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8to Ottmra I'm ffrcflft-
Ottawa, 111., May 83, 10.
From Washington.
(lrsm onr Regular Correspondent.)
Washington, May 10, 1880,
Some of tbe President latest work h
been that of carefully examining frUhtt
ttewion bill. He was supposed to bare
work enonjh to do already without assuming
knj new burdens; but it seems be feels the
necessity of taking a hand hunseir in tbe re
treacbment campaign which Mr. Hewitt and
ante other influential Democrats hare begun
In th House of Renresentalit es. BIr. Cleve
land's predecessors bare generally regarded
life as too short to spent in examining this
Class of legislation with special care.
They have contented themselves with the
assurance that Congress had oppertumtles
for investigating the cliiims in the most
through manner, and that if ihe bills had
got through both Houses there must hare
been some merit ia them.
A few days since a rumor about the Cap
Jtal, to Ihe effect that any further ruids upon
the Trersury would be combutted by the
President's tele, created a considerable sen
Bation. President Cleveland is the first
President, it is said, who Iibh undertaken to
rcrutiniie private bills. But he became
alarmed at the reckless way Congress was
rushing pension business. A fortnight ago
the Senate alone, in one day, passed 100 such
bflls, after merely reading their titles. This
Lurried and c.aieless way of taking money
out of the National Treasury struck the
President as eminently improper, and he
began Bending to the Pension Office for the
records in order to satisfy his mind concern
ing each of the cases which have thus far
come before him. It is, perhaps, no more
than tho President's duty, but it is a duty
which has rarely been performed; and the
question is where Mr. Cleveland is going to
find the time for the pursuit it his excellent
policy. -
No speech probably lias been made during
the present session of Congress which has
created so much of a sensation as the one
delivered by Mr. Hewitt on Thursday, when
he protested against any further raids upon
the Treasury under the name of bounties or
other benefits of that kind to soldiers of the
late war. Most of these propositions arc
ill considered, and although fur seventy-five
years to come the south will be helping to
py pensions to the soldiers and to the
widows of the soldiers of tho north a
southern member cannot raise a question as
to the propriety of any of these grabs, with
out rendering himself livble to charges of
disloyalty, flippantly and cheaply brought.
The reference made by the gentleman
from New York to the peculiar position of
touthern members, who are thus embar
rassed when tbey would like to oppose these
ruinous schemes according to their convic
tions, was especially relevant and timely.
He declared that the limit of endurance on
the part of the tax payer had been reached
and that the discontent, on account of exces
sive taxation, was breaking out in riots,
dynamite and death. "Those who wanted to
dive their hands down Into the Treasury,'
aid he, ' take advantage of the delicate po
sition in which the southern men are placed,
Wing subject to the charge of disloyalty if
they resist the steal." Hut no ono could
make this charge against him and he would
make the fight.
The great river and harbor grab which
went through the Ilouso after a discussion
extending over several weeks, takes from
I'iver Commissions their power and gives it
to the Secretary of War. Iuring the debate
an opponent of the measure severely criti
uised it. No grandeur of place, he said,
nor insignificance of spot was ignored. The
bill reached everywhere. It was not re
stricted by any unpronounceable name, by
any obscurity of situation, or by any dilli.
culty of access. There was nothing that
seemed to be too incredible to be contained
in this bill. The disfranchised citizen of
the Capitol join issue with this assertion,
however, and arc indignant becuusu an np.
propriation for tho Potomac Flats was omit
ted. Because of this neglect of their own
fair river they hold the bill Is too impudent
to go unrebuked. They contend that its oh.
ject was not to deepen the channel of noble
streams, or to bcuelH llio property of Ihe
whole American people. Its real purpose
was to insure the return of a lot of Con
gressmen lo their seats in tho House al the
coming elections. All that the people of the
District of Columbia are allowed to do, you
know, is to pay their share of taxes for the
improvement of other people's rivers and
harbors, bluffs and flats, creeks and coves.
They have no representation in Congress, no
votes. They belong to the people of the
I'nited States, absolutely, and are governed
ay them. Tbi.t is why they complain of be
ing ignored when Congress is distributing
fifteen millions of dollars.
Griggs' (ilycerlne Sulve.
