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, IHstrtct Judge 171 Judicial
>i-ir,i .<• on ;> mm| of 1,,,* Angde* e»aint>\
>i it oi ii. it, February, May, Align*! an.l
No',cniii,.r. ...
a l >Hf|io ,'nla, Couiil.\ Jlldn\
' ..ii 'i.vi no .Kiiiln r, .1. li. Howard,
s lite '-.-ll ,tor, li. I). Wlr*ou.
MeM tiers tit Assembly, Tlio-. P, Mult ami
A.st Kill".
r hurt ft; Wm. v. Uowinnil; ruder Kherlir,
MIHTt l> JohlKlod; HcpillV shciill. I. M.
canity Clerk, a. w. ISM*; Oeuutiin, c. W.
:.onIU met s. .Mull.
oi«irlet Attorney, C. R. Thorn; AssUtiint, K.
M It •<>.
cwiiiit\ TrHMuirar,Tnoiiiiix K. |towan.
Nufierintenth at of Put.lie Mclionls, \\ lllluin
M< Padden.
I'jllitle Administrator, i ieorge l 'arson.
I'liunu Mllrveyor, X l.cc hi\reiir.
(' .inn,, IsMesnor, IK Btdlller.
i oroin i lusccli Kurt/..
Count.! H i o-.! nCMupen Ikotm Chairman, H.
Korxninn: ,\. i tiusii, r. Pnloiiiurcs, s. n.
I .i.well.
i■i rv oi'i n i:i>
Hayof, I It. liernian.
Marshal. I. Wolf-.
i reaaurcr, i hinge It. Butler.
Htornet .11. V llutton.
' Ik, M Kmner.
snr\. v .>• MUI In in Moore,
Health i Unc i , Or. Wise.
Klmill •i. Hem %>' I',1 ', Mcljiin.
Si liisil 'I r,t,ter.—l|. 0. Iliirow , President:
<■ i. i." south. Win. if, Work man, \\m. Prtrt
ti iii i, M. Kreuii'i
Hlihi liodgr No. I- -Meets first Moinlav In the
m i nth, at 7: in 1 M,
lloya I Arch 1..«U N0,91 HccouU Mond*) in
eiu'l month, a' : Jtl I. M.
Pent* Ipha txalgc No. '.n_* Third Motidii) In
'•..,•1. month, at tm P. it.
i'ln-lunci Pot tti M'lUitiiv lheach ruontlt
al T: m P. vt.
o. leKI. I.t.oWS.
Vngeltto Iftrige n i. nr, Mondays st fiM I. M
i, m Aii'-'.-i'-s i..ni. , No. 'fi Wednesdays, at
;: in V. M.
Hidden Bule lynige No. I«r Fridays, 7:m PJg
South Mm r'l»i'free l.oiltre, saeond and 'Fourth
Tue*da: -, at '■ I) P. M.
OrangeOiove Ki. ■ nupm in Klral and Third
I'liesdaVA, al 1:M P. M.
iiliv lai'inn ,in'ill No. :!l -Wednrsduvs, al
*i»P, M.
oonn trkplasm.
Merrill Ualgi N.i aw—Snfurda.vs,7::»l I. M.
LoaAafSHM Social Club—Thursdays, HUB P.M
Kaatem, Man Krsnrtaeo ami Northern ■Tele-
Kraph sint-e Line—Arrive al USUI I*. M.: close
lit I'J M. l.ctt "f* iiiien.tcti tor reglatr) mu«l
l>.- pr. -.-iite.l •> •(■•re II A. M.
sun Line s : m Diciru, An.-ilicini, f}til|a«
tIII, C tpiatroao. etc.- Arrives nt -1:110 I. \l.
(dunes at 7:ml A. M.
Soiitiu n Arlaonu—'rucson, Vuinn, Arizona
City, and V. Stations— Tri-W(ckl\ Sct
\ lei- Vrrives n lf,v. Weilnesihiy iindFi l
.I■ i\ nt 11. M. I .Monday, Wcdiicsdaj
Ullll Mattirdil) Mlfn .'loses at 7A. ,M.
Northern Arlsonn -Frenoutt, W|ekenbojuX nnd
SV.i-'siatlens !• in Wt'.'kly —Arrix i's .Moti
dti}' and T \r .•'!■«,• at >SM F. M: leaves Tucs
l' i "ul I' ' i, ul doses at HI. M.
i. Bf na. ii W v Sliithuis Man I lu
lu lei, Xl S line U|e, etc.: arrives at
cm I' M.J 1 • aj !•::.' A. M.
a'tlniiiigfou I Wm Ihitlonx Arrive-: nt
:.'" I. M..' -- i'.!i:tn A. M.
i ••'iiolf.ii'l.), . 1' iie: it'Havllali -\rrl\ 's
Man. i \, W ■ -tlaj i, ,| Frhta) at Haiti P.
I ; leave* > i•• in, Wi i'uesdnj gild rsulnr
d.i.\; '|o<ea a ! \l.
Honiej. ic and it lvi Mou '> Onler Olllee
I pell . -.in H: M ml ii>'l > . M.,e\eep| mi
MidUi'tl i>, Will illler. c|,i ut 8:110 P. M.
HtHtv Hi>ur> s;, a. M. to V "F. Al.
Hi k. W IIKNT. P. M.
HlSl ai IHH'.N F*MK!tT 1.. 1.45. P. K.K.
Vrrive ISiutirt.
ti i«> A. .M 111 iki A. Al.
i i P. M. [J i oo F. M.
I i,,. rviiove to rule ■• ■ i-i-j>t ,tv sof sleuni
nm*arrival and Ue|iurtam wU n trains will
i iei ,•• c ir i:h ti aiiii.f..
-I.Oil I.INI«
a ■ li.'part.
~ . ••'•>". ■<:'» •. m. c. m.
... I on' stain'" ":'»• c. m. i
-:.,i Hen »nil no hlne hwe. m. I::K»a. m.
Sail ISegoHlnge bin ■ l:imr. m. : !ii \. v.
i:r,' I C.loi keep line . tivana id llniurv
lieCitnga. No. 11l M illl >l;'' •'. I*f v •> lilork,
rtinmpHon .v flemon's aalooa.
