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by virtue of the oiUoe held, they cannot
take the oillce cum omre, a It 1 called. Hurt
is with thHt burden attached to It, for the
Uncharge ol wbleli the legislature int-n-I
mally, r otherwise, has failed to provide
I Tel DHn-atlon. While taking rare of
thH poor the supervisor does nnt art as a
member of the board, and therefore cannot
receive the compensation provided for such
Un ices. The law Imposes this duty upon
him as supervis .r and not as a member of
the county Board. No compensation being
provided by law, such erv ices must be
gratuitously performed. This whole mat
fer h:is been decided by our Appellate and
I'.mrtj see 1J urnuweii, oi'w
u ,.;. ComJu vs Urur.er; 111 Illinois, 10,
In towns, however, ol tour
311111? I1"1" ' .1
. l ini.utiitHiitj nr ever, on the writ
UIOII3"' .. . - I
..... -...,t .f th HiiuervUor. the Board
may appoint an overseer of the poor and
ti i.u .omnensatluu anl term of oillce,
which canuot be longei than the life of the
ii i muLimr thH HDiMiintmeut. I he
Dumii wu,""n i . .1 ....
u...r,i in il.invr so cannot appoint the su-
tH-rvlsor f that or any other town to such
position. Section 1 of chapter 102, Kevlaed
MatuteH. expressly provides as follows:
"That it shall be and is hereby declared
....I..... unv liiinervlsor or county com-
Ulllim i.'t 1- - tI- -
missions, during the term of oillce for
which lie is elected, to be appointed to,
accept or hold any ofllce by appointment or
elec tion f the Board of which he may be
u member; and any and all appointments
and elections by the Hoata ..r r-upervisora m
county commissioners, whereby any mem
Vier or members of said Board, or either of
them, may be selected to fill any olliclal po-
anion, shall e snsoiuieijr uu nm
ItesnectfullV submitted.
M. T. Mom-nicy,
m..t' Attornev La Balle County.
f Miulrmun I.wls here resumed tliec.hair
i )n motion of Supervisor Ouun the Board
adjourned until 2 o'clock p. m.
Board met puisuant to adjournment
this mornlne.
Supervisor Norton, chairman committee
t, u with collliTV oilicern, BinMi1111r.11
TollMwIm reoort. which whs adopted :
Mr. Chairman. Ac Your committee to
ufoi.. uiti. r-nimtv ollicers would respect
fully repott that they have examined the
halt yearlv report of 1. Flnlen, county
clerk, together with the books and vouchers
iwrtaining thereto, and believing the same
name to he correct as to items iuciwu
til i tlffl would most respectfully recom
mend the adoption of the same, and that
), drawn on the treasury for
amount found due.
Mr. Chairman, d: Gentlemen: I here
u iiii mii hin It til vour honorable body my re
port of the business of the county clerk's
oillce for the half year ending December
1, lsi, a detailed account ol wuicn ap
pears of record in said oillce:
I our!, iliirlnn pres'-nt nit..
Krum i-riitiiK prevl-
minly rt-Mru.-il
r'nmi minify In pen
illi'll Ca':
79 H
15i l
Totnl Court twlnl ....II.I0R8!
Three . i.iintyorileniaH per rrnohillou
"I I"mI
T..I.H rwi-lntH
niili.iii due enmity cliirk toi $4 jje 81
tnmiDBiif uknth.
......I.. . -uluro hair war IaVKO
Twn ilepiitleiT miliirlet. I.JJJJ"
2:tm Hi
lurMi'iiUil i-ipvumii.
Total dliburwmiMili
Mnklnx tux lHik fi I1"' J
fA.Zt) 81
Km mi
I imrt
TnUl curiilliK"
, ttt,'.l l
HnlnrliM, clerk hin- hiiS Ini'lili Ltiili
huruliiK III exreBit of r 'lin'ii
siinnrulHor Norton also
.. !.) SI
.. 5,7.)! 1U r,9l l
submitted the
f.illnwinir report which was fwlopted.
Mr. Chairimn ttx Your committee to
nettle with county ollicers would reaped
fully report that they have made a thT
oiorli lnvestliratlon of the books and vouch
ers in the oillce of county clerk Flnlen,
for the four years expiring December 1,
lHSil, and llnd on comparing the receipts
as shown tiy the books, with the amounts
reported and ptld over to tne county ireas
urir, that the moneys have been accounted
f.r; tlmt a few small clerical errors
discovered, but on adjusting the
It 'ins It was found that the clerk had over
ii inl the county the sum of twenty two dol
mis and sixty'cents, and we recommend
that the clerk be authorized to draw on
the treasurer for the amount.
Wakkkn H. Nouton, Ch'n,
win. J. Dwvkh.
jahii. Okkkn.
IIknuv Oi nn.
Khkp. W. Eapes.
Supervisor Norton also submitted
following reiMitt which was adopted.
