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Vicinity Items.
Jotiet is making active jireparuioiis for a
rroper jhservanco of Ibe 4lh of Julv. I
intended to nnUo the event of more thau
usual importance in that citj.
Cap. Joha McDonald, deptjtjr warden nt
the Joi:et penitentiary, has renigne.!, Ashm
tanl Iaimtr Warden Garvin taking his place
and Ca;t. Duncan McDougrdl, captain of the
night watch, stepping into the shoe of (jar
The Democratic Senatorial Committee of
the Grun.ljr, L'eKalb and Keulall county
district met at Morria the first of the week,
and deoidei to hold the Senatorial conven
in Saadwicu June 21th. It in eipected that
the cov.nty convention will be hel l iliero on
the same day.
The harbor of Waukegan guts an appro
priates of 5'J0,M)0 if the river and h.irt..r
bill tli-ii ha p wse l the house aUo panics the
Weunna In hx: After almoM a constant
warfi.'S of one kind or another fir near! a
year, Miles. I. Finlen wiu on Tuesd.-iy con
firmei s potmaflier at Strentor A desjier
ate e'l rt was made to defeat him, but lie
pulled up the stream throng! the hottest of
the tire, presented a very strong cnne of cii
firun'.-'ou, anl ut lud h-n been aligned n
place hi the democraiio throne as a con
firuic! postmaster scarred, hniisol and
sliL:ly disfigured, perhaps; but finally vin
dicate I and rewirdel with vi.-to-y. Mr.
Fiulci is nut oii!y n ccnll 'M.iii, lmt is thor
ougUly (pnlified and competent fur I lie jd ice
an l i' to be congratulate 1 uii his BuOtC-n,
after iic of the most bitter contesis.
Tli.' electro plates of Kev. Siiaub's book,
(i'.i. ,la!ion of Science," were destroyed by
fire t .' a prii.'irij; est iMMiini'iit of OiHijro
last v !;. The cost of these plates was
abot-t ilQ'l
V ! .villc li ,: The county treasurer
wa- i- Chic.gj the other d y t. cullcct tip'
('., ii i i railroad taxes for Keiida'l county.
Tiie C iuipnuy's lasts tb'u year ari,ju;-,t $10,
.iii.'.'.-. or aliout one unit a (.: tiie i-niiro Uxos
of the .miiity .
Tl.e ("rainvell fumininz" .i! dermanic con
test a1 Men lota has icme to n itbin At a
sptciii meeting of the a! dc-rmeu 'u .Saturday
evening ("rati well's peti'ion was laid upon
the tabic.
r; ulaturs have commenced boring for
i.ic.i;ril gas near I.aMuil'.e 1,-wt wcelt work
wn co:nmeuce 1 ou the firm of Win. Mar
riul!. ' udcr the supervision of a representa
tive of the Pennsylvania co.npaiy which
two yt irs ng leased a large lot of land in
Jicroi : county, for the purple jf becking
pus or :l.
T'-.e Mctiiota ;.:." ii now devote n
colt'.'.i'i each week to the cause of temper
huc. It is elitel by a conuiittee of the V.
r. T. li.
The Pontine telegrapli r,;7:ce wis -et ju fire
!y ei.:tiki'y fa:urd:.y iilht. bi:t th-ibuiKis
were fxtinguWhoJ before great ImI uf
lax a .lone.
From Grand Ridge.
illze, 111. June 2 Hsd. Wm. C.
AuJ?.-in of tenx.a townsliip. tonucrly our
.ill-V-1 blai kstnitli, was un our street yc-ter
lay s.sakin' bands.
v. Kei'ley pa.ssf-J t'urou.'h Lore this
turning with a tine limine, vi,irli he pur-eha-i
from J. Al'en Mfes. Ali.-n deals
in tjcMxl x K.
(.(.rgp C'rawf'.rl lt a valuable mare
four j ears old yesterday !' o.lie.
A ... ll''iinan is itiiprovin bis premises
tiy t'-tililin' a granary and tool Iioum.
Ja Mullen is doinir the rt-.rjM'iitcr work.
