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son tht he told me he wu not at my house
Wednesday was that be beard that 1 was
iealous of him. Told me when he came
there, and said he stayed until eight or half
pat. Mrs. weasi men Bpune up mu mm
she told him better than that. I asked him
if he not upstairs all the forenoon with
my wife. He then jumped to his feet, and
what happened after that I do not know.
Some one then told me Parks was shot. In
the evening I went home, and went out to
look for the children. Went back and met
Mrs. Weast. She told me that Parks want
ed to see me. TbAt be did not want to pros
ecute me. I met Murlock and be told me
also that Parks wanted to aee me. After
dark Reeres came, and Mrs. Weast, Newell
and Keeves went into the parlor. Mrs.
Weitst again told me that Parks wan ted to
see me. I went. He said that his attorney
wanted to prosecute. I told him to do as he
pleased about the matter. He said be
would study the matter over and that he
would not prosecute that night. He sent for
Newell, who came back and said that he
would stop the matter for that night. We
went to a justice's office and Newell ar
ranged so that there would be no prosecution
that night. I did not say that I wiis sorry
that I had shot Parks when be sent for me
te his room, and that I would pay the bills.
Parks did not say that it was a pretty thing
to shoot a man to death and then come and
ask for forgiveness. There was no conversa
tion about givine away as to any girl. In
the winter of 1876 my brother and I were in
business in Streator, and going home one
night after 11 o'clock we were attacked ; af
ter that I have always carried a revolver.
For a number of years I have had very poor
health, caused by bleeding of the lungs, and
have been under treatment during that time.
Was in Ottawa when I first learned that
Parks had died. I telegraphed from the
Windsor House, Chicago, where I was.
Have not cohabited with Mrs. Weast since
this occurrence, and have sustained no rela
tions with her as man and wife.
The rest of the testimony is in type but
crowded out for lack of space. It will ap
pear. The rebuttal showed chiefly that
Weast could not be believed under oath.
Last Session of the Hoard of 1885-0.
Momda v FiBST Day.
The Doard met en Monday afternoon pur
suant to adjournment.
After the roll call, which showed all pres
ent except Supervisors Hutterfield, Dresser,
Graves, Griffin, Ilelmig, Hope, Lauf, Mcln
tyre, Madden, Phillips and Howe, a large
number of bills were read, some of which
were referred, some tabled.
The agreement of the chairman of the Hoard
(for the county) with L. W. Brewer, as attor
ney defending the county in the Heddick
will case, was read. In substance the agree
ment is this : If the suit ends on the Circuit
Court trial, Brewer gets $400; if it goes
through the Appellate and Supreme Courts,
he gets $300 more.
Adjourned to Tuesday a. m., at 9 o'clock.
The Board met at 9 o'clock, with a few
more members present.
The minutes were read and approved, after
which McLaughlin called attention to the
sharp practice of his townsmen in La Salle
in defeating the payment of their taxes. The
back taxes of La .Salle are something over
$33,300, and very little has been collected
during the pnBt few years. On the contrary,
the back taxes are constantly accumulating.
How the tax payers of the "Imperial City"
defeat the payment of theso taxes and yet
manage to pay them, or, what amounts to
the same thing, get a receipt in full, is illus
trated by Mr. McLaughlin, citing the case of
Michael Byrne. He has paid no taxes since
1869, except the tfixes of 1377. On 19 lots
the taxes were $3,018.10, and on his making
affidavit that the bn k t ixes were equa' to the
value of the property, nn order of the court
was made thn' the property be sold. It was
10 sol!, the 1 lots bringing $178. Byrne
buying, getting rid in this way of his back
taxes in a lump paying $3,0-18.19 with
$178! On bis residence the taxes were
$1,019.92. which at the sale under the order
ef the court brought '.(). On the 4th day
f last March Byrne sold this property for
$4,500; it was again sold in July ; and nsrtiin
in November last, the latter time for $3,300.
This wss his residence property, on Gth and
Maiquette streets. Mr. McLaughlin pn:d he
had asked the County Board to prosecute
these de'inqwenti, but it has not done so.
As supervisor of the town be hag prosecuted
several, obtaining judgments for town tmesi,
which the town will save; but tho other tax
es will be lost if claims are not prosecuted.
"If," said Mr. McLaughlin, "this is the wny
taxes are to be paid, the anarchists are right
when they say that government is simply an
instrument in dishonest hands to swindle
honest men out of their rights !' The soon
er this law is wiped from the statute book or
all men are allowed to pay their taxes in the
same way the belter J What Mr. McL. would
Bke to know is whether the Board propose
to take any action in the matter. Another
sample of similar tax paying is the case of
the Cody estate, which by a sale of the prop
erty paid back taxes of $4,318 09 with $300,
the amount the property sold fur at the sale.
Mr. Gunn said he wished the gentlen.an
from La Salle would make a motion for a
committee on the subject.