Mr. Vhairman At our committee to
ettle $ltli county ollicers would respect
fully report that from the settlements here-
tofre had with the several clerks in the
uffTerent olllces and rum partial examln
tioos made, your committee to settle with
county ollicers, uwould moht resiiectfully
report that they find that the register of
fees required ly statute, (page u.j sec. .Mj
to be kpt from day to day, as by said law
contemplated Is not kept, but that said
roister of fees is made up half yearly
from tiles of papers, diA'kets and memorau
d i requiring a great amount of research
and labor, which. In our opinion, can lie
obviated by a strict compliance with the
It has further come to our knowledge
that a larie amount of fees received for
certified copies of papers and proceedings
had In the several courts nave not in a sin
le Instance been reported among the earn
itiL's. nor receipts of said olllcera as re
iiuired by law, and the opinion of the
cotintv attornev herewith attached
Your committee further flntl that it Is
the practice of some of the ollicers to con
vert the witness fees by them received ioto
their own ixu kets, through the medium of
a so called power ol attorney, insieHU oi in
to the county treasury as tin law directs In
case they are not claimed by wltueses at
the expiration or ttieir term oi otuce. i uey
thereby necessarily become attorneys for
thousands of people In the. collection of
fees as well as Supreme Court Judges in
construing the statute to enrich themselves
at the exjiense of the county.
Your committee would recommend that
some means be devised at this meeting of
the b wrJ whereby our salaried clerks and
all others In their employ can be relieved
from these arduous self lmKeed duties.
Io view of th facts set forth above your
committee would recommend that the said
clerks oe, anl are hereby instructed,
by this board that a strict compliance with
the law, both In the manner of keeping
the register of fees and the matter of fees
as earned above will be exacted by this
board, and In case of refusal or neglect on
their part to comply with the above rea
sonable request, that do further salary, fee,
emolument, perquisite or perdlem of any
nature or kind will be paid to them by con
ent or approval of this board.
To the Committee to $dtU vtih County Oft
ttn, Gxsixemex: You have propound
Ad to me tUa following enquiries, anil de
sire an answer thereto: ...
"Should the circuit and county clerks
charge themselves for the fee received
f,ir mildnir records ill cases taken to the
higher courts, and rexrt the same to the
county" and aiso. -biioiuo um
clerk charge bluiself for certitied copies of
wills and other documents used to scud to
other states v"
My answer, without nlng y reasons
therefore in detail, that in both litani es
such fees or emoluments siiouiu oe repon
ed to the county board, and of course they
should charge themselves wlih such fees
or costs when received. This latter fol.
lows as a matter of course from their be
log bound to report them to tue uoaiu.
Youis truly,
M T. ftfui.o.MwV. Co. Att'y
Supervisor Lukius, chalniMn committee
on roads anu brhiges, suommeu me
iiiLr riouirt wlitL-h was adopted.
Mr. Vlmniuin Ac Your committee on
roads and bridges would resectiuiiy re
m.rf tin.' the matter referred to them In
regard to a bridge across Fox river be
tween the townships of Dayton and Hut
land, would respectfully report that they
have received no olliclal notice tint ald
bridge is completed.
We therefore would recommend that
there be no payments made on said bridge
at this term.
The committee are of the opinion that It
will be establishing an unsafe aud trouble
Home precedent for this board to allow liar
tui imvniKntH on unfinished work for
which county aid has been granted.
All of which is respectfully submitted.
VV. II. I.i kins, Chairman.
SllllAI' visor (ireen moved that when the
special committee of this hoard appointed
to look after the interests of the county In
the uiMtter of tlie appropriation lor ;
In Id in over thn Fox liver at Dayton, 111
inMiiMi t and accent said bridge on behalf of
the COUnty Ulon IIS Iiuai roniiuninui, aim
mi rrtlfvto th county clerk that he he au-
MioriHil nnd directed to Issue an order on
the treasurer In favor of the towns of Kut
land and Dayton f ir the amount heretofore
appropriaieu lorstou onue, iu u.
Motion carr ed.
Supervisor Oransden, chairman commit
tee to settle with county treasurer, suomii
ted the following report, which was adopt
Mr. Chairimn. our committee to
settle with county treasurer would respect
fully report that they have examined the
report of S. W. llaymond, county treasur
er, as furnished them, covering the time
from the last meetlUL' of the iioard in Sep
tember. 1HMII. to the present time, lour
committee would further rtjport tiiat tney
have examined and canceled all the orders
presented to them in the books of the clr
cult, cnuutv and probate courts, and de-
stroyed them ity lire. I lie notes canceieo
and vouchers for Interest thereon are here-
, - - . . . i
with submitted with the report, to be died
by the county clerk with the report.
. .. - . . .r.u I . 1 ..... I
All or wnicn is resjiecuuuy nuoiiuueu.
Amikkt ukanspkn, Chairman.
