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NO. 12.
VOL 51.
here; the finest assort
ment for fall and winter
you ever saw, in Dress
Goods, Cloaks, Flan
nels. Blankets, and all
the Lines of Seasonable
Dry Goods, Boots and
Shoes, &c.
The Opening Sale has
begun, and prices are
away down.
Don't fail to call and
examine this splendid
new stock.
And Smoked Meats, best in the
city, or no trade. Fine Summer
Sausages, home-made and sweet.
Never run down in stock.
The Main Street Meat Market,
This special is to the People,
to come and examine our Fine
Stock of Foreign and Domestic
Suitings, Trouserings and Coat
ings. They are nice and nobby,
the prices are all right, and the
fit shall please you, because we
guarantee A PERFECT FIT.
We want to make your clothes
so you will come again, and we
can cut and make you any kind
of garment now, and do it right.
Nuf Sed.
No. 814 La Salle Street.
School Shoe?.
We have the best Oil tirain
and Calf Shoes made in this
i-ountry, and we will sell them
for less than others ask.
These are warranted. Any
sizes from two years up.
208 Madison Street.
Or Otrf wr0 wish to wrrnn
this pap, or obtam estimate
on a.e-ttting space when in Chicago, wnl find it On f"t at
th Advertising Agency of LORD&THOMAS.
The Important Feature,
The sale of seasonable goods at H. J. Gil
lea's is the moat notable feature of the
week, in a business way. The euooess of the
gale being greater as the season . comes
more and more toward winter.
Speoial attention should be called to the
cloaks, dress-goods and carpets stocks as
offering Inducements that are really without
equal in this county at this time. Special
prices are offered on particularly fine ana
complete stocks in these departments, and
make the house specially worth a careiui
investigation by buyers.
All other lines offer rare inducements in
carrvine out the aim of the house to make
a small profit on Urge sales, rather than
a large profit on a small volume. The house
desires all to call and examine the stock
throughout and to compare prices with any
house in the city or county.
Miss Gilbert, daughter of Mr. II . S. Gil'
bert, is very ill at her home in Utica. She
went to the Boston Conservatory or Music
in September, but caught a terrible oold and
was compelled to return home. It is feared
that she will not reoeveT.
Luke Petit, a noted ealoonist, was fined
$200 and costs this week, for selling liquor
without s lioense.
The warehouse belonging to H. S. Gilbert
& Co.. known as the old Reymond ware
house, caught fire on Thursday noon, and
no water being available, burned to the
ground. The loss Is about $ 1,000, partially
oovered by insurance.
Read Hull's add.
The German Catholio fair opened with a
good crowd at Schafer Hall, on Wednesday
evening, and has been well patronized. It
closes to-night. The exhibits are numerous
and elegant, inoluding furniture, lamps, brio.
a-brao, dolls, table oeTers, etc. The rally
spoiled Thursday nights;orowd, but to night
when the eoateats are decided, it will be
The Boss Rubber Boots the snag proof
boot, sold by J. MiaarriN.
The Democracy.
Hon. J. N. Perrin of St. Clair county de
lirered a splendid demooratio speech in
Turner Hall, last erening. He was esoorted
to the hall by the Jeffersonian Club, in full
uniform, and in a few minutes the hall was
filled to ths doors. He made a brilliant run
ning fire upon the republican platform, and
provoked round after round of laughter and
applause. His deductions from the Mills
bill and the senate tariff bill, were oontinc
ing and able. He showed that the reduction
in both bills was subHtantially the same on
many articles, but that the Senate bill, while
making about the same reduction on street
car rails, made in the west, did not reduce a
penny on heavy rails, made in Pennsylvania
became the soap to run the republican party
was furnished by the Pennsylvania steel
The Democracy of the County will hold
their last grand rally at Streator on Monday
and Thursday even ings. The State and
County candidates will speak, and it is
expected that the procession will number
six thousand. The Iroquous and other
clubs of Chicago, the Joliet, La Salle, Ottawa
and all demooratio clubs of the district are
expected to be present.
