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JVwfnc una Jul VUil. Ami .i-i a
M T Moltwr). t.-leurapln aud l-!eitiunwi 0i
A Tlirnim. public buiiUHiti I4"
W K Aiuiwriiim ilvrrv l.lrv
'lia h. rprix.r eouri Iiuiim- aiid Jull coin
4 "
r Jo
P I- lUl'li mn lal l- llilllll . . .
'ha I' Hauvrt ivrtitlnl diaunienia....
J It Cma ilv.-i v hire i
K .1 VkA Jf .lo I J
Win ItutM-k il t
Julia F llm-d ii-li'giapliK Hinl teli-i limim ' 1
Chu (ill( lWlu fill lll.lK'f I 00
L W Hrrtter lourt f.ea ... 3
I'luw I. l.ullil li me l km- '."I
W C MI.iTCualaht'a' liea... I
.Mm L'u-r Inantie Cue iinia I
tutwtu Buittin Uu i o I "'
Mm L Krw-iiinn ilu Ho 10'
W IniW Hulil lioaiO'a wit lira, mi I i-l'il III M
VMrU k Hauit-T Ju.ilre fet-a, aim rl'it 17 Wt . . . . l: CO
(111 ' (to llu MI tSM
Win MeOulrecunatable fret, tint c I'd II .... mo
ilu do do 4 44
A T lltitihca Ju.ilrt feet, dii I"f0 ... "M
HiiiI.ik l)i,)e cuiwtalilr rt. ilu IWn'.... In'
Hen-yOuim pvia. loiiiiHllle I1
W ii Wtun ou ... jui
Haul Urem do VliitO
Cliarlra Itltiha ilu
Mal aUI.-ri-i.ffrr du I.'
l lm-le. lluiu-rtk-ld du I:.J
WiuJIiwier do l
uo do S
KCIrva do Vi'
C Fl li.-r do
Kn-tl W hmlea do W"1
,1-ilm K kerd do 'il W
rhartraT Maitilrn ilu
llyroa 8 Uriini llirry Mm il
T--wu or I'eru hall ri nl and .icdoii I- V)
Wlif. rd II ray CoLtl-U fwa ly '
KU Meluijre lo : la
Town i.roiiawa, Sth P'rc't, hall rent, rlitrtu.n U
Atwtiu iii-.ih Juaci.- rt-r I1'1
Ni U0 Ward do '.''
H;lnr llryakl CubatnMv frt't and I'l'd Ml 4 15
l.-rry Mala-r du do ill 3
V Mastier livery likrr 50
TownuliarhlHU-llinllrL-iiti-ic.li-.il 5
. K c UrwU a-H'Vlnl i-rui-m na Lluiiriiian 34 .1
' loau 01 Karin Ittilgc lull r-'lit, L-ktltuli, anit ,
I fl'rl 15 '41 15
Kloyrl ricnili ni-n cunmrr'a fii-a I'-'l "
Hu:b lliill fi-liliibit- f - mill cl'U H7 '.I' '
Ira I) ltullia-k JiiMlo-I'-.-a do Sin' I'-1
IVlrr Kynni-una'ldc Ivra do V -l HSU'
Juinc-a Nertncy cuualahlr ti e
ou du anil cl d 1.' 40.... f M
8 W llrytukl do -lo bin... 4.0
Pairlik Haidt-y JuKtli r.-o do .... am
V.. An-.i du lu 15JU H 'u
M T Mi.l-.ui-y t(-le-liiilirH, ri-qulaltloDa 51 H'i
I. K.iKard liuurd S iS
Adam YnunK mint-lnH-ctur S.il
K l-arntaiirlli bulill'' bulMlim coinmlllif T'-O
It Molli'krr do do .... T
Town of KiIhu ball r.-nt, rln-tlun 10
Jaa r (.Klvln JuH- r-.a ami i-I'd 1VI-5 )W
Tho Brrnnan win'ble du do UH 5!"5
J W HulN-ck a.-ml i-oininltt.-r H HI
r II I'ouiida'uiir nmllliiK rclurua K.S.-C Maie I no
J C I'oitrr taklbK n-(niu tu lun clerk I iO
Your coiuiiiitiee would rejMiit that tbey
have carefully examined the. following
claims, and asked to lie release J from any
further cn-.MeraMn of the fame:
Jutm Dou-rtyjumliefe
l-avld Aruiatiui-c UKikliiK for body la caual.. . 1U
Tliua Kria liurae ihlel reward 10-1
T L Hmltli i-oiiHialtle fti- 10
All of which is respectfully Huliinitteit.
L. B. IIickok,
Supervisor Burkart, clialrmau hpecial
committee on petition ol Franklin () Keeil
for bounty, submitted the following report,
which was adopted :
Jr. Chairman, de : Your committee ap
pointed to examine petition of Franklin O.
Keed fo' one hundred dollars In unity, have
liKiked up the record of IJo-ud of Supervis
ora of tli year lf(i:J, and also peti' toner's
time of enlistinHtit, hut do not l"el jiistitli'il
to r I'.'uiinewl claim of pftltioner. Your
coiuinittee wisheato he relieved from lur-tlu-r
cotisiderutii.n of the same.
Kespei'tfully yours,
.Jos. HniKAKT, Chiiirman.
C'iias. T. M.MiDKN.
On motion of hupervisor Grillln, the
Hoard mlj lurued until 'J o'clock tomorrow
Friday, Mirch 25. 16S7.
lioard met pursimnt to adjournment.
I'reseut same as yesterday.
