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VOL. lG.
NO. 10.
We have Jmt received freh from tin' factories a
Ingrain Carpets.
The patterns an all new mxl pretty, inn) trivod are
LMnu: man ever oiiitcii in inu nra,
fctock In not eriialleil In tin- country. II roiunrlscs al
me xiveine or rue m'umiii. aim pneeHwui uu
found IMiicli I-jcmm than liertiforo.
Of every ilesprlptlon.
IIV Something In this line K , T I IS K I.Y SKW. Jll
Our I .ftdli'ti' ami Minxes' Corsets.
Our Ijcllrs' Muslin I'mlerwcui'
tur Hosiery and (iloves.
Cur Iju i'k mid Kniliroidern.
I )ur Table Linens nf eucry description.
Our Towels, Tomda, Towels.
( lur Trashes, Crashes, Crashes.
Our Clothes for Men and Hoys' Wear,
Our Meu'and Hoys' I.:uiiiilni d and
t'lilauiidrled Shirts.
On these (tomls we are making lower prices than will
be found anywhere.
Remember the Philadelphia
Shoe House wiien about to pur
chase Roots ami Shoes.
Would respectfully announee to the citizens of Ottaws
and vicinity that he has one of the choicest Livery
mucks lu the city, at the City Stables, such us
The Latest Styles of Hacks,
Carriages and Buggies,
To let at r"1oe to suit the times. Parties, Wedding
funerals. Clonics, Ae., supplied with Good Uipi on short
notice, Funerals in the country or adJolnliiK town.
Srouiptly attended to. rersons taken to urtrumthc
epots, or to the country, nlirht or day.
fW lieiiieinlier the place on Maihson street, east ol
ldectit, one block west of new court bouse.
Ottawa, Feb. It. 14. l'EIKU KOAN.
A treasure in the house,
A treasure of flavor,
A treasure of nerve-stimulating
A treasure of purity,
is "Treasure Tea," imported
solely by C. F. 1IAKIIEKLE, and
only in Perfection Tea Cans.
Ottawa Markets.
Ottawa, Ii.i.., April 24, 1S.S5.
Lnrtll t'ltiurt.
Victor Mills-Silver Clowl, patent, cwt. t'i'.X)
Hunpirlaii V In
Criterion 2 :
Uuckwhcat, per 31 rt.s ::,
foreign t'louri
Patent, V cwt S 31)
Kansas Wiuter, cwt 2 75
Minnesota Spring Wheat, retail t ;s
Bran, cwt 70 k so
Short ..' 9n i.i, 1 Co
Corn Meal, retail 1 41 ( y mi
Cora and Oats, ground 1 A) (u 1 a
Ohms and Skeii.
Wheat, husl 77
ISye, 5 ft s fx;
Corn, new, shelled. V "16 It s 11 i t
Corn, new, ear, f .5 (. 4
Oats, mixed, V Si &s .,1
Oats, white 3!
Timothy Seed, V bush 1 ai
Potatoes, bush fi"
llutter, lt 'J H Zl
Ktfpt. Vdui VI oi 15
Chickens, live, f iloz 2i tit, 2 .VI
Chickens, dressed, t lb H 1,5 9
Turkeys, !t in
Ducks, V It lu on 11
(ieese, g. ft 7 H y
liny, ton GtiU ( SMI
I.ivk stuck.
Cattle on fiait, cows, lui its UN) 1.4 4 (i
attle on foot, steers 4 mi 11 4 'it
Kat calves, live weight, liv It s 5 mi IS 1
Sheen, 100 lbs 3 .in 4 511
limits a (10 (. S on
Live Ilopt, lul Its 4 (JO 0 4 in
Dressed Hogs, per I'll s 5(1)
Tallow. Hikes akii Salt.
Lard, V ft 7H
Tallow, In oil bbls, per ft 5 ( SH
Tallow, loose, per ft 5
alt. per bhl 1 'a (3 40
Hides, per ft 6 A '
Calf lu It)
Deacon gt
Flint II Ides li
Dry Salt 10
The (train prices cover whole ranze of market, from
warehouse prices to price. hM for nrtri Insils for 'nl
Wanted. A trirl to do general housework
in a family of two. Must bo competent to do
all the work. Apply at this office.
F. A. Sherwood purchased, for $10,000, the
Ruirg property on the bluff which adjoins the
Diclicy property recently bought by him.