. .
Nothing equals Forbes' Anodyne Salve for
chapped hands. One application will cure.
Price 15 and 2" cents per box.
Read Hull's add.
Lioense to marry has been issued to
Christian Stonemel and Juliana Krack,
Walter F. Bronson and Harriet L. Follett,
John II. Bickford and Alice H. Dean, B. J.
Pink and Mary Pink, James Hancock and
Mary J. Aleterson, C. Anschics and Mary E.
Knabloch, W. J. Morgan and Elizabeth
O'Niel, W. J. Harding and Frona Parks,
Lincoln A. Scott and Mannie, K. Beck, Geo.
B. Simpkins and Flora G. Allen, Bartholo
mew Foley and Maggie Dunleavey, Miohael
Spayer and Agnes Krieger, Jos. .Wapaing
and Cora E. Perry, W. H. Maher and Mary
A. Shell, Chas. Hoas and Marie B. Stilson,
and John P. Fyffe and Isabella Boyle.
Read Hull's add.
The principal transfers of the week are :
Abner Edwards to Catharine Morrison
Cook, J w 20 ft L 3, Sup 4, in block 49,
Mendota, West's add., $ 3,000.
Henry Dennis, Jr., to Landy Shoots, E
n w J, s w , sec 22, Otter Creek, $6,000.
Edward Willson to Venette E. Prentice, pl
lot 24, in Clark's add to Marseilles, 3,500.
Cordelia E. Armstrong to Jeremiah Stude
baker, (J, n w J, seo 18, Farm Ridge,
Simson G. Gay to Ida Jane Gay, lot I. in
blk 85, Ottawa, State's add, $2,000.
Fransis Edgerson to Albert Hamilton,
lot 7, in blk 24, Streator, $1,000.
A. H. Wilson to Jacob Hottinger, lot 6, in
blk 15, Ottawa, Green's add., f 1,800.
Corn husking will soon be here and your
hands will be chapped and oracked. There
are many old remedies, but all find them
worse than the cracks and roughness. To
keep your hands well is the best policy.
Forbes Anodyne Salve will do this, and also
cure the worst cases of cracks and roughness.
A Proirreiuilve Firm.
Gar & Son, the carriage and road cart
manufacturers of this city, have purohaaed
lh") Cushman foundry building of Mr. Shu
ler, and are now remodelling it, to suit their
requirements, as a carriage and cart factory.
The building, already a large and roomy one,
is being increased in size by raising the east
wing, a large oneBtory addition, to two
stories In height, adding about one-third
more space, while the entire interior te re
modelled into offices and departments. The
building will be ready for occupancy in
about five weeks, when the foroe now em
ployed at the East End factory will be
mved down and the new feetory stocked
with machinery of the best approved makes.
Several years ago the superior workman.
ship and materials turned out by this firm,
with the aid of the restless energy of Simeon
Gay, began to bring its name into the offioe
of every wholesale and retail dealer in the
country, and orders poured in upon them so
fast that they were forced to double their
capacity, whiffh was soon accomplished, by
the erection of a substantial briok addition
to the old factory on Clinton street. But
business kept on increasing, and it was not
long until they were again compelled to find
more room, and the wagon factory of John
D. Vette was rented, to be used solely for
the manufacture of the now famous Gay
Road Cart, the old factory with its additions
being ustd for carriages and buggies. This
sufficed, with considerable crowding, until
Oct. 1st, when the firm saw that if they were
to supply the demand for their goods at all,
they must have more room. This determin
ed them in buying the Cushman foundry,
and yet, with the many thousand feet of
floor they possess, it is etill a problem
whether or not they have sufficient room.
Mr. Gay, sr., says they haven't, and it is not
unlikely that before the season of '89 comes
to a close, they will be forced to builifa large
addition to the newly acquired property.
