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V c The employes of Hess' cisfar tniuiu
factory arc enjoy in;; thuirnnnuul holiday n-
Thi n. Mrs. Frank TruuiVio mul little
cluiiirlitui' uru tliu uiifktd of Mr. mill Mr-. J,
K. Curew.
Faji:. Tlio Sister of Mcn-y nro to five a
fair soon. Articles are .already being con
trllmted to tbe worthy cause.
Will. Will. tiuinn, of the Ctilniifo Col
U'treof Pharmacy, U liouio for the liolldujs
Coi.. Tho colleuo boys Charlie Taylor,
Ed. Dyer, Henry Tralaor, Dan'l Burke and
Everett Rockwood of Aon Arbor University,
are home for Xnias.
Tkim. Miss Fxnnic Trimble lias returned
from Vallsca, la., where she bas been visiting
Vis.-Mrs. E. L. Cole, of Leadvllle, Col., is
tlieRuestof Miss Nellie O'Connor.
Eckeia. The Albany (N. Y.) Arru,, Mon
day lantssid: "Goveror Hill entertained at
dinner to-day Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Eckels, of
Ottawa,'IU.,viho.areon their weildinit jour
ney. This evening they will enjoy Mayor
ThaU her's hohnitality."
Fohd. Mrs. Chus. Ford (r Ida Strawni,
of Chicago, Is in Ottawa, spending the lioli.
days with her parents.
Xm as. Miss Cuirio Whittlesey Is home
from Montlcello, spending the holiday va .
tion witii her parents.
Nah. Rev, F. B. Noah, formerly rector
of Chrkt church, has added journalism to di
vine teaching. He Is editor of the Fargo
(Dak.) Aryan.
HIIet. Judge Gillieit lias relumed from his
Washington trip.
.Iiik, Joe Ilutheway is home from Minne
sota. Hi i.L. Follett Bull is home from the Mich
iirau I'niversity1 for the liolliluys.
Ef.axs. Arthur Evans, of Iloloit College,
U here for A'mas and New, Year's.
In .v. Horuce Dunaway is home from the
uuivcisityjt Chuinpaign for Xnius.
Vm. Huddie Parsons and Charles Strums,
of New York, are the guests of Will. Hull,
of the west side.
St. C. : I.eo iiml C. L. Iliitcliimon, of
the Four Cornell, were in town mi Thursday
Dutw. L. W. Drew, of Sheridan, whs the
guest of Hon. Wright Attains, on Thursday.
II II. Kill pit Huchjnuii, w.l.o was tteiit to
KanLakee a little over u year ago, is hero for
Xmus and New Years. Ho Is looking well
)v .Mayor Chas. J. Devlin, of Spring
Valley, was in town Wednesday.
.men. v.. n. uoiiioear, or Aict.uoia, wa
in here in business on Wednesday.
L S. . J, Duncan, of La Salle, was in
town on legal business on Thursday.
i. j. Air. anu .virs.j.i. arner lire iiiur-
tered at the Cllft House in the city of the
Saints, alias Salt Lake City, I'tah. Ye lomil
iicknou -ledges the Mruipt of a copy of the
hutr'.i Ki'iitiini .', and other souvenlers
from the Mormon capital.
Sin i. Eli. Miss Kate Shulcr has returned
from a visit to the cat.
III. -Ex.Treasurer Kaynioud is eonllued to
his home by illness. No iiu mediate danger is
Holiday slippers are moving olf rapidly at
I . MegaO'ii's, notwithstanding the immense
trade in those goods, his stoek still holds out
rnmplctr in every style.
ClirUlmaa Norvlcen.
1U:V. I). J. Ho'mes, on Haliliath uioniiug,
will preach a Christmas eermoii Au the First
Mctliudist church. Special Clirintma-s an
tliems will be sung by the excellent choir.
In the evening the Situday.tii liool will give a
Christmas concert.
Kev. M. K. Whittlesey, of Ottawa, is to
preach ut the Baptist church Sunday morn
ing. The pastor, Uev. Dr. Frederick, is to
preach the seriujn at the dedication of the
new Baptist church, at Streator, at lu:!!0 Sun
day morning. Four of tho Streator churches
are to unite in Uiis service. There will also
'e mi afternoon and evening service In coin.
iiieiuortetiou ot the joyful event of a house
completed and free from debt.
