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VOL. 48.
NO. 5.
A good Dress Print for 4o per yard.
A good U Ingham for 5c per yard.
A good Lawn for 4c per yard.
White Corded Muslin, 4c per yard.
Cashmeres, In all colors, 8c per yard.
Men's Hose, lc per pair.
Ladles' Hose, good and heavy, 5c per pair,
A good Corset, 25c.
Fine Silk Glaves, all colors, 40c per pair.
Men's Unlaundrled Shirts, 40c.
Ladles' Gauze Vests, 15c.
Nice Napkins, He.
Heavy Colored Napkins, 5c.
A good Parasol, So.
A good Ingrain Carpet, 25c per yard.
"Window Poles, 10c.
Window Poles und Fixtures, 30c.
All Linen Bleached Table Linen, 45c pr yd,
Dress Silks in stripe colors, 25c per yard.
Ul.ick Gros Grain Silks, 50c per yard.
Lace Curtains, 10c.
And all other goods at prices equally low.
From former low prices.
For the purchase of all lines
of Seasonable Hoods at
Tils Lowest Possible Prices.
Auction Sal
Afternoon and Evening, to
Reduce Stock.
Jeweler, La Salle Street, opp. Armory Block,
Sale Positive without Reserve
S;esat2:3fland;jP. M.
tJr"Lil-f upwla'.Iy liivifiM to attend our Afternoon
daiea to avoid crowd in ermine, aud secure Ui.ij.
By tke breaking of a thresher belt, Sperj.
cer Connor of Farm Bidge tp., was the other
day thrown gome 30 feet and severely bruis
ed, the belt wrapping itself arounl Lim
when it broke.
ill Simer Goods
Wafts, Diamonds, Jewelry
A Short Time Longer.
What with buying new fall goods and sell
summer goods, it was almost out of the ques
tion interviewing the "head of the house" at
II. J. Gillen's yesterday; but it was hardly
necessary to he officially informed of the
fact that the summer closing out sale has
been a great success. The least observant
could see that. Seasonable goods have been
sold at such remarkably low prices that noth
ing could prevent sales. As the season grows
later week by week the desire to unload
grows stronger naturally, and the extreme
of low prices will continue for a short time
longer until the entire stock is closed out. No
equal opportunity for tho purchase of season
able goods in all lines was ever oflered here,
and those who buy there now will get the
best value in the market.
The first good rain since the cud of June
foil on Thursday evening and night. Both
storms were hard ones and a grout deal of
rain fell, apparently all over tho county. It
was very badly needed and will do a great
deal of good, notwithstanding it came too
late to ensure a full crop of corn. The State
Agricultural Department reports to August
1st report the average yield of corn in this
county will be but about 00 percent, of aver
age crop. Pastures also had become dried
up, and many farmers who herd their cattle
had commenced to feed. The rain of the
week ought to make full pastures good again.
Fine silverware purchased at auction at
your own price, at K. II. Trask's, opposite
Armory Block. All goods guaranteed us
represented by auctioneer.
Some weeks ago July 5th Mayor Allen,
on behalf of the otiicers of the meeting held
about that time, forwarded 81 10s. to the
Hon. T. P. O'Connor, M. P., at London, to
assist in election expenses of home rule can
dicates in England and Ireland. This
week the proper acknowledgments have
been received of its arrival from Joseph Big
gar, T. P. O'Connor and Justain McCarthy,
treasurer. While the donors of the amount
regret that the elections have proved tempo
rarily disastrous to home rule for Ire
land, they have the satisfaction of knowing
they aided a good cause, the ultimate suc
cess of which is merely postponed for a
Mr. Ilrowpr'n Music Stores for Sale,
Mrs. Brower having decided to retire per
manently from business will sell out her
stores in Ottawa and Streator on good tci ms
She will sell both tegether or each separ
ately. The busiuess, however, will be icn
tinued as usual until sold to a successor.
Parties can call at U. 11. Trask's at any
time and make selections of gooJs they wish
to purchase by auction.
