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father of ber children. Mrs. H. slntes that
be wns in constant fear of her life until
Nov. 1881, when nlie was compelled to leave.
The pot ii ion further alleges that Thomas
Ham peon, at his home in Farm Kidge, was
given to licentiousness and committed adul
try June. 25, 1884, with Julia Bolivar, a do
mestic employed at his house, and that since
then he had committed the Bame crime fre
quency with the aaid Bolivar and divers
lewd women. The complaint sets forth that
Hampson is a man of low, vicious and vulgar
habits und leg that she may he divorced
from him, given the custody of her child
ami that pcrmisslrn he granted to resume
ber maiden name, Mahala McDonald.
William Coyne, aged M8, was married to
Miss Hose MeFall, nge 1 (10, of LaSalle, Dec
3d. This May and December couple lived
togethtr nnd enjoyed tlio connubial sweets
of married life just ten days, when Rose
withdrew from the firm and refused to be
further protected and cherished by Mr.
Coyne, alleging as a reason that the bill of
fare furnished by her youthful bridegroom
wna nf n. nature whollv utisuited to her
aesthetic tastes.
Emily S. Strobel petitions the court for a
dissolution of the hymeneal tie which unites
her to James Strobel. She was married at
Utica March 19, 1854, the result of the mar
riage being six children, all of lawful age
During the 3D years of her married life Mrs
Strobel slates that her husband has been
guilty of repeated acts of cruelty, and that
on one occasion 20 years ago he struck and
choked her in the most brutal manner. In
fact, the statement sets forth that her life
has been one of continual hardship and more
especially during the past four years. She
has been driven forth from the house repeat
edly, struck, kicked, and on one occasion
her husband spat in her face. He had fre
quently, as is asserted in her allegations,
threatened to kill her, using the most ob
scene and indecent language, that he had
failed to provide for her and her children,
that she was frequently obliged to flee from
her residence, afraid of being murdered,
and that her husband is possessed of an un
governable and violent temper. These and
many other allegations go to make up the
urn total of her complaint. She further
states that Strobel owns 100 acres in Utica
township and 640 acres in Selby county
Iowa, and prays the court that he may be
enjoined from selling the same until the
further order of the court.
John VVamner was married March 13,
18G6, and had been living at Seneca, when
his wife, Anna, eliped with one John Brown,
March 12, 1877, since which time he has
been unable to learn her whereabouts.
Brown had been boarding at his bouse pre
vious to the elopement, and his wife had
been guilty of adultery with said Brown at
divers times.
William H. Tydeman, in his petition for
divorce, states that he was married at'De
Kalb, Dec. 17, 1807, to one Emma Wheeler,
and they continued to live together as man
and wife until Nov. 30, 1881!, when his wife,
without any reasonable CAtise, deserted him,
and at present persists in such desertion.
Eva A. Frinch, of the town ot Missson,
represents that she was married to Adclbcrt
French on April 12, 1 870. Iiy this marriage
she had two children, a boy aged eight and
a girl six, and that the lather is a wholly
unfit person to have the custody, oare or
education of them. February 8, lfSS.'S, said
Adelbert French, without cause, deserted
her and has since absented himself. She
therefore prays that the court dissolve the
marriage contract and that she be gWen the
custody of the children.
Charles A. Endicott asks to be separated
from his wife. He represents that he was
married to Mary Ann Moore, Dec. 25. 178,
and they lived together until Nov. 1, 1884
when Mrs. Endicott ".skipped by the light '
with one George H. Durham, with whom sho
had at divers times before that date commit
ted the crime of adultery, and that he be
lieves she is now living with said Durham
that two children are the result of gaid mar
riage ami he asks for their custody; kc.
County Court.
Clem Fisher, of Mendota, was brought be
fore the county court on Tuesday morning
and tried for insanity, and was declared by
the jury to be insane. The cause is said to
be religious excitement, the deranged man
being under the delusion, as he expresses it,
of being Jesus. His wife and daughter, the
latter about 19, were present. City Marshal
Mclntyre took him to Elgin the same morn
A special jury has been called for next
Monday to hear the condemnation suit of
the C, R. I. & F. railway against Liepold
Burkart and others of Peru.
I'rnbnte Court.
