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rnv vnnurvH iiai.i.. 1-joo I'KKBfcNT.
Th Largwat HacM Cialhrrlnc Kvr In
the City. Other hveuia.
Wnen the red short wind and whirl,
In the toll of frk'htful dfatlij
Wben tlifl banuerwi amoke unfurls,
And tlie hot wall drink our breath;
When the far off crowd appeura,
Choking In the demon glare,
And tome hel plena form appeura
In that furnuce of deapair,
'Save! oh, aavel" the people cry.
But w ho plucks the human brand?
Who will do the deed or die?
Tli the tlremen ot the land!
Then give them honor, jjlve them fame!
A health to bands llial ligm me name.
Yea. the brave boys wlu their luurels where
death and devastation are struggling for tli0
mastery against inem. "i care ei.o . u .....
victories no lone renowned," thought the Frkb
ii. l... lfuiLfnir nvir thit
"r i: . Z Za ora
unon the sea of forms and faces before him.
t. .... m ,.m. The Grand March had
been llnUbcd, and 400 people were on tho
darning floor, aud, with the Immi-mte throng
looking ou, the aggregate of those present
could not have fallen short ot l.'JOO souls,-a
noble tribute by Ottawa to the volunteer guar.
. . 1... I- . TI,..,L.I..
. km, I n,ir
t. m,p.t l.Bnn arriving at 8 o'clock and
and by half past that hour at least 500 persons
had passed the door, and the throng rapidly
Increased. The grand march took place at
fl.30, and when the orchestra Hashed I'"1''
notes upon the air, the gallant Ierkins, as
master oi ceremonies, uH)Kiii.lm.1.m..i..c
a - i.l.l.. .tat.... ..a I... I
I 1.A ....liinM anil 4lm 1kfl IF Tn af'l 'U Iftn I
licau ui i..o i-w.uu... r-- "I
beean 1U evolutions. Lp and down the great
hall youth and beauty trod with light and Joy.
oua feet, and when tho effort was over the
cheer that buret forth amply repaid for the
task of preparation.
But the crowd. Such a jumbling together
it Win In l i.ti.innnljt won never seen before in I
La Sulle county. The great and the humble,
the rich and the poor, the gaudy and the plain
very body was there. A glance across the
room'ln any direction showed faces of many
climes,- Germans, Englishmen, irishmen,
frenchmen. Hebrews, Scandinavians, - an
comtn nglcd In one homogeneous American
. . , a.. , ,, . , ,,
crowd of dnerry makers. The toilets of the
i.n. .,i,.,i tii uii,i,.H ,ir,.m r.f
II. Rider Haggard
would lirve us iinagii.e
and some were triumphs of the dressmaker's
art. The colors don't mention It: some were
Willie, BUHIO i-.t:n..i, iiuii,uiuii, jiiil, iiiuo,
oii .m..r,,i1:r..,iUHini1ow.ti.o..wert
..!.(- ..,.... t...V l..-1.u.t .l.llr l.lliu
t..... A ..I Ins I iA f A nA rliii it tut t lt m fill V
Oh. there were PrinccAlberU, cutaways,
' I
eacques, frocks and pcajackeU, with pants
and vest of kinds and colors euough to btart
a dime museum.
As to tne dancing, u was revcr enaing, oui
.. I. .... i
it afforded to many of the guests more pleas-
tire as spectators than as participants. The
floor was crowded from ..'J0 to 3.30 o'clock,
and such an opportunity for obscrviug how
different people dance is seldom offered.
Some went through tho figures In a sort of
don't-care-whether-Bchool-keeps or-not style
and acted as if the thing were more work
than play. Others danced in a sad and sor-1
rowrui iasuion, as expecting a ricn unt ie
to die before morning. Another fraction
wero amateurs, very precise, and thought
everyone was looking at the in. Then there
was the prim dancer, dancing so primly pre
cise she seemed to be in torture; and the gal
loper, who went In for attracting attention
and finding out who wore corns; and the
dreamy couple, tho slow, the beginners In
short, the dancers of all nations and tempera
ments. The decorations, of Hairs and bunting, were
elaborate and artistic.
Tho suppers, served at tho Clifton, I'ier-
file's and Clark's, did credit to those caterers,
When Noah Perkins stood In tliu centre of
tho orchestra stand and folded his arms upon
his manly breast, he looked like Napoleon af
ter the Italian campaign, surveying his vic
tory. (ius Ktieussl was great In the quuilrlllc.
