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- olHn. III.. .! "' 'J, 1KH-V
From Washington.
ir'nnn 0'ir Iteitular Corr.'..Muli-nl.)
As usuiil here, Curlstinu .lay wit one t
quite home entertainments, nml fumilv
gatherings. The DepitrtnientH wereei-.M-..
and was the White House. No on.
crossed its threshold on Unit day. It wns h
private residence, and the I'resUH-ut en
joyed the rights of a private citizen.
next Friday it will he opened wide to th.
whole w.-trhl, or us much of it as can crow,
in during tne hour fr-ui one to two l". m
The New Year's day reception lasts Iron
ten until two, hut it is the day on which tic
ollicial world of Washington pays its r.
spectsto the iresideiit, and tins ollicial r
grannno will consume the time until on.
o'clock, when the reception of citizens he
gins. The President will first receive In
Cal.inet and tlie Diplninatic (.'"rs. Tin
latter will wear the attire of their re-pec
tlve forelu'U Court-;. Then the Justices
the Supreme Court of the I'. S. will come
and the Judges of the I'. S. Court o!
Claims. Senators and Representatives 1
Congress are next in order, followed hyth
judicial olllcers of the various District
Courts, ex-Memhers of the Cahinet, urn
ex-MinUersof tho I'nited States. Ollicer-
of the Army and Navy will greet the. IVt-t-Ident
next lu the full uniform of their rHiik
Then Secretaries and assistant Secretarie!
of various institutions, assistant postni ister
general, and assistant attorney geueral
heads of Hureaus, AsHiKdations of soldiers
veterans, and the Oldest Inhahltants Asso
elation. With them the ollicial reception
closes, and the people's reception begins.
Washington has never known u more
prosperous Christmas tide thun the presen'
one. Express companies report that In
number and value the packages sent from
the city this year are in excess of those
sent last year by at least thirty-live per cent
The clerks In the Postolllco say that the
number of Christmas packages sent from
here this year exceed those of last year by
nearly one-third. And the merchants re
poit very greatly increased sales of fancy
goods for Christmas presents over last y ear.
The cause of this difference Is in the policy
of President Cleveland. At this time last
year thousands of people here felt that the
source of their incomes was menaced, and
looked to the "ides of March" with dread.
They were ton much perturbed to permit
themselves any expense that was not abso
lutely necessary. A large majority of the
citizens here whether they express it or
not feel In their hearts that the President
Is to thank for their happy Christinas.
The President Is credited with having
aid recently In regard to one of his ap
polntees against whom some objections had
been raised, and if the objections were jus
tilled, he hoped the man would not be con
firmed. It Is due largely to the President's
directness and earnestness of purpose that
the Republican Senators have been forced
to assume a more conservative attttude to
wards his nominations. As unfriendly
rltlc said something recently about Mr.
Cleveland's "incarnate common plaeenestt"
and ills "sturdy Independence," which, lie
sikid, many people imagined to he a kind
f genius. In reply to this some one said
It was so rare a thlnr for us to have a Pies
Ident w ho has the courage to pursue a com
mon sense policy that he dues become, in
so doing, a kind of genius.
The Speaker of the House is fpen ling
his holiday time busy at work arranging
the House Committees. Members mani
fest much anxiety to know where they will
iw assigned. The desire to learn their fate
in this matter before an ollicial announce
ment ol the committees was made, kept
Jiauj' Congressmen in Washington during
the holidays, who would have gone home
for their Christinas dinners had the com
mittees been announced before the adjourn
tjujut. Many questions of grave Import to
the people of the United States besides
the tariff and silver will have to be consid
ered by the committees that Mr. Carlisle
will name. He Is a patriot, however, as
well as a Statesman, and no public interest
will be sacrificed by him either through
the gratllication of grudge or the Indulgence
of partiality. The changes in the rules re.
cently made involve many changes in the
committees. One aim of the Speaker will
be to place very cautious and judicious
Members upon those committees that have
charge of the Appropriation bills.
The allusions that have been made to
Senator Heck's recent speech on sliver as
an attack upon the Administration were
unfair. He merely joined issue with the
financial policy of Republican Admlulstra
thins for years past, lie referred in terms
of sympathy and eulogy to the views ol
the Piesideut and Secretary of the Treas
ury as a whole. Hut the Kentucky Sena
tor is an extreme silver man and will do
all he can to defer the suspension ot silver
Wax. Oreenlees, of your city, has been
granted a patent on a snow cleaner. S.
nucklln'a Arnica Halve
The bust talre Id the world fur cuts, bruises,
ores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever aorea, tetter,
chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and all (kin
srtiutluus, and positively cure piles, or no pay
required. It U guaranteed to give perfect sat
isfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 ceuU
per box For sale bv Lutx A Brljcga
Saturday night Policeman Brennen aav
two tramps near the Farmer houae with
anmn blanket In their Doaaeasicn. and lm-
nedlatelj placed them under arrest They
gave their names ai George Mullen and
Oeorge Plumb, and were committed to the
ceuntj Jail by Judge Weeks. The blank
ets were stolen iroiii the dr goods store of
A. Lynch.
, i;reiil liiveiy.
