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IPmly Ct m c« ♦1
W II E E L I N <>, V A .
JAMES 1 • WiTaUI :V I'
mm7~ ■"■■■ *■■■■■ —
Dailypai'er, (inadvance) *5,00
Tri-Weekly, * ** '
Weekly, * " *2,00!
■ *"**• ■ ■ -- 1. —. 1
THURSDAY.JUNE 11, lb«t. '
■ ■■i ... - --- 1
circus made their entry into our city yester
day in such style as to attract crowds when
ever they passed. Their splendid bandwag
on drawn by ten cream colored horses is a
sight in itself worth seeing, and then came
tin long cavalcade, ol wagons, liorsessiul men, j
almost an army tu ilsell. They perform n
ahrut disunite across the bridge in the tilth
waid. Tliey will give another eulertcmmetil!
to day aud that will be the last. We do not 1
ace how they can sustain their immense ex
pciiM's at 25 i la. admission.
The barque Thatus, (.‘apt. Merrill, from 1
Vera Cruz, arrived ut New Orleans on the ]
HOth ult.. N. brings dates from the city of Mex
ico to the 15th, and from Vera Cruz to the
20th ult. From the Picayune and Della of
the 31 at ult. we niuke up the following inter
esting summary of news:
We learn that the U. S. steamship Mfanis
* aippi arrived off Vera Cruz on the 18.li, bring
ing the intelligence of the glorious battles of
the 8th and 9lh inat., but very wisely the
news w as only communicated to a few Amer
icana in the city. The port was immediate
ly blockaded by the Mississippi and the Fal
Tint T. was boarded by tbe U. S. ship Fal
mouth and took a letter bag from her. The
brig St. Petersburg sailed on the I'Jth for New
V urk.
Orders lud been received by the American
citizens, fronts the city of Mexico, directing
them toUave Vera Cruz, by the 24th inst., or
retire into the interior. It was expected that
our Consul would go on board one of our ves
sels. On the 19th an American vessel «p
proHchcd the port and was immediately board
ed by our officers and forbidden to enter the ■
port. In the night, however, she succeeded .
in slipping into port. There were two A
inencan vessels in port when the T. left—th*
bark Louisiana and the brig Helen McLeod
which bad partially discharged their cargoes,
but under the order from the Minister Gejier-J
al ot \\ sr and Marine, a translation of which ,
wc give below. I hey would probably be seiz
ed. From nil we can gather the Government ^
is making the greatest exertions, straining ev- 1
ery nerve to carry on the war with the utmost |
vigor, and by the most arbitrary measures hud i
replenished the treasury.
The Castle, of San Juan dc Uloa. as onr last'
accounts state, was in a perfect state of de
leiue, and the oOiccf&iu command were con
fident of being able to repel an attuek. They
will shortly Have an opportunity of display
ing their skill in gunnery and furming an in
limate acquaintance with our nu\ul lorce._i«
The contractor of supplies for the Mexican!
squadron had born placed under arrest by the
The Mexicans were in high glee nt the va
nous gasconading despatches received from
the camp of Matarnoras, whir h spoke with the
utmost enthusiasm of the brilliant condition
of their army, and predicted die most magniii
cent triumphs over the American forces. Th ■
rupture of Col. Thornton's command was du
ly paraded in lliect luinnsof A7 Diario Official
as “a great triumph of the Mexican arms,
and t.ie particulars of tbe rapture of the par-1
ty who had ‘ entrenched themselves in the'
corral as they were pleased to term the rid-!
utg of our dragoons into the farm* r’senclosure
xvhere they were surrounded by such an over-1
whelming force; anil the names of the officers
****,'1 placed in the columns.
The attar It U|>onCapt. Walker’s little com
mand by the Mexicans under Don Rafael
Quintero, was sjjoken of as another glorious
triumph, in w inch r ight Texans were killed
and four taken prisoner*. Quintero was the
only man teauuded, my* the desjmtr h and hr
vtas shot with a rifle-hail i„ t|K. |eft Ulin. -phe
despatch says nothing about the number ot
Mexicans killed in the action.
On the 20th April, J. J. Schatzel. the A
merican Consul, and oilier American citizens,
piotestcd against their expulsion from Mata
inorni bv General Ampudia.aud their having
been ordered to pror red to Vi, Iona without
time being allowed them to settle thciradnir.
Arista replied under date of 28th April that
the proceeding was n »t against the h.w ol mi
tunica*alleged by them, and that he could
»0t remedy the decree, but they may have
he country m Tampico, and e/ve direction*
respecting tin ir property,
which had always been re*p.>< lt d.
[From Rl Locomotor of May 18th 1
Minis™ OK WAR AM, Mar ink.—
To the old injuries which the United S.ates
have fora number of years inflicted o„ the
Mexu-au nation, violating and treating with
contempt the treafle* xyfii<h united the tWu
He public*, they have recently added to the
invasion of the! department of IV xa*. Territo
ries of Nueva fe’on and Tamauiipus, by pen.
etratiiig with hi, arim-d force and in the pat
of their Government, a part of Upper Ulilor
ma, and to threaten with hr, ,.**•!* of war
Vera Crux, Matamoraa. Man I Ian. and other
ports ol both ocean*. tf* otherhand. th<!
preorme. of tl»e American army in front of
Matamoraa ,s s measure <rf hostility, «* t||f.r
te "'7' .I.. iow„ .j
blockaded the Braxus Nt. lag,,.
His Excellency the President pro. ten is
to dfeuTe il|,,,< rr ’'rW‘Kr*''' 1 *rr,*instances, i
to dictate all measure* «,| defence of
MMi territory, and tninprlfed by all t|„. (lf
gressmns ot * nation, whkli .ailed |«,4f
friendly, to take measure* ot security iu ,
formtly w ith the practice of <iri»W nation*
Iws decreed that in whatever js.rt ye -e|* 0j
Hie. United States shall appear, or might Up
pear, the function* of tf.e Consul* „r Vice
Uoitwdsof that nation *1.1.11 crate, and t|H cit
J/eus of that country shall be sent Irvenlyl
leagt.rs front the coast to tie interior within
}"■ apace of eight days, miles* they prefer
leaving (he country, xt.thont being'granted
•nv pn’f.'gation or rfelsy H? all.
n»e best interest ot the nation lo-inr con
perne<l m the fulfilment of this supn /n- or
dcr. I communicate it to your Excel leu .v r,. 1
lying on yenr acti. it . sod jiatriotism.