ItAVMONP. County Tri'muirt-r,
In Helmut Hli I flle County:
HhI iIiii' county M pe r Sept ri'imrr fl.i,
,i.iii 1 1
W W I)lor, irrun i.iwk i" i
l.i. u If pio:Kuniii, uuioii Bui',
jf,, () i stiM'kdnl. county Sti(
Oct . 0 H htiK-kdl, County hnpt
20. Kut I II Polih lor K It HolikT....
U,7I S3
Sfht It. Iimtlluti' Kund
Ort H, Inti-mit. Wiiitu !'"
, lntltiit ruin! I "
U. " " ''
Not It, IntiTint, Trillium luo
:iu. Note mid Inmri'iii. Wllnon km hi
Coiiiiti onl;ri ... ill.MS !
I Irrult Court... 1,,'iim
Jury " County " ... 6WM
I'rolmtn " ... ii"
Wltmi " F-''I
( oiiiton m:.V. Iti'id I prct.. 4 17
" tMAM HI. nil out I pr i t 'Jul :iM
lUliilii'f due County 15,Wil6
All of which Is respectfully submitted.
8. W. Kay mono.
Subscribed and nworn to before me this
IHh day of December, 1KSI.
I. Fii.ka. Co. Clerk.
Supervisor Dresser, chairman committee
to aettle with county superintendent of
schools, submitted the following rejairt,
which was adopted :
Mr. Chairman, dr. Your committee to
settle with county superintendent of schools
would respectfully report that they have
examined the bills preseutej before them,
and recommend the payment of the fol
La S.vi i.k Corvrv
To 0. B. SrtM kiiai.k, Dr. Cr.
Dec.li, Printing record book.
Postage, telephone and ex ,
Balance due Sept. 1,1,
H. til
I. 00
To 70 days at l per day,..
Janitor at 1-a Salle school,
fins nr
By 'order on treasurer,.
Balance due Supt.,...
(1. B. STt'CKPAI.K, Co. Slipt.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this
Hth day of September, A. D. lHMiJ.
P. Finlkn, Couuty Clerk.
In reference to an assistant school sup
erintendent, which the law provides, your
committee, on the suggestion of the coun
ty superintendent, would respectfnlly re
commend that he be and Is hereby author
ized to employ such clerical help as he
may deem proper, at a salary not to exceed
'.00ayear,a sum much less than that paid
an assistant, thereby enabling him tode
vote a greater portion of his time to the In
terest of the schools, and by so doing ob
viate the necessity of an assistant superin
tendent. K. S. Dhkssku, Chairman.
Supervisor (Jrlffln Introduced the follow
Ing resolution:
lle"lr?l, That .M.T.Moloney be em
ployed as county attorney uutll Sept. i,
1HH7, at a salary of six hundred dollars a
On motion of Supervisor Bubeck said
resolution was referred to the committee
on fees and salaries.
Suervl!or Stevenson, chairman commit
tee on complaints and abatements, submit
ted the following report, which was adopt-
Mr. Chairman, our ccnimlttee on
com plaints and abatements would resjiect
fully report tiiat tney nave ranuuunu nm
matter of the petition oi j. u. am.e, w
Krm Kin if. oresenttHl before them, rela
tive to the ernmeous description of the N.
of sec. 8, 31 :t on Isrth the assessor's
and collector's books, and the refunding of
previous taxes paid by him on property
sold for taxes by reason of Imperfect de
scription. Your committee are iniortneu
bv the deputy clerK mat me oi miu
section 8 has given much trouble, for the
reason that different tracts are not correct
ly located and some Imperlectly described.
Yeur committee recommend that the clerk
correct the description of section 8 accord
ing to the best Information In his poatea
sioo. and extend aald corrections to the col
lector's books, now being prepared.
Concerning tb refunding ol th taxes
for past years, your committee feel that!
li 1hw.
fully refunded, yet the claim Is tP t in
shape to enable your committee to tlctt-r
i.ilnu what i mount, if any. should lie re
turned. We then fore recomm"iid tlmt i.e i
ietltloner be allowed to withdraw, wltnout
prejudice, his claim for ref iintlineiit,
with the privilege, If he deslies, of mak
ing the same more definite and specllic.
All of which is respectfully bulunit'ed.
Jami.s W. SiK knsiin, Chalimaii
Supervisor Norton, chairman committee
to settle with county ollicers, submitted the
following report, wnich was adopted:
Mr. Chairman, dr. Your committee, to
settle with county ollicers would respect
fully report that pursuant to instructions of
this Board, adopted at the lat September
session, ask to present the follow lug report
of progress made In Investigating the
books and accounts in the otlLe of probate
Tlie committee have devoted as ruin h
time as possible to the Investigation and
llud a shortage In the accounts ot Probate
Cleik Bartels to the probable amount of
eight hundred ($H(KI.0O dollars,ln addition
to the amount reported by the committee
at the Septemlier meeting of the Hoard.