Wui. Caey li building an addition to bis
liot.i. Dm k Ilvitus i. tLf man lii ptelers
' df Ids work.
Tiios. Antr im another of our cirpen'ers
wa-, ut Dayton yesterday tishiim. 'lm re
ports ilir viwie old utory no ti .-ii tlicru.
tifo. V. 1 I xk with a party went to-day
onr.ies.nne ln:i-ir:e-, -a ill try and report
Lis lad. next week.
Kr.mu K. Hook and K.dpii of
the Sprite' Valley ie.s!m:r;nt -ix here
vUitlng 1 riends last week. They repor
basim'h in their line iloufl.-hing.
Julia O'.Mutuw'a team l'(.aiiie frightened
at tiie A .'l'n lio.n the rnjriue at tlm aai
tn Usc and ran awtiv, tiirow iug the driver to
til-? ground hlid ts(o' Lim up pretty badly,
b :. u: broken bones, Js'u other dtuuii'e
exi e;t one. Hue.
A vam and butrgy tied in frotit of Nick
nli s Casey')- buust- nvo miles south of here
was either M"!eii or brol;o Ioom; anil left
last riioLt whilo tiie owner vu In tiie
lirius, 'i'Ley have not been Lear J from ut
the pre-eiit writing.
V,ii. M Jones our piv.t master intends
celebruing to-night in honor f Ptosideut
L'levelund's wed ting.
Join M. Csre is having a lot nf Imy and
Btia balled her for the (,'ttuwa uaiket.
The rit-nltlrtit's llriili.
TLa following description of the Pietd
dent's bride appeared in the HuiTaloGV'r
ice of the COth inst. Heretofore the Cour
if Las been regarded" aa the ofllclal paper
of President Cleveland and it U probable
that the statements made In ita columns re
lative to the bride of the President are cor
rect 4 MLw Folsom, whote Christian name by
the way is not Frances, but Frank, was
born in the year isi;, nd w ill be twenty-
two years old the 21st of July. She was
born in the Louse 10H Edward street, oppo
site the school yard of the Orphan Asylum.
As a child fche attended Mine. Urecker'a
French kindergarden. Later the family
moved to the house now occupied by Oeorge
J. Fletchworth, Franklin st. At tho time
Of Mr. Folsom's death, iu 187, they were
living at the Tifft House It will be re
membered that 31rs. and Misa Folson were
In Medina when this sad accident happen
ed. After the funeral they went to Medina,
whre Mrs. IIdnu'D, Mrs. Fola im's widow
ed mother, resided. The Harmon family
had good ioci.il position and owned consid
erable valuable real estate, including mill
log property. While in Medina Miss Fol
tr,m was a pupil at the High School. He
turning to i,u1ThIj In a few years Frank
entered the Central School, and she and
her mother bearded with Mrs. Jonathau
Mayhew. One of the Central School teach
ers has said of her that Frank learned very
readily and wemed to remember ccpjallv
well, end th&t he always put a little of
erself Into her recitations." VL1I en
oiled m a pupil at the Cen'ral her naaie
iuwh! often to cet transferred to the laiyn
list, aud k, In order that it hliould sound
less miisculine. tditj tempornrily inserted
the initial loiter 'U' after Frank, lulling
herself I'rstdi Clwra. Tlds expluius why
her name now often erroneously appears
with the initial (J. Nie was a regular at
ten.lnt of the (Jentral I'resbyterlan Church,
of which nlie is a member. During part
of the time she was pursuing herMudieu
at the Central School she ana tier mother
boarded at Mrs. Carpenter's in the jiosion
block. Afterwards her mother occupied
Mrs. It. D. lioyd's Louse, Franklin street,
and from there Miss Folsmu went to Wells
College. Her Central School certificate
admitted ber to the sophomore class, which
Mbe entered without preliminary examine
tion, in the mlddlo of the bchool year.
