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j AS. H. ECKELS. Editob.
termi op Bubsoription:
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Oiobiix II. IIkiiokk, for Troy Orovc.Ophlrand Hal
loam. Address, Try drove.
Postmaster at l-elatia.
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Da. K. It. ATWiini'. Imtant.
El). Huiiiin". New. Dealer, Mclldota.
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ro.timu.teni are authorized to receive subscription.
At Al! puatotllres In this county.
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mission paid In cinh. Write for terms, sending tufer-no'-
lu all caws.
Entered at the Vmt iflt,e "wura. ItUnoi; at
Srmnit I tutt Mail Mailer.
John r.urrouKl.i contributes to Tht Popu
lar Science Monthly for December, under the
title of 'Science and Theology," a review of
Professor Iiruminond'a "Natural Law in the
Spiritual World," and a sharp critiitm of the
position taking by the author. Mr. l!ur
roughs docs not contest the theological sound
liens ot Prof. Dutntnond's yiews, nor the val.
i lity of theology within its own sphere, but
denieB that it i subject to scientific demon
stration. Dr. Felix L. Oswald in "Zoological
Superstitions" controverts a number of tra
ditioual beliefs that prevail about monkeys,
parrots, serpent-charming, bats, joint snakes,
and gluttons. In "Energy of riant-Cells,"
professor T. H. McDride relates some inci
dents illustrating the great power of pressure
md expansion developed by growing plants.
I'rofessor J. P. Cooke describes "The New
Requisitions for Admission to Harvard Col
lege." wbich are much broader and more
liberal than the old ones. In "How to warm
our Houses," Mr. E. V. Robbing objects to
stove and furnace heating and gleam heating,
and all devices for warming the air, as un
natural and unhealthful, and make a plea for
directjadialiou as from fireplacts bo as to
warm objects and leave the air In its natural
condition. Among the other articles are
"The Higher Education of Women," "Life in
the South Sea Islands," "The Wings of
Iiirds," "Measuring the Earth's Surface,''
(to., making a very valuable number indeed.
The editorial "Significance of Wiggins"
Bays a great deal in a very little space:
Once more Wiggins has been put to shame,
or put to what any other man would regard
as Bhume; what guaranteo have we that ho
will not, aficr the iHpso of a few months, don
his prophet io robes again and fill the land
with the noise or Ins looiisu Darjimngsr
None: the probability is that we have not
heard tho last of Mr. Wiggins by a great,
dual. U will show a moderation on bis pan
on which we have no reason to count, if he
withdraws altogether from the notice of a
public that is abundantly willing to forget
his past blunders, on the sole condition of
his propounding new terrors in complete
disregard of all the principles of science.
What we see and lament to see in this
whole business is, the eviduuee afforded of
the very slight extent to which true scientillo
knowledge hn.s as yet permeated the public
mind. Large portions of our population are
at the mercy of charlatans of every profession
and of every ty po. Some of theso prey upon
their pockets, somo upon their health, some
upon their emotions. There is knowledge in
the world that might to be tho heritage of
all, but that really is confined to a few. The
masses have no means of distinguishing be
tween the mini who speaks in the name of
acquired und iirgiiuitcd science and the man
who uses u scientific terminology, tlmt he
himself only half understands, for the pur
pose of getting himself falked about.
It seem trite lo say thai what is wauled
is the more geuerul ditl'usion of sound fcien
tifio knowledge; ami yet, with the vunt ngeii
cies that are now being employed in popular
cducution, it should not tie impossible, one
would think, to do something to guard the
community at large against ridiculous and
hurtful delusions such as those which "Pro
fessor" Wiggins, with the aid of the pre,
has been instrumental in creating. Me do
not see why, in our public schools, some ef
fective instruction might not be given in the
spirit and methods of science.
It is hard to know where to begin in dis
cussing the beauties of the Chrismag num
ber of liirjtr'i ilajazint. It is like the
long stutl'ed stockings of our childhood,
which used to be full of all sorts of uuimag.
inable good things. There is an atmosphere
about this whole number that breathes the
fragrance of a bounteous Christmas; like a
Louse that Is filled with sweet-smelling hem
locks and greens hung about its walls.
There is, in the first place, "The Doyhoodof
Christ," a short sketch by Gen. Lew Wal
lace, adorned with gome exquisite sketches :
and then we have a most charming short
Btory, "Polly: A Christraaa Recollection,"
by that very charming writer Thomas Nel
on rage, Mr. Howell's new farce, 'A
Mouse Trap," is none the less delightful for
not being a Christina story, and no matter
what the season might be In which Mr. Ab
bey's illustratioas of "Sally in Our Alley
appeared, they would be a eource of delight.