The record of yesterday's sessions was
read and approved.
Supervisor Oritlin, chairman committee on
public buildings, submitted I lie fullowiug re
port, which wan adopted:'
Mr. Chairman, $c : Your committee on
public buildings would reaped fully report
that they have had pluced an aldiiiotial
$2,500 isurance on the county asylum, niak
ing in the apuregate $2(1, 1)00, as authorized
by the Board last lccemher, and we recom
mend lhat the clerk be directed to Jraif an
order on the county treasurer in favor of
the Wa-diitiglon Fire and Marine Insurance
Co. for $75.00, the premium on same.
All of which is respectfully guhmitle I.
A. T. Griffin, t liiiinimn.
Supervisor Lukina, chairman committee
on roads and bridges, submitted the follow,
ing report:
Air. Chairman, S;r.: Your committee on
roads and bridges would respectfully report
that they have examined tho matier con
tained in the petition from commi-sioners of
highways of the towns of Mission and North,
ville presented hffore them, an-1 recommend
the granting of said petition, as your com.
nuttee are of the opinion that it comes wholly
within the law, and that said commissioners
have complied wiih the law, and are entitled
to the amount asked for, namely, five lliou
sand dollars, when said bridge and ap
proaches are built and completed, being one
half the estimated cost We would also beg
leave to recommend lhat.a committee of iwo
CI) members of this Board be appointed by
the chairman to be present 'at the letting ol
Ihe comma for the construction of said
bridge and approaches; ulso lo inspect said
work when completed, and with t lie filing of
their ipproval of said work with the c-oun'y
clerk, be be authorized to issue his order on
thec- unty treasurer, payable to treasurer ol
the cotnmiHsioners of highways of the town
of Mission and Northville for above amount,
or a-t much thereof in is required to pay the
one half of the cost of said work out of the tax
levy of 1887.
All of which is respectfully submitted.
W. 11. Ll'Klss, Chairman.
Said report was adopted by tho following
Ayes Burkart, Butterfield, Carlin, Doyle,
Dwyer, Elides, Farnsworth, Fischer, 'jalla.
gher, Granstlen, Ureen, Ounn, GnfDn, Hil
lenbrand, ilollet-ker, Jennings, Lai:f, Lauber
Lukins, Miiierhofer, Mclntyre, Mcbaiictilan,
Nicholson, Norton, O'Loughlin, lleed, Steven
son, Spencer, Thompson, Wilson, Mr. Chair,
man 31.
Noes Bowen, Brennan, Dinsmore, I'res
ser, IIickok. Madden, Phillips, ltowe 8.
The chairman appointed Supervisors Lu
kins and Green as a specUl cominiiiee to act
for the county in the matter of the appro
priation just past.
Supervisor McLauchlan presented the re.
port of the assistant mine inspector, which
was read and ordered spread upon the re
cords, as follows:
Board of Supervisor, .j'c.-' It is with con
siderable satisfaction I submit my second
annual report to the gentlemen of the Board.
There have been less fatal accidents and more
general improvements in and around the
mines this year than ever before in the same
fpace of time. Though the summer of 1880
was the dullest the county has seen for
years, yet several ne ftns wera built, and
some more are ordered, and new machinery
to run the same.' There is liitle.doubt that
this satisfactory state of affairs is oing to
the vigilance with which the inspectors have
performed their duties. Operators, bosses
and their subordinates are quick to rectify
any derangements in the system of Ventila
tion when they know the inspector may come
any day to measure their air. In gome in
stances we find a board otf the air shaft,
thereby allowing the air to return to the
surface without going into the working part
of the mine at all. Ibis was the case in two
of the largest shaft in the La Sslle district,
and not until 1 had measured their air and
fiund it had run down to half i s usual vol
ume wis the defect discovert I. ' Cases - ike
the furegoing, and tbey. are numerous an 1 1
I VMltr-i lu I heir cuui-rituci.ttrs, hiu uimliuiea
allouni lu run tor inuntln iili ill repair,
l. ...I I,. ,.,- ..,.h. ih-v i.vr w.,ul.l li ail
I juif tl ho aii h ii ili-l nt inicrlt-re will)
it if itritidj; oui t'f Ofiil; tlnl i to my, it the
in 1 iit-t s tlii-in-i-lvr- did not have to t-iop for
luck i-f air. It i- noturiuus fuel ibat the
la-iilili and cmiifui't of Uio luiia-r in a laai
(if a) vut.ai'lrrHtioti wiih Cual uoiiipaiiira
Hut Ml-ru tliry know that ili iuopn-iur ia
arouml early an J t". en . itiOMe deirutiotia in
the vi iu ilaiioti are roinpily reaiedied
which iitlitrihr wiiul-1 pn.htlilv be allnwo-l
lo run " u iinlclii.iie tiimuni of lime, iheiehy
caiiiiij; a (inut dvnl of dint and com
pi lint iiiiunni il-e ininets employed in thai
pri iculur iniiitf. It would bn more than
ui-e-IU-s-i lo go in'o deiaila in I his report, an
an iii-iiiirii repnll can be procured fr-uti lh,e
bureau t' Ihbur hiNtiatics of thia alaie. The
days allonvd by I lie county bate hvt-n used
as lolliuvs:
Mart-h, 1; April. 15; May, 'JO; June. I I;
July, 1-t; Aogu-t, 15; September, 15; Octo
ber, 15; Noveintit-r, Ul; Peeciiiber, l-'I; Jan
uary, 11; IVlnuaiy, 15; March, 1170.
llu Si-pl 18 lb, for 2 diiys, received by
cash. -Tl'i.lO, which leaves a balance of
-2'A 10 A Ynt'Mi.