We think aliout three fourths of the wink
in this oillce has been done, and the wink
Mill to be done prevents a complete report
at this time. The method of examination
found necessary has compelled the commit
tee to take more time In this work tban
was expected when they began to overhaul
the books.
W. II. NmnoN, K halrman,
"W. J. Dwvui,
IIknuv (It -NX,
Bash. Ckkkn,
.vhki W. Kadks.
Supervisor Norton also submitted the
following report, which was adopted:
Mr. Chairman, tfv. Y 'our c mittee to
settle with county ollicers would respect
fully report that, alter having made fur
ther examination of the hooks of I .
Stocksleger, former county clerk, are still
satisfied that lila accounts should be invest
igated, as recommended by this committee
at the September meeting. 1 lie commit
tee, in such examination as they could
make in one day on Mr. Stock slegei's
books, found a shortage of about fli 4',
ami we went over but a small pint of his
All of which is respectfully submitted.
W. II. NoiiTo.N, Chiiii'n,
IlKNItY (j U.N.N,
Bash, (Skk.kn,
Fhku W. Kadks.
On motion of Supervisor Fischer the
committee to settle with county ollicers
were Instructed to continue the investiga
tion of the various county ofllees.
The following rejsirt of I. V. Uilwn.
iiinty agent, was read and orileied placed
upon the records of the Board:
Mr. ( tuurman, dr. as to trie numner
and sex of inmates in county asylum at
this tlate, would respectfully report:
Whine number inmates PJ
Number under H years of age,. . . .
Number under IX years of age at
tending school,
Respectfully submitted.
T. C O i upon, Co. Agt.
On motion of Supervisor Sawyer Board
adjourned until 8 o'clock tomorrow morn
ing. Satuhpay, Dec. 11, lKHfl.
Hoard met pursuant to adjournment.
Present same as yesterday.
The record of yesterday's session was
read and approved.
Supervisor Fischer, chairman committee
on fees aud salaries, submitted the follow
ing report, w hich was adopted :
Mr. Chan-man, dr. 1 our committee on
fees and salaries would respectfully recom
mend that M. T. Moloney lie retained as
ounty attorney at tlie same salary (000
per year) as he has formerly received.
u. rise ii eh,
Chairman Committee.
Supervisor Fischer also submitieJ the
following report, which was adopted:
Mr. Chairman, Ac lour committee on
fees and salaries would respectfully report
that they have examined the matter ot jan
itor and night watch In fixing salary pre
sented beiore them, and recommend the
following: That the salary be fixed at fio
per month, this amount being for janitor
and night watch, and shall be paid monthly
upon an order drawn by the sliertu and
certified to by the county clerk ; said salary
shall he paid ouly as long as tne work sintii
lie done as directed by the lioard ot tuper-
vUors; said duties shall consist In keepitur
the main halls, court rooms and otllces In
a clean and proper condition, and do all
other work in and about the court house as
may be directed by the sheriff. And it Is
further understood that alter the court
house is closed for the night that the night
watch shall remain Inside of the building
until it is opened again in the morning.
(;. Fisi iiKii, ciiainnun.
Fiikii. W. Kadks.
A. T. (lllIKKIN.
J. II. Caui.in.
Supervisor Heed, chairman committee
on court house and jail claims, submitted
tlie following report, which was adopted:
Mr. Chairman, rfv. . 1 our ciiininiltee on
otirt house anil Jail claims be if leave to report
that they have examined all claims presented
lieforo tht.Mii, and rufointniMiti tne payment or
the followlnif, and that the clerk ! tlireetnl
to Instil? orders for the several amounts, to Hits
severul e liliuiiiutM. to wit:
lwyer Krns., supplies for juil
J 10
5 30
:;u oo
ii t7
!l ,rSI
5 -y.
43 00
ieo W Heed iS Ui, supplies
for boiler house
V Patch, repairs circuit
clerk's oillce
Central Union Telephone Co,
use of telephones
11 ,1 (iilleli, supplies
A Alshuler, supplies for jail.
I) l.citliy, shoes
Sanderson, lee lor eouri
Ottawa lijs Co, gas fur court
Ottawa lias Co, ;as for jail. .
Ottawa Oas Co, pu for boiler
1!4 CO
119 110
It) SO
M4 40
jo :u
Ml 1HJ
9C.7 00
Msnley .V Jordan, supplies
for court house and J.iil....
David Krouse, repairing lis k
iVc, court house
John VV Of ei; t Co, irs litu'ir
and supplies for coin t house
unit jail
Win K MilliiTHli, bonrd'ir pris.
oners, claimed f'.TJOO, al
lowed Win K Milliaan, washlnif for
74 .'.7
Ii .v.is;
All of which Is respectfully submitted.
John F. Kkkd,
Supervisor Reed, of the court house and
fail committee, presented the claim of I..
