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tiodia Motor for Street Car The tngllnb
Bule for Measuring Yitcbto Sorghum
Augur Hound Heard at Great Distances.
A Ceiuunt Chimney.
In regions where stone and brick are aearoe
it will bo convenient to know that both chim
neys and drain pipes which are very fair can
be nuwlo of cement All that fa nccrssary in
to have a mold iu which the cement tnny bo
formed Into shape. It will sjatxlily harden
and kocp ltd form. Directions for mailing an
uncK-rgnmnd drain arc these: Theditch Uilup;
only largo enou-jli for tbo pipe at the bottom,
layer uf cement is spread about au inch
thick, or for large pipes an inch and a butt
A wnooth wooden core, of the Rhnpe of the
pipe to bo mado, Is then lieddud in tlwcemout,
and covered with it to a projT thickness.
Earth Ls tln-a carefully thrown over the
cement and gontly rtampod, no Uiat the
foment is not disturleL The core is then
slowly twisted around, drawn forward a few
Inches over a Ijow bod of cement, and i.i again
covered with cement ami earth, und so llio
work gixs on until all is finished ; water is
Then turned in, and if nil U f juad rii;ht, the
ditch U lillud up, and thus tho job is com
jdeted. Thi-t is tho cheapest and most durable
j iMj Hint can lo made.
Tho wooden core which is drawn along
through tho ivutcr iu building a chimney u
bhowu in tho illiibtrutiou. It is simply built
round, and has a wooden handle for pulling
it out when wanted.
For making a chimney tlio eonerete should
le made of oivi part of cement, two (virtu of
bliarp sand und live
part of cl.'un grav
el. The cement ami
sand are mixed dry,
very evenly, nnd
th"ii water i: add
ed toaipiantily nt
lar;rer tlini can bo
used U-fore it sets
bard, and nil is
mixed into a thin
mortar. The gravel
previously wettl
is then !ii.vd with
the eeinent, fo that
every particle of it
is covered. For
shaping its cxto
rior, use a box
mold like that in
tlio picture. The
bottom of tho
chimney is mado
by pluring the box
on a solid founda
tion, over which a
layer "f six inch'
of cement is spread.
The core is then
woodln outi:. s t iu the center,
the concrete placed around it, and is well
ran.med; the core is drawn up carefully
about three or four inches, with a twisting
motion, so as not to disturb the partly hard
ened concrete; the mold is also lifted tho
sumo distance. This ppnee is then filled with
eonerote, anil this is rammed down with a
jioumliT so us to make it quite solid. The
nnx MOLD,
mold and core are again lifted and filled,
and so on nut il the desired height is reached.
Chimneys with two or more flues may be
mado by using a largo box and several cores.
P"" Soda Motor for Street Cur.
Tho wags have leen making merry over
the idea of using sola ns a motor to propel
street cars. The iilen is, however, a fact,
and preia rat ions ure making to introduce it
1 unmgh this country. The wags are to reniem
lir that it is not the kind of soda used in a
brandy "fizz" that is employed for this pur
pose, but oauslie soda, commonly called
washing soda. The idea can be enlarged to
that the careen not only be run, but. be
tientvd in winter by the f-oda. It is employed
as follows in a recent patent:
The caustic soda, which h contained in a
reservoir surrounding the steam boiler, is
raised to a high initial temperature by means
f jets of binning gas or petroleum, thus
ovusruting all moisture from the soda. The
beat from the soda produces steam in the
boiler, which is applied to flu ordinary en
gine; the exhaust titenm from the engine is
then nbsorlicd by the tndn, producing heat
sufficient to generate stenm, uniil the coda
is supercharged with moisture, when I he jets
of flame, whi'h in the mean tinv have lieen
Uisiensed with, are again ignited to regen
erate and reheat the khIh. The operation
may bo rejn-utcd coniinuoutly. This is a
iitixlilieatioii of the sodsi motors which have
been in use several years past in this country
and iu Enrol-.
Yuclit Measurement.
