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TUESDAY IAN, 6,1874.
At Harris & Jacoby's (-'ash Store
Freeh Garden, Grafs and Alfalfa seed.
The orange crop la moving pretty
Judge O'MelVeny took his sent yes
terday as judge of the County Court.
Passengers from San Francisco, l»y
the steamer Pacific, will arrive in this
city on this morning's train.
There are several hail loud holes in
town that need tilling. Will the City
Council give them attention?.
A pair of curls have been found on
the sidewalk and left at, this office.
The owner can have them by calling
for them.
Two teams left the depot yesterday,
one to San Bernardino, consigned to
to W. MoT)., and one to Cucainonga
to J. L. L
All the public schools of this city
will re-open on Monday, Jan. 12th,
except the School which will
open on Tuesday, Jan. 18th,
Mr. Wilson who advertised for a
gold buckle which he had lost was
happily rewarded by having it re
turned*. One of Mr. Pitpuy's employees
found it.
The receipts of bullion at tlie depot
yesterday were quite heavy, footing
Up 1,000 bars, or over forty tons. A
part of this came in on Sunday, but
was included in the amount received
Col. J. G. Howard and H. T. Haz
ard have joined In a law partnership,
and A. A. Wilson and P. \V. Dooner
have done the same.
Another of those "red clay" cross
walks that friend Messmer referred to
in his communication the other day
has been constructed, this time be
tween the Herald office ami Temple
Passengers for San Francisco by
the steamer Pacific, will leave this
city on the three o'clock train on
Thursday afternoon, Instead of Satur
day, as advertised.
Mrs. Irene Hunter, of San Bernar
dino; a lady who has been abandoned
by her husband, after he hail incum
bered her home, and reduced her
nearly to destitution is stopping at the
Clarendon, and seeking assistance.
Calrin Fletcher, Esq., a wealthy and
influential citizen of Indianapolis,
who has been looking around tho
country for some time, has returned
to his headqiiartes at the Pico House
well satisfied with the appearance of
things. It is quite likely that he will
Mr. (i. W. Morgan, the agent of the
Los Angeles Fruit Association, in
forms us that the company has sold
every alternate lot in their tract to a
gentleman of means, who intends
taking immediate steps for their im
provement and settlement. He says
that it is his intention to have a fam
ily on every lot, before the expiration
of another year. Those who are look
ing for houses would do well to exam
ine this trici.
Newspaper-men are sometimes ac
cused of being liars, and to have too
little regard for truth, &c, but a more
noble array of truth-telling "typos"
than were 'present at one of our city
courts yesterday afternoon, never
graced a court-room, and, it seems to
us, suffices to prove that, so far as Los
Angeles newspaper-men are concerned
such slanderous accusations are en
tirely without foundation. Each and
every one of them told the truth, and
swore to it.
In compliance with the importuni
ties of his many friends, Mr. Morris
has at last cut up his splendid vine
yard into lots to suit purchasers. Lo
cate*! on Main street near the city, it is
one of tlie best places for business men
to purchase homesteads. The lots ex
tend from Main through to Charity
street; the ground is high and dry
with no fear of frost. Street cars will
soon be running in front of the tract,
the vineyard is in full bearing, ami
produces'the best grapes in the city;
the orange trees are laden with tine
fruit, and the Sicily lemon trees are in
full bearing. The tract will be sold in
wholeor in part to suit purchasers.
The first of the Winter season
Monthly Sunday Evening Concerts by
the Fort street M. E. Church Sabbath
School, was held on Sunday evening
last, and was attended by such a large
number of people as to till the Church
to its utmost capacity. The exercises
consisted of music by the Church
choir, and chorus of children, read
ings, recitations, etc., and were highly
pleasing throughout. Some of the
recitations, especially that of petite
Helen Widney, eliciting "audible
smiles" from the audience. These
Sunday evening concerts, besides ex
hibiting the advancement and profi
ciency of the Sunday School pupils,
serve to give our people a pleasing and
at the same time a moral entertain
ment, drawiug to them many who sel
dom attend church on any other occa
sion, and who thus may be led to in
terest themselves more in religious af
fairs. We hope to see them inaugura
ted in connection with the other Sab
bath Schools of the city.
The Races To-day.
The management of the New Year's
Kace Meeting announce an attractive
programme to-day, the first thing on
the list being the Ladies' Phsetourace.
Several of our fair horse-women have
signified their intention of participa
ting, and from the character of the
teams they drive, and their known
ability in handling the reins, there
will doubtless be an exciting contest.