Howard of 158 05 for boardintr jurors, ami
moved that the same lie allowed to Hie amount
of 1'W.UU,
Supervisor Norton moved as an amend
ment that said bill be allowed at the rate of
75 cents per day for each person boarded.
Amendment lost.
The question now recurring on the mo
tion of Supervisor lUed to allow aaid bill
to the extent of f 225.00, It was carried by
the following rote:
Aye Tienruo p , Burkhart, Oar
lin. Do ! -ess r, D'.vytr. I.sdes r arns
worth, rNcl;-. i t:i.glier, dunu, Oiilllu,
llicki'k, Hillenbrand, Hollecker, JUdde
M lici liili-r, lcl.aiii.lilan, Nicliolstm, Hie
.sii-wiisoii, L'liailUlaL 'iA.
Noen Anderson, Bi.wen, Butteitield,
Dlnsinore. Dunaway, Ford, Oibbs, (J in
cIhh, ireen, Jennings, Lauber, Li . Ins,
.Nurton, O Lou'tilin. I'&Uiips, Howe aw
y, Spi ln el, 'I lioiiipson, Wilson (
I lie lollnw lug rcsoltition ollered I. y Su
iersnr Pi.scher was adopted.-
A' " i-c. That the sheiill is hereby In
ti in tHi.1 th.it in the future lie shall contract
lot 'boarding jurors for a pilce not to ex-ci-imI
one dollra per day for hoarding and
Induing, or V!") cents per meal.
MipiT Isor iunti.i li-iiiiuHU cooimlttecon
-tatK'iiery claims, submitted the following
lepnit, which was adojited :
.1-. Chairman, Ac. Your committee on
riti"iieiy claims would respectfully report
that tliey have examined all claims present
ed before them, and recommend the pay
ment of the f, Howing, aud that the clerk
be directed to lr.ue orders for the several
amounts to the several claimants, to-wll:
lirown, lvuilmue it Kelly, bia'y,.. t4tl'J 41
('ulii'ii ,v .s.i', limiting,. ,
A, .1 . l!i''Hk k, iirititiiuc
ti. II. A l.iiiiick, stationery
W. I., .'et'ly aiel T. N. ilaskins, list
Of CllUSi'S, l'l
Cliii.iigii Legal News, I wo vols, llrad-
VM'II'S lil'JHirlH,
111. I'i iiititig Co , stationery
11 (N)
87 50
41 40
Kn e Trader, stationery,
.luliii Morris a., stationery HH OH
Mi'l'lifii Artinll, slntiis,
II tpi'inan .V (iraliatn, stationery,. . .
Meek Bros. , stationery
I 'nit io" .hi Manna, binding
.1. W. Turner, siuiionery,
I. F. Kendig, printing,
1). II. Myers ,v Co , books for pro
tide court,
a so
13.. 15
10 00
73 00
$1041 94
All of which is respectfully submitted.
II knry (it.NN, Chair' ii,
The t'ulloiviug resolution offered by Super
visor Sevensou was adopted:
.'. ..oiTc, That 'he county clerk is hereby
nut Iimi tt'.i to c.iuse to be extended upon the
tax bonks of I.u Mille comity annually ac
(Mr ling to law, alter the issue of the bonds
provided for by the resolution adopted by
tlie county Hoard at its present session, a
tax, in audition to all other taxes of the
county, siillicietii to pay tie interest on the
indebtedness evidenced by r uh bonds, as it
falls ilue; and also lo pay and dicliarge the
principal thereof according to such terms
as may be in such bonds.
Supervisor Norton, chairman committee
to settle with county officers, submitted the
following report, which was adopted:
Mr, CUairman A c. Your committee to set
tie with county ollicers would respectfully
report that they have examined tho report,
expense bill and to some extent the accounts
covering the lime iherein reported of W. W.
Taylor, circuit cleark, and believing the
same lo he in form as required by law, true
and correct as to mailers therein contained,
ami that the voucher from the treasurer for
amount due county is attached and made a
part of this port. We would most re
spectfully recommend the approval of the
same. All of which is respectfully submit
miiieJ. Warbks H. Norton, Ch'n.
IlK.NRY (it.'NN,
Kasil Gkkkn.
Fiikii. W. K.vhk.
Mr. Chairman Xc The undersigned would
respectfully submit the following report of
earHings and receipts in the oilice of the
clerk of the circuit court, for the six
months ending December 1, 1886, item
i.ed statement of which appears of record
in said oilice :
Total fees earned $2 07b' 05
Fees earned previously reported, 1 OBJ M
Total fees collected, civil
orim. previously reported ,$ 1 003 50
Total fees collected civil
and criminal 982 20
Total lees uutiol'd, civil, 48o 90
Total fees " criui. 699 85
3 131 4o 3 131 45
Total fees ree'd, civil,
Total fees ' critu.,
Salary, six months,
I'eputies, six months.
F.xpense. ac't, ( Kx. A.
