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Tb. Vita of To-day.
On fear I ibai when women
To tke ballot box shall flock,
Tb bini will ba forgoita.
And the cr'll cease 10 rook.
Gorh'Wi Mountaineer.
Of course ; for wben the women
To the b.klloi box iliall fink.
The crvlle will iop swinging
There'll bo nothing (here to rock.
Toe Hn. Win. P. Mitchell tells a funny
tnrv WueniLe Democratic orate con
ventlon was held In arat ga Springs, the
Hon. Thomas CiwtlguQ turned up one
momlni? In me stire of a 1k:I ileuler In
ready.unide clothing. II wts In his bhlrt
fcleevvs, wltti his cout on uis arm.
"O it a c ut tunt'll tit uih?" lie naked.
The clothier tried in vala to nt him.
"Well, I can uo limn, then," said the
great Costlgan. "I can ride In the cars lo
tny shirtsleeves."
"But what's the matter with the cont on
your arm?" anknl the clothier. For
. ..I , .. i .
answer tue garment was ueiu up iu view.
Above the shoulders there was do coat.
"VoU see," said Costlgao, 'I was putting
ud a little l ib for Mower last nlisbt, aud
went to the hotel very tired. I hung my
coat on the gas jet. Didn't notice tii
dumbed thing was lighted V'Sun.
Mr. George Itiynor, the well-known bot
tier, has a cider mill near Greenwich,
Conn. Robert 0. Brown s-iys that Uiynor
Wfts walking to the Cos Cob depot not long
ago when he was collared by a ferocious
tramp, who wanted to borr w 5.
"I have no money," the geol.il bottler re
plied. "Well, you have a watch," growled the
tramn. "rieeme!''
Haynrr produced his watch.
"Now strip," sild the tramp. I want
your clothes. '
20e irge demurred. "What do you want
of my wearing apparel" he asked.
A milt f r-lntliw.4 HII'Mlt to PO with flVflfV
Water bury watch," the tramp answered.
Just then the Sheriff of Fairfield county
appeared and the tramp disappeared.
A tombstone In the cemetery nt Auburn,
Ala, bears the following iu-icription:
" As I am now you muu tnu-i lie,
Prepare for death and follow mo."'
Under this a wag wrote:
"To follow you I'd not consent,
Unless 1 knew which way you went."
Om iba Mls3 I desire to havo my pic
ture taken with my hat on.
Photographer Certainly, sit right down.
"No, not in this; this it a bonnet. I
will come this afternoon with the other;
It's my theater hat, you know."
"I am very sorry, miss, but my landscape
camera la out of order." Omaha. World.
Mornlnjr recreation In St. Petersburg:
First nihilist (with yawn; What are
you going to do with yourself to-day, good
Second Nihilist (with yawn) Alas, I
know not. Time hangs heavy.
First Nil' Hist (iuotiier yawn) Let's go
over and take a shot at the Czar before
Second Nihilist (wearily) So be It, but
It's dull short. 1 wonder that you take to
it still. Macon Telegraph.
',1 am so buny," said youn? Softly
Sophomore. "1 have no time to think."
"lean let you have plenty of time," said
the professor, coldly; "bat Isn't there
something else you need to do thinking
wlthf And long, long after recitation,
when It was hours too late, young Softly
bethought him that he should have said,
"Yes, but you have none of that to spare,
professor." Thus oft our brightest
thoughts and happiest inspirations side
track and wait for a signal, and fail to get
there. Burdctte.
A brother of the Indiana Conference, a
Very estimable man and able preacher, has
an incurable habit of always annexing the
pronoun "he" to the name of any person
to whom ne Is alluding. . This habit even
follows him into the pulpit, sometimes
with ludicrous results. This was particu
larly the case one Sunday, when, before a
large congregation, he arose and announced
his text:
The devil he goetu about like a roaring
lion, seeking whom he may devour.
Looking impressively over his gold
bowed spectacles, he began :
Brethren and sisters, my subject natur
ally divides Itself Into three heads: First,
who the devil he is?
