn. As thev
passed by in review on the stage which had
been erected in the rear of the rink hall they
were presented formally, and the audience
had the Heasure of feeing the great motley
group of characters iu their costumes, rich
roiesiine or rugged, as tiiey moved ud and
down the aisles to the inspiring strains of
til its s orchestra. Among those who parti
cularly impressed the Fkkk Tkadkk scribe as
being excellent impersonations of the parts
they represented were the following: MUs
liclic Miawn as the .Marchioness in "Old
Curiosity Shop," and Everett Hockwood as
Joe (iorgesy in "Great Expectations": also
Mrs. Edith l'enney as Mrs. Ilavisham in
sumo book. T. D. Catlin and Miss Julia
ISilshuell as Mr. iitui Mrs. Doiuhey were good,
as was also Miss Sylvia Ihishne.fi as Florence
Domliey. The Messrs. Voght as Muggy and
Mr. Mingles in "Little Dorritt" were well
disguised. Miss Mae Islam-hard as Dot in
"Cricket on the Hearth" was one ot the hits
of the evening. The Artful Dodger was
faithfully represented by Willie Scott. Jus.
Milligan was a veritable ('inker in "Dombev
and Son." C, A. Caton looked like the origi.
nil! Fagin and was strikingly repulsive. Miss
Kittic McKeon as Tattycorn it ut 1 Miss Annie
O'Meara as Fanny Dorritt looked charmingly.
The "Pickwick Papers" was given Tuesday
night, Prof. Thorpe being an admirable
Pickwick, while Mrs. Gregg scored a decided
hit by her Mrs. Uardell. as did nlso Mrs.
Douglass as Mrs. Cluppens. The tableaux
were all good, and the ladies deserve much
credit for getting up such a formidable but
pleasant entertainment.
Groat Corset Sale at a
Harked Reduction.
The Largest and .Most Complete
line ever opened in the city.
New and Desirable Patterns in
all qualities of this class
of merchandise.
And Window Dressings. Do not
fail to examine this stock before
purchasing. Prices lower than
erer, and all goods warranted as
Bargains in HOOTS & SHOES.
300 pair Plow Shoes at a great
New Hoods in all departments,
and the extreme of low prices on
all lines. Call and examine.
Lots of
So- li. l
Dress Geodi.
See the new Mos(uitalro undressed kid
gloves at Hiri.i.'s.
s button length, ?1.50.
TllOlloll It lliiiv not. hi. miiil f Tulin flno
- j uh... & ...fin, .iitisr,
that he is first in war, first In peace, itc.it
run or iruuiiiiiiy ussertea oi nun, liowever,
that he is first in the estimation of the lead
in? citizens of the first u,ir.l m tl.,.i-
- v. .. j iu., Ulllll-
date for a!d riiiun. Mak a personal canvass
of that ward to-day and you will find that
iiiiiy iwu-inirus oi ine voters in that baili
wick ft re solid for .folm Cn.d. Tl.lj i...
oanso the voters nnd tax-payers know that
i ue nueresis oi sain ward will lie better rep-
resented bvhis election tl Iflfl 111' t ll A ulpilil.il
announced. If you are somewhat uncertain
how you mayvotc. better go over to the win.
nlng side aud be with the victors. There is
much IllOre satisfaction in cnlim. tnr m 11 .
energetic and capable man, who is sure
to win, than by bestowing your ballot on
a man who is even now defeated. Vote
lor liro.s.
Another lot of Mu.si. I,...,nt;f ,.1 V..;...A. r.
- - ...... ......uki... . ii.iiinin.bui.
broideries just rereived at Hfl.l.'s.
This is the third lot of tlrn Irtwula slras1.
this season.
The uiemoriul exercises at Turner Hall last
Wednesday ni-'lit in n..ti..r-t tn
of the tnartvreil l.inr nil! VfA f tnrl..H .
alKiut mi people. The absence of the Arion
nuartctte and the I.iedertafel singing society,
detracted SOmeU'hnt fmm tl. nr..rmn.u
Col. Stevens introduced Mayor Allen as chair-
c.eiiuig, aner wnicn nev. r let
chcr delivered a prayer. Captain T. C. Ful
lerton s address was an able and patriotic one.
ue was ioiiowed by Judge Blanchard and
Hon. Wash. Btislmell si,
inzlv nnd irutiiinti f him v
years ago that day given up his life by an as-
Klghtcen Years.