On motion of Supervisor Fischer the
Board a-ijourtted until '-' o'clock ibis after
noon. '2 o'clock v. m., March 25, '81.
Hoard met pursuant to udj mrnuieut.
Present s-iine as this morning.
Supervis ir Anderson submitted the fol
lowing report, which was adopted :
ilr.Ch.urimm.dv: Your special com
mittee ou rotds and bridges, to which was
relerred the matter of the appropriation to
wards the latou bridge, which this lioatd
made ut their last September meetlnir, beg
leave to report that they have been to the
accepting of sibl bridge urn! mid that said
work has been done in a natisfm-tory man
ner, both substructure and superstructure.
We would recommend that the county
clerk be authorized to issue his order on
thee uuty treasurer for five thousand dol
lars, as appropriated, In favor of the treasu
rer of highway commissioners of said
towns ot Day ton and Uutland.
All of which is respectfully submitted.
A. N. Andkkson,
J. W. liCBKCK,
fecial Committee.
The chairman presented a copy of sum
mons from (Jircuit Court of La Salle Co in
the case of Wil'vim It. MHUinn v. The
Com a 1 Im Sullr, which was duly served
UjKin him.
The special order for 2 o'clock was now
taken up
Mipervisor Mcfiuclil in moved, as a sub
stiture f ,r the m-n of Supervisor Fisch
er, that the County lioard appoint an assist
ant mine inspector.
Motion lost by the following vote:
Ayes P.ubeck, liurkart, Carlin, Doyle,
Dwyer, Gallagher, Green, Gunn, Grillln,
lloflecker, Lauber, Madden, McLauchlan,
Noes Anderson, Bowen, Rrennan, But
terlield, Dinsmore, Dresser, Eades, Farns
worth, Fischer, Gibhs, Gransden, IIickok,
Hillenbrand, Jennings, Lauf, Maierhofer,
Mclntyre, Nicholson, .Norton, O'Lough
lin, Phillips, Howe, Stevenson, Spencer,
Thompson, Wilson, Mr. Chairman 27.
Thereupon the motion uf Supervisor
Fischer was carried.
Supervisor Eades here took the chair
Supervisor Green presented a petition
from the commissioners of highways of
Uutland and Divtop, praying for an appro-
pi iatlon ol $511 18, being one half the cost
of the D iyton brhlire lu excels of the ap
propriation of f 5,000 already passed
Referred to committee on roatls and
briil ires.
Supervisor Heed, chairman committee
on court house and Jail, submitted the loi
lowing report, which was adopted :
Jr. Chiiirman, o5r : Your committee on
court house and j ol claims would respect.
Itillv report that they have examined all
claims presented before them, aud recom
mend the p-ivment of the following, and
tnat the clerk be directed to issue orders
f-r the several amounts to the several
claimants, to wit:
Xiimr anil tKi ii hnl. Amount.
Ceiitrtl I iil'in Telephone t o use of ti-lrplionea
at ei.nrt Iiuhm- ii.i I J ill J WOO
v 111 Mm 1111. nt, lep.in h ut J ill 4 "6
Olt lH (jus Co, it i 11' luiiler Iiouhi! M )
t;M at roiirt ln-ue . ji
KiiaHt JaiI a SO
577 60
!I7 79
l i l)
41 1.1
a 70
a .5
I, Morrtmey, b milling prisoners fuom Dec 6th
to Marrh Will T. lni-luIve
II . ) Ollli-n, HiiipMe-. tor eo-iri limine Knil Jull ...
l lilnni-.-ii, 10 I tor i-ourt huime
I) l.i-iiliy oIhu'B tor prl-i-ineri.
A Alw-lniler. rli.ttiiint f ir nrls ini-rn
Ii Kr -ilu--. riMuiriiiit lorkit -mil ilo-.rB. anil keys,
W II Hull iiiniiiiii.' lor i iiiiniy i -ull l. Ax
hfiWitri ti .Ii Mrry. repiilrliiKiliMir
Julin liw, 1'epaun un wuier i lnneiK. heating
itn-l ki plpea. ut cnurt lioin-e anil Jull
I S ltiKL'i . I'uJi'llnK Jurors auJ witnensfi
All of which Is respectfully submitted.
John F Ukkd,
The following preamble and resolution,
offered by Supervisor McLuughlan, were
adopted :
Whkkkas a large number of people are
being H"i iniisly injure.! almost daily all over
our M-ite, and as such purties are generally
without means to defray medical or surgi
cal treatment, or to pay for hoard and at
tendance, and their own homes not being
suitable places fcr the proper care aud
treatment of such cases;
Aud wherens tills State already provides
a place for the proper care and treatment
of such Indigent persons as may have their
eyes or eats injured ;
And whereas such Institution has proved
to he of almost incalculable benefit, espe
cially to those poor persons who have had
their eyes seriously injured ;
And where-is no such institution exists
In this State for the care of such people
who meet with serious injuries, or who are
sick with some serious disease, and are un
able to have themselves properly treated at
their own homes, and cannot pay for their
proper care and treatment at some private
hospital ; therefore be it
Retuked, That this Board of Supervisor?
request our piesent legislators to make such
provisions as they in their judgment may
deem best for the proper care and treat
ment of all sjch indigent persons; and
that the county clerk be instructed to mall
a copy of said resolution to the proper par
ties at Springfield, to be presented to our
honorable senators and representatives now
in session for their earnest consideration.