Final settlements were bail in the follow
ing estates:
Arthur D Henderson and Violet ta Q Hen
derson, Mark Hoag, W K Mclntyre, Simon
Vallon, Patrick Kane, John Nagle and Allen
Adjustments were had in the following
Louis O'Nillon, Margaret Cahill, Hattie M
Routcliffe, Geo Brown, Mary Berry and
Philip Saueressig.
Guardianship of Isabella Jacobson and rep
of accts.
Est of Amassa Crosiar, same.
Applications for the sale of real estate
were made in the following:
Elaoora Anderson, Philip Saule, and Thos
A Porter.
Guardianship of Frank II Armstrong, rep
of aocts apvd and ord reed.
The following have withia the past three
week been granted licences to mary:
Samuel Johnson and Carrie Holverson.
Geo. M. Hanson'and Linnie Petersen.
John Fisher and Mary Golimets.
Joe. Conley and Sella Price.
Henry Coensgea and Clara Reich.
Wlllard Kennedy and Minna Hild.rbr.avi.
Lewis Voss and OHve Pearce.
Geo. Hepler and Emma Thomas.
('has. McShane and Abbie E. Williamson.
John M. Johnson and Minnie G. Rivers.
Myron W. Porter and Ella E. Owen.
John W. Schaertlein and Caroline Koch.
Herbert G. Mears and Margaret W.
Willard E. Head and Adella Reeder.
Philip B. Auterson and Martha M. Stan
sel. William Shenneman and Mary Quandle.
Gerdiuuud Vttreold and Bertha A. Wal
len. William Curtis and Nellie M. Barr.
Charlie D. Thayer and Loulla Armstrong.
David Ileestr and Norah II. Fish.
John A. Devor and Lena Frey.
Allonson J. Gallegher nnd Bridget Mar
rlon. James Randall anil Sarah Soott.
Menry Wernier and Margaret Wallace.
Richard Toombs and Carrie Ames.
Thomas Butler Thiekiel and Harriet An-
netta J. Tavlor.
Walter E. Bosworth and Lillian B. Wright
Valentine Dulder and Eliza Mottaz.
William W. Baker and Ida Conklin.
Urias J. Hoffman and Ella Walker.
Douglas H. Andrews and Mattie Griffin
Louie K. I.ange and Lillie O. Jennings.
James P. Craig and Mary A. Walls.
The llecinninft of Blckne,
Nevr tritle with what are called small
ailments. If you feel inert, with a bitter
or hud taste in the mouth, loss of appetite,
bowels costive, take at once Simmons Liver
Regulator. For the miseries of dyspepsia,
the liegulator Is a certain ana speeuy cure
Clergymen, Lawyeis,
And infivt every one vho ufferfrom tier
tout ntostration, 18 of appetite or sleep
lessness, should use Nichols' Bahk ad
From Marseilles.
Mahskili.ks, Dec. 18. Cords are out for
the marriage of Walter K. Uoswortn ana
Miss Lillian Whitman, oi fcast Marseilles,
on Tuesday evening. Dec. 22.
Good weather for bridge work. One
span would have been completed, but a
mistake was made in the shipment and the
wrone nlus that hold It together were sent
so the men had to wait until another set
were nroeured.
Joshua Moore, the nail maker, tas just
patented a road grader, all of iron and steel
which he thinks win ue a peneci xumg
It is certainly very etronir and substantial
He will put smiie on the market next
Mrs. Monroe, the Congregational minis
ter's wife, is lmurovlne a little.
Morris and Seneca come to Marseilles
quite often for musicians, Frank Matthews
and others eolnir up were quite rrequeni
Jy. Come on, gentlemen, we can supply
"Athlophoros sells well, and it is perfectly
reliable. 1 take pleasure in recommena
aa it to my patrons. It either benefits or
cures in every case," S. M.Irwin, a leading
druggist of Decatur, Illinois, gives as his
An Irish volunteer heard the sad news
that his mother had married a second time
and with a long sigh exclaimed, "Good era
clous! I hope she won't have a son oulder
thai me, for if she does I shall lose the
Wkti mi-ka. Ala.. Sept 28th, 1884
About six years ago I became atllicted
with a very disagreeable skin disease, with
large, dry sores and many crusted pimples
on my face, hands and shoulder, l he sore
on my shoulder eat out a hole nearly an
inch deep, and thecancerousappearanceof
one of the sores near my eye alarmed me
very much. I tried all kinds or treatment,
but found nothing that seemed to affect the
disease. I finally decided to try S. 8. S. on
advice of a physician, und in a short time
the scans dropped from the sores and left
my skin smooth and well. 1 consider S.