Tke best on earth can truly be said of
Sriggs' Glycerine Salve, which is a sure
cure for cuts, bruises, scalds, burns, wounds,
and all ether sores. Will positively cure
piles, tetter and all skin emptied. Try
thin wonder healer. Satisfaction guaranteed
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sale by E. Y. Griggs.
i'lreniru'a Touruuinent at Iu1uiue,
The Illinois Central P.ailroad will sell low
rate Excursion tickets from all stations iu
Iowa, and all stations from Decatur to Ga
fena, in Illinois, to Dubuque and return,
commencing June 7th to the 11th, goo 1 to
return until the 13th, inclusive. Fur till
giving rate and programme of the Touriu
meat, apply to tbe nearest I. C. Agent, or the
tradersigued at Manchester, Iowa.
J. F. Mkhbt,
Cm. W.il. 'ii', Aji.
The important artiole on the Britlnb Navy
by Sir Edward Heed, which attracted much
attention in the February Uirpcr't, and the
description of the Krupp establishment in
March, will be followed in the June number
by a timely paper on the U.S. Navy, by Bear
admiral Edward Simpson, of the -avy ie
partment at Washington, wiih a large num
ber of excellent illustrations, meiiwory
of our navy is briefly sketched, an I the rec
ord is one that Uncle Sam need not be
ashamed of. But as one reads of its present
deplorable condition, every patriot must re
gret the indifference and stagnation which
left tin far behind the age. Previous to
last year our navy consisted only of thirty
two wooden vessels, two iron sloops of war,
m.n.1 m. tw nhi nrimitire monitors. In 188.1
'- - - -
the construction of three steam-cruiscrs and
a dispatch boat, with steel plates, was au
thoriied. These vessels are the Chicago,
IJotton and Atlanta which are nearly fin
ished, and the Dolphin, now doing service
With the construction of these vessels the
manufacture of steel plates for ships began
in this country. This feeble array consti
tutes the present naval force of the United
Slates. We have not one armor cla l man-of-
war (the old single turreted monitors not be
ing considered as having any efficiency,) and
the ordnance and equipments are ridiculously
behind the ngu. It would be impossible fur
us to cope even with some of the smaller
powers in our own hemisphere, and the naval
armaments of Europe make our deficiency a
humiliation. Public opinion is stirring con
gress to action, anu toe article mew ion
some important iu provements which are in
operation. It is to be hoped that this able
p iper will hasten the adjustment of our navy
to the Age of Steel.
The Dial for May contains a very interest-
ing and logical argument by Gen. A. f. Mc
Clurg, in behalf of an international copy
right entitled, "Justice to Authors." Wil.
liam M. Lawrence discusses Henry Wads-
worth Longfellow and W. F. Alien's "The
Epic Songs of Bussia " Among the other ar
ticles of interest are a review of Andrew
Carnegie's "Triumphant Democracy, " by
Hossiter Johnson; and Wm. Morton Payne's
review of "Riccut Fiction." Tbe usual
brief on new books is to be found iu this
Hon. David A. Wells' third paper of the
scries, entitled "An EconomicStudy of Mex
ico," now running through The Popular
Science Monthly, will appear in the forthcom
ing June number. The series will close with
the fourth paper, and it promises, when
completed, to be the fullest as it will be un
questionably the moBt accurate summary of
the real condition of affairs, industrial, com
mercial, and political, in Mexico, that has
appeared since the Mexican war.
Justice Thomas M. Cooley, of the Supreme
Court of Michigan, is giving his attention to
the labor troubles, and is preparing an arti
cle on Arbitration for the July number of
The Forum. A writer combining so much
legal knowledge with so wide an experience
in practical affairs ought to be able to make
some useful suggestion.
The Graphic Xeut, of Chicago, of May loth
is very finely illustrated, containing pictures
of Messrs. Parsons, Fielden, Spies and
Schwab, the anarchist leaders; also of Col.
Knox, Chief of Police Ebersohl, and others
who assisted in stamping out the recent so
cialistic demonstrations in Chicago.
Judge of a government by the men it pro
duces. Judge of a man by his deeds, a tree
by its fruits, a medicine by its results. Time
tried and true is Dr. Bigelow's Positive Cure,
which contains the good qualities of all the
best cough remedies without the defects oT
any of them. A safe and speedy remedy
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troubles. Sold by E. Y. Griggs in fifty cent
and dollar bottles. Healing to the lungs.
