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M cf Otlaw'i Young Men, and What lie
JIa H Doing-Interior of The Siwho.
In rwponne to theTIp of tbe Fbm Tbap
kr loterviewer, Mr. Cameron cme forward
with an urbame mile of weloone, and in
vited ui in. Ho has his studio cosily and
Uatily arranged. The floor id cotered with
miUiiig: and rugs and the walls are hung
with sketches, studies, finished paintings,
and all of those half finished ftnoies of the
irllst that are always so faacinnating to look
In looking arouod the room tbe lsltor
sees several pieces of finished work that are
real!.erj boa. One is the hea l and shoul
ders of a little Venetian girl, called " U
i"lreg." It la a ery pretty faoe, and the
work is fine and fin'mlied. Next to tbe right
we come to a scene from the interior of St
Mark s church, Venice. It is a painting of
medium site, nearly square, and Is rery
Lan.lsome. It shows one of the apartments
of tbe church, with lis dark pillars and its
- a
bjfh pews, aod some people engigei ai wor
hi. Still to the nght is a long. UrBe pic
lure in a rough gilt frame. It is landscape,
and is entitled the " HoTirons of Veules."
Just below it bangs a imall sketch called
" Clue aud Gray" representing a girl ascend
log a staircase. Tbeu there are two pictures
of the same Bul-ject that are the gems of the
collection that is, they seem the cutest
and most attractive. One M died "Li
ig," and the other " La belle Vetieiiuor.',
They are pictures of a girl in Venice, who,
tbe artist tells us, also went by the naue ol
Ulack eye t Susan " Auy way the pictures
sre both beautiful. There is another heal,
of a Nepolian girl, with black bair alio
r.rti t.lcmrc. These, with a sketch of
- i
tbe " Latin Quarter " of Venice, and one ol
"Tbe Zilterie," a canal it the same city,
complete the finished work that Mr. Cum
erou now has on exhibition in hii studio
There are however, many little beauties on
(be walks, In the shape 01 sketches, studies,
Mr. Cameron went to I'aris four year-iago
nest September. He spent the first winter
in I'aris, tbeu went, tbe first summer of bis
may, to Veules, on the Normandy cost. Tbe
feeond summer be went to liarbeton in the
torrent of Fountaiublcau, the borne of Millet.
Tbe third summer be went to England with
French artist and the lust summer be
spent In Venioe.
11 r. Cameron has certainly ma le a good
start in bis profession, and will doubtless
rise to some prominence, A visit to bis
ntudio will be well repaid by seeing the
pieces be now has on exhibition.
Miller. Miss Ada Miller has returned
to her home la Milwaukee.
Holm km. Miss Mamie Holmes, of this
place, is visiting friends in Milwaukee.
IIcbki. Mr. and Mrs. John llurke are in
CitiiNir. Mrs. II. E. Uedney and daughter
Grace have returned from Mendota.
Bum G. W. W. Dlake will deliver the
Fourth of July oration at Dana.
Imman. Mrs. Inman has returned to Ot
tawa. Chapman. Mr. Roscoe Chapman, of Hook
ford, was in Ottawa Monday.
Sidnkv 8. Tbe Sidney 8. took a party to
Kagle Grove last Sunday.
Nkwkll. James Newell returned 'from
Aurora Mondny.
lies. Mrs, Geo. K. Koe is visiting friends
in Chicago.
Milmoan. Mr. and Mrs. James MDligan
are spending a few weeks in Camhridgeport,
GrtUiTs. Miss Mamie Dunfor l and Katie
Iirown were tbe guests of Miss M iry Dough
erty, of Wallace, during the past ftw days.
CIat. To Mr. and Mrs. Joe 'Jay a 10
I'Ound boy,
IUnub. Mi.is lilizntielb Itangq, a former
High School instructress, is keeping bees in
Talijot. Miss Winnie Talbot, of the south
t-ide, has gone to Hoslon.
Nash, Henry C. Nash bus resigned as
tell r of tbe First National llnnk.
O Dsikn. Miss Nellie O'Urieu, of ltlooin
ington, is visiting in Ottawa.
AuiiU). E. A, Agard bus returned to Ot
awn from Alton.