Miss Folsom was a great favorite at Wells
Collene. and soon lier power nl winning me
love and unsweiving allegiance ot many
frieuds is a direct inheritance from tier
fmlier. for a more irenial, generous Hearten
and companionable man then the late Os
car Folsom never lived. Her tall com
mandlug figure, frankness and tlncerity
mide her the queen of the s hool. rdie
was graduated from Wells in June, 1B8."j,
her graduating essay laKing itie iorm oi a
story. The hampers oi nowera scni 10 iier
near v everv week, beginning aliout ine
second year of her college life, from the
executive mansion at Albany, and the par
ticularly abuiideiit supply Unit came from
the White Jlou.-e coneivatories when she
was graduated was but one of many little
attentions putt: l.er, ttio Knowledge oi
which ber college mutes t;piead abroad on
scattering to their distant homes for the
the Miniiiitr vacations, thus exciting pub
lie gossip concerning -Mies Folsom 's re
lations to the rie.-blcut.
".Miss Folsom his always ticen In the
ialiit f .s;)'!uliti'' ber summers in Folsom-
bile. Wyoming County, two miles out of
Cowlesvdle, :U the resilience of ber late
'railtifatber, Colonel John li. 1'olsom. 11
is the typical homestead, a rumbling I arm
house set down amid the lovely scenery of
the valley. Sunday newspaper reports
have made Mr Cleveland the benefactor of
Miss Falsom in a money sense, jsuch
statements are absolutely untrue. Jler
niothoi'o ln( one has always been ample ft r
their support, and any extra funds were to
be had I mm tiie grandfather, or Tapa Jouu,'
as Miss Fol.-oin called him, and whose re
cent deatli will make her the heiress of a
goodly property.
"Miss Folsotii's ediuracter Is that of an
unspoiled iii-'enotis girl, full of self possess
ion, and w itu too much common sense to be
overcome by ber sudden elevation. Her
chief charai teri.-tio I.s intense loyalty to her
mother, who is a charming woman and
betw een them exists that pel feet confi
dence and sympathy too sell lorn seen be.
tween parent and child. Miss Folsom 's
life has seen its deeper side. She is old
for her years, and too observing and tactful
to make any nil.-t.ikes w libdi occur, would
lie forgiven in one so yi.un. and ine.(-er-ieiiceu,
obliged suddenly to regulate her
iile by the complicated e iq litto of society
at the capital. One of her ac :oinplishments
is i rare gift for letter writing. In dress
her taste is very simple. Her common
seu.se i show n In naming an early date loi
the wcdi'lng. A postponement would have
bivught eveu tnoio autioyauce in the way
of press gossip, and from the moment id
lauding to the day of the wedding every
movement of t lie l're.ddent and the bride
elect would have 1 e n subject to t' e es
piotugo uf prying newspaper correspond
ents. Miss Folsom i.td'le of a very limited
circle of intimate f I uid- is lifle at U dn'
ed in Hull .-do, : n 1 h:,s necr mingled in
biK'lety here, becauce sli.ee she :is a scIkh".!
girl siie h is never spent but a day or two
at a time iu this city. Her only regret at
this moment is that her l.ithei is not living
to be present at the f.arriage of his only
child to the friend w ho stuca closer to Lim
than a brother.
"It isan interestingcoincidence that llev.
Dr. Huuderland, wLo is to perform the
niirriiige ceremony, fremiently occupied,
while settled in ISatavia, the pulpit id the
Central I'resliyterian Church, Huilalo, tiie
church of which Mits Folsom isa memlier,
Dr. .Sunderland Laving been an attached
friend of the Lite Dr. Lord, its pastor.
"The published prints and photographs
of Miss Fclsota do not grea'ly resemble
her. One of the be.it likenesses of her is
by an amateur photographer. Her hair Is
soft imd brown, of a shade between light
and dark. .She wears it combed back from
her forehead, and loose, wavy tendrils es
cape here aud there. She has violet-blue
eyes, and rather a large uose. Her eye
brows are very heavy aud neaily meet.
The chief and striking beauty of her face
is Iter mouth and chin. Ammi Faruham,
the artist, once said that Miss Folsom had
the m .st beautiful moi.t!i he had ever sceu."
Il'iiriitliin Day.