'That "balance all" made many a fair one's
heart to flutter. But we didu't know before
that he was Scotch!
Otto Gondolf looked the picture of manly
courage. He wore frizzes and some medals.
Louis Hess wus there. He didn't suy horse
.once no, not once.
Tom MiicRinluv unmlerml about nlmleHHlv
and despondently, with a lady's wrap on hig
arm. It was hU 43d birthday and nobody
hud mentioned it. He felt slighted. I
Bill Duncan wore a superb moss-covered
tioiiuet and a broad smile and some other
clothing, of course.
The 14th Annual was a success.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Dow, at Plymouth,
Wisconsin, on the 23d. Inst. , celebrated their
'golden wedding," or 60th anniversary of
their wedded life. They had for a number of
years been prominent and honored residents I
of Ottawa, Mr. Dow having at one time been
deputy sheriff and postmaster of Ottawa,
from 18V to IMS). Afterwards he waa head of
the bauking firm of Dow & Tllson in Mar
ecllles, and on tho dissolution of that firm,
about ten years ago, removed to Plymouth,
Wis., and established a bank there which la
still under his management In successful op
eration. The FkbkTkahbk takos pleasure In
wishing the venerable and honored couplo
much Joy ou the occasion of so interesting an
A number of the young lady and gentleman
friends of Miss Mona Savage, tendered her an
agreeable surprise ou Thursday evening.
A pleasant card party was tho order of the
evening at the Clifton parlors on Thanksgiv
ing evening. Euchre of course.
Joe Futtcrer was surprised by his many
friends on Thursday evening, and the crowd
was so large that It bad to adjourn to Shaefer'a
hall. Dancing.
Miss Theresa KUlelea of East Ottawa and
Mr. Henry A. Lee of Ouray, Col., were mar.
rled on Wednesday.
miss Mary liner ana iiios. Kositer were
married on Wednesday. A reception was glv
a In the evening by the bride's parents.
Social Happening-.
The Jefferson school held a Thanksgiving
celebration on Wednesday afternoon,
Mr. and Mrs. Moses Osman entertained a
progressive euchre party on Tuesday even
ing. Mr. and Mra. Fred King, of the east side,
gave a very pleasant progressive euchre
party on last Thursday evealng.
Mr. Hark Walliman, of Jackson street,
wit tendered a ery pleasant surprise by bis
tailor friends on Saturday evening. It being
hi hlnhilar. something mors than a mere
I ' ' 0 T "
surprise greeted bim, in the shape of a gold
beaded cane.
Mr. aud Mrs. l'hilip Watts, ot South OU
Itawa, celelraiea tue utu anniversary ui
. . .1 i ii. i -
their wedding at their residence on Tours-
I day CTening. A large number or old me nils
and acquaintances were present, among
whom were Air. Luts and Mrs. Brown, who
bad been present on their wedding day, forty
years ago.
A very pleasant wedding, that of Harry
Robinson, a proinlnlng young business nan
Lf Kireatnr. to Miss Catharine Lunney, the
esliuialjle daughter of Mr. and Mra. Thomas
, of tbis cU,a ooourred at 8t. Colum
ba church at ten o'clock on Tuesday morn
ing. Doth parties. Mrs. Uobinson in par.ic
ular, are well known and popular society
neonla in this city, and all wish them
happy future In their wedded life
I smith-btki'Iikn.
Mr John stepi,en, of this city, and Miss
yjna gmUb of 0ranTile( iutUm, Co., were
. . .. run.l,.. h..rh it
"1H,IJ m 1
10:30 o'clock on Wednesday morning, Rev
Gilbert Frederiok officiating. Mr. Stephen
is a worthy young man, and Miss Smith is a
well known and highly esteemed young tajy
j t09 community in which she resides. Ihe
happy couple are apending their honeymoon
... bride's Barents.
nart,ar Un.inr of the fin.
,,.,, . , thmnmml lpn( niht
l"""" v"" ..- r ., .
years, was tendered a pleasant reception at
the nome oi nia sou lo mw, johu iumwwu,
on Sunday. It was his 67th birthday, and
he seems just as active as he was twenty
,eRrg ag0
The old camel-uacaeu urwge across me
otnal on Lafayette street is about among the
things that were. Laborers began its demo
ijtjon 0n Monday, and nothing more remains
b(U the e)eTated pier8 anj abutments, which
m I nulekl leveled t o water's edge. It
. 1 . k.: i ;ii ,;,
is expected that the new bridge will be ripe
' .
for travel In about four weeits.