As the past of the firm has been brilliant,
their future is even more eo, and the day is
not far distant when Gay & Son wilt con
trol one of the largest carriage and cart man
ufactoriee in the United Statee.
For perfeot fits, perfect goods at boiled
down, bed roek prioes go to
J. MiaArriN' s.
Forbes' Anodyne Salve is a soothing rem
edy and will not cause pain. It is sure cure
for scalds aid burns.
The cloak trade this week has been the
largest- of the season at J. E. Scott & Co.'s.
More cloaks were sold by this firm on last
Thursday than any other day in the history
of the house.
Social Note.
When the white heat of politioal discussion
shall have beoome cooled, several events of
more than ordinary importance will engage
the attention of society's devotees. The first
of these,. tbe Firemen's ball, will be held, as
usual during tbe past fourteen years, on
Thanksgiving evening. It cannot fall short
of being an immense success, and it the
grand event of lost season be a criterion, it
will overshadow all with its numbers. This,
the fifteenth annual ball, will receive liberal
Miss Elizabeth O'Neil and Mr. William J.
Morgan were united in marriage at St.
Columbia church at seven o'clock on Thurs
day morning, Rev. Father Keating, official'
Ing. After the ceremony a very nice wed
ding breakfast was spread at the home of
the bride's mother. A reception ami dance
were held at the old Armory Hall in the
Tbe ladies of the Congregational church
gave a very pleasant tea on Wednesday
evening in the Sunday school rooms of the
Miss Ida L. Qriesinger, Detroit, Mich ,
and Mr, Albert L. Irion, of this oity, were
united in marriage at the home of the bride's
parents in Detroit on Wednesday evening,
Oot. 17, at eight o'clock. Mr. and Mrs.
Irion are at home on Marquette street.
'Mrs. Frank A, Shafer, of Eureka, Is the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Cracraft.
Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Cherrierand daughter
Ella, of Morris, are the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Stamate.
Lou Merrifield has returned from his
jannt to Nebraska.
Mrs. W. P. Parker and daughter Thestie
have returned from a long trip to the Pa
cific coast. Mr. Parker and family will
reside permanently In this city.
Mr. C. J. Curyea is the guest of his
brother at Greenwood, Neb.
Mr. G. H. Werner has returned from
Muscatine, la.
Mrs. John Goss, of Geneseo, is the guest
of Mrs. W. E. Bowman.
Miss Hattie B. Prescott, Santa Barbara,
Cal., and Dr. J. S. Davies, of Springfield,
were united in marriage, at the home of the
brides parents, at Santa Barbara, tbe other
week. Miss Prescott formerly resided in
this city.
Mrs. Eliza Sapp has returned from Colum
bus, 0.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Rigden and Mr. and
Mrs. Ed. Booher attended the Perry
Trapanier wedding at Streator on Tuesday
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Barber, of Sberiden,
were the guests of Mr. and Mrs, Irion on
Read Hull's add.
It Still Move.
Old Dull Time still moves by the door, he
never stops at Oak Hall. Can't you see?
Because we are so busy. The buyers of
those new fall and winter overooats have
been rushing us all week, but after one
usual rest, we are with them again. We can
stand it if you can. We would rather you
would come earlier in the morning and less
at a time, but if you must come all at once,
e can't help it. Those overooats are
enough to cause a rush anywhere, and we
have often wondered that it has noUbeoome
a panic. They are so well made, so stylish
and so dependable that we are not surprised.
They are in all styles and nearly all fabrics
suitable for fall and winter wear. The new
Meltons, with late trimmings, are popular,
and more so than ever, at least the rush for
them has not diminished. Then those
Chinchillas, in the new and stylish outs.
Some are silk and satin lined some not.
It's according to the depth of your purse. A
deep purse means a satin lined coat, for you
can't resist one after you have tried it on.