Safe and pleasant for children.
Veto Meaange,
The following message from the I'real
dent to congress, vetoing a prlvuto pension
bill, Is deserving of a very careful rending
by the people :
To Tub Hot sr ok Kkpukhkntatiykn:
I return without my upprovnl house bill
No. 147, entitled an net iiicreHsing the pen
sion of Andrew J. Hill. The bill doubles
the pension which the person unmet! there
in 1ms been receiving for a number of
years, it appears irom the report tl the
committee to which the bill was referred
that the claim made by him for increased
pension lias been lately rejected by the
(tension bureau on the ground that the
claimant is now receiving u pension com.
uieiistirate with the degree of disability'
found to exist. The policy of frequently
reversing by speiitil enactment the deci
sions of the bureau Invested by law with
the examination of pension claims, fully
equipteu tor sucu examination, ami which
ought not to be susjtected of any lack of
liberality to our veteran soldiers, Is exceed
ingly questionable, h may well be doubted
If a committee of congress has a better
ojqtortunlty than bucU agency to judge of
the merits of bis claim. If, however,
there Is nny luck of (tower In the pension
bureau for a full investigation It should be
supplied. If the svstem adopted is Inade
quate to do full Justice to claimants, It
should be corrected, and If there Is n want
of sympathy and consideration for the de
fenders of our government, the bureau
should be re orgauled. The dlsjosltlon to
tncede mit generous treatment to the dU
able!, aged and needy among our veterans
should not be restrained, and It must be ad
mitted that In some cases justice and equity
t un not lie attained without the charitable
tendencies of the government ia favor of
worthy objects of its care. The conditions
sometimes justify resort to stte lal legisla
tion, but 1 am convinced that the luterjxv
sltion by steclal enactment in the granting
of (tensions should be rare and exceptional
"There has latelv been presented to me
on the same day for approval nearly two
hundred and forty special bills, granting
ind Increasing (tension? and reMorintr to
the pension list the name ur parties which
for cause have been dropped. To aid ex
ecutlve duty they were referred to tbe jien
ion bureau for examination and re (tort
After a delay absolutely necesaary they
nave been retu.ned to me within a few
ueurs of tbe Urn It const nationally provided
for tin. hum utivt! iictlnn. Kkditv-olie of
these bills cover cases In which favorable
notion by the pension bureau was denied
, reason of the Insutllciency of the testi
mony liled to prove the facts alleged. These
bills I have approved on the assumption
that the claims were meritorious and that,
on the passage of t.ie bills, the government
has waived full pnstf of tbe facts.
"I estimate tbe expenditure Involved In
these bills at more than $.'$3,000 annually.
Though my conception of public duty
leads me to tbe conclusion upon the slight
examination which I have been able to
give to such of tin-so bills as are not em
braced In the first class above mentioned,
that many of them should be disapproved,
I am utterly unable tb tu built within the
time allowed me for thst purpose any ob
jections M the same. They will therefore
become operative without my approval. A
sufficient reason for the return of the par
ticular bill now under consideration Is
found In the fact that It provides that the
name of Andrew J. 1 1 111 be placed on the
pension roll, while the records of the pen
sion bureau, as well as the medical certifi
cate made part of the report, discdoses the
fact that the name of the beneficiary is Al
fred J. Hill."
A Matter of Gratitude.
Months ago I had occasion to publicly tes
tify to the rare curative effect of Swift's Spe.
clllc in the treatment of rheumatism, from
which I had suffered for several years. I
am airaln constrained to bear testimony to
the virtue of this famous medicine in the
trea'ment of another and quite a differeut
Murine mv late visit to the North I was
stricken down with malarial fever, and at
times my recovery was extremely doubtful.
At this iterbxl or mv sickness, however, a
copy of an Atlanta paper came to band in
which wis a certificate from some person
who lias used with success Swllt's Mpecilic
In a similar case. I laving a bottle with me,
I urn proud to any that good results follow. ,
ed at once. 1 then procured a few bottles
from Boston, and continued to take three
doses daily until I recovered my heal b per
fectly, a result largely due to that valuable
preparation, S. S. S. Oratfully,
Treatise on Wood and Skin Diseases
mailed free.