LniiiToN Cspt. I.elghton, of tne cauil,
was in town this week.
Hai sman. Col. Ilnpetunn has gone to Lin
coln, Nebraska.
Koouki.il Ur. Henry Ilojlielle ha re
tamed to Wyoming.
All. Mr. F. G. Allen, of Omaha, was
in town tbi week visiting Clareuce Griggs.
Lorn. Matt Lock left for Montreal this
The Courts.
Circuit Court JuiIk Sll.
The grand jury finished their work last
Saturday, returning the following Indict
meets. Nine indictments against Fred
Qoerne for forgery. One against 8. W. Hay
Bond for eicbeziement, against 8. W, Kay
wad and J. F. Nash for conspiracy; against
Jotta Hardly for obstructing the highway;
agsiaet Elita Hiatt, for assult; James Mc
loaey, aseuli; William Butters for obtaining
mney under false preteuses and Uustsva
Miller for murder.
Now there will be motions to quash, and
tbe sifting process will begin.
Jdt is quite noticeable that tbe upper floor
of tbe courthouse was pretty much all occu
pied this week. Judge Blanchard was bear
ing motions is the circuit court room, the
principal tne being tbe one for a new trial
in the Carr and Kerrigan rape case, which
motion was denied. Judge Htipp heard an
application fur a suit of habeas eorpui, hold
ing court in the probate court room, and
Judge LXtUil heard ai alinjoy esse in the
ioui.iv court room, tne case nior-uuS
Stlpp was one of peculiar interest. A Mi
Tergeusnn, of Minneapolis, wanted the cus
tody of bis three children, now in the pos
session of bis divorced wife. Judge Stipp
thought tbe children might as well stay
where they were. Tbe following is the official
reoord of tbe week's proceedings:
Margaret Stepban v Fred 0rrne et al.
Default as to F and K Gu'rne. Hearing and
decree, J2.4.W.7I.
Sarah Nellson v Mary Schaut et al. Bill
dismissed by agreement. All damages
waived by issaing writ.
A.U. A of La Salle v Louisa Decosta et
1. J 1 Hall appointed guardian for Anna,
Ella, May and Thilly McCostra.
Under v D Iless and John II Druitt. Ke
cog jrtOO.
J B W Co ? J C & S Coal Co. Judgment
l,y con. for J2l.3tll.84.
People v t'arr and Kerrigan. Motion for
new trial overruled. Sentenced on verdict ;
Carr 3 years aud Kerrigan 2 years at bard
People v K Hiatt. Deft plea ls guilty to
assault and battery. lined ten uollars ani
,ew Cae. James Van Horn v A D Mead
papers not filed. I'eople v Farlan, petition
ri'it filed. Irwin v 8 Hurst, papers nut filed.
James Biker v S Hurst. Joliet Barb Wire
Co v C .1 S Coal Co., judgment by confess.
Jas Cahill v It B Gatiss, foreclosure.
County ourl-.1 mitre hiiyiler.
210. People v Hoadly. State's Ally en
ters nolle prosse,
Brooks etal v ll. lknap et al, judgment by
coufeisiou, $1311 and costs.
ITbte Courts.
Admr, claiming J J MiGralh forf01.7l.al
lowed. I'M or Jas Hoshell. R Boshell, l'eti
I'roliate of will. Ijtt of Timothy Murphy,
J V Murphy a ltnr, Probate of will and let
ters of administration. Est of Geo William
son, W E Williamson, guirdean. Repart of
accounts. Est of Timothy llealy, Johu
Shortill executor, Report of accounts. Est
of Hiram Jackson, 7. E Jackson admr, wid
ows relinquishment and inventory.
f.rttrri of A'lminittratmn. VM of Ole Oak,
John Rosdal, admr. Est of Albert Crane,
Jr F Crane, admr.
Lfilm uf (Jurlenliij."VM of Jackob
Oaul, at letters granted to Mariam Gaul.
Miiellunrom, Est of Heney Harr et al.
minors, Jacob Barr gardean. Final report
and discharge as to Heury Barr. Est or
Florenoe Hoffman, II J Gilbert gardeau, gar
dean inventory. Est of Wm Donnell, C D
Patterson admr. Keport or sale or personal
property. Est of Catherine r.rten, Micnaei
Erten conervator, inventory filed.