r. V a T 'I N'.si..n. ' ":
.oii"li for tw. iilv-tiw eiii, ""'I tl.i' N"'"-'
lU- M-Vrrelv U'"'" ever, -lie llml U--" l";"'
,,l.'li.a VMlliuill r.-l.tl. un.l l.elnvs ui-.-.l l.
try lr. Klna' New I ;" . rt "
iiioalirri.tihiiiL' rer-iili-. I he llr-t '"
li.'V.'.l her very nill.dl.nlMl the sernml I...III -ai.-olutelv
e.ir.-tl her. M.e has not mil Inn
inMM;o.Hl health for thirty years. " Irml
tie free at but. .V Hriifii' drug ntroe. I.m :,'
dottle tl.iMl.
The Streator Time, in speaking of the
ChiUtmas dinner at the Cllltor, says: lie
fore us is a Caristinas dinner bill ol that
mouel bostlery, the Clilton, of Ott.wa
The bill speaks of solt shell nut..-. I..
buffalo tongue, roasted venison, red mi.,'
oers. boned turkey, and a di zen or ima.
,,f those delicate d'shes that only h" I-
m.Klel Hon! faces as gentlemen R.er iV
Taj lor ever think of providing f.-r their
guests. The Hit. .11, with I e!li i t
Harry' and corteous 'Anthony,' an ! 'Slim
Jim,' can justly claim rank among Hlii.oN'
first class imtels."
Monday night a car was sent fr in Wn.-h
lngton by the I'nited States li-h comiiii--sion
with carp for planting in rivers of Illi
nois. The following streams will In
stocked: Rock, Fox, Henderson, Edward.-.
Illinois, Kankakee, Rig Muddy, Utile Wa
bish.and some tributaries ol the Missis
sippi in central and southern Illinois.
Stein Bros., a clothing li'in at Streator,
was closed by the sheriff laid week, with
liabilities at sfl.yiOO, assets about 7.(K.
Throat nil si-hhnn gets well of itself, but
leenens until it iin'K-rniiiif h the consliUiliun,
wasies away health, strength und Hesli, iiml
finally tliefastens litself on ungH, cumpletiiijr
the wreck and ruin of the whole man. lr
Hiielow'a Positive Cure is the only safe.
sure and speedy remedy for coughs, colds,
and nil throat nnd lung diseases. Sold by
K. V. liriics at fiO cents and $1. Pleasant to
lake and safe for children.
"Mow ; iitfit .Man l.e.l Annual Murk
The New York Sun calls attention to the
urlous fact that Maik I wain's article, in
the December Century, entitled, "The Pri
vate History of a Campaign that 1'aileu,'
Is. bv an old coincidence, a contemporane
ous supplement to chapter 1H in the Hist
volume, ju-t printed, ot lieneral tirants
memoirs. It appears that the only time
that (ieneral Grant was really s-ared was
when be had to meet the little army In
which his future publisher was a private.
At Palmvra. Grant, then a colonel, was or
dered to move agaiust Col. Thomas Harris.
who was said to be encamped at tlie little
town of Florida, some twenty tlve miles
away. In his memoirs General Grant tells
how his heart kept getting nigner aim
higher as he appr.iached the enemy, until
he felt It in bis throat, but when he reached
a point where he expected to see them and
found they had tied, ins neari resumeu us
place. Mark Twain was one ol the
"enemv." and that he and ids fellow-sol
diers were equally frightened appears In
his frank confession In the Uecemoer veil
tury. The difference between tlie two sol
diers was that Mark Twain was thrown Into
such trepidation that he then and there
abandoned forever the profession of arms,
whereas (Ieneral Grant made on that occa
sion the discovery that the enemy were as
much afraid ot him as lie had neen 01
them. "This," says General Grant, "was a
view of the question I had never taken be
fore, but it was one 1 never forgot alter
ward. From that event to the close of the
war, I never exiM-rienceil trepidation upon
confronting an enemy, though I always felt
aiore or less anxiety."
Credit Is due the (ierman women and phy
sicians for first using Ked Clover blossoms
us a medicine, best results are obtained
when combined with older medicinal roots
ami herbs, as in I'r. Jones' Red Clover Ton
ic, which is the best known remedy for all
blood diseases, stomach and liver (roubles,
pimples, coslivcni'is, bad breath, piles, iijiic
and malaria! diseases, indigestion, loss of
iippi-lile, low spirits, headache and all dis
eases of the kidneys. Trice, f0 cents, of I'.
I . tinges.
From Lostant.
Frrp-ire.1 fur hint week.
Lostant, Dec. 22. Mrs. Uuss Evans has
been at Benson durinir the wist week attend
ing to her mother, Mrs. Davis, who slipped
on the Ice aud broke her leg. As she is
advaticed In years upwards of seventy
it Is thought she will hardly recover.