Eighteen years ago Monday last, April lOth,
the hotlse of Scott, Hout. ,Vc Co., now Scotl
liros. it Co., opened their doors to the puMie
in u single room opposite their present hand.
some store ou La Salle street. T ho career of
the house since then has been one of unbrok
en success perpetual progress, and it can be
truly said that their present ma nitieent shire
and business is the pride of the city. To say
the growth of the house has been commensu
rate with the growth of the city, is not
enough the firm has Increased its volutin! of
business faster than the town has grown, and
to-day is really a business few travelers woild
look to see iu a city the size of Ottawa. Hut
the secret of all this is plain. During the
many years they have dono business here
their energy and reputation as merchants
has extended their iullucnce far beyond the.
mere limits of Ottawa trade and brought to
themselves trade uot, properly speaking, nat
ural to Ottawa, us was manifest at their An
niversary Sale this week, when buyers wire
present from many miles out of the city. Tke
benefit to the general public ot Ottawa of such
a firm cannot tie too highly considered, uml
they may be said to be the type of bussneas
men of whom Ottawa needs more.
Hut Seott Bros. t& Co. are not a linn to rest
content with what they have achieved. The v
are continually advancing, and if we mistake
not, the Anniversary day of this week will :o
but one of the mile stones marking their pio.
gress, and when future Anniversaries not far
distant are recorded, they will be as far in ad
vance of the Seott Bros. iv. Co. of to-day as arc
they now ahead of the old original firm of
Scott, Hout. A Co., of IS years ago. Sueceis
to them.
In the county court the past two days haw
been taken up by the People v. John C. nnv
atta. bastardy. This case was tried at thct
January term but resulted in a disagreement
of the jury. It is on trial to-day. I he plain,
till is Jennie ilcelmc, a Danish girl.
Seott Bros, it Co. will have two men laying
carpet In Earlvillc next Wednesday and Thurs,
day, aud any housekeeper in Earl wanting
carpets or curtains will do well to see Seott
Bros, it Co.'s men when they are in town ana
get posted on prices.
Down thev iro at the Oak Hall Clothintr
House. Children's suits for 1 1.50, 3, $3, t
and $5. Don't forget It.
New novelty Hand-bags at
Mothers should examine the new stock of
boys' and children's clothing just opened at
the Oak Hall One Price Clothing House, north
of Court House.
The firm of W. H. Fowler Jb Co. has been
dissolved as all know, and the " la.y mini's
club" has busted, because W. H. Fowler,
having resigned, will go into the cigar manu
facturing business again. W. H. is " the cap
tain " when he makes up his mind, and having
now made up his mind to eclipse all past ef
forts, will soon have on the market some new
and original brands that will make smokers'
mouths water. Look out for them.
Look at our new spring suits. Bargains at
the Oak Hall, north of Court House.
Texas Mures!!
I would inform the farmers of La Salle Co.
that I have a car-load of good sized Texas
mares, suitable for breeders, for sule at Mike
Kiordan's feed yards, Ottawa.
H akhy C. Sinokh.
Prices to suittne times!!!
Cnhul Lace for cheap and pretty curtain:),
at Hull's.
We wish ull our customers uud friends to
understand that we do not nnd never have
bundled Butterine or any of the many substi
tutes for butto W. C. Kialk it Co.
Sunday night last, Miss Bridget Welsh met
with a very sorrowful accident at the resi
deuce of Chas. Hamilton, west side, where
she was making u cull on one of her friends
who is employed there. While there she
mistook the door lending into the cellur-way
for the hall door and fell, causing a compound
comminuted fracture of the femur of the left
leg. On Monday forenoon a consultation of
doctors was had and it was deemed necessary
to have the leg amputated which was accord
ingly done by Drs. Dyer and Hard who took
it olf jic t above the knee. Since then Mrs.
Welsh, though sulTcriug much from the
shock, hits beu getting pretty well. She
was quite u favorite among her friends and
her sorrow ful accident is deeply regretted by
them. If our charitably. disposed people
would like to extend aid to the sufferer, they
would find genuine occasion for it iu this in
stance, as her parents ure very poor; who will
start it?
The "New Idea" carpet Bweepi r bus given
the best of satisfaction. See it; try it; buy it
if you like it at Hull's.
The board of trustees for the Kcddick li
brary recently appointed by Mayor Allen, met
last Saturday night ut tha otlice of M. II.
Swift, and organized as follows: M. H. Swift,
President; T. D. Cutlin, Treasurer; Thos. E.
