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VOL. 48.
NO. 15..
In Prices of Dry Goods
at Andrew Lynch's
is Reported!
But from the assurance of hundreds of
reliable persons who hare visited the scene
of the disaster, it Is evident those Blankets,
Flannels, Bed Comforts, Ladies', Gents',
Misses' and Children's Underwear, Hosiery,
Gloves, and Ladies', Misses' and Children's
Cloaks, Wraps and Jackets, are the greatest
stifiorers. Evidence, however, of the great
violence of the shock is noticeable through
his entire stock of Dry Goods. The quake
also extended to the Philadelphia Boot aud
Shoe House, where it caused serious disaster
in prices.
Has begun in earnest at this old, Reliable
House, with a stock in proportion
truly enormous. The
Is a Marvel of Excellence,
And is particularly interesting jnst
with its great assortment of
Sis, Velvets,
And all the New and Fashiona
ble Fabrics and Colorings
For Fall Wear.
This stock must be seen to be appreciated j
and in spite of the reoent advances
in the wholesale market,
there will be
160. TELEPHONE. 16a
Would rwmectfully announce to th citizen of Ottawa
and Ticlnttjr that he ban one of the choicest Livery
btvcltt in tlie city, at the City bubles, tuch aa
The Latest Styles of Hacks,
Carriages and Buggies,
To let at r-lcea to nit the time. Parties, Wedding
Funeral, Picnics, Ac, iuppllee) with Good K!fr on ihjrt
Funerals In the country or adjoining towm
prompt :y attended to.
renota, or to the country, nurht or day.
rer.u unen u or irum um
tW Hemewber the place On Mad won ttreet, east ot
UleccV one block w.t of new coon hnose.
Utuwa Feb. 1S fallB BGAK.
Farm for Rent.
One hundred acres, five miles from Ot
tawa. Enquire of Dr. J. 0. Harris & Son,
Ottawa, 111.
BooU at 214
Madison street. Farmers wanting a good,
ban J made kip or grain bot for fall or win
ter should call at II. G. Werner's shoe house,
4 doors west of City Drug Store. I bare a
large stock of them and I am going to sell
'em at prices that can't be duplicated any
where. I can do it, for I have but li'tle ex
!eneee. Call and see for yourself. No
'rouble lo show goods.
Ti Fall M
The Ureal Attraction at G Mien's
Still continues to draw large crowds- of cus
tomers every day and the rush daily increas
es. The fall stock of dress goods at this es
tablishment is unsurpassed by aay house
west of Chicage, and ne stock these excels
it in desirable and seasonable goods, nor in
fins qualities nor late fashions. Mr. Oillen
makes it a special point to keep up with the
times. No new and stylish article ef ladies'
apparel that comes out in the Easu fails to
catch his eye, and his customers may be
certain beyond a doubt that they never will
be eclipsed in handsome new styles by any
one in the big cities. To select from bis new
fall stock is to be in the height of fashion.
He personally looks after the buying depart
ment and never fails either in choosing the
most desirable goods or in getting them for
what they are justly worth, and he never
fails to give his patrons the advantages of
cnoice (roods and low prices. He sells the
finest of dress goods cheaper than his cus
tomers could get them at retail in Chicago.
This is because he is an experienced buyer;
he buys large quantities at a time and pays
cash. So that no one can save money, but
ill surely lose it, by sending away for
goods. His slock of fancy and colored
silks, velvets, &e., has never been so exten
sive nor so varied, or so low in price fer
the sume quality as at present.
This extensive feature of his large stock
deserves more than a mere mention ; it is
superb. The mauy ladies who have exam.
ined these goods and bought from this stock
never weary in praising it. The assortment
is varied so as to suit every taste and to
become people of all ages, from the small
est school girl to the most sedate matron.
These articles are elegantly trimmed in hun
dreds of different ways, and of the richest
materials. To say that they are of the very
newest styles is unnecessary, as Mr. Gillen
keeps no other.
Needs no praise. It speaks abundantly for
itself and is constantly full of buyers. Mr.