Peter P. Smith, sou of John Smith, the
large farmer and stock grower on tlie Ver
million, waslti Lostant the first of the week.
He reports the swine plague as being very
disastrous in that part ot the country, and
that cattle are suffering severely, as they
think, from eating corn that lias partially
rotted while In the Held.
Mrs. Arthur Reynolds returned Saturday
from Kansas, where they now live, ami will
spend a few weeks visiting at her father's,
John Phillips' and among her other mailer
ous friends here,
II. V. McCnIeb, of Ottawa, son of Col
McCaleb, commenced teaching schist! Moti
dav in Dlst. No. 1, Richland.
Married, Dec. !lth, Frank MoT Jan and
Miss Ella At wood, and on tbr same day
Charles McShane aud Mi? Addie William
Born, to Mr. ami Mrs. Werner Smith,
Dec. 1 Ith, an eleven jaitind boy.
Miss Mary Drew, who has lieen vismnir
for a few days with her friends In Chicago
and purchasing holiday goods, returned
home Saturday.
Our supervisor, l nomas rinlllps, who
bus been attending a meeting ol the ISoaid
at Ottawa, returned home Saturday niirht.
P. Barber & Sons finished burning their
fortieth kiln of tile since spring I uesday
and closed their factory for the season.
There has been brouirut into market a
larne nuautity of stock and grain during
the good roads, and business prosjiects have
Improved. .kms.
firlKg' (ilyeertne Salve.
The best on earth can truly be said of
Griggs' Glycerine Salve, which is a sure
cure for cuts, bruises, acaldv, burns, wounds,
and all other sores. Will positively cure
piles, tetter and all akin eruptions. Try
this wonder healer. Satisfaction guaranteed
or money refunded. Only 25 centa. For
sal by fc. 1. (jrigga.
From Ransom.
Ransom, Deo. 23, 18S5. The masquerade
rod ball given In the rink Friday night
vas attended ny about seventy nve couples
Vilas Nellie Iievlne received the prize, a
talr of skates, for appearing In the prettiest
eiistuilie; and Dave Fisher carried oil the
oth.-r, two of the fair ones luving d" id.-d
jlli.lt DiVe wis the pi ettieft CoMinned in
I iit'i-nd tlie.
Mr. S ' i-.il and John Llnfor were in
i 'iii- ,1n iv
i'r..i il.-ii's 1 1 1, of siHg.'r g ive a con
ceil in the i-ll.v lull l ist f'V'Wlrg. 'I he Itt
lelid U.C'- w as small. .,,.
A thin ol tin- pi-c- Ahe heatiUtid smw.
.l as N I l.-viiie and T iinlly have moved
finiii S'-oera to our brirgutid will we more
be numbered among'the RansoiikeM.
The dev.ifws'df Terpsichore were well
pleased with Tlir music of Bull's orchestra.
Mr. Rich (:as orgmiiyea a parents' and
pupil-' liter-try society ln'Dlst. No. 2.
Th.-re will fie a ball given by the mana-if.-r
of the rink Wednesday evening, Dec.
:jo. Music by Ball's orchestra.
rom Marseilles.
M.uisKil.l.r.s, Dec. 2") --Night before last
the liver raised about three leet and took
out tlie iron of a .-pun of the bridi;e aloni;
with the derrick and false woik. The
lamaue to the Bridge Co. will be some
where from $I,HOO to tl.'iOO. Aicther
-pan will lie put on, as all the sp:itis are of
the s-iine length, as soon iis new timber for
the tal-e Woi! Call be obtained.
(iii Tuesday evening, as annoiiiK i d, Mr
Wal'er E. Bi.swortli and Miss Lillian U hit
iioiii were married at the residence of the
In id-'s mother, .Mrs. Wrlghtmaii. A laii;.
company assembled, who were hospitably
enti-itaii.ed by tl.e hostess. (Juite an array
of presents were given by triemls The
yoinii! people have gone to Iowa to vi-dt a
Mother o .Mr. Hoswi ith s, and will ret irn
in about a we. k and ti.ke up their n-si
deuce on tlie larm of Geo. BosWolth, in
Mr. II. ('. Keelcr.of Ogden, Utah, visited
Marseilles recently to arrange with J. II.
Uoodell about making some models of a
new scale he has recently patented. He
described things in I'tuh as in a very un
settled condition. He said the Mormons
are exceedingly bitter against tlie Ed
mond's law iii relation to jiolyguiny. lie
said tlie Mormons, generally, were a good
class of people, but for their church they
would do anything stoop to any measure,
no matter how bud, connive at any game to
secure the Interests of their church. The
women would swear false, men would
murder any thing for the church. He said
he did not think there was or had been a
foundation for a building excavated in Salt
Lake that did not contain a skeleton. He
commended J udue Zoar very highly, and
hoped the new bill by Judge Edmund's to
dismember the co-operative church store
belonging to the chinch and distribute the
proceed to the respective stock holders by
a committee of twelve men, would become
a law. He thought that would be a good
move. Indeed.
