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A rlr Amulince .n.1 Kscellrnt Spch
r-Th Tweed
Tho old settlers have been qiiito unfortunate
UiU )tar lu bavliiR bad weatuer on cu-n
two days selected for ttieir annual picnic. The
first time net, the 15th of September, proved
. k .vrPlvelv rainy; and Thursday Ut
proved to be raw and chilly, so that the man
Urs secured Turner Hall, and did not Oix u
ihPnmreodlnMUUlU 1:30 1'. The attend
mcc was larKO, all thii. cons dered. Anion
the visitors from udjolnlwc counties were: 1 .
A. MUncr and wife of Sandwich; the latter
came to La S-tllo county it. i'i -
Cook and Ell L. Waterman, of Chicago; ixon
P. A. Armitron, of Morris; and A. J. Mc
TVs..tl of Lontr Point, Livingston county
m,.,,r- tba oroinlnetit old settlers of the
,nuntv noticed Mr. Ilait'iihuuli, Ransom
Palmer, Win. Donovan, Ell Strawn, F. A.
Forbes. Elmer Baldwin, Darius ueea, uu.n.
Loren, Henry Curyea, John S. Armstrong
a if...r.ii,i,om. but there were ("cores of
others. The hall was completely tilled above
nd below. The president called the uuilienc:
to order, Hnd the choir san Auld Unir Sync,
the audietiec joining. The j.rvsideiit deliver-
edhu address of welroiiie, which, owlntf to
tills week, we hIiuII irive in
full next werk.
Hon. B. C. Cook was introduced and made
an excellent speech. In nubstance he said:
"I was ','oiip,' to say then: was no need of in
tiodu. biu' me to a La Salle county midience
but when I look upon this niidienee I per
relve only now mid then a familiar face.
Times cii'iiure :..pldly and some pow old,
and (li-inirc dimes over ns all; a few etill
survive, 'mt I look in .i'.n for the many old
familiar f ices-tlie faces of those who are
dead. Once I could count tlio pioneers almost
i ... I
on my jin. r.-,' ends, but now, iookiii un'iiuu
m; hi.iI st inir so few of my former familiar
friends Mnee my i !ii!dlio..d--lifty-onu years
a'o j-oin wlii'e haired men and women
foov.-oi w Mi atfc, 1 feel that I with them am
pasdii;; aay, a- tli )ii!,'li I belonged to a for
mer u-'e. ! U this re ut county was built up
by the-'i now old people. Though many
years aWnt from this county, I hare never
formed Mich friendship as I have here, and
which I so dearly prize, and when I learned
that you were to meet to duy I determined to
be w i'.Ii you once again. Your president, be.
ing a farmer, has referred to the improve
mn 1'iadu in f.irmiiii; implement Utirini;
the hut fifty years, and I thought of the old
court liouce which we huvc had in Ottawa
during thut time. I remember them well
the four that have stood on the snuaro. The
firt.t was a mm.i1! frame hoiue in which Jude
John Pieic-on presided, not tlie lirsl couri
hou-e, however, for that wus held on the
on'li side under a tree. This house of which
I speak was built by Mr. Josliih Pope, who
was tken very sick during its construction,
and wus treated by a French doctor. I re
wemb'.T the do kct lu those days was nitlicted
witli some chronic caes of Kimball vs. Kent,
and Kent vs. Kimball, about water-power,
and of mi affidavit made for continuance, on
the ;;i')imd of an absent very material wit
ness, who was Mvoin to te t-iek, when tlie
ery wiluens was l i court, but Hie jud'C,
h v. us nnxi ius to leave, n!d lie couldn't
tee tie) witness with judicial eyes, mid the
en- went over!
The -ccond court liouw w as a larger and
be'ter one, in which court was held by .ledge
Ford, one of the iililest j'idges who ccr sat
. . ... , i n..-.. 1
upon any neiii ii, nere '.t cisch ni e. m n
we l.-i.l cas"S of Elliott VS. Seeley, lilul eeley
vs. Eliioit, about a mill pond on the Vermil
lion river, whi'-li were litigated till thai
s'.reii'u go!, to) dry to run a lawsuit. Hi.;
b.ir. c.o, .it t!.. it time, w as composed of men
of vat ability, many of whom have snbse
t.ii, i,: ly imi'.b: their mark, not only in the
s'tu'i li'it. the iialion. 'I he.n I practiced nil the
law 1 knew, and lii'K-li that I did not know.