At the rate they are taking them they will
soon be gone; but what's the use in talking,
you will crowd us, and there is no help for
it. Oak Hall,
The One Price Clothiers.
Public Sale.
A. T. Hayes of Grand Ridge will Bell
without reserve to the highest bidder on
Saturday, Nov. 3d, 70 head of young oatile,
among them 30 head of high grade Hereford
heifers ; and 20 head of high grade Norman
oolts, from one to four years old.
V. H. Sielkt, Auctioneer.
J. E. Scott & Co. have selected out a large
job lot of ladies' aud misses' oloaks to be sold
out ae soon as possible. The regular retail
price has been from $8 to $16 for the ladies'
oloaks. You oan have your choice out of
this lot for $3. The misses' oloaks, these
you can buy from $1 to $2.50.
On Wednesday evening, Oot. 31st, the
Opera House will be occupied by the world
famed aetor and author, Charlee Erin Verner,
in the beautiful Irish play, entitled "Shamus
O'Brien, tbe Bold Boy of Glengall," a
charming and realistic picture of lite in the
Emerald Isle. Mr. Verner is without doubt
the greatest of all Irish character aotors, and
Is universally endorsed by the press, pntlio
and clergy of nearly every country on the
faee of the globe. The company are now
filling their fourth engagement in Chicago
this season. Do not wait te purchase tickets
at night. Secure your tickets in advance at
Simon's musio store.
For Thnrsday, Nov. 1st, Mr. George H.
Adams will appear in his new speotaeular
speaking pantomime, " He, She, Him and
Her," supported by Thomas Hanlon and a
company of 35 recognized artists, having
been carefully selected for their individual
merit in their own particular line. Mr.
Adams is so well knewn to our readers that
it is useless for us to say anything in his
favor, only that in his new play he is much
stronger than when last seen here in " Zo
Zo, the Magic yueen." Seats will be placed
on sale on Monday morning at Simon's
music store.
Mrs. Charles Vance of Wallace, was struck
in the face and knocked down by a rocket,
on Thursday evening. Her face was burned
in a painful manner.
Will Raymond's youug son scalded him
self badly with hot water, on Tuesday. It
was quite serious.
lie ali urt r For
Men's and Boys' rubber boots at C. l. L'k
The department was called out on Wednes-
day afternoon to quenoh a fire in tbe
neighborhood of the C, B. k Q. bridge
across the Illinois. It proved to be an in
cipient blaze, which was arrested after the
consumption of the grass along the railroad
track by a few quarts of water.
The yeungest daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
W. H. Knopp fell from a gate upon whioh
she was playing and broke her leg, on Tues.
day. She is doing nicely.
Asylum Children.
A company of children, mostly boys, aged
from, seven to fifteen years, from the New
York Juvenile Asylum, will arrive in Strea
tor, at the Plumb House, Thursday morning.
November 1st. Homes are wanted for them
in families where they will receive kind
treatment and enjoy fair advantages. Tbey
may be taken on trial for four weeks and
afterwards,. if all parties are satisfied, they
will be indentured until of age. Persons de
siring to take these children on trial are re
quested to meet them at the Plumb House
Thursday forenoon, Nov. 1st, as they will
remain but one day in Streator. For further
information inquire at your postoflice for a
haad bill giving full particulars. All ex
penses for transportation will be assumed by
the Asylum, and the children will be placed
on trial and indentured free of charge.
E. Whiht, Agent.
Read Hull's add.
The snag proof rubber boots, sold by J,
Large sales indicate the merits of all good
articles. DruggisH sell njore ot Dr. Bull's
Baby syrup than all other remedies for the
cure of baby disorders.
We have something nice in "Dakota Rose,"
and they will suit you. See them.
Choice Dried Beef,
80 cent Japan Tea,
W. C. RIALS & CO.,
Dress Goods.
Away Go the Jamestowns at
1 6c per Yard.