God ami Lib* rty, Mexico, May jy, |-|g <
■twijwimi n. mm. , .wa-g
'o the CmmwmWs ol the Division* Ku»i,
Nortli, an i to the O'lniioii tv 19 tieiifrnU ol ^
the Department. Victoria, Capital of the
Stale ol (0nrauli 1 1*.
I ha following communication \va« ad.Ires- ^
>**d by Govern,..- Juan M.irtiu de la Uiogtt y *
r'.orca. to fj*nt>nd Dm Pedro Ainpudia, un- 11
h’^latc ol Victoria, April 20:
“By your not.- o! the 12th of April, 1 notion V
liat in consequence ol th • pres nee of the A '
iieneuu annv on the let; side of th- Rio 1
Jnmd •, you have ordered the American Con- <
ml aud all the utiseiia ol the United States to
|>rocced forthwith to this city, andean onlv^
ivmrc you that they will be created with th>
:ousid«VHtiou corresponding with the noble 1
*nd generous sr mini. 11 to which lonu tlieMai- I,
lean character.**
According to (ien Ttl Arista’-, despatch, a,
vve see that the Mexican forces, w Inch crossed
the river, were 2000 infantry and 1200 »av
airy, with 12 piece*ot artillery; and General
Mejia remained at Motamor.es with 1007 in -n
mikI 12 pieces of artillery to defend the city,
should our troops attack it. Some reinforce
ments were afterwards received, which raised
the whole Mexican forces to 13000 men—
infantry aud KKft* cavalry,
losliow with what certainly the Mexicans
looked I04 vi. lory, we give an extract lrom a
communication lrom the commander ol the
corps ol cngin ri* to the Minister of War,
prior to tlie arrival ol Ainpudia:
The lorte ol the enemy was 5000 men, hut
at present lie baa at the umoal 4000 men, and
among them 250 artillery with 22 pieces ol
Hying artillery, the balance iulaiilry without
apiiit, without union among them, and with
out oily wish to tight. The uHirers ure good,
but even among them then: are many w ho
merely came Iktuusc their government ordered
it. ll 110 disturbance breaks om in the inte
rior they will capituLito in less than twenty
days or lie entirely destroyed. Our triumph
is Of rtain. and there is no danger of the ene
my's bring reinforced in time to save them
lrom destruction.
flic House of Representatives of Louisiana
|xiid a very handsome compliment to General
(iuiili'H rm ll,.- Ollili i.li I..- .. I....,:.... ,l._ C..I
--j -
low ing resolutions by acclamation:
Resolved by the Senate and House of Hop- •
resentative»«>f the State ol liOuisiaua iu Gell
eial Assembly convened, that the thanks ol
ibis Legislature are hereby tendered to Brevet
Major General Edmond Pendleton Guinns lor
the undaunted courage, Kilty heroism uiitl wis
dom that he has displayed iu hi* past military
carts*r iu conflicts with the enemies ol his 1
couutry, and particularly lor the deep forsiglu, i
pure itttriotism, unwearied activity and firm- ,
iv.ss that lie has constantly manilcsseda*Ma
jor General ot the U nitcd Slates Army, West
ern Division. ' i
Resolved, That Major General Gainfw rich- >
lv merits not only the high respect and ardvut ,
admiration of thin Legislature, but uUool ev
ery American heart for the w ise suggestion* r
be bus made, the comprehensive and states-,1'
ii.in like pilicy he has dev eloped; lor his uii- li
altering devotion to I he interests of his couu
ry, and the honor end glory of the national ,
lag throughout the course ol the difficultie* ’
it our Federal Government with Mexico. IU|
Resolved, That the unwearied attentions of hi
ieneral Gaines to relieve the wants ol and rr
aider comfortable our brave volunteers, tie- ,
erve not only the esteem ot them and their 11
li. nd*, but also every |aiiriot. i ''
Resolved, That the Governor be a/d he is re
tcretiy requested to deliver a copy of these ft
resolutions toG< ncral Games and also forward
I copy thereof to the President of the United'0
Stale* and the Secretary ol War.
Two steamboats arrived at New Orleans on p
•lie night of the 27th ult.. with the brave and i
tal la ill Kt ntui l.'un* comprising the Louisville
Legiou. j
PeKSACOkA.May 30. \
I lie l . S. I rigsIe Cumberland, bearing the
broad pennant ol Conimndont David Conner, l
nul Frigate Potomac, arrived here yesterday t
morning, 'lh *•• s ups have cuinu in lor sup- |
U.iesol watei and provision*. Left the brig)
Lawrence at ant hor at the mouth of the Ui^
del Norte. , t
The. New Orleans Courier ot the 2'Jth ult., -t
says— ,
A letter from Sun Antonia de TVxnrglre* a ,
deplorable account* of murder* and robberim i.
committed upon the people inhabiting the.'
western frontier of lexas, by the Cuui'jiit'lic*
aud Li pan*. Most of the ub'le. bodied men of I
tlie coloiiicu New Braunfels, Cu-troville and (
l/.ke <leuui having joined the army under,
Gen. I ay lor, the savages, profiting bv their i
absence, threw tlM'iiiat ivc* upon the oi l tn<-ii,|
women and children, burnt the house*, tin’|
crop* of corn, mutilated the dead bodies, vio-l
latcd the .women, and carried oil a number ol \
children iutu ala very. 1
Washington Union of Frid iy evening, con- '
tains the following information in connexion 1
with this subject, which would seem to im- J
p.y timt the war is bv no means mi mu I
Cm mustsncea have put it in ,,„r power. in ! t
tlip rnurac ot this day, to ascertain some in- "
t rtf Ming facto touching the Mate of the armv 1
Hid the plans ot the. cain)Niion. Will,nut C
lering into detail*, we m*y*Htalo, in t|„> »■„. «
• ral, our coiim ietition* belief, th it the Kxec- i 1
time M doing ilxdniy—doing cvtrv thing it ! <
call-—doing it w ill, every degree of energy by •
‘'1*1 an'* *»y sea —m or let to conduct the ore- ’
sent campaign to it* legilimite result lop
bring the e„e,„v |„ ferm*. um, |o C0|„ , #|, j I
immrable and permanent js-sce. Mexico is 1
little aware, even now—-even after the trem- ’
Cildous defeat* which she has sustained at IV 1
11 Alto and at Res*,,*, ,\e |a pi(|UlB> of |he f<v (
source* of our Irec republic, under the au*pi- 1
IT “ «!K> < <,,“l e,,erH'M*c adniinistra- *
H.n. I he whig opposition, who are in the *
in. Ml of reviling J«mr* K Polk, and of ridi ‘
ciilnig him for the alleged feebleness of hi*
administration; an perfectly ignorant of his!