All the regular serials have been omitted
from thU number to make room for six
short storieg, among which we notice one
from a new write, Harriet Lewig Bradley.
Sarah Orne Jowett and B. L. Parjeon write
two of the others, and Mr. R.H.Stoddard
contribute a long poem, "The Legend of
Fttj Bernardo," with illutrtioi . From
the "Editor'a Easy t.natr" we nave a np-
Christmas greeting, and a few kindly and
timely remarkg on American politeness. As
a pleasant ending there is a picture by Coo
Du Maurier, the first of a series which will
run through the year, of a Christmag at Bon
nebouche Hall.
It eiveg us pleasure to announce that by
special arrangement with the publishers of
The Inltr.Octan we are at.ie to ouer me rnr.r.
Tbadp.h and the Wttk!y Inlrr-Octan at f-'.'Jo;
the Week!; Tnttr.Oetan, Rural A'w l'rer,
and Fukk Tuai.kr, at $4.H) ; Weekly Inter
Ocean ami Fbkb Tbamhi and Ilrowu's His
tory of l S. at Jli.75. It is perhaps need
less for us to say to our readere that The In.
ter-Ocean is a republican paper of tho first
order, for it ig known as such all over the
country. ' It is also known as a fair and
houcst paper to all parties. It is broad and
national in its views. As a newspaper it is
unexcelled. Each issuo has the news of the
world condensed. Its literary character is
high, and as a family newspnper it lias a
reputation second to no metropolitan jour
ual in the nation. To any one sending ua
two subscribers to me man iiiAi.r.n
will give the Weekly litter- Ocean free for one
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thean ouo year and Brown's History of tho
it ...
U.S. Almost any person can secure tiiese
premiums by a half a day's work.
One of the most valuable and interesting
farm papers now published is farm, Stuck
. i. i 1 I...-...A n w.tit1i fur TlO
awl il'ime. u is issuci innc . -
cent a year. We will send it one year free
to any subscriber who brings us one new
paid subscriber for one year.
"Ivppp a reliable friend always on hand,"
such Dr. Hull's Cough Syrup has always
proven itself to bo.
Don't! If a dealer offers you a botuo or
Salvation Oil In a mutilated or oeiuceu
package, don't touch, itX may be a worth
less counterfeit.
The fact was overlooked by the FekkTba.
1. .I..1 If Cl...n..n.l I-
IiKIt, last ween, inai .nenuro, out-j.ci .
Hess of this city secured second premium
roadster stallion, three years old and under
four, with "Bay Wilkes," at the Fat Stock
Show. This is the biggest prize La Salle
county's driving hones record at that great
AVlmt It Cost.
Taxes like the poor are always with us.
Governments cost money, ana lots or u.
Here is what It is going to cost the citizen
tax payer for the year of grace 1880 in the
big towns of La Salle county:
Ain't per 100
State tax
County tax, full limit allowed..
High Schools
Itimri anil liritltrc
City of Ottawa
Total pcrtlOO .5S
2. 'JO
Kim (I and HHiIl'c
High School .42
City - -
Total pcr100..'
la su.i.i:.
Slate t .-W
County 75
Town 1.10
School l o5
Road and Hiidiro .. 1-to
Town interest ImmhIs 17
Srhool lulu-rest tioiuls 0
City 2-75
Total pert 100 7.K0
State t
I own
Ko.td and ilridgo
Total per $100.
State t 35
County 75
Town .
Koad and Bridge
Total per flOO $3.M'4
So it would seem that life is hardly worth
living in the "Imperial City," at ?7.8t! per
hundred dollars, and keep the rich lunn
dodging their share, while Mendota takes the
banner for good government if low taxes is a
sign of it. Ottawa ns tnual leads in low tux
es compared with the three leaving cities of
the county.
Tins Frunclsain academy near Jollet, fur
whW h ground was broken four years no,
cost $70,000 and is a well conducted insti
tution. It may not be amiss now-a-days to ex
plain what everybody doesn't know, the
exact meaning of the word "honeymoon."
To bo ctymologically correct, a bride and
groom ought to extend their honeymoon, or
trial trip, to four weeks, the exact period of
a lunar month, a custom, 1 believe, that is
more honored in the breach than the observ
anco. The honey part of the word comes
from au old German habit of drinking meth
eglin. made from honey, for thirty days after
the wedding, with a view to promote sweet,
ness or sickness, I suppose. There are Bub.
stitutes for the honey now, however.
