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VOL 52.
NO. 51
id mm
Would recpectfillT nnoone to the culiem of Ottaw
Ud Tlclnltr tht be hM od of the cholcnt Uvtrj
Block. In Ue city, at tbe City Stable, lucb at
the 'Latest Styles of Hacks.
Carriages and Buggies,
to let M prlcaa to tutt tbe ttroe.. Partle., Wedding.
rnnerl,, Plmilct, Ac, lupplled with Oood Kin inihon
notice. Funeral! in tbe cojotry or adjolnlt i town,
promptly attended to; Pereoni taken to or from Ji
depot., or to tbe conntry. eight or day.
t0 Remember the place (n Madlann .treat, ea.t rl
laeeat, ene blgck wet of new court home.
Ottawa Koh. 1834 PKTKH R 1.
Get prices elsewhere and you
will be convinced that vou can
save from 25 to' 50 per cent, by
buying anything in the musical
line of
Postoflice Blk.
OP 1800.
AUGUST 51k, Gtk, 71k, 811
2- year-olds and under, stake
race $-00
2:35 pace, purse 400
2:26 trot, purse 400
i mile heats, running, add ... 100
4-year-olds and under, stake. . .$200
3:00 trot, purse 400
2:34 trot, purse 400
Mile dash, running, add 100
3- year-olds and under, stake. . $200
Free-for-all pace, purse 400
2:30 trot, purse 400
J mile heats, running, add 100
3:00 pace, guarantee purse $400
Free-for-all trot, purse 400
2:45 trot, purse 400
H mile novelty running, add. . 100
Over 200 Entries.
A few of the many fast ones that
will appear on the track are Charlie
Frel, 2:151: Elmonarch, 2:172 ; Edwin
C, 2:15: Tura Franklin. 2:18? ; Red
Davis, 2:18; March, 2:20; Nobby,
2:1 It ; Belle Vara, 2:25 ; I'rince. 2:2H ;
Nellie V., 2:20i ; Bassenger Boy,2:24i;
Pilot Gift, 2:191: B. B., 2:19: Kitty
C, 2:17i : Betty Jones, 2:194 ; Heeko
thrift, 2:24J.
Hentrich'8 Band will furnish music
every day. Special music
for the occasion.
New Features:
Each Day.
Excursions will be given on all rail
roads leading into Ottawa.
L. W. HESS, Sec'y.
C. J. IRION, Pres.
)ii hi Asso b
Tbe many wonderful cures Red
Clover Tonic has produced, is due to
its rare medicinal merits. It is an
'established and standard family med
icine, having been thoroughly tested
the past nine years. Prompt, pleasant
and efficacious in all blood, stomach
i and liver troubles, curing stubborn
cases where all else has failed.
Thuradny, July 4. 1800.
Buttle of Niagara. 1159.
"Some falls are means the happier to
arise." uymmutc, -
Dr. J. O. Harrl9 is in Mackinaw for
a week or two.
Camn 20 is running in full blast on
Dellbridge's farm, west of this city.
Guy Gill and Katie Comp, Lostant,
were given license to marry yesterday.
F. L. Flskc and family leave to-day
for the East to spend the summer oa
the seashore.
Miss Carrie Tesseldre has gone to
Chicago to spend a few weeks with
relatives and friends.
Miss Belle Burke entertained a num
her of invited friends at her home, on
West Jackson street, Tuesday evening.
Misses Bradish. Thompson and
Heartv. of Hansom, are the guests of
North Ottawa friends during the in
stitute.' -
W. C. Vlttum. proprietor of China
Hall. Is in Canton. 111., attending the
funeral of his father, whose death oc
curred Tuesday.
A. E. Bronson. of Northville, state
president of the Farmers'alliance, was
in Ottawa yesterday on his way to at
tend a convention at l'eorla.
A. J. Mitchell, of Chicago, who has
been having bushels of fun catching
sunflsh at Dayton for two or three
days, returned home yesterday.