We are told the temperance meetings
held monthly are to be discontinued during
December and January.
We are informed that by order of the
court, the key of the shop formerly owned
by Deacon Ilurd, and in fact all the prop,
city of the Marseilles Paper Co , was re
cently tiausfeired to Bird Bickford, Ks.
Never despair! The chronic invalid re
covering from a protracted siege of mala
ria infections, fever or tlie most severe at
tack of nervous prostration and physical
exhaustion may lie speedily and perma
nently restored to perfect health by taking
Nichols' Bark and Iron.
Old man Bilder was in the habit of rais
ing a row at home with his wife and mak
ing it lively for the family, especially at
meal time. Tlie other morning the oldest
boy came into the store, looking quite dis
pirited. "Hello," said one of the clerks, "what's
the matter?"
"Oil, nothing," he replied, "only we hod
corn cakes and sheol for breakfast and 1
haven't got Via quite digested yet." Nr
thtut Trutelrr.
(Jus Snobberly, a New York Fifth ave.
dudu, paid a young lady a great deal of at
tention at a social gathering, but she
snubbed him unmercifully. At last Cus,
who hail been taking too much wine, said:
"I really believe, .Miss Blank, you think
I am a fool."
"( )h, no, Mr. Snobberly," she replied with
a sweet smile, "1 never judge a person by
the way he looks." Ti.iiih Siftinyx.
Harry Is a very popular man In society,
and in tlie course of a pretty lively exis
tence has managed to exhibit his business
talents chlelly by the accumulation of debts.
A ft lend met him on Sutter street the other
day ami jtreeieu nun witn:
"Hello! Harry; going to get married
and settle down, eli ? It w ill be a little hard,
won't it ?"
N t a bit of It; no troible In settling
down, but I've got to settle up first that's
what worries me." ban t runcinran.
Tha undent fable ot the fox who said
the grapes were sour because he couldn't
get them, doesn t apply to ute case oi i
Fox, of Memphis, Tenn., who writes:
I 'lease tell tne people mat Jiisiner h neru
Bitters cured me of one of the worst colds
tiom i-iifi .ret l.'.vprv iitli&r mpillein 1
used did me no good." It also cures asthma,
cholera morbus, constipation, liver and
kidney diseases and neuralgia.
"Father," said a young lady to her pater
nal friend, "do 3011 not think that we, as a
race, are rapidly degenerating?"
"I do, Indeed, replied her sire.
"In your opinion, do vou think man is
now what he used to he?" asked the daugh
"No, then Is a great difference between
the two. for he used to be a boy." .Vr-
tiomtl ll'ec. '.
IIimv to Pen I uilli IHurrlioeu.
I'hls complaint Is a sign of a disordered
liver and should be attacked at the source
of the disease. Avoid violent purgatives,
swallow no chalk mixture or other constl-
Pnting preparation. Take Simmons Liver
Regulator which will remove the irritating
humors that produce the disease, correct
the acidity of the stomach and produce
regularity or the lioweis, alike Tree irotn
iaxity or costlveness.
The following Interesting conversation
between two young medical students has
been overheard :
"Good motntng, doctor."
'Good morning, doctor."
'Fine weather, doctor."
"Beautiful, doctor."
"You will be at the hospital tc-nlgh, doc
tor?" "Oh, yes, doctor."
"Well, good morning, doctor."
"Good morning, doctor."
"Hope for the season bids the world fare
well." when a man finds himself in the re
lentless grasp of neuralgia, but he smiles
ana takes Heart and courage when nts wne
brings a Wottle of Salvation Oil, the great
est cure en earth Xo' pain.
V r.
It. H roll of Mineral Tol-" .nag.
When a young m ill of ", years I took
mercury in pills and wai exposed to the
w eather, being a rallnw.d man. The result
was salavatioti ond uie poisoning of my
whole syctetu v:'.''.t mercury. 1 suffered
untold nii-irv fu- years. Some few years
ao I t.mkc "he skin on my ritfht leg, and
the poison my blond produced aii ulcer,
from which I suffered so much pain that
amputation was regarded necessary. But
iiWV'ad ot having the operation performed
P;:ouimenced taking S. S. The ulcer
has entirely disappeared, and no symptom
of the Mood poison left. 1 am in better
health than I have been for years, and I
hare no hesitancy in saying that it Is the
best blood puritler In the world. 1 Know
whereof I speak, as I have given many of
them a fair trial I honestly believe that
S. S. S. has added ten years to my life.
T. II. Mouoan, Oglethorpe, Ga.
I'll in fill I Ire is.