*a fgis Augi'leM .•oiiiiti \> er known,
i. acgiMtwlfdigi*!! 'o 'to an y iiarudisr.
li ire we ii i pi i d >un. i 'cults rtpi'ii,
mul i) m i lilim.iii the year it .v . Itul cluei
ainoug Its innn> adVniilagN is enfii|i Ifvlrtg!
Mcl lull lid' le-'.till.llC,on Coll 11 liereal I street,
is the IS'HI. i n - trial'of th • nice Coll'ei-, Tea,
i'ciiih'rloin Steuk, I'.-csa und Itaneh Btit
t a, iii'.oes tiiat ll lii the best pliaf iv town.
S mile 11l -ill-, -"> e.•lll^.
ggT J*} < 11. ik.- wm lil si ill have been LOlvenl
had he held ue in-iieutl iii Wail street, cov
ered with "it- "i li -nioinl'sSllk Hats. A man
■>v i. refit* 'I nreilil. last w--t k. all over the
(not ; . i.ikiiien,i.used hy Kiinnly
nil* ii- I Ist in"c • inn Hat ut Desmond's,
I|S«||C lhe I' illicit Slutes 11 . lei. iv the i'llil
ine Block.
flic dratattk' section of the Tnrn
verein Germania have selected Itob
-I'-in- play of "Caste" as its next
i nvelty. This drama, when first pro
duce I to London, had a most cxtraor
tlioary ruiU tin only thing that has
id yt t marred the success of the dra
matic section i-- the natural want of
Hmoothtfess Incidental to the first rep.
i leiltatfon of any play, whether by
ao.incurs or professionals. What is
known as a dress rehearsal., some two
»r three nights I N fore the public repre
sentation, would greatly add to the
success of their exhibitions, and the
audience might lie selected hy means
of a limited number of private invi
The Chionhcr ol t'oimiici-ce.
The action of the Chamber of Com
merce, in insisting on separate mani
fests for thin port, is worthy of coni
im.nl Not only has I>is Angeles suf
feied hitherto "' inn beiMft included
among the way ports, but she has ac
tually beaadenied the credit of car
gocsshlrrped to ber. Hitherto, apathy
in pn vallotl in his whi< n the
vigor ot the measures now preparing
by the Chamber of Commerce will re
rQove. Foro ie person in fhe Kastern
state . who knows the relative business
importance of ~os Angeles, San Diego
and fiante Rarbara, there are twenty
persons who, through the energy of the
papers In the two latter towns, have
conceived a wrong idea of their size in
conipai I son with this city.
ihe union of our leading merchants
md lawyers enables them to insist on
the recognition of the importance of
'hiscity, where before tbey could but
The collating and forwarding of sjh
cit telegram* to Hail Francisco will bo
(Other Important feature In the mis-
U n of the new ('liamber. The diffu
i ,n in the Fast of the best iv forma
tion regarding Southern California
ve.ieisilly, and Lap Angeles especially,
'he Hkrai v regards as ii« own mb>
sion. From a•-k to week there will
be no pain> spared in the collection of
sin list ;ca I information tor business
men, .ud g 'neral news of Importance
10 intending immigrants. Vet the
1 1 ki Ai ii alone can BCCOmpllsfl but a
small ;"u t ion ot tlpit which ought to
hi nee irol'slnil. It requires the as
sistan,i i . 'nteresteo. With that
assistance, tie "krami will certainly
«lo much towards the grand work of
i I \>t! up Southern California, nnd
making il Uossora and bloom under
I aad i.'ll : usbaiidinnil.
«i half-tat :ye last evening lhe
nh )iiii was running, but either
: lie iiore exf ushe an
incs are down in an-
Otill I j
I.oral Brevities.
Tlie Lawlor Institute, conducted hy
I'rof. Lawlor, receives till pupils.
J. Ij. Ward A Co. scud out a prairie
schooner, on Friday, for the Wallapai
The high reputation of the schools
of the Sisters of Charity needs no en
Governor Downey has relumed
fi>m San Francisco and lhe Judicial
Cell vent ion.
'Dr. Franklin has removed his of
liJ' l<» Spring street, adjoining the
Kligine House.
The most excellent tigs in Southern
California are those in Ihe court-yard
of Col. Warner.
Col. Warner has a large quantity of
grapes, of a superior qua , which he
will sell very cheap.
St. Vincent's College has th- 'en or
fourteen boarders, although the My
attendance is quite large.
Omnibuses are all the go. The Latin
alas* at the High School can all parse
and conjugate OHfriWtfa ritlrn .
The Hkkai.k has the paper and type,
required by the Co le, and is fully pre
pared to do Flection printing.
Passengers for San Francisco hy the
Orizaba leave the depot at 8 o;cloek
to-day. Mote the change in time.
The advertisement* In another col
umn, pertaining to education, are ma
terial evidence of the mental wealth in
our midst.
Charles Prager is now iv Sail Fran
eisc. , purchasing stock for his new
store. Tin work of rebuilding is going
on rapidly.
Kid ij and Varan Smith will move,
short \ , from 1 uinicrcial street to the
immniodious pre nlses lately occupied
hy .1 H. Wright
The Pacific resumes her old place on
the Coast hue of steamers. The Mo
hongo is to be put on the Honolulu
line, to replace the Costa Hica.
The number of persons opposite this
office were not looking for a balloon.
They Were admiring the new sign of
the Hi:i<Ai.l>Steain Printing House."
David W. C. Nesfleld, well knwon
to the people of .Los Angeles, has laid
aside his former duties, and assumed
tin Editorial position on the HKKAnIh
The freight-clerk of the 1,. A. «x S.
P. It. 11. expects, to-day. seven or
eight teams of exports for this place,
which ate on the way from Sah ller
A reporter of the London Time* is
now this country, writing tip the big
fairs. If be is at all posted, he will not
fail to put in an appearance here iv
Miss Lindley, daughter of Judge
IJlld ley. Is teaching the classes of Pro
fessor Lucky, while he is absent at his
old home. San Jose. He will soon re
turn, bringing his family with him.