Oo.'e ia that ciiirl bun-.; t'.io platm ing be
caa.' lo si! timl a patch of it fell aid well-iii-P
killed it Peoria lawyer named Oaslow
p, ti ri. J ml Ohainplln and I had a case on
trial which he S.iM he would
voti'.ina"d. S. i Ii Farwvll f
irive fl!i to c,ct
lid he would tlx
it. Jud'e C.iton was
irebioln ! Farwel
dtoh. out, crept upon the ceiling overhead
and loosened a chunk of phiiter about the
M.eof a wall. u', and it fell on the desk lu
front of the j ulge. Ills honor sprang up In
tousternatloii and yelled: "Adjourn coutt,
Mr. Sheriff: I'm not go:ig to stay hero to get
kilhd.' I recollect a caso where a fellow
itolu some coal mid I defended him. The
chap was so afraid or being convicted that he
I'ruck a scheme of hii own lo mollify the
Judge, by sending liitii soino nice chicken to
est, trusting that good dinners would make
tli 1'uUe lenient. My defense- was to bhow
that the county bad l.oubt the coal, and the
tourt, J iry uud till were gulling the lielicflt of
IU .vanning power. I jury imuuu nun icu
Tho third court hmisi was built by Mr.
Fl:.gg, and win the old brick structure which
has c,iven way to the picent handsonie .-t rue
lure. It Is a little rciuai". able, but I am told
that Mr. Plaggdied at liloomintou the vary
a.ty loey be.iu to pulhlowu thut court bou.e.
III! refeired to his II . ('lit trip ill F.Ulope,
w'.n io he saw women doing the work of men
lo l'..c li-'idi, with cow.; yoked in ov"C, anil
;:.' r;i- b-d nn b a li.'e w i. ii the happy homes
c' on. nwri j" ople be; e. II.! commented on
tie:'- :ii' l.itl.teiK e, w hi' . h when our parents
arc tie d, for L'nicralioii goes forwanl t' d o lt
ill :ioVc w ok. Jl1! coiieiuib-d rhupiently
ii:. t fi'oling'y in a tnlo;' .1 of ti iend.sliip to the
Afi, . a fun " lu the .l-,y w!n u we we:.-I'.oti-Jt
'!iig 'by '' .-rs. (.'hamlierlin,
i'v d, '.Vtiitllcsey aiid JJjldwln,
K. T. OltlbiH
p. i'. I i wed lu a fine d Iress, whose tine tlgures
i'f f.eech and Uowers of rhetoric would be
pnth-d by dit-joiiitid (pctalious. lie spoke
f Ihe days of our iiunloiu as days to lie
looki d forward t i and talked over a'id re
inemVreJ with heartf-lt pleiiMire. Ho en
l.irg'M upon our great prore, our fiecdoiii,
whleh we do uot prize because we have never
felt a tyrant's puwer. lluwfe Jijxtly neve re
u;')tl the abuse of I'dxT'y, espocially of Hit
pr.', which Is soiuctimi's turned into a II
rcis'! i drag skeleton f.om our uelnbors'
loets, or flnding noi e, to make them, mid
. thus cndliKo th : bcltdesA und line cent
v.cliia of luatiec. If - re a picliKe-of Hit
iter's life a a ninv-e in covered wrgon.
UN -n'in bom . will 1 ll proreii to the
1 ixur'.M uf to day. I' t ucUI'ig upon our
future, made a brilliant cloainjr of u flue
Followed In tlie roost amuslnj,' and witty
speaeh of the occasion. He camo with his
father In a moving wanon from Vermont to
Peter Miller's farm, near Sheridan, 4J years
airo. no described the country as It then ap
peared, Introducing laughable anecdote and
lo...idnir the audience wen in unu, nu-
u.nrl.lno'. now aoplaudlna his fine effort
On concluding, five little lrls, 8arah, Lcla
and Bliss Coleman. Mary Ebersol and "Dot
Furrell. sanir "When Christians will vote as
thev Dray." to the tune "Sweet by ana uy."
Tho report ot the secretary aua weaaurer
showed u deficit of 30, part of which was
made HI).
The president thanked trie auuience ior
their attendaico. and Kef. Mr. wniuiescy,
who opened the proceedings with prayer
olosed them with the benediction.
Death of Judf Leaven.