Thk Swift Specific Co., Drawer 3, At-
lauta, Ga. 157 W. 2;id St., N. Y.
In Lurcan, In the county of Armagh,
Ireland. H.0U0 Orangemen formed In pro-
cession Monday to attend tho funeral of one
f their order. I he police authorities pro
hibited them from wearing badges, on the
ground that their route to the cemetery lay
through the Catholic district. The Orange
men complied w ith the orders of the police.
The opposing mob derided them and taunt
ed them with cowardice, and it was with;
me? r-airsi uiim,uiijr mat wic
vented a conflict.
Pick Headache Thousands who have
suffered Intensely with sick headache s.iv
that Hood's Sarsaplirilla his completely
cured them. One gentleman thus relieved,
writes: "Hood's Harsaparilla Is worth its
weight In gold." Header, If you are a suf
ferer with sick headache, give Hood's Hars
aparilla a trial. It will do you positive
pood. Made by C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell,
Mass. hold by all druggists. 100 uoses
One Dollar.
The mileage of tbe Pennsylvania Hall
oad Company's system foots up 1 1 ,500
miles of first, second, third nnl fourth
tracks, of which fi.OOO miles are first track
and over 1.000 miles Is second track. The
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fa. Company I
will, by the end of the coming year control
over 10,000 miles of road in the southwest.
The Wabash system is also extending and
the possibility of a combination between
all of these Interests Is regarded ns among
the early possibilities in railroad circles.
Safely in Kpidemirs.
"During the last terrible yellow fever
epidemic I stayed here waiting on several
fever sufferers, burying others, and being
exposed at all times; but, owing to the con
tinued use of Simmon Liver Regulator, 1
weathered the storm, and can now say it
saved my life T. J. Kino, Bartlett, Tenn.
Barber near Mono Lake, California,
whose water I heavy with salts of wdlum
and borax, use it as a natural shampooning
water, to me satisiactu n or their customers.
Those who in one sense follow the for
tunes of l'atti, says that from her tour In
Spiln and Portugal her receipt were 1,
008,11.1 francs.
A high mandarin of China, In his letter
of thanks to Dr. Ayer for having introdnc
ed Ayer's Pills into the Celestial Empire.
called them "Sweet Curing Seeds" a very
appropriate name ! They are sweet, they
cure, and are therefore the most profitable
"seeds" a sick man can Invest In.
The average salary In forty-three of tb
Methodist churches in the New Haven
District of New York Kast Conference is
Recent investigation shows tbe existing
navy of Great IiritalncostJlO.OOO.IKK), an 1
that Its present value docs uot exceed $60,
000,000. - . -
llheumntism, neuralgia and nervous bead
ache have at last found a conoiieror. II.
M. Terrell, druggist' of Forney, Tex., says:
The physicians here are prescrihini' Ton
gallne with the most successful results.
In Lowell, Mass., there are 100 liquor sa
loons and only 21 bakeries.
The Boston and Albany Railroad bus a
circulating library of 2,000 volumes free to
Its employees.
The Chicago JtanMr says that Henry
Berge exacts to get indictments against all
street railways who use bobtalled cars in
Hy time.
I was taken w itb a pain In my shoulder
which proved to lie rheumatism. I used
only one liottle of Athlophoros and have
not felt any rheumatism since. H. 1'. Mur
phey, Commission Merchant, :H Imperial
Bullning, Chicago. 111.
-- .
A law that lias has been a dea.l letter for
thirty years has been revived bv the local
authorities of Hover, N. H., for the purpose
of compelling barber shops to keep closed
on Sunday.
An account of the -Retreat of the Con
federate Uovernment" from Richmond, at
the close of the war, by one of the party,
accompanied by a superb portrait in steel
of Jefferson Davis, w ill ! a notable feat
ure of tbe iliHj'tsine f American llitory
for J une.
Mr. Willi Boyd Ai.lkn, editor of TU
Cottnge Drnrth, contribute an original
poem to Musi which 1). Lotbrop A Co. pub
lish. Mr. Allen I a young Boston lawyer
nd graduated frein Hareard I Diversity Id
rroultlu witli the .Servants A Man With
tint ;i llreakfiist Helpless.