The congregation was slightly startled,
but preserved due decorum.
Secondly, my brethren, where the devil
he is going
An old class leader put his head down,
and stuffed a bandanna in his mouth. The
choir shook, and a little girl in the gallen
Thirdly, my brethren, what the devil he
is about 1
This was t"0 much for the congregation,
and for once there was a peal of laughter
in t!at church. The quarterly conference
discussed the mutter Ht Its next meeting,
but the pastor still sprinkles his pronouns
The best on eartn can truly be said of
Griggs' Glycerine Salve, which is a sure,
safe and speedy cure for cuts, bruises, scalds,
burns, wounds and all other sores. Will pos
tiively cure piles, tetter and all skin erup
tions. Try this wonder healer. Satisfaction
guaranteed or money refunded. Only 'lo
ocnta. Sold by E. Y. Griggs.
Vicinity Items.
Earlville had a strawnerry social this
"week the first of the seastm.
East Br.M)klyn is suffering from a diph
theria epidemic.
The Aurora Herald thanks Mayor liar
rlsou of Chicago tor a copy of his ex aug
ural address. The editor says he presumes
it is an able document and he will read it
when he gets time.
Macomb is building a new school house
at a cost of f 20,000.
The Mendota organ factory nffers to re
move to Octawa if donated five acres of
land and $25,000 in cash. About one-half
of this amount has been already raised by
subscription. Str&itor Monitor. We have
the other half, too, now.
A new departure in advertising appears
in the Petersburg Democrat. A b-lght blue
crescent adorns one of the ads. llow did
they manage to fix it?
Our exchanges are beginning to talk
about decoration day. Peru, in particular,
wanta to celebrate it fittingly.
The III Henry minstrel troupe passed
through here on the Rock Island road the
other day. They showed In nearly all our
neighboring towns, but skipped Ottawa.
Why was it?
The "Devil's Auction" played InStrestor
last Monday, and drew a large crowd.
That is nice. There Is something very ap
propriate about that.
Streutoi is rylng to organize a base ball
club, hut she can't quite m'.ke It.
Jollet has twenty -one bicyclists.
Htraator oblerU to small boys playing
bill on the streets. Shut up the hoodlums
if vou don't like It
btreator'i telephones dont work prop,
erly. and Streator'i business men don't like
' m. i I .J
to piy f 43 a year lor oanging on an oiu
John Sanferson. of Streator, was the re
clplen' ot a most agreeable surprise party
last ween.
An Itinerant fraud has been playing It
sharp on the susceptible ladies of K ckford
by telling a pitiful tale of poverty and a
wooden leg, unl selling them "trlpple.
plated" silverware, which is about as good
as worthless. A'.
Joliet Is excited about hydrophobia
amoni! its dot's.
Aurora is excited about recent finds of
coal in that vicinity.
A teachers' institute was held at the
High School building In Princeton last
A bogus Insurance agent collected 125
f'om the directors In district 0, DuPage,
frr Insurance on the school bouse recently.
Those dire' tots want to be careful.
Hoc k ford has a new addition to her pop
ulationthirty Swedes, freeh from owe
Ancona. 111., had snow last week.
The Streatcr Free Pre man says he'd
"rathrr be believed on oath than not to be
believed at all." We are sorry to see our
Streator friend forced to such anemburras
sing alternative.
htreator is to have a "Dairy .Maids' Larnl
That chilly. 4!) years ago, pony chestnut
is in the Toul"a A'etr this week. We can
only refer again to our premium snake
Aurora is trying to keep up her roller
rink with a HxSU oil painting.
Tbat is gold which is worth gold. Health
is worth more than gold. Don't neglect a
cough or cold and let it remain to irritate the
lungs when a titiy cent bottle or Dr. uige
low s Positive Lu'e will promptly and saiely
cure any recent cough, cold or throat or luug
trouble. Kuy the dollar bottle of E. V. Griggs
for chromo cases or family use. r.utlorsed
by physicians and druggists. Pleasant to take
From Waltham.