Judge Leavens, whose name for many
years nan neen as itnumur uuncu...-.
words to every one in Ottawa, died, at the
Fnsano Hospital in Kaukakee, en Sunday
last, and was buried in this city on Tuesday
Me came from Herkshire, Vermont, and ar
rived in Ottawa in the fall of 183-1. He was
leputy sheriff under Alson Woodruff, an
held other offices or trust in mis ciiy, ami
was city clerk for many years, and a justice
..fit,.. fur a ni series of years. The
fuiier il was aiten led mainly by old cituens
S . It II'
Tlie pallbearers were: i apt. iveeu, nm.
Sinriuont, John I). Vette, John A. Sbuler,
M. A. Cushing ar.l Win. E. Bell.
Miss Ellen, daughter of Mr. and Mr.
hi I McMatius, died at her parents home, in
Ophir, mi the 2!id, of consumption, after an
illness ot about nine months. Her age was
! years and two months, lacking a few days.
Tli funeral was larg", the procession con
sisting of one hundred and two carriages.
or remains were deposited In the Catholic
cemetery here, on Thursday' last. rihe
leaves her father, mother, two brothers and
five sisters deeply alllicted by her loss.
There were very beautiful floral offerings to
adorn her cu-ket, the tribute of her young
lady friends, and the neighbor all extended
the sufferer and her family the most unwear
ied attention during her illness, for which
the family thus extended their heartful
Mrs. Hodgson, wife of M. C. Hodgson of
Farm Ridge, died on last Thursday morning
of consumption. She had ticen marrieii
about 10 years, and leaves her husband and
four small children. She was in every way
a most csiimable lady, and ber death is much
regretted in that township and neighborhood.
Tlie funeral will take place on Sunday, meet,
ing at her lale residence at 10 o'clock in the
morning, and at the Deer Park church at 11
Mrs. Melissa Fields, the widow of the
late Cyrus Fields, and mother of Ann Cyrus
and I'.mma Fields, died at her home in South
Ottawa, on Thursday, of this week, aged
about HO years. She has been a resiJeut of
this city for over 40 years. The fuueral
look pliu'c at 3 o'clock yesterday.
Thomas Mcl'adden, a butcher, well known
in this city and county, died on Thurs lay
. f. . .. - I... :n .... ..r .n
'alternoon, aner a ween s iiiucnn ui u
nmiini of ihe bowels. Tke funeral was cou-
huud by liivision No. 7, A. O. M.
MissNelli", nged four years, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. John Mill, of South Ottawa,
died .if malaria- fever, on Thursday. The
f internal oecuied yesterday afternoon.
VTIciuity Items.
Hog cholera is ravaging near I'.oekford.
Aurora has it new implication called the
5h;i. 1 1, will shine until eclipsed.
The Strea'or Tunes has changed hands and
is now uuder the control of Wm. Meek, who
has just sol I I he Kl l'also Journal. We trust
the new publisher will meet with euccoss.
There ought to be at least one democratio
paper in Sireator.
The Aurora city council has just decided
to purchase for $ 15,000, at the cost of the
city, a Thompson-Houston electric light
plant, consisting ot CO lamps of 2,000 can
d'e power each, together with the necessary
engino, boilers, dynamos, etc.
Mrs. Montcalm, nearTolona, 111., recently
shot and killed a pauther, which was crouch
ing lu a tree, ready to ipring upon her two
!it:k' children whom she found playing ua
der the tree, within easy springing distance
from Ike ferocious beast. This may be true,
Mr. Moopesloii Clmmide, but we fear the
panther will turn out only a sipilrrd. It it is
truu, it is I .a Salle county's long lodl "Willi
ptis AVa'ilipiis Wooxor.''
The I a Salle Dfiwcr.u teTls of a fellow
down thcro who saw in tho Illinois river "a
"iiake twenty-five ket long and its head was
as laiye as a barrel! When the monster went
under the bridge his bellowing made the
nearest thunder sound like ihe faint song of
(he tree toad,'' ic. I.a Salle whisky has
long been celebnated for its tremendous
strength. That poor fellow evidently is suf
feeing from "The (imperial city" jiui jams!
