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Situated in the east part of Bureau County, on the line of the C, II. I. & I Railway, anil at the terminus of the Northwestern extension now being built to this point, briers extraordinary
inchicements to everyone who may desire A Good Locationjfor Business.
The principal industry upon which the. rown is now dependent is in its Immense Coal Field, comprising 15,000 Acres, which is being rapidly developed by the Spring Valley Coal Co. One
mine is already in full operation and two more will be by the 1st of September, and within eighteen months at least Two Thousand Miners will here find sready employment in this new town, and its
bright prospects for shortly becoming one of the Leading Manufacturing Towns in the State, with good drainage, plenty of good water, excellent Building Stone, Brick Yards, &c, and with the two
nlies?of railroad to Chicago and Milwaukee, and Surrounded by one of the Best Farming Districts in the State, offers to all who may desire a change in location of business a chance seldom found.
Building and Business Lots are now offered at Very Low Prices and on reasonable terms. .
For further information write or apply to rTT AC! T TM7TTT TKT
i ' JAJLl.J, U . JHA V JL1M ,
A.PR. GREENWOOD, La Salle, Vlce Pres- SPrln9 Va,,ey Coal Co"
From Mendota.
It will lie rnthor M to jjlvo mythlug (if
ft report or tlift Ciriint funeral wiviccs in
this city. As tli eutirn progniin ii'-'tlptl
gome one with u classical education to car
ry It through, Prof. Jenkins, of tlw Muck
stone High 'School, was foremost in doing
so, and saw Grant buried in good shape.
The procession was the finest we ever had
here, much better than the Fourth of .Ju
ly celebration turnout. Our honorable
body of Aldermen made a great display,
as they are nil u noble looking lot of men
as ever were plied together. No doubt
Lad they been In the .New York city pu
rade, some of them might have been taken
for Cleveland or Arthur, but they weren't.
A. Dean was out with his hearse heavily
draped, with a collin Inside.
There was some t.lk of getting a strong
man and taking him out to the graveyard
and hurrying him, but they gave that up,
principally becuse there were no strong
men handy and willing. The Odd Fel
lows (both lodges) uppeured, and the band
played dismal dirges all through the pa
rade. Several prominent citizens were in
carriages, representing the mourning rela
tives of the late general. Some ladies rep
resented Mrs. Col. Fred Grant, Mrs. Sarto
ris, etc., while several gentlemen made
their appearance in the role ot Col. Fred
and Jesse and U. 8. Grant, Jr. We don't
desire to give their names. Taken all In
all, the parade was very lino and well car
rled out, as we before stated.
The draping nud display of mourning
iroods in store windows and exteriors
showed good taste. K M. Dewey did some
artistic draping on A. Dean's furniture es
tablishment. A vacant chair, strung with
black cloth, with pen, ink and paper just
outside the door, which the intelligent ob
server tumbled to at once as the chair late
ly occupied by Grant. Chas. McFarland
showed splendid taste on the store of Fred
Wershlnskl, while Max John deserves lots
of credit for doing up their windows ho
nicely. The speech of (leu. Atkins Smith
was characteristic; of all the sieches made
on the day and the event, Mrs.C. M. Hig
gins, Mrs. Foltz, Messrs. Merritleld, Foltz,
and Harry did the singing. Flairs were at
half-mast and the cannon boomed at inter
vals througii the day, and so retjulescut In
Lightning struck the old Freewill Bap
tist church on the east side and the rail
road pond last Saturday morning. It struck
the dike of the pond and caused the water
to rush out at quite a lively gait, Hooding
the creek and some of the streets In town.
S. M. Mix lost an Infant child last week
of choleru Infantum.
We exend our thanks to the gentleman
ly secretary of the Mendota i'lilon Fair
Association, Charles T. Madden, for a sea
son complmeutary.
Lyons' dramatic com puny, a ten.cent
show, lias Washington hall this week. We
are getting about enough of that class of
Forepaugh's advertising car was here
over last Sunday. The town is billet! for
August 25.
While passing on West Madison street,
Chicago, last Saturday, on a street car, we
saw a picture of James G. Blaine heavily
draped in mourning In front of a lager
beer saloon. Possibly the vender of beer
had made a mistake, because .Mm Blaine
is not dead.
Fred Cavil Is the very happy father of
a bouncing boy born Sunday morning.