There is one el ment usually wanting to
your loinlort in a lo lin house in New
York, breakfast Is a di lieuit ub ett, and
a man l- a u In ess being until be has bad
Lronkfast. You can not at all rely on the
r. soiin-i'R of a lodging housd at this point
i ho t utn it that tho buiiiuag of keeping
l.a he.ors alivo in this city is in a period of
transition. The old loahlonod boarding
house nave bo. n abandoned bymauy of
them for lo Igin-, but the proprietor of
tlmsti bouse Lave not yet learned bow to
tae care of their charge In London a,
ery large part of tbe population have
from time iinmenoria! Ukou care of lodgers,
an I notwithstanding the abuse heaped upon
this clas of persons they at umally very
(locelit peoplo, and thoy succeed in giving
you ba. on and eggs, or sole, with good tea.
There is a boll, and it is answered by a
young woman, who is always civil, and 1
totnetiinns extractive. She is now and then
extremely pietty; tat, no matter bow
pretty she is, you may send her out for a
j(Ot of boor. After the tu!l dozing you un
dergo iu an American establishment of the
kind, the civil aud good nature of theee per
sons are mt gratoful. The prettiest of
them I ever saw would answer my bell half
a do en time in a morning without any
back looks. I once rang lor a fork which
hhoba I forgotten; she iuiekly returned with
it and laid it down, with the remark: "My
Vad'll never learn to save my 'eels."
Hut this is not at all the condition of
thing-! iu New York. The lodging-house
pruprioto. in most cas refuses to give you
breakfast at all If it is given you it is
usually intolerable, the bread, butter, eggs,
milk, and coffee, being all bad. Uut in the
acquisition of this breakfast, such a it is,
tho loiluor w ill encounter dilticulties. The
theoretical intentions of tho landlord or
landlady are thwarted by the obstructions
thrown in the way by the servants; the tac
tics of Mr. l'arnell is imitated by his coun
trywomen to good purpose. It is difficult
to fin I out whose business it is to look after
you; you ore re erre J by ono domestic to
another. The Germans are just as bad so
very unlike the kind, serviceable people of
the fatherland. But, however, well dis
posed the domes! io may be, it is often ex
tremely difficult to communicate with
them. The room ha no boll or if there is
one it doe not not work. Uut if there is a
bed, and it is in (?d order, it may require
wini hardihood to ring it If it becomes
necessary to establish soma kind of com
munication with the domestics your position
is, inJeod, a helpl ss one; they apjiear to be
as jealously tecluded as the occupants of at
OiVntul hareux
And yet it is quite necessary to a com
fortable and decent existence that you
should not be compelled to go out of thj
bousj for your breakfast. It may be very
well to go out now and thou. In wurui
and bright days it is occasionally amusing
to break. as t at a olub or a restaurant. But
what can bo mo. e unpleasant than to be re
quired to face a blizard on an empty
stomach. Or it may lo that the day opens
with ono of those heavy and Bteady down
pours which are characteristic of this cli
mate. The ilurk and dripping world says,
mournfully: "Thou bust no breukfast."
New York Times.
A Fly Man Caught at Last.
"Ono of tho curious trait about tho
French-Canadians," said a Hy man the other
day, ' is the fact that they never die of old
age. Some seventeen years ago a couple of
us were working a Great Western train,
and we beat a Frenchman out of $15 on the
three card monte racket He was e little,
ol 1, wilted up specimen, seeming to be all of
75 years old, and he didn't get the game
through his head uutil we jumped the train
at a small station. The other day I was
coming to lieti oit from the east, and when
Uie train stopped at St. Thomas I got out to
sti et h my legs I had scarcely touched the
platform when somebody grasped me and a
voice cried out:
" 'He is da maan! He bait me out of feef
teen dollalre!'
"I looked around to find that same old
Frenchman banging to my arm. I coulda't
see that be bad changed a particle in look
or grown older by a day.
" 'I want me feofteen dollaire!' he shouted
as he dance. I around. 'Dis man be throw
ono two tiiree caards aud be taake me
l'eeftee dollaire ami keep!'
' I tried to brass it out. but it was no go,
and the result was that I had to fork over
the money. He steo 1 there as the train
moved o.r, and shaking hU fist at me he
"'Ah: I forgot! You doan't pay me no
'uteres' on zbat ieefteeu dollaire for seven
teen yaares! I see you again mobbe seven
teen yaares morj.' "Detroit l-'ree 1'ress.