MeKinlay, Secretary. A committee to draft
a constitution and by-Laws was appointed,
consisting of M. II. Swift, chairman, with
Messrs. Catlin, Cook, MeKinlay anil (iridium,
which committee was ordered to report at
the first regular meeting which will take
place next Friday, when the trustees will
'draw cuts" for the length of time they shall
serve, the terms of ollicc of three expiring
every year.
. .
The Rose Easton Dramatic Company will
hold the hoards at the Opera house all of
next week, playing a', the people's popular
prices of lOupd 20 cents. The company is
much stronger than the one of lust week, and
presents stronger and liner plays. On Monday
night they will produce for the first time in
Ottawa the relined and sparkling comedy en
titled "Married for Money." This is one of
the best plays in Miss Eaton's repeortoire,
and all should see it on Monday night, us
there is an entire change of programme
nightly. Reserved seats are for sale now ut
Simon's music store for only M cents.
Something new in boys' waists at 2!t, o", 4S,
CHand T5 cts. at the Oak JIu.lI One Price Clolh-iers.
in ull styles ut
D. Lkahi'
Tuesday morning last, John Taylor, son of
Col. E. I). Taylor, was found dead near the
railroad track, a short distance cast of Seneca.
He got on the accommodation at Joliet Mon
day night and rode to Morris, ufter w hich he
was not again seen until his lifeless body wus
found as ulmve. It in supposed that during
an epileptic fit, to which he whs subject, he
was in some manner lnlnn.il l o ti, ......
- - - J - J mq luir?
The funeral occurred Wednesday afternoon.
Scott Bros. A Co. have decided that during
their anniversary sale they w ill sell to each
lady 13 yard best prints for .V-. This will
be plenty for a coninietehuit- I i..t ti.u
only sold 10 yards, and many ladies did not
umc riiuugii lor a ares. i ney will also sell
nice summer slksasi low as ilcenU and short
lengths of Lonsdale, Fruit of the Loom and
Wamsutta muslins at tif4'c. per yard.
Vnutlio. 1. I .1. I I . .
"'".'" u it aurinif wear jusi rcceiv.
ed at A. Frank & Co.'s, the Oak Hall One
lliiri'uli for the (iilpin Sulky I'luw,
Ou Wednesday, April 15, on the farm of
IV... ! I ' !. !. , .
in. iicnueiiiuii, us cxniiiiicti, us auveriiseu,
the celebrated Oilpin single lever sulky plow.
inu icsi wus muue, nrsi, Willi the sulKy
plow iu very tough, blue-grass sod. The test
was then made with a walking plow. The
result was, the sulky cut N) Inches, and the
walking plow 70 Inches, with a difference of
draft in favor of the mlky ihie 70 lbs. The
"AVtif W," a new walking sulky plow, was
then exhibited, which, for light draft and
nice work, brought forth from ull the farm.
its the remark, "she is a daisy."
But the final part of the exhibition was
the crowning success of the day, and brought
forth from all the farmers the remark, "won.
derful." And (notwithstanding the remarks
of some of our competitors, "Ii cannot be
done," i a man was bitched to the plow, and
in the tough sod, pulled the It! in. sulky with
a man in the seat, and one on the back of the
man who pulled it, and cut a furrow of Vi
Inches wide and 4.' Inches deep. Mr. J. It.
Hunt, the milk-man, wus then hitched to the
sulky, and he also pulled it.
W'e, the undersigned, witnessed the Plow
exhibition, as described above, and certify all
wus done us advertised:
K. Black well, S. O. Willis,
A. Maikkhukkkk, Ciiaulks Ckook,
Cvui s Dkholt, David Bazoke,
Jas. Gentleman, James Hunt.
in account of the excessive bad weather
the exhibition w as postponed on the farm of
M. Conway.
Look out for our advertisement for another
exhibition. F. D. Swektseh it Co.
New Vork Millinery Opening.
From Thursday to Saturday of next week
Miss A. 1). Brady, ot Madison street, will have
a grand opening, when ull the latest New
York and Paris fashions w ill bo displayed, in
cluding the newest novelties in her line. Hav
ing but one branch of business to attend to,
she can and does make it a success. Dur.
ing the opening, which nil are invited to
attend, her parlors w ill be handsomely decor
ated. Her eastern trimmer has arrived and
proves herself first-class in ull respects.