In criticising our Postollice affairs last
week, we did not Intend to cast any reflec
tion upon Miss Porter, the ladylike postal
In referring to the Third ward of the
city, people are inclined to call It the
"bloody third" or "hell's half acre" and
"codlish hill." The Third ward lias turned
out the prettiest girls In Mendota, and not
only that the most Industrious. Size up
the "bloody third" and the balance In that
respect would lie in its favor, and if the
city park wag In any of the other wards it
would be lighted wfth electricity ami fur
nished with rustic seat?. "Give a dog a
bad name," etc.
Miss Myra Curtis, daughtej of S. It. Cur
tis, is the best roller skater in the city.
Bosk Bi'i).
Mrs. A. P. Berry returned Saturday from
Farm Bidge, and went the same day to
Then was a repetition of thedisgraceful
scenes on the street Saturday, but on
more diminutive scale. IIojw they arc
dvlnir out.
We don't know which to sympathize
with most, Hugh, our worthy r. M., or Jim
w ho Is trvinir to succeed liim. Jiotn nav
stopped swearing, attend church regularly
in fact, are on their irooti lieliavior.
Hev. Smith, of Wenona, held services at
the Catholic, church on Sunday, lie 1
ddiru' a food work in breaking up some of
the wicked habits of the young people. It
is to be ho'ied that all gixnl citizens will
encouraL'e him.
Dr. Atwood was at Wenona last Friday
Kev. J. Strohmer, pastor of the Evangel
1st church at Minneapolis, Minn., hikI lil
wife were visiting this week at her rather s
Fred Wakey, in Eagle. There was a re
union of the family, all the children being
present. They report Mr. WuKey as nav
imr very poor health.
Frank Brennan, who has lieen spending
the summer at Ilartwell, Kearney county
Neb., is so favorably Impressed with tne
country that he returned last week to settle
ut his business Here, ami sianeu again
Thursday for his Nebraska home.
Vicinity Items.
One of La Salle's old soldiers, Geo. Mor
rlson, recently received a back pension of
nearly !fl,(HH).
A surollced choir of 25 male voices and
a chorus of female voices Is proposed for
St. Marv's Catholic church, Peru
William Uncle, a La Salle tin smith, be
came tired of living In La Halle, and on
Thursday ot last week drove a spike into
his brain with a hammer.
Louis Brunner and Joseph Schllllnger
of La Salle, got Into an altercation ut the
residence of the latter, on It riday ot last
week, when both drew knives and started
to carve each other In true La Salle style
Brunner received a deep stab in the lung,
and it is doubtful If ho will recover. Schil
linger was stabbed in the breast, but not
dangerously, lie is uow in tne county
Gen. Geo. B. McClellan and wile, Geo
B. McClellan, jr., and Miss Georgia Heck
slier went through Mendota on the A'
train last Monday. They were on their
way to Manltou Springs, Col., where they
will spend tne remainder oi me season.
While the train stopped there the General
kindly Invited the bystanders Into his car
but the crowd, consisting mostly oi uepuu
llcans, were so overawed at the command
ing presence of the grand old Democrat
that they didn't realize the chance until the
rumblings or the departing train Had died
away in Hie ncigiiuoruood or uiarion
A singular and fatal accident Is
reitorted from Bl xunlngton recently. The
cook at the Ashby House, a heavy man
was making ice cream on a rickety stair
way platform leading to the kitchen in the
second story. The structure gave way and
fell to the yard below, a distance of 18
feet, earrvfini the cook with it, breaking
one of his lees. The second cook was un
dereath the old trap, grinding a knife and
another man was turning the grindstone
The stairway fell on Imth of them. The
knife passed through the under jaw of the
cook and up into his head. The third man
had his back broken and his case Is hope
less. For a complication of accidents this
is truly a very superior case.
Sheridan lndvpemU-nt: We fear that
there is trouble coming between the towus
of Northvllle and Mission. Supervisor
Gransden, of the former town, is seen to
drive up toward the resldeuce of Supervis
or Jennings reirultirly once a week and al
ways on Sunday evenings. There seems
to he something mysterious about the mat
ter, for while many have seen Mr. G. going
that way none have ever seen him depart.
The people of Sheridan are getting excited
about the movements of Mr. G., and unless
an explanation is soon made they will
probably pnx'eed to Investigate.
Aurora ISenfon: or Aurora s recent ad
From Lostant
When 1 last wrote, Mrs. Thomas Drew,
who was taken sick while on a visit to
Chicago, was thought to be convalescing,
tut was taken suddenly worse and expired
the 2&1 ult. The melancholy news pro
duced universal sadness throughout this
The youngsters of the village met at the
residence of Mrs. J. Ball Friday night to
celebrate the natal day of her son Fred.