i lmriM ter. lint wo do not assume t(to pen in *
r rder to praise him. His enemies, who are '
not vet turned from their error* hy ||,e torn* *
ictionnof the tost year, retf/Wnnip died to ’
ipprenate hia character and conC * heir in i‘
luatice. All that we have now Insav is that
die war will he conducted w ith mi energy mi ’ ‘
be part of the government, tvhich to vvorthv •’
d the ernlnnia-m of the people, ' , "
hen. Tax ior iMd. according In the lust nr- I
guilts, about KHXI troops under hi* raKb * — I
Hinidr ds and flmusen-l* of x-duntecS were *
; ;,7,,i,;,|'1:.. h*win**,,.«!»■*«« •
runt l ' ff * ' VV-,,f> ’ ' 'Tf f,h"U »'* * ' t
urpri‘. d u. to a, of |,iw reaching Monterey H- , i
to'ul loO milew from Mala,auJ tie-! !
fOM.rncmen.eni of the table land in a healthy I
region,at no disiant day. * f
OMINOt'S—'• Vl. ii.n .. ,ii n
... , ** x,<n w*ll conn,yep, oris
mint, longer, rht." TV*, were the closing 1*
word* of tin msaileMnof Par dea.Pr. iMdcnt j I1
.d tnuru, is*,, d fr t|,e National Palace! ?
\f>ril 23. "
• • Nil ■
»\»K THK TIUtS. 1
It is with great pleasure tlwt 1 notice in the
line* ot yesterday, a call upon the citizens ol
>tiio County, to assemble tor the purpose ol \
iscuasing the subject of Popular Education. »
Many Counties in Virginia have already ta
»'ti the subject under consideration, and acted
' ith reference to it in such a manner, as to j
,ive additional en< ouragcuient to every friend '
if his country , and especially every true citi> '
>-n ol Virgin! i; and we earnestly dwsirc that *
here in ry bo such a spirit manifested in this
bounty, in the advancement of so noble a cause <
is tluit ol the p ople’sedueation, that the high
st hopes ot it - friends may be realised.
The subject ul popular Education has cotne
lo b r> gilded with the impost interest by the
;r. at« St and best of men in all parties and
profession* in our land. The po-s-, in irfany
ivirts of our country, lias lent itaindispcnsahle
iid to the furtherance of this glorious cause;
Maim*, New Hampshire, Vermont, all the
N> w England Suites, New York and Ohio,
have systems ol public schools in successful I
operation, find many other States are wheeling ;
into ilie ranks—and shall \ irginiu, the noble,)
the magnanimous State, the State which com
mands the respect of all her sisters from Maine
to Texas, shall she come late lollte contest?—
i contest where upon one side, are found the*,
vicious, the ignorant, the superstitious, the
demagogue; while upon the other, in uncom
promising seal, stand the virtuous, the educa
ted. the Christian, the true smiled patriot.
Who, that liasever witnessed the successful
operation of a free school system, can doubt
hut that it is one of the surest supporters of
our free institutions? In ■ country like ours,
where tl»o pulpit, and th.» press arc uutramol
ed. where the poorest mid most ignorant man, ,
with u ballot in his hand, is in one sense as
strong as tlie rich and the learned; where
the demagogue may have influence and pow- J
cr, in proportion lo his talents nnd cunning—
how necessary, nay indispensable, is a public, '
free education. It is this kind of education
which the masses of Virginia should receive',
fis the free gift of tin* State; it would be in vain h
to attempt to euuuwrute the blessings of such ^
'*'?■ . 11
Nut many months ago I was visiting the free t
ichools of one of our sister States, and attend
'd the public examination of one of these F
cliools in an important town. j
There was one feature in the Exhibition, r
vhii h has nevi r failed to give me much plea- t
ure, and w hirh excited in my heart, the sum
hit warmth of gladness, and called into my 1 >
yc\s the dew of delight. It was, that in the h
xorc isos of the school, no stranger could tell 1
■orn intellectual and moral manifestations, !
id scarcely from bodily apparel, who were \\
ie high born and who were the low born; 8
•d w hen, alter having listened loan a linira-l
e exercise, from sonic* girl or boy in the high
studies of the sc hool, I was informed that j"
at was the daughter of a poor widow, and h,
at the son of a poor laborer, l could hardly ! Ill
fiaiu trom shouting out from the heaving >K
llncssnfmy heart, glorious! glorious'! Quel
ily know s the value of our public schools.' i,,
csl help usall more justly to appreciate them.j It
But how ure we to appreciate and value a »•
oo;l thing, unless wc are engaged in rendering' 1
t valuable to other*? j®
No man ever yet, became deeply interested ?
i a sublet witbo’it desiring ids lellow men f‘
j look (Sc. act upon it, in the sain.* light; if such , '
e ilie tact, we hope to lin I many at Trindel- H
liiu, on the 20th inst., wIiosj feelings and ac- t
ions shall entitle them to be enrolled as the ll
a»t and abiding friends of the State. . 1
Lc*t each friend of the cause exert himself v
0 secure a lull utteiuiuncc at tlie meeting— r
nd we have no doubt that when once there, I
il will b' interested exceedingly,nn.lcncour- J
g'd to pul forth renewed exertions, to send 11
he advantages of a practical cducutiou to tlio i
l<a»r of each man's dwelling throughout the
itate. i
W <• would humbly suggest tlic> proposition, I,
oestablisli town assoc nations throughout Ohio 11
oiuity—it would certainly be productive ol ,«
.r <it g‘h>d,liut whether advisable or not we'
xjy it to the Convention tcub-i idc. C. £
I tilts Un ia, June It), I84ri. (
. .. i'rom the. AVer York Sun.
, ^TKR » YUCATAN._Bv tha brig !