Gillen selects all these goods himself, and
all his finest goods in this line are made ex
pressly to his order out of the very best and
most reliable materials. They arc all of the
newest fashions, and are warranted to give
Is full and correct in every detail, as usual,
and prices are always kept down to the low
est legitimate business figures.
Glass-makers select Mitch's No 7 eigar.
Ob Wednesday last one of the boilers at
the cement quarries at Utioa burst and was
totally wrecked. It was provided with an
'unfailiBg," "always gets-there" steam safe'
ty valve, but the spring did not work. One
of the men going to it after dinner saw
steam registering at 166 lbs., when the limit
deemed safe was 125 lbs. The steam valve
was hissing and the steam running up. He
didn't wait for further investigation, but got
away as fast as be could. In a few minutes
afterwards the crash came. No one was
Stiefel's easy fitting overalls are sold by the
best dealers in all the towns "ound Ottawa.
Saloon. Mr. Chos. Kelt and Mr. rium-
mer, tee latter tor some time in tne union
bar, have rented Wm. Norris' store, on La
Salle street, and will open a new saloon
therein as soon as the fixtures are ready.
While Mrs. Brower was in Ottawa and
Streator, the present week, she sold several
fine pianos to be shipped directly from the
factory in New York. She has also rented a
larger store in Streator and will increase her
business in that city te a considerable ex"
tent. Mrs. Brower will visit Ottawa and
Streator once each month to make settle
ments, and will sell pianos and organs to
any who may wish to purchase, either for
cosh or on time. Please address her either
at Ottawa, or 194 Mich. Ave., Chicago.
Register on Tuesday.
Tuesday next, the 20th, is when the regis.
tration of voters is finally corrected. If any
one fails to register then, or his name has
been omitted from the list, he will need to
swear in bis vote ons lection day, and his affi
davit must be backed by the oaths of two
witnesses who are voters in the precinct.
Thomas Downing, an old resident of this
city, died at his home in this city on Satur
day morning last. He had been a glass cut
ter for forty years. The funeral on Monday
was largely attended.
Greens. The Greenback party, represen
ted by about four delegates, got together at
the court house one day and fulminated the
following ticket: For senator, John S.Arm
strong, of Mission. They recommended.
James P. Trench, one of the democratic no
minees, for the legislature and then ad
Chicago White Stockings, the champions
of the League, and the St. Louis Browns,
champions of the American Association,
have begun a series of seven gvnes for the
championship of ths world. The first game
was played at Chicago on Monday and re
sulted in favor of the white-legged fellows
by a score of 6 to 0. Tuesday the Browns
scored 12 to 0. Wednesday theChicagos re"
taliatei 11 to 4.
Butchers call for Mitch's No 7 cigar.
For County School 8npaaintendent,
The oounty newspapers, even most of the
republioan side, have none hut the most
kindly words.
The Marseilles Plain Dtaltr (rep ) says:
" Probably the strongest mas on the ticket
is Stockdale, as he is lure of a generous sup.
port from republicans in addition to being a
great favorite with his own party.'
The Twin City A'etc$ (rep ) says that "Su
perintendent Stockdale has a walk over, as
the opposition of Rip Van Williams is hardly
worthy of mention."
The Utica Gait lie (ind.) thus speaks: 0. B
Stockdale, of Peru, is nominated for re elec
tion to the office of superintendent ol schools
and a better man for the place can scarcely
be found. He has a life-long experience in
school work, and takes great interest in it.
Under his administration the schools of the
county are in better condition than ever be
The Earlville Leader follows with a half
column article in his favor.
The Marseilles A'ews heartily endorses
him, and so does the Keics-lkr.ald of Peru.
Henry Young, the conductor on the C, B.
& Q. railroad who was injured rendered a
cripple for life by the accideut a year agj
on that line, at Utter Creek, has recovered a
judgment ot $J,UOi) against that company.