Zulu. Thomas Carew will soon
be the
I aristocrat of "Zulu." He owns a
half a
n L.
Wock of ground and will presently have it
ooTered with dfrelliDtrs. On the corner of
m i a air ..t t l 1. .Ml
unestnui anu nasuingion Bireeis no win
have a store, and it is understood, a liquid
refreshment department in the rear.
Fink. Mr. John Funk, the lucky inheri
, f , h k of the ReJjick egltte.
baa rented his farm near Streator, and in a
few days will become a permanent citizen of
Hoshack. Miss Kmma Hossack returned
home from school to spend Thanksgiving.
She was acoompanied by her schoolmate, Miss
Englcman, of Manister, Mich. Hoarding
hoo m,MCH aro UBUBny overworked and
Inlawed and judging by Miss Emma and her
friend who are " niero shadows," it must be
true. Poor girls, wo are sorry for you; but
Will Barnard says Ilossack must pay for those
scales you broke.
Ia. Mr nnd Mrs. Henry Sargent left this
noon for Outbrie Co., Iowa, where they will
visit their son Charles. From there they
will go to Montgomery Co. to visit their
daughter Mrs. A. J. Ilaker. We wish Mr.
and Mrs. S. a pleasent visit and safe return
Cm. Wm. Dewsbury, of Chicago, attend
ed the flromcn's ball.
Bail James Bailey, of Chicago, spent
Thanksgiving with relatives.
Homk. Mrs. J. D. Vette, who has been
the guest of friends in Chicago for the past
two months, returned home on Wednesday,
accompanied by her grand-daughter Miss
The City In Itrlef.
The funeral of Miss Nellie Dwyre took
place from St. Columba churoh at ten o'clock
Monday morning and was largely attended.
John Clancy, well know here as a brake-
1 .. i.-it-i . i
man on me noca isianu, nau an nu ieu
off while doing some switching in me yards
at Chioago.
A man named John ltvan was brought up
from Streator and lodged in the oounty jail
on Saturday last. He is under $200 bonds
for robbing a German farm hand of a watch
in coal village the other day,
A young man named Anderson died at the
county asylum on Wednesday morning of
typhoid fever. He had been brought up
from Streator, where he had been employed
on the Santa Fe, and undoubtedly aoquired
the rma of tn6 ffttttl malaJy through ex-
Geo. Haas, a german who makes his home
in La Salle, was the victim of a horrible ao-
eident while coon hunting on last Friday
morning. Seeing a coon in a tree, a boy
who was with him began climbing the tree
after it, but made slow progress. Haas ele
vated the butt end of his gun and the boy
stood upon it, when the weapon, a breech
loader, was discharged, nearly severing his
leg from the body. He may lose the limb.
A good feed cutter for sale cheap at the
Dayton Horse collar factory.
The Fata Teapm job printing office is
now the largeat in Ottawa ; and baa capacity
for more work than any two oiBoes in the
city. It guarantees satisfaction in any line
of work from a calling card to abound book;
and can give special prices on oatalogues
or work calling for large quantities. No ap.
prentice or "blacksmithing" work done in
this office, the former being turned over to
our windy competitors and the latter to
journeymen in that line of business.
lsa Shoudy, a farmer llvlnj near Taw
Paw obtained 2,075 bushels of corn from
22 acres of ground, this fall, and yet they
say corn waa a failure this year!
Arthur Treston, of Triumph, claims to
be the champion corn-husker of La Halle
county. lie has averageu 00 bushels of
80 lbs per bushel ever day for 23 days.
The Courts.
Circuit Court.
Chaitrery. Criminal.
Jwl'je UMl. Judy lllattchard
Criminal. The caso of the people against
Arthur T. Bartela, indicted for tho embozxle
ment of money from tho County while acting
as Probate clerk, will be taken up on Monday
Messrs. Mayo, Duncan, and Fullerton will
conduct the defense, wbllo Messrs. Moloney,
Stead and Brewer will attend to the wauts of
the people. Forty-eight jurors have been
subpienaed and their examination will begin
at nine o'clock. The cose has been on the
docket since the 4th. of April, and numerous
motions bare been entered.