Amount due county,
1 80S 10
240 0
900 00
890 00
.11 77
203 93
& 1! )
2 04 ) 70 2 045 70
5203 93
TltKASt'BKlt's OlFICB, 1
La Salle County.
Ottawa, Dec. 11, 1880.
Heceived of V, W. Taylor, circuit clerk,
Two hundred aud three, 93-100 Dollars.
A. M. Hoffman, Treas'r.
On motion of Supervisor McLaughlan (he
clerk was aiithnried to draw his orders on
the treasurer in favor of the several super
visors for the sums of J 1.50 each for posting
notices of November election.
Supervisor llickok, chairman committee
on miscellaneous claims, made a verbal re
port for said committee, recommending the
allowance of claims of Jerry Matter, consta
ble fees, 4.50; Fred VV. Mad as, cash paid tor
three rooms for register aud election in town
of Bruce, $3ii.(K. Keport adopted.
Supervisor Ciunn moved that the commit
tee on public liuildini and the chairman of
the lioard be uuthorued and directed to in
sure the county asylum for an amount not
to exceed S2o,00n, and that the clerk be
authorized to draw an order on the treasurer
for the cost of such insurance. Motion car
ried by tlie following vote:
Ayes ll.iwen. Bubeck, llurkart. Dins
more, Doyle, Dresser, Dywer. Farnsworth,
ForJ, Gallagher, Gibbs, Green, Gunn, Grif
fin, llickok. Hillenbrand, Hollecker, Jen
nings, I.auf, Lauber, Luteins, Madden, Maier
holer, McI.Ructilan, Norton, O'Loughlin,
Phillips, Heed, Stevenson, Thompson 30.
Noes Anderson, Buttertietd, Carlin, Dun
away, Fades, Fischer, Gransden, Nicholson,
Kowe, Spencer, Wilson. Mr. Chairman 12.
On motion of Supervisor Mcbauchlan the
time for holding the next meeting of the
Board was fixed on third Monday iu March,
t)n motion of Supervisor Fischer the elerk
was directed to publish the proceedings of
the Hoard in the usual manner.
On molion of Supervisor Green the clerk
was authorized to draw orders on the treas
urer in favor of the several supervisors for
their per diem and mileage in attending this
term of the Board.
On motion of Supervisor Fischer the Board
adjourned until the third Monday in March
FmliletB of Good Luck.
The latest emblem of good luck in Parle Is
the African gri-grl, copied from the "fetich
brought over by the black Prince Karamoko,
vt bo bos lately tieen one of the lions of the
French capital. The gri-gri U a tiny Insect
of very ancient day, impriaoneil in amber,
and imitations are mounted in different
article of Jewelry for the Parisian balk to
wear as charms. -Frank Leslie's,
Onr Family Physician
ItVit .Medical Work for Jlomc
l'ie Kver Trintetl.
Ulvea tlie Allopathic, Homeopathic unrt Eclectic
treatments-all three fur eacli aud every (llacae u ml
Himelaiwltleil "Tntilii of Byinptoma," hy which any
ordinarily Intelllxeiit P'Tnon can iletermlue aa wt-ll k
a phynli'iim what itUcanc a patient la auffcnnK from or
threatened with.
Thin It a feature of the hook worthy of upeelal atten
tion-!! (rut lire peculiar to tlila hook. Any Koon medi
cal work will tell yon what to do, if gnu know it hat
tin: aifatr it, lint the difficulty l. you inn out tell from
tlie hook what It In. To find out, you are uhliKcd to
M'lid for a phyalclan! The book are written with thla
view-, written generally in the luirvvw the iHiym
linn. With "Our Family l'h)nlciaii," you can tell,
yourself, what the matter la, Juxt aa unerringly aa a
doctor coald. In tlin re'ct the bonk differs from all
otheri ; atid even if you hare then, you need thin
book alao.
It la a tMMik that after ualna; au months, no pareu
woiiiu part won s." aju.
It will save from ft to V0 every year Iu any family.
We have had a pec nil edition of tills standard and
well known work, eli'Ksutly hound, 5llpaBea theaninu
atyle in which Iu book atorea It sells for t-l printed for
tine by this paper as a premium. During the coining
four inoiithi we Khali offer this valuable book, together
with a year's subscription 10 the Kkki Trader, for
In other words, w wl I sell ) on the tasik for about
one lialf Its regular iKlatillslied price, and gUeyou
Mi 1 11 1 No :
We do tills, of course, to hiilld up the circulation of
our paper, which e are tieieruiiiieu snail go regularly
in'o VU faiHilies tH'fore January I. Iss;.
If you want thebet nivdleal work there la for home
U"e and the liest weekly paper puhlialied in La Salle
eiiuniv, now la your ipKirtuulty! Vou can get iioi u
for fi.mi: Where this book is to he sent out ot Ottawa.
IW cents extra must accompany the ordur, to prepay
postage or expresa charges.
If the ivMiK s'ive4 calling a doctor nsi.r onr Tin
that ons saving will amount to more than both book
and nauer cost you !
