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VOL. 48.
NO. 10.
In Prices of Dry Goods
at Andrew Lynch's
is Reported!
But from the assurance of hundreds of
reliable persons who have visited the scene
of the disaster, it is evident those blankets,
Flannels, Bed Comforts, Ladies', Gents',
Misses' and Children's Underwear, Hosiery,
Gloves, and Ladies', Misses' and Children's
ChakS, Wraps and Jackets, are the greatest
Bllfferjrs. Evidence, however, of the great
V.olence of the shock is noticeable through
his entire stock of Dry Goods. The quake
also extended to the l'hiladelphia Boot ami
Shoe House, where it caused serious disaster
in prices.
H. J.
Has begun in earnest at this old, Reliable
House, with a stock in proportion
truly enormous. The
Is a Marvel of Excellence,
And U particu'arly interesting just now
with its great assortment of
Silts, Yelvets,
And all the New and Fashiona
ble Fabrics and Colorings
For Fall Wear.
This stock must be seen to be appreciated ;
. aad in epite of the reaeut advances
in the wholesale market,
there will be
150. ' TELEPHONE. 15a
Would renpeetfolly announce to the eltuwni of Ottaw
tnl vicinity that tie hits one of thr ctmiceat IJvery
tibtckt Id the city, at the City Sul.les, ucb at
The Latest Styles of Hacks,
Carriages and Buggies,
To let at rtm to suit the time. Partly Wedding
Kunerais, Picnic. c.,mipplln tthGO"1 Itlm oa bin
notice, rnnerala in the coniitry or adjolninjc tuani
Sromptly attended to. Perwme taken to or from Uit
epott or to the country, nUrlit or day.
W Remember the place n Ma-llson nfeeet, eaM ol
ildecnt, one block weal of new Court hoows.
! Feb. t 194 th.Tk.li KGAN.
Traveling Salesmen Wanted.
i. few good salemen to sell my S. V.
Cigars on the road Salary 01 Commission.
Address C. A. Bahjiikb, ICS Dearborn t.
(First National Batik Building,) Chicago.
Young men should remember ihe fine and
elegant fitting four buttons cutaway uuhs at
Oak Hall, the obc price clottiier.
All the new fail styles of hats at Freach's.
p Fa
u 111
Low I'rlcca mid Ouick Sale t
Visiting the handsome establishment of IF.
J. Gillen yesterday, we found a crowd of
customers and the olerks as busy as bees.
The stock of goods for the full trade in
this house and daily arriving is wonderful
in magnitude and variety. It is the largest
stock and the most valuable in La Salle coun
ty aad eclipses any of his former efforts,
and his success is correspondingly greater.
Just drop iu and see those splendid piles
stacks mountains of fine dress goods,
comprising everything that good taste and a
thorough knowledge of this market can sug
gest, made in the highest skill of modern art
of the very best material so that every fabric
is warranted as represented.
This stock fills three large rooms and the
completeness of the stock, its immense vari
ety of fabrics and colorings has leen a matter
of surprise even to regular buyers thee.
Prices, in spite of advances elsewhere, are
so very low that the house is confident they
cannot be met elsewhere. Ty rcasou of his
large purchases anil judgment and standing
on the market he has secured advantages
that enable him to lead in the matter of low
and give buyers a substantial advantage in
all lines which other houses cannot otl'er.
Mr. Gillen will opeu today the choicest
line of cloaks ever shown here. They are
in the very latent styles, the most fashiona
ble an 1 richest fabrics mid of the most desir
able trimmings and perfection of luaiiufac.
lure, They include sizes for ladies, nibses
an I children. These cloaks were contracted
for in June last and manufactured enressly
for Mr. Gillen by the well known house of
Springer l'ros., of IWtou, and by Alex.
Black & Cu., of Toledo, who have given Mr.
Gillen the only right to sell their goods iu
Ottawa. The lint is one no buyer can afford
to neglect.
The boot and shoe room is filled to over
flowing with new goods, Ev ry article in
this department is manufactured expressly
for this house nn,l the qu ility is guaranteed.