Quite a number of the horses taken
from Vasqticz have been claimed and
restored. The sheriff of Monterey
county t<MiU away several, and others
have been identitlcd by parlies from
The beautiful poem, "A Sen-shore
Evening," on the first page, is from
the pen of D. M. Berry, recently from
Indianapolis. It Is hoped that many
literary productions from the same
source will appear in the Hf.KAMi.
Believers in " harniontftl nhilmtt
nhjf 1 ' will have an opportunity of at
tending a three-days' Grove Meeting,
to he held shortly at San Bernardino.
The S|iiiitiialists hi that town are quite
numerous. r Dtrr notice of tin flute
will be given.
Tut: Ye.M KiPPoit, or Day of Atone
ment,'commenced on Tuesday even
ing at sunset, and lasted until the close
of the foiljaing day. The twenty-four
hours are spent in praying, penitence
for past errors, and hearty resolves for
fuiure amendment.
A beautiful wool-work picture of
F.lijith raising to life the widow's child,
is on view iv Ponet's window. The
word picture can seldom be applied to
needle-work; in this instance, how
ever, t he coloring of the robes, ami the
flesh tints of the child, arc exquisite.
The artbt is Mrs. Jacob Strclitz.
Without the faintest prejudice either
for or against the several able candi
dates forthe various judicial appoint
inetits, it is impossible not to regard
with au -ye of interest the success of
so able a brother journalist as .1. J.
Ayers. "Hi ids of a feather flock to
gether," md a good bird is the jay.
Francis 1). Clark, of New York city,
writes tin HKKALP that be will soon
publish (Ye new "Roll of Survivors
of Stevcnsm's Regiment," and is de
sirous of niitaii ing a complete list of
tlicsurviv that command. The
names If ~• t rvlvors residing iv this
Vicinity or, le left at the Hkkai.H
oflice. '
Tweh" >■ i s of freight were dispatch
ed this in ruing to Wilmington for
stcuyne cuishfcing of bullion, wine,
Wool, co n Heal wheat, barley, honey,
wax, cfrn md hides. Owing to the
several delays of steamers the freight
bouse I as hen ■lied, and goods con
stant!; eon ing .in; hut freight is at
prese.nl oil fie i eve.
Fourteen wis ilf brca arc daily sent
into town from M tjor Hancock's ranch.
Urea scl's a,,|j n i m,|. Thin industry
gives reguhu eni] Jovment to f our „",.
Aye teams. T1,,. approach of the rainy
season creat s a g real demand for the
ar it le. Kot r fiirL m ces arc kept con
stantly goint, dul-and night, to cook
the brea whlt.„ m .hipped to San Fran
cisco. \ "
Mr, !k 'Ut,ij v reports that lhe arte
sian yeJtM now down to a depth of
■bill feet, .l.i Band pump was tempo
rarily stuck, „,| j ( was hoped it would
lie released i j„ working order to
day. Mr. lh|, i .rv expects to strike
water somen | between 600 and
IftHMi feet, ML » u-cess attend his en
terprise and cl |,j s efforts!
Specially w" „ ~. the Manager of
the Theatre u»\, , w hom the private
boxes are let. , | H impossible for
strangers iv fit,, , giving dramatic
performances, llow | v . character
ot persons apjh ; for boxes, hut a
Ihtle assistant-! ( ) ,|„. proprietor of
the Theatre *1,, r ,.inetlv what al
ways has I. 11 ~. , (> h.,able nuisance,
and a great va** non-success to de
serving artiste-
The thennoi, Jt ~n i nvitU \ 0 f t\ ie
Hkkaijj Mill M )t tlie plan of the
jMUithsoniaii J. lf t „te. Mr. Brwhick
ban kindly <-oti s , t „ kt>o p it. If
there is any one ra „ tM | j„ taking nie
teorohgical .1 -.. r lt jJ mH they will be
gladly recetvisl , « ( | H om( -. t , The
aumunt of | A.„, be etirefully
iiublisbed from tht rujn-giitigc kept by
by Mr. J)ucomm u(1 7
There is no flrij, , ht . town w |,| t .j,
morefum appi' Alu beuetlts of
advertising ltia, »; |)0(1>! . k Uml
Ibe rapid gr V\ S • , ilu . ir |, Uf ,incss is
only anothel y. 'i 4 { if | ie benefits de
rived from , yertisTiig good stock.
Advertising y litos inspection, and
good materii !s Ibtnin und keep cus
tomers. Tl a h I , a | lv and courlc-s
outside ot busiii illations, |s sue),
as to train tliem 1 ~\ friends
The heavens yesier.la.v showetl all
gppearaiH'e of rain.
The social ball given at the ruin
Verein Hall last night Was a grand suc
Messrs. Perry, Woodworth & Co. arc
in receipt of a large cargo of pine lum
ber from Puget Sound.
An Important meeting of the Oranges
was held at Gallatin yesterday, and
business of importance transacted.
The new Lafayette Hotel begins to
show what it is to be, and adds great
ly to the appearance of Main street.
Yesterday morning large wagon
loads of grape*came into the city, but
they found a slow market at oheM fR
A large two-story frame building is
in course of const ruction opposite the
depot, which adds much more io the
business appekrahc* of that locality.
There was no quorum at (he Cham
ber of Commerce last evening. The
meeting adjourned until Saturday
next at 7.811, when tin Interesting re
port from Governor Downey will be
The removal of the C/o/i/Vo to the
premises of the Hkkai.h, has enabled
the proprietors of the Ksprena lo ex
tend their room. The !■',.>• pi tfx now
occifpics the additional space vacated
by M. Teodoli.
Last night the Hkuai.o office was
tilled with friends who came to sec the
new press work. After a few days,
when the office has becoincsystcliiatiz
ed, and been put in working order, a
general invitation will be extended to
The union of Mr. Henry Hazard to
Miss Carrie (teller, lakes place this ev
ening tit >> I*. Mi at the Church of our
Savior, Mission Man Gabriel. A large
number of invitations has been is
sued, anil the nuptial festivities will
be uuusaljlv brilliant.