My mother, who is about seventy live
years old, and a resident of Dooly county
had an ulcerated ankle which gave her
irr.-at pain and trouble. It became aggra
vated to a tearful degree, and every appli
cation of known or suggested rt medics
failed to bring relief. I'hysiciaus pre
scribed, but to no avail. After six month-
suffering 1 induced her to try S. S. S. m
bottle had the remarkable effect of pro
diu in if a perfect cure, and there lias been
no return of the disease.
P. II. Cm Mi-i i.it,
Ol the So. Ga. Coiif.
Macon, July 11, 1HS1.
fiiiM-rr Cor Mmii.v Yeor.
A family servant has la-en nlllicted for
many years with a cancer on her nose, anil
was treated by Mune of the best physicians
and the old remedies used without benefit
Finally we gave her Swilt's Specific and
she has been completely cured.
John Him., Druggist.
Thomson. Ga.. Autnist Hi, 1K1.
Treatise on Blood and Skin Diseases
mailed free.
Tiik S w i ft SrixiKic Co., Atlanta, Ga.
"Oh. Miss McSwelter." said a little
schoolboy to his teacher, "I beard pa talk
ing to Mr. Jones about you. He said you
were the hardest working teacher he ever
"And what did Mr. Jones say?" she
asked, pleasantly.
"He suid you didn't know anything nnd
hud to study hard to keep from forgetting
It. Uuujvrnia Jlarrrtrk.
Captain Mitchell, of the bark Antoine
Sala, .New iork and Havana trade, came
home In May, entirely helpless with rheu
matism, lie went to the mountains, but
receiving no benefit, at ills wife's request
began taking Hood's Sarsaparilla. Re im
mediate I v lie fan to im nrove : in two months
his rheumatism was all gone, and he sailed
in command or ins vessel a well man
Httod'r Sarsaparilla will help you. Sold by
all druggists.
"We are goiu' to have pie for dinner,"
said Bobby to the minister.
"Indeed I" laughed the dominie, amused
at the little boy's artlessuess, "and what
kind of pie, Bobby?"
"It's a new kind. Ma wastalkin' this
inoniin' about pa bringin' you to dinner so
often, and pa said be didn't care what she
thought, and ma said she'd make him eat
hum ole pie before the day was over, an' 1
s'pose we're goin' to have it for dinner."
The WuiliT Champion.
Mr. Edward Uaolnn, the great oarsman,
and until his recent contest with Beach in
Australia, the champion of the world, may
certainly be looked upon as an authority in
everything affecting athletic sports. Before
leaving Australia for this country, he wrote
a letter in which he stated that he had used
St. Jacob's Oil with the most beneficial re
sults. He fomad it a reliable remedy foi
muscular psbci La the arms and limbs, and
from ids personal experlea tixik great
pleasure in recommending it. No stronger
proof of the truth of what is claimed foi
St. Jacob's Oil could be furaished than
this, and it will undoubtedly carry great
weight with all thoughtful and intelligent
Have given Tongaline a thorough trial
in seven cases of neuralgia. Secured reliei
in from one to four hours.
W. A. Johnson, M. I).,
Raleigh, Ind.
Dudington "I see Sarah Bernhardt has
taken to a pork diet, in order to increase
her avoirdupois."
Hoodie "Do you think it'll be success
ful ?"
I). "Hardly. You can't fatten up a
stick by rubbing it with grease." J'ittn
bury Chronicle.
The compliments of the season colds,
coughs, catarrhs may be effectively dealt
with by taking Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. To
neglect prompt treatment for these ailments
is to risk consumption, which Is said to
cause one-sixth of the mortality of all civ
ilized countries.
Sunday School Teat her: "You say.
Tommy, that God made the earth and ail
things therein in six days, and that he
rested on the seventh?"
Tommy: "Yes, mum; God made every
thing in six days but the Mugwump, and
it took a Presidential election in New York
to make him." Stm Uon llenitd.
I liHve ust'tl two buttles of Atlilnjilioros
anil seent tt lie entirely eureil of rlitMiinn
tlsin, tifti-r fifteen years trotil)l iiml snirer
in;'. I cannot sty too nine h fortius ineili
cine. C. F. Tii.ton, engineer on the North
western Riilrotul, treeport, 111.
Mii!Ti-unin was cominirun Federal street
with a Chicago friend, and they stopped a
moment to watch the men laying the new
stone pavement. Said the Chirago man :
"Tlmt's the kind for wear. We've tried
Bven'thlno1 In IMilon.'o lilue bloi'ks tarretl.
1 - - 7 , , ,
round cedar bloc ks, uroKen stones, ami an
others and the only thing that stands the
immense tratlic on our business utreets is
this kind."
"Did you ever try good intentions Y" said
'iool Intentions! What In the world do
vou mean f" asked the Chicago man.
Mugwump " ny, u is saiu mat neu
U rutveil with cood intentions.' and if thev
answer there, they ought to wear nearly a
wll la cuicago. jiouon uwx.
Never despair! The chronic Invalid re
covering from a protracted siege of mala
ria Infections, fever or the most severe at
tack of nervous proetratian and physical
exhaustion may be speedily and perma
nently restored to perfect health by taking
Nichols' Uark and Iron.