Waltham, April 2;J, 1S8T. The roads
are in tine condition at presnnt, and the
farmers are getting aloag with tlieir farm
ing nicely.
Our schools have about all opened up
for the hu turner term.
Our accomplished friend John Klnne
gar has just returned from Chicago, but he
tailed to bring the bride.
William Scott is rejoicing over his Dew
olllce of School Director aud says he will
hold it for three yeurs in spite of hades.
When your term expires we will elect you
again, we only wish you had a doen scholl.
ars to send instead of seven.
Albert Hagenbach is on the sick list this
week. Suppose it's the spring fever.
William Hunter has just Mulshed plant
ing nine acres of potatoes. Banger would
be pleased to board with you next winter,
Luke Neary was the gueet of Judge
ICinnegar on Sunday last, he says the po
tato crop mu t have been pretty good up
there last year.
James Guhan is beginlng to feel lone
some for his neighbors.
James might be seen any evening going
west, that is, if It is not too dark.
Mrs. Mary O'Dunnel wishes t sell a
fresh milch cow, and she will gurantee
her to produce from ten to twelve lbs. of
butter per week and as gentle as could be
David Muir goes to the county seat next
week where he will occupy the juror's
Robert Thompson was elected for School
Director in Dim. No. 4 by a large majority.
Your correspondent and many others are
much pleased with bis success and trust
he will fill the olllce with success and give
entire satisfaction.
Katie NichloBon, who has been on the
sick list for the paat two weeks, Is Improv.
ing rapidly.
Henry Koiix feels blue to think he was
defeated at tue last election.
Frank Togarty is occupying the juror's
bench, at Ottawa, this wevk.
Patrick Galvin Is slowly recovering.
S. Crowley and M. Hughes were seen in
Wallace last Sunday eve. Come again.
Miss Nora Dwyer, of Ottawa, aud Miss
Julia McGraw, of Freedom, were the
guests of Misses Pillion on last Wednes
day. Ha.nokk.
From the FIiihiicIuI Center.
I have suffered from catarrh and bron
chitis for ten years. I used almost every
kind of medicine that promised a cure, bui
without any permanent result for good.
Disappointed and discouraged, and almost
without hope, at the suggestion of a friend
I commenced the use c t Swift's Specific
some three or four months ago. 1 am de
limited to suy I htn entirely cured. I write
this thut others my be benefited by my ex
perience, for 1 have excellent health, and
have gained twelve pounds since I began
the use of Swift's Specific F. Hancock
Mm.i.kk, New York, Oct. 28, 1 W0. No.
6 Wall Street.
For Nliii'treii Year.
For nineteen years I suffered with eczema,
or, as some of tho doctors called it, erysi
I elas, in tny ankles I endured untold pain
and anguish, with now and thi n temporary
relief from remedies applied by ttio best
physicians iu lie country, .fcitihteen
months aim I commence 1 the use of SwlftV
Specific with but little faith, as every other
ren.edy had failed. 1 used five bottles, and
with a greatful healtK I testify to-day that
1 am well. It brought me relief when all
else had failed. Mum. Liticia Jacksom.
Athens, Ga, Nov 2, 1H0
Trehtise on Blood and Skin Diseases
mailed free.
The Swift Spkcific Co., Drawer 3 A'
lanta, G.
ftrnentera rennrt ImslnesH brlf-k In the
wiy of repairs, additions to dwelling hous
es, etc. "I could set a hundred gangs of
men nt work on rpunlrs If I hnd them."
said a jobber yesterday 'itrMtor Tim.
. The Greateitt Discovery
Of the ninteenth century, can truly be said
of 1'npillon (extract of flax) Skin Cure.
Thousands testify to ils wonderful curative
powers in seemingly hopeless cases of
Eczema, Salt Rheum, Erysipelas and every
kind of skin disease. Mr. ). P. Algier, of
Hartsford, Ohio, tried everything he heard
or saw recommended, and suffered five
years with Eczema until he found Papillon
Skia Cure, which cured him. Large bottles
only J1.000, at T. E. Gapen & Co.'s Drug
narkln's Arnica Sal ye.