They claim to have honorably started him
on Lis Kith year, and had a good time
Thomas, son of Owen Moore, was In town
Saturday. He has been connected with
the school at Normal for two years, spends
bis vacation at home; divides his time be
tween hard labor and hard ktudy, and Is a
wortny example tor our young men.
Mrs. Keenan and her daughter, Mrs
Cougulan, from Peru, have been spending
a few weeks at the country residence ot
her ton, Tho. Keenan.
Mn, Kirby, of Peru, has been spending
short time at the residence of her ton In
lw, M. Prendergast, at Lostl&nds. She
returned o l Saturday.
dltlons In the way of factories, that of the
Chicago Corset Company, on Claim street,
seems to be one ol the most prosperous.
At present they are employing about 425
hands, which are mostly girls, who after a
few months' tuition are enabled to earn
good wages, ranging from rive to twelve
dollars per week, according to the ability
of each. Steady and industrious girls and
ladles can obtain employment there at any
time, as the firm are constantly advertising
for more help. At present an addition to
the factory is being constructed, which
measures twenty by seventy feet, and will
tie two stories high, when completed. At
the present rate of increase this flout ishlng
establishment will in a few years employ
at least one thousand hands.
I Salle Timt : A band of silverware
and jewelry canvassers have been circu
lating around this city during the past
month, soikitlnir order for their goods.
and succeeded in contracting for the deliv
ery of over f 1200 worth of wares soon.
Their little game was the Installment plan,
and they deluded many a guileless house
wife into purchasing knives and forks,
spoons, castors, rings, napkin rings and
such articles on the dollar a-month jay
ment scheme. There were three men and
a woman, who pssd at a wife of one of
the parties, which she may be for all ha
Salle people know, and the lot were under
the manipulation of a sharp fellow named
.James Dangney, who represented himself
as an agent of the Chicago I rust Company
I hey managed In every instance to get a
price as much and a half more than the
same goods can lie purchased for on the
homo imirket, on the idea that it would
come so handy to pay for the articles at
one dollar per month. Last week City At
torney Hall heard of their tactics and en
iiiired if they hud a peddler's license
whi'ii they had not. He then sued J. W
Price, whom lie supposed was the leader,
lor peddling goods without license as re.
quired by the ordinance. The sharpers
blustered a good deal, but Price was lined
$: and costs, ninounting to $l:i. In the
meantime Damrney hud' taken out a li
cense, but the attorney got out warrants for
all of the gang, and on learning of this,
like the Arabs of the desert, they folded
their tents and skipped. One of the crowd
was a little attorney from Buda, named
Hays, but his legal lore was about on a par
with his snide silverware.
T'inii'ii Xtirs; Some of the milch cows
on Lucian Burgess' place bad failed to fur
nish the usual quantity or the lacteal Hind
for several milkiturs, when a careful watch
was kept to ascertain the cause. James
Barrett arose early one morning to look af
ter the matter in his part of the premises,
when, lo! he made a discovery that nearly
took away his eyesight. Sure enough,
there was a picture for hii artist, two calves
and two pigs were suckling one cow ut the
same time. Further watching showed that
the pigs had been beating the milkers at
their own game by beginning an hour or
two earlier In the morning. And these
pig? were of good size, weighing perhaps
110 pounds apiece
The Streator Beds have two religiously-
inclined members in the cluli Mulford
and St. Clair who refuse to play ball on
Troy Grove.
Thoy GitoVK, Aug. 13. Cooler.
Fall plowing.
Humming the thresher.
Booming the corn crop.
The creek was full to overflowing lust
The grand jury will have some work at
its next session from here.
Are vou lltrurinir for a Position on the
new railroad 1
Byron Ituedy, of Mendota, was in town
Sunday smiling on our girls.
M. A. It. took ii trio to votir citv to see
the "mellsh" in their trenches title week.
Our young ladles will give a concert in
the Baptist church some time In the near
Have you set up the cigars and ginger
ale, Cornelius Klinefelter, over the arrival
of that bouncing I k i v baby ?
W e are grieved to learn that airs, lless-
enberger, of Harrlsburg, Pa., formerly of
this place, died on the 2 ith ult. at her son s
in the als)ve named city. Her daughter,
Miss Clare, Is a resident of our town, and
has the heartfelt sympathy of her many
friends here.