The chairman, Mr. K. C. Lewis, here ad
dressed the Bjard on a question of privi
lege. On motion of Supervisor Fischer, the
Uoird adjourned till 8 o'clock tomorrow
Saturday, March 20, '87.
Board met pursuant to adjournment.
Present same as yesterday.
The record of yesterday's se?.sion was
read and approved.
Supervisor Eades here took the chair.
Supervisor Griffin presented a statement
containing the remarks of the chairman
(Mr. E. C. LewU) on a question of priv.
ilege, during yesterday's session, and
moved that it be spread upon the record.
On motion of Supervisor Fischer, the
matter was referred to a joint comini'tee
composed of Chairman Lewis ami thecou:-rui'.tt-e
to settle with county ofllcers.
mIu Joiut iMiiniuitiee subsequently sub
mitted the following, which was auopted
Jr. Chairman, de.; Your joint commit
tee, to w hom was relerred the matter of
the remarks of Chairman Lewis on ques
tlon of privilege, bett leave to submit the
tollow lug statement, and atk that the same
lie spread upon the recordf!
Thee' airman, Mr. K. C. Lewis, having
been granted the rluht to address the Board
on a quetlon of privilege, stated that it
had come to him direct from a supervisor
who had been rssoclated with the commit
tee to kettle w ith county cllicers in their in
vestigations, that the report of said com
mittee as to his transactions as chaliman
wis not full, but had. been compromised to
screen him from responsibility for some of
his acts as such chairman.
Thereupon, Supervisors Norton, Gunn,
Green and I)w;'er, being the active mem
bers of said committee engaged In such in
vestigations, states each for himself aud
for the committee that such Insinuation
had no f uodatlon in fact. And we accept
as true his statement that lie had uo know,
ledge of the transactions sp ken of In said
repot t, had with the First National Bank.
V. H. Noutos, Chairman,
v)i j. dwvkh,
Bash. Gkkkn,
Fhkd. VV. Kapkn,
Kow Aiit) C. Lkwis.
The report of the special committee on
outstanding notes was presented aud adopt
ed, and is as follows:
Jr. Chiiirman, dc : Your epeclal com
mittee, to wh-sin was referred the subject
matter pertaining to notes -given bv the
county treasurer ami chairman of the Board
to William C. Moore for f,0)0, Wendley
Slason for I'iOO and David J. Wood luck for
$1,000, would beg leave t-1 report that these
notes were omitted in the report of indebt
edness of the county by the treasurer tu
the special committee to negotiate the sale
of bonds. They find that the Moore uote
and Statson note are of the same class of
indebtedness as ordered paid. tit the last
special session of this Board; aud would
recommend that the county clerk be and
hereby Is Instructed to draw his order on
the treasurer for the W.C. Moore note with
Interest, interest to cease immediately, also
for the Btason note with Interest to tlie
amount of 5 CO, said notes and Interest to
be paid out of the bon i f und.
Yourcotnmitt e would recommend that
further consideration as to the Woodlock
note be deferred to the July session.
All of which Is respectfully submitted.
Fit ed. W. E.inKri, Chairman,
Wll. II. MclNTVIlK.
Supervisor Dresser, chairman committee
to settle with (superintendent of schools,
submitted the following report, which was
adopted :
Mr. Chiiinnan, dr.: Your committee to
setde with county superintendent of schools
would respectfully report that they have
examined the bills presented before them,
and recommend the payment of the follow
ing: 1m Salle County, U O. D. Stm'Uiilr, County
.s upirintciident, Dr.:
March 22, Printing and stationery
as per bills rendered . $ 102 10
" " PoMage, expresscharges
and telephone 30 03
" " Paid janitor at Black
stone school 1 00
" " Clerk hire for 3 months o0 00
18:i )
We also recommend that the following
bills of the superintendent of schools be
audited and approved, and the clerk direct
ed to certify such fact to the auditor of
public accounts at Springlield for payment
of samo from the state treasury, as pro
vided by Sec. 17 of the school laws:
To (J. B. Stockdale, county superlnten
dent of schools, for servieen and expenses
from Dec. ti, 18N0, to March lo, 1MS7, as fol
lows: For 70 dayK mx-nt In M-tiool vUllatioti H fl'IOper
rtiiy ...! l-NOi")
for itiilHyiifxpeDiH' in m-nuoi vwiuuiua iiuu
per nay
For i iJiiyB up. ut lu exiiinlnaMon to, ii Olperilay
as oo
lenrlicm' iuiltuten uoner
For 5 daysirpeut In oltlie work to 1 CO pvriluy...
20 00
Total illMW
All of which is respectfully submitted.
E. S. Dhkshkk,
Supervisor Gunn, chairman committee
on stationery claims, submitted the follow
ing report, which was adapted :
Mr. Chairman, dr : Your committee on
stationery claims would respectfully report
that thev have examined all claims present
ed before them, an.il recommend the piy-
ment of the following, aud that the clerk
be directed to issue orders for the several
amounts to the several claimants, to w it :
Naino. For Wluit. Amt. AUM.
.1 F Meek, stationery M 7.)
K A Nattinger, stationery
C Zwanzlir, "
Patterson & Hann '., blank books,
binding, &c 1'
J F Kendlg, Co , stationery,
printine. &c , 2i
Uapeman & Graham, stationery,
claimed !9 85
OS 35
30 1 30
57 50
25 00
-15 30
80 11
022 7
31 50
Ostnan it Sons, stationery
A J Heddlck, stationery and print
J J Witte, printing supplements.
