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5 .
HtrTeitlnir U onietliliiK of the pust.
Tbe feDerl complaint U that oat r very
UlUr7 wemiher btniri on like bad cold In
midsummer. ,
Corn promuci to be rtiort on the cob.
Price of K'n l dvntlnir but what good
la that wheu we will have none to toll Y
Potatoee are a failure. Blackberries are
ThenF'u a Sabhath arhool picnic to day
ner Wedron in LiHelloi'rk.
Next Sunday there will bi a picnic parly
from Ottawa that will spend tU day at the
' Tbore are a great many out ramping at
ureaent. There la a cani on Indian Crick
mat Wedron, and several at the Sulphur
bprlng. Still mother near Dayton. In some
of the camp beer la the main tlilni.'.
(Jardena are aulfcrlng for want of rain.
The apple crop will not be very bountiful
tula year. , , .
What haa become of the stock buyer Y It
tvould be a treat to see one.
Mre. K. l'arrott lost a line colt last week.
H. Underwood has jut IliiWietl painting
hla barn. It looks line. A. Hoffman, o!
tlierldan, did the work.
Oulte a number of our fanners are now f in
filling their contract by deliverlug tliiriy cent
corn. It la hard but holiest.
Mr. Edward Harney and Mr. I'crry Mi Kin
ley of Chicago, spcut a few day among tlielr
relatives In Rutland and Dayton.
Mrs, Moore, of Sui'liviHc, la visiting her
brother, II. Underwood.
A little granger arrived it the residence of
Mr. Chas. Long. Chut. l nappy.
Fred McMiehael rides in a nw bugey now.
adaya. lie eays the old one eiueaked too
much. . .
D. V. Conard, of Miller, has purchased the
Deenia farm of KJO ac res In Rutland. I rice
between sixty and seventy dollars per acre.
Geo. Olbson, Win. Miller and Frank Unbolt
have threshed their winter wheat and pro.
nounce it a good ylcld-JO to : lnishela J.er
acre. Mr. ti. sold Ml hushels at SO cents per
bushel. , , ,
For the past week there has been a party or
Mctidota young blood, male and female
about twenty all told, 'Hinpinif on the bank
of Fox river about fa) roda below the Mulpl.ur
urlng. A Mr. Clark rulci the roost. He
says they came for a nice time and a good
time. Well, judging from appearances we
think they have both.
Last Sunday at seven minutes past four
while Rill Debolt was gazing upon the fair
beauties of Mendota, his horse became uneasy
mid broke both thilla to hla new buggy
Why we know It was just, seven minutes past
four is because Fred McMiehael looked at his
new watch and told us so. Fred says he
wants to know how long the girls keep him
out Sunday nights.
The Harden City Sand Co have begun work
to erect another large building, .lust what
it Is to be uaed for we are not a ware.
The Holiness people are holding a series of
meeting at Wedron. A good Held for work.
Hard times la the general complaint Just
now-motly vith our farmers, who are the
principal sulTercra ou account of the great
Deed of rain.
Mrs. W. C. Rosanqulst lias returned from a
pleasant visit to Lcland. On returning there
was found one of the latest Improved gaso
line atoves In readiness at her service In
cummer cookery.
A. A. Dyslnger wae out looking over the
ground In the Intereat of a school. Mr. D is
one of the teachers of our county who haa a
The Institute now being held at Ottawa,
has taken about all of our fair maidens awav,
and now the gentlemen move around In rath,
er a melancholy manner.
Dust, duster, duBtiest time on record, det
out that sprinkler and be mindful of the veg.
elation on your premises. Never mind the
highway, It, will take it own eoutse.
Those blackberries so abundant In the
wooda are on a strike for more rail drying
up without ripening.
If you don't have the Fkkk Tiudku In your
name whv not try it a year Y Cheapest and
most newsy paper in Hie county.
Work at our village wagon shop is Increas
ing and farmers are finding out tbat home in
dustry Is preferable ratherthan to put in too
much time traveling to distant towns.
Prof. K Win. Smith was a caller a day or
so ago. Call again.
The Nelson brothers have that thresher out
from Us long wintry abode and now the eliull
will be thrown to tlw breeze.
Mr. and Mrs. L. II. Mason have returned
from a visit to Iowa.