It would ne ungrateful not to not le -
nt th»' first issue of the HRHAI<n the
receipt of subscriptions from F.I Monte.
The confidence displayed in the new
journal by the remittance of ten year
ly subscriptions for the daily before it
has appeared, is most encouraging to its
editors. To the energy and friendship
of Mr. Qutfin, is due the credit of
the lii-1 blood from the country.
A San Diego paper reports an Ima
ginary sale of real estate here, some
thing about a corner lot for a dollar,
adding, that business is looking up in
this branch, This style of milk-and
water Wit docs not hurt Los Augeles,
hill it cannot benefit San Diego. Sta
tistics will shortly be published in this
paper, showing ihe relative imports
anil exports of bos Angeles anil the
towns on the coast.
St. Vixcknt's Com,nor: is well
worth ii visit, if only for the sake of
the view of the city ami surrounding
country. On one side of the College,
(»range nurseries, orchards, vineyards
anil corn plantations form a harmo
nious prospective; on another, the nu
tutnnal brown of the hills stretches
away into tlie far distance, while from
the front the most accurate idea of the
beauty of the City of the Angels can
be obtained. Altera hard day's work
with the boys, the balcony up-stairs
must be indeed a pleasant place to rest.
A man, whose term of imprison
ment had expired, was turned out of
jail this week. He begged hard to re
main, and offered to pay rent lor his
cell, lie said he was an anchorite, and
Intetwied to anchor right where he was.
His tears ami entreaties were fruitless,
and the pitile- s locks were opened to
lot him loose. He started down street
"•id struck a noisy crowd near the
Post-office, succeeded in constructing
some irregular proboscidian cubes and
variegated oval ellpsea on the frontal
bones of the disputants; injured the
anterior lens of a bystander's eye, and
cured a third of opthalmia by gouging
out the entire organ of vision. He
was carried back to Clancy's hotel iv
triumph, returned to his old < put iters,
and wants to find the man who dare
dispute his right, as an American citi
zen, to live where he likes.
A Merited Tribute.
To say that the play <>t' Hamlet, at
tin- Merced Theatre, was well put on
the singe would he hut the faintest of
praise, and ft positive injustice to the
recipient of the hciietil, Samuel \V.
IMcrcy. The audleuce was composed
of the elite of the city, and the theatre
was packed with the most appreciative
audience ever gathered wifhih its
« alls.
Of the personation of Hamlet I».v
Mr. IMcrcy, too much cannot be said
in praise. Iv voice, gesture, attitude,
physique, intonation and enunciation,
lie seemed the reality of Shakspeare's
master-conception, his sublimes! tra
gedy, Without rant or extravagant
display of power, with a correctness of
rendition seldom realized by one so
recently brought before a critical au
dience," and with an cane of modera
tion remarkable for its precision, the
beneficiary carried his audience Into
the full spirit of tbe play, and was
greeted with rapturous applause, be
ing thrice called before the curtain,
and the recipient of numerous floral
tributes from the ladies in the audito
rium. His scenes with the Ghost,
the "Closet Scene," and his semblance
of madness, were among the best wit
nessed in California, while tbe Soli li
quics, in his bands, were tbe best of
evidences <at ins ppjwessloai of the true
conception of the author's meaning,
and the talent to give them utterance
in a manner satisfactory to both him
self and his hearers. The Queen, of
Madame Durct, was a fine piece of net -
ing, comparing very favorably with
the impersonation of Charlotte ('ash
man. Mrs. Wallers, and others of
equal fame. The Ghost was very
creditably given by Mr. Harrows,
whose voice, however, is not so well
suited for sepulchral utterances as
might have been wished. In Laertes
Mr. It. did himself much credit, and
merited the hearty applause he re
ceived. Mr. H. S. MeKiniiey. who
kindly volunteered as Horatio, made
a most favorable impression. A little
more distinction and a little less ra
pidity of utterance would have added
much to his impersonation; but it is
but just to say that his efforts were far
better appreciated than those of some
of the regular members of the com
pany. Mrs. F.ddv, also a volunteer,
added much to the attraction of tbe
play, by her line presence and a happy
rendition of tbe part entrusted to her.
Miss Lipsis, as Ophelia, made a de
cided hit in the mad scene, and the
datldy, Osrlek, was simply in her
hand)*, comedy personified. We can
not close this report without brief men
tion [of tbe "first uctor." If he was
trying lo create the impression that
he was a windmill in the last stage of
hUiacy, or a descendant of Taurus, bel
lowing and pawing, he certainly suc
ceeded; he should go to a wood-yard
lo practice.
'faking it all in all, uo play has
given such satisfaction as was ex
pressed on this (occasion, anil no actor
lias so well deserved the ovation ten
dered to Mr. PhVcv.
Friday even hi,
(<ly night, on
" Honeyniuoin "
w ill he a grand Coui
ivhich occasion i li**
v ill be presented.
The t*r<i<lfii*t« uu.l t'arloriew «»t I,«m
Under this heading the Hkkai.d will
contain, at frequent intervals, descrip
tions of the varhais industries of the
Southern Coast. Every known louiee
of profitable labor will be looked into,
in order to give Eastern people gener
ally, and intending immigrant- spe
cially, a correct idea of the resources
aud capabilities of the district. In DO
case will these notices he written as an
advertisement for the parties who con
duct the several industries, and they
will appear, whether those persons pa
tronise the Hkkai.d or not, for the hen
etis of those who read this paper at a
distance. The Hkuai.h will send a re
porter, free of expense, ou receipt of a
request from any one engaged in man
ufacturing or producing any article iv
this section of country. With the re
iteration of the fact that iv no case are
these art icles in tended as puffs or ad
vert iscinents, the lirst industry de
scribed will be
THK WouI.KKN Mil.l,
of Messrs. Sacriste and Eliot, The
mill is a two-story brick building, sol
idly constructed, and built for its pres
ent purpose. 'JTlie water-power attached
to the mill is capable of raising the
water tin feet. Adjoining ate the out
buildings for washing, scouring and
dyeing the wool. The carding ma
chines arc from the Ann of lirodrupp
* Co., Cleveland, Ohio, and the looms
from Kurher & Davis and Jcnks & Sons.