In the case against John Kovonel, for
marrying Susie Balkalar, the bigamist, the
Jury came In on Tuesday with a verdict ot
guilty, and he will acrve a term with Susie
To in in y Flynn, the man who was tho cause
of the miserable end of bis half-witted niece,
Kate Ryan, who died in jail in September,
will be tried in a abort time. Ills ball has
been fixed at fiOO
The States attorney nolle prosscd the la
dlctmeiit against John Larkln for robbery on
W. E. Wilkinson, who appealed a tine of $25
before Judge. Weeks, was, by agreement
lined 3 aud costs on Monday.
Albert E Brunson vs Tlllle Brunson. Dl
voree on ground of desertion.
Vhanrery. Catherine Danaher vs. Mary
Ascherman. The rase was submitted to the
Court, and was taken under advisement on
The injunction of the Coal Run Coal Co.,
against the County clerk to restrain him from
levying a tax on certain chattels, has beende
elded against them, and they appeal to the
Supreme court.
The master's report of sales in the cases of
Cummlngs vs. Hasklns and Yost vs. Volk has
been approved-
Kittie Hepburn vs. Fred Hepburn. Di
vorce granted on ground of cruelty.
Lain Mina Link vs. Henry Aschenberjr
Assumpsit. Damages claimed. ftt.OOO.
is. u. ureen vs. (Jhas. w. ewreuther. As-
sumptsit. Damages claimed, $400
Clias. Peterson vs. W.J. Williams. Keple
Alice McUruth vs. Moses W. Calkins. Re-
Daniel I), lwall vs. Andrew Itood.' As
sumpsit. Damages claimed. $500.
Chancery. Lyuia smith, who avers that she
has been a resident of this county for four
teen years, Jlias filed a petition for a divorce
from her husband, Lewis Smith, on the
grounds of deseratiou and adultry. She
claims that seven years ago, he deserted her
and went to Colorado with about $5,000, since
which time he has lived ou the fatof the laud,
accumulated a fortune, and abides in royal
tyle with a woman named Phiebe Cleveland
at Lcadville, Colorado.
Maria Crotty vs. John Prlekctt. Bill to ad-
nst property.
Ueo. M. Murphy vs. Mary Morrlssey. Hill
to forclose.
t'onutv Court.
The case of Margaret Farrell against Geo.
Raymond, of La Salle, set for Wednesday,
failed to come to band. It is becoming a
vast and weary monotony, and soon will be
onslgned to the misty vales of oblivion.
John Kerns, who sued Owen Worsley for
the possession of two mares, which he alleged
were unlawfully retained, got a verdict for
1 cent on Tuesday. His satisfaction was
simply sublime.
In completing its right of way the I. V. &
N. R. R. found it necessary to obtain a part
of the land of Margaret Egan, and filed a pe
tition on Nov. 6th. They offered her $350,
but she imagined that she ought to receive
not less than fiiOO.and waved them scornfully
away. After a short trial Monday a jury of
fanners gave her $300, Just $50 less than the
company's offer. Sho will wear mourning for
about three weeks.
George Thrall, Edward Milieu and William
Carlisle, who were caught at Lu Salle and
brought to jail, on a charge ot Bteuling blank
ets and other merchandise from Marseilles
purtles, had a hearing on Saturday. After
reviewing the case Judge Snyder concluded
that about two months In the county jail
would be the proper thing, aud the boys are
now serving out that sentence.
Henry Fulton, tho man who assaulted Jas.
Roland with a knife, and then whacked him
ou the head with a piece of Iron, at Keating's
hotel, on the 1st of July, was brought up be
fore Judge Snyder on Tuesday, and plead
guilty, throwlug himself on the court's mercy
He was given the alternative of paying $i5
flue or serving the same out In jail, aud choBe
The Peenle vs Louis Uagel. Selling liquor
without a license. Same for keeping open on
People vs Jas Dwycr. Same charges.
People vs Jerry Canty. Assault with a
beer glass on Wm Bennett Oct 15th.
People vs Martin Lantgan. Assault with a
knife on Emery E Wormley Oct 13th.
In the Offices.
William Duiran and Lizzie. Lostant.
Wllhelm Panncreke aud iluldah Cruger,
Frank Duhart and Lonla Walcox, Streator.
George Parker, New York, and Julia Meets,
Deer Park.
Hugh Larlmau and Maggie 11. McAllister,
John D. Stephen, Ottawa, and Vina L,
Smith of Putman Co.