The recent sudden rise of the Illinois
river has caused much destruction of live
stock at various points. At La Salle, L.
Lackle lost tSOO worth of horses, and John
McConnlck, of Peru, estimates his loss by
drowning at f 1,000.
C'lu ti V-nh- v-n sir':, we w ltr r ASTORIA.
When ! v:n a l:.l I. ..v crie.l for ('ASTOIIIA,
A'i . ii Md-!-. irn.- : !i.n. h!mrhi..j,' to CASTOKIA,
Wliuu lii) tiiiiilreii, alio yavotUciu CASTOUIA
Catarrh Cured
Catarrh I a very prevalent disease, with
tllstressina and cITensiVH symptoms. Hood's
Sarsaparilla Rive ready relict and speedy
cure, from the fact it acts through the blood,
and thus reaches every part of the system.
" I suffered with catarrh fifteen years. Took
flood's Sarsaparilla a"l I urn not troubled any
with catarrh, aud my general health Is much
better. " I. W. bu l ls, Postal Clerk Chicago
& St. bonis Kailroail.
" I suffered with catarrh C or 8 years; tried
many wonderful cures, Inhalers, etc., spend
ing nearly one hundred dollars wit bout benefit.
1 tried lloisl's Sarsaparilla, and was greatly
Improved." M. A. AniiEV, Worcester, Mass.
Hood's Sarsaparilla is characterized by
three peculiarities : 1st, the comhlnatUm of
remedial agents; 2d, the jiroportion ; ,'id, tin)
nvc(n3 of securing the active medicinal
qualities. The result is a medicine of unusual
strength, effect hij; cures hitherto unknown.
Bend for book containing additional evidence,
"Hood's Sarsanai ilia tones up my system,
purities my Mood, sharpeas my anfetite, and
seems to make me over." .1. r. Tho.mi-soN,
liegistcr ol Jeeds, I.nwcll, Mass.
" Hood's Sarsaparilla beats all other, and
Is worth its weight in gold." I. IS.viiid.NOToN,
1M Bank Street, Sew York City.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Sold by all druggists. $1 j six for $5. Mado
only by C. I. HOOD & CO., Lowell, Mass.
100 Doses Ono Dollar.
Hod. S. S. COX'S Great National WorL
"Three Decades of Federal
A History of Our Ow n ('nun try attfl Our
Own Times.
The UKwt i.))iilr anil best hi-UIii book now nfferril
niP-utn. Strongly coniiiieiiili-d by tlie pri-as without n--tturil
to politli-l proclivities. PIIKSIOKN'T ri.KVK
LAND hum, "I i-oiiBi'li'iitiuusly i inn-nil it to my fel-
low -eltiMiii.." lion. JAMKS O. 1U.A1N K ny, "It b
writteu III u clem- und graphic style, mnl extremely en
tertuuiiiar." Kx f'HKSl DKNT H A Y KS mi) k, "It will '
vuliiiih!.- anil Hunt worthy In mutter nilmliiriy nnd en
tertiiinhirf In style." VI. E I'KK.sl DKN T HKN'OltlCK."
wij-8, "It will he a viiliiuhie whlnum to our history."
U'AKKIi CAKI.ISl.K fiis, "I wnul.l fniiiiO.-n.l thl
work to the people of the I'nite.l Suites." 11. n
AliliAM S. 11 K WITT wiys, IiitcrtMinu as u n-liiiiiu e.''
Hr.lnIrc.lK of ngentu me meeting with great success
-making frmu fall to WO perinuiith. Agents witli.nn
former experience an- doing fraiidly with It. while ex
perleneeil canvasser" ilinl it a "mr'n l .ikii.cu." W.
want an au'.-nt In every township In tli I'nite.l State
not now oceupieii. Previous ep',rienee, whin- ilc'ra
able, not uhwilute'y required, as.'i!-e all nceci.ar
iiiHt ructions fur suiTesx. IIikiks tunc iuy r.n hrn
If iinciiiploMMl. or ion ile.in- t i heller y .ur comlitU'ii
w rite us for let ma to agents. Ad'lrei-s.
McDonnell Hris.,lH5 Ileal horn St.,t'lilcug.
Jtw dierti.Mneijf.'S.
When I enra I do not mun merely to atop them for a
time tod then have ttim return attain. I mean a radical cura.
I hava made tha diaeaaa nf KITH. KPILKPnT nr P a 1. LI Nil
PICKN K$& ft life-long study. I warrant my remedy to cur
the worat caaea. Became otbera beve failed ta no reason for
not naw receiving a cur, bend at once for treatise and ft
P'e Bottle of my Infallible remedy. Ulva Kxpreea and rVl
(MaW. It coats yoo nothing for ft trial, and I will cure yon.