The finishing machinery was Imported
from Wilder & Co., New York. The
mill has been running since tlie lirst of
June. It consumes 400 pounds of wool
daily, purchased from different parties.
The interest is essentially a home one,
inasmuch as the entire products of the
mill are consumed in Los Angeles,
where the goods are all disjKtsed of.
More machinery tor blanketing will
be added to the mill during the pres
ent month. The various processes of
scouring, dyeing, pickering, carding,
spinning, weaving, fulling, spearing,
napping, pressing, etc., may be seen
daily in operation at the mill.
The collars oi" M. Keller mo siluatoil
on Alanicila strccl. This house made
last year 2">(»,IKHI gallons of wine, ami
has a stock of about 4ini,inni gallons on
hand. The larger collar is about HHI
feet, ami the smaller about IMI feet in
length, anil both am well adapted for
the ripening and improving of wine.
The two vineyards are resjiectively
known as the Los Angeles and Rising
Sun vineyards, and the one contains
UO, the other 2"> acres. The house man
ufactures White and Red native wines,
Pari wine, Angelica, Xl Dorado, Sher
ry, Madeira, Muscatel and Brandy,
ami ships every year to San Francisco
quantities of oranges, lemons, foreign
grapes, citrons, limes, walnuts, etc.
was established in lKtiM by Kalishcr &
Co., and though temporarily stomas!
from the other Interests of its owners,
has every facility for carrying on the
business. The tannery consists of 14
sats or pits iv the yard, ami 111 vats in
side. The yard is capable of tanning
a little over l,oOfl hides yearly, f. p.,
about :I,:>iki sides. The work lately done
there consisted of tin- tanning of goat,
sheep and calf-skins, and the prepara
tion of morocco leather. In connec
tion with the tannery are facilities for
pulling, drying and fpressing wools.
Bark is very plentiful, ami the busi
ness a,paying one. The cultivation of
the property of Mr. Prudent lleaudry,
is another useful and profitable indus
try. The Bellevue Terrace has been
planted with orange, lemon and orna
mental trees. The various tracts, com
prising some 'MiS lots, are gradually
being sold on the instalment system,
and tbe operations, though slow, and
bearing no interest, are as satisfactory
to the buyer as to the seller. Allusion
is made to this amongst the Industries,
inasmuch as the constant beautifying
and cultivation of land, whether pub
lic or private property, cannot fail to
hi' a source of prosperity sooner or
and the second one, also, erected in
Los Angeles, was put up by Perry &
Woodworth. The firm manufactures
sashes, blinds, doors, mouldings, ami
everything necessary for house-build
ing. They came here in 1858, and
moved to their present establishment
iv 1572. They keep on hand from one
to two million feet of lumber, pine and
redwood, The machinery is run by a
12-1 ©me power engine. The boiler is
20-horee power. The machinery is
manufactured principally by Kay &
Rogers, and consists of circular, gig
and upright splitting saws, simpers,
turning lathes, morticing and tenoning
machines, with full sash and blind ma
chinery. Rails run through the entire
yard, connecting it with the depot.
that ol' .1. ii. Jackson contains all kinds
of lumlier for building purposes. The
business of the linn averaged, during
the past year, S7o,iKH» to $106,000.
The yard measures 200x2")0 feet, and
the railroad track runs through it.
The stock of lumber generally en
band is from 500,000 to 1,000,000 feet.
Tbey employ from fifteen to twenty
men when receiving lumber. They
ship lumber throughout the country,
to Arizona and Cerro (iordo, and sup
ply the Anaheim ami Los Nietos dis
tricts. Tbey also have mills in Men
docino county, which are capable of
working over "iil,ooo feet of lumber per
(iltll I'ITH, LYNCH a CO.,
started prior to April, 1870, as general
lumber dealers. Kroin that time up to
the present, tbe growth of their busi
ness has warranted them in also Meet
ing a large planing mill. Tbey prepare
all kind* nf lumber for buHdtng par*
poses, mainly to supply the home de
mand. The yard is W Mixtion feet, and is
constantly well filled.
the following information is due: Mr.
Liclttciibergcrdivides with Mr. (toiler,
Mr. Hosier and others, tin? honor of
making the best buggies, wagons and
Other vehicles, He says that the ad
vantage which I/»s Angeles carriage
factories have over San Krancisco and
the Eastern States are, firstly, that the
dry climate is more favorable to the
seasoning id' wood, and that uo Im
ported wagons will stand the effects of
this climate. Every country has its
own peculiarities, and iv this country
higher wheels and broader tin s are a
necessity. A different brake is also re
quired to that on Eastern wagons, iv
order to suit mountain and sandy
mails. Higher prices are paid here to
mechanics in this line, consequently
the best men come here to work. The
best proof of the excellency of the
work here is that the Coast Line Stage
Company send jobs from Santa Clara
to 1/is Augeles, while the Telegraph
Lilie forwards coaches to he repaired
from the other side of Bakcrsficld.
turn out 4tt tons a week of wheaten
Hour, corn meal, ground barley, horse
feed, rye flour, and cracked com. The
machinery and appointments are very
perfect, and the proprietors have lately
replaced the oltl overshot wheel for
merly in use, by a new Turbine wheel,
at a cost of Sl.niio.
The Day of Atonement
Amongst the members of the.Jewish
faith commences on the tenth day of
the seventh month or Tix/iiri. With
this day ends the season of penance.
The authority for the fast is the scrip
tural command in the Idiw "on the
tenth day of the seventh month, Is the
day of atonement; it -bull be to you a
day of holy convocation; and ye shall
atriict your souls (by fasting). Ye shall
do no work on that same day; for it Is a
day of atonement, ou which you shall
be pardoned before the Eternal, your
During the existence of the Temple
in Jerusalem, the High Priest entered
the Holy of Holies ou this one day
only. The whole nation fasted aud
prayed, ami the priests were continu
ously engaged ill their ministrations.