Rev. Peterson has so far recovered from his
recent Illness as to resume his pastontl la
bors. l)atli of Mm. Dully.
Mrs. Hugh Dully, an old resident of Ireland,
died at her home in Hernia township on Tues
day evening. She was born Feb. 'J. 1SH4, and
died July 111, 110. She was a kind wife, a
good mother and llrst-class friend. She
leaves a husband, two sons and one daughter
to mourn her loss. She had been sick about
one year and ueatli was caused by heart fail
ure. Tim funeral was largely attended and
the mas wua read by Rev. Keating.
A precious one from ns has gone,
A voice we loved is stilled ;
A place is vacant in our home,
Which never can be tilled.
To-day in the tomb she is sleeping
With fragrant llowers entwine! ;
And we hope it Is in heaven
That her bright soul w 111 thine.
'TU siid to guze on the fresh-tuined sod.
With breaking heart to say good bye ;
It is only what our Sav'our commanded
That we all shall have to die.
(iod In His wisdom ha recalled
The boon His love had given;
And though the body moulders here,
The soul is safe in heaven. Son.
Sherlilitn N !.
Mrs. L. W. Rood Is In poor health at pres
Tom Curren is at Aurora wcrkiug lu W. 11.
Miller's real estate office.
Alf Christiansen has gone to Ransom to
run a sleam thresher.
Capt K. H. Smith, of Ottawa, is camping on
the bank of the river west of town.
Mrs. Delos Robinson contemplate taking a
trln to lows to visit her slsler.
Morris Law and wife start this week for
Niagara Falls. 'Kiev contemplate visiting
with Mrs. Lsw's mother and brother near
Chsutsuona Lake.
Jacob Itolber has sold his residence lu
Sheridan to Mr. C. Hurker, of Chicago. Mr.
Holder and family started for Alsace, tier
manv last week. Mr. Hurker moved here
last week, and contemplates going into the
fcand business iiumeuiateiy.
Kvery one Is anxious for rain.
Threshing has begun and Will Mutter and
Jake Killmiu are happy again.
A large number of Wallace folk attended
tbe picnic at Starved Rock Sunday. All
report a good time.
The Misses Doyle, of DliiimVk station, are
the guests of Mary llurke this week.
.lohn Crowley ha left and all the girls look
tad. Kamhi.kh.
This is what you ought to have, in
fact, you must have it, to fully enjoy
life. Thousands are sea renins? for it
dally, and mourning tiecause they find
it not. Thousands upon thousands of
dollars are spent annually ly our ico
ple In the vain hope that they may
attain this boon. And yet it may l
had by all. We guarantee that Elee
' trie Bittern, if used according to direc
tions and the use persisted in, will
bring ytu good digestion and kill the
demon of dyspepsia and all diseases of
liver, stomach and kidneys. Sold at
Wicandll per bottle by b. Lorriaux,
Illlnola O. A. R.-Offlclal Headquarters
The official headquarters train, de
partment of Illinois, with Department
Commander Win. L. Dustln and staff,
and Mrs. ('.en. John A. Logan, will
start from lnlncy and run to Chicago
via the Hurlington Koute, C. It. & Q.
II. 11., on Friday. August 8th, and
from thence will proceed to the Na
tional Encampment at Boston via the
Niagara Falls Short Line, the West
Shore and the Iloosac Tunnel koutcs.
Tliis train will stop at all stations be
tween gtiincy and Chicago, to give the
comrades on main line and from con
necting lines and branches, an opor
ttinity tojoinit. Kordetail time sched
ule see special bill distributed in your
Keineinber that tickets to the en
campment are blit NK FAliK i op. '11 IK
KOINI tkip. They can be obtained
via the Murlington Koute at principal
stations, or bv addressing 1 s. Kustis.
Cen'l Passenger and Ticket Agent C.
II. . i. U. II. . Chicago.
Kvangelist llouser is conducting a
revival at Newark, Kendall county,
iust now, and, according to a corre
spondent of the Yorkville i;,i, is
running it a little as Mark Jicuhien
kepi tavern. On Saturday evening lie
walked up to sonic young ladies and
threatened to put them out because,
lie said, they scandalized Mn-mselves
and disturbed tiie meeting by chew
ing gum: A married lady, remon
strating with him about it, was ac
cused of disturbing the meeting the
evening' before, though she had not
been there. She told him so and de
manded an apology. He said he had
never apologized to anybody and never
Merit Wins.