Tho fullowlng is the progriiimu of the
Christmas Concert tj be itiven in the First
Methodist church by the Sunday School, on
Sunday evening:
Organ Volentary Mr. Simon
Anthem Choir
Invocation Kev. D. J. Holmes
Solo, "O, Holy Night," Mr. Hardy
Song, "This is the Winter Morn," School
Scripture reading Cuune
Hymn, "Joy to the World.".. ..Congregation
Scripture readings, "Tho Klni:," Chases
Sung, "Waken Christian Children,". . .School
Uecitation, "Would You?" .Fxlua Kichellwrgvr
Mediation, "Oh Dear,". Ella Spencer
Song, "lell It out Among the Nations,"
'Star ot Hope," Kecitatiou by ('lax
Anthem..... Choir
Heading, "Star of IVtUlelieni,"
M-iss Myrn Straw n
Song, "rx'.thlehein," School
Rending, '-Christian Angels' Message,"
Miss Flo Ciilleu
Hymn, "All HailU Power of Jesus' Name,"
The slngiug will be under the leadership of
Mr. Hardy, who Is the chorister of the Sun
day School; and the new Christum songs are
tin iiml illy tine.
Wli lie l.aiilil.
It will be remembered that the board of
supervisors refused at the last meeting to
allow Probate Cleric Helmeg some SUOU for
extra clerk hire. This was lor ArtnvM
Lockwo od's ealary. and although Arnold
would not lose buck talaay, his prospects for
future pay duys were decidedJy blua. So
Kelly put ou a dry, ditinul look, aud with a
tear moistened voice, awaited the coming of
tbe "betrayed." He had been Ut a social
gathering tbe night befate. and sle-y until '2
p. m. When he arose ht mother hauded
ii id a mysterious letter. Jie sawed wood
nl went down to the. cilice. By this :ime,
Kelly's dismal features bad grown perfectly
.jtgonuio and when Arnold saw uitnnd
guessed the truth, be did not gxtian or burst
into lamentations be only wailed sal
stroked bis mustache. Kelly get wti, and
with chilling remark about people noi
appreciating sympathy, turned colil away.
Tnere was a short sliding souna". as of a
man falllog ut ot a sis otery wiad, a
yellow eavelopt was waved wildly la IIli air,
flf-ia j i i .. j
nu as mhj aranu dii teneniue iUk a
ttie sugar la it) he almost wished n hsJ
eea appointed railway postal jaesseoger
himself. Lock wood's ru will b between
Cbicage and Quiaej oa lbs Buriiogtp msio
iae, vice Thomjj Sheehaa, reaigoed. Jt )f
a job Uat paa f 1,100 per year fir tba
f rtt aiz moatbs, aad Leek weed bat lbs
icgratulati $1 wajr friends.
The Courts.
Circuit Court.
Criminal Charles Abraham's raao w.i
argued before . I ude Ditel uii Muniay mid
taken under udviscmei.l. Messrs hldriilzo
l'.ieholson anil MeDuufiil, rcpreacnteJ
Abruhiim, and M. T, Moloney (he state
Charles had bseu fooling with real estate
and sold Paul lloehuie and four others at
Peru, Kansas lauds real cheap, under the
euarantee that they were very fine. The
land was a desert, and Charles is now in
hot water.
Fred Gcckle, the shoemaker on Jefferson
street has a little It year old girl at bii
home, named Annhie Lehr. who has been
doing his housework; be treating her as bis
daughter. Tbe grandparents got out
habeas corpus for tbe child in October, and
tbe case was tried on Wednesday. They
allege that Fred was as craty as a hitching
post, and wanted the custody or the little
girl at once. The matter was found to be
without evidence of rreds unfitness, and
the child remains with him.
Chancery. Neuerentber vs. Raymond
Decree of foreclosure for complainant
appeal taken by defendant to Appellate
Matthiessen vs. Itlsnchanl. Decree for
complainant for 1 1 1,204.70. Defendant
appealed to Appellate oourt.
National Lily lsank of Ottawa vs. ureen.
Decree fixing rights for sale of property.
County Court.
Jacob Meyer vg. Q. II. Bunge. Judgment
by confession, vs defendant for ?t8.
N. J. Kulison vs. John Mulvabill et al.
Judgment by coufession vs. defendant for
David I'.vans vs. nilliam Osllagher.