The same paper is responsible for the
worst "fish story" on record, It tells of "a
geutletnan of undou'ite I voracity ovching a
nine inch catfish, which, while he was pull
ing, was swallowed by another fish. He got
Imth aihnrt. The big fish weighed one bun
dred pounds and waa four and one half feel
long." Another incident in the same town
seems more likely: A little son of Mr. Lou
Light hart thought to lake a snort rideiu the
wagon that accompanied the it earn thresher
that had been at their place when it stopped
at its next destination. The men didn't
notice the boy when be started off, and in-
c id of taking the right road home, struck
into the one leading ont Sugar river direc
tion. Nilit came on and the little fellow
wandered on. In Ihe meantime his people
Ii 1 1 -iveu the alarm, and about one huudred
men were out looking f"r uiiu. At length he
was found by a d g belonging to some otie in
the company. When foiftid the next day.
the lit i lo fellow was completely tired out and
was la-d asleep in the woods i n Sugar river.
From Rutland.
Rutland, Sept. 23. Cool, pleasant weath
er, a little damp but not enough to do any
harm. Just right fur fall plowing, and
every one that has any to do is now busy in
that occiipa'ioii.
The sfTert storm of week Saturday evening
thoroughly frightened some of our won by
grangers, 'utal lt duing considerable damage
to orchards, fences, etc.
George Shaver narrowly escaped being
shot, one day lust week, by a man who was
teali' g apples from'Wm. lewder si rhai 1.
Mr. Slewder's family were away from home,
when Mr. Shaver seeing two strange men
picking apples, started out te investigate the
affair. On seeing him they started to run,
but he succeeded in catching one by the coat
as he was climtung tne lence, wtien tne
wretch drew a revolver and fired, the ball
lust uiissins Mr. Shaver s bead, lie tlien
jerked away and ran to where hiscmnpan
ions were waiting in a wagon, and all drove
Kate Miller, of Ottawa, "pent last Suudny
at C. E. Fos.er s.
Miss Belle Harris, of Vorkville, w-as vi-it-
ing Beck llobisi n, last week.
Mrs. L. K. Shaver left on Tuci-!.iy loom.
ing, tor a week vim it in "ioik Mate, ner
old home. She will spend some time vi-iiin.;
relatives and friends in that vicinity, instead
of tViwii!iin ax reported let week
The b'ae'.s nitli shop is still a pnpul ir re.
sort, an I its proprietor cm make anything
from a hairpin to a ft earn engine, and di-h
out the latest news at the same time. ,
01 iii eiiiTLrv an t eiotiiiKru apiieais Having con
Mrs. J.phriim Miaver who has been visit- ,-:,.., ... ,.', ,,'', iirmi,.,,t
her daughter, Mrs. Henry l'.euiiet, in I'ccr
paik has letuined borne. I
Pete Shaver is .-nendinz a few weeks ut !
home this fall assisting his brother-in-law
with the fall haying.
From Wallace.
Wallace, Oct. 1st, lSS'l. Plowing I H
the rage the past week.
Corn husking will soon be on deck.
Patrick Fenuessy Is visiting iu Chicago.
Mr. Joseph Corcoran ami Peter Fly to
a'e home from the west. Ol.id to hear wo,
The Catholic fair w ill t:ike place at Ot
tawa on the 11th. A great many of our
young ladies will participate. The young
gentlemen are exempt for reasons un
known to me, except that they have not
got the eu retic power of tho fair young
ladies' eyes.
Frank Th-rn and Patrick Curtain, our
gong com po.se i .J arej doing ailmpoit w.t
business. They have songs written about
t le boys and girls which they sing p lblic.
Now, if those young gents don't sing their
songs to themselves, Ilitubler will haw
:he ii hauled ( v r the coals.
Will O'Donnell purchased a new rig last
week. lie intended to get it la.st May, but
there was such a demand he could not be
supplied. Will says it stoui the test well
Li it Sunday. lie had it heavily loaded,
i.nf i.u.it.l not iblvfl fast, as the fruits of
fast driving in a new lig on a bad road are
hot boxes.
in last week's Issue, I meant Tim (t.ihard ;
your type ma le it Graham. 1!mi;u.i:.
From Marseilles.
Maiiskilllks, Iu.., Sept. 21th,
Mr. M. M. Siuix.ons and wife returned last
evening from Moorton, IM., wh'ie they
have been spending the summer.
Willis Cum is at his father's for u few
days. He will atUnl the atheneum in
Chicago this winter.
Miss Addle nenfrew.ofl listings, Neb.,
is visiting friends in Marseilles and vi
cinity. A largo delegation from Marseilles went
west this week : Mrs. Parr, Mr. aud Mrs. U.