4o waknot AKKonn n as without situ
X. B. Azents w anted at o nee.
In Circulation and Political tnfluanca Is tba
Leading Republican Newspaper
THK INTRR CiPKAN haa from the bea-lnnlna beB
the dsfendnr of home Inatltutlona and American
Idsan. It la tba advocate of equal righta ror an oe
tore the law. of protection to American labor, and
of the Idea that America le for Amerli ana--not nec-
eaearlly Americana by birth, but true citiiona or mr
Kepublle. It bellevea In the Weat and Weatern
men, holda to the Idee that the future neat of em
niF win h in rh MiMeiMHinnl VaUov. and la bold
and aggresalve In Its oppoHltlon to the unholy alli
ance between the money-changers of New York
City and tlie States lately in reneiuon.
TIIK 1NTKK OCEAN la earneetly In favor of tn
Kenubhcan Dartv benauae It bellevea the principles
of that party are correct, and that, honestly car
ried out, they will best protect the rights and ad
vanes the Interest of the whole people. It la not
however, a blind follower, but is always ready tc
denounce Republican wrong-doing, either In hlgr
or low places.
THE INTEK OCEAN has always maintained that
the Nation la under an obligation to the aoldlera ol
the late war. who Jeopardized their Uvea to protect
It from armed treason, which It can never repay
and, consequently, har advocated the establish
raent of 8oldlers' Homes and the enactment o
such pension laws aa would loave no disabled vst
ran In want.
Aa a Newapapor THR INTER OCEAN Is not e
celled In the United Btatea. Aside from the eervloi
of the Associated Preas. In which It holds a mem
berahlp, It keeps a large body of Bpscial Corrs
suoiidHiits, both In thla country and in the Olr
World, and has 8PEC1 AI. LEASED TM.EORAPHK
WIRES connecting its Chicago omce wun vi nn
itinmN end NEW YORK. In both of which clttei
It has SPECIAL NEWS BUREAUS and maintain
Branch Offices.
The Do'liT Inter Qoean
Is published every day In the year.
Pricf, nclasive ol Sunday, - $ 8,00 per lev
' Sunday meliidod, - - lO.uu
The Semi-W)eeHljf Inter 0oean
Is published on MONDAY8 and THURSDAYS, an
contalua tne newa conneuaeu irum mo wiwij.
An.nn other features. THE SEMI-WEEKLY
printa the Sermons of Prof. Swing and other lead
Ing Milliliters ot Chicago.
l'rii e, llsj.no jierYenr.
The V)ceKly Inter Qoean
Has the LAROE8T CIRCULATION of any weekly
paper weat or new lor.
In 1R84. before the reduction of postage. It paid
1 'rice, 9 1 .OO per ear.
Everv effort Is used to make THE WEEKLY
one that con be taken Into any family with profit ti
each of Its members. The Stories and other liter
ary reaturea are from the pens of the ableat am
most approved wrttera. Among them are MRS
All the leading features or the paper which hav
be continued and Improved, arl nothing will br
left undone to keep It In the front rank aa A SOUND
There la a great demand from all parts of the
country for a correct but cheap Hlatory of the
United States. Most of such books are ao large
and expensive as to be out of the reach of moat
families. Yet every boy and girl ought to be famil
iar with the history of their country. It can hard
ly mil to make thera belter cittiene. THE INTKF
OCEAN has made special arrangements by which.
Iirown's History of the United Nates
Can be offered with THE WEEKLY INTER OCEAN,
one year, at the very low rate of
For both the hlatory sod paper.
BROWN'S HI8TORT la a weU-wrttten story of
our country, from the earliest settlement to tbe
present day. It la well printed in elear type, on
good white paper, and bound In cloth. It contains
more than SIXTY I LI. UST RATIONS and over SIX
mi tor the paper On i'ear and Hit UtnUirt, both to
tent txvtnfft itiJ.
l OO per year, and a.iy person sending fbur yearly
aubecnptlone for that edition, accompanied by the
nil! wibeciiptlon prtce-FOUR DOIXARS-w will
moat any boy or girl can secure four subscribers,
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(temple copies of any edition of THE INTER
OCEAN will be sent on application.
Remittances may be made at our rlak. either by
draft. ft press. poetonVe order, express orders
postal notes, or rvgiatered letter. Money oent in
aay other way la at Uie nsk of lbs person eadtng
8S MadtsonjCTrsgo
Teu Llitls 'locf .V Menu Thing- to Do.
How tt OivH u Ilnre it Soft Mouth,
' I'atnitlu ' 1 he Croujiutle .V Hit
Mill) i.utf.
A wrih-r in 11iu'ht'i Youm; l'tuplo has
Uvn Riving Btiinii rlever l-isnis in liorselmrk
riiliig. In a Into out' ho tells tlio Uy Low to
"form" a borsc's nioiilli tlmt ic will always
ivstiuiiil lightly anil fiiwly to the-1 'iJiT'ij touch.