The employes of the Montgomery Mills,
located at the junction of the new road from
Joliet to Aurora, celebrated the completion
of the road the other day by an excursion to
Joliet, one of tho cars of tho train being
loaded with Montgomery flour.
Along about 10 o'clock last night a das
tardly outrage took place on the cast si le,
tho perpetrator of which, thanks to an active
nightj polico, is now in the county jail. It
appears that a young woman a servant girl
working for Mrs. Pierce, whose name we
could not learn, was walking with a young
gentleman friend, and when on the Fox river
bridge they were attacked by a pair of roughs
who drove off her escort, and seizing the girl
dragged her away to the low land east and
south of the bridge, where one of them, a
young man named "Sonnie" Carr, from the
north end, committed rape on her person.
The proceedings on the bridge were wit
nessed by Messrs. Simon and Tomlinson,
who promptly reported it to the police. The
three officers then on duty repaired to the
scene and succeeded in capturing the man
who committed the rape, but his companion
unfortunately escaped.
A warrant has been sworn out before Es
quire Smith for a man by the name of Wolfe
for violating the game law.
The Streator races will occur the coming
week. The entry list is very large and some
excellent sport is promised. The Ottawa
people should attend and do as well by Strea
tor as Streator did by Ottawa.
The old agricultural works at Sheridan are
to be sold Aug. 23d. They have been idle
for a great many years.
The auctions at K. II. Trask's begin at 2:30
in the afternoons and 7:30 in the evenings,
opposite Armory Block.
Sunday next being the 15th of August the
game protective law expires by limitation for
the year. The number of birds is said to be
larger than usual this year, the spring hav.
mg oeen very favorable for hatching and fine
sport is anticipated.
Lindeman, the baker, has "blossomed out"
with a new and handsome wagon, with which
he will supply customers at their homes.
Spring Valley continues to grow and is
putting on city airs, having opened its
" Opera House" with " attractions" every
night. The Bock Island road, too, has just
appointed an agent there, having discovered
there is business to be bad by having some
one to transact it. The X. W. road is ship
ping from 80 to 100 cars of coal daily.
lienth of Dr. It. M. MiicArthar,
Two weeks ago it fell to our painful lot to
announce the death of the wife of Dr. It. M.
MacArthur, and today the pain is duplicated
in the announcement of the Doctor's own
death. The immediate cause was blood
poisoning, resulting from an abcess under
the nrni, which made its first appearance
some six months ago, but which, receiving
the usual medical treatment, was supposed
to be under control uutil a month ago, when
he seemed to take a relapse, gradually sink
ing thenceforward until the filial scene at
8:20 on Thursday morning of this week.
Robert M. MacArthur was a native of
Ayrshire, Scotland ; born, March 4, 1S25.
He cauio to the United States in 18PJ, set
tling at Aurora, 111. A few years later he
studied for some time at Oberlln College, af
ter which he came to Ottawa and entered
the office of Dr. C. Hard as medieal student,
at the same time attending a regular course
at Hush Medical College of Chicago, from
which he graduated in 1 Sot. Iu ho Le
married Martha Hard, sister of Dr. C. Hard,
and entered into a partnership with his
brother-in-law which was continued until
the breaking out of the war, when, Dr. Mac
Arthur having been appointed examining
surgeon for the enrolling board of this con
gressional district, with headquirterv at'
Joliet, the partnership was necessarily dis
solved. He ln'd that position until the
close of the war, nnd later, on the orginiza
tion of the pension board for this district, he
became one of the surgeons of that board
of which he was ma le secretary, holding
that position uutil removed a year ago by
the present administration.