The Dcooiatiun I'ay exercises of Monday
were very largely Attended and were through
ou', o" nu inter stin,; ch..r.icler. Hie plat
form, bu it j i.Mt o tiie rear of the soldiers'
monument in Wadiingon Park, was hand
Homely dmped with Hms and festooned with
ropes of evergreen, as wns also the monu
ment. Just before the opening of the exer
cises the (Irand Army Post took their places
on the platform and the military company
stationed themselves immediately lo front
of it. V resident K. V. Urines called the as
semblage together, and Kev. Davis, of the
M. 11. Church, otlercd an ehxpicnt prayer. A
song by the llayden quartette followed and
after it the address of President Griggs,
which was replete with good thoughts of a
character eminently appropriate to the oc
casion. Mr. Griggs, for a man who is not
engaged constantly in public speaking, is a
finished speaker, and his address of Monday,
which was delivered from notes, was n proof
of that fact. The services of the Grand
Army were read, and folhwing came there
turning of ('apt. Leahy's sword (which had
been received recently from tho south) to his
widow, who was upon the stand, by Col
Mct'hiiinahan of Spiirland. Col. McClaniift
han wai colonel of Capt. Leahy's Company,
and the selection of him for the presentation
speech was a very happy thought on the part
of the committee Laving tho matter in
charge. Mrs. Leahy iu a short speech re
ceivel the sword. One of the features of
the day was the strewing of the base of the
soldiers' monument with bouquets of (lowers
by ahout l'')0 little school children who came
under the charge of their teachers. At the
conclusion of the progranms at the monu
mcntthe Military Company and the mem
bers of the Grand Army proceeded to the
Ottawa Avenue cemetery and decorated the
grares of soldiers there buried. The graves
of the soldiers in the Catholic cemetery and
private cemeteries were decorated in the
mornin '.
How did they feel, I wonder!
Fairy princesses
Hondiuft ihulr lovers throngh
Dangor as ktrange as n i w; '
Caves fall of flames aud thunder,
Fierce wilderne-af
I, of a simpler in tad,
Own them above me;
Doar, I could never ask
You for the lightest task
Ho do I dread to find
You may not love me!
A. Mary F. Robinson.
A Serial Ktory In I'ittook's I'lttHburg
"NundMjr Loiwler" tibnped III Carver,
Along in Jsii' Hartley Campbeli was about
as awkward a reporter u there was on the
riUsburg I rat lie waa bright cnuugh,
and wua then reputed even better tl.au he
was bright, lie was modest, and realized
his awk wurdness and acknowldged it frank iy
but he also thought thero was something in
him. and wondered how it could be brought
out He wrote fugitive pieces; be actod us
reporter for the daily pros when be could
got a job, and about this timo conceived
and carried out the idea of writing a novel,
which ho retail led in manuscript.
in JS) John V. 1'ittoek star to-1 I ho Sun
day leader, which James Mclver, n bright
man us editor. In ubout a mouth h i went
on one ot bis periodieal sprees and Fr.-d
atson took lus pla"e. 1 hen, iu a about a
month, Wutson followed suit liy this time
Mclver was ready to k to work, and so
thoy altornated for many months. At
longhth, however, t-oth i;ot drunk at the
same time. and i ittock was at
bis wits' ei d to decide bow
to got out bis paper. Iu his
extremity, on next to tho List day of the
week he ran iktoss Uurtley and enagid
him to net out the issue. Write as fast as he
ould, yawning lOiumiu of emptiness con
fronted him. What should hu do.' Tho
uper must bo fu l of original matter. Ho
ould not have ro ours to reprint That
novel occuiro 1 to hi iii. Ho tilled a page or
so with too il.lti il i dllpter aud tho paper
went to prd-s on timrf.
Hartley timidly iii(juirel of a few of his
friends wlmt tiiey thought of his story, und
evon venture 1 to ask koiuo of thom to read
it tho next day. Witliiu a day orttvoonb-rs
for extra copiis of the Leader conlaiiiiug
Hartley s story came in thick and fust 'I hcii
tho newspapers ciiaci.sod it favorably, ii'id
in a short timo Hartley CauipUdl's nauio
was well known. The story was continu )d
tor weeks, aud to the end, in the l.iader,
aud it wns its f.ivcrablo reception by tho
publi: which iuducl its autiior to enter
U.ou his career us a dramatic author.