We desire to say to our citizens, that
for years we have been selling Dr.
King's New Discovery for Consump
tion, Dr. Kings New Life Tills, lliick
len's Arnica Salve and Electric Hit
ters, and have never handled reme
dies that sell as well, or that have
given such universal satisfaction. We
do not hesitate to guarantee them
every time, and we stand ready to re
fund the purchase price, If satisfactory
results do not follow their use. These
remedies have won their great popu
laiity purely on their merits. For
sale by D. Lorriaux, drugget.
The census llguresof Warren county
are published in the Monmouth
lln u w, and show that county to have
lost In population 1,74 since !), and
.'1,704 since 1870. Vet Warren county
u i u, iw.-irt at frm "Militarv Tract."
one of the richest agricultural dis
tricts or Illinois, nut the loss, as in
some towns in this county, is only In
population, but the farms are as rich
and productive as ever, only they have
Where there were five
owners there is but one now. The
lands are worked on a larger scale by
machinery, and the former occupants
and their boys have sold out and gone
There wns il dedication of it new
Congregational church at Moreland,
up in Cook county, last Minuay, ami
when, at the close of the services, the
plate was passed, not a person aioseiu
leave his or her seat. The reason was
because the varnish on t he seat was
in it. Kiiitleii-nf Iv dried and the entire
congregat ion found itself tightly glued
down. At the close oi mescrvic.es u
look three quarters of an hour to rree
nil the nrisoiiers. All the ladies' hand
some toilets were ruined and large
portions of them still dec trai.e ine
newly painted pews of the church.
f. y. J;ruc(, Drn'iiint, Erurl, Midi:
1 want to say to you that llibbard's
Hheiiinatlc Syrup is, in my opinion,
the greatest medicine ever put up.
You are fully aware how lame and sore
I was at the time you advised me to
try the remedy, my back and ankles
were so sore and lame and the pain so
severe, that 1 could scarcely move
about. Three bottles of this remedy
cured me when everything else that 1
tried tailed. It is a valuable medi
cine. Fhank V. Handy.
The above statement is true and it
affords me much pleasure to recom
mend this medicine. J. N. Um i K.
Prepared only by Tim Chaim.ks
Whioiit MkdiunkCo., Detroit, Mich.
For sale bv M. Knetissl's Sons, drug
gists, 21.') Main St., Ottawa. 111.
"Some fifteen months ago," says the
IV ru yewA-lltivltl, "a young man by
the name of .John Fogarty, who was
working In a grocery store in Spring
Valley, disappeared and no clew to his
whereabouts could be obtained. His
hat was found near the door of an out
hntise in the rear of the building, and
hints of foul play were many. Tues
day while cleaning the vault at that
place the skeleton of a young man was
found t here. This clears the mystery
beyond a doubt."
Kuya lli Soiithrrn Min-al World.
"Mother's Friend" is growing in
favor throughout the South and is
highly recommended by physicians.
We consider it indispensable to those
who know thev must pass through the
ordeal of child-birth. Write Hradtleld
Keg. Co., Atlanta, (!a.
The oat meal mill at Morris seems
to be a "howling success." Such is
the demand for its product, says the
W, that it "has commenced running
night and day. If there were plenty
of meal on hand at least ten car loads
would In1 shipped. One house in Phil
adelphia which has handled one car of
this meal, has sent In an order for
four car loads. Another Philadelphia
house wants a load, and orders for
four cars of t he meal are in from oth
or dealers. The meal has gone up a
dollar a barrel, oats, too, have gone
up, but at the prices offered there is
money In the mill's products now."
A Salt- InvrMmrnt
Is one which la guaranteed to bring you
satisfactory result, or In rase of a failure to
return purchase price. Ou this safe plan you
ran buy from our cdvertisrd druggist a bottle
of Dr. Klng'a New Diacovery for consump
tion. It la guaranteed to bring relief in every
rase, when usrd for any affection of throat,
lunir or cheat, such as consumption, Intlam
matton of luugs, bronchitis, asthma, whoop
ing couch, rroup, etr., etc. It Is Hrasant and
agreeable to taste, perfectly safe and ran si
way be relied upon. Trial bottle free at 1).