The best ealve In the world for cuts, brulsee,
ores, ulcers, salt rbenra, fever sores, U-tter,
chapped bands, chilblains, corns, and all skin
emotions, and positively cures piles, or no pay
required. It is guaranteed to give perfect sat
isfaction, or money refunded. Price 26 ceuta
per box For sale bv D. LorrUux.
Htn Style DUplajred Thli Spring la
raranoU and Sun l'mbrelUCoiitrat
Ing MoilrU for Kvcnlng Prrura frout
Which Young Ladles Mny ftelert,
Aglaivoat the aecompanyiiiR illustration
luffloa to show that youiiR ladies may ex-rn-lso
their own pleasuro in tho ("election of a
nigh or low Uidice fur evening toilets. Hoth
sty It it ru iu tu&lihm, hoiice a model of tucu is
htm liivi-u.
Tho dress with tho hih bodire bus the front
drapery arranged in deep plaits tlrnt fall
over a flat plaited skirt, alk ing a broad
panel embroidered in colors to be seen on one
side, where pink ribbon borders the tablicr,
and finishes in loop nnd ends. Tho luicU
clruery is of straight puffed breadths. The
Lih n i id turnover collar is of the embroidery,
The ball toilet with ft low bodieo U com
posed of li-!it silk uml puizc, nnd is trimmed
with lat e. The box pluits on tho skirt are
4 inches wide.
I'ariinolH nnd Sun Vinhrrlloa.
Parasols for spring and Mitunvr nro made
quite larse, with ten broad ribs nnd liamllt
long enough to serve ns aiienstocl;R. alauy
havo tho ribs tipped wiih nickel or with tUt,
and a new feature is vertical strijios of ribbon
down each goio or one broad satin woven
rtripe, or else several beuded stripes nre
wrought down each gore, lhe prevailing
shape is an improved llauresquo style, flutter
than tho canopy tops of last year; there are
also tho sultana uinl the regent para-sols, with
a plain diamond or star center widely trimmed
below, with many rows of Inee arranged us n
Light wood sticks nro much used for these
dressy purusols and are ornamented with
carving, sometimes in threo motions, nt the
end, or they ai- countersunk or inlaid with
darker brown wood, or nro mado like doubled
flat or triangular sticks nr in imitation of
bamboo, or they nro twisted iu the oven twist
so fobbionablu in all furniture and are finished
with ft knob of faceted crystal, or of th
wood or of enamel or of jet, either black or
colored. Mottled sticks with Rilt or silver
tops, nnd those of natural wood with hooks
or rings, are very stylish and of great length;
tho ferrule at tho top corresponds with the
stick and is also very long.
A lxiw of ribbon of many loops and o
bright color trims the handle, aud narrower
ribbon is tied on tho ferrule. After tho lace
trimmed parasols, and those with bended
stripes, nnd tho ojion bended medallions tlmt
show a color K'nenth them, nro many sim
pler ones of stri)es) or with plaid Ijordors
having nlso small plaids in the middle, aud
for plain use there are ulso jnnigee covers, or
those, of dark silk black, blue, or brown
with hnir stripes of bright colors, or with
alternate stripm of contrasting colors, each
half an Inch or nn inch broad. Homo of the
pongees have embroidery all over them, the
ground of Ion,; Pitches inuking a background
for daisies or medallions. I'.lack gronudiut
nrasols nro over red, urin, or other color,
with a frill of lace, and light wood handle.
For children are satin strijcd parasols with
twisted handles of light wood. New sun um
brellas have a large hull of dull gilt nest a
mottled wooilen handle, or a crystal ball, or
nno of Muck with whito enamelled flowers or
leaves, or else a hook of natural wood tiped
with ivory. Hurjor's Dnzar. i
I'nfililonatilu I!alrlrelnor.