Dr. J. W. Petti t. of Sheridan, was
doing business in Ottawa yesterday.
He reports the prospects for the erec
tion of a shaft to mine silica as very
Miss Ella Hayne. daughter of Mr,
and Mrs. Win, Hayne, of this city,
was united in marriage to Mr. John
J. Wafer at Denver, Coi.. yesterday
morning at 8 o'clock at the residence
of the bride's aunt.
Mrs. M. T. Moloney. Mrs. Ed Vogt,
the Misses Burke and a small army of
jolly children picniced at Dayton yes
terday, and the cnuuren, at least,
came home acting as If they had had
,'more fun than anybody. '
The ex-publisher of loose's JVo.se has
gone into a sewing machine specula
tion. He offers a sewing machlnejand
the weekly Journal one year for $22.50.
F. D. Sweetzer sells a machine of the
same grade, and garantees it for $17.
The Sunday school of the German
Evangelical church held its annual
picnic in Allen park yesterday. One
hundred children were present and
they spent the day in playing games
and having a general good time. llev.
Woeher, pastor of the church, and
Frank Freschouf. superintendent of
the Sunday school, were present dur
ing the day and joined heartily In the
young people's sports. The picnicers
assembled at the church at 9 a. m
and were taken to the park on street
cars. Dinner wa9 served under the
trees at noontime and supper was
eaten at 6 o'clock. Every one enjoyed
themselves Immensely.
Friday, July 8, 1SOO.
Sam Houston died, 1803.
'I have by hard adventure found mine
own. As You Like It, ii., 4.
W. C. Riale was in Chicago yester
Miss Minnie Yaughey, of Seneca, is
visiting here.
Win. Whitfield, of La Salle, was in
the city yesterday.
Miss Mary Leahy, of La Salle, is the
guest of relatives in this city.
City Marshal Dick Holland of Utica,
came up yesterday to see the circus.
Mrs. J. C. Cummins, of Dos Moines,
Iowa, is visiting friends in this city.
Miss Maggie Murphy, of Peoria, is
visiting her parents on Superior street.
Jack Barnard has gone to Peoria to
spend his vacation. What's that for,
Jack ?
MissSh!nn. of Streator, is visiting
her cousins, the Misses Camp on Joliet
Mrs. James Blake, of Waco, Texas,
s the guest of her son, George W. W.
Burt G. Barrett, of Earl, was shak-
ng hands with his Democratic friends
n Ottawa yesterday.
Will Rem p. of Chicago, is visiting
his cousins, Julia and Maggie Hanna-
ghan, of the west side.
Miss Annie Armour has returned
from a visit with friends at St. Paul
and Minneapolis, Minn.
Misses Hannah Scanlan and Lily
Leix returned yesterday from a visit
with friends at La Salle.
Wm. Barry has accepted a position
as brakemanon the Sante Fee railroad
with headquarters at Chillicothe, 111.
J. A. Baish. Al. Seifert and John G.
Haeberle, all Ottawa boys, but now
located at Broken Bow, Neb., are in
the city
Fred. Barnes; who has been visiting
relatives In this city for the past two
weeks, returned to Brooklyn, N. Y.,
Supervisor Charles E. Spencer, of
Miller township, came to Ottawa yes
terday to see the big elephant with
Wallace & Co's circus,
Remember we
on all our work.
have reduced prices
Gay & Son.
It is stated that 450,000 gallons of
water per day are pumped each day by
the Dixon Water Company's engine
for the use of about 2oo consumers.
What the other Ave or six thousand
inhabitants drink is not mentioned.
Will Laat Intll Sept. I.
Until Sept. 1, 1 will sell all goods In
my store at 816 and 818 La Salle St.,
at slaughtered prices.
low prices
and spring wagons at
At Gay & Son's.
Cloalng- Out mt Leaa than Coat.