Lorrtaui'a drug tore.
An original oackaire loint is alxuit
to be opened in Kockford. The project
Is looked upon with wirue trepidation
by the naloonists, who pay a high
whll the license of an origi
nal pactage concern would be a tril'e.
" " ' j
ni w mm iu hi m-u mi k i .ki. nuiiiiii v. mh vn 1 1 win j i 11 i
Tha Crtsm of Whatavar la Naway, laUf
sting or BplcT la onr Neigh
boring Eichangea.
The Uock Island railroad, says a
Joliet dispatch, has removed one white
brakeman from each of Its passenger
trains and tilled his place with u
Will Murphy, near Fanner City, had
a line young mare bit by a rattlesnake.
He drenched her with whisky and she
will recover.
The highly moral and decorous city
of l.'eloit, Wis., enjoyed the bad emi
nence a few days ago or having a lady
or one or its "leading familie" die of
delirium tremens.
The Kockford watch factory, after
the usual summer vacation, starts up
next week' "with a large number of
splendid new orders," says the IliimUU
on, and scores of employes.
A sneak thief snatched a pile of
bills and silver from the box oilice,
while the Buchanan Comedy com
nan.v was playing at Mendots. and got
away with nearly the entire receipts
About the same time a strong vein
of natural gas was struck at Isioom
ington. a few days ago, .lames Wilkie
struck a strong liow of gas on his farm
at Fl Paso while digging a well, at a
depth of forty feet.
"Fish for fools as I do," is the ans
wer a young man in Dwight got by
answering the following advertise
ment: "How to make a living with
out hard work. Send loc for Inst rue.
lions." Ihrhjht ,Sth:
An Iowa editor by constant study
and practice has discovered that "pack
my box with live dozen jugs of liquor"
is'the shortest sentence in our langu
age containing all the letters of the
Some years ago we were very much
subject to severe spells of cholera mor
bus; and now when we feel any of the
symptoms that usually preteed that
ailment, such as sickness at the .stom
ach, diarrhoea, etc., we become
scary. We have found Chamberlain's
Ketnedy the very tiling to straighten
one out in such cases, and always
keep it about. It is somewhat similar
to the usual cholera cures, but seems to
contain ingredients that render it
more pleasant to take, and that do
their work more quickly. Sheriff
Dcvercux tells us that he is subject to
cholera morbus, and recently felt a
spell coming on, when he obtained a
bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Kemedy, and two doses
made him all right. We are not writ
ing this for a pay testimonial, but to
et our readers know what is a good
thing to keep handy In the house.
Tfj (Kan.) Vh'uf. For sale by T. E.
(lapen Si Son.
il ire.
Visiting days at the county asylum
are Thursdays and Fridays. Positively
no visitors permitted on Sundays.
T. C. (iinsoN.
The. Omaha (Neb.) Republican, the
oldest paper in the city, has suspended
The popiihuioii of Springfield, 111., by
the latest, fount is 'JJ.UoO, and of Sanga
mon (.Vunty (il, l'.H.
Dr. Fernando Cruz, the Ciiateiualun
Minister to the I'nited States, has been
recalled to (iuateinaliv.
Thus far this week there has been
ordered at New York for shipment to
Lurope .'J.4 7.',IMKI in gold.
The latest returns of England's war
department show that '.ni.ooo out of the
1)7,000 men in the English homo army
are under 'il years of ago.
The drought in Central and Southern
Iowa is becoming serious, threatening
the corn crop in districts where the
seasonal rain-fall was lightest.
The hoop mill of the Anchor Manu
facturing Company at, Delray, Mich.,
was burned Tuesday night, causing a
loss of $a.00(); insured for JWO.OOO.
Tho conferrees on the original pack
age bill, at tlielr session Wednesday,
agreed to report to their respective
houses the Senate bill on this subject,
which applies to liquor only.
At Marshalltown, la., while descend
ing a stairway George V. McMillan
stumbled and fell headlong to the bot
tom, receiving a concussion of the brain,
from which ho died an hour afterwards.
A viaduct gave way at Kansas City,
Ma, Wednesday, precipitating a num
ber of loaled wagons to the earth twen
ty feet below. Michael Miller, a team
ate r, was killed and a colored man was
fatally injured.