111. Printing Co, stationery
John Morris Co , "
Brown, P- tMbone kv Co, stationery,
claimed $031 7
Chicago Times, printing propos-
hIs tor nonds
Chicago Tribune, printing pro
posals for bonds -lo uu
Tobd SI 0 02
All of which is respectfully submitted.
Hkn'ky Gcnn,
The following resolution, offered by Su
pervisor Mairhofer, was adopted:
Whkheas, Application is frequently
made to this Board for more clerical need
in writing and transcribing the records of
the several courts of this county; and,
Wherkah, It Is represented that the
clerical force of the probate court is inad
equate to do the necessary work of the of
flee. And,
Whereas, It la further represented that
the clerks of the courts are often employed
in doing work wtl b does not fall within
the scope of their official duties, for which
they receive compensation, and the di.ing
of which work necessarily occupies time
which should be devoted to the projier
clerical duties of the office; therefore,
lletulofA, That all moneys received by the
clerks of several courts of the county,
or charged by them as compensation for
writing petitions, orders, copying pupersor
reccrds, making settlements in estates and
guardianship matters, and all other work
relating to the proceedings of the several
courts, shall be accounted for by the re
spective clerks of the several courts aud
paid into the county treasury.
Supervisor Jtn utigs offered the follow
ing resolution :
AV.We d: Tht-t hereafter whnany phy
sician is called to attend any person whom
he regards ns a county charge, he linll.
after making one visit, report tie fact t
the overseer of the poor of the town, who
shall investigate the matter, and if the per
son Is found worthy, the overseer of the
poor shall give the attending physician a
written order which shall specify the
Hinouut said physician shall receive for
each visit, or other attendance, and no
claim for such sendees will be paid by
this B-uird uuless these conditions are com
piled with.
Supervisor Fischer moved to lay said
resolution on the table; carried by the fol
lowing vote:
Ayes Anderson, Brennan, Uubeck,
Burkart, Dinsmore, Doyle, Dresser, Eades,
Fischer, Gallagher, Green, Gunn, Grillln,
llU kock, llilieuLrand, Lauf, Lauber, Lew.
Is, Lukins, Nicholson, Norton, Phillips,
Heed, Howe, Spencer, Thompson, Wllsou,
Noes Bowen, Butterfield, Carlin, Dwyer,
Farnsworth, Gibbs, Grunsdeu, llollecker,
Jennings, Malerhofe r, Mclntyre, McLauch
lan, Stevenson, 13.
The following resolution offered by Sup
ervisor Stevenson, was ad- pted ;
Ilinclnd, That the county clerk be, and
lie is hereby instructed to draw his or
der on the treasurer for the half yearly
interes', due July 1st, 1SS7, on the foO.OtX)
of bonds Irsiied liy the county, and that the
treasurer be Instructed to remit the same
to the National Park Bmik, of New York
City, and receive the coupons therefore.
Siipei visor Stevenson, chairman commit
tee on complaints and abatements, preseut
ed a petlrlon from James Murtha which
had been submitted to said committee,
asking a rebate on taxes for 1S70 aud 1S77,
no deiinquei.t on lot (, block 12U La Salle;
said committee had examined same, and
recommend that upon payment of the taxes
for said year, the penalties now accrued be-
On motion of Supervisor Bubeck the
matter ws refened to the ceunty attorney
with autharity to settle un the above basis
If deemed by him according to law.
Supervisor Norton offered the following
resolution which whs adopted:
liiwlird: That the county clerk be, and
he hereby Is authorised to employ the neo
essary extra clerk hire In preparing the
assessors' txaiks ot Ins., ut a cost not to ex
ceed $350.
Supervisor IIickok, chairman committee
on miscellaneous claiu-.s, presented bills of
A. N. Anderson, supervisor, for livery hire
while acting on special committee Inspect
Ing Dayton bridge, $2 00, and Daniel E
Devlin, 12 davs stenographing for grand
jury, f 00.00, and the same were ordered
The bonds of the several supervisors for
dog license fee fund were approved.
.Supervisor Grtfiin offered the loll iwlng
resolution which was adopted:
WiiF.REAS, By experience and compart
sons, members of this Board are satisfied
that the cost of heating the county court
house ami jail building is very much too
urge, and liellevlng a change with a view
to lower the same Is necessary, therefore
Jiciiolced, That the chairman of this
Board aptolnt a special committee, consist
ing of Supervisors Heed, of Ottawa, Eades,
of Bruce, au.i C arllu.of Waltham, to inves
tigate other and cheaper systemsnf heating
like liuilillngs, and their relative costs, and
report with their recommendations to the
July meeting of the B wrd.
By consent of the Board, Supervlsor
Green withdrew the petition Ironi the com-
inlssioueis of Rutland and DajUn, pre
sented and referred yesterday.
On motion of Supervisor McLauchlan
if 1 50 was ordered p dd to each supervisor
for approving collectors' honds.
On motion of Supervisor Bubeck the
clerk was authorized to draw orders rn the
treasurer in favor of the several supervis
ors lor their mileage and IK.T diem in
attending this session.
Supervisor Fischer moved that the clerk
be directed to publish the proceedings lu
the usual manner; carried.
Supervisor Fischer moved that the clerk
he authorized to have 2,000 extra copies of
suppliments containing proceedings of the
Board printed and forwarded to the su
pervisors of the county ; motion lost.
On motion of Supervisor McLauchlan,
the Board adjourned.