There have been much puzzle und confusion
bout the Knglish rule for measuring the
depth of yachts sim-e the t wo crack llritish
cutters have lieen so lieaten iu two successive
years by the Americans. The Xew York Sun
has been at pains to hunt up the English rules
and publish them. The first measurements of
bulls were made in England several hundred
ears ago, when coal brought from Newcastle
to London had to pay a tax bet'oie it could
enter the city. The tax was so many shillings
on each hull or ship. Of course the larger the
hip the less the tax on a buabel of coal, and
bo coal hulks Ivgau to gio. Then the wise
legislators, to head oft the coal carrier, de
termined to tax the coal by the ton. To avoid
the necessity of weighing out the coal at every
entry they determined to establish a system
of measurement by which the size of a full
cargo could 1 obtained once for all nnd f he
ship taxed at the same figure at every entry.
o coal hulk was measured.
The measurers found that her depth wxs
just half her breadth of hoaui, oud on in
quiry among hipbni!deT t key found that it
was the universal custom to build ships ttvii
M wide as they were deep, although the pro
portion of length to width nried. The legis
lator! therefore concluded that since f be pro
portion of two to one for !m anil depth
was the best it would to never l changl.
aedtotave their uiea.urers the trouble of
running a taj line front the lair down tc
l.te Ixitioni f (Le sliip tUeJ ro.e ;n tj:;it the
tusare:-? kiionld rtiesjre U- v. idtn nd
l-Tjs'b of llie ship, and for the tlcpih e; j
hotild allow one ha'.f t':e wi ltb V.-ry oJu
rWy after tLal role fcevtn.e a law t'ntr.b
bnlkn deepened until roej hnliwer built
that could carry twice the cargo of the old
one, although measuring no more under the
rule. That absurd rule still bolda good in the
measurements of tho Royal Yacht Squadron.
Under tho rulj tho Galatea ia only about one
half as deep as she actually is by measurement.
American yachtsmen under their rule use a
tape Hue to tlnd the depth of tho hold of a
yacht w hen they mcanuro her.
Sorghum Sugar.
The United States department of agricul
ture is actively engaged in ex'rimeuting on
methods of converting sorghum juice Into
sugar. With the exception of torao minor
obstacles, there is reason to believe that the
difficulties in tho way have been nearly over
come at length, and that the United States
and portions at least of Canada may eomV
I duntly look forward to producing their own
The juice ia not obtained by crushing the
cano, but by tho diffusion proeesn. An elec
tric buttery is employed in tho proee. The
experiments bavo boon most successful at
Fort Scott, Kan. Tho problem of getting tho
leaves stripped from the cane baa not yet
been solved. Doing this by hand is too slow
and expensive. Tho person who can invent
a mot bine, that will do it baa a fortune.
The sugar produced from sorghum at Fort
Scot t is of line quality. The diffusion proopa
j of extracting juice is to be tried on Louisiana
cano next year.
Tho sugar is made by the carbonatation of
i tho juice. Carlwnic acid and litno remove
I the dark, thick impurities and leave tho
I'tttent Dust ran.
Mm. Archie Shaw, of Lawrencobenr. Ind..
! is likely to moki) a fortuno out of it dust pan
that she liiw patentee, it is in appearance
like u half puil ; tho Hat side lies on tho oarpt ;
it can beivjuiily moved with broom or foot, and
when liftsl by the boil, tji backward a littlo
to brevent tho dust falling out.
Facts of Interest.
Tho Russians have finished tho Merv and ,
I Oxils railway iieiulytoSaraklid. This nviuis
on to India
Inventors urn turning their attention to
ilevioes for c!i:tributing oil uion tlio water in
btorms at sa.
Tho exeessivo smoking of toliaivo, it Is
again claimed, causes loss of eyesight. Aro
men's eyes poorer than womon'sl
The jubikwor fiftieth year of the reign of
Quei'il Victoria will bo celebrutjl by an in
dustrial exhibition at Nuwoastlo-ou-Tyne in
The f.ernmn government factory is turning
out largo numlMT.s of a new repeating riSc,
which, it i i claimed, will excel any ting'ogun.
ever mado.
(.'ImmlK-rs Jlilk-r, of Pennsylvania, holds
that natural gas exists in a fluid state in tho
earth, und he has upplied for a jxttent for
getting it out and confining it in tanks.
The Chicago Isiard of education has just
fitted up and opened workshops lu connection
with the high si hiKil for the purpose of oirirrd
ing such liigh school pupils as desire it a
course of manual training, nnd this as a part
of the public school system.