The public square is enclosed by a line
of posts. But the Isiards where are they
J (elchart, of Mendota, has opened a sa
loon In Stephenson's building.
Y eeds, weeds: cut them this month and
rid yourself of a large crop of weed seed.
1 he young people of No. ( and vicinity
have organized a secret sxiety.
Steve Stephenson made a trip to Spring
Valley last Sunday. Did you locate, Steve ?
1 he school building In District JNo. V,
mninlck. Is undergoing repairs.
Cornelius Klinefelter is negotiating lor a
farm In Gruudv county, near Mazon.
(Mir plasterer, Henry httlnger, reports
business duller than for years. I loo t lor
get him if you want good work.
Miss Susie Kitchens win teach in
Oglesby, ami not No. 0, Dlmmick, as re
ported, this fall.
T. tte J. Downey, of Ohio, III., are the
tirst in this section to finish a grading con
Miss Ida Kansbarger will teach In West
Troy Grove again this fall.
i'i 1 VI ... . . m 1 . I.
i iirouore juxire wieiu a pan oi insi w
in Waltham his first trip since bi"-illness.
Johnny Coleman, one of Dlinmlck's nop.
ular teachers, contemplates going to N'e
braska in a few days to look after landed
The old settlers of Dlmmick will hold
their annual picnic the latter part of this
uioiitn. Squire Dmunlck is making ar
rangements for a grand re union.
Mrs. John Starkel and Mrs. Minnie Cole,
of Mississippi, are the guests of Mr. and
.Mrs. .Mali and tamlly.
1 he arch on the new railroad just east or
Simpson's place is nearly completed. It Is
!K) feet long and 8x10, built of Homer stone,
and part of them dressed.
Mr. and Mrs. Donaldson, of Aurora. HI.,
(Mrs. I). was known in years gone by as
1 1 I ... t I. 11- . .. . . . ,
.iiim riu LKKiruu) were me gursia oi
relatives in this vicinity last week.
Dr. Wetherbv is expected back from Pe
ru the first of the month to teach in Dist
No. 0, Dlmmick. Ben, it seems, cant give
up his first love teaching.
Miss Kffle Dlmmick and Mrs. Frank
Wilkins recently returned from visiting
friends in Hennepin.
Will Foster ami Misses Minnie Mythaler
and Lou Mitten nre in Ottawa this week
attending the teachers' Institute.
Mrs. Dr. Everett left Thursday last for
a visit among friends In Liucoln and Oma
ha, Nebraska.
Miss Allie Coltrln, of Palatine, 111., Is the
guest of Miss Carrie Wilkins.
Miss Minnie Clement, of Waltham, who
had been n villager for some months past,
returned home last week.
The Homer school for the coming year
will be under the management of Miss
Minnie Mythaler, of Waterloo, Iowa, and
Will Foster. Miss Mythaler has charge of
the upper school.
The Presbyterian church lias recently
been papered. The design is very beuuti
ful, and the work was done by Mr. Adams,
oi .ueutioia, in me inosi iirusuc inuuuer.
Since the work has been completed the in
terior is not second to any church in the
ad joining towns or cities.
Miss Jessie Wyhe, of Ophir, commenced
ner iiiu scnooi in jisi. i.o. l, uimuucK
last Monday.
Mr. Fiddock lias a pony that affords
much amusement to the boys who enjoy a
Ii v over the tun on the back or a steed
The pony, it Is said, continues the tricks
of being broke to ride well. John Ivonen
and Albert Krausse are giving him lessons
in the way lie should go.
While out riding a few evenings since
on the line between Dlmmick and Wal
tham, wo noticed five unoccupied houses
within a radius of a mile. J his shows that
our land Is going into the hands of the
monied class who are vlelng with each
other and bending every energy to have the
largest farm. Are we not to a certain ex
tent leaning toward the condition of Eng
land and Ireland V The tenant am! the
small farmer are becoming subject to
these laud owners' centralizing power.
M A. U.
From Marseilles-
Mahsf.ii.i.es, Aug. 14. Miss Maggie
Brundage, of Morris, spent Sunday last in
Wm. Forrest, of Chicago, is in town.
A large party of invited friends spent a
very pleasant evening with Miss Lulu Wil
son August l!th. Uefreshments were
served and everything was furnished to
make the evening enjoyable.
Miss Mary Graves, of Seneca, spent part
of this week in our city.