L. Clark, Burr Stebbins, aud others.
The Sliaker lecture last evening had a
good turnout. The photo album went to
Libble Nh'holson, and the cane, to the
largest man, was given to young Mr. Arm
strong. Sir Knights II. F. Xeff, I. II. Slagle,
and M. K. Blanc hard attended the tri an
nual coin lave of Sir Knight now iu session
at til. Louis.
The Choato dramatic company at Wash
ington hull, played "X Mile Crossing" in
a very Hue way last Monday night. Come
The orchestra was recently re-orgaul.ed.
May it prosper.
A ptivate letter from Mr. T. W. Pitcher
lilorms the writer they are all well and
still continue to like tho country. He talks
of coming home for a few days about
Nov. loth'.
From v..iisom-
Hansom, Sept. ;i - T ie "Old Vets," nc
couipMnied by the Hansom B and, went to
Seneca on Thursday to attend the re union
They say Seneca is just the place to have
a goiH.1 time.
Pr. Dicus, of Streator. w is in town Moti
d iv examining some of For l's recruits.
Hick Wolfe and T. Coilee, of Kagle,
were in Allen this week looking after the
interests f their towr sin in. Barton.
Mrs. Steluhardt is visiting friends in that
sunny state called Kausas.
Hansom is gtttntr to be pilte a place foi
tiroii'U's. Mr. Will. D.dton took a sail
among the clouds yesterday, and judgiu.c
from his account of it he must have enjoy
ed the trip.
The aoi lable held iu the city hall Tues
day evening was well attended.
Prof. Ward made two ascensions In his
balloon, at Sycamore, III., last week.
It Is said that In the near future twi
more of Hansom's voting people will join
hearts and hands. 'You did well. Scitiire
to lead oft wl en there were so ma iy to f '
Mr. John Hyan and daughter K tie wen:
to Morris Suuirdav to see MU M-ny. I
Miss Katie O'Mau will leach in X. I
this winter. t'citirroK
The Nominee fur Congress In this District
Judge Illraui II. Ccxly, who has been
noiuitiatPd for Congress in thin District,
U'-.u I.. ,r. In 111-11 I.. W, ..SI., f,...... V...
vrir i.i .,..,.,..... ..,. .,....'.. .i.
pioneer settlers, his grandfather having
ueen u soldier of the revolution. Ills pur
eiit.s designed him early fur tho law and ed
united him with this object ever iu view
lu lSt:5, however, his father came to Ken
dall County, iu this state, and h year later
s -it.eu at i)e)omiugil:ile, in Dul'age County.
I'd ir years afterward lie was chosen Clerk
ot tlie Cjllntv Omiinlssiiiiiers' Court of Mm
coui ty, nod removed to .Naperville, where,
up n the adoption of tlie Constitution of
lH, ho was nominated by nrchiniiitioii and
elected the !ir.-t County Clerk of uiscouti
tiy, an o!!ice he held for six years. In the
meantime, ho.vevr, tie h id been udmittcil
to the liar, uu 1, declining renomiuation, ile
vo!o 1 liiiii'lf to his profession. Though
ii I), 'mom rat in politics, lie had been indebt
ed t his p nty vote fm no other otlice, ihu!
lit the i.utbiuk of the war was one of the
111 '""" I ' men 1U tne fclate-i,i
record of Dul'rfge County.
In lSo'l, in a convention embracing all
I.... I.-, !.. ....! r. . I I.. I..
.ucu i. i v. mij u
and fleeted by an almost unanimous vote.
in i.i:i lie was chosen delegate to the Con
stitutional Convention by a majority of
nearly two hundred, though his opponent
w as one i f the most p .pular republicans in
ao imty iu which the democratic minority
vv is singula) ly small. In this body he was
chairman of the important Committee on
Kevisiou and Adjustment, making his re
port at the hour of linal adjournment a
proinp'.itude which secured his committee
the only unanimous vote of thanks given
during the session, in 1874 Judge S. Wil
cox of the Fourth Judicial Circuit (then
composed of Kane, Du Page and Kendall
c nmt it-.- resigned his otlice, and Judge
Cody was elected as his successor by the
largest majority ever given in tho c ircuit,
each town in his own county giving him an
I overw helming vote. The three towns in
whicn lie was best known polled for him
all but 11 out of a possible 1,021 1 allots.
In lSTli three counties having been add
ed to the old Fourth, making the present
Twelfth Circuit, the republicans made a
patty nomination for thrue judges, who
wire elected. At that election, however,
the people, irrespective of party, voluntar
ily voted for Judge Cody to an extent th'it
came near electing him. At the end of
bis term lie resumed the practice of law,
iu w hich business he is now engaged.