There were intermediate, steps, of course,
but these are tle plain facts in tho eae,
writu.li by one who knew him well in those
(bays, and lias bad frequent acknowledg
ments of their truth f rum genial Hartley
Campbell during later years. Cor. Inter
A Soiiiew hat Strange Theory Atlvaneeil.
Ilelgi'uiu bus planned extensive colonies
on the upper Congo, und peih.ips in further
ance of those pro.ei ts a corro-qon lent of
Tho Kovuo Uelgiquo odvunccs tho strange
theory that tho inhabitants of the Afi icau
contiu 'lit may have been decimated by wtir
or fumino, b it have nevor degenerated, bko
their northern an 1 eas eru neighbors. "The
imjvrial bat! i of tbe Ilomun cen
turion has b tii tamed down to the fais tto
of a qu.rulous bbatj, but tbe Iiedoains
aro to-day what they were 2,(Kj:) years ago;
tliO nerc.? of fsenogambia can stid I oast of
the brawny urms that tempted the slave
trader of ancient Homo; the Kgyptians and
.Nubians have lo t t :e heritage, but not the
supp'e limbs of their forefathers. If war
fare wuro still a matter of physical prowo s,
the Freuch admit that thi ir troops woul I
not have con uered Algiers in a century.''
It is true that tho manhood of the Semitic;
races seem to resist tho inHu mce of a warm
dim ito, I ut it is a.Uo true tluit tho athletes .
of Actors and Morocco can le match nl in
the Modern provinces of Hritish India. Mo
ha nine laid in encourages warlike bnbits
and pliy -ical edu ation, and, til.ove all, it
dis ouruges intemperance. lJr. Felix 1
Cullim; on the I'eiinay I vanbi (Governor.
A Kfoat many queer peo, Ie visit tho
exeeuUo department at llnrrisimrg to call
on Governor l uttson, and the Je tursonian
simplicity with whi h a fairs aro managed
there enables ma :y of th m to gain adnkis
sion to the guleratorial prcstuiea 'the
cither day a gentleman supplied with on un
mistakable cork le and a check suit fash
ionable in some of the backwoods counties
of the western part of tho stuto nppi&red
before Private Messenger Hughes und asked
'(Juv'ner inf"
'No, sir. He's out of town."
"Cm. This is his sactum sancti ruin,'
is it;"
"'1 his is Lis private ollice.
" es, bis .sanctum sanctoum," w i'h a look
of deep pity at the messenger s ignorance.
"VjII, thi re's my iwiste.ioar L Give it to
Kuv'nor. 1 live at isewickley, the Hryn
Mawr of Allegheny county. v hen he comes
our way tell him to stop. We kin give him
clean table, cleau cloth, clean liupkin, an'
Mom Kemples is red hot on griddle cakea
Nuff Hed." -Philadelphia Pioss.
Msr.t'a Troublen with Itoyulty.
I.is.t has always borne bis bead high with
royalties and urislocrats, and he well knows
how Ut make himself respected. He met
Car Nicholas I, with an angry look, tossed
Frederick William's diamonds into the sido
seem s, and broke a lanes with LouU Phil
lippe which cost him a decoration. He
never forgave that stingy monarch for
abolishing certain musical pension.', and
consistently ivfused to piay ut the Tuiler
les, Uue day the king tntiring Krard's
pianoforte exhibition, on private view,
came suddenly upon I .la t seated at the
piana "Ho you remember," suid bis ma
jw.ty, "that you played at my bouse when
you were a toy, and 1 was duko of Or
leans! Much has changed since then."