We have too many of them.
You all know they are cheap at 25c.
Today we received more of those
Broadcloths at $1.00.
Come Early, as they will sell faster
than the first lot.
See Our New 35c Tricot.
W. H. HULL & CO.
P. S. More Gold Medal Sweepers just received.
Without the I h of l.lver I'ml I'rotnctor.
It has been left for M. Steifel, of the
White Corner, to introduce tbe health giving,
ohest protector " Conger's Pateut Chest Proi
tecting'' undershirt.
Stl.th.nlf (.rwoiiaail
LaVard.aUglul. prawniM
tola rucHT V11W. !
Col W f rs. .
Mr. Steifel is also agent in this city for
" Hotibe's Patent Kidnejr Protecting" Pants.
"i 1 1 VT -
f Bonble
Seated nj
Will outwear I J ft two pair of
eA erdjwary Drawers.
. BoUKfn.
Hoth the above mentioned garments will
be found very desirable and should be seen
at the White Corner. M. Stkifkl.
You'll Tut
In it If you come in contact with a pair of
those felt shoes or slippers at
C. I). I Land's, Ottawa, 111.
The Deer Park Sunday school will bold a
convention to-morrow afternoon and even
ing. An interesting programme has been
prepare4 for both neaeioDg and a large at
tendance is expected. The convention will
be held at the I'eer Park Baptist church.
The carpet trade has been unusually large
this week. J. E. Scott & Co. reports large
sales, especially in the finer grades of car
petings. They will comoaenoe selling next
Monday a line of extra quality body Brus
sels at f 1.
Tbe will be no preaching in the Second M.
E. church tomorrow, on account of the ill.
1 Dta of Rev. Tobias' family at Blooroington.
7 cts. per lb
- 50 cts. per lb.
. r Purc ilred Pitta, hoth trn. fur nrewlinf
'it puinow-k. Thru re KXTKA CHOKE, .a
wml rrum March to May. liny early, gxt
uur tli..K' mul .am money. At farm. mi, a.
loutoweat o Ottawa.
! .60.
Would rt-.tM-et'-iMy announc. to the cltlien. of Ottawa
ami vicinity that lie linn itif of the elinlwrt Livery
Blocks In the city, at the City Stahl-., inch at
The Latest Styles of Hacks,
Carriages and Buggies,
To li-t at p'lri'D to unit the time. Prti, Weddlnf I
KuniTiilK. Pic Mir., Af,ti ltPt wltlitnxl Kip ;nah'xr
. nollw. Knii'THl. in tin- country or aitjoluit f, 1M
(romptly Httctulcit Ui. I'eraoua fxken to or from til
i 'ti-notn, iir to the country, nlpM or ty.
tW Kciut'inlx-r tlif place in Madliion street, eatt of
i u.-cut, ne block wet of new court twu.e.
! Ottawa Keb. IBM J'KTKK fAN.
irXTHIMMEI), .")0c to S2.50
i HUMMED, $1.00 (0 $15.00
The latest, newest, and most in
demand; direct from the
New York Markets.
Ottawa's only Exclusive Milliner
Morrow Laundry has removed
to '214 Main Street.
Tl'CK LEE, Prop'r.
cpremlxer JStli. ISSH.-Siilo.
Mrs. Anastatia Meehan, wife of Michael
Meehan of Utica, died at her home on Mon
day, of a complication of diseases, aged
forty-three years. The remains were brought
to this city on Wednesday, where service
was held in St. Columba church, and she
was interred in St. Columba cemetery.
Shropshire and Cotwood bucks sale by
0. C. Cadwell, Deer Tark. two miles south
of Utica, 111. Poetoffie, Utica, 111.
Cbronlc nasal catarrh guaranteed cure
Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy.
Eminent physicians recommend Laxadore
as the most effectual specific for dyspepsia
or indigestion. Price only 23 cents a pack

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