This department has grown enormously iu
the last few months, and become one of the
leading boot and shoe houses of the county,
in which every line of goods is found in
complete assortment.
The grocery department slill hold the first
place as headquarters for all that is fresh
and standard in groceries, vt the extreme of
low prices. Please call.
Stiefel's big stock of fine 1 and 5-button
cutaways is in and ready for inspection.
These arc the latest and most stylish goods
made. Every young man who wants a nice,
dressy suit will be well paid for his time by
looking this stock over and petting prices
Open evenings till 8. M. Srum,.
To-night the Opera House will be occupied
by the charming comedienne Miss Kato Cas
tleton and her talented company of comedi
ans, presenting the latest musical success,
' Crazy Patch.'' This is one of the finest
comedy anil musioal organisation before the
public. The company go direct from Oitaw a
to Chicago which alone should convince the
Ottawa people of the slauding of the com
pany. If you want to laugh be sure and see
"Crazy Patch" to-night.
We open Saturday an elegant line of stiff
and soft hats, latest fall styles at very low
prices. A. Frank & Co.
Oak Hall Clothers.
Mrs. R. W. Brower has decided to close
out her music business in Ottawa by October
1st, and will sell her goods at one-third their
For chapped hands, face and lips, use
Kaloderma. 23 cents, of E. Y. Griggs.
Stiefel's easy tlttiug overalls are snld by the
best dealers jd all the town "'ound Ottawa.
Hie Deau
suits, warranted all wool, in Bine's indigo
dyes. The Dean suits are the latest out and
arc a wonder of the age for their wearing
qualities. Alschuler, the reliable clothier,
always on the watch to get the best and lat
est style goods, keeps these suits. They are
the best suits in the market for $10.
Any reader of the Fkkb Thader who de
sires a first class occupation should not fail
to send for particulars to Box 2036, Ottawa.
Take Notice.
All parties owing the late firm of Child 4
Phipps will please call and settle at once.
Account i net paid promptly will be put in
proper hands for collection.
Cuas. S. Liniolv,
Mr. T. rHIPPS,
Surviving partner.
The C, B. k Q. Ry. will sell Round Trip
Excursion Tickets to St. Louie, Mo., Sept.
7th. Oth, 13th, 16ih, 20th, '26-1, 27th, 30th,
and Oct. 4th, 7th, 11th, 14th, 13th and 21st,
good to return five days from date of sale, at
one and one-third fare for the round trip.
Gio. E. Roc, Agent.
New and second-hand School Books at
Hipeman & Graham's.
fcplendUl Imported Ilorsen.--A Pre
mium Lot.
One of the most widely known farmers in
La Salle county is Mr. Alfred Bornard, a
cititen for over forty-four years of Serena.
He came from Franco in 1812, and located a
mile and a half northeast of the subsequent
ly built village of Serena. Here is his 200
acres of farm, well improved, anil stocked
with about 50 pure Poland China hogs, fine
cattle and, lastly and chiefly, as fine a lot of
Percheron horses as have ever been imported
from France into this country. He and
his eldest son, E. Bernard, visited France
last year, and brought over several head of
fine young horses of this famous breed,
among which was the beautiful horse Louts,
No. 2430, 17 hands high, weight 2,000 lbs.,
coal black, and of wonderful activity and
grace. Another, imported in 1882, was
Brilliant, 16 hands high, weight 1(50 lbs.,
largo bone und muscle. Both of these fine
horses are yet in his stud. This summer
Mr. Bernard went to France for a big lot,
and he determined to buy the very best
ytun() 1'ercheTon horses that money could
procure. Being a Frenchman born, and
speaking that language, he was not hamper
ed by a deceitful interpreter, nor subject to
the cupidity of that well known set of leech
es who bleed Americans front foO to $100 on
a single horse ! Taking his time, he jour
neyed frtim the stables of one extensive
horse breeder to another and from place to
place, until he obtained what ho wanted.