Yea, sire," replied l.ist, dryly; 'but not
for the better." Whereupon tbe milled
king wimt home aud struck l.ist's name oir
the legion of honor, l.is.l alo rsfusod to
play ut the court of CJueen Isabella, in
Spain, liecause inusiciaus In !S)aiu iu those
day wore neer presented tu royalty. Tbe
Vtmli I. Iked by (lotli'im'a Kplrnrev.
tlrilltd marrow is a supper dih much
liked by the epicureMii New oike.s. They
extract the marrow Ir.un the lours by
means of a lon spoon s'.mped like a );ouo,
which is made especially for the purpose,
and is thou eaten. ea-uiiil with snlt and
jvppei , upon klicva of Iiesb white bie.nt
t 'hicairo 'l imes
Sump Ihlilirs T llt Kiiirilrfit,
To I e Kn?li-h you know, yon iuu.t call a
railroad ar a " ai riant.,1' tbe engiiiefr a
"driver," tiie fireman it "stokai," tbn pi ale
man a 'guard," the twitch a "sbunt ' and
track a ' line," the baggage "lotgi;-. "
Cincinnati hnquiier.
When In bi oiee Att.urey tlrnei al Car
hind Wear j it I vl Ui.
Simplicity of the Autitrallan System No
I-uiik Srarchea of lterunlm
The simplicity and inexpensivecess of tho
Au&traliau system icubed tho "Turrens"'
system, lrou blr Hobert Richard Torrens)
nave been heretofore alluded ta Theodora
Khbldou of tliis city has made a study of
the method practiced in that country and
presented the fruits of his study iu a pam
phlet It is such an advance ou our way of
doing things that there is no probability of
its adoption here for many years, if ever;
but it is worth describing, if on.y to show
what can be accomplished in that line and
what disadvantage we are laboring under.
'The government simply acts as a transfer
aent, guarantees tho title to the purchaser,
and agrees to indemnify, from an assurance
fund, any person who may afterward le
found to have lost an equity.
The tirst registration of a piece of prop
erty U made in the following manner: The
person claiming to be the owner submits his
deeds and othor evidences of ownership to
the registrar, aud for a fee of $ three ex
aminers pass upon those evidences. If be
is not touud to lie tho rightful owner tbe
matter is at oiice dismissed without further
cost If tho title is accepted the applica
tion is advertised and the names of persons
likely to be interested aro retorted, as also
the mimes of jiorsoiis owning or occupying
adjoining laud. If a caveat is tiled the ac
tion of tho reiri,trar is suspended till it is
withdrawn or a decree is i.-sued by a court
Hut cuieuts Lijiso in three mouths unless
proceedings aro begun under thorn.
if no ca.eat i, tiled within tho time pre
ribed by law, or a caveat is t'lod and then
withdrawn or sot aside, an indefeasible title
is granted to tho applicant. A ii-rtillcate
is then issued, a copy of which is retained in
the oibed oi the registrar Those certificates
describes the proper, y, tho nature ot the
lio.der's tonure, und oilier essential facts,
uu 1 space is luit ou the certilicato to show
subsequent transfers, mortgages, etc. l hen
a sale is made it is necessary only to take
up the, co,ti.,cato und i sue u new- one to th
buyer. In cuso a cvrtLicnto becomes incum
bered with memoranda of lelcasc.i mortga
ges, lux lien-, tliut uau been s.itished, etc.,
the owner may obtain a now und clean cer
li icale ut small cost It will bo mj mi that
this system obuatos tho necessity of lo.ig
searches oi tho ro ord. Each certilicato
cpre-cnt.s 1( eeituin unmistakable tiling
which can bo bought und sold by the
trunsfer of that certuicule.
L'nder t;.i.-. .system," to quote Mr. Shel
don's wards, "it should be no unusual thins
for largo interests to I e sold or mortgaged
within an hour tit a cost ot from to $."
1 rovisiou is also made for settlements,
trusts, etc, with tae amo ob.'oct of sim
plicity in view. A transfer of property can
be made by persons outside thestato, with al
most as little trouble us tho trunsfer of a
stock, the certi..cate being sent to tho ollice
of tho registrar tor record iu tho now uame.
The system has been in operation in .South
Australia for over twenty five years aud in
otber colonies and countries loug enough to
fully test its vniue. It was adopted lust
year in Manitoba. Chicago Trilnine.
A Ten 1'ieturH of Jay t.u.ibl.
Let mo tell you how Jay Could loo'cs as
e sits there undergoing tho examination.