1 ":l" A f'r-wry, at Havana. six days from s£ 1
d, ". hav - revived M Ivi- esfrom .vlcridu. the ‘
upital ol iiicalnii. which reach to ll*»* lOtli 1
iltimo. We tr«Msl it.* a* follow-a:—The obi 1
*• gniuture (Assembly) has U-.cn disMilverl, 1.
ml a new and extraordinary Congress was in 1
ll was opened w ith the greatest so- J
•imiitv. hv Miuof-i It.rlte. i..... I
linted Governor ad interim, by the Assoml.lv ' l
nd Us M.u-e been elected Governor of Yu,*. . 1
?"• "Jr Conjjre.su. The names of the other
lovernment onicers are also givun. The first *
(VCMtoui of the new Congress was to settle \
he question of Independence. This being
one they proceeded to the inniingcrnenl and
eghlntiou of ull the other matters iieccsanry f
o the establishment of a new Government — 1 1
! P* '»»»•'« n»»c l*»*n ■ ni’oinied on a m>< ret
0 reign mission, via (hr. United Stulo,' Al- r
hough the Government did not openly declare. *
f.#t these officers were to visit Waadington |
or the purpose of inquiring into the*ie«B n,.. *
cssary to orocure animation, vet this is w. II ;
idow.r to be the object. The arep has found 1
,r«at favor with the people; although the mi- .
ton was Pin the United State* to somsotUr g
ouutrj , y«t it was well understood. I*
Mirror says that tiie number of C
"V • }• ranee, and particularly among ” *.
m. es is causing „o little Sensation. ft jH ! 1
a d to hive become quite a fashion. The1
•Utnes manage to conceal most „f the deaths \
1 la lies of station in * «ctety, but still you ■
atl> hear of some act ot the kind. MdHe I }
kngiisliiie, a favorite actress, nnlv Iwcntv
rars ol age. pm an e„ I to her existe,,. c. * a
im “""i *'T’ 1,*J aM ‘lo* hr « disap- f
mimiic.nl in luxe. ” •»
VOI/r.N I'KK.R F.S Kilo\| fRX \s _T m. ! "
I. U. IVaytin* of (he ‘Jitth say
A private tetter |ro,n Houston assures us 1
ja! lire requisition upon T*tas will be Ailed l!’
he volunteer* leave Ur lb* of war in '
...pies by flxaene, and in companies, .,s tl, v ! T
•t ready Dearie, the tegular quota a*ked! "
. fo n. I ay lor, seven mounted companies W
utly called out—five U, |K. Matinmd at !*
«n Antonia. one at New Br«uf«l< a cl one ,f
At mint—will l»e aperdily r<t| o ,, ,fl
Cl-oil Who was in the Kaufa F* ev'.-Hrt'!.? I *"
r ,Jm! }° Mi. r. who < a„ get m ,j„. „ ' J*
** gone down to t.«k( anothi r dial „» 1^
ui accomiicsidUmi'. I lu
I li
L'or respond nice. of tht American.
Washington, June 0.
The bill for the improvement of Pearl Ri
er came up this morning upon the question
i passage.
Sir. Speight of Miss, imdc a final defence
'1 the bill, and complained ol the hud treat
ment it had received froiu some Irieudsof the
Administration, or DemocraticSenators who
verc ready enough to vote for rivers audhur
►ors, but who appeared to show some spatial
pite. against his own bill.
Mf. Niles said his Democracy was not in
folvud in this bill, lie had voted tor no riv
rs or ha risers.
Mr. 1 layby of Ala. nske l if be was meant,
ind Mr. Speight said that lie was, it lie voted
tor rivers hii I harbors, whereupon same hard
ivurds passed between the Senator*. The bill
in the end was finally passed bva vote ol Did
to 18.
Resolution give. rise to tardier debate be
tween M -.srs. Johnson of La. McDnllie, At
chi son, \\ estcott and other*.
Mr Weatcott honed tl ml the Resolution
would be postponed until Tuesday; and the
molioH whs agreed to.
Hie bill lor the payment ol French Sjrolia
tions waa called up by Mr. Johns >n of Mary
dud, upon the questiono! theisi.-sigeo! thcbill
Mr. Colquil hoped the bill would not pass,
ind »|ioke at length in earnest opposition to
it.^ He argued that the tin inis ought not lobe
paid, and that the claimants had no good de*
aniid upon the Govcrnment[
Mr Ashley suid lie hud been instructed by
the Legislature ol his State to support the hill
old he regarded the instructions as binding.
He should therefore vote for the bill.
Mr Lewis of Ala. said that the hill had
been taken up with tin* understanding that
there should be no debate upon it.
Mr Clay toil said he. did not design to dis
’it's it, and he called upon the friends of the
bill to vote nml not speak.
Mr McDnllie spoke, regardless of the hint
>n his own side of the chamber, and the for
k*uranee on the other, spoke against the bill.
IIe.*-aid that the Government was under obli
gations to do no more than prosecute the
laiins against France. This Government
ivas under no obligations to pay the claims
Mr Clayton answered the objections hr
•rietly reciting authorities in luvorof the liclit
.1 tl. . .... i .: ...i .1.. :.. I r.
eatiinony <*t Mr. Mudiaoti, ns S crctarv of !
llute.and Mr. Jefferson os President.
Mr Sevier «ScMr Big!n r<*ffiiitlod themselves
' ttiinl by instructions and should tote for
he bill.
1 he question wan then taken upon the cn- ■
rossmeiit o| the bill, and it w.m ordered to
e engrossed by the following vole:
Y K.vs—M •s.->r.s. Arch. r, Ashley Bigby, Bar
>w, i> rri n, Tiiom is Clayton, John MClav- j
C »r w in, Critlcnd.ii, Davis, Day ton,1
lie ii, Houston, Hiiutin,*ton. Jarir.gin, John* j
J,i "I Aid, Johnson nt La, Miller, Moreland, I
dies. Pearce, S -viei Simmons, Sturgeon, Un
iin, YVestcott, Wood bridge—27.
N'avji—Messrs. Allen, Atchison, Atherton,
ree»e, Bright, Calhoun, Cass, Chalmers,Col
lit, Dickinson, Dix, Hay wood, Jcnness, Le
is, Ah Duilie, Manguin, Peuny hacker, Husk,
nigh I, Turney, Yufce—21.
A message was received Iroui the President
llu* U. S. covering all the corr.oq ion deuce : .
relation to the Kiglit of Search. Tlie r'port1
v olutniiiuus. '1 lie Senate ordered the print* I,
s ‘’I *lw usual number of copies. Mr. Cass'.
i\< d 5000 extra copies and Mid they could 1
1 cost moro than 25 cents each,
'l ie question of priuting extra copies was i
id ov.-r, uu l the S-a.ile on motion ot Mr.