Judgment by confession vs defendant for
The People vs Michael Lamb. Discharged
from custody. Had been indicted for false
S. F. Dewoy vs Charles Ucwcy. Ju'lg"
meut by coufession vs defendant for $llr.
Probate Court.
Monday was claim day, and a large
number of oases were entered and tried,
Adjustment: i'states of Prisceilla M.
Borden, Elizabeth llaunuiu, Cornelius Cull ,
Timothy Corbett, Augustus D. Buttcrticld,
'has. bchmidt, John Hullivan, Win, Shun-
baucr. Sr., Warren Wiiley, Jr., Martin La-
winski; Albert Reynolds and Patrick .Mo
Fuml S'ttlemmt: Estate of RoselU Ney,
Edward Noomin, Ezra Fell, Mieliael Hyau,
John W. Debolt, Alvin Peterson, Daniel
Klinefelter, Corn Patton.
I'rtHion: Estate of Catharine Iliitchius,
Jon Sel.er. Adam Dillcr, i'atrick Hoyes and
i'.esin Debolt.
letter of i'itni-dt'inii: Granted to Adeline
Schuets for Po'cr Subnets ; John Dwyre,
for Mary and Eldora Barney; and Thomas
Davis, for Thus, and Louisa HitchinH.
Mitrelltuirou: C. Bruner. vs estate of
Paul Boehme. Judgment for the dufeudent
for $10.00
III The Ollleim.
(iiistave (iiiiidersoii, Klixebeth Jacobson.
Daniel Kutitson, Minnie Larson.
Edward F. Lambert, Julia Horngatscr.
John C. Dawson, Mary Morrell.
Richard Stater, Hannah Capliltid.
William KcuUe, Catherina (iaiicey.
Frank Patterson, Mury Micrry.
Wllliaui Clasper, Emma Bodsen.
William Crawford, Belle (iritlin.
Atiirust lienilsou, Lena Berry.
W. I . Wright and Kmmii Shedd.
Adam Stewuil, Sarah Sinltli.
John Greener, Caroline DeriiiingiT.
J. 11. Jenkins, Nellie M. Brown,
tico. Spray, Nellie Corcoran.
Joshua A Millions, Bertha Newton.
Robert Bell, Minnie F. Riley.
1 In: number of instrument. tiled durinir the
week uiiat was (Tj. No. of deeds, :! No. of
mortgages, 14.
Ain't deeds over fl.OOU
. 0,100
Am't of mortgages over ti,(KK)
Deeds over mortgages
.00! I
Per cent, of deeds
Per cent, of luoigugcs
Elmer E. Holiart has sold lot lilt, E'.; NK'4'
sec. 1... of rail River to Mrs. fucker, for
K. C. Allen, triiKtee, has sold lot 10 in block
Allen's Add. to II. Williams for fill).
Orreu Edwards has sold lots :i and A. and
lifift of lot ft. in Orig. town of Earl, to Grant
Fuller, for $l,Jift0.
Sl Cuililn't I iiiIci-kIhiuI It.
' What in tbe world has happened to you
since the lost time 1 saw von'."' asked one
lady of another when t hey met on the street
the other uay; " I can t understand it; theu
you were pale, haggard and low-spirited,
and 1 remember you said you hardly cared
whether you lived or died. To-day you look
evereo muuli younger, and it is very evi
dent from your beaming face that your low
spirits have taken night." " Yes indeod,"
was the reply; "and shall I tell you what
drove them away? It was Dr. Pierce's fa
vorite prescription. 1 was a martyr to func
tional derangement until j began taking the
' Prescription.' Now I am as well as 1 ever
was in my life. No woman who sutlers as I
did, ought to let on hour pass before pro.
curing ibis wonderful remedy.''
Two young men of Spring Vnlly fought
a 'JO round bare kuuckle mill over a girl
the other night.