In the ontc.
Geo W Colgrove aud Mamie Coi.
Fred Robel and Hattie FielJing.
Cbas K Burdick and Ida L Allen.
Fred Eichelberger end -AUie Butterfield.
Hector Atwood and Mrs Lucetta Gray.
Bernbard Weygand and Mrs Barbara Rutt-
Maurioe Swords and Ellen Waters.
James MoVey and Ellen Delaney.
John B Moore and Susie Crosswell,
Wm A Young ami Ad lie Jennings.
Gens Monson to Barlow & Ensington lot
8, blk 3, Plumb's 4th Add to Streator.
Myry Schaut to Sunh Ne'son lots 31 and
32, blk 43, Streator, 2,0O0.
Ottawa Trannfrrt William Frieschauf to
Franr Frieschauf lot 2, Ottawa Subd. 8 W
fr. 11, 83, 3, ?27r..
Sherman Leland to Thos. Zellers lot 8, blk
1 1, Champlin's Add, $225.
Wm. Wicrbaoh to Nicb Watts lot 7, blk 77
State's Add, f 2r0.
Tbe building for the new stoneware works
is progressing rapidly.
The Rock Island folks are selling Fourth
f July excursion tickets at oue fare for the
round trip.
. .
Carr a d Kerrigan will have to abide by
the decision of the first trial. The motion
for a new trial w is overruled Weduesday.
There will tie a if loo race between Cregar,
of Streator, and llcmmerle, of Ottawa, some
time in tbe near fa (me.
From "Waltham.
Wai.tii a am, June 30. Gone June,
llegati the hay linriewt.
In the shock winter wheat.
A thing of the past crn cultivating.
Fourth ot July is drawing near and the
Ktmill In v bed us to wish for the fire
Allan Lewis, of Vandull i, smiled upon
us Thursday.
Hev. Gilbert, of I'tlca. was making pas
toral calls here last week.
Mrs. J. Newcomer, son, daughter and
niece, visited friends and relatives In Sen
oca last Saturday ami Sunday.
Albert Cartwrlght has accepted a posi
tion as clerfc In .Messrs. Leonard and Col
llns' merchandize store at Utlca.
Mr. and Mrs. H Hartshorn took a pleas
ant drive to Livingston county Saturday,
returning on Sunday.
Mr. Geo. Bennett Is beautifying bis
house with paint. Hon Dee twirls tbe
Theodore Miwe, of Dlmtnlck, Sundayed
with us.
Miss Laura IMlhnrz, of Seneca, closes
her schoul In district No. 9 to-day, where
she bas presided w ith great credit.
Mrs. Southwlck, of MUllngton is the
guest of Mrs. John Harris.
John Iilancbitrd departed for Southern
Iowa last Wednesday. John, through bis
pleasing ways, lias won many friends here
who wish blui a glorious success and
would itladiy welcome bun back.
Independence Day will be celebrated by
the irootl people of Wilt ham In Mrs. David
Harbour's grove. They will give vent to
their feelings by singing songs, listening
to orations ana orlnklug toast after toast ot
lemonade to this free born land or ours
Cmue everybody and bring a well tilled
Our assessor. Will K. Warrick, returned
bis IxHiks to-day. In his rounds this year
tie found ?2'l horses, 1 tiff cattle, 421 sheen,
I hogs. There are acre In coin,
41 sores lo wheat, 4115 of out i, 40' acres!
i if tsitatiies. Accorulutf to uis assrtwinen',
the total valuation- f pi-raoniil and rl
tate property Is lJ.lm amsi f hm,"i
Tbe UllTHretn f Is In lav.ir nf Hi tax tmyer
Monthly reiH'rtol hcIukiI ulst'b t N H.
Total number enrolled, 2); averse dally
attendance, 'JO. Tuna perfect In attend
am' during the mouth are Allsn and Flor
ence Wylie, Christina Stevenson, .lames
Mitch!, llobert Jackson, Uraulne fabler
wimhI, llertnan bchroeder and Dvld
Calrnc. MaluJ.