About ten days ago he arrived in Serena,
with a splendid outfit, as follows, all under
3, and most only 2 years :
No, 1. Raton; sire, Coco; register No.
2723 ; dam, Poule, No. 77-0. This colt is
culled a grey blue, and is 2 yens old and
handsome, Di hands, heavy limbed.
No. 2. Francesco, No. 0!)78 ; sire, A.lo
nais, 83; dam, Cocote. A splendid two
year old, 10 hands high, a dark gray, finely
arched neck, small head, short back and
roua l body, weight 15jO lbs.
No. 3. Augu.-tus, 7077; .sire, Coco, 272S ;
dam, Frosone, 30"3 ; 't hands high, weight
1 100 lbs., fine action, 2 years old.
No. 4. Marshal Lannes, 7072 ; sire, Coco,
'272S; dam, Rosette, 7T 1 . A good boned
and pretty nniiual. 2 years old.
No. 5. Julius Cti'sar, 7073; sire, Ver
mouth, 0712 ; dam, Gross Blue, 0075. A
very choice animal ; rangy, well built, long,
arched neck, 2 years old.
No. 0. Iotin, 0200 ; sire, Gregoire, 430 ;
dam, Rose, 40j8. A very pro ty one, and 2
years old.
No. 7. Monsieron, 7082 ; sire, LaG range,
1334; dam, Berthine, 0120. A fine speci
men of perfect horsellesh, 2 years old, small
head ; would make a pretty roadster.
No. 8. Soloman, 2rJ") , sire, Fenelon, .IS;
dam, Lisette. A daisy, 2 years old, and
will make a fine horse at maturity.
No. 9. Patria, 7700; sire, Chart rain,
1405 ; dam, Margot, 7705. A fine, largo,
light, dapple gray, silver mane and tail, 10
hands high, weight 1550 lbs.; heavy, clean
No. 10. La Martisiere, 7074 ; sire, La
Grange, 1331 ; dam, Palotte, 3071. An ani
mal with a fine pedigree and great promise.
No. 11. Cheligney, 0731 : sire, Papillon,
379 ; dam, Margot, 4977. Two years old, 1
hands high, light colored mane and tail,
head small, symmetrical iu shape.
No. 12. Phenix, 117; sire, Chiirlrain,
140; dam, Palotta. A fine, heavy horse, 3
years obi, weight 1700, glossy clean black,
splendid neck and head, fine limbs.
No. 13. Curie, Oil : sire, Brilliant : dam,
Sophia. Ture bred aud very pretty.
No. 14. Marquesa, 7258; sire, Abdl Ka
der 2d, 501)9 ; dam, Pouela, 7257. 14 hands,
tail reaches to ground, tine mane, a pretty
heavy boned animal, nice head.
No. 15. Marchella, 7079 ; sire, Vermouth,
0742 ; dam, Judith, 30b4. A pet of pets,
very handsome.
No. 16. Charmantc, a pretty mare, 0427;
sire, Vermouth ; dam, Baimboche.
No. 17. Charinante, 7241; sire, Cottin,
1390; dam, Mina Belle, 7240. A fine mare.
No. 18. Sucking colt, boru April 17 this
year, named Violet ; a little beauty ; sire,
I'henbus, 329 ; dam, Charmante, 7080.
This completes a hasty sketch of the lot,
but it was necessarily brief, as our time was
short, and besides none but an experienced
horse fancier could sum up their good points,
aud then it might require days of study of
the peculiarities of each animal. This is a
splendid lot of pure-blooded Perchcrons. of
unquestioned pedigree, and will be sold at
as low rates as the same 'he best quality of
Percheron horses can be had anywhere in
this state.
Overcoats for fall and winter weir
Elegant in style, and cut beautiful in fabric
and finish, and beyond all question the her-t
ever offered for the money, at Oak Hall, One
Price Clothing Hou'e, north of court house.
To Cloa Out.
Mrs. Brower hss some fine upright planus
still left, which she will sell very cheap,
either for cach or on time. These jianos
must be sol i in-side of ten days.
When in Ottawa it will pay to call and
see those ?3, ?-'.50 and fG suits f .r men.