An lluuexl riiylciu'i4 Ciimliil AckuowU
Occasionally there are candid and fearles
men in the medical profession who, though
strict adherents and exponents of a profes
sional l'tf(hics" are yet too noble-minded to
be hampered by prejudices and superstitions
about "ethics'' when suffering humauity is
concerned, men who will speak the truth as
they know it in behalf of anythiug, and to
whom n proprietary medicine is not a scare
crow nor a bugaboo, simply because it goes
itf that name, but who investigates its mer-
by experiments, and when it proves to be
what it claims to be, at once steps to the
fruit and frankly acknowledges its merits
ando:nmeud it to suffering humanity every,
wheae. Such a man is Dr. J. N. Cheeuey,
au eminent and well known physician, liv
ing at KllavilV, fchey county, Georgia, who,
inaleMerto the Swift Specific Company,
dated Maxell 21, 1SS7, ay, jn reference to
ihei f.uuou me.ticine:
Your S.K. S. medicine has revolution
tioaized the old school practice of medicine,
of which I am held to say 1 am a faithful dis
ciple. To danger of raerourial treatment
for Mood poison is known to all. Tbe pro.
tension baa for centuries sought a harmless
cre, but in vaia. and it bad become a set-lU-J
belief that it eeuM only be cured by
Bliaeral and dangerous treatment. But in
your medicine a safe aad harmless eure for
the wsrst forms of blaod poison has been
found. Your 8. S. B. is a beon to humanity.
I have arer failed to make safe, perfect
and permanent eure where Um patients have
followed jreur directions fotihtilir."
Treaties oa Jtiood and fikia diseases
nailed free. Taa Swift tyat.'fr fmpj,
Drawer Z, Al)sn', C.
Wafted from Track and Road.
I.. W. IIKSS, l:.lltor.
A number of crooked drivers were brought
to grief during the recent meetings of the
board of review of tliu National and American
Trotting Associations, among which were the
drivers of Dell May, who trotted at Jolict and
Streator In tho slow classes, and the driver of
Belle Kidder, who trotted at Mendota, and
others. The llrst mentioned Is a ringer, trot
ting under several aliases.
Messrs. Prlihard A Gedncy last week
shipped one car-load of good " western hors
es " to Dakota and one car-load of A No. 1
feeders to Ohio.
Charter Oak Park, Hartford, Conn., will
offer a f 10,000 parse for 2:30 trotters. The
conditions will shortly be announced. It Is
said that Hampden Park, Springfield, Mass.,
will follow with a similar purse for 2:33
When the chestnut stallion McLcod, i.l'JS,
and Johnston, tho "king of pacers," 2:0tl,4,
went into winter quarters at Harrodsburg,
Ky., Crit Davis hud them wclirhed. McLcod
scaled 1,005 pounds and Johnston '.)'M pounds.
A glance at the breeding of the " big six
of the ft-ycur-old world reveals the fact thut
the sires of live of them were developed and
had fast recoids. They are as follows:
Piitron, by Pancoiist, '2:21 2:144
Stamboul, by Sultan, 2:24 2:17k
Sir Wulter,.ir., by Htr waiter, v:n'...v.w.i
Rosaline Wilkes, by Conn's Harry
Sllvcrone. bv Alcyone, 2:27
Condee, by Abbotsford,2:10'i 2:20
Allen Maid, tho Vermont pacer, that made
a record of 2:20 this season, which was her
tst on tliu turf, Is the first foal got by her
sire, Ashley's Ethan Allen, and was got when
a 2.. year old. He is a son of Holabird's Ethan
Mien, he by Ethan Allen.
The averniru mind is always curious us to
the value of the produce of a brood marc of
itatilislieil rciiutatiou. vwicn the breeder
disposes of the foals and states prices it is
easy to foot up the amounts and get the total,
Init when no transfer lias ticen inaue we must
act the part of an appraiser, and u guido to
appraisement is the price known to have been
otl'cred for an animal under inspection. The
lirst brood mare that we shall take is
Ghi:i:n Mm.vru.v Mun, Ir m list)-'), by
Harry Clay, dam, Shanghai Mury, a chest
nut of unti'in'cd lines, but having tliu form
nml characteristics of the thoroughbred.
Owned ut Stony Ford, Orange (Jo., N. Y.