The Twin Itottle Ink Kroner Removes
All and any writing inks from paper, leaving
It us perfect uml in as good condition to bo re
written upon as before its use. It also re
moves instantly iron rust, mildew, fruit-stains
of all kind, also nitrate of silver, etc. For sale
by Oliver Cornell, sole agent for LaSulle co.
B. (i. Bubeock, of Dayton, sold to E. K Ken
nett, of Topekn, Kun., Ids Clydesdale colt, sir
ed by "Monarch of the West"; price $500.
Chas. Bradford, candidate for re-election
as city clerk, has w ithdrawn, leaving the race
between Ed. Kelley and Frank Bell.
We ure showing the finest line of window
shades and shadings, fixtures, cornices,
draperies nnd luce curtains you ever saw in
Ottawa AT HULLS.
. .
D. A. Maher Is a candidate for alderman
iu the third ward.
Snyder Blackberry plants, one, two and
three years old, by the hundred or the tlunis-
and, at north bluff. F. C. Whittlesey.
A lot of Oak Posts for sale cheap. Enquire
In the Sherwood Block of
Mus. Claha Lincoln.
Remember, if you w ant a carpet or curtains.
you will get left if you don't see Hull's.
To (In- h'llitnrH Frtn Trailrr: Allow me to
announce to the citizens of the 'third Ward
that I am not a candidate for alderman tinder
any consideration whatever. Thanking all
friends for pist favors, I remain
Humbly yours, Geo. W. W. Hi. am:.
,1. M. French.
French has just returned from Chicago
with a fresh lot of men's hats, and if it stops
raining he will sell them us cheap as tiny man
iu the county.
ilson says he w ill do the same on ladies'
- -..-
Eggs! Eggs! Eggs! I have some good
light Brahma eggs; $1 for 1:1.
Julius Zkllkh.
A l.lst of lii'lliuiui'lil I .. i 1 1 1 s ami Tmv n lit, situated
In the County of La Salle, In the Slate of Illinois, upon
which the Taxes iishi-ss-iI fur the year KM nnd previous
yesrs remain due nnd unpaid, the nanu s of the owners
su far ns known, the niiiount of lax, Interest and costs
due thereon, sad the years fur which the. same are due.
Town of Hope.
Tnirnxhip !51, Hiiinjc I.
('us MrnifiW
Julia Avery
.lainca Tliniuons....
Part rtf
.. till awq
....wh swi
eh sc.
i fc
77 SU
VS H'l
Mi 14)
ii IS
a zt
hi oi
Town of Eden.
Township li'J, Riinyi: 1.
Rehecra torwln..
sainn ,
Pum-an Kvmw. ...
IisvhI Mourn
W Bowers
(leorifP llraun... .
Chas Weston
W I'thotr
A llilteiirsinl
Jsui's llattrn
Marv Sherman....
Kmllv Huntoon...
(leo Hoffman
neq swij
....nh wh sw)
lot 1 ncq
nen srij
lot wk
lot i
. ..wlua eh lie'i
wh ncq
wh nwq
lot .'. ed
wh eh swi
Mil swg
nh wh sw
h swi
wh nwi
wh uro,
. wh riwij
II R Kv 3 1 ti s of ruad lot
Maria llsskius lot i mhi
S IW.7U M39
3 40 nr.
D 40 ls
4 VA ii 01
4 HI 10 19
4 7s.',; il 'ifi
5 PW 4H .'!
S 41 11 1187
s in an
8 SO a 9
N W 24W
11 116 .34 SO OS
IS 4i) ID ,S
IS SO 21 A
'.'1 10 12 W
IT so :r in
! "I Hi
l'i su . :; nt
'."i no ii
'."J so '.m "H
ii :ti.:u jus-.
ii l."SI ,'ilfil
Town ol Peru.
Toicnxhip IJ;I, Ilunijf 1.
.leremlah Uoorh nh seii
Patrick Keeiian lot .'n h si ij
same. lot fi eli sei
A'!m:i Putter In nnj vr ri
same nil tl of roail nwi)
W I' Miller all of ruad l:W.
same swi(
same riwi
fanie nn suit
tmld Me-rnt sii ..
Svlv irltfln. . and i 'jl a tli eh iiei
T H III"' kstnne s nt ed Ii n-i
W TP: ion, n 401 ft eh 11a h wn
neo, ...
Luke MuI'udj. .In ah wh I.. I : i
Win Baker nh nil Ja lot 7 sw.
T I) Brewster I.SfU mid pt It 7 sw.