Thomas Roseter and Mary Clner, Ottawa.
John Calling and Anna Roebel, La Salle.
Henry A. Lee, Ouray, Cal., and Teresa M.
KUlelea. Cltv.
Henry A. Mallett and Henrietta Hawkins,
Charles M. Bolsdorf and Katie Lauagraf,
J.(i. Knussmaul and Lora M. Gray, Mar
J. G. Weatwood and Hannah Turner, Street,
Patrick McCermlck and Elita Maher, La
Augusta Zrebarth and Annie Bensler, Mcn
dota. kbcokdbr's minutes.
113 Instruments were filed during the week
closing Nov. 23d. 60 of these were mortgages
and releases, and the remainder consisted of
warranty deeds, Ac. 'At ot these were Irom
Deeds over $1,000 each $42,000
Mortgages " " 36,000
Deeds over mortgagee $6,000
Per cent of deeds. .64; of mortgages, .46.
Charles Derlcks' path seems at the present
writing to be laid with almost anything but
roses. He was sent to the calaboose tome
time ago for abusing his family, and got out
on Monday. He went home, and in about
an hour his wife and sister-in-law went he
fore Weeks and swore their lives on him.
He is now serving a ninety day sentence in
Morrissey's Hotel.
Wafted from Track and Road.
L..W. I! KM, Editor.
An offer of $10,000 has been rafuscd tor tho
pacer Arrow, 2 ; 1 4 . The price on him la $15,.
Harry Wilkes trotted three beat In 2:18.',
2:19 and 2:17 at the Texas State Fair at Dal.
las recently.
Australian horses have been beating the re
cords of that far away country recently.
Spondullx, a steeplechaser, cleared a hurdle
6 feet and of an Inch high without touch
ing, and LIzette, a mare, cleared a few inches
over 35 feet In a jump.
Last week I made a few remarka about trot-
ting race horses, aud montloned the S yr. old
Williams, 2:21 as my beau Ideal. I like to
talk of Williams, because be is well known
here; because he was bred and Is owned in
this, the grandest atatcin the Union, and be.
cause he has proven himself a race horse.
To further prove what I said, let me append
the following table of his races:
A'o, of raff.
2nd. 3rd. 4th
10 0
1 0 0
0 0 9
2 1 1
and never un
it; thirty
5 "
placed; four fifths ot them won, and over 60
beats in 2:30 or better. I think I cau safely
assert (all things considered as to age, record,
number of races over half mile tracks, num
ber of winning heats In 2:30, in 8:25 or better,
and the fact of never being unplaced in thirty
consecutive races) that no stallion living or
dead can make a showing eoual to that of
Williams. If I am wrong I stand ready to be
Thos. Miles has taken up Bay Wilkes and
commenced to jog him on the road.
V. II. Seely keeps Gen. Schuyler a moving
This is a speedy horse, but has been unfortun
ate In being sick most of the season.
J. S. Dorr keeps all his horses on the
move; they look well.
W. Baxter has four or live good lookers
that he Jogs regularly.
A story is told of a German (and, of course,
there Is not one word of truth iu it) w ho
owned a balkyjliorse. One day when he was
In a very great,hurry tho nag took a notion
to stop aud stay. The German was annoyed.
There he was with a wagou load of freight
and but a few minutes to spare if he was go
ing to catch the Fall River boat. A great
crowd of sympathizers gathered around and
made remarks. At last the inevitable small
boy worked his way to the front and volun-
leered to make the move. His proposition
meeting approval, be started off and soon re
turned with a condiment and poured it into
the aulmal's ear. In about ten seconds the
horse was speeding up tho street, ilipperty
flap, scattering goods in all directions, smash
ing and banging the wagon, and having
things his own way, despite the frantic
efforts of shouting policemenjwlth outspread
"Where you got" dot? inquired the phlcg-
matic German, taking his pipe from his
'Right around the corner,' replied the de
lighted boy.
How much was the cost of dot? he next
'Only ten cents,' said the lad.
'So! I vlsh dot you got me a tollor's vorth,
aud hero Is the tollar. Put dot stuff in my
ear right away. Py chlmmlny gracious, dot
horse I must catch him.'
Wallace's Monthly tells of probably the on
ly caso oujrecordof the successful amputation
of a breeding mare's leg. The operation was
performed at the Avondale Stock farm, Avon-
dale Pa., by Prof. Huidekoper of Philadelphia.