The ceremonies conclude en the even
ing of the lentil day with the assur
ance of the Rabbi to his flock ",//r are
purr," and they return home happy.
The celebration of the day of atone
ment this year commenced on Tues
day last at sundown, and lasted till
Wednesday at the same hour. For
the first time our Jewish citizens cele
brated this day in their new syna
gogue, and the sacred ceremonies were
participated in by a large and earnest
Tlie following is the substance of
the Rev. Mr. Kdelman's discourse:
He compared the sinfulness of the
present day with the falling away id'
their forefathers in Israel, and showed
liow of old they made atonement for
their sins. After showing tbat the end
of sin was death, and that atonement
and repentance was more than ever
necessary iv these days he said: "For
there are those among us in Israel who
sin greatly, there are those who vio
late their obillgatioiuj openly, ami
even some who are ashamed of the very
name of Israelite." The preacher
went on by wondering at the mercy
and long suffering of Hod, and com
menting on (lie unlitness of mens'
condition to deserve His love The
wicked love of money and of pleasure
destroyed the temple twice. The same
lusts and passions were ripe among us
now, and how should they hope for
more mercy when they were no better
but even worse than their forefathers.
Speaking of the presumption of sin
ners be said: "it is vain to flatter
ourselves or to nurse an idle vision of
security. A day of wrath will come,
when having forsaken Hini, we shall
find tbat He has forsaken us. With
out renunciation of self ami a linn
spirit of abnegation it is vain to hope
for blessings or salvation. To some
the day of atonement is a great ami
holy day. After lhe New Year rejoic
ings arc over they bow their heads
iv sorrow for sin, humbly pray for
forgiveness ami rely firmly on Uods
mercy. To others it is a mere empty
form, a lip worship and a useless cere*
Uiony, for their insincerity prevents
their acceptance."
The Rabbi next related an example
of a father and his son who were mak
ing a sea voyage. For several days
all was calm and favorable, but al
length a mighty wind arose and Un
ship began to be iv great danger.
Return to land was impossible, aud
tlie father betook himself to player.
Conditionally with his safety he vow
ed to thai a large sum oi money.
The storm instead of abating increas
ed, and several times the father re
newed his prayers each time vowing a
larger sum ot money until the total
vow amounted to all he jiossesetl. His
son Interposing cried out "If you give
all we have, what shall we have to
live upon?" Hush! said the father
whisking to bis son, "I only make
vows to get home safe, when we are
all right we can make some other ar
rangement." "This, said the Rabbi,
was an example efhypoorlay prevalent
even in these days. Thus was it with
insincere Israelites. They promised
to abjure their sins and recommitted
them. Could they thus obtain pardon?
Qod washing sintering and slow, but
would this patience endure for ever.
If their lives were stained with un
cleanuess and impurity, how would
they appear before (iod without atone
ment and repentance."
He concluded by urging them to ex
amine tneiroonsoiencesaiaisee If tbey
were pure. If during the last year
they had been obedient it was their
duty to return thanks; if, however,
they had been disobedient they should
confess to Almighty Cod and humbly
pray for forgiveness. Through truth
and' brotherly love tbey siiould
earnestly strive to attain to the bright
life without ending; for the Lord had
said "I will be as the dew unto Israel
and his beauty shall grow as the lily."
In that day tlie I*»rd will lie king over
the whole earth; 111 that day we shall
all be one. A turn.
The prevailing color of the ladies'
toilettes was white, whilst many of
the gentlemen of the congregation
wore white silk scarfs around their
shoulders. At the conclusion of the
sermon a Psalm was sung autiphou
aliy by a choir of children and the
The loiiowina I» the list*of Kx|xst* In the
I><■ 1,<.1I,<.l of lhe 1..- Alludes mul s. I*. li. It.
hwhlUbm shipment :
Hops, hides IS Wine, kegs I
niiin.ui, burs urn inanity, bat*. ■
Hurley,sticks it' Corn Meal, sacks... IS
Nuts.'ruses 11l I tried 11 nil, Micks... N
Itmum, munm ik*.'listing*, pmmu 1
, i.isliirlH'aiis, s»ek- '•!
Houthccji lti*>frift \;i i. iolui al fair.
Tho tout Herri District Agricultural
Association, witli the progressive en
ergy which has characterized it from
its foundation, offer*, this year, over
$7,008 in cash premiums. The report
states, also, that tiberftl tpevktl pre
inhims will he awarded for all worthy
articles exhibited, not mentioned in
the schedule. The greater portion of
the arrangement is left to the untiring
energy of George Butler, while the
interior mechanism is skillfully con
ducted by the secretary, Major It. C.
Truman. Nothing will be omitted to
make the meeting in every way a
greater triumph than even that of last
year, and all that perfect arrangement,
thought, practical and scientific know
ledge can do, will furnish the mate
rials of success.
Tlw improvements this year are as
various as needful. The speed park,
the inside practice track, the stables,
stalls, ami water supply, are not to be
beaten iv the State. The affairs of the
Society are on a most sound basis.
Only at the last meeting, a note for
$10,m0, held by the bank, was re
deemed and destroyed. Shade Irees are
being planted everywhere, and there
seems to be no doubt that the Presi
dent's wish may be realized, and (as
he said in his aide address a year ago),
thai we may "in time expect to bave
a Horal hall, fountains, lawns and
flower gardens, perhaps a hotel, and
make it the attractive place of South
ern California. It will be a place where
you will take your friend, or the
stranger who visits our shores, to
show him the capabilities of our
climate; where you will take your
family for recreation; where the" in
valid may stop to drink in our pure
air and lieu It h; where he can al
most hear the surf of the Pacific as it
curls ovef the sand or booms against
the rocks; where he can feel the fresh,
cooling breeze, almost Spray, that
comes from it to temper the noonday
heat; where, by casting bis eyes in a
seim-circlefaround him, be can feast
them on the ever-changing panorama
of our mountain views—sec the peaks
of the Sierra Madre, snow-capped half
the year—while he is surrounded by
perpetual verdure, by the fragrance
anil bloom of the orange and lemon;
where the geranium, rose, jasmine
and all the flowers are In perpetual
bloom; and the mocking-bird will de
light his ear by his ever-varying
The Fair commences on the 10th of
November, and lasts until the evening
of the loth. Entries close on Satur
day next, positively.