Besides the above positions, the Doctor
held by election and re-election the office of
county coroner for ten years; was for a nnm
her of years county physician, also city
health officer of Ottawa, and also up to his
death tho local surgeon of the ltock Island
railroad. He also served several terms as a
member of t he city board of education, was
president of the Bush College alumni for the
years 1879 aud 1880, and in his time held
held various other public and honorary po
sitions. In all these positions, it is almost needless
to say, he discharged his duty with excep
tional ability and fidelity. His labors as
coroner, county phycician, pension surgeon
aud health officer are especially remembered
his late report in the last named capacity
being a model, and would lead, if its recom
mendations, were fully carried out, to results
of the highest importance to the conserva
tion of the public health.
As a physician, Dr. MacArthur was not
only skillful far beyond the ordinary grade
of the profession, but was loved and trusted
by his patients full as much for his kindness
of heart, deep humanity and noble generos
ity as for his great skill. He was alike
prompt and assiduous in his attentions to
rich or poor, high or low, careless of rest,
personal case or comfort, braving darkness,
storm or tempest at all times at the call of
the sick or suffering, regardless of who or
what they were that summojcd him.
His parents being Scotch Presbyterians,
the Doctor in his youth had become connect
ed with that communion, and, we believe,
never became a member of any other ; al
though for years he had kept up a connec
tion with the Congregational church of this
city, and latterly with tho Episcopal church,
of neither of which, however, we believe, he
ever became a " member." Yet he was not
only regular ami exemplary in attendance
at church, contributing his full share to its
support, but he was a sincere and honest
Christian man, as he was noble, upright,
generous and manly in all his professional,
busiuess and social relations, a man of
ripe education of expansive mind benev
olent to a degree, big-hearted and generous
yet tender and gentle as a woman.
The funeral of Dr. MacArthur will take
place from the resilience this afternoon at 2
o'clock, and having been for years on hon
ored member of the Ottawa Commandery of
Knights Templar, his funeral will be mainly
in charge of that order,
Great bargains in ladies and gents. gold
watches; sold at auction, at B. II. Trask's.
Herbert, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Wolf, died on Monday lost of mem
branous croup, at the age of two years and
nine months. The funeral took place on
Tuesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Wolf have
the sympathy of all in their affliction.
The Maud Atkinson Company will give a
matinee on Saturday afternoon for the bene
fit of Mrs. D. It. Gregg, the veteran milliner
of this city. The house should be crowded.
The National City Bank has put in this
week a new Howe safe of the largest size
manufactured. This we believe completes
the work of improvement at the bank by
which the vaults have been greatly strength
ened and guarded, as well as otherwise ren.
dering the building more comfortable and
The C, B. & Q. pay car went through on
Thursday last.
The Streator races will be held neitt week,
beginning on Tuesday. The field of horses
will be substantially the same as at Otiawa
last week.
The auctions at It. II. Trask's begin at 2:30
in the afternoons and 7:30 iu the evenings,
opposite Armory Block.
-Scott Itros, X Co.
Opened yesterday a nice selection of new
fall dress goods nnd the new shades in
striped velvets to match the suitings.
Young ladies going to school this full will
find a fiue stick to select from now in dress
goods, wraps, hats, shoes, &c.
The new road from Joliet to Aurora was
finished this week. It is now considered a
part of the "Burlington" system the out
let east around Chicago. It strike the C,
B. & Q. main Hue jiut this side of South
Aurora Station.
Surveyors for the Atchison, Topeka &
Suite Fe It. II. were surveying through
North Aurora last Saturday. The line run
ning from west to east crossed the river just
above the dam.
Mr. C. H. Adams, assistant secretary of
the Marseilles Manufacturing Company, left
Marseilles with his family for Kansas City,
Mo., last week, where he takes charge of the
company's branch office recently establish
ed. Ladies specially iuvited to attend the auc
tion sales at B. II. Trisk's 2:10 iu tho af
ternoons and 7: 50 iu the evoniugs, opposite
Armory Block.
It teems that there was an error in the
statement of last week's Fhke Tkadkr that
Capitulu was sired by W. J. Neeley's Wood
berry. She was sired by Ensign, an Iowa
horse, at cue time kept by Mr. Neeley.
.... .
Great bargains in ladies and gents gold
watches; sold at auction, at B. II. Trask's.