S. the greatest I1mh1 medicine made, and
the only thing that will cure the disease
with which I was atllicted. I think my
trouble was the result of a terrible attack
of malarial fever, contracted while farm
ing in the Tallapoosa river swamp. I can
lie found at my ollice in the court house ut
Wetumpka. You can refer to me.
J. L. Rhodes, Dep. Sheriff Elmore Co., Ala.
Treatise on IJlood and Skin Diseases
mailed free.
The Swift Si-kcikic Co.,
Drawer It, Atlanta, Ga.
1 was laid up for a long time with rheu
mutism in both my legs. I began taking
Athlophoros, soon had relief, and in h very
short time was entirely well. I have not
been troubled since. Jacob Mams,
;152I South Ilalstead St., Chicago, 111.
Prof. Eaton, of Vale College, in a rec.
ent lecture to the students, Told them it
was not certain Kve tempted Adam with nil
apple in the Garden of Eden. He thinks
probable it was a quince, "l.ecatl.se the an
pie of the present day was propagated from
the crab-npple, and it is not at all lik ly
Adam would have tieen taken in by such a
puckery little bait."
GrlicRu' Glycerine Salve.
The best on earth can truly be said of
Griggs Glycerine halve, which is a sure
cure for cuts, bruises, scalds, burns, wounds,
and all other sores. Will positively cure
piles, tetter and all skin eruptions. Try
this wonder healer. Satisfaction guaranteed
or money refunded. Only 25 cents. For
sale by E. Y. Griggs.
The Min-Net club will open the season by
one of its mnst rttherehe. parties at the Clif
ton on New Years' eve.
Gentlemen whose beards are not of the
tint which they desire, can remedy the de
fect by using Buckingham's Dje for the
Yon will notice how quickly a thoroughly
successful article is imitated, and also that
the imitations are without merit, as they are
gotten np by unscrupulous parties. Beware
of imitations of Dr. Jones' Red Clover Tonic
The genuine is sold by E. Y. Griggv, and
promptly cures dyspepsia, costiveness, bad
breath, piles, pimples, .true and malarial
diseases, poor appetite, low spirits, head
ache, or diseases of the kidneys, stomach
and liver. Price, 60 cents.
Sao Frani'turo and City of Mexiro
The Illinois Central R. R. will run TWO
SION'S, the second week in January 1886
one to SAX FRANCISCO, the other to the
CITY OF ME A ICO, stopping four days at
New Orleans, one day at Sn Antonio, and
one at Chihuahua. The round trip rates to
either point will be as follows: Front all
points in Illinois between Free port and Ash
ley, and Chicago and Ashley, f 118.15; from
Dubuque. fua.oO; Sioux City, (125.00.
Point between Ashley, 111., and Jackson,
Miss., including St. Louis, Memphis, Aber-
decn and Yazoo City, $1 10.00. Tickets good
to return within H months. Remember the
great American Exposition at New Orleans
will be at its best at this season of the year.
So snow, no Ice, no hlbzi.rds, along this
route. Address the undersigned at Man
chester, Iowa, for Excursion circular, giving
full particulars, ami for folders, maps, books,
&c, concerning California and Old Mexico.
J. F. Mrkrv,
Gen. West. Pass. Agt.
Salvation Oil delights everybody. It
can be had of all druggists and dealers in
medicines. It eradicates pain by quickly
removing the cause. It is secitie for
neuralgia, rheumatism, and pain in the
side, back and limbs. Price '3 cent,
"The Qrwtert Core on Earth for Pain." Will
roller more quickly Uian any other known retn-
fmr: itneumaiisrn, neunuaia.
Hweuiiurn, una nrrK, l,ruim-,
Huron. 8oM, Cut". Lumbar
Ki, I'lranitr, Soren, Front-bit,
u-kiu-tw, 6ulnT, Sore Throat,
wound, llutdiwha.
Toothache. Sprain, eta. l"rloe
tact, a botUe. Sold by all
-OC llr nUtwl Trade-Mark, and cm r
fae-dmlle tirnrre.
itare. A. u. m-yer ouw
IToprtetor, uaiu
tlmore, Md., U. S. A.
nii Wvrnn will
ram yoai
Couib at once.