More than C(K) persons partook of holy
communion during the Forty Hours' devo
tion, which closed in the Catholic church at
Braidwood last Tuesday a week. On Satur
day a week 201 persons were confirmed by
Bishop Feehan in the same church.
St. Mary's Catholic church, a new etrac
ture, was dedicated at Aurora by Bishop Fee
han on Sunday last, with Impressive cere
monies. Saturday'g pay roll to Braidwood miners
waa f 20,000, a large part of it "truck store"
I,eaon IX of tlie International Serlea for
Sunday, Nov. 2S ;oldun Text, ' I am
Ho that I.I ve til, uml waa Ileud" ltev.
I, 18 Leaaou Text, ltev. 1, 4-18.
No moro Important losson thnn this has
Urn studiml, und tho dilliculty will bo to
bring into tl.o flxod limits oven u brief notice
of tho many y;rout truths hero bandied. Tho
teacher will explain at the outset that tho
wholo bonk if a lottor, and whilo tho 'Seven
churchos" uro formully uddruKMnl, tlrj entiro
Ixiok is au epistlo to tho wholo church
throughout tho world.
A second thing tho teacher will bear in
mind, namely, that tho bold imagery of the
book and this losxon hug much of it is to
lj traced to foregoing scripture. The Old
Testament Is tl.eroforo tho standard by which
wenruto ititorprot many of tho symbols of
tho book. Indoed, it profccntmind completes tho
unity of Revelation; forwhilo man U-ius in
Punull.K.., from which bis sin drives him, he is
guru in tho end of Revelation uj,'ain in Eden,
ami holding con verso with Ood without
temptation and without An.
Our lesson naturally divides it.sclf into tho
introduction, the di-Kcriptinn of Jesus and tho
iwssaL'o he sends: but for tho ihii-ihiso of tho
cl;t-s, it will probably bo better Ut take it up
verso by verso.
V. 4. John, tho friend of Jesus, tho lifo
lonu preacher, tho writer of tho pispel, tho
giiffeivr for tho truth, thn ngisl disciple, is
well lilted to receive ami deliver tho mes
sage of tho Church's Head. Tho "seven
churches" in Asia represent, whilo they uro
ono by one, no doubt, truly doscrilieil, tho
conditions of tho wholo Church in ull time.
Asia sometimes called Proconsular Asia
includes only a small pin t of tho continent
uiw so dcscrilMsl. It is tho Asia referred to
in I l'eter i, 1; Acta ii, D; vi, 0. "(iraco and
M-acu"aro in tho usual New Testament bless
ing. ".Mercy" is inserted in tho Kpistles to
Timothy. Tho description from him "which
is," etc., can only apply to Uod tho Father,
the "1 Am," who is "from everlasting to ever
lasting." Sco Ood's description of himself
to Isaiah, Isa. xli, 4; xliv, 0. The "seven
spirits" cannot lie angels or creatures
of any sort, or they would not bo placed lie
twoen tl.o Father and tho Son in this ac
count. Tho lamp of tho taliernnclo, the sa
cred and 'i fcct number seven, found in tho
sumo connuction in Zoch. iv, '2, !, und tho
fact that tho gift of tho Spirit ore sevenfold
in Ls xi, 2, explain this languugo. Tho jier
fect, sevenfold work of the one divino Per
son wo have brought before us. It is tho
idea of I Cor. xii, 4, "diversities of gifts, but
tho same Spirit." This Spirit is given through
Christ; henco Hov. iil, J ; iv, 5, and v, 0.
V. 5. Jesus is tho faithful witness to God's
character and law, concerning nil eternal
things, from Ood to men. Josas himself often
employed tho word "witness." Ho is tho "lirst
bogotton from tho (load"; for though there
were resurrections liefore his (Lazuru.s, e. g.),
they woro only tonijiorary, and tho htst
enemy camo again. But Jesus "dieth no
more," and his rising is tho ground of all
other triumphant resurrections He is "prince
of tho kings of tho earth"; as he said, "ull
rawer is given," etc., Matt xxviii, 18. (Ps. ii,
2; cx, 5.) Then conies the doxology, in which
Christ's great work is owned, running on into
v. 0. Mark tho order love, washing, mak
ing kings and priests, etc. We nro to give
this glory to Jesus now and forever. We
are all believers now, kings and priests
unto Ood. (l'eter ii, 0.)