HIT, b f Storm, by Middletown
(2:20',) $ 4,000
lmiS, b c Electioneer, by llambletoui-
an, cannot lie bought for 1 1 JO, (Ml
Im'.'.i, blk c Prospcro, by Messenger
Duroc (2:20), sola to W. M. Parks
for 20,000
1570, Idle f Dame Trot, by Messenger
Duroc 2:22i lft,OO0
1571, ch c Paul, by Messenger Duroc. 2,000
l"i72, ch f Miranda, by Messenger Du
roc S,000
1S7I, br f lilaine, by Messenger IJHi-
roc (2:20) 20,0(10
1'ii, ch e Maustleld, by Messenger
Duroc (2:21!) 20,000
1H7, hi f Elsie, by Messenger Duroc. S,000
1S7H, b f Elite, by Messenger Duroc.. 5,000
l.ro, ii c Antonio, ny .Messenger Lu
roc(2:2S:l.,') 15,000
Itf, I) f Elista, by Messenger Duroc. 10,(XK)
istift, blk f Eliini, by Messenger Du
roc 1 ;,ooo
li, ii c Lancelot, hy Messenger Du
roc 5,000
a tiroiiuccr or extreme speed is
Miss KrrisKl.i,, t;r in (ISiil), by Alexander's
I'ilot. Jr., dam Sally Kusscll, tliorou-rhbrcd
tlau flittM- of Boston. Owned itt Wooillitirn,
18T0,cli c Nutwood (2:1S:!,'), by Mel-
mont, sold nt auction i 22,000
isii.tir ljiily .Norwood, liv Kclinoiil
(dcml) 5,(XK)
iff r cora lieiinoni ), iy
Dclmoiit (injured) "
1874, ch f Maud !. (2:0'., '), by Uuorld,
Mr. uoiincr refused ior tier an otter
1877, icrc Nuthourne, by Buliiiont....
1X78, eli c Mambriuo Kluscll, by
oodford Mambrino t."i,0(N)
187'.l, cli f Xutulu, by Helinont 8,(K)
1850, ur t HilMcllii, bv Harold S.uiK)
1851, b c Lord Russell, by Harold 50,000
1.S82, tcr f Lady Uusscll, by Hurold . . . 8,000
188:1, urf ltiissia, hy Hurold 8,000
I88.r), ;r c Pilot Uusscll, hv Harold. . . 10,000
18NI, ch c Pistachio, by Helinont 8,000
1887. ch c, by Belmont 5,000
We place a hili linure on Lord Russell be
cause ho is valued ut Woodluirn above price.
The average ot the vcailni'jfs old bv him Is
f:t,(K)0. An offer of .r)0,(X)0 for him would not
lie entertained. Pilot Hussel!, the younger
brother, has not his comtuiiudinir form, and
he is ii ifi-ay. We doubt very much if Col.
8loner would take $15,000 for Mambrino ttus-
sell. Turf, i'ifhl ami It'tirm.
Brookfield and Grand Rapids.
Beautiful weather for December.
Mollie Mitchell, who has been visitini; in
Northern Iowu for the past two mouths, has
returned home satisfied that tliere'9 noplace
like Illinois- She is tcaclilii;at Prospect Hill.
Mr. Isaac Mincks is slowly recoverinif from
Ins Injuries caused by bis team l uiiniiiaway.
The salo at the farm of the late Coi nellu
Cull, was liiru'ely iittcuded, and everything
sold w ell.
Mrs. Martin Broderiek, who has been visit-
lug her daughter, Mrs. Beloc, of New York,
returned home last week.
tieorgellanna was on the sick list for several
weeks past, but owing to the kind attendance
of the family ami neighbor is rapidly recover-
Miss Mamie Cordial has returned home
after a protruded visit with friends in Liv
ingston county.
Orin Covel wields the birch at the I'lilon
school, Kate McConnac tit the Center, and
Mr. Sander of Ottawa, gt No. :!, Iliooktield.
Maurice Nauie of Marcus, Iowa, is homo to
opcm! the holidays.
Mr. Sparks hail a snle on Tuesdav,and eon.
templates moving to bis native place Ohio.
We wisli him success. K wiiu.ku.
School Notes.
The High school closed on Friday for a
week's vacntion, ns did also the ward schools.
A dum.bell class, which is but. the nucleus
for a future gymnasium, has been organized
at the High school.
The Xmits entertainment on Thursday
evening was fairly well attended. The pro
ceed will be applied to the library.
The Seniors will close their chapel essays
at the end of the winter term. The juniors
began to orate on June 1st.
City schools, generally, gave entertain
ments on Friday afternoon.
The country schools are well attended, and
the appearance of tullding , accomodations
in aeata, location of atorM and black boards
are receiving attention. Since the institu
te have been in existence, the work by
teachers has been much better.