One of the three furnaces of the Ottawa
Glass Co.'s window glass works shut down
yesterday. The other two furnaces will com
ple'.e the season.
The regular physicians and surgeons of La
Salle county meet in Ottawa, at 10 o'clock a.
m., Tuesday, May li, to organize a Medical
Society. All the regular physicians are in
vited to attend.
(Quarterly meetings of (irand Kidjre Circuit
will be held April 25 aud 35 at the Yale church.
Hours of service m follows: preaching, Sat
urday, at 2 p. in.; Sunday, at 10 a. m. and 3
p. m. Rev. M. V. Crumbokcr, of Tonica, will
assist the pastor, O. M. Durley.
Notice to I)eaf-Mut-.
A combined i-ervlce in the interest of
church work among deaf-mutes will be held
in Christ (Episcopal) Church, Ottawa, on
Thursday evening at 7:30 o'clock. The rec
tor, the Rev. N. W. Hecrmans, will read the
evening service, assisted by Rev. A. W. Mann,
general missionary to deaf . mutes, ho will
interpret in the sign language to the deaf
mutes present in the congregation. Anyone
reading this notice who has a deaf-mute friend
or acquaintance is kindly requested to hand it
to him. Church people and all others inter
ested in this work are cordially invited to
I'ui'iiHrt Cut, Maile hikI I.hIiI lu I-csa than
Two Hours!
The most interesting" subject we have to
handle to-day is that of carpets, and none
can be more opportune. Indeed, the carpet
question is a good deal more important than
any other domestic matters of the dy, now.
Hut, after all, a great deal of this worry the
housekeepers indulge la on this question can
be saved them if they vi ill carry their wants
to H. J. Gii.i.EX. It is needless to say that
everything in this lino cau bohadatliii.i.KN'.",
nor is it necessary to catalogue his stock. He
has gone into the carpet trade better prepared
than ever to meet all requirements of, the
trade; and it is morally certain that from his
stock, the largest and most complete in the
city, every want can be supplied.
But having the stock does not always solve
the entire problem. Most people when they
want u carpet "want it bad." The house is
all torn up; everything must be in disorder
until the carpet is down; life is always a bur
den to the whole household until the carpet is
down. The chief causo of the delay is get
ting the carpet made. In the busy season this
always drags, and not only customers but
the house itself has been annoyed to death in
the busy season by the sheer inability to till
orders with any degree of satisfaction. This,
by the great number of sales inude since the
season opened, had become already so very
unsatisfactory to Mr. Gillen that ho was com
pellert to seek a remedy, and of course he
found it, ono tluit lorevcr cnus delay, una
puts it in the power of the house to tell to a
minute when a carpet can belaid; and not
only that, but has made it possible for him to
repeat the feat accomplished this week of
inttimi, mukhifj and Uiijimja hirye lirustch car-
jxt within t)i hmir ajtir tht order vn bjt!
something never before accomplished here
and possibly by no other house in Ottawa!
The fact is Mr. Gillen lias secured a carpet-
sewing machine, which sews the heaviest
moquette or the thinnest ingrain. It not only
sews faster but better than any hand sewlug.
By its use all carpets ordered in the morning
can be laid the same day, and parties from
the country can leove their orders on ar-
riving and after doing their other trailing can
take their carpet home early the same after.
noon, made and ready for the Hoor. The pub-
lie will readily see the advantage of such a
condition of things, and should the more ap
preciate it since carpets will be made and
made better than they can be by hand, with
out extra expense for the next 00 days. All
.ire invited to call and see this novel piece of
machinery and examine the work it does.
In connection with the carpet stock the
house is showing now a large line of all
fabrics for window dressings and window
shades in which lines it is maintaining
the prestige acquired during last season both
in completeness of stock ami lowness or
In spite of the adverse weather the trade in
general dry goods has been excellent, and
the new dress fabrics of all kinds, the new
notions, Sec, Ac, have, delighted a large num
ber of visitors and buyers. Indeed, the "Old
Reliable" opens the spring trade with a genu-
ine old-fashioned "boom," which is likely to
continue for weeks to come. All are invited
to call and examine the new stock in all
The lee cream season has opened at
rhelan's, in the Opera House block. lsit
his parlors and enjoy a dish of his cream.
McMulleii roasts his own coffee.