Cool Iceey weather, with one good frost
that eav things a decided autum look.
'I he recent rains have filled up wtdls,
arted the grass to growing and made the
ground in good condition for fall plowing
Wiging potatoes is now in onier. i lie
crop through this section will be very
liut, on account or bugs anil i.roiigbt
Mr . I). K hhav.-r, 1-ft for l'!tca, X. V ,
li-.r woi'k She will spend several weeks
visiting friends uul relatives iu that viclui-
Mrs. Feeb'y is in St. Paul, Minn., enjoy
ing to.' slght.t of tlie Capital, aud her sister
city, Minneapolis.
Miss U-.su Shaver, returned from Lin
coln, .Neb., last week, where she has spent
the sunini'T, for the benefit of her health.
Beck H..binsoti, is in Chicago, this week.
Mrs. Iv li. Spencer entertdned a few of
her ymng lady friends at a carpet-rag sew
ing bee, last Thursday. A very c.a-ial
time, and a 2'od supper was the program
George Millikln and wife, expect to
commence housekeeping soon, in his fath
er's liou.se on the Mai s.jiiles road. Success
to them iu their Dew venture.
Mrs. John Barrends returned from a
pleasant visit to Keokuk, Iowa, last week.
Mrs. Young, of Ottawa, is visiting Mrf.
CI arles Shaver, this week.
A set of sneaking thieves Infest the town,
Isn't it about time for our Dramatic Com
pany to organize and give us another enter
tainment y
A grand conn hunt was organized Inst
Thursday night, and started from O. E.
Foster's with about twenty men and as
many dogs. After scouring the woods
from Brlgg's Ui Dayton, they succeeded in
senreing oue unfortunate coon to death.
Kxpnrlilon mol State I'mr.
The Iiuilingtoii llouto (C, 15. & Q.) will
sell Hound Trip Kxcursion tickets to Chicago
Sept. 1st, 21. tfd, "ith, 7th, th, Vth, 10th,
llih, 10th. 17th. IStli, iMd, 2;h, Sr.thand
30th. snd Oct. 1st, 21. Tab, bth, 7th, !llh,
1 4th, loth and ll'.ih, good to return on the
following Moil biy from dale of sale for $:i.25,
inc'.u liuj it luission lo the Imposition.
(jf.o. E. Hop., Agent.
Rev. Mr. Etherid
(orate, at Mrtator.
has resigned his pas-
. Hni-Ul Ill's Arnlcn ShIvp.
The best salve in the wurld for cuts, bruises,
sores, e'eers, sail rheum, fever s..rrs, tetter,
chapped hands, chilb'ains, corns, und ail skin
eruptions, and posilicl cures piles, or no pay
repined. It is guaianieed to give perfect sat
isfaction, or money refunded. True '.Jo cent
per box For sale bv P. Lorriaux.
The greenba( kcrs of the Rock Island dis
trict have ei. Iotsed Hon. H Necce, the
democratic nominee for enngres", and will
support him nolnily. lie ia the present con
.rrosuiaii aud will b iriumphauily return-
vrr t.lve I'p.
If yen are sullcring with low and depreed
.iriis. loss of appetite, general debility, di.
.,i. r. (l blood, weak constitution, headache,
or any disease of a bilious nature, by all
moans pr.cure a Imtlle of Electric Litter.
Von u surprised to fee the rapid iin
orovement tUut will follow; you will be In
Ipiicd with new bfc; strength and activity
-ill return; .u and misery wilt ceae.. aud
'lenceforth ou will njoice in the pra.se if
:i. T'nc itier. Sold ui tif y tents a bottle
uy I. Lorr.MUX.
Whenever the Democratio party has on
opportunity to nominate a aoldier for office,
and fails to do bo, no matter how deficient
in qualifications, the Republican newspapers
and street corner orators have raised a most
distressing wail of sympathy for the abused
hero, but when they find it convenient to
theinselvej ignore the soldier, they do it and
say nothing. The Republican convention
which nominated Mr. Gest for congress re
cently at Rock Island completely ignored
the claims of Capt. Dry den, an eloquent and
disabled soldier, because Gest is rich and
had been flirting with the grcenbackers, and
it was theught he could secure their vote,
llesides, Dryden is a sharp 'avyer, who had
been making it hot for railroad monopolies
in 1 extortionists. Consistency is a jewel,
but belongs not to the g. o. p.