*wis look up the Post Office Appropriation]
ill,—the am -ndmenl p**udiiig h ing a pr*mo
Uon to appropriate fcy>0,U0U lor u Magnetic
•legriph between Atlanta and Mobile. The
n n Imcul was discussed by Messrs, liny.
00 l, Dick* iivm, Johnson of Ls.. Jamegiii,
i.e* and others. Atr. Lwvisot Alu^ the uu
ior of tlie amendment, finally consented to
1 itlulr.iw it.
Mr. Niles of Conn, proposed €>25.000 for an
ppropi i j i ion to war Is a «*ontract lor carrying
1*; inuil in u ii *w liiiof war steamers to be
mil by Mr. Collin**, and designed t*i curry
lie mail between New York and Liverpool.
A debate arose upon this amendment, in
rlu. b it appeared that the S nate had struck
ut the appropriation for the steamers between
*ew York aud Bri'ineu. It was said that this
vns dona by acoident, and Mr. Simmons said
ie hud submitted the m*ition for the purpose
t having III*: subject brought forward in a
ie pa rule bill.
Mr. M.ingiirn gave notice that he should
i xt week as the Chairman of the Finance
-ominittee some questions relative to the Fi
lances the uiuouui ot inoii*‘y on Imud—the
iiiumit ex pended—amount accruing—expect*
d,&c. 6u\ 1
Alt. 1, wi* said h* would Is* in readiness to
turner the question, uud the Senate at 4 o ’
lock ixljournrd.
i h.* Bill for the settlement ot land claims
u Missouri anti other Stutrs was reported from
Ii • Committee on Private Land Claims with
merriments. The bill hud previously imisv**!
lie .Senate uud is reported back w iih amend*
Mr. l)a\ is of Ky. offered a resolution call
ng up* hi tl.e Iliads of the several Department*
o i * i lor in th«* House whether the stationery
ad been provided lor. and the nrintiny bad
«< u norm tiy contract in conformity to law.
lie resolution was not received.
Mr. Haralson ol Ga.,chairman of the Mili
»ry Committee, stated that two member* of
hat Commute,—-Mr. Yell of Arkansas, and
, r• Maker, ot Illinois,—had left tbe city for
lie purpose ol volunteering for the prosecution
the w ar with Mexico. A motion was made
0 excuse them, which was carried.
Mr. C. J. lugcrsoll asked leave to make a
••port from the. Commitlee on Foreign |{, |«.'
ions, wfucli was not agreed to, and the House I
•roccrded to the consideration of the Private
!,lh» V'hi<h /fflffdav acted Upon in
jpmmittec of the VVhole House. But one
•ill wa* passed.
.«lr. JohnsonofTenn. offered a Joint reaolu-1
l°n for the ad;ournmeiu of the two Houses of
ingress on the 20th ol July.
A motion w as mode to suspend the rules in 1
nler to act upon Ok- resolution, and the yea*
ud nay, were ordered, 1 he vote stood, \ ras
l. nays 8.1, not two thirds. J
A motion wa* then made to suspend the
i" s nj order (o adopt a resolution that the
ail) hour of meelmg should be ten o’clock
hisw^aa refused, m yea, At n*vs;bui twol
i » , T''’*“?• The House then de- 1
vate 77 "! U'n °’d0rk °n The j
w *M,.bea ‘•^n.tji, and a
w I mate bill, passed, when Hie Honm at
1 <*arly hour adjourned.
CI. WI ON -UV „nd,r. i
,M fc jh! S"1""' * cut. k.
i, b..,.itir.ii i
, „ . Cnillll,, ....lirMlnc
, >? •» I'W"
, month. 1
in* n.,
' "'"'•''"■"''k*oftST ™. .
an. H-isfc comiii-u'oroandn.' r t . !
the A rin ri. nit people, *„,| 0 j,,;' J’
*«»"<-d,;t uodistr,iid„v orHc-n vaud aiv .
*trr aoddcoitv >,» i» i, rs ri''" H,f' h
'«<//«•,Kkii kF' '' "''•ICImB.— ..
.... 1 L ■"
The resolution* ol inquiry which passed thr
U. S. Senate on Friday is us follow s:
Resolved, That the President be requested
to inform the Senate whether any officer of the
army, during the pu«t nr present year, ha*
called volunteers ot militia into the service
of the United States without legal authority:
and, if so, whut is number of said force, how
it has been organized, and whether officers of
the line or statf have been appointed contrary
to law; whether any and w hat measures have
been adopted by the President or the Depart
ment of War, or hiiv other authority under his
direction, in relation to such officers or troops
so called into service.
Revolved, further, Thai the President be
requested to famish the Senate wilt) any cor
respondence which may have taken place be
j tween the Secretary ot War and Major Gen
eral Scott, of the United States Army, upon
J ihe subject of his taking the, command of the
Army a! Occupation on the frontier ot Texas,
Ami with a copy of any letter or letters writ
ten by General Scott to General Taylor bv the
direction or with the knowledge of theSccreta
ry ot wur. And that the President be reques
ted further to inform the Senate whether any
order was at any time given by the President
or the Secretary of War lo General Scott to
proceed to the Rio Gruu le, or to take com
mand of the army, (and if so, to communi
cate a copy of that order;) and whether he bus
not been daily engaged in the discharge of his
indisgcnsuble duties'ut W.s linzton,under ti e
direction and hv the expressed wishes of the
Secretary of \\‘nr, utid how he has been en
gaged; whether General Scott has not tender
ed himself to the Department of War as reudj
and willing to take command of the army U
pros cute the War against Mexico, whcnevei
the President should require his service; ami
w hether lie ha* not ssked the commuml as due
j to him from hi* rank in the urmy.
Revolved farther, That the President be re
quested to luruish the Senate, with copies of
the correspondence between General Edmund
| P. Gaines and the Government liom the 1st
of Jim**, 1S4 V to the present tim™. on tliesnb
jeel of volunteer* 01 militia ordered to the
frontiers of Texas.
From the Buffalo Erprtn.
A gentleman attached to “Old Iron Sides,”
during her last cruise, has permitted us to
dip into hi* journal, which is as rich as Cal
houn's gold mi Tho following is peculi
arly fine.