Lecture ol'Br. Fitltcrsou oil Irrigation.
At a considerable expense, the
Hkkalh secured a phonographic re
port of the excellent Lecture on Irriga
tion delivered by l>r. Patterson. This
learned divine lias traveled iv all parts
of the east, and hag kepi bis eyes o|K'ii
to the country through which he
passed. His lecture gives the people
of Southern California the benefit of
his observations; it is full of many
useful hints, both to the scientific and
unscientific irrigator. The llkrai.li
is peculiarly fortunate in being able
to oiler so interesting and so Import
ant) an article in its fust issue. Tbe
lecture will bu published also in the
Wkkki.y UiiiiAi.n. Persons desiring
copies may leave the names at the
llKitAi.n office at any lime.
The Bernid Advert Ist
The Hkkaiti, with a feeling of just
pride and self-gratulation, calls the at
tention of its readers to its advertis
ing columns. Seldom, iv the history
of journal ism, has a new enterprise
like this met with such prompt and
generous support. In these columns
are represented the foremost men of
the city -the enterprising, the ener
getic; those who patronize at the oiit
send every enterprise promising to
build up the city and their interests.
Every effort will be made that, in thus
placing their confidence, they may
not be disappointed, and that they
may meet a titting reward iv their in
creased business.
Tourists nt the Library.
The following named visitors were
rcgestered at the Library during the
month of Septeinlier, and received the
Librarian's Card: Mr. and .Mrs. A.
O. Bristol, Racine, Wisconsin; L. H.
Thomas and Lady, Cincinnati, Ohio;
Win. H. Hardy, Arizona; C. H. l ii
hani, Shawano," Wisconsin; Albeit P.
Burton, Indianaitolls, Ind.; George A.
Quiinby, Grand Rapids, Michigan;
James L Bunnell, Ban Francisco; E.
Haiiscr, Tcctunseh, Mich.; A. H. Law
rence, San Francisco; 1. Nash, San
Diego; Frank Gruisham, Chicago; J.
Lord, Leniington, Maine; Frank H.
Lathrtipj New York; Michael Clune,
Connecticut; D. M. Reify, Indianapo
lis, Ind.; N. 0. Council, Arizona; Jas.
B. Lankcrshini, Boston, Mass.; H.
Cornier, San Francisco; A. F- Hinch
knan, San Diego; Ceo. F. Haswell;
Dubuque; Iowa; Isaac Mast, Morgan
town, Perm.; John P.. Bryant, Edw'lll
Wallace, Anaheini, Cal. '
Pro Hocsk. —Sam'l Martin, tJtiin
cv, 111.; .loliti Arringtoii, Los Verdago;
John Cassidy, Oskland; (1. F. Tren
witli, Austin Mines; A. P. Austin and
wife. Austin Mines; C. P. Taggart,
Aft P. Mi S. S. Co., Sun Diego.
Bkli.a I'nion.— A. .lacoby, Los Nie
tos; E. S. Rolmrts, Sun Gabriel mines;
J. fe Ryan, San Pedro; J. M. Mum,
Arizona; Perry Dryer, San Diego! I.
F. Turner, La Piienta; Francis Val
ilc/., James Valder. Elizabeth Lake;
John A. Fryer, C. C. Fryer, Spadra.
Cnitkh (States. M. c. Bailey,
Mrs. R. Parker, A. M. Bolan, Charles
llartir, Anaheini; Joseph Alesauder,
Haki-rslield; A. L. Stiidnidge(ialhtt iv.
The Dance at the Turn vcrclu.
"There was a sound of revelry by
night,' and Los Angeles' "chivalry
had gathered there;" Don Plo Pico,An
dreas Pico, Antonio Conmel, Albert
.Johnson, Thornton Gates, G. K. Card,
Francisco Yntlart, W. R. Rowland,
and ethers, fhtrnverehi .Hull was
crowded with "fflir women and brave
men, and all went icei rv ass Marriage
bell." Many thanks will he priven the
originators of tin* dam c, and all will
be pleased to learn tbat it is but the
ptTCUrw<Hf of others.
The Uev. Dr. Htirmoii PffMMeat of
Washington College, Alameda Co.,
acknowledges the rat i i of uHkkai.H
pros|Kvtus, thus: "1 thank you for
the pronpectUM of the l.*>« Augeles
ID.HALO. It is la-rfeetly splendid. I
endorse every word of it. It gives ul
teraiiee to sentiments that I have long
ciitesHiineil. llegard rue as a suh-
Hcritler. lam confident that the Hkh
ai.i> will find :i nsMponslveeoad In mo
rn thousand heart* in t •aHfnroia." So
mote it he.
County Onirl Hon y. skpim.vkiia, .1.
i let,,tier I—David Lewis vs. David Anderson.
('outliiiicii until Ucdny.
Hivara vs. Pelanconi. BmW given to file
nmcuUcd answer.
Lehman vs. Taylor. Decree of foreclosure
Solelo vs. < 'liavs. Finding* flled nnd Inter
loculory decree entered.
Adjoin tied until ill A. M. to-day.
Cii.v Court-Hon. .1. It.Tobkhman, Mayor.
October I There were only four cases begire
the Mayor yesterday, to answer the charges of
drunk and disorderly. Although the assess
ments were small, they were committed flir
want of dueuts I meet the inoderntedeinand,
and woe thrust Lack into jail, to issue thence
in the chain-gang.
Loa ASOEI.ES, Oetolier 1, IHT.'I j
ORAIK—The demand for Wheat Ih active,
nnd the receipts small. White Wheat In quoted
al it th VMM ftis. I 'orn and Barley, SI 25.
BEANS— Rial Hayoii are steady at 1% ami
White attic * IK
HI'TTEH- The market is active and the de
mand k<sml for Roll at ST%c V It..
i '11KKSK -< 'holee Factory, I.V<«l7e, according
to tiualltv; Swiss, ff7%c * lt>.