To close out our summer stock we
will begin to-morrow to sell all table
linens, towels, napkins, lawns, sa tines,
summer underwear, summer corsets,
etc. Also a choice line of embroidered
flouncing which will le marked at the
following prices: 45,55, 05,75; former
price, 5, 75, 90, $1.10. A great many
other lines not mentioned will be
Included in this sale. Study your own
Interest and buy some of these bar
gains offered. All past sales have
been a 'success and customers were
pleased with the low prices. Call and
see us. II. V. Wilson.
Call and examine our stock of sur
rles, buggies, spring wagons, and get
prices. Gay & Son.
Dr. Jones' Red Clover Tonic Is a
good, honest, blg-value-for-your-money
remedy. You get nearly a pint of the
best medicine ever sold for 50 cents.
It is prompt and safe In all blood,
stomach, liver and kidnev troubles.
It cures when every other medicine
"and doctors'' fall to cure.
Grain Hag.
Stark A or American A grain bags
are 18c. at J. E. Scott & Co.'s.
All work we sell Is manufactured In
Ottawa At Gay & Son's.
A horse was discovered the other
day in the Windsor Hotel barn at Mon
mouth in tne last siages oi starvation,
having been left for two weeks with
out food or water. When the young
man who had charge of the 6tables
was asked about it he said he knew It,
but "what do I care: the horse Is worth
nothing." The fellow wants some se
vere attention from the Humane So
Growing Dally.
Eleven members were added to the
Ottawa Watch Club, Monday July 21,
at R. H. Trask's.
Men's working shoes at
J. Meoaffin's.
Burlington has a murder mystery.
The body of Marie Wonder, the pretty
wife of a postottice employe, was found
in the Thiergarten Park with a bullet
In her breast and her throat cut. There
is no clue to the murderer. The hus
band was away from home much of
the time. It is suspected that the
couple did not live happily together,
and that Mrs. Wender had a lover.
The husband has not been seen since
tho crime was discovered.
We will give our customers an op
portunity next week never before of
fered in this city, une day in eacn de
partment we will have cost sale, when
we will sell at actual cost or less.
Monday will be remnants and domes
tics. See the ad.
W. II. Hull & Co.
One of the large meteors seen to pass
Ottawa and other cities in northern
Illinois last Saturday evening dropped
to the earth In the eastern part of
Rockford. It came so quickly, savs
the HivubUcftn, that those who saw it
are hardly able to tell what it looked
ike, but it is generally agreed that it
was very big and very bright, and that
It left a long trail of flame In Its wake
is It shot to the earth. It has been
traced from Indiana, where it first
made its appearance.
Monday Ni(lit'a Drawing.
The 21st club is now full and there
will be a drawing in this club next
Monday evening at 7:30 o'clock ; there
will also be a drawing in all the other
At Sppi'ial Trice.
. Special sale of watches at special
prices during the teachers' institute
and races at R. H. Trask's.
There was a small sized wreck on
the Rock Island railroad near the de
pot in this city on Tuesday afternoon.
A freight car was left standing partly
on the main trac'k and partly on the
switch, just east of the depot. Freight
train No. 96 came along about 4 o'clock
and the engine collided with the car.
which was thrown from the track and
badly demolished. The men on No.
29, which is the local freight, have
b'jen called in by the company to an
swer for the accident. It is claimed
they were negligent and did not run
the car far enough on the switch.
One Week More.
J. E. Scott & Co.'s. great clearing up
summer sale will continue until next
Thursday night. They have made
still farther cuts in the prices of all
Couldn't Talk Hnalnea anil Loeal.
There was no use talking to J. E.
Porter yesterday. He was too busy
selling binders and mowers to think
of taking any time to talk locals. So
the reporter left him.
$2.50 buys a prime pair of turned
sewed shoes at J. Megaffln's.
The Monience hay palace will le
open Oct. 1st to 11th. The building
will be constructed of baled hay, the
bales 16x22x36 Inches in size, inter
mixed with oats, rye straw and grasses
of a variety of colors. The building
will cover an area of 204x170 feet, the
main hall being a circle 103 feet in di
ameter, surmounted by a glass dome 81
feet In circumference. Palace like in
design, artistic in structure. It will
compare favorably with the more pre
tentious Iowa coal, hay and corn pal
aces, and will certainly lie a great
credit to Momence, a town of less than
2,500 people, east of Kankakee on the
Indiana border.