The CeHuroy tide walks of SouJb Ottawa
shew up la splendid style covered milk ice.
Vicinity ltoms.
A I'ol, Pinploypil In Ogli'sby roul slinft
ut La S'llK ha I "u foot luukeu by a full of
rock lust week.
The dedication of tlio remodeled Hup.
fist church ut Stroator takes place tomor
row, Itev. Dr. r reutrlck of thuclty preach
ing the sermon.
Billy Meyers, of Stroator, has gone into
training Hr uis second mill witn Uilmore
It Is to take place near btreator.
Tho Catholic Fair at L'tlca closed on
Tuesday, the rncnlnfa nmnuntlnir In t'lSft
TheC, B. & q. Co. are making Borne
changes In the bherldan depot
An old Englishman, named Nicholas
Murray, was arrested In Streator on Batur-
day evening, and died an hour or two later
of the effects of exposure.
The Earlvllle stockholders of the Great
Western Teleirraph Co.. which constructed
a line through through that village In the
'oo s, nave been asseu U per cent bv the re
ceiver to pay on ueots.
Bloomlngton will hump Itself In the
base ball world next season, and the club
that takes the laurel wreath away from her
wui ce cnmpeneu to rise early, bhe baa
engaged two expert catchers and three
heavy ball twisters, and will make it very
interesting ior tier competitors.
pwmtier 7th. lsS7. al tlm Mi-Himlti-r nTnoriiu(p. lv
li'v D.J. MiiliiiPs. Mr. l.Klltll.K KI( llKl.r.KUl.K'll I
HUH Jim. AI'ALINK IKIllhlllS, Diilli ul tin city.
Ottawa, III., Dee. 2!
Flora vn Yutn.
Lk iI P'ltiurt.
Victor Mlll-
-Silver tlouU, ptticnt, cwt.
fj Ml
1 eo
lluckwlieut, per 'M t
Hran, cwt
l orn Meal, 'r cwt
tutu ami Oale, KniilliU
1 U
Wheat, tinli
It'.-. Ml BII
Com, new, ulii'llcl, "0 ttf 40 6b
orn. pur. hit j lu Ml .i
Outs, ;ti His ij
liiiK.uiy bceu, r uumi
a :io
'otatocn. new, If huh
.... 1 no Lit 1 'J)
Iliittcr. n
.... IS (.it W
hirm, r uoz
.... IS 61 ;0
Iiil'kl'tllt, IH-r IHM
.... i io h i ;
.... D
'ti!:l:'iis. ilrcHM'il. wi- ,
IlKV. t tO
....it m lino
iiaw, per luii
Livk finx k.
little on foot, rowK, iuu nt
iiltle on foot, stet'in
.... .".so a in)
.... :; o ('t i io
. .. i :'tHl
.... .hoi(4 as.)
m l aivej, live wt'itfli' f loe ..,
heei.. f inn Itm.
Live Hons. IK) Ds
J 'M di i uo
1AI.I.OW. Ill IVJt AMI a A LT.
I anl. d
'l-illou. 111 oil hlils, per lfc 3
Talloiv, loie, per H 3 fe.
Suit, ier 1. 1')
1 i"
nine.-', ureen, per ti
Hiih'n, cured, per B ti
Calf 7
lleiunll VB
liysiiit 10
The m u!n prion cover whole ranue of market, from
wart'!ioiiu iiricea to urn-en nal.' for oilil IoihIb lor feeu
IJ lillli:e til Ottawa, state ot llliiioi. on ThurwlKy,
DKCIfiMHhlt yy, 1HB7.
Amn w .Ioi'jih O
Arnolil V W
Awry Mrs IM-a
llriiKi!! lr Willlllll C
IliiOr CltiiH
Clark (HI tun I'uint Co
I inlurl
1'urr S I.
ChiIIii Joti n
C.iiiMiain l itutitils
Cull lux, Mr- .Mary
Cronley Dollic
Kin Icy .Ian
KoiiIit Jolin
lluivli'y C W
llHrrwiKIon Mr, Ilattie
IIoITiiihii Frit.