Hats. New and elegant spring styles.
Prices the lowest. M. Stikkkl,
Leading clothier.
On Tuesday morning hint, a floater was dis
covered in the canal near the Chestnut street
bridge. Coroner Clendenen was notified and
:ld an iiKiuest the same forenoon, at which
it was developed that the name of the drowned
man was James Coughl'm, a glass blower, ap
parently about 47 years of aire. He had been
on a carousal Monday night, and it is likely
that while under the influence of liquor lie
fell into the canal.
Louis Hess bought the large, handsome
mirror formerly owned by Forbes & Flick
whieli he will have in his ice ereani rooms.
Miss Welsh, who suffered the loss of a limb
by amputation, last week, is getting along
very well under the care of the Drs. Dyer. A
suggestion was made by the Fkkk Trahkr,
last week, that our people aid the sufferen
but her folks will not permit any such assis
tance to be rendered her.
Elegant new spring styles in boys' and chil
dren's clothing. Come and see them. They
will please you and they will save you money.
M. Stiefel.
Friday afternoon last, the Free Traher
man found himself in the midst of a bewilder
ment of nil those exquisite and beautiful
things that go to make up a fashionable lady.
It was the annual opening of the spring milli
nery business at the fashionable establish
ment of Miss A. I). Brady's, next to the Na
tional City bank. Such a tasteful arrange
ment and brilliant display of millinery goods
has seldom before been received in this city.
The store was literally covered aud packed
with these goods, and such an array of hand
some Parisian flowers, elegantly trimmed
goods, laces of all descriptions, &c, made the
exhibition one well worth viewing. The open
ing for the past two days was well attended
and will continue to-day. The ladies are in
vited to call and see the very latest syles.
1'hila.lelphlis Lstwn Mower.
Latest MAXt rACTt Br.D. Its reputation i
Horses and saddles for hire at Eagan's liv
ery stable.
New ginghams and percales just received at
LAf et A Smith's.
PainU of all kinds, of all shades in cans of
all sizes at Lorriaux's.
Paint and whitewash bru.-lies at Lorriaux's.
The Anniversary Sale
Of Scott Bros. i: Co. Is a grand success. The
very low prices made for this sale ure attract
ing largo crowds. Every department is full
of the choicest goods in the market at prices
which are surprising. Elegant new stock of
millinery all the new shapes, styles and col
ors. Beautiful white and colored embroidered
suits very cheap. Big bargains in hosiery
and gloves tluo Lisle thread hose -i'le, worth
75c. The calicos at 13 yards for 50c will be
continued till Saturday evening. Beautiful
4-inch colored cashmeres only ftOc, worth
1.00, Big bariain at
Scott Bros. Co.'s.
A private entertainment was given in Turn
Hall last Sunday night by the actors' section
of the Turn Society. The name of the play
produced on the stage was "The Thunder
storm iu the Mill." The best part was in the
hands of C. Hentrich, but the others did well
and were rapturously applauded. After the
curtain fell in the last act the chairs were
removed, and all enjoyed themselves dancing.
These entertainments are to be kept up fort
nightly. The one last Sunday night was the
finest the society has had iu many years.
Those Americans who understand the tier
man language, and would liku to attend
should apply to the committee on invitations
for tickets, as no one will be permitted to
attend outside of the society, who has not been
specially invited.
Show cases for sale ut Forbes A: Flick's.
To the Ladles.
If you are in need of goods, see A. J. Wil
liamson, Forbes & Flick's.
The proprietor of Kendall's Hardware store
has been so busy all week that he could not
find time to write a local ad. for this paper
He is now handling a line of gasoline stoves
that for cheapness and durability excel any
thing ever before put on the market. If you
purchase a gasoline stove you will not be
troubled by the backs getting burned out;
neither will the chimney effect them. They
are just the tiling for a long cold winter, such
as the one past, when coal could not bo got
for love or mouey, sometimes. The gasoline
stove is just the thing for summer, as it does
not keep your kitchen in a roasting condition.
Call at Kendall's, and he. will explain them
fully to you.
$3,500 to loan for 2 or S years on good farm
security at 7 per cent, interest.
lifl.Kll Cv FlIKUSOl..