Odd Delusion of n Voting Man.
There is a young man more or le known
about the town as the profligate son of a
rich father who goes on a terrible spree
about twice a year. At these twines ho has
the o blest idea imaginable. Instead of seo
in the customary makes, ho believes that
one f Jolm Hobiuson's elephants is trying
to kill him. It is a foarfal delusion, and
the young fellow thinks the great animal is
chasing Lim from street to street and from
placo to place seeking an opportunity to
crush hiia beneath his ponderous feet
On these occasions he invariably goei to
Ha.en's detect.ve a;euey an I hire one of
the men to kill the Aiiint. Tho mtm go
out und return in about half on hour, say
ing that be has shot tr.e animal Thereupon
tho profligate nives the dot.;ctivo $10 and
deHtrt8 with an untroubled mind. The do
Ux live bos to kill U cbphaut about twice
a year. t'inoimuti Times-Star.
Whlttler and Ills Personal Taper.
John G. WUittier, referring to the report
tlmt he had destroyed all bis porsonal let
ters an I jtaiiers to prevent posthumous pub
11. ation, write that some yeurs ago he de
stroyeJ a largj collection of letters he had
received, no: from nny regard to hi own
reputation, but froui fear that their publi
cation mi-bt be unpleasant or injurious to
the writers or their friends. They covered
much of the a iti slavery period nnd the war
of tbe rebellion. Chiixxo Time.
LiKtenttanritng Matters Mere Fully.
"Dear Will," said the bride of three
months, "I am really afraid that you have
de eivetl me. Yofir breath has several
time swelled of liur. New, don't you
driakf "Why, pet, how can you suspect
met Drink! To ba sure not. The doctor
tells me that I have weak ruius, and I occa
sionally rub th'Mu witi alcohol to harden
them." "Hut, Will, dear, beer tloee't smell
like alcohol, does itf" 'Of eourse, pet
Don't you know it m alcohol in leer that
makes 'it intoxicating! Hy the way, pet,
there is a volume of chemistry in my
library. You bad better look over tbat,
and 7011 will understand these matters mure
fully. " l'hiladelphia Chronicle.
The Starving Kaqulmaax la Labrador.
A di-eadful famine i raging in Labrador,
in ta- coast distrl t between Kiuiinaux
l oiut and Wane Gabion. The starting na
tives, having killed all their dogs, now
travel about on loot ia tbe tiesjwTate-Jiopeof
disposing of their remaining property, la
cbiding their hunting implements aad their
chddrvn, Cor. Cincinnati Knqmirer.
The United State HnnreniH Court fnn.
day adjourned until October next. The
following order was Issued by te court:
"That all the case on the docket not decid
ed, and all the other business of the term
not disposed of by the court, tie, nnd the
same Is hereby continued until the next
term of the court."
Ex-Mayor Latrobe, Baltimore, Md., says
tbe best cough medicine Is Red Star Cough
Cure. Dr. .Samuel K. Cox, D. JJ., of Wash -iDgtoo,
D. C , after careful analysis, pro
nounced it purely vegetable, and most ex
cellent for throat troubles. Price, twenty
five cent a bottle.
An Iowa cattle grower has dehorned 125
cattle with no bail results, and regards It
a great economy. He thinks that horns do
11,000,000 damages annually In Iowa alone.
As the greatest pain-cure, St. Jacob's OH
1 recommended by public men of America
aod others countries. Hon. Bllla Flint,
Life-Senator of the Domiuion Parliament,
Canada, found It to act like a charm.
The woman of the Salvation Army in
Bristol, Conn., have armed themselves with
Cayenne pepper, to throw Id tbe faces"! tbe
rum ins who are accustomed to annoy them
In their street parades.
That Tired Feeling
The warm weather has a debilitating effect,
especially upon those who aro withia doors
most of the time. The peculiar, yet common,
complaint known as "that tired feeling,"
is the result. This fueling can be entirely
ovcroomo by taking Rood's Sarsaparilla,
which gives new life and strength to all
the functions of the body.
" I could not sleep j had no appetite. I
took Hood's Sarsaparilla and soon began to
sleep soundly; could get up without that
tired and languid feeling j and my appetite
Improved. " It. A. Saxkokh, Kent, Ohio.