The Laidies of the West Serena M.
E. Church will have a festival In their
Church on Thursdayevening July31st.
All are cordially invited.
Kale Continued NeU Week.
day In each department. Goods
be sold AT COST, and Itss than
cost, beginning
with remnants of all kinds dress
ginghams, tennis flannels, satlnes.
challles, lawns, cambrics, shirtings
muslins and prints, come and see
and you will come every day.
Dress goods, silks, woolens ant
cloths. All our silks and dress goods
musti go. Hall's genuine Jamestowns
at l.c; i.k serges at 45c; $1.2o satin
duchess silks at 75c, and a hundred
Other bargains. We wish to close out
our entire stock of cloths for men's
wear and will offer extra inducements,
Will be linens, laces, embroideries
parasols and corsets. Ladles, you can
save money by being present on this
A circus In notions, handkerchiefs,
hosiery, underwear and gents' fur
nishlng goods, (iuc. ladles' vests at
25c; men's balgriggan shirts at 2i
each. Don't forget Thursday.
Carpets, lace curtains, window
shades, screens, drapery silks, jackets,
wraps, shawls, etc. Best ingrain car
pets, ;0c. and S0c; Brussels carpets
from 45c. per yard upwards. A chance
to make money.
Kid gloves, lisle and silk gloves, lace
and linen collars, hosiery and ribbons.
The last day.
fjTReinember, we can give but one
day to each department.
W. H.Hull & Co.
Buy vehicles from home manufac
turers and get the best
At Gay & Son's.
Kankakee, through the efforts of her
Business Men's Association, has se
cured another important industry
the Taylor Fiber Manufacturing (Join
pany, that was recently burned out at
Cambridge, Ohio. The company gets
three acres of ground and a bonus of
$14,000. A local real estate man as
sumes the whole responsibility bydi
vidlng up 40 acres of ground into
town lots, enough people pledging
themselves to take lots at $200 each to
cover the bonus and all other outlay.
The company agrees to give steady em
ployment to at least 125 people.
C. O. D.
shot's at
low prices on all kinds of
J. Meoakfin's.
The population of Grundy county
foots up 21,114, a gain of 3,402 In ten
yews. Thls gain is very creditable as
it Is chiefly rural, the only city in the
county being Morris, which gained but
167, though the Uraeeviile mining
district also showed considerable
Saya the Southern Meillral World.
"Mother's Friend" is growing in
favor throughout the South and is
highly recommended by physicians.
We consider It indispensable to those
who know they must pass through the
ordeal of child-birth. Write Bradtield
Reg. Co., Atlanta, (J a.
Next Week.
On account, of so many of our ous
tumers not fully understanding what
we are doing In our great cost sale
and a great many people out of town
not able to get hereon so short notice,
we will continue the same programme
in the same departments each day next
week. Our trade finds we are doing
just what we say and are satisfied.
Read the list in anothcrcolumn. Then
come and see for yourself.
W. II. I In, I. & Co.
For Kaee Week.
M. Stief'el, the white comer clothier,
extends a cordial invitation to all
who coiiio to Ottawa for the race
meeting next month, to call and set
bis stock of summer suits and get
prices. The sale of those famous $3
pants is increasing daily. They are
made to order and warranted to wear.
Galohhurg has just entered into a
contract with a firm to build a system
of water works for $80,000. The water
Is to be obtained by a system of tuhu
lar wells sunk in a stratum of water
bearing sand near town. In this con
nection the extraordinary statement
is made that "Lhe sit; of the wells Is
but a short distance from the city
cemetery, and in a valley through
which all of the sewerage of the city
passes. The water has hern analyzed
several times, and In every instance
has been condemned on account of ex
cess of free ammonia."