Itui kin's A l ull u shHp.
The best salve in the world for cut, bruises,
sores, uleers, stilt rhi-iitn, forer soma, tetter,
cliupii(l liniiils, i liillilaiiis, corns, una all skill
emotions, iitiil positively cures piles, or no pay
ri-(iiircd. Il is guaranteed to i;ive jierfiHt sat
isfaction, or money refunded. Trice 25 cents
Der box For sale hv 1). IotTiaiix.
Statu ok Ohio ok Toi.kdo, I
Lucas C'ountv. S. S. V
Fkank J. Ciikney makes oath that he is
the senior partner of the firm of F. .)
Cakney & Co., doing business In the City
ot Toledo, Couuty and State aforesaid, and
that said firm will pay the sum of ONT,
ll'.NIm-:i DOLLAUS for each and
every case of C'atakkii that Can not be
cured by the use of Ham. 'a Caiahkii
Sworn to before me ami subscribed In
in V presence, this Oth day of December, A
I)', 'Mi.
KU. X"tarj I'ublic.
I'. S Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken inter
nally and acts directly upon the blood and
uiUf'tH surface ot the
testimonials, free.
I ?; "Sold l-y Uruggists,
system. Send for
.V CO.,
'."i cents
To1.h!o, O.
Illiitu f r I n trr.
It is t;il;rn fnr Rrmitel that i-vry mother
in tho lan-1 know how to i-nli.r i for La-e
ti.-r, but if by cbati'-a itiornii'to on (his sul-j-ct
does exist, it is suggested tlmt atialine
dyes for m.iI in all drug storus at small
i-ost bo re-snrUvi to. Ilirm tion.-l eoitio with
theso dyes. In lix-aliiina whoro even tbt-se
may not ! obtuiued tho rgi may lio deco
rated Iy tying up In bit.s of colored calico
and boiling until the color has left the culioo
to make its inipi-Hsf. on th eggs.
Tho 'Martha Washington K.isti-r fvjuve
nirs" ilcligfit children nn l nio easily mada.
Draw on an eg shell lhat bus been relieved
of its eontetita a far. Next pa-.!o on a high
crowned bonnet mailo of tis.suo piiH-r and
tliii-.Ii the bottom with a wiJo plaitol bi0'h
paper collar.
A plca.sant surprbie to r,iHivn o)i:Ls!3 of a
blown epj slu.-ll filled with tiny ch.xvilato and
ci cam dnrj4 or othr cojifwtiom-ry, tho
ojn'iiing of the tps wli.iro the curnly is put in
ls-iiig waled over, with a ivlur'jd pi- turi or u
ribfwn liow.
Another Raster delight c.,n,i,t uf small
cakes in form of eggi m--i-ly fr-jsted uvar
with icing.
(ireiAtly I Arllei'.
Not a few of the ciiitens of Ottaw have
recently become ereatly eicitei over the
a-touii-liriji f-icis, that several of their friends
who had bp'.'ti pronounced t-v their physi
cms as incurable and beyond all Ii pe suf
feritiff with dreale l monster ('otisuinp'ion
h ive been completely cured by I'r King's
New Iiisci.very fjr Consumpti' ii. the only
reiiii--ly th it does- positively enr" '.l thro'
m I iunir 'li-eases. t'otizh. Col Is. A'lnra and
lironchii is.
Trial l-ettle ftee at I I.jrr. :x
lirg bottles
Arrival aki Dictum or Maiu.
c, it. i. r. it it.
F.t.-rti mil!..,.
Western mull...
Mjrtil mail
rl.-i.ll ARRIVM.
11 :UJ A. M. 3:1 C M,
1 I l. M. 11:3 A. M.
tMV P. M.
C. U. ii H. It. IL
Southern nill n :io a. m. SM p. m.
Nurllierli Niiul 3:10 P. X. :i A. M.
Slrt-Uur -ul 7.30 p. u. '-.ii a. m.
TupmiU. Tliurmly, Kridityt, 1.10 P.M. VJsJU U.
Orllcvopen t 7 :i a. m CWa at 1 00 p. .
OHIO ou Suuduia from U tu I o'i I.h'IC.
Chicago, Burlington and Qamey B. B.
ill lut, 1SP.
Going South,
fun I Cam
I I Going North.
Vo h i So r,i
No. 1 lo il
K Suu'Kt Sun
tx eunK sun
I 17
io tx
10. sj
10. V)
11. M
1 1 . 1.1
11. ii
it r,
11. N
s M
4 ii
8. is
8 id
7 M
7 'A
7 SO
4 41
4. H
4. 'l
4 ia
1 i.s.utli Vur.irA.I
IS rm KIT June,
t ...IMWi-Ki
li il
I 40
( M
7. S3
7 n
7. an
. orK;.w...
.... Vox
. M.tlinfr.iu..,
ki 4r.n I
. ..S. retm.
UlHlCt-A ... I 1
.Weitron... l
Pits-lull ...I 4
4.1 H C.K.I. dl'.tVg 1
, 44 II I T A W A , H
41V OttitwH ;r'k I
'MiUj ,.8tilrTriH-k..
'M .tlm.id Iti.lKe. t,
i IS
n it
l i 83
7 OS
...KietiArit....! t
U 44 M ...8treUir.... i
i-n.il 1 I
Krvmht tmli.il rie-rt'iiK ihih. .-nK-r leave ottt
for rn iui Karl. I.iu p.m
(or ir.'-
lor, ft Uf A
J. v5 p. ., uj lii -Jo a. ii ; for Aurt-rv
IU.I-U A, .