W in Barker... uml pt lot ' nwi
Toiinil Trusteos .fr u of Ii and s of
sm sfrnh
atlia sw frlq
ine fr of river acq
i i dirisitfis,u wnsW'i
John W aim..
J llornheim ...
A J Bornhe!m--Ber.
John Walsh per..
fr nwi nri
.Wi nei
. . .lot 3 eh aij
...lot 4 eh isi
...lot Srh twi
... IV. ll srq
.Wh w tiec
.... Wh ueq
4 M M VI
.' in s o:
s lu ft u7
t 1 21
i ii ail
f, l.'i 7-.0;
i.s n 12 vi
7 is ; 1 i'.
7 s.1 7 i 47
7 HI ', VI v,
16 r. i mi
is 13 1.1
I" 2 Ml JS1
IS l'lTj
IS 1.7 4 Vt
If. 1 VI if,
: ..5 -ill
n , a 71
21 t
n 1:11 w 7;7
i nt .M 77T
is so n us
n 2i.M
."i 4
k :o 7 ss
a 10 J i
.V 10 1M
30 30 WOi
M l 13 SI
Xi HI Ml 77
Town of La Salle.
Toirnnhip XI, llvi';e. .
Catherine Murphy A nti n'l I 71 SS H
Owen iKs.arr eS nh n-i I in 7 70
(' Stout swo . 1 l SI in
Owen Ihioner r q 1 III 311(1
Hannah II Kiltuunda sh 114 1 Hi) V07
M McNamira d, w. I -o v, tsi
Heirs .1 A K kell eh sn I mi Sssj
ThosMcMnrrv nh wh tvq 40 ll
Helra J A Lock well .( ,t (u 100 s
Chas Harhalt sh keq
i; Sandersuu exKKteq nwq
same exH ( neq (wq
Kst Thos Dtirklu nW sen swu
lu 1 seq
...ex Kit neq neq
neq nwq neq
exlilt eh seqswq
lot 3 nwq
ell lot S nwq
wh lot a nwq
101 14 nwq
Chas llarbalt
same ,,,
E K Hull
fame ....
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John Ciithliertson.
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Town of Dimmick.
Toinuhip 34, Range 1.
Peter Brown
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Town of Troy Grove.
Toirimhip 35, llniiyc 1.
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James Aiken till lot 14 nwq 13 2.50 .Ti
It Mahoney lot 15 nwq 13 3 70
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Charles Lester lot 3 seq 13 2 29
Andrew Mathlaa awq nwq IS 44 77 II M
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A'lce Neiilatcher swiisaq 20 l'i 13 3.1
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John Jai kson eq 3ft in) s2til
Town of Mendota.
Townhip 3d, ILni'je 1.
John Harris oeq 10 no 4', 1:1
Stephen ( Ipperly wh neq 13 73
same nq 13 16ti V
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Town of Groveland.
Tuifimhip 25), Jl'iiiffe 2.
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Cornelius Httan nwq 20 liO 40 43
l-wls Hakes swq 21 11 M i
Henry Jacobs nwq 12 ISO 39 tl
II Wlnans eh swq VS 21
Patrick I'sttea eh neq SP Mi 1. 91
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Town of Osage.
Toteiuhip 30, Rangr 'i.
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Maurlrs Wolfs.
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John Larklas..
Wm A Psrker
Mary J Myers snd Harriet Talbot.
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John smith .
John Hlnelela.
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John Kisher
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John Ijtrklus
Pat Whalen
John A Huberts ....
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John Larkuis
Kleharil N'uniis
John Finn
Itichard N mills
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John Finn
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Wm lloyle
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W M llentley
Sarah W Kinder
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Town of Richland
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r Hartennauer so neq
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1 no viexauufr seq
Jno Miller neo swq
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Terry llerrou eli seq
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Michael lawless oh seq
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Town of Vermillion,
Totcnthip 32, Hinge 2.
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Johnson Ashley.'!!!.' lot 8 13 5
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Town of Deer Park.
Tutrnnhip 32, Hinge 2.
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Bheliloa fad well eh neq
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Mers tiros n!3a w'3.30 neq neq
Maria Tart..n river eh neq swq
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K B Williams wli sw.
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Henry Thomas jr wli ueq
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John lillcy
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Mrs Maty Keviiulds
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Fred I'onoid
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Michael lA'uiiiiur eli swq siq
K W Smith eh neq
Hlanley Williams wh ni q
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Mrs Mary Heavolda.