Dr. Schwcinfurth has addressed to all Eu
ropt;uiis, especially physii'iatLS, niding in
Egypt an inuiry us to whether, so far as
they are awure, families of northern origin
settling in Egypt do or do not die out within
three generations.
Mr. II. W. Wiley says that on tho 1 1th of
February, W, lie was working in tho field
with his father near Mudwin, Ind., and Uth
heard distinctly and unmistakably the cau
nonmling at Fort DoncLson, 3X) mile away.
He thinks the sound was brought by a lime
stone Wlge that runs through tho country
underground Their house was shaken und
the windows rattled.
Winter Cloak.
Tho style of cloaks and wraps, long and
short, nro now established for tho coroiag
winter. We have selected a iiuiuImt of tho
most graceful and convenient, and present
them to our readers herewith.
Fig. 1 u u wrap of imarial serge ami
boucle, tho latter forming sleeves, back,
panels and pocket flajw. The skirt is gath
ercd uniler the ocket tbips, the front finished
wit'n bias's of serge; the buck is in broad, full
pluits; elegant curved buttons a handsome
finish. The sleeves and trimming iu this
cloak are also very (i;nisouie when iiiudi ot
Htrakhun cloth.
Km. 1. Kitt. 2.
Fig. '2 is a stvlish eth ulster, trimmed
with velvet. U will U noted that the sleeves
are full both at top and bottom. This i the
new incoming faliiu. lbov widely it will
lie follow ed remains to le seen. The cloak is
flllle.1 over the bust, beneath the deep, square
collar, Mother Hubbard fashion. It i of
dark green cloth, with collar and cufTs of
green velvet.
Criitleinen'f fashions.
The present fashion 4 making lre suits
differs but little from the styU-s heretofore
win li, save in the t-uC and niatei ial of vests.
These are now of f ilk, with ombroilereil flg
uni in tiny dots, rosebuds, and various email
ltTiis; black 1.1 Ik showj rel or old gold
dots, also Ui'e of li.dit blue and a light shade
of green. Whise slIU. embroidered with black
dots or with bl.ie or otlier colors Lpoken of
as among the jysibilities of the roming
en.v-n, hut the actual garment thus far in
troi"nc d und worn are limited to bl.v k with
very small, colored figures. New velt are
cut n I ille lower than tia of last (w-son,
yet not ti imr n so a.? to m.ike the la-t year'
suit noticeably out of dite.
"ew linen tollars m slightly higher, and
have the corrrs t-irr.od over more broadly
than thfwe formerly worn. Fu'l lrew tiea
are of white lawn if linen. Iu the former
fty'i' there is a u-.w 1 lea that i- t-.jie'-ijily
niovd to j'ounj ruuwilh irv-kiltful hn-i s.
The Ijow is ntiiiean l fastened in U'-, the
tie is divi iedm the b&i k of the n k, ai:d
Ui r Ktvl to ea.U of the tut euas
These tapes pan through urn all auJea, one
each way, and thj Ue is drawn closely aroonJ
the collar by mean of th strings It ia said
that tbo tapes do not need tying, so closely
are they hold, but any ono may, for safety,
tie them in a bow knot Tlie starched linen
tie is favored by thorn who are skilled iu
tying bows, as, when properly adjusted, It li
among the most effective of neck drubbing
Domorests Monthly.
Many mantles will bo worn, as well as the
long cloaks. They will bo warmly wadded,
fur or feather trimmed, and in tho shape of
that on the left of the illustration here given.
This wrap is of brown Sicilienue, The buck
has a short plaited skirt trimmed with a
hand of beaver fur; the fronts are carried
into long talw buttoned their length, with
kinds of fur across tho ends only ; the slieves
forming from tho sido forms of Utck are half
flowing, and trimmed with bands of fur;
handsome plush and Nvidod ornaments finish
from tho point where sleeves and skirt unite;
the cijie, forming over the shoulders, is
edged with n hand of fur, trimmed with plush
balls and handsome epaulets of plush balls
and 1 leads; tho front is trimmed in the sumo
On tho right U a litt'e wrap which young
ladles enjus ially delight in, though it nmy li
worn by women of uny ngo. The wrap in
tho illustration is of heavy jett.sl cloth,
though it can as well b made of velvet,
pladt or otlier muteri.'d. It bus short loose
sleeves, into which tho ivnn goes somewhat
as into a sling, hence its name. It is 1oon,
easy und groieful. It is us short in front lis
Uhind. This stylo of wrap is Is-autiful,
nuulo of crjonl velvet or plush, csjsH-ially to
natch a street suit.