Those who want a suit of those nice Dean's
elothes should not fail to call without delay,
as they are going off like hot cakes. They
are the nicest thing out and cost only ten
dollars for coat; pauts and vest. An over
coat of the same goods costs only $10. Call
and get your fit.
Wagon-makers seek Mitch's No 7 cigar.
The Pioneer Fire Proof Construction Co.,
of Chicago, works in this oity have increased
the capital stock from $100,000 to $250,000.
lUanclilng; Out.
The Armour brick block, on Madison st,
is being overhauled extensively for a change.
Mr Degen moves his meat market into the
former music stove, which he has cleaned up
nicely. It is understood that W II Hull, af
ter renovating and papering and painting
the front now occupied by Mr Dyer, and
making it elegant, will open a cloak depart
ment below and put a grand millinery stock
up stairs.
If you wish to compliment a friend who
enjoys a good cigar, send him a box of
Mitch's No 7's.
Police Court.
Judge Weeks was found in his laboratory
yesterday "chewing the sweet and bitter cud
of fancy," whatever Shakespeare may have
meant by that, and on inquiry as to the po
lice business of the week, slowly wheeled
himself about in his delicately wrought silk
plush embroidered revolving chair, costing
originally seventy cents, removing his five
cent cedar holder steel pen from his business
ear, remarked: " Don't mention it. A Mrs.
Murphy was fined $1 for sassing one of her
neighbors, and James Jacoby . for a plain
drunk and disorderly. That's all."
A poor- eigar is an abomination, and all
smokers dread being fooled by getting one
instead of a pure and reliable article. Mitch's
No 7's never fail to gratify even the most
Mfinley Si Jordan.
This popular old time firm, are supplied
with an immense assortment of cooking and
heating stoves for rooms of all sizes, aud at
prices to accommodate the tastes and mean a
of every purchaser. Of those, Tuk Climas,
Cook Stove, is wonder of modern improve
ment and convenience. The new and valua
ble features of this stove, besides the irou
stayed fire brick, which cannot burn out.,
the flues are so arranged as to carry the
draft all around the oren, in an unbroken
current, thereby ensuring even heat in every
part of the oven. These stoves are hand
some and durable. Besides these they have
the Etna, Bismarck and Kenwood cook itoves
the Golden Star, Carbon Garland, Art. flar
and, Palace A India and other heaters.. The
Art Garland is tie perfection of elaborate
ornamentation and a perfectly reliable heat
ing stove.
stvosbaker waoon.
They have a new supply of these unequaled
wagons, besides some farmers two. seated
spring wagons, and carriages, light, st rone,
durable, made of the best material, and. made
in the most reliably manner
All election bots of cigars are declared
"off" if Mitch's No. 7 are not nntioed.
Home Matte Shirto.
M. Stiefel has one of the bant assortment
of shirts in Ottawa, all homo made and war
ranted not to rip. If you wish a nice flan
nel shirt call at Stiefel's sod get one of bis
wn make.
Auction Stale.
Parties contemplatieg making sales can
secure the services oi II. II. Newton, the
auctioneer, by seeing Megaffin, the boot and
shoe man, 015 La Salle St., Ottawa, 111.
Warmth. Comfort. Durability.
Those celebrated felt shoes and slippers
now on sale at J. Megafun's are the most
comfortable foot covering ever manufactur
ed for all those troubled with cold feel.
They are better than ever this season, and
be is selling them cheap for cash.
Peels use Mitch's No 7 cigar.
Mr. Owen Fox and Miss Agnes O Neil, of
this city, were married on Wednesday last,
by Rev Father Grogan, at St Columbia
Philosophers smoke Mitch's No 7 cigsr.
A Great Sale of Carpeta, Commencing
Scott Bros & Co will place on sale a large
lot of new carpets at the following low
Body Brussels at $1, worth $1 25.
Tapestry Brussels at 75o, worth $1.
Tapestry Brussels at 50c, worth 76c.
Ingrain carpets, very choice, 75c, worth
Ingrain carpets, extra, 65c, worth 75e.