James Endsley, a former resident of this
city, and here as a witness in the Gilbcrt
Mooncy case, was arrested in the circuit court
Tuesday last for embezzlement us he stepped
off the witness stand. He was once the proprie
tor of a bucket shop here, aud hence the claim
of about f 1,700, which is now made against
Bargains in buttons at Forbes ,t Flick's.
Daily, from !) to li o'clock a. m., I will
make a special private sale to the ladies, of
Corsets, Ribbons, Dress Buttons, Kid Gloves,
Lisle and Silk Gloves, Embroideries and Fan
cy Goods. These goods must be sold and will
be offered at prices never before given.
A. J. Williamson, Assignee.
Mrs. M. J. Ford, the Opera block milliner,
lias removed to rooms over Trask's jewelry
store, and in connection with her millinery
she will do dress-making.
SciiKEEii-WvLiE. Married on the evening
of April iiJ, at the residence of the bride's
parents, Mr. K. W .Schreeb, of Ottawa, to Miss
Jauette, eldest daughter of Mr. W. V. Wylie,
of Waltlniin. At S o'clock, the hour appointed
for the ceremony, the bridal party was ushered
into the cast parlor to the strains of Mendel
sohn's wedding march, Miss Jessie presiding
at the piano. The parlors were tastefully de
corated with )lunts and flowers. Under an
arch, festooned with evergreen, the bridal
pair took their places, Mi.-s Fanny Jones and
Mr. John Wylie, brother of the bride, being
attendants. After a few appropriate words the
Rev. Mr. Leard pronounced them man and
wife. The friends then passed around to of
fer congratulations and good wishes, after
which the company repaired to the dining
room, where they were bountifully enter
tained. The bride was elegantly attired in
golden brown silk and brocade velvet, with
natural flowers. The bridesmaid wore brown
cashmere, with velvet applique trimmings.
About sixty guests were present, among
whom was Uncle John Carrie, from England.
The occasion was doubly interesting, being
the wedding anniversary of the bride's pur
ents. The number of beautiful uud costly
presents displayed gave evidence of the great
regard lu which the bride is held by her
relatives and friends. A beautiful silver wa.
ter service wus presented by the church in
which she lias been organist for several years.
After a very pleasant evening speut in mu
sic and social enjoyment, the bridal pair left
for Ottawa, which will be their future home.
Mrs. Schreeb has lettmany warm friends, and
will be greatly missed In Waltham society.
Children's waists, the best and largest stock
in Otawa, from t!5c to (1. M. Stieff.l,
leading clothier.
Special sale of dress goods to-day at
La( ev & Smith's.
Daily, from 0 to 1'2 o'clock. A, M., I will
make a special sale to the ladies, of Corsets,
Ribbons, Dress Buttons, Kid Gloves, Lisle aud
Silk Gloves, Embroideries and Fancy G'x!s.
Thase goods must be sold and will be offered
at prices never before given.
A. J. Williamson, Assignee.
Wallace Lltibey delivered to Phelps and
Curyea Monday, April 30th, two Poland Chi
na pigs, 10 months and 'M days old, one
weighing 4- lbs., and the other 455 lbs. Mr.
Libbey sold 73 Poland pigs for breeders last
season. The above two were the culls. This
is a good showing for Poland.
Great bargains in everything at Forbes A
1'iin ami Neeilles.
Larry Donagho Is again connected with the
Streator Fnv I'm.
There is big dissension in Streator over the
high school. There seems to be something
rotten in its management.
Had It not been for Thomas Pollitt, one of
the jurors, n verdict of f,0(H would have
been awarded Jos. Coughlin in his suit tor
damages against the Coal Run Company, of
'1 he Streator candidates forolllce, last Tues.
day, all clubbed together to got their olec.
tion tickets printed at cut rules and totally
ignored the home printing concerns.
Special sale on velvet and velveteeu at
Forbes & Flick's.
The per cent, of attendance ut drills of Co.
D, since Nov. IStli hist, up to April 1st, has
been S4. This Is a good showing and tends
to prove that the members take a lively inter
est in the wellfare of their organization.
The safe iu the Wabash depot, at Streator,
was blown open hit Tuesday moruing and f 73
Grout bargains in everything at Forbes A
Will Fitzgerald's baud again inaugurate
those summer niglitjopen air concerts from
the balcony of the court house? A great
many will be Interested iu the answer, espee
tally if it is " yes."