Wo, pissed three week* in Malta waiting
for despatches. Various plans wen* devised
to kill time, an I u wor did it pis* so pleas
auilv away. Fishing, rowing, dinners, wine
suppers, & •. form ‘d our priocipi! ainu.v'tn *nt
and aa the harbor wa* filled with vessels of
all nations, un interchange of national cour
tesies wa* kept up until our anchor was weigh
cd, and “Old Iron Sides,’ was again before the
w ind.
At one of the entertalnm'nts given on
shore by the officer* of a I»:i Kh fugate, the
conversation turned upon rill** shin:ing.nud
it lead to an aniimted discussion in which
our officers took a |>art.
“1 have often heard, ’ said the command r
af tile Thunderer, “that you have fellows in
rour country called Kentuckians, whoure rec* j
konedgreat shots with the rifle.’.
“Yes, sir,” replied Lieutenant N. “the:r
ame is great in that Hue, which is to be easily
k counted lor. As soon as tliey are able to ‘
Imulder a rifle, they commence practising,!
ud in course of time they become excellent |
“They may be very clever, but l believe we. j
lave better shots on board our vessel.”
“1 do not belong to that section of the conn
try,” observed LicutimaiU N. “and have had
but little practice with the rifle; but if I mis
take not, we. have u Kentuckian in company,
" ho will stand up for his native State.”
Yes, on all occasions, said our purser, a
tall muscular descendant of one. of the first
settlers of the Slate.
“VVIwt *ty yon then, gentlem mi, to a shoot
ing match to-morrow morning?"
“Agreed, with all our hiarts.»’aaid the Yan
The next iiioruiii" the party met in a beau
tiful grove, and placed their target seventy
live yardsdis ant. I he English rifle is differ
ent tron1 he American; the birrel beingshor
ter and the stock heavier. Six picked men
from IIm Ihuudercr were on the ground all of
w hom fired. No one, however, “cut the pa
per, ’ (the size of a dollnr.) although several
of Inc* halls Wf*rc done lo it.
The shots were considered excellent bv the
English and trench oiliccrs present, and the
natives were greatly astonished at the profi
ep ney of , the riflemen. The commander of
the I hnnderer turning to the purser, said with
a Sintle:
•* "'hot d* you think of that? I take it.youdl
finu <i r.ifliruity to corn** up toil."
‘fYou may think so—but l consider it no
shooting at all,” said the Kentuckian .
“ \oiih nontre le haunt eAcrof,'said a French
olni er.
"Jj; uous montrui." said the Kentuckian.
*i lIV"11*' Knglixhinan smiling.
-I II bet a wine supper tor all hands,” said
the Kentuckian, “that I make three shots ev
ery one bettor than any one yet made, and
each succeeding shot la tter than the first.”
‘ 1 lu“? 11 “•’•.the Englishman,smiling.
I he Kentuckian slowly raised a rifle he
: ° rV., .iirra. ine paixrwas
cut; riK' wooilil tire was better than Ihe
Ijrst, and the third “boured the centre.” Noth
ing ton'd depict the surprise of all present,
the Englishman ac know led the ‘corn ’ and
sa.«l he was mtiafed. The Kentuckian en
joyed a hearty laugh, declaring it w» nothing
... ..
oL , Vi' '< l‘- l°‘"8 * from o,„
"ce,m-•» (
1.1 *, mT! '“ve ano,lK‘. ‘lum lo ,d,ow von
, » "l>» riilf, and «, c„,„ i,,.,.,
my hruKh friend that 1 am not iKxwting.”
'Ihe whole party stood silent, in a row, and '
the Kentuckian retreated ah *nt 40 yards. roa-1
king the distance front the tree tow here he
*tooJ, nearly one hundred and twenty yards !
Unit-ring a paper of the aim# *i»- of tin- other
o lx put m the place, he reloaded; drew his
•row brimmed heaver over his eyes, and after
taking Ins aim, blitz d away. !
‘ That was ratlier too low,” he said, "the
i» about an eighth of an inch below the
paper, the next time 111 bring it.”
On exarn.natlon the hail we. found precise-!
ten lie Mid it was. which inerraaed the
Mtomshment the remarkable shot had nrndu
VH ?'*,U with the exception of the
* .?*r . ’ wrre'‘'»"»^ to it.”
•Ib-lickwiU bring the persimmon,” mid
„*?}*}*• ** ^r,l—d *»• p**e* high up
»nd gradually lowered it ami fired. The jwner
Krrihi TJEl,l?d a!1’, UnH‘«K- ''•"not
tearril* .lie looks 0t t|»e foreigner, and i
Grtrali? 71,0 1
'ventixKiaj ,n number*.—That nui.i ik» I
»in.|lmved freely „t -OW AdSwaleV I
M* * party never met at Malta. '
— i
Hved the prize of $300 "
l.rbH.,- ik.rrlebmtedn prrse,, .,,^ y*" "
^xrjrr- c
,,MM ' ■ ..
T» the ilig|Vious five at War- a
r n, Trumbull co., in confirmed. We Imvc |
nol room lot lull paiticulars. The Cleveluud
IleraUl say*: ®
A friend who \rn» present at the terrible
conflagration in W arren on Mnnduy night, (
supposes the loss of pioperty must be home
fil25.000—aloes pro|>or(ioiiutely mon* severe
than the great Pittsburgh fire. Many of the j,
goods removed and piled in the public square ^
were either hunted or initch injured by wi- ^
ter. Tire town was destitute of an efficient jj
tire engine, or mucliof the loss might have bccu j
The utlliction of our neighbors is a severe, p
one. nnd calls on uator generous sympathy. j,
The Warren Chronicle says:
We cannot even guess the loss; but it must *j
b' severe indeed. Moat of the merchants' (
stock we believe, were insured; they were not
entirely burned, but at the time we write the
square is strewed with them, and much loss
must accrue from the coulusion incident to
their removal.
The calamity is an awful one to our town,
and will be very severely felt by veiy many,
of tie* sufTerers. In the excitement under
which we lubor, we can do no more than state
the vxUuit of the lavages, und leave details for c
, a calmer moment. ,
P. S. We learn that a journeyman tinner
named Frcdeiick Kane, perished in Mr. Jem
ison’s shop. (
From the Cincnnati Commercial.