Strengthen the System
Hood's Sarsaparilla is characterized by
three peculiarities : 1st, the combination ol
remedial agents; 2d, the proportion; 3d, the
procesi of securing tho active medicinal
qualities. The result is a medicine of unusual
strength, effecting cures hitherto unknown.
Send for book containing additional evidence.
"Hood's Sarsaparilla tones up my system,
purities my blood, sharpens my appetite, and
seems to make me over." J. l Tuomi-son,
Kegister of Deeds, Lowell, Muss.
' Hood's Sarsaparilla beats alt others, and
Is worth its weight in gold." I. IUkiuxjton,
130 liauk Street, New York City.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Sold by all druggists, ft ; six for $5. Made
only by C. I. nOOD & CO., Lowell, Mass.
IOO Doses One Dollar.
Chicago, Burlington and Qumcy B. B.
October 1 3th, 1883.
Going South, B,
Pass. Psm. -
No. 11 No.t 33
. 8.46
(.14 10.123
(.18 10.28 1
(.30 10.1
.40 10. S3 UH
S.4S 11.08 15M
.M ll.M 1
1.03 11.13 !i'4
1.U 11.28 27
1.23 11.33 32
T.n 11.42 asv
1.37 ll.M
7.50, ,2'02
1.10 .24 m
9.30 12.45 MY
Going North,
No. 10
TU. Al
4. SI
... ChlcafO...
.Wmt Aurora.
Kox RIt June
. ..Oswego....
.. Mtllbrook...
. . . .fkrens. . . .
Sooth Ottawa.
..Bide Trues.,
.(irand Kidfe.
freight trams earrrS oaaaerirera leave Ottawa a
follows: For Karl, 4.30 r..; for Aurora. 10.0 a. a.:
Jjr Btreator. 5 05 a. 8.03 P. .. and 10 05 A. M.
Morning train make" cloae connection a I AA.vr lei
l)potntieatandwMt. n
Pullman raiace DiwmnK v u. j. '-'"-'-I
Room Can, Morton's RacilBlng Chair Cats, and toe C
n ao pim Itlnlni Cars, bv this route. All Informa
tion abbot rates of fare, sleeping car accommodations
aad tune tables will be cheerfully given by applying to
General Passenger Agent, Chicago.
Thos. J. Pottib. ,
General Manager Ctilcago. GEO. K. ROE,
Acent at otjaw
Chicago, Alton & 8t. Lonls Eallroad
Ob and after April 29, 1SK4, trains on the C. A A. R.
li. puss Juliet as follows:
001 NO 10BTH.
lJiAitnlnu Kinress
, 3.45 PM
, 3.43 A II
,12 30 pa
, 3.15 AH
, 7.30 A M
,10.13 AM
,10.111 P M
2.(10 P M
12.45 A M
, (.45 p a
Denver ifxprfiia
K. C. and St. L. Exprew
Jollet Accommodation
Going South.
Rxpmm Mall
Lightning hxprws
Denver Express
u 1 1 uml it 1. FvnreMA
Jollet Accommodation..
I.lElituliiK ErprrKS, Denver Exprew, and Kansas Cttt
and St. ltuls Kxpreiw trains run imny: r.xpmw siau
and .Toilet Accommodation run daily, except huuday.
7. ' ..,1.. . ....I u, I. ...I. I'vnrra imillir anil ill mm
through without change of cars. Morning train to St.
. ..... 1 ..1. ..... ..i-u uii.i pvenitiir fi-nin through
LiOUIS I"". I""- ....in ....n, n -
sleepers to St. Louis and hprlugfleM. .
Ticket Auent C. A. ISailroad.
Chicago, Bock Island and Faoifio Railroad,
Ooixo East.
No. 2, PsciBc Express aud Mall
" 4. Night Kxpreiw
, Kaunas City Express.
" a, Clm-Hgo and Davenport Accom .
" 10, Peru Kant Accommodation
12,81. Psul Express
Freigh I Carrying I'uuengeri
" 1
" 90,
" 2H
. in.A m
. 8.1b A
. 2.20 A M
. 2.25 P M
. 7.1'.! A M
11.2H A M
. i.r, p
. 5 . J5 p
l.lfl A
.11. PM
. l.'.'HAM
. A A
. za p m
.lor, a m
. 2.J0 P M
No. 1. AtlnntlcEx press
" S. Night Kxpresa ,
5, Chicago and Kansas City Express ...