When you spend a dollar for a lot
tle of sarsaparilla or other hhnl or
alterative medicine you are paying
" warprices" same bottle same med
icineand yet a dollar. Try Dr.
Jones' RedCloverTonic, a far superior
remedy, and you get nearly a pint for
fifty cents.
We lead in the vehic
e trade.
Gay & Son.
Ruger & Wheeler is the title of a
new law Arm composed of Messrs.
Jesse B. Ruger and A. E. Wheeler.
The former Is well known in Ot
tawa and this county. Mr. Wheeler is
a recent addition to the La Salle
county bar a graduate of Mayo ,V
Widmer's office. He is a young man
of go id attainments, a gmd student
and already has begun to show "what
sort of metal he is made of," giving
troniise of becoming a very successful
Get our C. O. D. prices on boots and
shoes before buying J. Megaffin.
Yacht Club Dressing
kk Salmon and W Salad,
ChoW Chow, Cauliflower, Onion.
ready for your outing. We have a
good supply on hand.
The most twautiful catalogue ever published, containing " photo-gravures" of
Illinois river scenery, and run inrormation regarding the
Ottawa Business University
The only school in the West that employs Experienced Business Men
as teachers.
Our Graduates Secure
Summer term In session.
Fall term opens Sept. 1st.
mation call on or address
F. J. TOLAND, Pres.,
A Sewing M arlilne Fre.
Sneaking of sewing machines, the
Free Trader oilers Its patrons a first-
class, , reliable and durable machine,
made by a first-class company, tne
machine guaranteed for five years,
and to be all It Is represented to be,
for $18, Including the Weekly Free
Trader for one year. The machine
Is guaranteed to be as good as any
machine offered under same conditions
for $22.00.
Furthermore to any person sending
US$45 In subscrintlnns to either dally
or weekly editions the publishers will
give one of these machines free.
The machines can lie seen any day
at the store of F. I). Sweetser, under
the Free Trader office, 814 La Salle
street, Ottawa.
Our C. O. D. prices takes the lead
J. Megaffin
The August St
Xivhnlas is at hand
nil of mid-summer life and charm,
some outdoor papers oeing the rourin
irticle on base ball, wit h "t lie battery"
is the topic, which amateurs will read
with delight and edification no doubt.
Then there is f,A Remarkable Boat
lace," "A White Mountain Coaching
arade," the last of the "tiix Years in
Central Africa"; also stories, complete
ind serial, poems, and pictures wlth-
mt limit.
That TrHi tlon Engine.
Farmers, If you have any use for a
traction engine, Sweetser, at hisagri-
ultural store, has one in nerfect order
good as new, not a blemish on It and j
mi can buy It at hair price. I he far
mer who loses this sale looses mo oesi
bargain he ever lost. 1 1 will In koIu.
A tine top buggy, our own manufac
ture, for $75, AT Gay Son's,
In Gold.
Weston, the druggist, closes his big
ale of wall paper to day (Saturday).
nd evening. This is the greatest
acrificeon fine wall paper ever made
iy any dealer in this county. on
an buy at half price any style you
may desire.
- j
Top buggies from 75.oo toloo.00 at
Ga v A: Son's.
Remember, we always lead, and our
great cost sab; will be copied and crit-,
ieised by our competitors. However, j
if you want any dry goods for the rest
of the summer this week will bo your,
opportunity. W. H. Ilru. & Co. J
Every vehicle fully
you buy of
warranted that
(Jay & Son.
A l!iia.i! j
Sweetser, the agricultural man, isi
selling the host finished, the tiest made j
and most durable wagon for less money
than any man in Ottawa or county.!
This Is an entirely new deal, and now i
is your time. ' j
J. E. Scott & Co., are opening up'
lots of new good. Their new fall
carjx'ts are corning in every day now.
They quote Brussels carpet at 45 ct.,
and some nice patterns, all wool in
grain carpets at 50 cents.
Old giHKls are not cheap at cost.