Dr. Jones' Bed Clover Tonic is not a stim
ulatil, but a nerve too'l, restoring nerve force
lost by sickness, or eicessive menial work,
or the use of liquor, opium, tnorphiue or to.
tmcco. It supplies food for nerve tissues and
by its gentle sperative action, removes all
restraint from the secretive organs, hence,
curing all diseases of the stomach and liver.
K. V. Griggs will supp'y the genuine Red
Clover Tonic ul W) cents a bottle.
Vicinity items.
The I'tlca "I'nlon Pottery." now lu
course of construction, will be M00 feet,
thrn stories bliib. with a casement at the
south end, and a 20.H engine room tit the
Month end. A ")0 horse power engine, wmi
a 00 horse power boiler, will supply tbe
motive power.
Fox river, which nt this spring's freshet
was higher than known for 110 yeurs before,
Is probably now lower than It bas been at
unv tiiiiH In that tiuuiuer or years, .mi
water lias been going overthe Dayton &m
fur ten davs or more, all the river below
contains belnir tbe water leaking through
Ht the. foundations of the structure. Alsive
the d am, the water on Wednesday w is over
a fo it below the level of the dam's apron
The remarkable How of artesian water
on the Deiitorinan farm, 1 miles this side
of Princeton, draws crowds of sight seers.
A Party of IVruvlans were there Siinday,
and found the volume of water snd pres
sure undiminished. Tue engineer In
cbnrire of the boring estl imtes that the
water comes up with force sulllclent to
carrv It seventy feet above the surface, anil
this from a depth of only lilty-otie feet.
Tbe water Is very s lt and pure, without u
truce of mineral taste.
When the river fl nved Into the Kiddle
stone irry ut Aurora last spring, large
number ot llsti were depoHiien mere, anc
have continued to flourish In tue clear cold
waters until a few days sine, when the
water was pumped low by the steam puun
The fish then became distinctly isible,
and after work Wednesday evening the
men employed In the quarry had a grand
fishing party, although no )lns, hooks nor
pules were used. They waded In'o the
shallow p-Mil, the bottom of - which was
thick with mud, and drove the lish until
they got stuck In the mud, wUen they
would throw them tin shore. About a bar
rel of line bass, pickerel, pike, etc., were
thus captured.
The I'eru Zinc Co. Is Investigating the
recent find of natural gas at Orauv ille, with
a view of using it for fuel In tbe factory If
the supply proves sulllclent.
The MUllngton tile factory will shut
down on Saturday evening on account of
the ury weather. The demand for tile has
been very email, the farmers being very
reluctaot as to making Improvements as
long as the crop prospects are uncertain.
The Spring Valley (jtaette gives the fol
lowing facts regarding the Henning gas
well, near Granville: "The iron tubing
from the well is about six Inches In diam
eter at tbe top and three Inches at the bot
tom, 1,010 feet down. The top of the pipe
bad been plugged up, and an Inch pipe in
serted In It, with a horizontal piece across
the end. From the ends of this pipe tbe
gas was burning freely. At nljjht they
said it made a very bright light. The con
nections were all very loosely made, and
no doubt the greater part of the gas es
caped without burning. Over nine hun
dred feet of water stands In the tube, and
by listening closely we could bear the gas
come up through the water with a noise as
If great bubbles were constantly coming to
the surface and exploding. Before the
gas was struck the water stood within 80
feet of the top, and afterwards dropped to
120 feet- It is believed a subterranean
stream was passed through while going
down with the drill, as for a time the dirt
made by drilling was carried away as fast
as made. At a depth of 300 leet they
struck a sixty foot seam of mineral paint;
at 4(K) teet third vein cal, four feet thick ;
at 470 feet, plumbago, two or three feet
thick; at "70 feet, Trenton limestone,
which is generally supposed to contain gas.
A twelve horse power engine had worked
the drill. The price paid lor digging was
2.50 a foot."
Ou Wednssday evening while trying to
step from one car to another of a moving
construction train near Dina, I'blllp I'lun
kett fell between them. Only one truck
passed over him, but when removed it was
found that across bis rlgnt leg, close to the
body, was a long deep gash cut by a car
wheel, and the ankle of the same leg was
also jammed up. He tiled a few bouis af
terwards at Stieafor.