II. ,1. (ileason, late agent of the Santa
Fo railroad ac San Diego. Cab, and
formerly general fricight agent of the
Kock Island railway In Chicago, was
eon fined in the insane asylum at Napa
City. Cab, Wednesday.
The steamer Majestic, which arrived
in New York Wednesday, made the trip
from (Juoonstown to Sandy Hook in Ave
days, twenty-two hours and fifty-eight
minutes. This is the third fastest trip
ever made across the Atlantic.
The organization of the Cumberland
Gap ,t Mississippi Valley railroad was
perfected and the stock subscribed for
building a line from Columbus in the
Mississippi valley to Cumberland Gap,
at Hopkins ille, Ky., W ednesday.
Annlhrr Kli Striko In ,otham.
New Yoiik, JulySl. A general strike
has been ordered of workmen engaged
on all the public schools now te
ing repaired. There are three con
tractors ohji-rtionable to the board of
walking delegates and this general
movement is ordered to com tie 1 tho
board of education to get rid of them.
About l.'.'ou men are out of work, and
there is aerious doubt about the public
schools being able to open on Sep
tember 1.
Trouble In smo.
Sypnev. X. S. W., July 31. The
steamer Lubeck, which has arrived
here from Apia, brings rumors of dis
orders in the Samoan villages. In the
opinion of Europeans, these disorders
point out the necessity of the three
powers England, Germany and the
United States forming a proper govern
ment for Samoa, .r
T.aet. Knnrinv. snva the Peril Knrit'
llirald, as a picnic party from La
Salle was rig driven in a band wag
on across the Vermillion at Deer Park,
one of the wheels of the watron sunk
down to the hub in quick sand and
the venicie neing uppeu over, me oc
cupants were thrown Into the stream,
which at this point Is :i or 4 feet deep.
A malor't v of the nartv were voting
children, and it was with ditllculty
they were rescued from their unexpect
ed bath and dangerous predicament.
Sept. 2, 3, 4 and 5, 1 890.
I.IIkthI rrciiiliiniM Ofl'rml.
Wednesday, Sept. 3rd
Will IK! ( lillilrfii'n ly. All rlilMren iiiifr llynn
a ill Im- a lmlttid Kn.
A -'! tit- I'rueriitn of SpwM Amvirlli.nn ami r. ihir
Atlilt'tlc autl KuM SimriHfHi h il.
Tlii'.! ( Di-i.trtiiicnt will ! nniiuiilly liileri'Btli.g.
On Kililiiy, Miiiii'iiilii r Sill, a
I! A. Mi-ad ch. . Chaitrfiton. record 'J IT.
K. K. Wormley, o. a. Mark Monroe, 2:'iV;
Fiit.('lii-s Accommodation For All. Cheap
K.vcnrMon Kate on all Kalhoada.
Simeon T.ke, l'rc Geo. H. Madpf.n-, Sec'y.
The frcat nublic desire a medi
cine that is an absolute specific
for a cough or cold, that allays
inflamation, restores the tone to
the svstem and acts as a tonic
and stimulant, while it is harmless
and can be given to children with
impunity. These qualities are all
contained in Rcid's German
Cough and Kidney Cure. It is
composed of simple ingredients,
which combined in one prepara
tion form the most efficacious
remedy yet tried for coughs, colds
and kidney complaints. No one
who has ever tried it has ever re
gretted it. It is an absolute cure
for these diseases, as can be prov
en by the testimony of thousands
of reputable witnesses. It is pe
culiarly efficacious in old age
The dry, wheezing cough, the
tightness across the chest, the
tendency towards pneumonia, the
throat troubles that are the
scourge and affliction ol old age,
are all relieved, and, in most cases,
cured by the use of Reid's Ger
man Cough and Kidney Cure.
Many cases that were pronounced
incurable, and that manifested
unmistakable sicrns of consump
tion, have been not only relieved,
but the patients Have been re
stored to health and were able to
resume their occupations, which,
before taking this great prepara
tion, they had been obliged to
give up. In this particular Reid's
German Ceugh and Kidney Cure
has never been excelled by any
similar remedy. People who
are racked by a dry, hard cough
at night are enabled, by the use
of Reid's German Cough and
Kidney Cure, to obtain a most
refreshing sleep, and to arise in
the morning on the road to re
covery, and from a sinpie dose.