Is grain carpets at 50c, worth C6c.
Ingrain carpets at 25e, worth 85c.
Ingrain carpets at 20c, worth 25c.
Superior quality of oil cloths in all widths
Also rues, curtains and shades, at reduced
prices. Scott Bros.
The Ida Clark concert troupe will give
concert in the Baptist church on Tuesday
evening, November 2.
Mitch's No 7 is the only cigar thought of
among politicians. When they bet the ci
gars they always refer to this brand.
Stiefel will save you money when yougct
one of those fine, well-made overcoats that
have just arrived and are waiting for you
to look taem over.
Merchants admire Mitch's No 7 cigar;
Miett'i s stock oi rca ly-made ciottiing is
the largest and best ever shown in La Salle
county, and everybody will find just what
they want in it aud at prices lower than
ever. Mr. btiefel would te pleased to have
you call and exaruine and learn the very low
Tradesmen like Mitch's No 7 cigar.
Civ.o George E. ltoe, aaent of the West
Siile depot, has gone to Colorado, ou a four
week s vacuum.
Ike. Ike lingers has not turned remibli-
can, as maliciously slated by one of Plumb's
"hired hands,' an I he regards that slander
as a strange on-set to a board bill.
Ukhrino. rroni tlie tticnila l-.agte we
learn that the cracker manufactary, of which
Mr. uehriug, and Mr 0 Phillips, formerly
of this city, nri" interested, litis increased
its 'capital to $10") ,000, and is in a most
prosperous coduition.
Dkbolt. Mr. Madison Dutx.lt is building
a comfortable house In Wedroni Garver &
Salter have ihe contract.
T. C. T. C. T rcnury, Esq., arrived home
from Bellville. 111., ou Thursday, whither he
has been alt ndiug the motion of the Grand
Lodge of the k nights of Pythias. He re
ports politics red-hot in that district bet wet n.
the Morrison and Baker men, with Morrison
Chas. Mr. Clms. A. Ferguson was among
our numerous callers en yesterday.
Slyde. Mr. J. II. Slyder, an old time
Peruvian, was in this city yesterday.
Whip. The Ottawa Fire Department lads,
in consideration for Mr. Thos. Reedy 's ex
cellent service as timekeepers, at the Fire
men's contest at Morris, last Monday even,
ing presented him with a beautiful gent's
driving whip.
Keck. Mrs. Dr. Keck has been at the
Clifton since Wednesday neon.
Wells. Jaa. G. Wells, representing the
Wells Whip Factory, of Wellsville, Pa., woe
in the city last Tuesday. lie prcsealod the
ladies of the Catholic fair with a handsome
whip, which goes to show that, besides boing
the largest whip factory in the U. 8., the
Wells Co. are also represented by one e the
largest hearted men in the land.
Coot. Judge Cody was in the oity last
evening; is in Morris to-day. He will re
turn to Ottawa on Tuesday, and be in Streator
on Wednesday, La Salle and Peru on Thursday
and in Mendotn on rrulay.
Hasan. Miss Jennie Hagio, of Fein, has
beeu the guest of Miss Lillo Mattocks mi the
east side for several days.
Caton. ,Judg Cat on and wife,, are the
Bursts of T. D. Catlin, and are to return to
Chicago to day. Their new residence here
is rapidly approaching completion.
Wis. J. W. ration, of late a ue tor at or or
Hapenisn & Graham, of this city, hits become
clergyman of the M. t. cuurca, and nasi
been assigned a pulpit at Fewaukee, Wis.
Hi Li. Mrs. Geo. V.. Hull and Mrs. Wm.
Hull have returned from a, trip west which
included visits to ( ttualia and Hauling, Neb.,
and Denver, olorttuo.
Bii.i.y. Hilly Itnrker and twelve other
gme chickens arrived home from Newark,
Ohio, cn Iliurtwlay. if "bu&tlers ' William
is the hustlerest, so to speak.