Ho has just toilitio I that ho is 4'.' years of
e, und he is sitting with a tired look ou
his face answering the questions put to him.
lie talks freely, und his tones aro us soft as
those of a woman. There is nothing osten
tatious about him, and he seems to be mor on
the persuasive than ihn aggressive order.
His little lorm is dressed i i a well cut busi
ness suit, an I he sits slightly bent in bis
chair. Ono of his small white hands rests
upon tbe table and he turns a pencil over
and over as the talk goes ou. 1 note thtit
his huud is of u goo I si.:e, well tilled out,
and vi ry white and soft. . Wtill it trembles
with nervousness, and tho whole man seems
to be a bundle of skm, bono, bruin and
nervo. His other hand lies upon his knee,
nnd 1 seo that ono of his legs i.s crossed over
the other and that he wears a buttoned shoe
with a good broad sole. He gestures nerv
ously as he talks. 'ow and then Le rubs
bis hands together nnd now shakes his lin
gers at the examiners. Ho smiles, too, and
his black eyes light up and hj looks co.'ilui.
and it loudly. 1 judge ho has some sensi
of humor, and I know from tbe wrinkles in
his brow tit times that bis nature is line
enough to tool ului.ui any kind of u satia
tion. His face Isa curious ono, but not ou first
view striking It is long, dark, uii I sallow
iu complexion. Tne forohea I is not very
high nor broad, but it is well lilled out and
tho s:;in is drawn tightly over it Just
above tho forebea 1 baldness i.s beginning to
creep in, mid through tho thin black hair
you note that thore Is a decided rise us far
back as the crown, a rise which goes up
like a piano and with no bumps.
Mr. Uould's hair is black, with hero and
there a glimpse of silver. It is rather t.'iiek
ut tbe sides and around tho buck of the
head, and ho keeps it well eut His t'aee is
covered with a full beard of black whiskers
into which the gray is al-o creeping. These
whiskers are not long and are curly aud
gh'Sslv.- (ioiild s eyes are full of expression,
and they laugh nnd flash Uu occasions.
His no e is iucdued to the Roman and the
nostrils are very large and sensitive. His
ears are large, und be combs his hair behind
them. Ho was not at all forward in ex
amination to-day and answered readily the
questions put to him. He had a couple of
detectives near him and his lawyer was at
his back to .,ive him advl e us occasion de
manded. Ho exhibited no fear and read the
denunciation of the strikers with a display
of some feeling. Washington Cor. Cleve
land Leader.
A Case of Mutual Cnureietlon.
There was a large attendance at evening
prayer-meeting at tho Hlue Light taber
nacle. After the exercises were over and
the benediction had been pronounced Jim
Webster got up and addressed the pulpit as
as follows: "1 arson, does you know dat
dar am gwintor be a cullered 'scursbun to
Houston next Lord's Hay I" "I has heard
so, Hrudder Welister." "Well, parson, a
two-third majority oj dis eongregashun am
desirous ob descrecratin' denex' Lord's Day
by gw inter Houston on do 'schuishun, and
as de spokesman I has ter submit a preper
ishun for yore considerashun." "What am
dat prejrsishunr" "He prepersishun am to
tor de eirec dat ef you will 'scuse dis eon
gregashun from 'ten iin' de sarvices in Ue
mawnin', dis congregashuu will 'scuse you
from 'tondin' dj sur vices in de ebeuin'."
Texas triflings.
Tho Vt Store of Fertility.
The northern and western farmer must not
forget that tho bulk of southern arable
Inn is have oniy been '-scratched." The
asruge of southern lunds are not "broke"
for over two or three inches deep, and ast
stores of fertility lie accessible to Letter
culture. Then there are millions of acres
of line woodland aleoiutely undesei rated by
tbe supertlcial tillage of the south virgin
oils the richest in the world bultiuiore
ilanulactureaV Record.
I.rclnUtlon la a Mcxlran State.
T'ne Tlaxcala, Mexico, legislature has des
ignated drunkenness as an aggravation, in
stead of a mitigating circumstance, when
accompanying any crime or misdemeanor.
C'bKttg'j lla.es.