7, Davenport Accommodation ,
" 9. Pern East Accommodation
" 11 St. Paul Express, via Alltert 1-ea
FreiyhU Ctirruing I'luuengtrt.
. -w ,
Nna. and 10 arrive In Chicago at 10 a. m. and leavt
Chicago at 4.15 v. u. dally (Sunday excepted ).
Nut. 11 ami w run naiij, 111, iuui m
No '.Scarries paiweiigersfrom Rm-k IsmnU fntnrawa.
No' carrim passengers from (ieneseo to Ottaaa.
No. 14 carries passengers between Buresu and in-
, uii .Tnllet an Ia
NO. i n.rri,-w I'"-" ' " . ,
Sul.e. and No. HI between La Salle and Jo'b't.
Noa. ii una za carry ''"r ";,"
and La Salle. K. K. Cabi.e, Gen'l Manager.
Gen'l Tkt.' Pasa Agt. Ant at ottaw
Illinois Central Railroad
. 427 A. M.
.11:12 A. M.
. 9 :VP. .
.12 :'J5 A.M.
. .1:17 A, M,
. 4 .0JP. .
in .M, m,r 111,
ruu-nnr...j ?:J
Pnwnger ,J J
rreight e m
Freight ;-.. iSIjpm
Freight (goes no further) r-
TW&Tgent fn-Usht Agent.
Obtained, and aH other rn-1 1 ' 8. Patent Of
flee ..tended Jf OP, i f m -m, .,
patentability free of rharvej and we rnsk -. U
rder I?" sad lo offlcUl. of tlx tig-Patent tBce.
fr ur eirruiar. boticw. -tu -" . . . -... - -
UrnU la yvur twi ata ar coaaty. write to
C. A. 8WOW CO.,
OpposlM PMcat Ittncs, WaaolBgWB, D. C
Carriage Factory,
rHoai I wlRTOI
Good Carnages, Top and Open Baggiea, bllda 8m
Haggles, i wo-ei open i aggies, ugni wagona,
bulklea, 4c, ran find them at this fao
tnry, all of bis own make, of the
Beat Material and In the Moat Approved
Style aod finish, all Warranted and for sal at
Low Prtcea. Also make to order such as are wanted.
Repairing dona MomnilTi painting, trimming wood
and Iron work
Wagon i Carriage Manufactorf
JOHN D. VETTE, Prop'r,
On SudotIoi Street, near the old Fox
River House.
Haying Introduced many important lmprorsmeiU
la o s fiatabllsbment, making It the largest aad
most eon-plete In the elty, the under
signed Inrttesfarmers aid others
desiring new wagons or
old ones repaired'
er wishing
rine Family Carriage, Bagglea, Phsetoni
aud Dsmoirst Wagons,
Or anythng In his line to give him a call. A work
warrantedandprioe that defy competition.
John d. vbtth
Carriage I Wapn Factory
Near the Fox Riier Bridge,
Manufacture all kinds of Carriages. Top and Opeg
Buggies, various styles of One- and Two-Mated Phae
tous. Democrat and Spring Wagons, Also have a large
assortment always on hand. First class FARMttiS
H'tttOA'.V always on band.
All our work Is warranted, and made of the heat ma
terial, and will be sold as low as good and reliable work
can be sold at. , . .
We employ a first class Trimmer and are prepared for
all kinds of top work and repairing at short notice.
Call and see onr stock of Carriages, Buggle and wag
ons before buying. HILL FOKMHALb.
Stair Rail Balusters, Newels,
Keep In stock Tirrrf and Plain Building Paper
Lockt, Hinaei, Stilt, and everything necessiwy to com
plete a house. W e take contracts In any part of this or
Ihe adjoining states. Parties contemplating building
would do well to call on ns and get our figures.
La Salle Street, Ottawa,Ills.
J. 7. CLEGG & CO.
Are prepared to do nil kinds of
Gas& Steam Fitling
Wrought Iron Pipes, Fixtures,
Fittings, &c, at low prices.
Opens Honae lllock
Psaplnj or Fowir
Irs is JMtnpa,
res npt.
MAEsni.l.rs MFS. CO. va-ii!
afct. sa f
f i

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