Robert Stead and E. A. Dallam, of Otta
wa, were seen on our streets Monday.
Frank Morgan returned Wednesday from
an extended visit In Peru.
About 100 people boarded the steamer
Twilight yesterday for Buffalo Kock, ur
riving there after a two hours ride. They
enjoyed thexselves hugely until time to
come home, when they again boarded the
steamer, but Instead of coming home in
two hours they came in four-and-a-half,
being threatened with sinking in the ra
ging canal. Many walked from Walbrid
ge's up.
Kev. A. Monroe left Wednesday lor a
month's vacation. During his absence the
pulpit will be tilled with able supplies.
Alary Woodward is home again.
Chas. Ilobart Is on the sick list.
Mrs. J. 11. Lewis is visiting relatives
near Grand Bidge.
W. K. Begun was In town part ot tins
John Clark, Sam. Hawks and Miss Mary
Cowles took In Chicago, Tuesday.
I he missionary concert at the l-cngre-
gational church Tuesday evening was a
splendid success.
Harry Lewis, of Chicago, was in town
Tuesday last. Ai.rn.v.
The old standard remedy, Nichols
Bark ami Ikon, will always relieve de
bility, languor, sleeplessness and loss of ap
petite. Try it once.
ich than f4.ij lr wi'tlnti ! Lund liiiyem ru c-oiitlmm
ciIIitciI will si "Hi iliaiiimr fcirrver. Uuu now.
fur niriiiur Uilnrinutlon. liiuna hihI ihiiitk call nn
Jan.ll-tf DU. J', o. HAHH1S & SOS.
ly Im rriislni;. but mi inutv land Ik being inadt! Hint now!
mccK arc iiilvaiii-lni,' rapidly. C'lianei'H llko those uow
Han niaillliik!. and til
I'asi-H Ik a pulley III kmiiic of tho hiri!c, hi n mtt. hiinontble
companies reprcHcnleil liy me. which rout no uiorrtlmn
yon pay ior iiiinrancu la wcaKc
companies, try it.
of Kind Kindt Kind!! or the
cliiniftnu of the lire lielln lit al-
HaK Kiaiillnt;, anil the lwt WHithlnK nyruu la suc h -
and low di Htraule
1)H. J. O. UAKK1S.
ii i ... .. . . .
i resoyieuau cnurcii ny new I'enhallagen
on first and third Sunday of every month:
Sunday school every Sunday when the
weaiuer permits. isemo.
Joliet Pre: A little incident occurred
yesterday afternoon that well illustrates
the generosity of horsemen. The owner
of "Al. U., Mr. A. W. Bogers, of Chicago,
suddenly missed his pocket-book, while on
the grounds and In the act of paying for
some poois that lie jiad bought. 1 here
was an even $1000 in the wallet, and the
gentleman became somewhat anxtous in
the matter and pnx-eeded at once to the St.
Nicholas Hotel, where he was stopping,
went to his room, made a complete search,
and then came down and reported to Cas-
it-lt l.t ,.:! 1... .... 1 , 1
en iimi lie uuu rmiri iom ii i-ti roiMJCIl
of his pocket book. The genial boniface ino ,i".'. (iiiiiim iot at from ts to
knew better, for he had the valuable article j al8trbie bualue8a P'Jff-;
securely locked in the safe. After consul
Ing Mr. Bogers for a few moments over
his great loss, Caswell handed him the
much searched for purse. "Where did
you find It?" asked Bogers. "One of my
girls, named Katie Ryan found it lying on
the floor in your room and brought it to
nifl for safe keeping," replied Caswell.
""Well, that girl's a jewel," answered Rog
ers. "Here, give her this for me." at the
same time handing the proprietor a bill
which to select, ami inivem will commit their own
IntereatK hy callliiKon nie. Will Hell dwelling nt from
.TUU. sutl
SALS., ery cheap nd on eimy term. Die whole front ,
on the canal from railroad cnwliitf to the ttdeclll (ex
cept one lot.; Also residence loin in the n ar.
api-Jj .1. O. 11AKK1S & 60S.
1 offer for mile my residence In VerinllHonvllle, Peer
I'urk Tn.. in IIiIh countv. It 1h a inhmI. roornv. Ktorv
and it half hoime, kiI well anil ciKtern. orchard, oinall
that was of a denomination considerably;!, the name, on
larger than a 1. It is said that Kittle has
found over $10,000 since she has been em
ployed at the St. Nicholas.