Iing Wrap.
In this illustration we have an Englinh
horn. span cloak with astrakhan tvimmiiig.
This needs little description. The front
falls loose, with very slight darts beneuth the
fold of revers trimming. Tin Iwck is cut iu
full plaits. Nearly all cloaks are full iu tho
hack this winter, to fit over the large bustle.
Over the sleeves at tho shoulders und down
the hide seam in the back is fitted a piece of
th'f goods loosely, so as to give, ns far as it
goes, the effect of a ciih. Where the long
skirt strips of astrakhan trimming meet at
the buck of the waist a heavy passementerie
and cord ornament is firmly fastened.
Skirts and Draperies.
!" '"'thing iu the shape of llomiees is left
, i (! es, even the foot plaiting U ing
.. , I . tii, and in its place is u st might
cloth I u:-! nofehoil or pinked on the lower
edge. The effort is to niakii the dress tis liht
ns possible, und for this reason there are no
layers of fabrics covering each other, sin h as
an entire underskirt of cloth or of plush when
only a small part of the lover skirt issismi;
only the visible parts are covered, mid Ibis is
no longer considered shamming, as the foun
dation skirt is now, for economical reasons,
made of a good strong mutcri.it win ther of
silk or of alpaca that will support the
weightier fabric of the dress. The tendency
with Fan's costiimers is to use soft, twilled
wools for winter dresses, such ns India
camel's hair, or vigogne, or English s-rge, iu
picfcri'iice to the more hcuty habit cloths,
though for very dressy toilettes these "Ainu
nw," us the Frem h call faced cloths, are
wt ill employed.
Wriijis unit Frocks for Utile .lrU.
To little girls are given coats, outside gar
ments of check or plaid to Is- worn over plain
stuff frocks.
Young girls wear uiantlesas well as jackets,
kh;i;)isl very much like thosv of young ladies
Over IS.
Tb-J frocks of girls of l:; and upward are
simply modified duplicates of the dri-sses of
their older sisV-rs.
w polonaises uro very bmg and ar not
Turbans of all kinds are restored to fash
ionable favor.
All shades f brown front Suede to seal are
Ib lii U ooe and Suede Is a much a luiirol
color combination.
More and more masculine gTOs tLe morn
ing toilet for outdijxjrs.
Mantles are very bhort in the back, but
have long tab-like fronts.
Three rows of broad ttit' hlng are on the
back and four large buttons fasten the wrists
of the newest gloves.
Kovolttcs in dress trimmings consist of
ut.iche embroidery bands and motifs,
sometimes ma le more decorative wila fine
?ut jet.
The msTinr in which the el?et or plu-h
covering the crowns of turban and lxnn1
ii tnad to lis ia cool'jal loose maes in
tront U a novd feature la fall milltnery.
jLur &o sonsr,
Road Cart
htTatt and einmltie nor
hi g I'S'k ' si get prtc
be.liire buyliitt, ..s
lioml ( rt from I3&.0I l,;
to V no.
FACTllbV, "oe Muck
wort nf pot' irrji .
West of La Salle Street, (auuth Kf
IP-tot a kep rouUDt!y on bud a law and well electad .im- i
All the sew and popular Taten Medlclnea. Kxti am nd Spice, tor nltnrr
Perfumery, Brushes, and Fancy Ai tides for the Toilet.
Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Window G'ass, &i
Particular Attention elvon to the ComjioMndln -ri P?iveic1n8 Pi wriwiona
Mcfsri: Fairbank
the Chicago
have snccefsfully
experiments in preparing a SOAP
combining ALL the neccf sary re -
quirements for use in the KITCHEN
the same to the Public.undcrthe name
It is the BEST
Ask your Grocer
supply you , ask us,
By reason of its central poaltion, close relation to principal lines East of Chicago
and coutinuoiis linea fct terminal ioint West, Northwest and Soiithwest-i tlis
only tmemiddln-link in that transcontinental system which invites and facil
itates travel and traffic in either direiUon between the Atlantic and Paciflc.