Jesse says the Timr did it by announcing
him for Treasurer, hist Monday, instead of
City Attorney, and that the mistake cost him
300 votes.
Eggs! Eggs! Eggs! I have some good
light itrahma eggs; fl for 13.
J i Lies Zki.i.ku.
The colored troops fought nobly.
John (iross thinks well, he does'nt know
what to think nbout the result.
Frank O'Mcru, a former Ottawa boy, was
elected city treasurer of Streator, on Tuesday
last, verifying the prediction made by the
writer. It was Frank's letter on the silver
question that gave him solidity, together with
his extensive popularity, he having received
more votes than his two opponents combined.
Show cases for sale at Forbes A Flick's.
Special sale on velvet and velveteen at
Forbes A Flick's.
The Xnfu Jirnlil, of Peru, says that that
city wants u good base ball club for this year.
That's nothing; it needed a good club last
The Novelty Machine Works received a
1,000 order a few days ago, from the Do
Steger glass company, of La Salle, for molds.
Call soon at Forbes A Flick's if you want
any goods, as they are going fast.
City Treasurer elect, Cluis. K. Hook, of this
city, and Frank O'Mora, of Streator, are said
to bo the youngest ollleltils ever elected to
such an office iu the state, having just about
obtained their majority.
The Otttiwa Council stands six democrats to
four republicans.
A. J. O'Conor defeated Geo. 11. Loccy for
mayor of La Salle, last Tuesday, by a majori
ty of 3W.
Cull soon nt Forbes A Flick's if you want
any goods, us they are going fast.
The 77im is somewhat particular. It adver
tises for a girl that will sleep at home every
night, aud for it boy who thoroughly believes
iu tiie " moral diguily of human labor " at 3
a week.
The "Beaver," a steamboat owned by Peru
parties, struck a snag at St. I.ouis, ln-t Mon
day night, and went to the bottom with ten
feet of water over her decks, I-oss $7,000.
Bargains in buttons at Forbes A Flick's.
Twenty-five dollars and 'X days in the cool
er is what got two fellowM got for being
on an election drunk at Mcndotu. A pal
threw an ax in to thein uud they chopped
their way out.
Thi! total vote cast in Ottawa, last Tin s,
day, was 1,71'-'; I .a Salle, 1,33!(; Streator,
1,115. ft
It was bank against bank at Streator; here
the bank had things its own way.
(ireiit special sale of notions at Forbes A
Bureau county has an income of nearly
f .1,000 from her dog-.
Tretiary curried every ward in the city.
The Norway druggist, ('has. Picrsou, com
mitted suicide last Tuesday by killing him
self with a revolver.
Great special sale of notions at Forbes A
J.E. McGuiro defeated T. O'Sullivim for
school director, last Saturday, In Utica.
A buyer named Randall was here this week
purchasing horses for the Brooklyn market.
Jersey Jackets cheap at Lacev A Smith's.
- --
The city of La Salle was covered by a
shower of circulars whieli fell without inter,
mission for live days previous to the city dec.
tion last Tuesday. Some of these circulars
were (If a scurrilous and defamatory charac
ter aud reflected disgracefully on the parties
w ho origina'.ed them. The city wore a b'll
limit carmine tint hist Tuesday night, the sue
cessfiil candidates keeping open house all
Samuel A. Cox, advance agent for the Doris
circus and menagerie, which will be here
May l'.Uli, was in the city last Saturday.
Blue flannel sailor suits for $1.50, SJ..VI, H
$5. Come and examine tin in.
M. Stikkkl, leading clothier.
Florida anil New Orlenns Kirurolon,
To all who an? contemplating a trip to the
World's Exposition at New Orleans, or to
Jacksonville, Florida, or any point In the
south, I would call attention to the fact that
the C. B. A Q. R. R. Co. offers to the public a
greater variety of routes over which the con
nections are surer aud rates of fare as low or
lower than offered by any other line. Parties
purchasing tickets over thi line have their
choice of a variety of routes via either Chica
go or St. I.ouis. Connections mada in Union
depots. Baggage cheeked through to desti.
nation. Any information in h conneition
will be cheerfully furnished. Cull on or ad
dress Gf.o. E. Roe,
Agent C. B. A y. R. K.,tfwa. III.
Varnish of all kinds at LorrUux's.
To secure a full stand of corn, get the new
Evans Planter, the best and cheapest sold in
Ottawa. Call and see it at J. E. Porter's.