The cathedral glass works which had j ist
been completed ut Htreator, burned to the
ground between tbe hours of 7 and 10 M m
day morning.
A company bas been organized by prac
tical glaBS workers to build a new bottle
factory at Streator.
Over 12 10 bas been raise 1 toward the
erection of an Episcopal chapel at Morris.
The people of the Bend, Fresdoin town
ship will have a bisket picnic on the
Fourth, In Peter Jacob's grove. Hon.
John Miller and Geo. W. W. Blake, of Ot,
tnwa, w ill be the orators.
If anyone bad any doubts as to the suc
cess of the monthly horse Bale, last Satur
day would have removed the doubt. Hor
ses were brought from all parts of the coun
ty and buyers were here from all parts of
the country. Sixty-nine head of horses
were sold ana snipped out, ana over fiu
000 was paid out by the buyers. The prl
ces were good, ranging from 45 for a po
ny to 22j Tor a tbree-year-oia jxorman
colt. From f 150 ta 1180 were the ruling
prices for itcxk! heavy horses. The buyers,
of course, did all they could to get horses
cheap, but as each man was nis own saies
man tuere was no room lor any one lonno
fault with prices, as It was not a compul
sory sale by any means. Saturday's sale
demonstrated what we have all along con
tended, that monthly sales are a good tblng
for the farmer as well as tne tiorse Duyer
If the farmers as a class will only do as a
business man would hold their horses for
the sale day they would make money and
have a regular market. I'ontiM Free
The Jollet council has adopted an ordin
ance prohibiting all billiard and pool tab
les, tenpins, and cards In connection w ltn
saloons, and all games of chance on tbe
A TrUI bv Jury,
That great American Jury, the people,
have rendered a unanimous verdict In
favor of Dr. Pierces Ple&taat Purgative
Pellets, the standard remedy fr bowel and
stomach disorders, biliousness, sick head
ache, dizziness, constipation and sluggish
From Brookfield.
HiiMokHKi.i), June 27. The weather Is
very waim.
I wo iinlti.-trious young farmers of lirook-
11-11, while Ht work last Meek, became
deeply engaged In a conversation on who
the iiroollelil correspondent U. I he time
passed so svtt,y by that they did not real
i.n the precious tiinti they were wasting
until tbe sun bad set. .Never mind, tx'js,
VictcrU was close by.
The prliicitMl event of the week was a
dance at T hos. Tnlty's last fatorday even
ing 1 here was a lari'e crowd present and
a good time was rejMirted by all.
ti. A. Kennedy visited the county seat.
Ah, ha, George, to see the county clerk?
Henry Lsciiennan f-pent last Sunday In
Kinsman. Henry, did you goon another
fishing excursion ?
Thos Dunn and his best girl were at the
dance last Saturday night.
Frank McC'abe visited M. Glendlu lat
Mr and Mrs. Thomas Welsh spent Sun
day In Allen.
Mrs. Thoin is McC'abe visited friends in
Ottawa lust week.
Mr. und Mrs. W. Cougblln, jr., visited
frlnds In Allen last Sunday.
Nellie Bradley went to Ottawa yesterday.
Matt. Mcllowan, a former resident of
Brookfield, but now of Sioux City, lows,
visited friends In Brooktleld iUlte recently.
How H Tills!
We offer Oue Hundred Dollars Keward
for any case of Catarrh that can not be
cured by taking II ill's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CIIKNKV & CO., Prop'rs, Toledo, O.
P. h. Hills Catarrh Cure Is taken in
ternally, acting directly upon tbe blood and
mucus silt faces of the system. Price, 75
cts. per luttle. Sold by all Druggists.
From Marseilles-
Mahhkii.i.ks, June ;I0. S. B. Hawks re
turned last week.
The water was out of the race for two
days this week, to clear out a sand bar that
was stopping the lull iw of the water Into
the race. The wot ks are all running again.
Contracts are signed to complete a build
ing where the paper mill recently burned,
lor the Illinois Mattress riber Co. The
building is to be completed Auzust 15th.