Following at 2 p. M., the Hurdle race,
a mile dash over four hurdles, takes
place. The meeting winds up with a
trotting match, three in five, to har
ness, for a purse of $100; $75 to first
horse and $25 to the second, free to all
horses that have never beaten three
The [Races Yesterday.
There was a pretty fair attendance at
the Park yesterday, the most of those
present being sporting men.
The first race—a single dash of a
mile—between Bay Jim, Sultan, and
Bally, was won by Bay Jim, in 1:57.
The second race was a trotting
match, two in three, and was won by
Gen. Rose's black mare, (Beautiful
Belle, Enterprise taking the second
The crowd though not a large one,
was full of spirit and considerable
money changed hands. The pro
gramme to-day as noted in another
place, is an attractive one, and ourclt
izens cannot do better than pay the
Park a visit. The Ladies' Phieton race
for which there are three entries, und
the Hurdle race, four entries, are the
great attractions, and will draw a
crowd of people.
The skating rink is already becom
ing a favorite resort of our mirth
loving people. Mr. Glray informs us
that hereafter, ladies will be admitted
/rec during the afternoons, and have
the use of skates which is a Very liber
al arrangement on his part. Last
night there were present, skating a
number of beaux and belles, and
belles waiting for beaux, who proba
bly arrived as soon as business hours
were over. /V "Skating Carnival" in
masque would be a jolly tiling to hold
before the season is over. It would be
"*o funny," you know.
The Spanish Bandits at Kingston.
The Visalia Delta of January Ist
gives the following particulars of the
late robbery at Kingston, a brief ac
count of which we hud by telegraph:
On Friday evening last, between the
hours of 7 and 8 o'clock, the notorious
outlaw Vasquez and his band of some
twelve or fifteen men, entered the
quiet little village of Kingston, Fres
no county, and robbed the* entire town
of all valuables they could convenient
ly take with them. They entered
town by the bridge on the north side,
leaving their horses in charge of ono
of their number, near the bridge, so
that their approach might be as quiet
as possible. On crossing the bridge
they met a man on foot, who was im
mediately gagged and tied by them
before he could give any alarm. Leav
ing him, they passed on to the hotel,
where they met Douglas of this place,
and Gilroy, who were at supper. Vas
quez was immediately recognized by
these gentlemen. Gilroy made some
resistance by striking the robber with
his chair. After snapping a cap at
him the robber felled him to the Hoor,
striking him with the pistol. Both
men were then tied. They took from
Douglas some coin and a valuable
watch —one that was highly prized, it
having belonged to his deceased father.
Gilroy was taken to the store of Jacob
& Einstein for the purpose of opening
tke safe; each one in the store was tied
down, their watches taken, and their
pockets rifled of coin. From this
place the robbers entered the store of
Sweet & Co., again tying each one and
taking what they could get. They
tied Sweet standing up, and then or
dered him to fall on his face. Sweet
begged not to be treated so roughly,
but they showed no mercy. When
Sweet was getting down one of tlie
robbers tried to take a ring from his
finger, hut S. begged for it, telling
him it was a present from his wife; so
the robbers left it. The amount of
booty by this time was $430 from the
hotel, $800 from Jacob Einstein and
$60 from Sweet & Co., together with
many watches and other valuables,
which will amount to several thou
sand dollars.
While the robbers were in and
around the store of Sweet & Co., Sulli
van and another gentleman at the ho
tel, hearing the robbers at their work,
got a small reinforcement and made an
attack upon them, firing some forty
shots, and beyond all doubt wounding
some of the desperadoes, as various
places on the bridge were found to be
bloody after their retreat. When the
tiring commenced upon the marauders
their leader gave orders to retreat,
which they hastily did. Crossing the
bridge, they mounted their horses and
rode off These gentlemen deserve
great credit for the manner in which
they acted, und which perhaps saved
much valuable property by causing a
hasty retreat of the desperadoes.
As soon as daylight began to uawn,
various parties started in pursuit,
many going from Visalia. Alter fol
lowing the robbers some miles, they
came upon a Spaniard who claimed to
belong to a sheep camp near by, but
when taken there could not be identi
fied. His stories were so conflicting
that he was taken to Kingston and
identified as one of the party. He
finally confessed, stating that he was
left behind to take care of two wound
ed men and bury them if they died.
He would not tell where the wounded
men were, and as yet they have not
been found. This desperado was taken
by the officers to jail at Fresno, to
await the action of the grand jury.
Reports are continually reaching us
of the doings of these desperadoes. Al
most every herder and sheep man on
their line of march has suffered more
or less.
Report of the County Physician.