The mare was heavy with foal when she
broke her leg. After Betting the limb, it was
ecided that to save her life it would be ne
cessary to amputate the leg at the knee.
This Professor Huidekoper successfully did
and now the mare and her live-months-old
olt are doing remarkably well.
Your little story about Judce Randall
White's purchase of Charley Ford, Jerry Mon
roe's old racer, reminds me of a little Incident
that occurcd the other day, in which the three
mentioned were interested," said a Iriend ot
mine yesterday. "Jerry has figured for so
many years as a dive-keeper, an owner of
game-cocks and a natron of the dog-pit that
public opinion of the old man has given him
a hard name and a desperately immoral char-
actor. He may have been brutal in his tastes,
aud hardened through contact with the de
praved inmates of the notorious resort of
which be waa proprietor, but Jerry had one
soft spot In his flinty old heart, and that was
for the aged white horse he sold the other day
to Judge White. Wben old Charley was in
his prime, Jerry was offered $17,000 for him,
bnt refused it, and remarked at the time that
he did not think money could buy him. Back
in the rear of hla State street Jive, just off
from the room in which were caged some of
the best bred game chickens in the country,
Monroe had provided a big box stall, warm
as toast, and the floor of which was always
covered with several inchea of clean yellow
straw. Here the old horse had the best of
everything, Jerry never being without a lump
of sugar for him when he went to the stall.
Upon the evening of the day when he sold
the horse to Judge White, Jerry went into the
little saloon at the corner of Twenty-fifth and
State streets, and resting his head upon his
hands at the little table which stood behind a
pile of boxes in the corner, cried like a wo
man, the tears running down his hardened
face until it was wet with a moisture it had
not known for years. The other afternoon
Judge White took the horse from bis stable
and drove to his house on Wabash avenue, be
yond Twenty-fifth street, where he hitched
him and entered the house. The day wrs
chilly, and the old horse shivered a bit in the
cold wind as Jerry happened to pass. A look
of almost tenderness came over the old dive
keeper's face, and tbis deep -ned as the aged
trotter wblnued when he felt his former mas
ter's band upon his neck. Jerry glanced at
the house, and when the Judge himself ap
peared at the door in answer to Jerry's ring,
said: 'Excuse me, Judge, but the old horse
is out there uncovered. He ain't used to It,
Judge, and he's gettin' old, like. I know he's
your horse now, but say, Judge, I'd rather
take off my overcoat and cover the old fellow
with it than see him shiver another minute.'
The big-hearted Judge smiled, and going Into
the house came out with a wool blanket,
which he threw over the old racer's back.
'Thank'ee Judge,' said Jerry, 'I didn't want
tor Interfere nor nothin', but old Charley was
ray pet, and I'd go hungry to-day to give him
a square meal.' You see," concluded my
friend, "It Is a stony heart, indeed, that haa
not one tender spot for something or some
body." Chicago Journal.
I havejuo doubt the above is true, for I re
member wben Charley Fordwaa here being
treated at Dr. Shcppard's Infirmary, Jerry
came down to see him a number of times and
he always had sugar or apples for him.
Dwlght Lawrence, Prairie Center, I1L. sold
to the well known Kalamazoo 8tock Farm,
owned by 8. A. Brown A Co., tbe handsome
dark bay filly, without white, named Volante,
foaled April 4, ', by Byron 84, record 2:25
(sire ot the dam of the phenomenal three-
year-old Ally Susie 8., 2:20 and of Ottawa
Chief 2:25).(dam of Volante Is Volano by Vol
unteer, sire of St. Julian 2:11.V andothera
2nd. dam Miss Cooly by Telegraph 301, 3rd
dam, the dam of Geo. Cooley 2:27. Byron
(lilies are now much In demand as brood
marcs, and this is an exceptional good Indlvl
dual and also a rare bred one. Mr. Brown
never buys any other and he thinks so much
of this one, that be insisted that Mr. W. H
Lawrence accompany her to hla farm.
Di'OOAK. Mlsa Maggie L. Duggan, of
Juliet, who had been visiting with friends on
the west side, returned home on Tuesday
She assisted at the concert given by tho F. M
C. T. A. Society In the opera house on Friday
evening of last week, and her selections were
admirably rendered, evidencing a blh degree
of musical culture. Socially, Miss Duggan
made many friends during her visit.