Mr. hcgle Benson Isteuipoinrily employ
ed on the i.ew mail route from D.urvay to
Northville and return, to take etlect to-
inirr.w .July 1st.
Kev. .I.Mrauu returned from noopston
Wednesday was a good day for weddings.
liev. Straub uttended two: one at the resi
dence of A. A. Jackson, at ten o'clock,
a. m. The other whs Miss AIHe Butter-
fi-ld, daughter of P. A. Butterfleld, and
Mr. Fred M. K.-helburger, of Bro;ikflld.
Hans Loan, a much respected uerman
citizen, was burled yesterday.
Mauseiu.Ks. June 30 Miss Nicholson,
of Henry, Is visiting with her cousin, Miss
Delia Iliurber.
The commencement exercises of the
Marseilles High School were held in Occi
dental Hall, lust Friday evening, at which
time four young ladles and two young gen
tlemen s'epped forth 'nto the thorny paths
of a cruel world. I be class reception was
given Monday evening, at the residence of
Prof, loder, about 100 being present,
among these the Seneca class of '87.
Miss Crocker, of south Bend, ind., wn
had been visiting with Mrs. Jesse Drake,
returned Tuesday.
A few of the Ottawa young people attend
ed the reception Monday evening.
Mr. 0. 1. Tburber returned from spring-
Held Monday for a couple of days.
Mr. Sam Hawks has leturned to oversee
the construction of the new building for
the Illinois Woolen Company, to be located
Hans Lsuf. an old and respected German
citizen of Marseilles, closed his eyes to tue
scenes of earth Tuesday morning.
Frank Mason left last evening lor i orK-
vllle on a visit to his parents.
The Ida Clark Concert Co. gave one or
heir h'ehlv entertaining concerts at Wash
ington Hall last evening to a fair-sized au
dience. The extent of the celebration in Mar
seilles on the Fourth will be a 1 as .et pic
nic. Will Nicholson, of Streator, sreat Sun
day In Marseilles.
Miss Lulu Wilson left for Chicago, Mon-
day, to continue her art studies.
Miss Mabel ftlorey, now Teaching ai
Piairle Center, spent last Sunday with her
The Congregational social oi last ween
was held it Mrs. G. W. Dow's.
Win. Peace has secured the contract for
the tone work on tne bridge to be built
across Spoon river, near Galesburg.
The Marseilles cornet band yave another
if their ouen air concerts Saturday even
ing. They are fluo, and the people should
do something to keep them up.
Fred Bavin, of Chicago, is visiting
H. Pitts
John Lord will join with the wheelmen
of the Illinois league on the Fourth, at
The Marseilles Mfg. Co., Pitts Mfg. Co.,
Clatk's Paper Mill, The Piiragon Flour
Mills and the Illinois alley I'aoer Co.
were compelled to shut down M tmlay and
Tuesday until a bar was removed from the
mill pi md, which was Interfering greatly
with the water power.
A W. C. T. U. camp meeting Is to be
held here sometime In July. ( '.)
The best on earin cau truly be said of
Griggs' Glycerine Salve, which is a sure
safe and speedy cure for cuts, brulsos, scalds-
burns, wounds and all other sores, will pos
tiively cure piles, tetter and all skin erup
lions. Try this wonder healer. Satisfaction
guaranteed or money refunded. Only 25
oents. Sold by E. Y. Orlggs.
S .1 TIrtlo-lit. Sr.. and 8. J. Haleht. J
Loren.i Aldrlch and others of Merlden's
large stink men have been compelled to
turn their stock on their meadows and will
have no bay to make. Uncle Johnnie
Hoffman who shipped hay here all last
wluter from his Immense farm, will not
cut any bay ; he has had S. J. Ilalght's
drove or Juu steers on nis meauows, uui
even the large number of acres could not
give grass enough and pasture had to be
procurea elsewhere, we nave Deen in
formed that some plowed up their mead
ows and sowed mlllei and as there has not
been rain enough to start the millet seed It
has not bettered their condition for a hay
That is Koli which is worth gold. Health
is worth more than gold. Don't neglect a
couch or cold and let it remain to irritate the
lungs when a fifty rent bottle of Dr. Cige.