Our cotemporary, the Republican, says
that scarlet fever has broken out among the
children of this city. This might infer that
it has become epidemic which is certainly
not the ctwe. There may be a very few cases,
but not enough, to create any talk among
parents, and certainly there is no cause fer
Miss Louise E., daughter of A. II. Strobel,
Esq., of this city, was married on Thursday
morning last, to Mr. John Scheying, by llev.
Fletcher. The ceremony took place at the
residence of the bride's parents in East Ot
tawa, in the presence of a number of friends
and relatives. After a breakfast, the happv
couple started for Chicago. Mr. Scheying is
an employe of W. II. Hull & Co. and a iicin
bcr of Co. D, 4th Inf., both of which remem
bered him by handsome gifts. Mr. and Mrs.
Scheying have our hearty congratulations.
The regular services will be resumed at
the Presbyterian thurch to-morrow morning.
Slicfi'l's pantaloon overalls manufactured
iu Ottawa are the best made, and ciusy fit
ting. Try I hem.
An adjourned democratic caucus of this
township will be hell at the Supervisors'
Boom tliii evening at 8 o'clock to hear the
report of the special committee to select a
township committee. J. F. Bkkd, Chair.
Examine those f'J.CU shoes at Mcullln's.
. - .
T1IK t'Ol KTS.
C ircuit Court.
The Circuit Court adjourned on Monday
for the term.
Judge Stipp decided Iho celebrated Mc
Munus case on Monday. In giving his
opinion he sai l iu substance that the com
plainant, claiming to own a portion of what
was used by the city as a street, had taken
forcible possession under his claim, erected
his fence i the city's street, and enjoined
the city from removing it. This, he held,
McMauus could not do, as ho had a remedy
at law by an action of ejectment. He also
said that even upon the merits of the case as
disclosed by the evidence, the defendants
hail clearly established their right to the
street, by showing that the original survey
and platting of tho town located the street
where the city claims it is. The bill was
dismissed without prejudice and leave given
the city to suggest damages.
C ounty Court.
411. Henning vs. Weldon. Assumpsit.
Trial by court and finding for plaintiff. Judg.
mcnt for J;! lo. 50 and costs. Appeal to Ap
pellate Court.
!09. M. W. Hawes et al. vs. W. Van Vliet.
Judgment by confession agaiust defendant
for $2S8.S7 and costs.
910. B. V. Page vs. John J. Duncan.
Judgment by confession against defendant
fur $220 and costs.
Oil. John S. Byburn vs. Win. H.Green
et al. Judgment by confession against de
fendant for $273.0." and costs.
2''12. F. D. Sweetser & Co. vs. Eugene
Perrott. Jnlgment by confession against
defendant for S22..10 and costs.
913. J. G. Gay & Son vs. Emerson Calk
in". Judgment by confession agaiust de
fendant for 504.81 and costs.
914. J. G. Gay Son vs. Niles Anderson.
Judgment by confession against defeudaut
for '!8.33 and costs.
w S-tiU. J.,hn O Il.i berlc vs. William
Long et al , assumpsi; F. D. Sweetser et al.
vs. Eugene Ptrrott, assumpsit; People vs.
Louis Eglc, bastardy: Alex. Helm vs. Henry
l'.o"e, appeal; City of La Salle vs. Annie Yos
ak, appeal; Janet Holt vs. Geo. W. Shaver,
debt; Win. Butters vs. C. A. Norem, distress
for rent; P. T. Barry vs. Allen Griggs, as
sumpsit; Wisconsin Shoe Co. vs. M. Walker
& Co., assumpsit; Daniel An lerson vs. D. E.
Tucker, replevin; Schniedewen I X Lee Co. vs.
Hynei, appeal.
1 lb. frames
Boston Baked Beans!
At 40c per lb., worth 50c.