Holland John
.lolmson .Mr. LUle
.lolineoti .liilnm
K'irstff Joint
Uiiiiihi M i r-aruli A
l.i-ii li T,l( i)
Mi'Saiimni JJiiruie
Mi'iiXlicr Mamie
M;I1it Kat nirlim
nloiiltoii M.uy
Miirpliy N
iiliihc llrctr A
I'iiimt Mill I'o
li'my 1iv Charles
tntaxe Wenley
VcrriiT .lulib Charles vi)
Welch t)r
Wcstovur W A
Toolifnln ttipse letters, the applicant must eall for
"Ai vertlaetl UtttrH." nml mve the (lute of the uat : ami
If not called tor willilu two weeku, they will he aent to
i ;ic ui'uu L.envriiiiiL'U, in nakiiiiiuuiii.
Annual UeeKng.
Tlc iinuunl meeting ot the IHrrrtois of the Dttnna
TijwiihIiI ii Miilmil fire liiniii'ioi('eCoiiiiiihy will he ln'lil
at th (ilflee of CliiriMire lirlatjn, Kf.. secretary of the
couipHiiy, over luc rirsi Mitioiini iiiiiiu, in imawa, nil
mils. Tursilny. .laniiai v :t. ISKS. at 10 o'clock A. M.
The annua: mccilim of the atrn khiildcin ot aaitl com-
pany will lie held al Iheaiiiui' place, upon the name day,
ut I o'clock i. .
(iwlni; to an net of the lam Levi Hint lire. Important
cliaiiKca In tin bv-hiwH ot the company are iwcciwury,
and etr.-ry mille liuhler nhotild be prcwnl. dec"Al-2w
The niiderniKiied,
hiivinij piirchaned
I. hi i w ii ua the Moodv Kwil Yard, are iil'enarcd at all
limes to iiiiv anil aen u'ooii market iiorat-a.
Halronaof the yard will receive the mum
ne nrointit at-
Iciiiion a hcretotore.
Ottawa. 111.
V. B. e kern for aale litmuhrfi't Xnr Yoih Item-
iiitft for nil tllnHurt which huiscn are tubject to. They
are tne cueapcm ami neat iu line. owi.-iyr
liUI'ltAV JVOTIC":.-Taken tip hy Thomas
1 i Iielanv. al III" roitlencc In the Iowu of IniiillHck.
In the comity or lAMine and atate or Illinoia. ou ine
aeventl. day of Novcinher, a. ii. 1WT, one eetray horne,
ilcscrlhed an tuilown. to wit:
Dark liiown. lilml feet white, alar In forehead, about
teu (ID) yaaraold.
r. r i. l, '..,
dfC!l-8w" County Clerk.
Hare removed to their
new quarters,
West of tie Court House,
And have an elegantly lilted up store nml
Where they will hn pleased to ee all their old custom
em aim many new duck.
Iu their new quarters they are Wetter than ever ho-
ton: prepared to nerve uie puunc.
Oil. ll'.sr.-fiuii'
Will Keturn from Ctnciuiiiitl
Tuesday, Dec. 20,
And will be ut lil.dllice
l ilt il Thursday, Jan. t Ii.
Apiiolntnienta may he mmle
i!iT E. P. CTj.riIi-S.
Horses VVauted
East Main Street.
Xmas, Ho!
ri in t
11 W1 0 Here 1U a few days,
and we hare prepared one
of the largest and best
selected stocks of
Of Late and Unique De
signs in tbe market.
Presents for Children,
Presents for Girls and Boys,
Presents for Young Ladies,
Presents for Young Gents,
Presents for Old Folks,
In fact, we have Presents for
everybody, consisting of
And a thousand anil one other
things, too numerous
to recall, as
Cheap as the Cheapest.
?. mm
Druggist and Bookseller.
I Clyde. English & ITorman
I- Yrjrwr
Poland-China and Berkshire
For tills Scasuu'i Trade now ready for ia!u.
A laree nuintiorof anlmnlnnf eacli of theahovehreed.
of all aire, and knth ttwfi, alther ijraUea or thorougb
breda, alwayaoa hand for aale.
Inspection of aloek dealraJ. Farm, five mllea aontk
WHtoiOtrawa. r.u. Ben OOH Ottawa Illinois.
And tlie lti-t Salln Klnih. lor
Kli'Knlly Kriiined,
One Dozen Cabinets and Photo-Crayon
for SI '2.00.
This Offer is M Until Jan, 1. 18
Ketnemher, It lakn time lo UaisS
thin work proerly.