IOW S rosilive lure will proiupuj iuu siei
cure any recent cough, cold or throat or luog
trouble. Buy the dollar bottle of E. Y. Griggs
for chronic cases or family use. Kndorsed
by physicians aod druggists. Pleasant to take
Worth IU Weight In Gold.
Albert Kmtnlnger, Covington, Ky , was
alllicted with Cuturrli three years. He
says: "After trying every known patent
medicine which I saw advertised, none f
which helped me, I tried Papillon (extract
of tlix) Catarrh Cure as a last resort, it
has made a complete cure, and Is worth its
weight in gold. I will give yoj other ref
erences from parties who have Uen cured
It Is no experiment, but a positive cure."
Large bottles ouly f 1, ut T. K. Oapeu's &
io i urug more.
The foundation of the organ factory is be
ing laid and the ground levelled.
The Sherwood-Colwell building is progress
ing finely.
OrTAwTTiu... July 1, 1887.
ijm-iu r limn.
Vcuit Milli SllrorUuuu, imtaui, cwt
t livrtnii
uikwlirat, per si
t'urngn t'Uiurt
I'ali-nt, rwt
KitiiMta Winter, V rwt
Muim-aou bpring Wutiitt, rt-Ull
limn, fi cwt
torn Mi'ul, ht rwt ,
Corn aii't om, Kruumt
Okais and bICD.
Wlit-nt. tiiuh
II.-. Mlftt
Cum, new. IjHIed, 9 70 ft '
(urn. Far, M-r 73 lo
iihIis ti ll
Tuui'lliy seed, huati
Potatom, now, btMli
lllllllT. tt
i IS
3 00
HO St 1 il
'M 'it
1 00 I I 'M
liay.V tn
rvio. f !'
, Ill
8 C4 9 lU
Mil Knu'K.
.''utile on fixit, cow. lnu ' '
l Mltli' mi fcKit, ativn 8 CO w, 4 i
Km culvin. Itvu welicliL 1UI sum '
SIiwii, llllm SOU ( 100
Live Uikh, r mo It.
4 40
T.i u.ur IIiiikh Attn Salt.
Ijint. A . 1
T.lllow, In nil titilH. IK.T ft 3 S'S
T4II11W, I""', PIT lb lU 3S
bull, .it 1,1,1 1
1 1 Mm. trrt'i.n. m-r Ik 6
llhli-H, curetl, iwr ft ?
II. IMMUl i n SO
Kiini iiiiiiv m
llrv hull !0
Tin- irraln prlnn ruviT whole inn'f of markft. fnm
warrhoiKK iirli-t- to rlwi pal.' lor ouci hum nr
Tlie nt Mterll for R' o!lng
Invented anil made.
Will Outwear and Outlast any Other
Shingle, and is by all odds the
cheapest In the end.
Guaranteed to Last for Years,
If CunrtitlimH tr rutting It on
are CumplieU with.
Those KoofliW all Cont LeM than Wooden Stimuli's.
Gas, Steam and Water Pipes and Fittings.
myl4-m Main 8t.. near Colutnbua, Otuwa. 111.
1 1AJ 1 O A verjrdeiilrable mte for a iniiuufac
tory one uf tbe bust lo the cuy.
Will sell on lopg
time If dealred.
mayll diiio
ranuml. thoroughly wH built; the other, alx room,
pantry and clot(. Both on the bank of the tox river,
earn until. Both to be (old ugether at uiucn wm innu
real value. may
1 fI
Lota In North Ottawa, aorae very choice, at ,ow
1 JY) Drli'in anil on eaay term
ernis, we aim, imve ion. iu
Pit. J- O. H AltUlS & SON'.
an oilier pari oi me civy.
IXTCITI A TrV Written In the largest
1 IN & U lv A IN J Ti and mot rellabln coin-
panle at current ratei Our tire Inatirance cjinpatuva
are aiiiong the lrnet and tnineet In the world. Our
n'lii.mi nimiuni i the hnt ill the IT. 8.. and the Kruno
old Mutual Life of N. V. tutf no equal on the fwe of the
Klobe. UK. MAHItlS s dw.i.
loweHt priced. UU. J. O. HAKKIS SON .