Another Steamboat accident—Sixty j)tr~
xona scalded!—On Thursday of last Week, at
i Mutches, the Queen fary. p» Dugan, burst
her connection pipe/ instantly killing 12 or '
■14 persons; 10 or 12 more were so horribly
scalded (hat they could not survive the night
following. Sixty |>or!»oiix, iu all, were scald
ed; those not dead were taken to the hospital
ut Natchez. Our '.nlorinaiit, a passenger on
the Magnolia to Louisville, and tnoneo to this '
city on the Palestine, and who witnessed the (
scene, states lliat it was a dreadful und heart
rending sight; women screaming, men raving,
all in utter contusion and dismay among
groans of the wounded and dying.
No cabin passengers were injured; they
were transferred to the Louis Phiiip|>e, which
boot the Magnolia |>assed 40 miles above Vicks
burg. The Magnolia left Natchez at 8 o’cloek
on ihiirvday evening. The passengers *r«ld
...i: 11_i__ • • .. V, ...
. 1 m 1'ikin i |>u Vv«i I ft • |
Dugan had left Natchez, ami could not be \
found. A process for his arrest had been is
sued, but our informant could not learn that J
the accident was caused bv any fault of his.
lit* further states that Cupt, Dugan hod to make
his escape, to secure his safety, as the tier- r
mans In their trouble uud exnsparatiou en* ')
deuvored to kill him. *s
_ ti
ford's Commercial Journal mvs:—“The mar- j,,
ket is nearly or quite bare of pig lrud; and the I ,i
recent advunce in the Eastern markets, and ’ r
grant advance in freights from New Orleans, ••
from 300 to -100 p r cent., have iudured the »l
manufacturers of shot in Baltimore to advance r
their rates, which we now quote ns follows:
bu lead, balijc; drop shot, all sizes. 5J cash, '
and 5J six mos; buck do. ti.itii; and musket r
and ride balls, 7u j>er lq., cash.”—Bal. Sun. |•'
following is the official return of tininivra
tion to the port of New York during the
month of May : «
From Great Britain 11.MO
France 2.686
Bremen 1,211 '
Belgium 277
Hollo nd 177
Hamburg 150
Other Ports 430 I
--■■ n
Total 16,43* .
fhose fr„", France weo- chiefly Germans. I'
Alsmt 3000 more have arrived. which have *
not been entered at the CitMoin House. j •'
ker Burnell, Cashier of the Manufacturers and |«.
Mechanics Bank of Nantucket, Mass, has
been held to Uni,charged with embez/.ling the
sum ol 5120,000 from the hank uud converting
it to his own use.
1 lie war has fairly commenced: 30,000 of *
our country men have fallen by the hand of
the enemy during the |ta»t v«ur.
1 he Old missionary ol IYmperaiicc.
CApr. j. price,
of the Temperance Navy and
... .. , T. M. GALLY. 8
vv ? •rPHS ll‘e "heeiing subdivision of the ‘
Washingtonian army, in front of the Court .
nuse, ut b o clock ou Thursday evening, the .
th ilist.. Come fellow citizens let us put un ,
end to tinsgrevions war.
,, W P. WILSON, Prta.
1 • Hoaxbrook, Sec y,
In the t hangeftd nature of our climate, it
ue expected that we should at all times
and seasons, be the continual prey of Con
sumption, Liver Complaint. Coughs, Colds,
Asthma,and pains in the Cheat and Side.—
| Me are then wholly dependent on the power
of medical remedies to dri*-e away these ter
rible complaints. A faithfuluseof C. Urine- i
I ^rhofTs Health Restorative »ill eradicate the
1 most stubborn cose possible. The general a
gent has a caw now entirely cured, where
two months ago the faculty told the patient
to go home and die, as no earthly meauarould ,
prevent Ilia death. The agent presented him
w i'li two bottles of the Restorative: and told
him to use it; after tlie first bottle, l,e was re- 1
I raved and Iwgan to attend to his businera, '
an,I the tenth bottle entirely freed him from
every vestige of disease. *
CftT" Can Consumption he cured7 What '
I he,, ,f those tubercUa were healed ami the
«ba patient most net
1 /*.[• Mf; ao sirs Mr. Abernethr
‘™. r ' «•'-*"> O, llij-' I
Vorrale by JAMES BAKER. !
Wheeling, Va. 1
mBLKEpH.J2i,:’|}A|'-COAT5» 'KG. ,
Ijjf'lj J**"ft«* Woo||,*r^7veverevnrLj
X,IE'""'- •s"i" -^"rin! i *•
dll, r *"»*'"«. tU xi.ol objri tMUllo *U|
X. ,Z:z?r< ■:«*' ,*«-*-•<—»..... I
T. hTi'J.i''. irX"'
nil ! T "*7 mrthciitr at all. *, -~
• I onv,m ed n |)t, fcttrbm*, of the HUra- W
.ns pill, 8|j ^ lh#| ^ n
rf uin ,he wVn the prom m
tn*U- *»"'''JR- I
S l ftvAUBOVft UliMhTKU,
'/ Boats for the lout 24 hours. ending yester
day at-l o'clock, I*. M.
<ai»c Shelby - Cincinnati
olmnbia - Louisville
umbriu St Louis Pittsburgh
.iberuia Pittsburgh Cincinnati
imUon Bridgeport Pittsburgh
,1'sdia Pittsburgh Louisville
ullUtiid “ u
‘runkli.i - Grave Creek
V ilmmgtun Pittsburgh Pittsburgh
ahsuan “ Cincinnati
dipper N«>‘i Cincinnati Pittsburgh
V\ ater in the channel 6 ft 3 in—(ailing.
in the shade, at this ollice, yesterday.
8 *• in. 12 in. 5 p. rn.
71 degrees. 72. 70
Committee on Commerce for June.
J rand Consolidated Lottery, class No. 22,
drawn Sutnrdav.'June 6,1846.
72 8 39 49 31 l* 23 29 33 3 12
N. L. DORSEY, Agent.
M i W Ilk IdJS Wr.it,B Rome CliKKSK
k v/ " " If ol good qu«lil|. >ii,i rrrtivrtf
"«* »• r unit b/ S D WOODROW.
t- 11 N« 234 Main Sr.
LOj» 8<i*ir (.'„,rd IIAMH,
3oO tka dr<ed UKi>!K, rrca ivad
• ikI Muir ly t> I) WOODROW
jf 11 No 23S Man, Surat.
■£ ri H.IL8 Ite-ofl-.l WIIHKEy.;a.i|r^a vn4
by aie-rorr Sciu <>r amt for »•,!« , h.-.n ha
J- 11 SI) WOODROW. 234 Mam ai.
a y O.NNK I’ HOARDS—35 g7»aa Bon.VmB^rd®
9 J "i superior quality* received h?
j«- 11 J A 'I If JRNBROOK.