A girl -uu do it jnt us well us u IjOV. A
liorf, ho snvs, kliouUl ncw r . U Wvl
uiiiutuod. It Ls u vicious habit." But hit
Litis the young I-kxjjiIo ix-ii leiriln-r, ut the same
tinif, that "unk-KS your sout is so tirui thut
yoiu- huutls uiv lijj't you can never givoa
horst) a Koft iiiiiutli."
The writer tnkt-s itn imaginary horse called
''Dtui'' ami lupins hit diitftions hy saying:
!SiiiMist now ymi Kiniiil at Don's near
klioiilili-r, ami tiikin;; hnlilof tho curb reins at
tint withers, give a steaily, p-ntlti pull. Don
nmv atteintit to liat k. but you must check
thii. inclination with the voice. The treiwura
f the curb chain will soon iiinko him brincj
lowii his heml, oeii his mouth, ami arch his
mrk. As .soon ns ho ilo.'s tiiis, put ami caress
him, ami in a sccnml or two releaso tho rein
mill let him hnve his heml a moment to rest.
Try th" Minw thing again ami again, very
gruilually liivpinj; tho neck urchetl a hit
lunger eiii-h time, but miir .so long; asto
tempt him to resist, which ho will ilo by
pulling on tho bit, or throwinji up his head,
or bucking.
So long as he cliinups the bit ami seems
comfortable, keep 011 at this drill for, say,
aliout half an hour a tiny. In a week or two
you will find that lion will arch his neck at
the slightest indication of the bit, awl keep
it arched for a long timo without fatigue.
When ho does this easily, try tho muiio thing
for a few days mounted and standing. And
later still go through the exercise for a week
or two while Don is walking. Never try to
force his mouth; coax him with hand and
voice, anil never keep him ut it so long as to
tire him so that ho will hang on the curb,
for this will surely hpoil his mouth.
Aftor some weeks you wiJl lind that Don
will keep his neck arched, his mouth ojien,
anil a light hold of the bits at any gait. This
is what we call "in hand." At first you
had lietter alternate lietween keeping him "in
hand" and letting him carry his head his
own way, so as not to weary him too much.
And if your hands are light, and you do not
jerk or worry him, yon will Ik surprised to
see what a soft month Don is acquiring The
same thing can now lie atvompli.shed with tho
snatllo-bit, but iu lieu of a steady pull you
may have to give little gentle jerks on tha
rein till Don iciis his mouth and arches hia
nec It.
The first picture shows Tatrtx-lus, the
writer's favorite old saddle horse, "ambling
along at a five-mile gait." A good fast
walk is the liest gait, for a long l ido. In the
picture you see the proper position of both
horse ami rider.
In the second illustration a horse is being
put through a fancy step colled "the croup
atle," a sort of horso polka, iKTliaps. In tha
croupade the intelligent animal gives a
spring, nt tho same tinio drawing his feet up
in tho manner shown. A horse, in his way,
has as much sense as a man, and can bo
taught many wonderful things. Talk to
your horsi as you would to ieople, and in
a little w hile, with practice, they will under
stand you well. Alw ays be kind anil patient
with them, and you will lie astonished to
find how much they know.
One tiling more. Donl cut off a horse's
fine flowing tail in the hideous style shown
in the picture. It is an Knglish fashion, as
cruel as it is ugly. Nothing is more un
pleasant to look at than that horrible stump
sticking out there.
A Mean Thing to Io.
Aliout the meanest thing that lioys and
girls can do is to ma 'to fun of their sisters
when they havo company. I don t want to
seo any ol such w ont none, nen 1
see boys and girls going almiit the house
slamming doors, shouting and saying things
that will make sister feel uncomfortable I
eem to Itise my eyesight ami see nothing but
a lot of young bears who are doing their best
to worry and plague those who love them.
I like a brute Uur fur letter titan I like a
human liear. The brute knows no better
than to be selfish and cruel. It pays to be
ladylike and gentlemanly. We cant possibly
begin too early 111 life to mak ladies and
gentlemen out of ourselves. Uncle Mark.
Baby is clad in his m'shtown white,
PussT-cat pum a soft pwdnijht.
Ami aotn.-inKly tells, furaomebuily knows,
Tbe terrible tale of tra little toes.
rioiit IWT.
This to tiik a small buy. Sain,
Into the cnpboanl ufter the jam;
This little toe said, "Oh. uo, no:"
This little toe was anxious to co;
This little toe said, " Tisn't unite right;"
This tiny little toe curled out of sight.
1 b!s hi toe cot suddenly smiWied;
This little toe pit mefuily rubbed;
This little (Tightened toe cried out, "Boars'1
This Utile timid toe, "Run op Ftoirsr
Down came a Jsr with loud slam, tiara!
Tbla UtiW tiny to coi all U Jam.
. "it

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