Am useine-nU.
The management of the rink desire to an
nounce that it will soon be closed with a
grand attraction tho best that can be se
cured. The dosing will be duly autiouneed.
Wuit for the great attraction; watch for it.
A deserved compliment was paid Frunk
Fitzgerald, Thursday night, while playing in
the orchestra which has been engaged for tho
Rose Eastou dramatic company. Ho gave a
cornet solo, Yankee Doodle, with variations,
which was simply immense and received
th uuders of applause and an encore.
The Opera House management takes great
pleasure iu announcing an engagement with
the talented young actress, Miss Genevieve
Rogers, and the well known and ppular ac
tor, Frank K. Aiken, supported by an unusu
ally strong company iu a repertoire of stand
ard plays, for one week, commencing Mon
day, April 27th, on which evening they will
present the beautiful emotional drama, "Ca
mille," with Miss (icuevievo Rogers iu the
title role. Although Miss Rogers and Mr.
Aiken have been here before and played to
high prices, tho low price rule will be kept
up; that is, 10 and 'iO cents.
The Rose Easton Dramatic Company has
been playing all week in the opera house
to full houses every night and has met with
the Biune measure of success awarded the
Kendall combination, two weeks ago. Mon.
day night the company opened to a crowded
house, In "Married for Money;" Tuesday
night " Hazel Kirkc " w as glveu; Wednesday
night the, play, "The Miner's Wife," was
attended by a good audience; Thursday night
" Our Boys " w as rapturously applauded by a
well tilled house, and last night the " Ticket
of Leave Man " was produced, Miss Easton
taking (he title rolus in all tho plays. To
night the company are billed in " Divorce, or
Woman against Woman." This afternoon, at
i:W o'clock a matinee, "Hazel Klrke" will
be given, tho prices beiug just tho same, chil
dren being admitted to all parts of the house.
There have been no fault-finders or unjust
criticisms of the company except by a few,
who want a dollar's worth for ten cents. Miss
Eastou may well feel assured that her patrons
here have hud an equivalent at the popular
prices of admission uud that her company has
been a success.
Grand Millinery Opr-nintf.
The general spring und summer opening at
tho ladles' fashion emporium will take place
on Friday and Saturday, May 1st and M,
185. Mrs. ilcntrich has done her utmost
and has succeeded in selecting the largest and
finest variety of Imported millinery and fancy
goods ever brought to Ottawa. Tho ladies
are cordially Invited to attend her opening
and they will bo convinced that Mrs. Heu
ttieh understands her business, of which she
will give proof, both as to taste and quality of
materials and work. Miss Julia Wood, Miss
Cora Hentrich, and Mrs. Hentrich herself will
be pleased to wait on aud show goods to their
old friends and customers, w hether thev pur
chase or not. Don't forget the place So. in
Court street.
Wilkins. William A. Wilklns, of Troy
Grove Township, was iu the city on Wednes
day. Old fashioned lead and oil at Lorrlaux's.
At French's hat store, Ottawa, you'll find
the very largest stock and lowest prices in the
city, both in felt and silk, as well as straw
We invite horsemen's attention to C. M.
Smith's stallion Alroy, advertised elsewhere,
as a veiy worthy animal whose high breed
ing is unquestionable. Blood will tell, and
Alroy is warmed by tho best blood in Ame
rican trotters. His services are limited and
early application should be made.
I'low .Shoes! I'low Mioes
Plow Shoes, all styles and prices at
Beats the old one.
Municipal Klectlon.
After a well contested and stubborn re
sistance on the part of those who opposed
the administration of Mayor Allen, the
fight ended last Tuesday in his election, and
(hough it was the dearest bought triumph
for the victors in any municipal election for
many years, they seemed to enjoy it thor
oughly. The vote wss the largest ever cast,
being 1,742 as cast for treasurer, agninst
1,557 for if. ('. Nash for the same oflice two
years ago, being an increase of KS'j.
1 3 3 4 5 Tot.