V. 7. Christ camo once in lowliness. He
will como ngnin in glory, "with clouds" of
awA-inspiriug darkness, Tho ldou Is of terror
to his enemies, as wo soe by tho next words,
"they which pierced him" "wuil," etc. To
the saints his coming Is joyful; it is ter
rible to unpardoned sinners. Head care
fully l's. lxlvii, 2, from which perhaiw thia
idea comes. But John and ull believers re
joice in his coming and in all ho does. So
"Even so, Amen."
V. 8. Tho divino Being describes himself at
greater length, as In v. 4, taking the first and
lut letters of the Greek alphuhct, nlpha and
omoga "the beginning und the ending" to
represent his eternity, and rotating tho lun
guugo of v. 4, adding "tho Almighty." Of
this supremo cuu.se of all, Jesus is tho repro
sontativo; nnd while men reject him now,
and In so doing reject the Almighty, when ho
comes again it will bo tc assert and vindicate
divino right, und big enemies will quail be
fore him. (Soe Zoch. xii, 10.)
V. V. John now describes himself in lan
guage which could apply to no other John
than tho niostlo. "Brother" bow be puts
himself otiu level with the ordinary believers!
All were there suffering for tho truth, hence
"companion in tribulation;" but ull had joy
nnd strength in tho kingdom mid patience of
Jesus. Ho was an exilo in I'litmns, u rocky
isle in tho .Kenii sea. The government of
Domitian was trying to put down Christian
ity. Tho cuuso of his banishment was for
"the word of God" and the witness ho wus
bearing to Jivus. They could place 1 ii ill on
the bare, bleak rocks, but they could not rob
him of his joy.
V. 10. The "Lord's day" lir.it occurs hero
ns a phrase, mid soon came into general use.
It is a good description f the "first day of
the week," the day of his rising. lie was "in
the Spirit" not merely ns nil God's M-oplo
nro "in the Spirit" (Gal. v, Pi, but spec
ially taught, bellied and comforted. When
Cod's jieoplo suffer for him, ho gives them
blessed conniem at ion. Notice the significance
of the description tho Lord's day, bouse,
supM'r, icople, licrviee. For tho voice, as of
"a trumpet," ho Num. x, 2; l's. nviii, :i:i.
V. 11 gives instructions to write tlio com
munications now to bo mude to him and scud
theni to tho seven churches named. There
were doubt less many more than these, but
probably these are chosen to represent to tho
future the dangers, duties, encouragement
and liojies to lsj kept in mind by all Ood's
people in their various conditions. The his
tory of tho church shows the need of such
revelation We do not tuks tho commission
to includo only tho epistles to each, but the
whole revelation to tho ehd,
V. 12. Tho speukor is seen among "seven
golden cnndlesttcks," tho description ns in
tho Septuagint of Ex. xxt.SI (Heb. ix, 2), re
produced in Zech. iv, 3
(V. 13), nnd representing tho churches,
ninny in number, dciendnt for the light
they give out on him who is in the midst. A
candlestick by itself gives no light. It holds
up tl.o light Failing in this it is useless.
(See Eph. r, 11.) Tho prtciousncss of the
church is represented by the "golden," as in
v. 13, Hev. iv, 4, xxi, 21. Gold is rarest and
int valuable of all the metals.
John knew "tho son of man," henco "like
unto," though bU "garment down to the
foot," representing rank, and his "golden
Kiidlo" showed more dignity (Gen. xxxvii, 3),
and differed from hi apiiearaiix) in bis
humiliation. It is meant to show his glory.
(Seo Dan. x, 5; Isa. vi, I.) Men toiling were
girt about the loins, but dignified pernor
wero Rlrt alKmt tneirenst (N Iter, xr, a
Comoro also Isa. xl, & and F.plu vl, 11.)
V. 14. The "white hair" of this verse cor
responds to th "wool" of Dan. yil, 0, and
reprewmU not age, but dignity. The eyea
nro oa in Dan. x, 0. They ienetrute ana con
sumo. (Seo Ilov. xlx, 11, l'.)
V. l"i. No covering is mentioned for the
feet There is no dellleme.it In thn streets of
heaven. The idea is hhining, glittering. (Sea
lUiv. x, 1.) Tho "sound of many wuters" in
from Lzek. i, '24. The idea Ls of awe-inspiring
sound, not joyful.
V. 10. As a wreath held in his hand were
tbo "seven stars," and tho sword, sharp and
two-edged, Is in allusion to such uissuges as
II Sum. XTiii, 8; Isa. I, W; and in Isa. x.ix, it
wa see tho basis of tho symliol. Soma of the
fathers found tho Old and New Tttunicntg
In tho "two-odgod." Moro likely it is the
piercing sharpness thut is meant. (Soe Iicb,
iv, 12.)