A rue uui r " -
lars immm
The IUlnels Central llallroad will run another low
rate Excurnlou to poluu in Tenncwee and MUwlMtppI,
TueiKlsy, January If. 186. For circular and printed
matter concerning the Excursion ami Southern Land
point, applj to the umlerfclnnrd at NUnchea'-er, Iowa.
doca-8w Gen. Wett. Pan. Ant.
Only $3.00 per Doz.
UNTIL JAN'Y 1, 1886.
Secure your iit'lnit at once, as I' taKc lime to prop
erly tlnish tlin Work We have a line
aKaortnii'llt ot Holiday
K)uall an cheap; all !1 rn, i rooita.
Come and See Them.
No trouble to thow tliem.
Beitmltr, Our Highest Grade Pbotogratts
ONLY $3.00.
For the next lid days I intend to close
out my entire stock of China, Crockery,
Lamps and Glassware, for less than cost.
Call early ami secure bargain., as I am go
inj; out of the business.
Walt her Mock, Ottawa.
er ditrtisemctts.
Wnn I 1st cura I do Dot iue.n mrflv in itm, thm far
time Dd thtm hw them rrttirn jtln. I nit-nn rtdlral earn.
I h tnil the dlef of KITH, Kl'lLKTbY or KAl.UNd
BM'KNKSij life-Inn study. I warrant my remedy to car
the wont -, tiacaniiti other, have failed li no reason fur
not now receiving cure, fvnd at once for a treat Ue and
Free Bottle of my Infallible rmnr, (lire Kinreaa and lvl
tillet. JtcoatR you noUiiuir for a trial, and I will cure yon.
JuarMiyr, m . u, wj f isi rean Bk. new YorC.
Johnson's Cyclopaedia
Revined nt a Coxt of over $60,000. Has
50 Editors and 33 Department.
wanted in eerj ton. Adcinn.
11 Groat Jones St., - - New York.
ll'ANTKK-I.AHIKs to w..rk for u lit tlo-lr own
HiliM- f;tof:0 a week ran ! 'inietly mndi
No pliolo i.mntliiiT no eniiviiliiit,
For full pitrtleiilar.
'H(e ttddfp-t., at onee,
Ureweiil Art m., Ilo.ton.
iuw., Ho 5170.
ONLY 5,000 LEFT.
Only combined work of th kind cstaDt.
ID one. I nee, poai paia, on
CALF. S5.00.
Send at onr riak in common letter if carefully ad
dreeied. IV. BROWN CO. .Portland, Or.
I a Doainra nmt4t lor l aboe dlww: kr Ii M
tacoMoo of una t lb wvrat kit aa ot loac auatimf
kav bM carta. Iom4, w rac to ! fall la IW iBivf,
iht I will mo4 TWO aOTTUn Fax, toolbar Vila a "I'
IMBLa TaCaTtOI oa ikla dlaaaaa.ao aar tallmr. It Ex-
raaa a4 t O. . DS.T. A. tUXVM, let raart St.. ..
t'ANTED Ladiraand (ientleuien In eltjr or roun
Vf trv In take llffht wilc at tltelrown home, ki Ut
(4 a day can be eaally uiaile; -ork aent by mall; do
ranvaaaiuK. We have pood deiuand for our work and
furniah ateadr employment. Addrem. Willi atanip,
tWiWK M'K'O COMPANY, Vine Street, tlneln
nati. Ohio d.il
Obtained, and all other bnln In the f. R. Patent of
nee attended to lor Moit. k.i i r. r n r..v
ur offlee la onnoalte the V. S. Potent OfBee. and we
can obtain I'at. iita In leva time tiian tlioae remote
Bend MOliKl. OH I'HA WISH. We advlae a to
patenublhtT frre of hanre; and e make .SO
MA ff'r A I n K VB 1 .1 1 I-A I r..l I.
We refer here to the p.aituiaater, the hniit. of Money
Order IMt and to offlriala of Ihe I'. . Patent Ofllre.
For circular. adTke. term and refreenrea to actual
client la your vb atatr or county, write to
t . a. a.iow ox v
Oppualta PaMM Office, Waahlnciou, D. C.
'Jb? TTAT Tr- A TT fTIT A T-n
We havo purcliasod wry extensively, nml have many elegant
tilings suitable ior tiiristmas (Jjfts " for Llttlo
Money, riease
l'liotosrnipli Altiums, liolilinc :i jili'lii
Fine Albums nf every ntjle ut all
Autotrraph Album, from clicnpest
ttiiod Cliei kt-r KoiirUs, with Checkers,
Wax Dolls, 7 inch
Wux Dolls, 12 inch
Fine Wux Dolls ot all kimls.