The old standard remedy, Nichols'
Bakk and Iiion, will always relieve de
bility, languor, sleeplessness and loss of ai-
petite. Try it once.
43ffftr gdiertisemetjfs.
Thin Ik a rare chance to Keciire a cmnfortahle hmtip
cheap In a line community. JA.MKS CLAKK,
ttiittl-lw Verinlllionvllle.
General Carpenter Work.
Contracts Taken and Estimates Furnished.
No Shoddy Work allowed to
leave our lianda.
Shop ou Cofumbu St., South of County Jail.
Manufacturers of flue MAUI1LE
Head Stones,
And all kin.iKof CI.M KTEIiY WORK.
Kbw and Original Designs
Yard on ('oluintuiH St.. one block
north of Clifton Hotel,
From Munster.
Heavy rains here last week, and the oats
are somewhat damaged on that account.
However, the greatest pest has been the
grasshopper. Farmers claim that the crop
is damaged from four to five bushel per
acre on an average from these pests. The
bulk of the oat crop will be threshe 1 out
of the shock, lhe prospects for a gmxl
corn crop is very favorable.
The following persons were visiting in
and around Munster the pat week: Mr
I'orter, of Grand Bidge, at J. C. Herder's;
Mrs. Morgan, of Streator, guest of Mis. S.
The Misses Watkins and mother, of
Bloomlngton, are vlidtlng at Frauk Wat-
Mrs. IHckey, of Pennsylvania, is spend
Ing the summer with Mrs. Phillip Camp
bell. Miss Hilda Tombaugh Is visiting friends
in Ottawa.
Mrs. J. S. Hepler and Mrs. M. J. Holmes
were in Udell last Wednesday and Thurs
B. Miller, station agent here, spent last
Sunday in Pontiac.
Platform dunce at John Hamilton s on
last Weduesday evening, also rarlle for a
borse. A man from enona liy tlie name
of O'Connor won the horse.
Preaching at Munster M. E. church on
second and fourth aunday in each month;
frunuay school vry gumly. frervlcesirat
A1 ANTED AO E NTS in evory state and
ww county to sou a New Patent Article.
The jrreittt'st of modern inventions, 1'ntented
June, lssf. Sells at sight. Handled
exclusively by agents. Territory us-
sineil to pi io I eiiiivns.vei-s who upjily at once,
iiifutioninir this paper. For pitrticulurs uJ
dress (with stump)
177 Im .Siile St., i Hic.wii, III.
N. H. Will assign state territory to re
sponsible business men.
Clyde, English & Norman ;
Plowshare th '
di nr Ask your
rLUU. Dealer for it.
thtMttWatr-flreyr,iailKOiV TOIC
for loaa of appetite, Btrfou prortrmtton,
Pf apcjnla infall unublr arising from GENEK
A I. If Kttl L1I I. fUKSALAHY 41.1. OKI tiiilSTa
Poland-China and Berkshire
For this ScwKHi'a Trade now ready for ule.
A law number of animals of tach of the above toeedL.
of all aicea and both ttrn, either gradea or thorough-
broil, alwayaoii hand for ale.
lniHH'tluu f tH'lt desired. Farm, flva mtlef wutt.
weal of Ottawa. P.O.Box OOH Ottawa Ullnoia.
Tilo Works for Sale.
t nlTer fur n!e rne-lia'f mtereff In the Tile F4 t"r-
aad fixture Imati-.l at t-milliiotiviiie, ueer ra'K ip.
in ililn iniintv. The Hct..rv mid tlTinrea are In flrt
rlaa liae aiid lmlilea n H.aml riimne Mid tuilleT
OT SIXIV llirr 1iit: wnr .i. I I ,-liurni f.ntaiiii
1 lie Mill: one K'-od ! "f eriwhera; lntvedry hl and
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Of firm of lark Win-all,
aiiKl-4' BrteV and Tile Maker.
Clydesdale Stallion
I offer nir Stallion "Voting Centennial" for :.
Will Mll i-tiatt ur trmle for voiiutf unit, t'artiea
wlahlng lo tm) wHI-aH un or adilrn
ani5-Pwe. -tt i, I ik-a, IIU i
nnr ldmber yard. .
Wholeaitl and Retail
Dealers in
Building Materials, &c
Oflice and Yard, La Salle Street,'
Ordeta by Mall or Telephone promptly attended to.
N'ew Styles of Type and Loir
Prices at the Free Trader JctT
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