V. 17. "Ilis countenance" suggenU tho angel
In Mutt, xxviii, 3. (See. Hev. x, 1.) It is clour
that it was never meant that tho painter or
sculptor should represent tlio apjicnrunce of
Jesus. It is not a figure; to strike tho senses
thut is presented, but one to impress and
teach tho soul. Bo John felt tho impression
(V, 17), and "fell at his feet as dead" (Seo
for parallels Ex. iil, 0; I Chron. xxi, 20; Isa,
vl, 0; Dan. viii, 17; Acts x, 4.) It is an in
voluntary act, not willing worship. There is
comfort for him, however, in -tho kindly
"right hand" luid on him, nnd tho words "fear
not," us in Isa. vi, 7, iu Dun. x, 1J und in
Matt, xvii, 7 to tho three disciples, of whom
John was one. His touch revives. Tho
cluim "I am tho first and the lust" could only
lie tho language of a divino being. (Scel.su.
xli, 4. xlviii, li)
V, 1. The knowledge of Jesus dying and
rising again, and having power over tho un
seen world und over deuth, w-us tho solid
comfort to John, us it is to ali God's people
to this day And forever. (Seo I Tim. vi, 1(3.
Tho length to which tho explanation has
necessarily gono prevents any full statement
of points to lie dwelt upon. Tlio following,
however, uro indicated: Tho need of know
ing all scripture; tho completeness of tho
Itil.lo; tho responsibility and dignity of the
Church; the glory of Jesus Christ, her King;
tho terrible guilt and conseipiences of reject
ing him, and the certainty und glory of big
coming again. Sunday School World.
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h return
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S. P. Moor. W. L. I.iohtiiakt.
IV.ket Auent r"reltrtit Atfent,
Chicago, Book Island and Facifio Btilroad.
llniwn PiaT.
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Klirlit Kyio-cmi
g, Kautaa City Kxprem.
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" 10, Bureau Kiwt AccoinnicxliUlou
" U, Bt. Paul Kxpren
FrtxQht Carrying I'ruuengert.
(lnlKll WK8T.
. i ll p
. s . js r m
. 7.02 am
, 3.03 P M
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.1-2.40 P M
No. t. Atlantic Eiprewi
" H, INIKIU r.lir-!-l
' 5. Clilfiwo ami Kansaa City Kxprens ....
" 7, Davenport Accommodation
, Rim p m
" 11, St. Paul Kjprean, via Albert Lea 3.5J P M
una 10.2) 11
Si ".".'!!!!:;!."..."!." tr.
Ni. S and in arrive In Chicago at 10 a. m. and leav
Chicago at 4.4.1 p. M. dally (Sunday excepted).
Noa. 11 ana Vi run uauy. im iu.i ..i..i,.
No. 4 carrlM pawM-niter from Oenearo to Ottawa,
.w. nua.Miitfnni hirwi.n .toliMt ana LA
HailP, anil n. wiwrrii ' " " '" ,.,- ,j
Nos. asandJS carry paiwenKKra between lilue Ialand
and U Salle. li. li. Caiil, Oen'l Manager.
Oen'l Tkt. A Pau Agt. Agtint at ouawa.
Cnleago, Burlington and Qamcy B. R.
June aotli. 188(1.
Going South,
Pkm. Fas.
No. 71 No.H
B. B.
P.M. LV AM. I?
4.45 8. IS
.H 11). S
1.18 1'J.S
(.90 in W
1.40 K'.S:i
.4 ll.''
.M It.'
7.63 U.IK
7.U U.M
7.22 U.33
7.W 11.42
7.7 11.50
7.50 12.02
8.10 13.24
8.90 12.45
Going North.
Pom. Pan
No. 70 No. 72
B. B.
4 V. AB PM. Al
VI. SO 6.M)
y 5 S.SO
;.! 5. OS
S.M 4 48
d. 13 4.30
8.08 4.19
7.58 4.U8
7 50 4.00
7.42 3.50
7.28 3.35
7.08 8.19
6.50 8.00
.Weat Aurora.
Koi K!v Jane
. MUlhrook..
..bl srl'luu...
S. renn
llHvton. ...
.2 '
l MX
H 'South Ottwa.
44 ..Blcio True k
52 V
.brand RUlne.
. Btreutor...