FI.OCR-Bnker's Extra, *8; Superfine, #>
r t.i.l. Urahum Sl. and Muck wheal |. r ip am »..
WOOL-Kail clip, illY y
HIDES- Dry, 18c ¥»«. Sheep-skins, bailie
OIL*- Unseed, raw and hulled, M 25; Fish
0i1,7.">2; Neat's Foot, I 'ustor mid Sim-no, gl 7i
f gallon.
PROVISIONS- Bacon, 14c; Sugar-cured, 17e;
Hams, sugar-cured, Hie; plain, iSe; lArd, 12V..c:
llried Heel', Lie p It..
POI'LTRY - Market dull, with small sale*.
Chickens, W dog., *.Vn<f«; iHicka, SUfailH; Tui
keys, H If', ■<»! o>esc, y pair, $3.
Xl il JS —Scarce and In demand al lac >< do*.
HI'fI.DIXIi MATEItIAI.S—FIuster, r bbl,
««: Mine, S2 2V«2 at); Plastering Hair, H ft,
antic; liiilhs. 1' M, tfli; Kough merchantable
Kcdwood and Oregon Pine, tfifi- Rough clear
surfaced, and T. A O. Oregon Flue Flooring,
St."); Hustle, gnO; Weuther-boardhig, MO; Shin
gles, *»i; shakes, li&tUgggj Pickets, rough mer
chanUiblc, ggs; do surf, $45; Redwood poals,
each, Sjks.
Kent t:«late TrMiiHMctteM*.
Deeds tiled for record, October I, Wf* Re
ported by .ludsou A Oillette:
Henry S. Highton to John Curry. Fndivld
cd '~ of lhilichos I'nsode liartoioaiul San Ha
faei. No consideration expressed.
.1. R. Dunkt 'Iberger to P.M. Scolt. I»t on
<llh street, 0.07 chains by IS leet H inches; |S5.
B. li. Wilson toS. P. It. K. Co. Strip of land
lmixi.HiKi feet, on located Hue of road through
Sections 111 and 11, Tp. I south, range 12 west;
si Ml.
F. P. F. Temple to s. p. R. R. Co. Strip of
laud l(Hlxl,SINI feet on the located line of mad
through aeetlon l">, township I south, range 12
west; It,
Three mortgage* hied.
trains will run as follows, leaving
WILMINOTON—7:4S A. M. and 1 P. M.
I.US ANUELES—IO A. Mi nnd 4 I*. M.
Except nn days of steamers' arrival and de
pnrtnro, when truins will run to connect Willi
Passengers for Han Francisco und Han Hlego
will leave Lo* Angeles by Hie 10 A. M. train,
connecting at Wilmington with tlie Compa
ny's sleauier.
First-class passenger cars will run regu
No Charge lor Storage to HercliaoU In
tlie Country.
JOHN Mll.NF.lt. Agent fit Lns Angeles,
oem K.E. HF.WITT, Supt.
Hamburg. Bremen and Stetten
Mail Steamship Companies.
the above Mull Steamship Companies
for the Southern Coast, I am prepared to fur
of those lines of stenniejs,
To and from Europe,
to New York anil Han Francisco at the lowest
rates. Also give Ml »NKY POST Al. ORDERS
to all purls of
tJcriunii.V.Nwllzcrlniid. Aiwtrla. France
F.nglaud. NHCilea. Jtnrway
and Ih'iuimrk.
Which will be delivered to the receiver free of
charge, al their respective houses, lv any part
of Kurope.
Also, gives OR AFTs on any part of Europe,
in sums to suit.
Collections made in any Part of
Fur particulars, apply to
11. FLEIHHMAN, Bella Union store,
(H'L'lClp Agent hi 1/is Angeles.
& Orizaba *^E&
For Soma Barbara. Nan Fedro. Aaa>
heiin Diu.iliu »■■ I Nhii Diego.
fjfnm, Stm I Irrlre*NiHi\l**ivrs San ArrtmtHin
Fntitcixfti. MoVo. j htlrt). Ihwikn
Oct :jjOet a (kit S »x>t 10
Oct la let 17 Oct 20 Oct 22
Oct IJlOet 2»lNov 1 Nov 3
i a- 'mi,-! HtOnt 14|0ct l«
Oct il|« let !MtM ail Oct 2«
The Moln.ugo will call, also, lit Sail Simeon
mid San Lais Obispo, hut hikes uo freight tor
San slnieon.
For San IMego and ull wuv ports, carrying
OIL'S, ACII IS, PIiWOKR, etc., mil allowed to
he carried ou passenger steamers, will leu to
Sau Francisco October 'iOlh.
Freight mi oils, losan Pedro, an cents per
Cal ling at Sun IMego, Man/.uuillo, and Ac.i
Sieunu rs leave San Francisco October 4th
and I sin.
FoR chin a AND japan.
Steamers leavesan Francisco on the Ist find
Int Ii of every week.
Through Bills of hading signed, nnd thrudgh
tickets sold to ull ports on tin-Sun Diego route
to New York, Europe, Mexico and Month
America, at San Francisco taritl rate*.
To New York, cubit] *10»»
To New York, steerage aO
To Sun Francisco, caliin It
To Sun Francisco, steerage t
I'lthln plans at agent's oflice. For passage
apply to If. Mi I,KI.LAN,
«*•:! Agent for Los Aug. les CounSJ
Los Angeles Woolen Mill
STOK 10.
All Wool Cassimeres.
Tweed*. Flannel*. Blanket*, etc.
All our goods nn- Pt'RK WtS)L, and wnr
iiioiit us represented. Consumers can
Save 25 to 33 per cent.
by hnving dltvcl from us. STORE AT THK.
'WHITE HOUSE," corner of l/is Angeles
and Commercial street*. is-atf-Hp
J. 11. S U MUCKS, M. I). I'll. V. lIKINKKMAJw-'
i'CRK>r llßl'USan.l PATENT
ot'uVtVP **" Prescript ban carefully nfV"
pou ,J and Right. oe'MuU 1
In the t:\cluslvc4oiiiniKsio" Moune lo
no to i»r i lerytklng *o« Mi mm*.

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