Jamea Kane and wife who had sold a num
ber of rallle tickets and were preparing to
leave town were arrested yesterday.
John O'Brien lost a valuable horse on
Monday morning, by the animal falling and
breaking his neck on Jackson street, near
the new culvert.
On the i:th Inst., by Arthur IM-kwood, Em).. Mr,
JOHN T. LKK lu Mr. JANK HOWE, both of Mreatur,
Ottawa, lit., Nov. 25, 1887
Lftctil Flnura.
Victor Mills Silver Cloud, pMuut, cwt.
Hungarian ,
Crlvrlun ,
Buckwheat, per at a i
Bran, cwt
Corn Meal, per cwt
Corn anil OaU, ground
2, HO
i 10
Wheat, V huiin 68 a 7n
KyH. SOfta 46
Corn, new, ilicllwl, 70 ttt 89 Q 41
Corn, ear, er ?5 lb 86
(hI,:IIih 23 H
Timothy buod, fi bush 3 25
Potatoes, new, V bush SO 64 1 0(1
llutter, a is o is
Kinm. f dos U0 zl
Chickens, perdoz 1 M w. 30)
Hay. ton 11 (M 1411)
Straw, per tun Tin)
Live Stock.
Cattle on foot, cows, luu as 2 SO (H 8 00
Cattle on foot, steers 8 !0 d 4 o0
Kat calves, live weight, 1U0 i SO ot 3 SO
Sheep. 100 lbs 3 (10 W 3 01
Live Hogs, y no as sao m 4uo
Tallow, Hidss and Salt.
Lard. ft i a m
Tallow, In oil bbls. per ft Stt 3l
Tallow, loose, per ft 8 SH
sail, per 001 a
rimes, ureen, per B 6
Hides, cured, per ft 6
Calf 7
Deacon 2S
Dry Salt 10
The Kraln orlce cover whole range of market from
warenouse prices to prices oaio lor oua loacis (or tuea.
Office at Ottawa, State of Illinois, on Thursday,
NOVKMBKK 84, 1887.
Alnertl Clark
Andernon Plato O
Appelxrist Mrs John
Johnson James
Kane Mary
Louis Bertha
MeClusky Natthew
McDevItt W S
MannliiR Lizzie E
Mowers M
Murry John V
Murtaugh Maggie
Penders Anna
Peterson Andrew
SanderHn Andrew
T:ilir Mrs K C
I'nderwood Mra Lester
Wagner K.Ua
W'oolhaupt Anna
nt'Kiiin Mrs f.iizaiiftn
lllaekwllle Mrs Carrie
Couan Mrs P L
Champion Hay Press Co
uaveru uerue M
Delaby Henry
Donnelly P
Donahue William O
Kumonilaon W J
Habertz P
Hamilton Richard
Harrison Mrs Mary
Hart Capt C W
nht.in thua t...,n.a . V. 11 .nnllMnt m.. Anil tn
"Advertised Letters," and give the date of the list; and
if not called for within two weeks, they will be sent to
the Dead Letter OUlce. In Washington.
P. M.
Allnmeui nt imid.
Ilv virtue of an order and decree of the Probate
Court of La Salle comity. Illinois, made ou the petition
of the umlemlfrned, ChriatiiiaHaiisinan, Administratrix
of the Kiitateof Xavler Hansman, deceased, for leave to
sell the real estate of said deceased, at the October term.
A. l). 1UH7.0I sain court, town, on the lTtn day or No
vember. 187. 1 shall, on the loth day of January next,
between the hours of ten o'clock In the forenoon and
four o'clock In the afternoon of said dav. sell at nublic
sale, at the south door of the County Coart House, in
Ottawa, Illinois, at 2 o'clock p. M lu said county, the
real estate described as follows, to wit: Out-lots thirty
eight (38) and thlrty-nliiet.Kli, In Ottawa City, the same
being a part of the northwest quarter (NWX)of Sec
tion lirteen (IS). In township thirty-three CSS) north,
range three (!) east, of the third (3d) principal meri
dian, situated in La Salle county, Illinois, ou the follow
ing terms, to wit: Cash In hand paid at time of sale.
Dated this 25th day of November, A. l. 1hn7.
Administratrix of the Estate of Xavler
uu"A-lv Hansman, dticeascd.
AUorneu il Iaiid.
S3 the Circuit Ciiurt, To January Trtm.'A. v 1888.