Address 1. U.0. ltuOT, IN fear 1 01., Mew Yoc
Johnson's Cyclopaed a
Revised t a Coat of over 960,000. Hae
SO Editors and 33 Departments.
wanleil III ever) tow n. aunriss,
11 Or -at Jones St.. - - New York.
ll'ANTKH MDIKs' to work for us at their own
Y iloines $7 ti tin week can he iiiletly iii.Hle.
So photo painting, in. e .nva s i.g. ror nm partii inais
please aililie"", .it oni-e. Crescent Art in, liu.lou,
Mass., llox 31.(1.
aer ONLY 5,000 left, -wj
Only euinbined work of the kiad extant. Three
ia one. l'rice, post paid, on
CALF, $5.00.
Send ut onr riak in common letter if carefully al
Ureeicd. N. ItHOWai tO.,rortland,Or.
I u..a a potll.T rzmvmj ww w mwv u.., .
thono4a ot of th won! kind ad of Iodic aundiof
be.n eared. Indeed, in lroo la roj llth to l elllory,
Ih.t I will tend TWO BOTT1.KS FKES, tonelher with a TAL-
Ct.H aud r 0. addre.a. UB. T. 4. 8LOCUM, ll fMri Bt.. H.I.
r ANTKD- Kit.li.-H a nit (ieiitleni.n In city ur conn-
liv to lake liaclit work at tlu-lrowu hoiuea fit..
. a (lav enn he eesi'v nnele; work ent lv mail; no
ranvasHinu We have trmul ileiiian.l lor our work anil
fnrni'li lenilv employment. Aihlnw. with tanii
I'llliWS M'TU CONll'AN V. V!U Vine street. Clin iii
IIUIl. tlhlo. uev.a
Will be malted Fit EE to all applicant.. tof 7'""'
I art yi-ar -ilhoul ord.rloa It. 11 contain, about ISO pa.,
m lllu.trail..n.. price., accurate dc.iplCn. a .a.uM
direction, for rlanlina all arletl-l of V LfafcTA HLI.
and FLOW Kit KK.KIW. bl'I.IIS.ew. Iota luaul.
to all ewciNf to Mar.t Garden".. r '"'
O. M. FERRY 4 CO., Detroit, Michigan.
iionsi: rmtEits.
aBpisl Of fltlt
Irm Pumpi
ri fipt.
UrtSi Str.f Ukite u Ciir
u .-ai
I M L-
a 93
TiMi iiiiij nut ccLi.VAtcit
lltU.1 one-1 anJ
n-ciin.i;ii'li''l t
the l KltlCAIi
th-pMt twenty-live year, aian I llo.X TO.'VIU
rr luaa of petite, nervous uro.lrailnn.
lyaiirlit and nil tnniMi a arlHU, ; r-,,m
Al, a. r.ni ..a . a s vn
"ALtUY AI I.Dlll U;ibT4
A Good Farm-160 Acres,
Near Uo.Hlluii.1. Imtlanit.
A Farm of 650 Acres,
Near t.lliniiii.
Prairie Land in Kansas, Iowa
And KctruskH, in tract i. tn etiit.
All for will- on lonu timk ami t r nKi- i-hh f, anil
tin- Hri-lui-.-r inn bt- uiwuii'il hi K'-ttU'e; a KimkI title.
JfTti'wi- welilnir to miku a prufl table lnvctiiii-ut
111 lan.i milium lint iiui hvr nit-.
im.iiVA, 111.
ll.fl'J "lima
Auctioneer's Noli ce.
il'-s! r.-t tn i-n'l tin- atti'iitlnn nf Kiinm-m uml i--i-i1ly
sim-k iiii-ii il La b-tlii' anil iiiljuiiuii,; ruiuitim to the tin t
tliat In- mil
Attend to all Public Sales
a! ri'iii-cinalile rnti. uiii'ti fi1!'-!! iimii by lii frl.-nil
tin I p:itrnii. Oi-iIitk may n. lift ill Win:. ' lluli-1 or
novMf 1. O. Box l.:.l. Oltiiwu 111.
I am now l.'n'lliig imnn-y m ' ''inl T -r rent Inti-rem
,11 Mima of friiin I'.im hi. tu lil,ii, mi Inn ur abort
nun-, mi farm lanui in laSalli- mi l iiiljniniim I'oun-ui-.
Tin- rule nf Interi'M in ili'ti'i iiiini'il b aii' i.f loan,
iilinliiil of aernrity Hiiil.tiine loan in In run.
all un or ail.ircwi, LKVI W. IMOrv
hln'riilan, III.
Best in
Chicago, Bock Island and Pacific PUroad.
Ooino East.
So. 2, Pai-iflc KxpresB aud Mail 1VU v
" 4, N lKbt Kxnreaa S.lA
" , Kanaaa City Kxpri-na ll-'iO A M
" 8, ( Intiiifo anil Ilaveiiport Aecom 2.2J P M
" 1(1, Teru FaHt Ai'i-oiniiioilHtlnn a a
" 14, St. I'aul Expruna ll.W A v
Frrtati Carrying Vantrngm.