Of Standard Goods,
Gold and Silver Watches, Diamonds, Gold
and Silver Jewelry, Solid Silver and
Plated Ware, Rogers' Brothers'
Knives, Forks and Spoons,
lEIMffl CLOCK. 75c
All Standard Goo.ls. The largest stock and choicest selj:l'o:i
to choose from.
eouti aott) jtwtm,
Perfect Stones, and All Goods Guaranteed.
This is
Surveyors are reported at wurk on a pro
jected line of the C. B. & Q. from Sheridan
Junction (of the Paw Paw Boute) to Joliet.
Parties buying watches at II. II. Tra-k's
can pay part cash at time of sale, and goods
will be held for them for final paymeut any
time within ten days.
The Thompson-Huston Klectric Light Co.
are building a new site for their machinery
between the two mills.
The J. E. Porter Steamer "Sidney S." has
been busy carrying pleasure seekers all week.
It has proved a great attraction to the river
and is growing more popular every day. A
little more water would be desirable, and
then the lower river would bo available fr
pleasure parties. As it is the unusually low
water confines trips to rather short courses.
The monthly shoot of the Ottawa Gun
Club for the championship medal resulted as
follows: K. Boissenin, 11; F. Green, V; M.
Kneussl, 8; K. De LaChappelle; ; T. Bich
ardson, 7; D. Krouse, 8; M. Botchcild, 10.
SUeful's easy fitting overalls are sold by the
beat dealers iu all the towns "ound ' Mawa.
The annual picnic f the Baptist Sunday
School will occur on Thursday, at Kaglo
Grove, on the south bunk of the Illinois
river. The steamer "Sidney 8" will convey
the picnicers to and from the grounds.
The Peru City Plow Company, of Peru,
has changed its corporate name to the Peru
Plow and Wheel Company. It has increased
its capital stock. The metal wheels which it
manufactures make an important a 1 lition to
the product of tke manufactory.
flOc, Hoc, $1.00
Buy a p iir of Optra Slips at J. Mogaflm'.
Bemembcr the grand auctiou sale at P.. II.
Trask's every afternoon and evening Bare
barjt'iins in diamonds, jewelry, silverware
and Extracted.
Knives, - 1,30 't Set.
Teaspoons - 1,00 " "
Hutter Knives, - 41e, "uctt
a positive Cost sale and you ars
Goods that you know are reliable.
Would rfxiMftfully announr to the clttretii of Ottawa
tli'l vicinity Hint hi ha olio of the chultvat Liver
Block" lu the city, at the City bUblea, luch u
The Latest Styles of Hacks,
Carriages and Buggies,
To let at rtrea to salt the timet. PtrUen, Wedding
funeral, Plrnlm, Ac, atipplted with Uol Kite oa alrt
Duties. Kun.THin in (lie ruutitry or a-IJoluiit town
promptly atti-mli'd to. IVnumi Ik ken to or from Qt
depot , or Ui the country, nltrht or Jay.
I IT" lteniemtier the tifiwiv-)n Mwliaon afreet, east of
lilis'tit, one hliM k wwl of Lew court boiiw.
Kttawa Keb. 9 ISM ti.TKH SOAK.
For 5nl or to Kent.
The property known as Sunnysid. on the
Last side, is about to be put in first claa
order and is for sale or will be rented to
good tenant. For Information apply to
Major T. C. Gibson,
County Court House.
Take Notice.
All parties owing the late firm of Chil 1 &
I'hipps will please call and settle at once.
Accounts not paid promptly will be put in
proper bau4s for collection.
Chas. S. Lixcolx,
W. T. Phut.
Surviving partner.
Tra Hint Salt-mrn AVanteil.
A few good salesment to sell my N. V.
t'l ars on the road. Salary or Commission.
Address C. A. B archer, 16S Dearborn St.
. First National Bank Building.) Chicago.
I)o you want the leading Binder? If so
buy it of F. D. Sweetser & Co. They sell
them low for good ones. Don't lose valuabla
time in harvest.
Ch" for Stlefe'.'s eay filling overa'ls wic
ranted never to rip.

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