C R.IQ. Omwt
Kooiii Oun. lli-rtun i Itn-llnlnn Chair Or, it ul theC
H. A O. l'K- DlLlnn tun. I'l Hill routa. All mrurisa-
tlon ft'ioat rule of fr. ilHopinic citr Rccoin in!tloni
Had time unit wtl bv nkrrrnilf i'r tiy i.plylnt 10
Oeners' Pnweaer RiiU lu kit A-Lt, CIiIchjo
II B. Sr.-sK.
Oanernl Mnuiror ChlCARO. GKO. K. HOK.
An-nt ut i utavR
Ohicago, Book Iland und Pacldo Bilrod,
i.oimi Kr.
So. 10, Peru AceoniniiiilHtion T fl? a a
6, Kansiw CM) Kxprew lo w a Ji
" li, iinnitH, I'torlnA M. I'hiiI Fpreii II .-0 a
, iKvenHirt Areon iiioiUtli-n 4 is p
" (. Khiik City Miclit Knpn-iw Hi a R
" 4. Oil. Mni 6 Sr. J-buI K'rr 8.U0 a
FitiaUt Vim until futtenam.
" !
7.11 A H
lit P
s. a p m
1 as.
OolMI WkkT.
No. nniRtis ft 9t. lMil Mglit Kpri Hm
J, KniimuCll Hmt l'is-r Sutht hpr.-.. D"-A
" ",, limenport AivoiiniiooHtleii II CI a
" 11, Ksiimia IT) Fxprew. Hint MkiI ;iu; p
M 1, uiiMtiit, I'ei.rlH A M I'uui kpreM r
" t, 1'i-ru Ai'.-i'innimiMtluii b in p a
t t'jiH Cirrying 1'umrnjn t.
' yi io -, a
" ti, L A) P
Nm. 9 And Hi Arrive In Clilriiu-o hi 10 . . nj lutve
Chli-aro hi 4.W p. M. ilillr (Siin.luV eeeite.l I.
No. 11 Hint !.' run ilitily, liu-liiildiic Miinlxys.
No. '.i i-.Hrrli.rt pAM.i'iui-r from OenrN-o to o:t.iwti.
No. ! i-vrriiv p. iik-era lii-iwerti .Imu-t au lit
Snlif. sml No. lieiwreii Iji Siille uml Juliet.
No, is unit id inrry puiwenifvit Ix-l . i-n Hluf IhIhdi
ami IaShiIp. It. 1!. Cum. O'-n'l ManKr.
K. Sr. ,loll, . It. K. I'KK.'I'YMAN
Ueu'l Tkt. A 1'hwi AKt. Ai-int ul imui
Chicago, Alton & St. Louis Railroad
On and after Mhv V. Isk.;. iihIiih on the C. i A
li. iuim Joli.-t w fellow:
ItnlMI Ni.Klll.
R. C. anil Ht. I. Ktprt-M
LlKlitnlim Km-ri-KH
. It IX A II
. V .' U A II
. 7 tr. a
.l i '.n p
. 1.' p a
.Itvtx a
. e p
. : p
.in ..ill p ir
Juliet Ar.'oiiiiliiMlHtliiii
Deliver hxpre
Kiprt-M Hull
C UM. Son II.
Kipruu II All
IHiiver Kpn-KS
Juliet AonmiiniHlHtlun
Mltlitnlnu Kxpri-M
K C. and Ht. L KxiiIi-kh
ii. a
l.lKlitlilnn Kxire. liemer Kipreai, nuj IC hi-hs- i It)
anil St. u.iiw Mine trnlim run iliilly: I. pni.s Mai
and Juliet Ai-i'iMiiiiiiiil illi-n run d ill), exeei.i Suiiiln)
Khiimui City uml si. I.oiiIk Kxpnw ir-iln uiili rum
tlirniittli without i liuiiKe nf i-Hra. Muruinii train to Hi
LiuIa Iihh free rliHir nirs. uml i-veuni trulu thruuitl
Alt-epwa to St. Iaoiis hii-I SprmiftleM.
Tleket Am ut C. 4 A. Itnllroad.
Illinois Orntral Railroad.
11.11 Ml Mittlll, PKOM LA AA1.1I.
l'Hseiit'r 4 7? x.
i'HHMMiKer M I! a. m
AeeoHilumllltloll S I-. V
Kn-iKht U-'A k. M.
Fn-inht 1:1' , M.
Kreiitlil 4 lxi P. M
l, HIS, I Mil III, I'KUV t.A CALL.
PaaAt-niter 5 II a. y
i'HKM'iitff r I;'! I-.
Krelirht ri::U a u
Kri-mnt 9 I" a
I rnair. K"e no ruKlu-ri 1S.ID p. .
S. I'. MiHiKK. W. I. 1.1 olir II AHT ,
Tlrket Airent 'em lit Aneiit
One Attent ( Merilunit oii'yi minti-il In every town fnt
it v retail alr of vi.ur "ThiimII'ii I'iiih Ii" i pent i U:n
fur nwt er i iss-i i wen-isv.nm. Till" vexr I exp-rtli
ri-ll hi I- A-l iMli.lu.t Hi1- Jiii.iI) iMiiiuinr liruiid ( u.
l'liowirr, oruu'ji-i. fietixer, r-'l.
Ail.lress, K. V TANslI I. ,t O , r lueimi..
Lumber Yard
Near tho IlIiuoiB River Hndt .