Mr. McLaughlin thereupon moved the ap
pointment of a committee of three to exam
ine the subject, consult the county attorney,
and make a report at this session. So order
ed ; the chair appointing, at the suggestion
f the mover, Messrs. Marsh, MoMullan and
This interesting subject disposed of, the
clerk, under the order of yesterday, proceed
ed to read the bills presented. This is a new
"racket," bills heretofore having been refer:
red to the proper committee without reading.
However, of course, after the reading the
"watch docs of the treasury" knew all atout
it a great deal better than they did before!
It was also ordered that no account be passed
an that is presented after Thursday morning.
Adjourned to 9 a. m. Wednesday.
Wfpkkshat Third Day.
One of the curiosities in the way of bills
showed up from the Chicago f'rrniny Journal.
Last August the runepade of the paper came
to Ottawa, and asked Chairman Lewis for
authority to "write up" the county build
ings for a "consideration.'' Mr. Lewis sai 1
he had no power to make such an order, but
he could do aa he pleased, and if he did
write it up he could let his bill run the
gauntlet of the Board. The matter was
parsed for the present.
Supervisor McLaughlin asked for authority
to purchase tickets to ship back to Kurope
certain persons who bad become dissatisfied
with this great and glorious country. It was
decided it would be a bad precedent to es
tablish, as the persons had not become as yet
a county charge, and the aid wa-t refused.
- The Trobate Clerk reported earnings for
the past six months. $1,751 ; and receipts,
$1,437.80; net receipts paid into the coun
ty, $28.07.
The County Clerk reported earnings for
the past six montna, ju.ioo. x; receipts,
fl,6o5.C2; expenses, $3,038.13; earnings
over expenses, fo.JHU.uU,
The South Ottawa supervisor, Farnsworth
presented a petition from Chas. A. Chandler,
who had a leg broken while at work as bridge
builder on the C. U. & J., lor $ou, wtneo
with $o7 raised by subscription he expected
would enable him to go to Rush Medical Col
lege to have an operation performed, which
it is believed will enable mm to get wen an i
able to support his father and mother. As
the family had already Decome in a Bmau
way a county charge, the amount was ai
Then followed a great raft of bills, which
were read and referred.
A petition from the Highway Commission
era of La Salle was read, asking for aid for
that old, old sore the Shippingsport Bridge
road north over the river bottom from the
bridge to La Salle. The work has begun, and
it is expected the work will cost $6,407.60,
one-half of which, $3,233.80. the county is
asked to appropriate, Bince the tax levy of
80c on the $100 full extent allowed ny taw
will produce but one-half the estimated
cost. Iteferred.
Mr. Gunn presented a bill of Mr. Thomas
Martin for $00, for taking care ot Mrs. we-
Cullough, of his township, from March to
October last, wnen she died. uno was very
old. and beine not taken care of by her rela
tives, if she had any living or able, when
she took her to his home and cared for her
until she died. On motion of Mr. Hickok
$25 were allowed.
The treasurer's report from September
session to date was rtad as reported by the
oommittee to settle with treasurer. It
showed receipts, $59,148.70 ; expenses, $89,.
910.05 ; balance due county, $19,228.05.
The matter of the M. Byrne tax case from
La Salle came up on a report of the special
committee. It was found the law in the case
had been complied with. Byrne's affidavit
showed the assessed valuation was less than
the amount of back taxes, and that the taxes
were greater than it was believed the prop,
erty (in its then condition of title) would
sell for in open market. The question is
"What are you going to do about it?" The
county attorney might suggest a way in
which the taxes may be collected; the com
mittee could not.
The Circuit Clerk's report showed earn
ings past six months, $2,189.56; receipts,
$1,539.35; uncollected, $750.20; expenses,
The report of the special committee ap
pointed at the December term to investigate
the matter of outside aid to paupers came
up next, printed copies being furnished the
Board. It was lengthy and, on its face,
showed an extreme looseness in these ac
counts, luxuries being supplied without lim
it. It also showed that these accounts were
constantly and rapidly increasing, gave sam
ple bills audited, and a table of expenses for
"necessaries" and "luxuries," town by town,
as per bills paid at July session. The sub
ject matter will be belter understood when
the report is published, as it will be next
week. The committee close by recom
mending: 1. That the Board will allow no bills for
oulidde aid except on Itemized orders of sup
2. That orders for provisions shall include
nothing but flour, meat, fish and potatoes, ex
cept in cases of extreme age or sickness.
3. That orders (riven for other purposes
than for provisions shall include articles of
prime necessity only.
4. That orders issued by assistant supervi
sors shall not be recognized by the Hoard,
except in cases where given on the written
reouest of the supervisor.
5. That any substitution of one article for
another by the party on whom the order is
drawn shall render the whole order void.