H-reiiHit trains carrr:Z oaaaerifi-rs leave llttawa at
follows: For Earl, 4.20 p.m. ; for Aurora. 10.0 a. M.:
jr Wreator. 5 U5 a. m . 5. P M..aml 10 05 a. m.
Mornlnn train make close couuectlon A t ABivjf fei
al) points east and west. -
i..nu,an Pi.iui siwiiIiib Pars. C B. Q. Drawlal
koom Cars, HorMn's liccllnlntr Chair Cars, and the C.
U to, Palace Dlnlnr Cars, by this route. All Inform
r ..r . . .Ii.nnln ruw arftm lltWl 11 mill
lion ntvoni rn m mr, bi"-muk ...........
and time Ublta will btiCriwrfiiily (rtvpn hy Hnyiying to
OcnerHl iweuKr Agent, Chicago
"benei Manager Chicago. G HO. K. HOK
Altumt'l "I 'i"
piNAh SK'ri'l.KMK'r.-ETTI! ok
l 1 ,. ..... ... . a ..vuui.v lii.-'n Viitli'e I herehv
uivi-n to nl! persons uileresli'il in said estate, that the
iiniliTlt'iii(l, iiiliniiiHIniler with the will annexed ot
(lie estate of said hllenoni Amlemon. dreeas. il. wlllaii-
. ... . I. .. tl .1 t ..t II lit L l.f 1 Jl Sv.l ll
pear liflorr nit-i luiuti,-, mo i im .--;:"
nml stale of Illinois, at the County Court House, in Otta
wa In said I'oiiniv. on ioiuiav, ihi. iiiin ua.v .ni"win
her a I". for the pui pose of renih rlnu an ai-roiint
,,f ins in- dlnim In the mliiiimstriitloii of said entale
for the II mil si-tileiiient.
Dated at Ottawa, una di" nay i o n ni .
Attkmt- A.T. Brtpi.h, Adininidtrstor. Ac
Clerk l'rohate Court, Iji Salle Co.. 111. novl3-3w
N'O'I'H'K.- hsTATR or TnoM Flow NINO, Ok
. v. ....... i ..i.'.in tli-.r tli.. Miulcr-
IKA!-K!.. ..mil V ll' '1 i ni, ii
sinned. Kxwutrln of the Inst will and tptiiinenl of
1 liollllis liowniai:. Hue 01 mr v nj in .......
state of Illinois, dei eased. will appear hefore the Prohate
Court of mild county, on the thud Monday (helim ttic
17th day) ot Januarv. 1Sn"7, at the Prohate Court Kooih,
In Ottawa, In said coiinlv. w hen and where all persons
Imvinu claims or demands aualnst said estate are notl
titled to attend and present lite aaine lu writing for ad
justment. Dated this 6th day of Kovc,I,b5r-E',JJ,(vJ-N.N-f,
novl3-Sw Eiecutrlx.
'0'riCK. F.statk opMichafl F. Ai.lks, Pk
I pbasrii. Notice is herehv given, that the under
signed. Administratrix of ihe estate of Michael P . Al
len, hoe of the county of Iji Salle and stale of Illi
nois, deceased, will appear hefore the Prohate I ourt of
said county on the third Monday (being the l.ih day)
of January, 1KK7, at the Prohate Court Koom. Ill Otta
wa, In said county, when and where all persons naving
claims or demand against said estate are netlned to
. .. ..... .. ..... ... M-Ml.ln.v tt.1 lllHlllK'tlt.
aiienii ami pn-sciu no- sm- wnnn ....
DattM thin Slli day of November, jf , gy
novl3-3w Adinlulsiratrlx.
VxyriOK.-EsTATM or Joiix B. KsM-ta. P'!'".
f Koiice is herehv ifiven lha' the iindersigue.1, F.x-
ecntrlx of the last will an J testament of John i . Keller.
ate of the county in i.a !ane aim hit ...o..... ...
reasril. will a.tH.r belnre tli Probate Court .of amid
cuuuty on Uie tliird Mouday tbclug the 17th day I Jan
uary, lavj. at the Probate Court Koom. In litwwa in
said iHMititv. when and where mil perMio having c aim
or deiiiamls against said estate are nnllroit to atleud
and present the same ill writing for mdJuMiiieut.
liated this lllh day of " XH MiESI A KKL1.K R,
novI3-3w Executrix.