They are just the thing for every d iy ser
vice, aad the bM goods anl b;st male evi
offered for the money.
M. S.irjtL, wh't3 corner.
The Fauioua Carriage, Huggy and Itoad
Cart Maker.
No manufacturing ei-tablishment in Otta
wa has a wider reputation than that of Gay
& Sons. Mr. Gay himself acquired a good
name years ago as a carriage and buggy
maker, whose name on a buggy or carriage
was a sufficient guarantee of every desirable
quality of the vehicle. But of later years
his sons have coma into roan's estate, and
joining young blood and youthful ambition
with his large experience and great skill,
the firm boomed wonderfully. A few years
ago they entered upon the manufacturing of
their famous road cart, pronounced by all
odds the very best, seemingly the perfection
of this variety of vehicle. They have since
the very first, which was a wonderful suc
cess, added a number of improvements made
and patented by themselves, and so brought
the Gay road carl to the front anl fur ahead
of all competitors. They make, also, the
celebrated "Torson spring," side bar bug
gies. A large number of these have been
sold and are pronounced the easiest riding
buggy ever made.
The trade of this firm in family carriages,
buggies and road carts extends all over the
Union, scarcely a state or county in which
numbers of these tine vehicles are not ex
tensivety used.
As winter is approaching, the firm desire
to engage extensively in making sleds nnd
cutters, so they need room and will sell car
riages, buggits, etc., at reduced rates, and
offer bargains accordingly.
Stiefel's pantaloon overalls maimfactiirct
in Ottawa nic the best made, und eay liltiug
Try them.
Lxpos l Ion am! .Statu i'nir.
The Burlington Boiile (C, B. & Q.) will
sell Round Trip Excursion tickets to Chicago
Sept. 1st, 21, 3d, 0th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th,
11th, 10ih, 1 Ttli, 18th, 23d, 21th, 25th and
30th. and Oct. 1st,' 21, 5th, 0th, 7th, 9th,
14th, 15th an 1 lOih, good to return on the
following Monday from date of sale for $3.23,
including admission to the Exposition.
eo. K. Run, Agent.
Sampi.k Stovks on Exiiiiiition
Til B
FlNlsr AssilltTMKNT Wkst OP
t; o AMI skk.
The new slock of fall goods now being re
ceived at J. Megafliu's. The new goods arc
being received every day, in styles and quul
ity to please the eye, aud at prices that fit
the pocketbooks. The stock and workman
ship cull not be excelled in any market, and
Joe says he wauls every one, great and small,
to examine the goods, whether they buy or
not. Conic one, como all. No trouble to
show goods. Do not buy unless the goods
and Pricks suit you.
For a light weight fall overcoat see Oak
Hall. North of court house.
45 cent moui h organs only 15 cents each
at Mrs. Brower's.
i hllilrcn's
clothing at Alschulcr's. Full suits with
knee pants. These goods are exceptionality
stylish, serviceable, and the best in Ottawa
for the money. They were manufactured
expressly for Al.ubuler's trade, consequent
ly these goods can only be had at the reli
able clothing house of A. Ai.si mi lkb.
(.nut Murrain
In good, improve I farms near I) Right and
other railroad stations, at from ?35 to $45
per Here, by Iletzel & Romberger, proprie
tors of the Dwight Laud and Loan office, on
East street, Dwight, 111.
A i arrival of all the leading styles of
fall hats at French's.
Ladies, if you want a large and elegant
made trunk cheap, go to Oak Hall, north
of court house.
Buzz. We only missed on local item of
any importance last week, and that was
about half an inch otf from the end ol tho
forefinger of E. M. Drew's left hand, which
a bun saw amputated with surprisiag "neat
ness and despatch." Ed. makes boxes for
glv-s al the ."window factory." His long
f imiliarity wiih the little, pretty, shining
jokers that Mng so merrily all day but growl
so fiercely, yet rather musically, when a
board is thrust into Iheir tenth, had made
him ctreless. So when ho found the end ol
his finprer lyin upon the table, he was pretty
unanimously astonished. He clapped the
severed portion to its pi ice, nalldjwn by
mistake, went to a doctor, had itmcrescien
t'fkally arr ingeii, and returned to work, all
in half an hour. Ed. is a man who don't
allow a little Ihin" like th it to "rile him.'