This is not in a solitary instance
but in repeated cases. For sale
by all druggists.
Sylvan Remedy Co.,
l'eoria, 111.
no ir
The Ottawa Watch Club contains 20
clubs, 28 members each, inaKing oW)
and the 11 in club Xo. 21 makes a
grand total of f71 members. The total
valuation of the 571 watches sold, at
$28 jar watch is l,5tf.8s. The Club is
booming, and new clubs are gonstant
ly forming. Tho watches advertise
themselves and are fully guaranteed
to last a lifetime with ordinary usage.
Trask's Savings Dank,
is tne popular term for the Ottawa
Watch Club. Young men can save 1
per week and own a line watch in
seven months.
A tine line of jewelry, spectacles,
hollow-ware, rings, brooches, ear-rings,
chains, etc., kept in stock.
To all vow nuin rtcm .
v, wif. KoM ohlenkanip. hTtnlt mjr ll n l
muTrni"nL thl t to aottiy t'.l rron not to h.rkur
Km M.mfraMlnff-
pro .I'l . Jo'yrt.
BonflelO. HI.
)ol tan Ins!
05 La Sals
nsro.TsriE better.
Jr Harvesters, 6 t Mowers, 5 ft.
Mowers, ft. Mowers.
All the Latest Improvements. We ask you to see them before
leaving your order.
CfSu Engines and Separators,
Reeves & Case Straw Stackers.
Carriages, Sups M his,
Studebakcr Farm Wagons, Ktc.
Hottom Trices for Quality.
Clearing out 'Summer Stock in
all Departments.
Many CHOICE GOODS will be closed out
especially Trimmed Hats, will be closed out at
rom 25 to 50 cents on the dollar,
To every
person making a cash purchase of 50 CENTS WORTH, we
entitling them to a guess on a jar full of coins, (the jar may be
hn ir il esses nearest the correct number of
trive a ticket
seen in our w
coins in the j
ar get the coins, which amounts to 2i.00. lu only one person is
f coins known, and that is Mr. A. V. Schoch. Vice President of
the number
the National
Citv Hank, who counted them, put them in tne jar and seaiea
lecial sales every week until guessing takes place.
them up. Si
$1.25, worth $2.00
The same shirt is often sold
in this market for $1.00.
Unlaundred Shirts, 38c, sold elsewhere for 50c. Fall 1890 Block Stiff and Soft
Hats received. All cash purchases of 50c, worth of goods, get a
ticket on the Coin Jar aftey this date.
In conjunction l'n 'h ERIE SYSTEM onerotM
Pl V Kt VHrtlbuliM Tnilm ! the sfnlxmnl ou
mar travel In tli must deKunr ami complete Pullman
Vrntllinled Traliin t er (iin.tnicw1 ana ne 1 .OO
to Buffalo ami NiagHra Kail. tl Flmr-claM anil l,00
Second-claw t - York. IA35 to AllialiT and Tniy.
and Hmt-clHM and 1100 Secocd-claM to Boston
'"fcdON KWl?AltaUSK OffKIW THE advantage.
lrirtailrd informal tm. t!cktt and iraerratlona IB
Pullman car. apply to r"r local ticket '"0I"
Lent -f alt ronnertlnc line ot railway, or to C
rrTy Ticket Offlcea. 107 Clark Street : G'"'
Hi'titACH - HU": DWb0rn ftMAUr
'""-"CHICAOO. --P-
II I CSLiy tla'nit Anency f -ar
All "A" Grade, and Warranted at
Get the Easy Lawn Mower, at
Nobby styles for young men.
Positively latest Fall Block.
Unlaundred Shirts, 1
50cts-, worth 75c.
"The Hatter."
For Threshers, Shellers -u
'o ratchets, wheels, chains,
gsaring. Circulars free. Don't you
know that the'Tryon firai- Weigher?
and Elevator are the best : .ie
Weigher all Iron and ste !
Sprocket Chain elevator
tached to any Separator. . : '
a Weigher, an Elevator.
out, be sure to send fo !
call upon the nianufactu
REED & CO., Ag
tt wife
Easily Altach'd to any Eic

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