KAUM !' II')
it I-;-!, -itii-ii.il
I II: i,l I ,1.11 -I I
II I'll
wi--.r inn- ut Itrioii. li- i,i -omI . h
llltA lll.l-l' IToimJ ilMI'.'Oi I
--. Null-. . rl t
. i t.
Kin.it ri'i-Hir: rfir-.r vi, .-I ,.ri u
M-: 'I f-ni-i il
Well Wit'eri-.!
tllOVHI II. fll 'il
li,-,. i , r in ni-l nr ii
Ai-l-iv --ii I1"- i-i ml
l- r .1.1. CM.
mill- l-'-tmil. lliini-li.
l-ei.. nr IM-ll e
liivr 4il!i
'IIE superiority of Corallno over horn
or whu.ubone Luut now been dom-oustrau-cl
by ovor Bix yeurs exper-lunca-
It 1.-4 more durable), more
pllablu, more comfortable, und NEVER
The Immense salo of thuM) Corsets 13
now over 70OO daily.
Bowure of worthier Imltatlona boned
with various klnda of cord.
None are genuine uiUoid "Dr. War
nor't Corallno" Id pi ii.'-cd ou ludideot
tLe Btoul cover-
Will In- -.Id In
-U.-!l Ol Oil tlltH-.
Sum le. j
TlieaaWailiboard ara martfl with
lie ut. Wood run. The brrong.
At brrda anil beat wajf.er in tb
wrld. i'or Ml If aU dealer.
Taka no other.
m UaUIXaW M'Pfl CO.,
Ha (lna xr, Mlcbtijan.
PuiTuu, Jf
Tlie S'-.ort I.tne and tlie rteat P.onte to
And nil point r'a I AnJ all potnti via
The I' i '.:-ir l.lnp to ('allfortiln.
palace uc:::r;ifjG chair cars
Kr'. of Extra Cliarjce.
.lfralt, ?3 r.iif..
Pullman Palace Sleeping Ctr-,
Antu!pmrnt not cjualed ly any o;hrr lire
Tntlre trutn run tlirouith wli hout ctia'ip. p .i-' . rm
iieellont am turnip will, oilier Hue al .auLujia
tours in I uteri liei-os.
Tho ;KKAT l-.t ritHON ItOl TK In im
mer, t-inil Wiiierlint l'liun In tin- I'm, Vrt an I
l KVU 'Dil A l.ll tli l X. In wiwer, to a: I iti
Winti-rKexirta In the 3uUtll,EV .11KAUO aoJ
' 1 xi'iiiloii. Koiiu'l Trip ami PlnplP Trl Tlcpf to
Ml. I..M lit! A NT POINTS In ihe Wri
or t-on'h. ami 1!ir-uiitli Tk-keta to all polma
Vut, Nurtli nnd Soo'li, arp on aalv .1 a',1 lliii. A, at u
ow rate aa l-y Inf nr llnea
l or lurtlier InfuriimUou anJ loweat rate. rply ti
Any Tlrkft ifftnt (111(160 A ALTON U. It
liem rhl r-nnpiij'pr ntut Tlrtt'r itent,
210 oeurlx-iu Street, ITIICACO, ILU
J-tierai .'rnvelluit AyeM Ch.- Altcu Katlre
:; ( ALU, ILL.
J. C. rVn f.'UtLa, H :cp-efdnl,
n 4 .Ho i netJ M--"
7jI.v- th
L-re tefetU-d ly tha Un-:J Stitot Gcve-imrt to carry
thu Fait Mjii.- th
Ai it i 1-
-( Thio.iijn T:im to nd hum rt
1-..I t.irti.i on it cwn L-'ii .
Making Direct Connections
baltimore, washington,
cincinnati. philadelphia, boston,
new orleans, louisville, san francisco,
los akgeles, saltlakecitv, colorado ancl
pacific coast resorts, city of mexico,
Portland: Oregon, Manitoba,
victoria and puget sound
Cood Equipment,
Cood Service,
Cood Connection.
fvl inoin.il,o .''incw-niri. ho Rill-n. n R. utn. ajfity
lo th nj-i .t T miit Ajtnt ut tn C, U. & Q ci coia
loctm lailiuaOt.
(Klii-r) .Miinairi-r, li. n I l'aas. 4 Ticket, Art.,
can learn the exact cost
of any jiroposcd line of
advertising in American
papers by addressing
Geo. P. Rovvell & Co.,
Newspaper Advertising lluf ,u,
IO Spruoa Si., New York.
Send lOutn. for lOO-Wajo IJamphet.
i U UUKt
T'lf- fi'r m-Iv ,n' ix iTfrtr H.'tloti iirvtn tho ffuM
of Hit h"t-iy, Atii! inrf iiti'i-liirv to the tiftuft afnt
tMlTli-HlM v jnlhti HfTiM-ttHt (y the illPftt
lift" r IMlirtt il l.lmba riniitn nft-r n, run bv
M. t''i'Utf. A irml ol a irivl (He will t-nvuic
Mm' I'li'-at . I'jiltt at fh;t wo tijvt nol tlU lift 1 1 ftt Vlf
!it.-v !( rr N'tito. Kvr mIh by a1
4( n.i. MtiinaiKv-turiti only by
rjiCKEL Plating!
.N.i del. ami all Itnln r-f Plating, tlmnilnit. I Jto-ou-rliii
IVIWhtnii. rte. lt-.-ii.-r.. I.n.' and
Slow-., in.iu-1 ami Milt-li.M. irk f-romplij diuitw
Q5 Ohio Stroot.

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