0. The committee also recommend thi
adoption of a form of order to be used hereaf
ter, which tho County Clerk be instructed to
procure in book form and supply the same to
the supervisors or the several towns, winch
.art a tub nd a main order cciitiiininir items
. .zccssitica and blank lines for other itrti
. and contemplates an itemized order,
wnlch goods alone can be furnished on the
The subject is a very important one, and
was so looked upon by all.
Norton, Karl, moved to adopt tho report.
Fisher, Mendota, said he would be ashamed
to have such a report go to his town.
Gunn (chairman of committee) said they
had examined some 3,000 orders and not less
than 25,000 different items. He thought the
recommendations should be adopted, espe
cially the 5lh, which would relieve supcrvis
ors from annoyance and at the same time
limit the orders to necessaries.
An nir'iated and laudably humane discus-
oii" tln rciiponaroie astowhut were "neces
saries, risber thought cofleo, tea and even
sugar in reasonable quantities were; but at
the rate of $5 a family he thought they be
came luxuries. He thought the order should
be adopted. Reed, Ottawa, approved the
report. The difficulty supervisors have to
contend with is the want of time and ability
to examine into individual cases when orders
are given to see that only "necessaries" are
bought on orders issued, and the pauper
committee having approved the claims, the
members aside from that committee knew
little or nothing of the character of the bills
presented. He also approved of the order,
but "aid there should be some liberty of ac
tion left supervisors in making out their
itemired orders, for what would in some
cises be luxuries in others would be neces
sry and proper articles to be supplied.
Kades in a very humane speech thought the
supervisor would not stick to these order,
and cited numerous cases of his own where
what were nominally luxuries had been or
dered, and properly so, and would be ordered
by any man with a heart in him who had
the cases to look after. He favored retrench
ment, but didn't just see how the proposed
order would help matters.
Th upshot of the discussion was that the
understanding is that "outside" aid is ren
dered to petsons who partially support
themselves. These persons may be assisted
by orders for necessaries ; except that when
the supervisor believes that other goods may
properly be given he may so specify on his
order. A motion to include tea and coffee
as among the necessaries was voted down,
and the report then adopted as a whole, in
spite of the belief of many that it would be
impracticable to restrict the orders to item
ized s'atements of goods to be furnished.
Adjourned to Friday morning.
Friday Fifth Day.
After approving reports of committee to
settle with county officers, the Board tackled
the Chicago Journal "write up" bill, and it
was disallowed.
Then in came a raft of bills from the sheriff
for washing, mending, &c. The bills startled
the committee. In fact they paralyzed them,
and in self-defense they reported them back
to the Board. The sheriff's bills are truly
remarkable, and Lave been, and in spite of
the fact that the Board has repeatedly "sat
down'' on thera, they still come in. Will he
never take a header? Norton moved to allow
such parts of the bills as the sheriff would
swear has accrued to the benefit of the coun
ty ! Gracious goodaess ! This was with
drawn, however, to' allow McLaughlin to
mev to recommit the bills i the conimittee,
In the afternoon, on motion of Fisher are-
solution was adopted instructing the county
attorney to have all lands and lots on which
the b-ick taxes were equal to or greater than
their value sold, and Sups. Fisher, Eads and
Marsh were appointed a committee to buy at
the sale in such way as to protect the inter
ests of the county.
The sheriffs washing bill came up again,
as overhauled by the committee and cut
down from $14"). 7 to $82.69. A comparison
of the bill with the Clifton Hotel laundry
price list showed that the sheriff charged the
county the same prices for washing for pris
oners, although, as explained by Sup. Nor
ton, the county furnished the soap, fuel,
clothes wringer, clothes line, water, hot air,
building, everything ! Sup. Norton main,
tained that in the light of a recent decision
of the supreme court the Board could allow
the sheriff only the actual cost of such serv
ice, as his compensation was fixed by law
and no allowance beyond that was legal, and
if he had received more in times past he and
his bondsmen were liable to the county for
the amount. "Look at the equity of the
thing," said Mr. Norton. The sheriff is al
lowed $3.50 a week for boarding prisoners,
though the county furnished deputies to de
the cooking, paid for the stoves, fuel, cutlery
and crockery, furnished the beds, bedding,
&c, &c, and in addition to all he wants first
class laundry prices for washing 1 It is
suggested that the county could make money
by closing up its $10,000 boarding house and
letting the job of boarding the prisoners and
washing for them to the Clifton Hotel I
Madden, of the committee, said they had
figured out that washing for the prisoners
was worth 22c. per week per man and they
had allowed the sherriff at that rate.
After some further discussion the question
was put and the report of committee cut
tine down the ebeoitTs bill was adopted.
Resolutions of respect to the memory of
John P. Miner, of Kden, dec d, late a mem-
ber of the board, after eulogistic remarks by
Gun, Eads and Lewis, were adopted, and the
board adjourned to this morning.
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