"The hair, as n rule, Is elaborately dressed
for ball room nnd evening wear," say The
Season, from which tlm fashion cuts of lU'n
issue nre taken, "and sometimes tho two sidi
of tlm front Imir Hie dill'fiently urnuiged."
u.'.J .. ' it i .1
In the illustration ono figuro illustrates the
right half rolled in ono lai (;o curl, while on
the left, whieii lias a scarcely vi:;ili!e parting,
come n nuiiilier of tiny curls. The back hnir
is formed into a lightly twisted knot. The
eoilTure, a la Maintcnou, is made of silver
lai1, dotted here and there with penis. For h
simple eoiirure the whole of the lmir. from
the roots to the emh, may 1 twisted into ono
coil and then fastened up high over rt diadem
or other ornament. Any ends remaining
after the coil is finished are taken buck again
and fastened Is-hind the left ear.
Tho fancy hnir pins shown in the rut ore
worthy of remark. The first one is ma le of gold
and has the coronet top, ornamented with
colored enamel. The second is oNo of cold
and is set with black pearls. The third pin is
ornamented with small di nnonds on the dark
tortoise shell half moon. Tho fourth mode! is
ninde of light, transparent tortoise shell and
intended to be worn as a comb. In tho fifth
blue enamel marks the desiipi on an old silver
ground; the sixth is umdn of Rold filajn-e,
very finely worked, and in intended to l
stuck into the crimped front hair.
Mrlped and Fancy Matrriala.
Tbe mixture of striped and other fancy
materials with plain fabrics will eontinuo in
fovor during the coming season, and also tbe
trimming of textiles in monochrome with
l xinds of contrasting material of various do
signs to represent strir. Galloons, faney
headed a.ss'neiiterie8, tltit gims in nppliqu.
moiro rut into strii, velvet ribbona and
lumds of K i- iiiaei tiou will all be used (or
this purpose
1 b rJ
Kite l''d lT riilloHopliere In Electrical
and l.oeomotlve 1'ipvrliurnt Tha
Hoy's Kite for Fun llow the Latter
May Ho made lis Fuucy I'ultcru.
The kite, so named because, originally
made in tho slmw of a bird called tho kite, is
not oi'ly u favorite toy w i h younj folks, but
it has occasionally Ucu applied to useful and
curious puriHwes by philosophers. Uy means
of a kite formed of a silk handkerchief
stretch d over a wooden frame, l)r. Franklin
drew down lihtniii: from tho clouds and
demonstrated ils identity with electricity.
M:iny years ao Mr. IWock, of lin.s'.ol, is re
ported to havo travelled on tho road between
Hath and lmdoii in a carriage drawn by two
nimt kites supported nt a moderate elevation
and impelled by the wind. We do not, bow
ever, exMi-t our renders to perform any
electrical or locomotive exieriments with
their kites, but we are sure they will derive
great amusement from their littlo aerial
machines, especially if they manufacture
them with their own bauds.
To make n kite, select for tho upright a good
straight lath, as A, H, in tho plain kite shown
in th cut. Next procure half of a tnin
hoop or cane for tho Dow C, P, and then tie
the hoop to the upright at A, and take care
to liuvi, ax iinieli nn one side of the unriirht as
on the other, otherwiso your kite will bo suro
to fall on one side when Hying. iSoteU me
two ends of lui liow ('. I), ami tie a Ions
piis-e of string to D, pass it round tho upright
. I., , .1 . t..... J, n.. ...... !.
'It Vi UIHl llieil lil.SM'11 lb HIV.-, I U I ii-
tring to A, pass it down to 1 and tie it
i.Iiimm! from thence it is to Im continued to B.
pas-csl round a notch there, and carried up
again to i , tiieiuionn I lie uprigiit. nt r ana
up to I), where it is to lie finally fastened off.