NOTICK. Ett or rtairt Hva. Par'it
Notice la berrtiy Jlten that the undemljinMl.
Admlnlatrator of the Kaute ot ratrteK nayea. laie
ot the county of La Salle and aisle of IlMnma. CitmmiI
will appear before the Probate Court of aatd county, on
i he third Mnmlav fheliut the JHh daT of February. liWT.
at the Pmbaie Court lioom. In Ottawa, In aatd county,
when and where all peraonii hart rut rlalme or demand
ajraloat aaid estate are notified (oattaM aai pretest
the Mine Id vrttlna fur djuatmeni.
DMea thla n day el yecemoer. a. n. wi. .
iecI'Sw jkdminlMrator.
Cabinet Photographs
Fancy Furulturoand Decorating
of all Descriptions
A Choice Collection of
By artliu of note, on exhibition.
All brandies of the Upholstering Busioees
carefully and promptly attended to.
Over Burke's and Hess's Stores.
Clegq & Dougherty,
Are prepared to do all kinds of
Has i Steam Fitting
Wrought Iron Pipes, Fixtures,
Fittings, &c, at low prices.
. 007
I.a Salle Street,
Jtellable and Reasonable
l'livoralily known for the cvcvKeiiri .f hit goods
and Hit! reusonu!)!eiit.'ta of III prlcea.
Komlmls you that be also keeps, besides
iiis stiK-K oi Drugs ami r ancy Gootls,
Paints, Oils,
Glass, Lamps,
Sliatlee, Cliiinneys, Kerosene, Ac.
lie brings his thirty years' experience to the prepar
ItiK of pn'BLTiptioni, which receive, the must tualul
Corner Sain and La Salle Sts.,
no5 (nrmerly KohertR' Corner.
Break Colts
Winter Horses
IBLarge Box Stalle. and All Other Conveniences'.
A in located al
Ottawa Driving Park Grounds.
Best of references given. Call on or address
ovMnion Otinw.i Drlvlnir Purk. Otfnwa. Ill-
Llmo, Salt. Cement. Plastering Hair
and Stucco. Also the
te It Cattle Fool
A ptepaiatlon tar inferior to any coudllion
powdar ever made.
Oil Cake, Corn Meal, Ace
Feb.U-tf 144 Main street Ottawa. 111.
hWi Friz. Puzzle!
fspyricht, 1886, B. F. SaJtk C, ByraraM, H. T.
DIRECTIONS. With three matches
form the above Triangle. Then, by add
ing three more matches, form four Trian.
gles of the same sue &9 till first one.
$15 Suit of Clothes
Will be given to the first person who bands
inta our store, by Dec. 31st, 1P87, the cor
rect solution of this puzzle, written in the
Uti't iiiimber of trordz.
Each solution to U sifned and tented be
fore being ri,t. in.
llTUi si'iHlinit vonr mowers by mailiilivs rnarK
flu- etii foiie., mi the outmile "Soimion to t'rie I B
zie." an we do not wi.h to open tliciii until IH-f. Jlt
A. AI.SC II fl-KR'
fdrmt In this comity. :tioi- Wind, h ehly n.provwl.
itood bulUllnits and fem-a. Ilvinp watvr. A-c Wa can
11 llii. fnrin at le tliau ifa valur. as tlie ow ner ha
orw3ii'Sm """""PR- ' O HARRIS SOX.
' J l?t rrrj rtrtrahi- mt for a maonfa.'
t..r ()n of tb brl in Hie ill. Will aelt on loMr
lime If dealml.
1 CU U In N'tl Ottawa, some rm tho:rr. at low
I UU prti-ea and oo eaj twmi, We aim have lota a
allVt her rr oftherlty. PR .1-1. H AURl! SON.
IVCTTD kHfV Written in the !aeJt
liN&U XV Altl J Ti and niotrt reiUbM cero
najilea at current ralca. tror Are Inraraace innpajd
are among the lanceat and stronetf in the worrd. Our
nviilent rumnwnr la the bet In thel'. 8.. and theranf
old Mutual lifw of N. V. hf no equal on JJiJ"' !-
globe. "ii. J. vi. nannia T
lowest pnero. ML J. O. HAMUS tON
Un bere ana trn p
in. alltHaaa farm ta anal
K HSOel.1 Jaaellle, Haw

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