OrriWA, Ut., Oct. 1, 1880.
Fi-ora avd Kim.
Lftral ytnurm.
Vtctir !l!l-8llvtr Cloud, p!ut, cwt,
UuckwhcHl, perl 9
1 SU
Patent, cwt
Kanmui Winter, f cwt
MliiiivitiitH Sjiring Wtieitt, rtiUtll
2 n ra J vi
'i 'S' n, 1 75
i 50 ft, i -.5
'JO ('i 1 lO
70 (4 7!
HI r.n M
'M (' ."I
U is. W
; cn f5 ijo
7 .VI 8 iiO
-.' in ii 3 "ii)
ana "v 7
:', mi i I on
i mi c :i no
X 00 s 3 7 i
li 7
in at-;
3 Ms
1 'A".
ti4 r.i 7
i "i, 7'i
irket, troin
lUt'or fee.!.
Itran, S cwt
('urn Meal, .er cwt
turn ami Out, ground
WllCllt. Th llllHl)
I!ye, . SOIfcs
( urn, new, nliellcl, f .'4
Corn, new, ear, TS n
' llltK
Tiliualiy heed, hlisli ',
I'lituOicii, new, liasli .
nutter, f n.
Kvv. i1 do
I'liiekeim, live, f llilZ
Ill'J, l-'U
I.I VK Stoi K.
'.'altle on foot, C"W. tK 1KI tts
.'iittt'- on f'Hit. ut eel's
Kal cil.veH, lu . wtkiit. 111' tt..s
sliei'l', V li" l!i
Live j I . jrs, r i'i B
lAi.Low, llniKs a.m. Salt.
aril, f i
;'.!'mv. In oil liliN. ner Di
IViliow. Iiiohi', per Ci
et, pi r lilil
'.!. cti h, per n ....
i'li-w, ctiretl, i'l't It.
Klllit 1 1 iile
Pry S ilt
nareliimse prict'H to prtceK paiil fur odil lta
i (Mike ;it (iltawii, Slant l llllnoi, on Thursday,
ey t'nrrle
.tnluisiin Mint Sue
Keeley C
Kellv Mury
Kline M:iile
l.oiiK Win
Moure l ol A H
Mi-Kern in L'liarle
Mlrtll.l TreHaM
(CConniir Atitiio
Overuime .1 .1
Slu rm in I.lhlili'
Swan llplia Mrs
Btultli Mm S M
Sicn iii T J
Stnek I'iitrii-K
Smith Mary
Huttertli-!il Kuncne M (cure
.1 I. Seneeri
B' y 1 1 ii mo e Clmrlis
Miiiniiiili'in I.i ll.i
Sprintfsiead Imvld
'I'vier Ino
Hell MlntileieKre of Kllen
I'll, rpci
Vre.eiil'Ui-!li Kills
W noils Tlum Si'i
ilnom t-.ilwsint
llhii-K MraK K
Urown Mrn Kliahcth
r.n,rK'.)ii'i M
Hni'lilclil t.nura
( lini'iii (' II
( nntlif? Hurry
Croker .I.unen
Cureiinin Mrn Miry
Pwver Kdwaril
1'eiri.iin Mm A C (care of
W II I la via I
Klkc'lkrmit llmiiau
Erwin M r S K
Fox M-iuKlu
(ionl Ali-x
(;rh"r Fritz
(.railv Krmik
(ioriiiim Mrs ,lno
dates l)r W N
l; Cirleion .lonnc S
Im,I:.i,,1 .) ('
II ilihaii'l Kuty
H n vell M
llow Tlieoilurr
.K.ti ii.-i.ll J S i .li
Wulliii-e Harry L
Toolitnin I hew loiters, the applicant limit a!l for
"AiivertHi'i! Letters," Htnl ;ve tlie il.iO' ol' 'le' h.-t : and
if not culled fur within one mo'illt. tliey wi'.l decent to
the Dead Letter (illlce, In Wnshttiftoti.'
DU. CHAUITV HATST11I:!S. miee.i-Ho'
to ir. A iftiniii Allien. Ullli-e lip- ru lions ' Itloek,
I 'ttiottt. III. Teleptnill.'. So. 137- sepil'
Tr "
5 u J2
s JJ
1 1 M s
uriiM1 3 2 ,2 5
f!! "
i i A u "2 "3
9 a
r i .
S. -
m 1 mi
il x "2 C rs
s s & vi
IB. J. OilS.