Barton. Mr. Barton, the- democratic mv
mines for sheriff, wan in this city a day or
po this week. While be iloes not trust his
injured leg to much exert wn, he gets about
lively enough to make it warm for his polit
ical adversaries. He waa treated to an ova.
lion hers- by bis fiieuds, many of whom
were republicans.
Old. Mrs Koux. of Waltham. is W years
old and in good luWth.
Ryan. William Ky;ui,aged M years, died
at le. county asylum on Tuesday.
P.or. Prof. Harrison, of the Ariin Quar
tette club, has secured a place in the Chicago
Misletoe Club.
Hold. Mrs W H II Holdridge and her
father, A Crane, and her sister Ma, left on
Monday last for Grove Park, Florida.
Kisx. The .Ww says: Captain L A Rising
of this city was in Joliet last week, lookup
up a place for his new cigar factory.
It rant. H. M. Kilby received a pair of
brants from a Dakota friend ou Wednesday.
K. O Mr. H. O. Black has returned from
an extensive trip through Nebraska
Camp. Geo. A.Campbell, of East Ottawa,
is home from Michigan.
Choked. Little Edith, U&ughter of Henry
C. Nash, came near beisg cnoked to death
by a button which accidentally lodge! in htr
Saok. Dr. Sage, cf Morgan Park, will
preach in the Baptist church, morning and
evening, to-morrow.
Frank. Prof. Fitzgerald has again re
lumed the leadership of the excellent band
bearing bis name in this city.
II ! Scissors. .Wm. Bunnell, the Streator
knife grinder and razor and scissors aharp,
is a vaiuaoie institution. His little tell is
heard everywhere.
Ex. Sam Degen say he U "ex-sheriff,"
but with an a before the the tr an 1 a I after
it, will be '. K " in IX'O.
Shaw E. II. Shaw, of New York, is here
visiting his kroiLer, C. M. Shaw, lbs grocery
Coombs Appellate Clerk Coo tub fell, at
his residence in Keit tittawa, one Jay Ut
week, anl severely injured the attib of hit
amruttted era. He i improving
Plug Tobacco, Merry
Cross Tie,
Big Grizzly,
Fiaecut Tobacco, Pie
1819. 1886.
tnsuranee 00o off Mtorfl
GASH CAPITAL - - - - $4000,000.00
Reserve for Re Ins. & all other liabilities, 24)57. 776.24
M Surplus, - - - - - 3,202,320.41
Total Assets, - - - - $9,260,096 65.
Losses Paid att Ottawa Agency, $37,242.09.
Losses Paid at the Great Fire ia Chicago, $.3,782,023.10.
Losses Paid at Great Boston Fire, $1,(504,067.62
Losses Paid Since Organization:
OVER $59,000,000.00.
GEO. W. RAVENS. Agt. - S. f. Cor. P. 0. Block.
Yen, We Have
A wool lined ooat, a hair lined shoe, rubber
beot with loather soles, woman's beaver
shoe or slipper, foxed with leather. These
goods are not stylish, but comfortable and
durable. VVIien you need anything ia warm
lined boots or shoes, at low prices,, call at
II. G. Werner's shoe house, on Madison St.
A reception will be given to the- Rev. Mr.
Holmes, in the parlors of the M. E. Church,
on Fritlat' evening of next week. All old
friends of Bro. Holmes, and new ones too,
are beturtily invited to attend and help make
the ouyirdon a pleasant one.
ItaadrrB.uf this Paipcr
Are ia vited to come with your, boys and lay
in yonr entire winter's goods at the great
slaog'utpring sale, which creates much ex
citera ent and a rush of customers at the
cletr ing house west of the court house, un
der the Fa ei Tea her office. This big cloth
ing; establishment is to he clottd out La a
bf.rl timo. Now is your chance for bar
ge ins.
The L'iica Newer Iipe Works are running
full handed, and selling all wares as fist as
they c&ji turn them out; and are now ham.
pered somewhat for want of drying room.
Htltfel's pantaloon overjbH tuanufartun
in Ottawa are the beat muilo. and ttay- Ullliii;
Try them.