Tho skeleton licing thus finished tho next
thin'' to bo done is to pa.sto several
sheets of paper so ns to form a stir-
f...... 1-...,.,. ...wn ,1. t,. tt tlm kitA
n. ' k1 ....... v ...... ...w
nnd allow of a littlo turn over to fatrteu
the outer ed;;es; niter you nave pasted mo
nT on to the skeleton you must niako two
.ui it. flu. iitn.i. .1,1.1 fw fi II II ttirmifl,
which tlie lu'llvliaud is to be i.smh1, knotting
tho two ends of the string to keep it from
slipping through the holes. The wing nre to
l.,. I.w.r t, ..... I tl,...,iu ,.f ,,..,.i. ..nt intn
slips, rolleil close up so as tuln'iir some re
semlilance (o a tas-el, and tied to the sides of
the kite at C, H. The tail, which should lie
atHiiit 111 teen times the length of tho kite, is
miulo i iy roiiimg a niiniis'i- or pieivs oi iixr
so as to'be alsmt an inch in breadth nnd four
i...tl..Mj il. I.i.i.rlll fill, I tlfi.t,'lll'fl tV'lllir tl,,f
im ui a ii( i.i... ...v- . .......
nu n string at intervals of three indies, and is
llnlslieii iy uiuxiug lo uie euu oi loe sirinn a
large tassel made in the same manner as the
.ml..,ru Ti,. t l,.t wl ,'illfr ll'itll l,'lli.l VtMl tlltmit
to fly tho kite to the b'llylind,'and your
Kill' IS compieie anil renoy lor servii-c
ltitiMiiM kit'. ..nt, I i 1 v mnbn fitnev
L-ii.ui A t-t.rv I'iiiiiiv- i.ir.u. mnv lw, rirodtifH!
Iiy painting a kite like a sailor, and attaching
movable arms, instead of the ordinary tassel
. .i , . , ....... .....
Wings, lo UIO slloiucieiH. no inT-iii, uui
renilers with two sugi'estivo forms which are
quite novel. All fancy kites should be
painted wit tj the most glaring colors, miaine
Uir,,i...j iiti tlir.ii, ftrnu'n im eiun-selv ns nossible.
ns they ure intundod to lo seen at a great
Faster iume anil t'uKt oiim.
Tho exact oriniu of the pretty custom of
offering fancy eggs nt Faster is somewhat
shrouded in mystery, hut tho custom contin
ues just the same, for o'l thut. In this coun
trv children who live ill or near largo cities
aro favored with Fust " eggs mode of rich
confectionery, or of china tilled with Bweet
meats. In country towns tho young people
deK-nd more for their eggs on colored once
prepared at home. In far away Russia lioys
and girls, on Faster Monday, play at the
curious Faster game depicted in tho annexed,
engraving, which was originally dcnignud for
American Agriculturist.
One of the croup, usually tho oldest, start
an egg down an incli ied lioard, her object
lieing to strike Mini wafer IhoM'of the exjiect-
aut playmates licit lie on tlm grouinl. Fiu-h
one in tai n sends an egg down tho inclined
plane. The one who bits or scatters the
largest iiuiiiI ht of eggs of course wins lhe
game, whi --li, if one may judge l,y tho oariKwt
faces of the ehil.lii n ns sis-n in tho picture,
must lie a wry interesting one.
To Ki-mler Wilier l.iiiiilnoii.
Young st.a li'Ut.s of chemistry will lx in
ter'st.sl to l.-arn liow to rentier the surf.'wo of
water phosphori-sfeiit. Wet u lump of line
sugar with plio-piiorij il ether, and throw it
intou ba.sin of water; tlm surface of the water
will beeoiii' luminous, mid show ln-autifully
in the dark; by gently blowing upon it, phos
phorescent, undulation. will U- foriui.'d, which
w ill illumine the uir alovuth fluid for a con
snler.ilil.; spu-re. In winter tho water must be
reniloied blooil warm.
Simple FteieUpH.