2A ;. 1.35 PI
Si, 5.35 P M
t.ifl A II
(illl.MI WKaT.
So. 1. Arlaiitli- F'xpresa
" 8, Nisiht Kxpreea
" 5, (.'lib ano ami Kananti l ity Kxprcss ....
' 7, Davenport Ar.-t'liiiiiiiilalton
" S. i-ern raal Aiioiiinii'ilatloii
" 11, St. I'anl Expreas, visa Albert Ira
Fmiyfits Citrrtintj Ptistit-hirrs.
" it
. P M
. I.'.' A at
. a h
.IS. K) P M
. K.tlU P at
. -i.Zi P M
.ld.r. A M
. 4.30 e h
N'oh. 9 anil Piiirrlve in ( liii'iiirii tit 111 a. M. and leave
"nli ai at 1. 15 p. M. daily (Siinilav t-xct-pteil I.
Nos 11 nnil 14 run ilailv, in.-lnilint; suinliiya.
No. 44 earrtea paaaenni rafroni lioek Island to Ottawa.
No. 4i earriea paaaeiiirfia fruin lieni'a.'o to I)' hm a.
No. Iii carries piuwetiKera between liureau and Ot-
t8Nu. 49 rnrrlea paRseinr.-rs between .lollet and It
Salie, and No. l between La Salle anil Juliet.
Nos. it and 48 carry paaaenKura ta-iweeti niiiu irnatw
uml Ij Salle. li. li. Ca rti.ff, tien'l Manager.
EST. Joll, It. t K. rTHAB
Gen'l Tkt. Fans At?t. Aguut at t)aw
Chicago, Alton & Bt. Louis Railroad
Ob and after April 4, 1KM, trains, on the O. A A. R.
H. paaa Jollet a follows:
fililMI NllKTII.
Kspreag Mall
UKlitiiinit Express
.... 5.15PB
.... 5.45 a a
....14 50 P H
.... 5.15 A at
.... 1.3U AM
laitA at
....10.111 P at
.jenver r.. in'wi
K. C. and St. I.. Expres
loilt-i Aceoiiiiiioiiiiiioii
(;.-! NO KlIt'TH.
ixpreaa Mall
;.lKbtntni fcxpreaa
.lei.ver r.. ni-i ,., 7.
: it ,..i , i i,'VMr,,uu 14.4.1 A af
4.IIU P at
billet AecoiiliniKlatlon -45 P at
I.ljibtntiiif Exnreaa, Penvi-r Exir'a. nnd Kansas (Mty
Hid St. unlit r.xpreaa trains ri -.11 ; j-.Ain.-ris
mil Juliet Aeeom iiiodatioii run dally, except Sunday.
. . .,. 1 1 u L'.-..Uu ....li.. ujititli rmia
lironiili without ehanxi' of ears. Moriiuu; train tu St.
Willis bus free ebair earn, and evenintj' train Ihn'ftij-li
leeiHTs to SI. Louia and Sirinitlleld.
Tk-ket Ajlient C. & A. Kiiilrl'inl.
Chlraco, Burlinpton anrl Quincy H. B-
October 1 3tU, 1S83.
Going South,
Going North.
Paas. I
So. i. '
U. I
1 c
Vo. W
. I-
. 14
I. is
(I 16
s). 15
10. S
10. M
11. iW
1 '.Wwt Aurora.
3 Vox Hlv June
nu ...(mweaii....
8. JU
. 3
8. 'IS
7 50
15U1 K..X......;
18 1. MIllbns.K..
4i- ..M.llinpton..
47H ...81 rldan...
34 L...S. rena....
l ....Hlnkea. ...
: ....Weilroll...
39H1... Dayton...
i3HC.R.I.PCr' HX
44 III lana
41V South Ottawa.
4tH ..Side Track..
S4 - .Grand Kliiffe.
5 ...Kichanla...
0X ...Streator...
14 44
12.45 ;
KreiKht trams rarr7-a aase-oera leave tfttawa a
lollows: For Earl, J.JOP.S : for Aurora. 10.04 a. M.:
-.t Streator. 5 Uf A. . 5.H5 P .. and W OS . M
u..iiMin miliMiliiw nntineetln A 1 AAj-jr Sr9T
'!" et?A,E!L... r.- m o nrawl..
tlon abont rates of fare, slwplna car aecomniodatlo
tSeaeral Passenger Afrat, (nilcaco.
"ZJluSilT CnloafO. GEO. I ROR
Acent at i mara
Illinois Central Railroad
ooixe !xoth, ra.iM
Freight tgoea bo further;
8. P. Mortal.
TlCAirt Agent
, 4:!T .
11 a. a.
MP. a
11 15 a. at
J:17 a. a
4U P. a
S-44 a. a
1 P. a
I4: a a
40 a. a
W:4S p, a
W. L. IjobtbaIT.
KrHfht Aut,

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