The death of Mrs. Dwiglit Ijiwrence, of
lrairie Centre, took place in this city last
Sunday night, from consumption. She hud
been a sufferer from Ibis fell disease for ten
or twelve years: and from the lanment the
first symptoms of tlie enemy appeared tka
strife with it has been constant and unre
lenting; but in spite of travel, change of
climate, and tbt aid 0 modern medical dia
covery, she finally hiul to yield to it. Stoie
months ago, when, it appeared she might
never fully recover, she was brought to Ot
tawa by Mr. Lawrence in order that every
advantage of rest land quiet and medical as
sirtance could be Lad at all ai all tun en, but
bV only came to die.
She became klrt. Lvwrence in 1V, and
until shs came rtcently tu Ottawa tVey al
ways lived on tbeir farm near l'raire Centre.
One son, Wilbur II., now arrived at t&nhood,
is her only surviving child.
The funeral took place on Tuoaday at 2
o'clock at the Frame Centre reai iiu'. Kuv.
Otnalvena officiating. The attendance of
neighbors aa-l friends were very large; and
those of hei nearer and more intijnaie trien l
who know if her dread not 4 death-bca
f the grave, had so prepare-! her last rest
ing place wiih flowers and evergreens a . to
rob it uf much of its cold, dread horror It
was a very thoughtful kindness.
Mr. Lawrence, both Lukand an 1 iu,
have the svnirritliy of iXeir frien I : this
county, anl those whut.st knew Mid. Law
rence most deeply appreciate their lns. In
this connection, they desire us lo return
their sincere thanks to lo their friends both
in Ottawa and in Frame Centre fcr ihe very,
very many thoughtful kindneess to her
during her illness and burial.
Gay & Sods have found ia nccesnary to
enlarge their carriage work, on Clinton
and Madison street. They brvke groin, I
yesterday for a two story brick addition L'4
t '.'4 feet, to be dune right awny. This will
give their building W by I4) fxt two moriew
high, save the blacksmith shop in the rear.
Fix 'Fx The approaches to the side
walk on the S:ie street caual I n.lt,- are
in s bad condition.
30cnper lb..
40c per. lb.
40 per lb.
Crust, -
40c per lb.
60c per lb.
Name, -
Siaipei Lin
Of all kinds. Just received some,
entirely new designs in Tray
Cloths, Tidies and Splashers, all
linen, from 10c to 7 oc,. already
s tampd.
See the new fancy Ornaments
fancy egg shells, bells, plush
and brass small ornaments, all
New lot of Torchon Laces.
QuilttMl linings,, all kinds, re
ceived to-day.
Y. II. Hull & Co.
to Starts
Away dowf in price. New As
sortment just received. Ele
gant Heaver Shawls. All wool
Blanket Shawls. An endless va
riety. See thwii
Am uar iu a la.
The Kendall company will close a very
succeinful two. weeks' engttgement at the
Opem House teaight. and will give a matinee
thw afternoon at l';:'.l. r m. when "Kngaged"
will hu presented.
O i Tuesday evening. (. 'J'.ih. the Lester
AUeu's niinsiralu will occupy Ihe Opera
Houtte. TbecompiiBy coue direct from Chi
'. cugo where they are now playing a week's
It is without doubl the largest salaried
aud bt niinislre) ccoupaoy thai ever visited
' tUtawa.
The New York Wrf of Aug. IT, says.
The classic hoards of old Wallack's, now
the Star Theatre, were invaded by Lester &
Allen's Big Minslral last night, and a large
' audience aetnb)d lo (trevl them. The
jukes and new uatrriil were up to the times.
There was plenty of gusto in the performance
and a fine variety in the musical depatimeat.
Measrv. Hilly Lester and l'aul Allen were up
to time, as usual, an 1 the renowned Mr.
Marry Kernell introduced the Celtic element
in its' pristine purity. A number of special
attractions added inters! to the entertain
ment. The candtditr all itouke Mitch's No ?'

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