Th Hock Island main line and branches include China (to, Joliet, Ottawa, La
Salle, Peoria, Oeneo, Moluie and Rock Island, in Illinois; Davenport, Musca
tine, Waahina-ton, Fairfleld, Ottumwa, Oskalooaa, West I.iberty, Iowa City, pes
Moines, Indianola, WuiterseU Atlantic. KnoxvUle, Audubon. Harlan. Outhne
Centre and Council Bluffs, in Iowa; Gallatin, Trenton, St. Joseph. Cameron and
Kansas City, in Missouri; Leavenworth and Atchison, in Kansas; Albert Lea.
Minneapolis and St. Paul, in Minnesota; Watertowu in Dakota, and hundreds
of intermediate cities, towns and villages.
Guarantees Speed. Comfort and Safety to those who travel over it. Its roadbed
is thorouR-hly ballasted. Its track is of h'avy steel. Its bridges are solid
structures of stone and iron. Its rolling stock is perfect a human skill can make
it. It has all the safety appliances that nie hauical ireuiue hss invented and
experience proved valuable. Ita practical operation is conservative and methoa-ical-iU
diacipline strict and eaacUni?. The luaury of its i.aasenifer accomm'ida-
tions is nnenualed in the West-unsurpassed in the world.
ALL EXPRESS TRAINS between Chuatro and Missouri River consist
of comfortable DAY COACHE3, mairniflcent PULLMAN PALACE PARLOK
and SLEEPING CARS, elegant DINING CARS providiuK e"t "'vV.t
-between Chicago, Bu Joseph, Atohiaou and Kansaa City-restful RECLINING
Is the direct, favorite line between Chicago and Minneapolis and St. P auL Over
this route solid Fast Empress Trains run daily to the summer resorts. 'riju
localiUea and huntuig and Ashin rrounds of Iowa and Miuiei?IV.!0li.
wheat fields and rrasinir lands of interior Dakota are reached via Watertown.
A short aai?Jol. rout., via 9nscA and Kaukaks. offsi-. wSEL
to travelers between Cincinnati, Indianapolis. Lafayette and Conncil Blaffit. St.
Joseph, Atchison, Leaver-worth, Kansas City. MlniieapoUs, St. Paul and lnter-
0ttAlit1lMi2i'of patrons, especially families, ladies and children, receive from
officials and "employe of Rock Island trains protection, raspectful courtesy aad
klDPoyr Tk.UDMans. Folder. - obtainable at .11 pnn. ip.l Ticket Office, ia th.
United States and Canada or auy desired information, address.
Tru'X L Gi'l M'c'r, Chicip. Aa't G.i'l B , Ci c. Gta'l Tkt. a Pu. g?. ChiMfa
8c Company,
Soap Makers,
completed their
and now offer
for it, & if he can't
on a Postal Card, Sc
E.St.loui I
Tlila iwmuilr haa a action nnon the flnlds
nf the tHly. mipiiljfin nxixtiira to the tlmuna anl
liihricHiliiK thti joint u.lf"'Ul hj th dlreane. No
HIIBT or niatortrrt I.lmlx remain after a care bf
hi Hin'i lUr. A trio I ut a nlniile lxlll will oiiitiih-
ilin uuift M'tiptirul Hint "fl hHTA not told half iu lr
lue. I'rii-w SI.OO ix-r Uitlln. Kur (am tr all
drujoflti.v Mttiiuf.u'iiiriMt only by
t'Uioiui'. N i vi"iiiiM hkiu iMReBHraouitwi wim
Tut lruin. 1 u t 'i"iilUut i jServoua, Miurolar
iiinl (n'lii riilivi' s , nU-iii aMH.iu v n'bUirp'i. Klw
-Tie lintt4'ri'KHiitHiilmnra tor niilo r rent.witia
iiHtriii'tiuiiH in tri al mill euro nuramf ut liumo at
a biuiiiI I'M lino. K'li't Bt'iiun for circiiliirg with
lull inrtictiliir titlio I i . Vuli'nline f Ui'tniimtln.
tiiKtitnt-. Id" Lir.'iht, o iiir-t Hini ii)it com.
lili'tj-Kii- tr.i iu I i; in n wml I. t'l aiid V'J
Wu.iliui'.'iii" t l.v t. I'lii n.M, I I.
can learn the exact cost
of any proposed line of
advertising in American
papers by addressing
Geo. P. Rowell & Co.,
Newspaper Advertising Buf.au,
lO Spruce St., New York.