A ILLINOIS. La Sallb Cot tt. in J"nbau CvmX
"XtZZlu aiMm'catlon hw been flle.1 In this court to
have a con "rvalor appointed for Elisabeth Wornilry.
who I alleged to he Insane, therefore you. the said
KllialN ih Wormley. are hereby n.rtltled to apr nj
fore the Prohate Court on the third Monday of nmnj.
ler 1. to wit, the twentieth day of leceinbrr. It
being the n day of the term. nd " '"y-
h, the prayer J tlm
Otuwa. IU Not. 11th, l.-3w rrobmle Clera.
I at on file In rhll4elr.li
at Uw Nfwit;r Adve
1. W AV KR tOc auU-jctawi aaeat
Harper's Bazar.
Harprr's Bazar romhlne. the choicest literature
and the fluent art lllustratlunt with the latest fashion,
and tho most useful family reading. It. stories, poems
and essays ire hy the heat writer., and It humorous
tketcht. are unsurpassed. It. paper, on social eti
quette, decorative art, house-keeping In all It. branch
es, cookery, etc., make it IndUpeniahle In .very house
hold. It. beautiful fashion-plate, and pattern-sheet
supplements enable ladle, to suve many times the c.t
of subscription by being their own dresstuakeni. Not
a line t. admitted to it. columns that could mock the
most fastidious taste.
I'er Venn
One VeariM Vumliers) 10. (A)
J'nit'ije Frre to all lubtirlbert In the L'nttea Slalet or
Tin! volume, of the Bazar begin with the first
Number for January of each year. When no time is
mentioned, subscriptions will lieglu with the Number
current at time of receipt of order.
Hound Volume, of Uaiickk's Hazak for three
years hack. III neat cloth binding, will be sent hy mall,
postpaid, or hy express, free of expense, (provided the
freight does not exceed one dollar per volume) for
li.uu per volume.
Cloth cases for each volume, suitable for binding
will be sent by mall, postpaid, ou receipt of 4)U each.
Itemlttiinccs should he made byl'ostoillce money
order or draft, to avoid chance of loss.
Aeirtiiatiertuienot to epu Ihi eiilrertinement i(lA
uut the tsprett outer of 1arpiT it lirothtrn.
Address, IIAKPKK & BROTHERS. New York.
Harper's Young People.
Hahtkk'h Vovno Tkoli-k has own called "the
model of what a periodical for young readers ought to
be," and the Justice of this commendation Is amply
sustained by the large circulation it has attained both
at home and in Great Britain. This success him heeu
reached by method, that must commend themselves
to the Judgment ot parent, no less than to the taste
of children namely, by au earnest and well sustained
effort to provide the best and most attractive reading
for young people at a low price. The illustration are
copious aud ut a conspicuously high standard of ex
cellence. ;,iiviiiiiiiii in iiiiimn hi,., ii- ............. ...... .......
able In Juvenile literature. Utmum Courier.
An Anil,,,,,,, tf ni.n.i'M.lnrt thut ! itltrartlvA anil il.isll..
A Wecliiy leasl 01 goon tilings 10 oie oon 111111 gins iu
every family which it visit. Itrooklyn L num.
It Is wonderful in it wealth of pictures. Information,
and interest. Chrutian Advot tile. S, 1".
TERMS' Postage Frepatd, $3.00 IVr Year.
Vol. VIII. commences Xwember 2, 186.
Sixolr Xi'MBiiRs, Five Cent each.
Remittances should be made by Post-OIHce Money
Order or Draft, to avoid chance ot Ins..
Xeicfxtpert are not to ropy tttlt adrertiieinent villi
out the expreu order of IIaki'kk & Bhothekh.
Address HARPER BROTHERS. New York.
Scriiier's Magazine
Published Monthly
SrRf rnkr'h Naoazim R will be In the widest aenae a
magazine f general literature, and each uutnbcrwill
be fully Illustrated. , ,
Some ot the most notable paper to appear during
the nrst year are a series of 'Lnpiihlished U-ttera of
Thackeray" of great autobiographical value: ex-Minis-ter
E. It. Washburn'. Keuiiniscences of theSlegeand
Commune of Paris ," "(illmpse al the Diaries of Oou
verneur Morris," Minister to France at the close of the
last century (giving full description, of social life and
characters at the time); a collection of contemsirary
letter describing "Early New York and New England
There Is much excellent llctlon, including a serial by
Harold Frederic; stories extending through several
number hy II. C. Hunner.J. S. of Dale and other;
and short atorlrs by it. L. Stevenson. Joe Chandler
Harris, T. A. Janvier, Miss .Tewett, Octave rhanet, II.