The nortb-bound train on the Fox River
branch of the C B. & Q. road leaves Ottawa
at :-',o i'. m. instead of ut ;i:oO as formerly.
Tiie Fiiio-bred Trottiu? Stallion
WW muk-r the iruon (if 18-4 u f'lllowi: On M milay.
Tuewlsy, KricUy uml sutunlsjr ut my Burn or thf IJf rjr
.Swhle of Win. Kowllr. I'tlce. t'U. ; ami on WlneJy
mid Tlmrwluy Ht thi-1' If K. n llu.el Hum, Ottawa, 111.
TV rum so to uuiure.
It K. lUiOW'N, Mumper. niayl3-2mv
Have just received their Sew
l'n: terns of
For the Sprirg Trails,
l!ejiresentiu5 t lie Choicest Goods of
teen different Manufnctiircrs iu
the United Slides.
These Goods have been selected -with
great care as to Coloring and Designs,
and the prices -will always be the lowest.
11 us charge of this Depiina,ent, and, from
an experience of over fifteen years iu
ibis business in Ottawa, is fa
miliar with the tastes aud
wants of the people.
Wi: EMl'LOY A N CM DC 11 Or
And all our work is pusrunteed to
give satisfaction.
mm & Gr.him.
Road Cart
laCnll unit exMinliiff our
luve mm-!. cietirlcsi
before bin liiit.
liiuiii :ru from t-u.W
to fiO 00.
(Due MiM'W west poNifflce
Tr'i. Ii.i-ikim.
Silver Cloud'
m mm
1 -
We sell direct to the consumer; a saving
of from 25 to 50c per 100 lbs. to them.
Every sack guaranteed. It will pay to buy
at the Mills.
TT t.- .....b. i. frM. utttv
m. M
V A I FT 111 Is I't NINKsS ASI UK8I.
lj ' CITY U,n KU
h A I.K, vry nhrap snil ou eay H rtiin. Hie hotr front
ou tliu chimI from rallriKul cruoNlntt tu the nulucut (ex.
dt.toiit't. Also resiaeuc lou in Ihe rwr.
lr J. O. IIAItlUS ft HOII.
roisinles at ciirreut ntU. Kor lnumnr (bat Is
tlior.MiKlily rfllshlcrsll on nn. our imulleot pumpHuv
hmt iimre Hutu lncilnn dullsrs; mine Imvrurrr ten
ujiill.in,iiU etour mus rr no MkU.t (him othn
ol""T!. OI. J. O. H AKKlfi ft SON .
pric. The dsy of enrsn iHnds
way; sa foods Ut.cIh sh tin re ir in this oouurrin
now he hd ut from rJ.W) to ts.Ou imt irr N l thi
tmie to buy. UK. J. oTh AUi'.I8 ft SON.
a all. Call una looi oror our hut of laud un f urinal
. IlAllUU) ft BUN.
TV Tfi lHi Vor,h. Booth, Kwt a
"II I I'' ' O, and Wert at sll'aorW n
c and on ey teenm. lilt. J. o. HAKIJh ft SON
I) W KLU N(i ll?nPHirrv-
1 all narta .7f ,h. .3.t M-fY
priceB. Come aud ee.' DB. J. O. UARlilS ft BON.
M inofm tmed nnd Uciuilrrd by
Madison Street, OTTAWA.
hoys' Cvprcgs Wai;vue from oilit Ihc rr-nt i up to l
iii.iyl-lmo o, HuKK.MAN.
Clyde, English L Horman
roland-t'liina and JJorkHhire
For thin Seuson's Trade row ready for Bulfl,
A tii'Bo numhi'rof unlinBlsof nnch of thcaiMiVf lircftH
of all awn und frith i-.n . t'ltiu-r ?rini H or llioroiin
tjnsN, Mhrtiyson hand t'r
Inspirtloii of Efoi k dt'sirt-... K.snn, live miiHsniuU,
in, oi'hiii y ii IK' ris, itivivii in,
tin .pi.- nui lk
9mm jn.i.Uy ran
n vr.l Mil nnrt
mm& lSs. wtm D M nm Blcl-1

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