"KnucklD dowi:" is a verv vr ftit It
consists in placing the tics against n line
cholkisl on the floor, kneeling down ami
getting up ugain, without using th" hands, or
moving tho feet from tho line. 'Tixwtruto
and n-rK'ii,Iiculur" is another simplo exer
cise: Cross your arms on your Ixvly, lie down
on your back, and then get up again, without
Usui;; either your elbows or bands in doing so.
Mnmiiiu' iiil.
H se-nis a vpry funny thing, and yet I know It's
That mninmn was a littlo girl - little, like me and
Sim roll. d her Ikxp nnd jumped the rope, and
ilns-d her doll, I s'poic;
IVrlinp Hoiiietiinea sue wusu't pod aud Ure her
Sui.Uay elotliea.
But innmma miift hare hen w very nwert, 1
I think taut I
' Weuld like to be just like her, and so 1 mran to
I try.
, AnJ when grandma imt m next. shTi say,
"lear me, I'm sure that Jo
Is jractlv like tr moUier was "boot tT2ty yan
ao:' (Joideo fy.
trVT'Tii.. i. JTs.- vOs,' -5" 'AK'1
us . tii
LllJ Jitii
West of La Salle Street, (south side,)
lir-i d ke ronttantly on Und l.re and well ulected itock of
All the new and popnlar Tateo Medlelnoi, KitiaMBd 8plce foronllnarv
Perfumery, Crushes, and Fancy Articles for the Toflet
Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Window G'ass, &c
Particular Attention given to the Componndlnjol Fiyiiiclans PrTscriptioni
. i T3.t..fi
r.vur.Ar.n rocic ISLAND & PACIFIC R'Y
By reason of its central position, close rf-Utlon rMtjStSi
and continuoun Unes at terminal points Weat, NorwMiSoutaMt latn
only true middle-link in that transcontinental system w h oh invite, and cU
itatos travol and traffic iu either direction between the AUantio and
The Rock Islaud main line and branches inoaude ChicaROJoUot, Ottawa, L
vl SSiliaE? tnd Rock Island. Vii&SrEwftTSE
iirTu WMhlnaton Fairfield Ottiimwa, Oskaioosa. West Liberty, Iowa lw,ie
KTS wLWALtta Knoxvle. Audubon. karta OulMj
Centre and Coanril Blaffs, in Iowa; OalIUn. Trenton. St. Joser.h Camerond
vnna Cttv in Miuourl' Leavenworth and Atchison, in Kansas, Aioen i-ea.
M?nnetrSiu'and St! PaaY. in MbineSota; Watertowa ia Dakota, and hundred,
of intermediate cities, towns and village.
Um of stone and iron. Its rollin stock is perfect as human mai.
it. It has all the safety appliances that mechanical Reulus has invented I ana
exrienc" oved valuibIts pracUcaJ 1 operaUon is nimmttn -LSSnoda
ical -its discipline strict and exacting ahe laxury of its passemrer accommooa
-between Chicago, St. Josoph, Atchison and Kansas Otty-reatfui tUWULXiin
It the direct, favorite line betweer Chlcatro nd Minneapolis and St raul. Orar
thisroutVSo'lid FZpr, i Train- run ly 'JhTi
.ocaliUe. and hunting and fishirur irrotinds icf ' iowa 5 2?aV atertowiL
wheat fields and araains lands '"'"KJflKollolnd
A short desirable route, via .Senega and oftrt Mw
to traveler, between Cincinnati, Indiaiiapolia. Ljfni. PaiU anditer
Joseph, Atchison, Leaver-worth, Kansas City, Minneapolis, St. .Paul ano
Alf clieW Patrons, especially fami'ues, ladle, and 2
offlciais andemploya. of Bock Ialand train, protection, respectful oourtesr wa
rmt k Gsa'l V'r, Chttag.
Uit Gssl
Theoldest House,
The largest Stock.
The Best Variety
Of goods in this line in
La Salle county.
35 and 37 La Salle Street.
inil Mar, iiwi
Mj'f, CWmjo.
6.1 TkL k Piu. Act, Ckka

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