H. Hoyesen, Miss Crosby, anil a host of others.
Notable special papers to be published very early are
General r. A. Walker's on "Socialism;" Dr. William
Haves Ward' on "Babylonian Cylinder;" Mr. John C.
Ropes' on the "Portrait ot Ca'sar;" Captulu Ureeue s
on "Coasl oeieni e, etc., ei -.
SCKtnSKRS NAOAZtNK Will lie pUllllSlieil v T-'.Ki
year, or 2.1 cent a copv. Subscriptions may be sent to
any newsdealer or bookseller, or to
7W and 715 Buoaiiwav, Nkw York.
New York Weekly Herald,
Greatest and Cheapest Family
Journal 111 the I . a.
E?ery Number an Epitome of the
News of the World.
Is unequalled. Latest and most
accurate Cable Specials
Fullest Telegraphic Reports 01
all Current Erents.
rractlsalFarmlnHjarticleson cienne. Art.Uterature,
ILe urama, aluslc, Kellgtun, Fashions and Chess.
"w Teas HlBLD,
New Tork Ciry.
nifFBTICCDC otothm.whowish loemamin
AUlfalf lldklld this papw.ot obtain timae
on advertising (pace whan in Ch'CAgo, will find it on hi at
1AOUH19 m auaoifl
Carriage Factory,
Good Carrlagea, Top and Open BuKKles. Slide Saa
iJUKKieJi. two-seai open iiukkicb. i.iKiih niiuu
bulkles. Ac, can nnd them at this fac
tory, all of his own make, of the
Beat Material and In the Most Approved
Stvle and Finish, all Warranted and for sale at
Low Prlcea. Also makfl to order such as are wanted.
Kenalrlnadone Drompilf: painting, trimming wood
and Iron work
Wagon & Carriage Manufaciorf
JOHN D. VETTE, Prop'r,
On SuDerloi Street, near the old Fox
River House.
Haying introduced uiany important lmproTmnM
ID uiieatabllthmeot, maklDg It the largest and
moat con- piete tn the city, the onder
Igoed InTlWaf arroers aid other
desiring new wagoas or
old onea repaired'
or wishing
Fine Family Carrlagea, Itngglea, Phaatona
and Democrat Wagona,
Oranythngln his line to give him a call. A wort
warranteuauuprioea inai ucii
Carriage i Wapn Factory
Near the Fox River Bridge,
... -11 1-. .1 - n ramnnm Tnn unit Hm.
Manuiariura an mini" i " ' ' "'" . , iVJ.T
HUgglOB, Various PIJ U S "I wim- nu ' 1
tons. Democrat anil Spring Wagona, Alan haw a larg
assortment always on hand. Urst Class r AHM ICAty
WAUOXS always 011 hand.
All our wnrk Is warranted, and made nf the best ma
terial, and will be sold as low as good aud reliable work
We einphiy'a first class Trimmer and are prepared for
all kinds of top work and repairing at short notice.
Call and see our stock of Carrlagea, lliipg e and wag
ons before buying. HILL & MHiMHALB.
Lime, Salt. Cement. Plastering Hair
and Stuooo. Also the
Horse k Cattle Fool
A Dteaaiatlon far inferior to any ceuaitlOB
powdar ever made.
Oil Calie, Corn Meal, o.
Fob.ll-tf I4 Mllln "treet. Ottawa. IIL
Stair Rail Ral asters, Newels,
&c. &c, Ac.
Keep in stock, Tatred and rtnin IfuiUlvq F"P
LlH'kS. tlnaeg. .t'l'l.. nun . in... p. J .v.
plete a house. W e take colitra.-ta In any par : of th ll or
the adjoining sian-s. rinm wur,,,,.,,..
would do well to call on us and get our Ugurea.
La Salle Street, 0ttawa,111s.
Are preimred to do all kinds of
Has & Steal Fitting
Wrought Iron Pipes, Fixtnres,
Fittings, &c, at low prices.
Opera llotiae ltlock
Lippcrt's Lloat f.larkct,
Bonthaldeof MalnSt, a few door wt of
M. Kneasal's drug store, Ottawa, IIL I
The pnbltc will always find my market well stoctff
with tne choicest Fnh and Salt Meats su-n as Beef
Mutton. Veal. Pork.Corned Heef. Pickled Pork, t mokea
Hams and 81.1.. Ac fopeclal attenUon paid to i 'lijloe
and H.il.nrnaSaneea. .
March 1.14. GKOKUh UrPEKT.Ja.
Lumber Yard
Near the Illinois River Bridge
Contractors and Builders

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