The f minus "Dunlap hat," the most ele
gin l in the market, at French's.
Stiefel's pantaloon overalls manufactured
in Ottawa are the bet mode, an 1 easy fit
ling Try thrn
Fine snare drums at ?2 each at Mr
German Malt Vinegar.
The best is none too p-ood for yonr pickles.
The finest Spices for pickling.
3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 in., CIIEAF.
Old St-ttlrm' Ke-unlon I'oHtponril.
In consequence of the heavy rains ofi
Thursday morning, the annual picnic and
re union of the Old Settlers had to be post
polled. The rain, lasting a full hour, came
down in torrents, made the ground at Hoes's,
now Allen's, Grove like a wet sponge, nnd !
water stood upon it in ponds in many places,
and the trees wei e dripping rain all forenoon.
The officers therefore postponed the picnic
for two weeks, until Thursday, Sept. 30ih.
IYiimc Sale. James Anderson and Mich
ael Curtis will have a joint sale of certain
person il property at tho farm of the former,
near l'rairie Ceuter, on Friday, October 1st.
Mrs. Brower is selling ?10 violins for .
52.000 worth of goods in the musical line
to be sold within two weeks, to close out
business. Mrs. R. W. Uitowi:it.
Jerry Canty has been placed under arrest
by order of the Mayor, for selling liquor
without a license, and under peculiar cir.
cumstances. The council granted him a li
cense, Jerry next moruiug paid his if 125,
the quarterly dues, into (ho city treasury,
and asked for ihe license. The clerk duly
signed aud sealed it, but His Honor refused
to sign it and ordered the money returned.
Jerry, under legal advice, refused to reciivc
back the cash and proceeded to run. Hi me
the arrest. The case will come up on Mi n
day next.
'cw styles in boy's oiurt. waist and knee
pants just received at the Oak Hall.
The rutillc Nrhnol.
The fall term opened on Monday week
with a reasonably full attendance of pupils,
numbering in all 1,220, divided among the
school buildings as follows:
Shaii-be nee (the correct orthography,
mind you,) 155
Garfield 214
Lincoln 247
Jefferson 220
Columbus 254
Washington U'.l
Franklin 40
Total 1,22'.
The are 1 li oftcdiarians in all. Thechang
cs of teachers sinco last term are: L. L. Mc
Kinley and Miss Belle Marriner, resigned,
succeeded by Mr. W. V. Johnon and Miss
Anna Renz, respectively, all in the South Ot
tawa school. Miss Carrie J. Olover, on ac
count of ill health, has been allowed leave of
absence from her room in Garfield school,
and Miss Edith Penny teaches in her place.
l'rof. Thorpe reports all the buildings in
excellent condition belter than for years
before. The interior walls and ceilings have
been thoroughly whitricashfd and the floors
anil woodwork properly cleansed. Three
rooms, one in Jefferson and two in Lincoln
school buildings, have been supplied with
elegant modern style furniture. The Fro
fessor says the teachers are in an admirable
state of good humor, and be himself is quite
elated because his room (the Directors' head
quarters) has been elegantly papered and
painted and a very rich and beautiful car.
pet spread upon the floor.
Tho Little One at Home
Are often the source of a heavy drain on the
parental purse when wearing apparels is
needed. At Ouk Hall one price clothing
house, heads of families can find prettily
made and durable garments at low prices.
We make the positive statement that young
gentlemen of lender years can be clothed at
our establishment for le-s money than else
where, and iu a style highly gratifying to
their fuinily anl friends.
A. Frank &
Oak Hall, One Trice Clothien.