LebluR T. Mat-key r. cnariotte u
Murray and Levi
Slurray. in i nancrrp.
Affidavit of non-residence of Levi Murray, impleaded
with the above defendant, having been filed In the
clerk's office of the Circuit Court of said county, notice
is therefore hereby given to the said non-resident de
fendant that tbe complainant filed his bill of complaint
in said court, on the chancery side thereoi, on the 19th
day of October, 1837. and that thereupon a summons
issued nut of said court, wherein said suit is now pend
ing, returnable on the second Monday in tbe month of
January, a. i. 1888. as Is by law required.
Now, unless you, the said non resident defendant
above named, shall personally be and appear before said
Circuit Court, on tbe first day of the next term thereof,
to Iwholden at Ottawa. In and for the saidcounty.on the
second Monday In January, a. d. 1883, and plead, answer
or demur to tne said complainant's bill of complaint,
the same and the matters and things therein charged
and stated will be taken as confessed and a decree en
tered against you according to the prayer of said bill.
Ottawa. Illinois. Nov. 21st. 1887.
J. T. BuRKLBr.Complt's Solrs.
Clyde. English & Norman
Poland-China and Berkshire
For thla Season's Trade now ready for sals.
A Urge number of animals of each of the above bread,
of alleges end sola text, either grade or thorough
breds, alwaysoe hand for sale. .
Inspection of stock desired. Farm, five miles south
wwtoi Ottawa. P.O. Be 908 Ottawa IHlnoH.
East Main Street.
Fancy Furniture and Decorating
of all Descriptions
A Choice Collection of
Br artists of note, on exhibition.
AH branches of the Upholstering Business,
carefully aud promptly attended to.
Over Burke's and Hess's Stores.
Cledq & Dougherty,
Are prepared to do Mil kind of
Gas & Steam Fitting
Wrought Iron Pipes, Fixtures,
Fittings. &c, at low prices.
La Sulle Street,
Reliable and Reasonable
Faroralilv known for the excellence cf his goods
sua the reasonableness of lilt prices,
Reminds you that be also keeps, besides
bis stock of Drugs ana Fancy Uoods,
Paints, Oils,
Glass, Lamps,
Shades, Chimneys, Kerosene, &c.
He brinm tils thirty years' experience to the prenar-
Inx of prescriptions, winch receive the most careful
Corner Main and La Salle Sts.,
novS t orinerly Roberts' Corner.
Break Colts i
Winter Horses
Large Box Stalls, and All Other Conveniences.
Am located at
Ottawa Driving Park Grounds.
Best of references given. Call on or address
ovS-2m os Ottawa Driving Park, Ottawa, III'
Lime, Salt. Cement. Plastering Hair
and Stucco. Also the
Horse & Cattle Fool
A ptepai atkra far sUrlor to any coualtion
powder ever made.
Oil Cake, Corn Meal. 4co.
Fob.ll-tf 144 Main street Ottawa. IU
kM Friz. Puisle!
DIRECTIONS. With three matches
form the above Triangle. Then, by add
ing three more matches, form four Trian
gles of the samp size as Ui furt one.
$15 Suit of Clothes
Will be given to the first person who hands
inU our store, by Deo. 31st, 1887, the oor
rect solution of this puzzle, written in the
leant number of wordt.
Each solution to be rigned and sealed be
fore being tent in. , .
J . h mall b&lwava mark
tie." as we ilo not wish to open them untU Dee. 21st.
farm.'ln this county Choice land hghlyimmved;
,hbS,Wnieie?hC2 iff
"omoT the8U,e,Da J. O. HARBI8 80S.
5 jJ lOA very desirable site forferoanufac-
turv. One or tne oesi in me city, nm
time If desired.
1 fi
Lots Id North Ottawa, tome very choice, at lo;
X JJ prices and on easy term
a. we an
We also have lota in
ail oiner pan ot in city.
lNSURANCEanY1re,tS,.tac!? !
panlea at current retet. Our Are Insaranoe compaiii.
are among the largest and strongest la the worlO. Our
accident company la the heat in tne u. d.. uu " ;
old Mutual life VIM. T.haf fPSlmt '
globe. OK. J. O. HABBIH 8QN.
lowest price.. DR. J. O. HARRIS BON.
at the Newspaper AoVe..
tls'na; Agency of Measr
oai euwmntei '. .

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