I)Ul(8r(iNr to ihe decree pronounced in Ih®
suit III Chancery on iha 17tU day of January
SI6.nl erein *
Villinm I' D.an is C-m/J'iinant,
nli'i (.i rhrial, Wi.ln m CidB i and others. are /)«*
llie fiber fT>>f Ohio enuuiy aeiing •• rommission*
r under k.id decree mil . ff-r for »*l* nl the fnmf
■sir .»/ die four) house »( said county ol Ohio, on
aiurdsy die 20 h day ol June 18lfi L Ha . uni.
err,I in« hundred ami six. one hundred and one,
'•** Inn drtd ami thirty riyhi. tine hundred nnd
<T'y seven mishit dred aid f*riv nine, nnd thirty
ao, (206) (101) (13*4) (I -17 j (119) (32) • niinlc in
ml pari «f M.dille Wlieclin*, (i|<in a pari of ih®
mI Wheeling) Ind- tf l.y Noah Zmis.Jihn faw
"ii mill oiliers. nr so mnny or such |>srls thereof, aa
mil lie itceesytry lo satisfy die drlu, if.lerrs! and
•si«. decreed the rnnaptainatii in die cm-e.
1 ■ HM!> — 11 n per ccni ol die pnrcl-ar® money
i fw paid hi Pa.h, nod iha residue dined in litre®
H'ml payments ol.ix, iweU®and eighteen maiith®
"m 'h® doy ol *nle, the purchaser or |■urrhasera
iv.nc bonds with goal security, bearing interest
oiu the day of sale
JOHN Q FOFF. D /or *
™"v 21 R C W OOD9. ROC.
Ttie sale nt the alaivn properly is postponed until
s'nrd iy the I - I day nf Angu-i, 1646 jun 11
I4 J* £ 9) BOX .-.8 Z incsville S.iap. 20 do F nn«
. T- " ' y 10 W,> K“* 20 F *»
< a k Za- tu Currants, f-r sal® hy
i'1*1* »» morrow* a wakkman.
I A I i u)K\ llKi tOK h > vt* re> e-« • I a d ar®
l o v lecriv.ng ilic laigrsl, l.p.i sud cheapest
*T Incnt of .Notinns sod Variety (end* they hav®
ver..tiered The Nticniion of Cou-.lry Merchants
eperia l> i< tubed In tins ns Ihry will find heller
nr.-*,ns there than can be had tn the ciiy. Call
I die Va leiy .lure mi Mmiroe hum js Jf)
| ^ o i: n r uni \ k trr \ \ i><- \ fc w apieodni
■ foiihtam Ink Stands w ill) Pn n;- ra, *f 9ari>
ns pm ern«, slli'nM® h.f e. Hilling houses Ac
A .on large an I pomp’®t® associNtcM of Fancy
- d (. uunori Stationary of all di-senpiiona,just r«s
i-ive.l nn J fur sale at reduced prices hy
rw I II l.s ((I I LI s— \ lir.f lot of Q nils r>f sus
lot t-eri .r manufacture and quality. Velio*®. Ou
»<|oe ..rid Ihno.ed from No* 10 I.. BO.ja.t *."« i*
cd and f.rsae at tedueeil pnris hy
_ Monro® Street, Wheel,nf.
.m adin.il,irtration h*y.„* heel, grained to tl,®
Ii.-..r, .er hy ,he Circuit Su^nm Court „f Lsw
ml Chancery Ot„ , C. uoly upon the a,..,. of
an.,,.1 Kgger . er eased. I«,e ,.f M,d c,
eram-a knowing ihemasdve® irnl.laed tosaid
re here* y n idled , ay the .an.s In d.e MiUert.
•r. ami nil |<eraon. having Haims sgoinsl aside®.
He are be;, hy ,,,, , ,e | ,***.„, Mwe ((> (|
uhscriber, du'y profvd ter settlement.
, ft , JA( OB BERGKR.
}1 Admntiairator.
A meeting of the Alumni and Friend* of
Y«alnngion College, will I* held on the 9th
d July, m ihis place, the object of which will
* to consult together in relerrmc to the pro«
erity, nnd increased rifiriency of (he instilu*
ion. Addrteses will be delivered by Mnttes
; "•■'wn n. ins, jv-qrs., Ot Fitta
ijrgh. All who are friencllj to the* object,
nether Alumni or others, are respectfully
ivited, earnestly urged to be present.
i»y order of the Committee.
June 6, l&Jfi. ’ u*
h'\.Mril SOAP ~1 ivsM mhUi
, y Nvnpl. s».tp. also F. „t t) Ofr«nl
nd,’("' ** * "r. je8 AOFAIRCHlLft
•''ANI KD— A yimng man whw
y CuM.H.,,,* Will be e,ycd si . lilor.l Z*.
> H Al.l X. Ill V,MAN'S
lard oil and lard lamfsT
m V Lf-* *bi« day • good (winmrM of L-rd
\ »>•* "f lerd I,,mp ,.t allkn.ita. a Inch Milt
m,!‘ 9r,y eheap for rath, for eal# hy
1W FANCY scivnefi cnoim.
.n rtfli rmimd i» rrior* my *i rh af Fanrr
»in m-r w.ikm,i rrg..,d fc, pndli. pr J.
mv f *»«**. f«o.rolarly
r nb-le*..le dr, „,imrnl | „ ,)| ,
?T"N "♦ -h I. !,
Real P.earkf>g,mfie, F rnrh J*ro.,*i, Freoclr
"i~ *... ‘■■-e—•
lv.'«rt:, aw .m
• MwIiim, ( „mhr-r«, T*rl»t«*ia, Hiripmt ami
Moplbia ( itoarn Mootin'. *e.
1,,*M la Si arf>, ll«»i*ry. Oluveeaed Cravat*.
llAO—lliumgf, ( am) Vr»urtg i. Sore •
Cloib* Mr A targe and boawuhil MnrR of
e. Ingnbrr with Linen Ordlmg*. Linen Cheek*.
Ae Ctll and get bargain* a* nor er id Mam
Malieon atrreta. W T SFI.HY
r R
burlaps. ■
9 inch heary linen burlap* for Wool Sack*
reined and for sah by
iJL tall a nt a Dslaplain
t T.t. MILLS j,I,I ft < cited by
MJ . OTT A (rfiKt.R.

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