Sam'l Gordon, of Deer I'ark, shows the'
priie lot of this year's corn so far. A dozen
1 '
or more "elected ears were shown in the 1
other day, averaging over 11 inches in
length. This corn was raised on a hog Jot,
if a few acres only, tile dmined, an I culti
vated five or six time", and though but one
raiti fell upon it after planting in April the
I piece will average 100 bushel-) to the acre.
It isi very early eorn, some of thi year's
crop having already been sol ! to the ware
house. The seed is native, and has been
used by Mr. Gordon for 1H year. His
whole eorn crop will run 40 bushel ( the
acre. Thi one pie. however, tdmply
show what careful cultivation on a rich
piece of grvnnd will 4o
Mum Mis L.llie Ml, .f Aura a, "a
the iucst of 3-ioJ Laura Cornell.
The sidewalk covered
yesterday with NEW
RUGS. Very cheap, an
endless variety.
Russian Oaps, Alaska
Gaps, entirely new, 40
and 50 cents.
Winter Underwear now
open. Filost complete
stock we ever had.
See the Dress Goods
and Trimmings,!
Cloaks and Wraps.
More than you can
look at. Sec them.
See the new Hosiery,
At Hull's.
Kale Castleton wears the most beautiful hose,
For goodness sake don't say I told you ;
One time it is these, another it is tlios
For goodness sake don't ray 1 told you.
Vet, sari to relate, I swear by my poll,
I'm moved to the depths of my innermost
In each pretty stocking there is a big hole
For goodness sake don't say I told you.
.1 Front tien .Van.
Diagram by the horse editor: If there
wasn't any hole in them, how the mischief
could the charming Catherine ever get them
on ?
In (he city council the Mayor suggested
a needed reform in tho mailer of miscellane
ous bill posiing, the abominable custom of
plastering all sorts of handbills on the wall
of buildings, on the painted bridges, and on
every other conceivable surface, no matter
how new, clean or nicely painted. The nui
sance ought to be stopped.
A singular custom, by the way, prevails in
Ottawa, which is, wo believe, almost entirely
unknow n elsewhere : that of posting printed
advertisements of funerals. It probably
had its origin in the days prior to the ap.
pearance of a daily paper here, when notice
of a funeral of some prominent citizen could
be made in no other way. Even la such
case some people might question the good
taste of the fact ; but the custom having
thus had a beginning, it has been almost
universally followed here since. Out sor
row of this nature is of so peculiarly a pri.
vate character that it does seem strange to
one not familiar with the custom, that it is
necessary to give further publicity than that
obtained through the press. And how awful
does the invitation to a funerU read weeks,
may be, after the event, when the wind an 1
ihe nin have defaced it, forcing to mini
the though, t "So soon forgot i en !"
Dr. Royal Reel, aged Hi), rae y?ara agi
pastor of Ihe Presbyterian churchei of Oi
W'go and Na an say, died at Mi nook re.
! be statement of a Creator papr that in
tdsiitv there are a Inrsje immtiiT of ca.mi o
r's of diphtheria and that Dr. R.i i.-h ciitnu
i her- to investigate It is purely an invention.
J There is uo such d,seaj here.
While the Old Settler-.' .Wociatlon were
i collet linir. money to imn lia-.e Hoes's Grove at
the ow ners' tl'ires, Mayor Allen quietly got
: It hi!iielf , much t their iJtiit, as they bait
hoped to i)'i it. The tirove w ill remain jtlst
w here it is, however; in -aiitiuic llic public
wait any surprise Mr. Ailcu wsy have ih
The contract to rebuild the Pra'rle Grocery
bridge! wm yeteH.iv awarded to TV' Still',!!
i Bridge Co. of Toleito, for f''6J. It U to U
; completed w itblu riO days.
I On Tue'lv UM, an Mr. Tallin in forms us,
the committee of the window uiaiiufMc
, turer met t Fitt-SiiT. The w "knien
j innikj 10 per rent inrn n-e over lt rear'
I wg , hir h the manufacturer refused, of.
ler-r. .. Iiowp v. r. lie ni.-ti iHstveirs prto-,
j whlih tfvy rt f j :d. And so the . tUni.

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