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Nancy Cain
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Frrd Smith
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Town of Utica.
Totciithip 33, li-irige 2.
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Jatuea Clark s22a en swq
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5 40' 10 44
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9 151 2S 98
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10 M 35 .11
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12 80 2172
12 5 8 40
12 80 24 Ii
12 40 11 U
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14 40 1018
14 SO 2314
14 40 12 30
11 SO 24 2
11 40 12 30
14 40 12 10
14 40 10 br
15 80 35 20
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19 54 29 71
23 Its) 77 Oi
25 160 50 71
23 140 47 31
2.1 stl 18 51
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26 St I 22 75
26 ISO 4161
?7 .") 28 50
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34 W 11 '.'J
:4 lao 51 si
35 UW 41 49
3.1 il 10 ';
: 120 S4 54
3.1 Sis 22 73
36 Hi 22 73
36 U 11 SI
36 40 iOUi
SO J1425
6 79.44' 31 1
6 hi) Mi 92
8 KM 3787
17 40 ti0
17 SO 27 71
27 160 417)
31 160 40M
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33 so 26
3.1 NO IS 70
til St) 18 70
38 X) 23 31
34 160 42 7.1
34 80 20 7a
2 5.1
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33 73
2 77 S2
S S5 43 42
S 79 37 23
8 13 20 SI
8 60 17 44
8 S7 60
8 3 u
10 79.80 40 21
10 I 4 27
10 SO. HO IS 91
11 13.35 599
11 40 19 61
13 80 48 42
12 SO 36 y
13 80 3814
13 7.66 1 34
" 3 C9
U W 14 7.1
11 24.41 7 70
11 40 PU5
14 41 14 9J
14 SO 24 61
14 5.25 f
14 2.2S 14
14 3 HI
1.1 W0 41 26
11 13.65 2 91
11 8 H4 IM
15 S.3S 1 63
13 4 2.1 85
15 40 8 20
15 40 7 lu
ll 20 4 14
24 X) 27 66
22 38.39 7 19
22 8. BO 64
2.1 7 m
XI ISO 82 ;l
11 53.50 21 5
-4 M 14!
24 40 Ji
31 40 98J
21 tl 12 32
21 IU) 21 no
21 8") 19 M
2.1 40 s 20
40 II (tl
23 5 41
21 6. IS 137
25 40 8 20
2-5 56.42 13 55
23 S8 13 25
16 pq a to
19 71 13 HI
II 4 76
U Sft 651
l' 71 4 1.1 IS
H 3H.4S 7 4,j
l' M.2I ihj
l' ISO 39 55
2" SO 17 41
?" 31 -W 7 11
21 40 4 S-,
2d 22 9 M
k'O X) 20 ;7
20 40 17 SI
21 H 44
22 S.I4! I 27
22 160 4RS7
22 43.73 SU
2't 73 1 1 IS
2i ::o 3 21
23 il H 9!)
21 31.31 7 12
21 47.2S 12 91
47 H.1 2121
1 131.54 .12 td
25 12 3
-'I 20 1 51
4" 10 1.)
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25 12 Its)
21 10 3 10
2J 10 2 02
2.5 so -a 4 -,
-1 20 4 15
2ft SO 26 51
2 t 21 n
;6 SO U 19
26 10 r)
26 40 s
24 SO 45 N t
'26 40 25 43
26 40 17 96
J. 20 3 41
2. fti 29 u
40 15 M
27 SO. 37 37
2? X) 34 M
27 NO X! ts
.72 ns
27 40. 17 94
a mi a 9l
2) 40. tSU
29 40 14 u
;9 20. 4 S2
29 HI 4 J
W I .)
31 40 7 ii
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II SO J6 03
:l 30 4! 46
.11 X) a;
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'4 39 61
.il 4r) r-H
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36 M ll 12
' li 33
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21 47 4-1 53
2t Al.SJ 23 S9
J X) M if!
21 45 .12 2S
1 IW 121 1-3
20 IJ 93
1 40 25 7
25 40 2S 7
40 79
S 40 7
2 ISO 60 1
4 xi s, M
4 Si S(14
4 il 8
4 0 SO 14
4 40 13 10
4 10 1 91
4 10 ST
5 SO M10
i 40 14 14
15 7017
4 M 7 M
4 4.1 iaio
? VT 47 120 94
7 29 7 58
8 7 TSSw
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94.-WIU B llUliet.
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I ( i -.aa Hydraulic Cement Co. 5Si
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