Vill lie wild at luw price and on ewy ternn. Twelve
of lli'-Hi- lots are adjacent to the canal anil rallmiul
and will make an adiulratil. .It. for . ,,m ,,f "r
on... if the ni.ldealri!i:o In IIib city. Th" owTicr Tie
Hlreato cliiiwtheae lol. out, aud luatruru ut to otter
H'ctl liiducenieiit lu hnyi-ra. " "
JiinlJ Huioa Dli. J. O. II A H HI S A flOW
imyn.enta. Some of these farina aru well hnnroTeZ
ut ht are les ao, but all are (food harmina and will ha
wild at Iraa prlcea than land are Held ut 150 mile far.
tlier wm. K. II. tic ken at half price lo land wekera.
and the fare returned to land uuyem.
io wher you can get cheap landa, good marketi.
plenty of rain and ceruln cro. '
We have lamia formic, lu nyht othrr tUitti. any quae,
tlty of city pr..ierty, do a u'nrrut H'nl Ktuur bualnfu.
ami alwaya have nine clioire tiarvalna to offer.
INht ItANCK wrltu-n In the Ileal aud luoat rellabie
companiea at current rate.
(ur Kire Insurance Companiea are all "millionaire,1'
our Accident Company heads the lift, and the traM
old Muliwl Life haa no equal ou Die face ol the aioba.
ocean Tickets at low prlcei. m
JunU-U Uli. J. o. UAMtlat SON.
Clyde, English & Norman
L'uhuiil-Cliiiia ami JU'i ksIitre
For this Suanou's Trade now reudy for tale.
A tarircnnmhcrof anlnmlsof each of theatinve l)ive
of ali iih'e and bmh fsr. cither grades or thorougu.
breds, aiwayson hatnl for eale.
Inspection of stock deaii. J. Kurtn. five mill's south
H toidfawa. r (t. Ho f(5si -Jttiiwa Illinois.
UtiUtiind, and all other business In the V. S. I'atont Of
Iter attended to for MnliKKA TK t'KKX.
(4ur iiltlec Is opisistte the U.S. Potent (itllce, and we
can o'naiii I'ateuis In lene lime tlutu thoso remote
from WASIIIMiloy.
Send MnltKL OH OKA WIS H. We advise as to
p avuialiilitv free of elinriri'; and we make -V0
cu it'.-K f.vr.Kss w Fn'..v i:n f:xr.
We refer here to the Postmaster, tlie Supt. of Money
rder I)iv and to oillcluls of the l S. Patent OIHiw.
Kor circular, advice, ternia und references to autua
lieutsin your owu Biatis or county, write to
C. A. SNOW & CO.,
Opposite Patent utllcc. Waxhlmtton, I C
mm & prissier,
Mauufacttirers of Hue M MMll.K
Slid (.UAN1TE
Head Stones,
And all kin is of CKM K I KUV WOPK.
New aurl Original D.'sijas
A NI'Kl-l A I. I .
Yard on Colatnlies St.. one Ulo
llo' lll ot l.llftoll Hotel,
j-y.L oti'aw
I I.I.I !'OIS.
Ocislist and
Who has pmcilcfit in llils city s.
l'J, may lie cotistklted
On the Crst Sturdy of eiuli nionth.
us f.iiliiws:
iin r.lo.v ! (' ri
saiur'l;i..v ' "I.V
.s.viunlay Aujsust 7
atunlaj- S-i.r-iiilw.r I
S.ituc.liiy '.toli r !J
S.ir n c lu y 7N'o'.-iulie' Ci
At nit other titties (as Hits Is the mils place '
.MvfcMilonully) lie nmy he found in ( M' t
85 Washlnton Street, N. W. Corner of Dearborn.
Lock Ki :U, STllKAT0lt,II.I.
Hotel Animnclatom.
Iltirglar A'arms,
Fire Alarm Apparatus,
Electric Door Bells,
(iiis-lluhtliiB Apparatus,
Win's, etc.
Work Done Neatly and Promptly
If Write for particulars and prices.
School Iooks
Keep on hand a complete
stock of
Ihxj and Second-hand
School Books
Of all kinds used in the Hkli
School and Ward Schools in the
city. 1npils attending these
Schools can find everything ia
All Kinds of Electrical aoofls
StateF Line
That they need, and at the lew- t
est prices.
Hapehah & Graham,
West of Court House, Ottawa,

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