PluswteU Maps of V. $
Children's Linen Books
Chutterbox, lss1
Caxton 1-nio Edition of Fiction
Diitniontl Kilition of l'octs
Red Line Edition of Poets
Irving' Complete. Works, 10 vls....
Dickens's Complete Works, 15 vols...
Scott's Complete Works, 'i vols.....
Dante's Inferno, illustrated by Dore.
Bible (Jallery, illustrated by Dore....
Paradise Lost, illustrated by Dore...
Dictionaries Containing 110,000 words.
to beit.
. . 2tV
. . tie
.. .o
. . '-.c
. . B-V;
.. 45e
..6 87
.. S7
.. 2 .H
.. 2!H)
.. 2iW
.. Do
Hundreds of other articles especially for the Holiday Trade, in
every department, and closer prices than have
ever been made before.
L. S. McCABE & CO.,
801. 803 and 805 La Salle Street, opposite the Post Office.
I Always Lead, Others Follow
In Prteea on HOLIDAY (iOUlW, aa well aa Everything else In my Line.
I have the LAKOF.ST STOCK In my line tht U to be found In the City, and If you
will rail au examine t think I ran convince you that am lo
Cheaper fa Anyone Else id itie Cily.
My Stock of FANCY GOODS and the Better Grades
of TOYS is very complete. PRANG'S CHRST
NAMENTS in very line variety.
I am alio eloalng out my Stovlt of
"J l.- .PA fA.AAittJtl tllAffirtoid?! lC6X.'t--1 r
fit fit
m fir ' m, raj . m
35 and M La Sallo Street.
J, A. WELLS & CO.,
tor All Future Options on
bought and sold on Chicago
- TIIJZ3 -
ta aad 331 Mala Nt,
read our l'rices:
Children's Colored Border Handkerchiefs, lc
Seullopetl und Embroider'd Hundkcrehlefs, 7c
Fancy Embroidered Mot'o Handkerchiefs, tt-
Kant y Colored Border Handkercliicfs Vic
Fine Einbroldereil Hundken liicfs l'.e
Also over l."iO new styles of Ladies' Hand-
kerchiefs, ranging in price from cheap.
est to ft 00
Hood Heavy Cashmere Mutllers
And every style of Fine Silk and Cush.
mere M littler that is desirable.
Silk Handkerchiefs, every style, and all
reduced in price.
Also a very extensive line of Lares and
miule iip Lace Goods, from cheapest' to
finest Kb.u. Laces.
Fine Lisle and Silk Hosiery (.nmetUng
nice for presents) at 4!c to f S per pair.
Elegant Silk Umbrellas, with fancy sticks
and silver mountings, all latest styles.
Tho oldest House
The largest Stock,
The Best Variety
Of G o sds in this Line it
La Salle County.
134 Madison Street,
Grain, Provisions, Stocks, &c.,
Market. All transactions
Soots aid oboes.
rived. A fine line of Ladies' Kid
and Goat, Button and Tie,
Walking Shoes, at prices low
er than the lowest
A full stock of Boots, Shoes
and Rubber Goods always on
hand at prices lower than the
Call and examine stock and
see our prices.
it never mm
lu Standard ; if at all,
Only for the Betted.
Our Stock of
la mjierlor to any found elwwhere. M copii
111 cholceat of everything.
Onr Children's Stock
la like painted I'lrtnrea.
We know they are lel) exerllent. .ri.u.t
to preaent lite rleheat ever aeen and we am V ft
ndiiilriihly. Motliera who r-dlpird miMjm
Hie lillie oiiea In a truly artltie atyle ran
i ul our i Ht.iMli-hMif hi. We iierer '
mi well ae at prept'ht.
4 - Button Cutaways.
Tf itbi-'iiihi t tit in to tw fituHlrtM. r.mg
h Mlrvhtg. Oill unit
Men's Department
riirii kT tlic iim t'-anry tpm H 1 ur ' (irrparil
to nun uol oa J thf !rt-tf' ut., luif
iMMil'imd nl tltf
Olflll Mil
k Price CJotMsg hw,
open until 9 o clock;p. m.

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