Allen, Mayor, 120 272 250 J 75 10 lno.'J
Lincoln, " M 90 272 147 144 723
Kelly, city elk, 77 173 38'J 2-14 215 1078
Bell, " 104 187 133 97 107 027
Trenary, att'y, 101 201 430 221 225 117
Roger, " 81 108 7'J ti8 !. 525
Hook, treasurer, 185 373 535 324 325 1742
Skinner, ald'n, 102
Griffith, " G9
Gross, " 12
Weil. " 2IO
Cullen, " 150
D A Maher, 257
Stormont, " 137
P. Msgtier, ;0
Khersol, " l'-'l
Bryant, " 120
White, 311
In the first ward Griffith was defeated f r
re-election; both contestants in the second
ward were new men, as were also the can
didates in the third; ('has. Bryant mmt de
feated for re-election by J. W. Ebersol in
tho fourth.
. . -
The sale vf the personal effects of the
Reddick estate on the farm, on mile west
of the city, was commenced last Thursday
and continued yesterday. The sale was
largely attended and the live stock brought
goo. I prices. There was a vast amount of
traps, the accumulation of years, together
with the machinery, all of which went un
der the hammer of the auctioneer. About
f 15,000 worth of stuff were sold.
To the I.allp.
If you are In need of goods, see A. J. Wil.
Hstnsou, Assignee, Forbes A Flick's.
Groat Corset Salo at a
Marked Reduction.
The Largest and Most Complete
line ever opened in the city.
New and Desirable Patterns in
all qualities of this class
of merchandise.
And Window Dressings. Do not
fail to examine this stock before
purchasing. Prices lower than
ever, and all goods warranted as
Dargains in HOOTS & SHOES.
500 pair Plow Shoes at a great
New Uoods in all departments,
and the extreme of low prices on
all lines. Call and examine.
Having 1 1 ut on O V Kit 400 MJI AUKS of
Asbestos Roofing
l-a.it Year, with tho
To in V ilrnii, I nm now ireuireil to put on ItooNon
Hie lll'mt K.'omoiiuM, 'IVl-liiH, Hllil t'iiuriuitf
iMlif!n Hon. Tins In no c.pei Imeiit, an tlie follownii
icrtilli nlc will lim :
O-wKiin, V. V.-We lisvensel II. W .Jolum Ahet.
It'iiitliii; for ft yenra, nml im Imve seres of It til u-e.
We like It the lieot for fUt roofs of any we have eter
"1 11. Kl NI.MMHD A K.INS,
i Kct!u stareli Factory.
f refer to Klin; .V llniiiilton Co., (itlawii OIsm
( o , binii'ii ,v .1: lil i ivi fry Works), sml 11. Irtor
(( urprt Weiivt-n.
Msrrli 21 ;inii. 1 i. ltm ;x Ottuwa, III.
McMulleii sells the beat Jiin L'ttfrt 5 ;ouudi
Messrs. Williams & Hess are to double the
size of their works at Brickton, a new building
70x120 feel being erected. A new and larger
engine has been purchased.
.- -4---
Thursday night, at a meeting of Co. 1)., it
w us decided to visit the state encampment at
Mobile. Twenty or , more members of the
company will t.turt next Saturday under com
mand of ("apt. lilanchard.
Corn nutr.
The new Rocker movement Challenge.
At a meeting of the Ib-ddick Library trus.
tecs lant night tho members "drew cuts" fur
the length of srrvic'j. The one-year men are
Messrs. Kneussl, lwyer and Catliu; the to
years, Mes-irs. Swift, Cook aud McKinhty;
three years, Messrs. IIes, (i rah am and Ila-
theway; Mj Kneussl was elected vice presi
dent, this having been overlooked at the tlret
meeting. The following committees were
appointed: Finance, Messrs. Swift, Kncusel
aud Hess; executive committee, Messis.
Catliu, MeKinl.-iy snd Dwyer; book commit.
tee, Messrs. Cook, Graham and Hatheway.
The commissioners of highways met at the
ofhee of Clerk Armstrong. Tuesday last, aa l
elected Nicholas Keating president, and
Thomas Mclermott treasurer for the cur.
rent year. The nest day the board met at
the same place, settle ! in full with P. Looney
who turned over to his successor, Mr. Mc
Permott. the sum of $1,979.83. This was
the largest amount ever turned over bj any
treasurer of the board at the completion of
his term of office. During the past ten yean
$300 was the highest amount paid over by
any out-going treasurer. These facts show
Mr. Looney up in the most favorable light,
and is a record that the township may well
be proud of as coming from eneof its officers.
Hew Fairies
New Colors,
lew Prices.

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