IU.? (2 11) A 1)1 1? COTTAOR. aeven roBina.
new barn, to lot, north
aide, only 1,J0.
fHITn 1tf r l? all' a few aiii)len from
1 UTi ADU f TJ
our lonu lint, t all and see
J. (. HAKlttS SON.
Clegg & Dougherty,
Are prepared to do wll kinds of
Has k Steam Fitting
Wrought Iron Pipes, Fixtures,
Fittings, &c, at low prices.
Opera tlouae liloc
I C. Harris & Co.
Furniture, Hardware, Crockery,
(Jlassware, Guns, Vistols,
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Clothing, and Ev
erything pertaining to housekeeping.
Store on Main Street,
South of Court House,
Feb. l. lasr.-Smoa
W make aperlaltr or mannraiv
turlna Babr Carrlaire "
rct la Brtvate rl.
can therefor do bei
tter with oa
than with dealer. W wnd car
naea to all poinia within M0 mllet
for cal.offU (r.
CHAS. RAISER tlf r.f
J 1 14 CljWiri it,Clkp, IU
etauic Sbihsles
Corron Iron
Carriage Factory,
Uood Carnage, Top and Open Dngirtea, bltda Sat
UukkIm. Two-watopvn numrli-a. LlKhl Wafona,
Sulklea, Ac, ran find thia at Una fac
tor,, all of hla own make, of the
Boat Matnrlal and In tha Mai Approved
tylnand Fiolah.all Warranted ami for .ale at
Low Prtca . Alto mule to order anch an are wanted,
lU-palrlna done promptly; painting, trlnimlni wood
and Iron work
Carriage $ ffasoi Facto?
Near tlie Fox Kiver ltridge,
Maniifurtiirp all klliita of t'arniKcu. Top and Open
HuKKK'H, VHrloiiii Kfvli H of oil!!- ami To-M l'U I'liae
t"ii. Dt'inoimt ami hprlnif WirniH, Alwi havi- a Iniyf
HMnrtiiifiit aiHH on iiiimi. nrm clans tAHMZto
11 A'r't.WS ttlW:lH On tlHtltl.
All our work in wnrmnlril, and lllnili' of the lipnt m
ti'rliil. ami will tw mid aa low an good anil rvliiitile work
cum In- mii'l al.
V pinploy a flint rliva Trimmer am! nr" prepared for
all Kin. lop worn ami remiriiiK nt xiion uoiiee.
( all iiml m-e our atuck of Carrlauea, (i).nea mill waj-
oim iM'torv bnylns. iiu.l, a riuciniALS.
Lime, Salt. Cement. Plastering Hair
and Stuooo. Also the
Horse i Cattle Fool
A 71 cpat atlon tar anterior to asj oouiltloa
powdar ever madf .
Oil Cake, Corn Meal, 4co.
Feb.ll-tf 144 Main itreet OtUwa, 111.
M, Doors, Blinds
Stair Hail Hal listers, Newels, .
Ac, Ac, Ac.
Keen In took Tarrtd and Plain BuUMna Paw
I 1. 1Jma.. V.ila mnA wawthlna iiukmm. 1. 1 iv. .
nlete a hniine. W e take contract In anv nart of thl oi
the. adjolnins atate. Partltia contemplating bulldiai
wouia uo wen ki cau on oi ana get our ngurea.
La Salle Street, Ottawa.Uls.
Clyde, English & Norman
Polaud-China and Berkshire
For thl Season' Trade now ready for aa'e.
A lante number of animaUof each of theaborebree
of all agea and 6o t'rtt, either grade or thorough
breda, alwayaon hand for aale. ..
Inflection of tock deaird. Farm, live ijilleajontti
. 1 n t a it ricu iMtaw I nnlL
Marble and Granite
Origin! Deiigat
Beat Qrxi of Stock I
Flu WorkiaMihip
fard oo Clinton Street, opyoelta Jonea'i Carrtac Six
.rniHIln Mill a Jleh
wmt aaai i.r-w,-.
at the Kewpair Arvt.
oi -
. WTAYIR tONa 'r J utlorll

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