Our now goods are now coming In and .
pr.ces guaranteed a low as anv old
goods offered. J. E. S tt Co.
The btst Jiti.lirl wagon and made of
the'.f mtrriil. are sold at Swkkt
sf.r's for les money than at any place
in Ottawa, or in this county, i'im is
n' ilirtrtuit on Otis! I
and Retain Positions.
For catalogue or In for-
or W. G. LOWE, Sec'y.
She hid Completely Cured.
A daughter of my customer suffered
from suppressed menstruation, and
her health '"as completely wrecked.
At my suggestion she used one bottle
of Brad Hold's Female Regulator,
which cured her. J. W. Hellums,
Water Valley, Miss.
Write the Bradtield Reg. Co., At
lanta, Ga., for particulars. Sold by
all drugg'sts.
on all work.
we have
reduced prices
Gay & Son.
II y for Sams. 30 acres of hay In
field, Just north of Buffalo Rock, for
sale at a bargain. Call on Clarence.
Griggs, Ottawa.
A strange fatality seems to have fol
lowed Gust Johnson at Rockford. He
was drowned while fishing driftwood
out of the river during the June floods
1 1""1 1'" 1 "T'Y. n ft"" ''"'I of,dr l"
numi ili'lt iii,:iiuit n an , I llll lllf 11, lUYJ
house in which his widow and children
were living being also partially con
sumed. That rio.lnjt Ha le.
Weston, the druggist, all the last
week has kept two clerks selling wall
paper. It Is rn wondereither. Itlsa
closing sale. The finest paper you
ever saw and sold at half the usual
price. This sale will continue to-day,
(Saturday) and this evening. Don't
miss it. If you do, you will pay double
for it.
Full line of road carts cheap
At (Jay ,t Son's.
In a sudden emergency, when quick
thinking is required, a woman of grit
that can maintain her presence of
mind Is worth half a dozen of men.
When a tramp at Dubuque the other
day, knowing Mrs. Milton D. Howe
was alone al home, approached her in
the kitchen with a drawn pistol and de
manded money and valuables, instead
of fainting away she coolly told him
she hail no money but he could walk
in and go through the drawers and
closets. He did so, and w hi'e liberal
ly helping himself to silverware and
the like, she slyly locked the front
door, then flew" out tbe back door,
locking it behind Iter, and gaining ttio
street gave the alarm. Before the fel
low could break his prison he was glad
todrop his IxKity and give up that ho
had been outwitted.
Cent. 4.1 Cent.
That's what others charge for a
pound of Jbaking powder. Dave Lor
riaux sells just as good for 20 cents.
Try his once and you will buy it al
ways and save 25 cents on a pound.
Ottawa Market.
OTTAWa. 111.. July X, 10.
WhMt. bib 90
Kyn. lh IS
Corn. or. prr 73 M
C,ra Shrllml - M
OHta.lh. SO
NrW I Mil A 24 I 'A
Tunuthi ml bnab 1 li
P.rtanoa. di-w. 9 luih 8k)
Hulter. P
Kk. do 10
(T.it'kena. pr dot i SO S
Chu-lten.. amed. per It) 10
Turae 11 U
Hay. H-r ton 4 w 8 M
Straw, per tuo i W J 5t
Ltl trai l.
Cattle on ft-t, v liOlta J P S l
Cattlron to, atrrra 8 00
ri raiTr. Iit weight. 100 Iba. S !:
Dhwn. Kli Itv ivt T
Lit. Uua. Vw I ha S iDwtS
TaLUiw, HiPB ax d8.LT.
Urd. !b 7
T:h,w. In tl bhta. ?rr lb ft"i
T).i,w. ke prr 03t
Sail, per bbl 1
UMra. arrrn. par tS
HMra. cured, prr "
ait .V. W
IVaruB M
brra Pamacmt lUda Ot
Thr grata prV-ra eTer waote ranrr of market, from
warrhvwac prtora to prteea paid lor odd kiad. tr teed.

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