Send lOols. for lOO-Paja Pamphlet.
The Lino selected by the U.S. Gov't
to carry the Fast man.
Tha Only Through Lin. with Its own track, balan
Hither by way of Omaha. Pei1e Junction, Atchujon t
Kanaaa City. It t'avni all ol tho i i Graat Stataa,
With bianth Imoa to thou imptant itaa ond towna It
tuna oaiy day in tho yoar tiom ono to thao aHjan-'f
oqu PPI through tiaina oo Its own tiaclo, bowaon
Chicago and Denver,
Chicago and Omaha,
Chicago and Council 01ufT,
Chicago and St. Joseph,
Chicago and Atnhlaon,
Chicago and Kansas City,
Chicago and Topeka,
Chicago and St. Paul,
Chicago and Sioux City,
Peoria and Council Bluffs,
Peoria and Kansas City,
St. Louis and Omaha,
St. Louis and St. Paul.
St. Louis and Rock Island,
Kansas City and Denver,
Kansas City and St. Paul,
Kansas City and Omaha,
Kansas City and Des Moines.
At aa-n o iti wvaial tiitarn and Aattom tor-nmi H
connac'ain G'and Urcon Oapota with llweugh Tiama U
and liam ill puntt m tho Umiad btatai and Caxada.
It t"io P'incp4l Lmo to and t-om
Sin Francisco, Portland and City of Maiics
For Tickata. Rataa. Ganaial Intoimation, ate. rojardinj
tho Bjiliniion Routa. call on an, Tukot Aart in tho
Umiad Statoa ai Canada, oi add'aaa
Oan'IManaar. Ge-) I raia Ajant.
o' ot'J.Ano v'h to carnif.s
th'S nipi or obtt n r. nnsrf
on l-ftJving oc when m Chicago, well fni tt on f it
AS '34, Rjndi.ph it ,
T!n S!;ort Llnr and thf Pi-at ttou'e to
Arid all points via I And til putoti vts
Tbo Popular I. Inn to California.
Fr-'oof Fjtrn Cborffe.
ittalt, 7S t0nt$.
Pullman i'alacc Slreplncr Cjmn,
An rutpmoDi nut iiii!rd br tuy oihiT lire
Fri'lre !rj!D run ttirn:uli ti hinit rhonge. an'" . n
nrrtlotia Orr llli.l"' Willi ullliT llura ol aca.i'Uablo
h.Mir. In I ol 'ti Di-rxi'a
Ths liKKtT M'RXfO BOt TE In lum
mrr to a II Wairrln !'Ui III ti n on', Wat and
S..rl. Ul- 0IN. MINNV--OTA. Mil III.
I i ; . ( AMiiti r.."TitKJi J.jTr,
I III.MI l,l AI.II IIKM A. lu iu:rr, lo i llie
vui'i-fH"'fi In ilia tfnuiu, .NEW MEXICO mJ
I .... L-.k n M a
r v uri'n. i.'.iun'l Trtp anil Slngli" Trtp Tlcte'o ta
A I.I. I.ASII lilt ANT HO 1 JIT! la il- at
ir S'j'i'h. nil Tttrouati TtVkcio to oil piiloia Kaat,
Vci. Sort li nl Souili. aronaosle st all tlnifa, ml ao
luw taifa a. Iiv Inf- Mur llufa.
lur funtur liKrm:ioa ami lwrt rste. tpplf ta
lay Tltiot isoat ( 1IKA0O ALTOS B. B.
Urn rl r'a-.vmrT nnd Tlfkot Airaat.
ilOlfarltu Stnet, ClUCAuO. 1LU
J. M. OATE8,
6fnri 7rarf '.tug Ajfnl CVpo.! Altos Bsnroas
.t ago. ill.
4. C. rVn MIIL.. H ' v-slt.
. WaAVEIIAtOMo xauihorl.a o'Uia
saa -v .w am
!- V
n T

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