To the Honorable Board of Super
visors of Los Angeles County, Cali
fornia, Gentlemen :
1 herewith submit my quarterly report of
the Loa Angeles County Hospital, for tlie
year 1873, ending Dee. SIS
Number el' patients In the Hospital under
treatment at dale of last report 28
NCMHKK ok admissions Dcanra qcahtku.
For the month of October 28
•' '• November iii
" " December 19
Total number admitted tti
For the month of October 22
" November 16
" " December 19
Total number discharged S
For October 1
" November 1
" December 4
Total number of deaths ti
The mortality list exhibits deaths from—
l'hthlsis 2
Fffeets of dram drinking 2
Paralysis 1
Pleuro pneumonia 1
Total number of deaths from all diseases-
Number remaining" In th" Hospllal under
treatment at close of the fourth quarter,
ending Dec. 11, 1873 29
K. D. WIBK, M. D„
Physician in Charge.
Dos Anoki.es, Dec. 31,1873.
Stage Arrivals and Departures—Jan. 5.
Arrivals—A C Lawrence, A A Kra
cow, T E Berrier.
Departures—H S Bushman, W A
Howard, S Bushee, A Phillips, Han
cock Johnson.
Arrivals—L A Steele, A R Briggs,
W C Barron.
Departures—Mr Sepulveda, Mr. An
drews, C X Kennedy.
Arrivals—Mrs Hunter and son, F
Dent, M Wolf, C White, Mr Ellis.
Departures—Mrs Shiers, J Logan,
Mr McKee, J Martin, Mr Gamble.
Departures—M Stlebol, G Mills, G
Ventura Items.
Mr Sewell, of the Santa Paula, is
putting out 12,000 gum trees.
Several of our sheep men contem
plate moving to New Mexico. Land
is too high here to range sheep over.
A Los Angeles man is In tho white
oak flat looking at land with the view
of erecting a commodious hotel for the
accommodation of invalids.
One day last week a man named
Dodson, of Santa Paula, stabbed a
man whose name we did not learn, in
juring him severely. Constable O'-
Hara is after the criminal.—[Signal.
Late Telegrams.
Washington, Jan. 4.
Congress will reassemble to-mor
row. The Supplemental Civil Rights
bill will likely come up and probably
The United states and Mexican
Commission has resumed business.
The claim of Mexico for $27,000,000 is
in the hands of Sir Fdwurd Thornton,
A postofiice has been established at
San Simeon, San Luis Obispo county,
15. Pico, Postmaster.
It is now believed that Williams'
appointment as Chief Justice will be
The Commissioner General of the
Land Office has decided that the Pal
tent for the raneho Ballos, Los Ange
les county, must be delivered person
ally to parties in interest, or the hold
ers of last powers of attorney from
such parties.
Washington, Jan. 5.
Cutting; down (he Kstlmntes At
tempted killing' OppoHitlon to
In preparing the army|bill, Gen,
Sherman and the Secretary of the
Treasury, were consulted in regard to
the cost of our forces on the Texas,
New Mexico and Arizona frontier. It
was found impracticable to reduce the
force much at present, though Gen.
Sherman expressed the opinion that
if railways were in operation through
on that line, about $5,000,000, might
be saved in the military estimates, be
side a reduction of the appropriation
for the military establishment proper.
The committe decided to give only
$1,200,000 for fortifications instead of
$3,000,000 asked, and also to reduce
the river and harbor appropriations
from $10,000,000 asked, to less than
$3,000,000, making the total reduc
tions in the estimates of the War De
partment about $20,000,000.
The committee also ascertained that
under the Treasury construction of the
law in regard to unexpended balances,
fixing the limit of two years to the
last warrant drawn, the Quarter
master's department has accumu
lated a surplus of $3,000,000 which has
not been reported to Congress, and re
specting which the law requires no
Joport. This will be covered into the
Treasury by an amendment to the
law regarding such balances.
A New York special says an attempt
was made on New Years' day to kill
Judge L. D. Morris, formerly District
Attorney of Brooklyn, with an infer
nal machine. As the Judge was ab
sent nt the time of its reception, the
box was put aside until his return.
When be opened it In his bedroom
surrounded by his family, the snap as
of a revolver was heard, and it was dis-
Aooered to be an infernal machine.
Frelinghuyson, it is said, Is opposed
to the confirmation of Williams,
making six of the seven members of
tho Judiciary Committee united in
that view,
Cr«M«ell states oflllcally that the
Increased subsidy of half a million to
the China line, will not be needed,
owing to the inability of the Company
to comply with the law granting the
The prevailing opinion at Washing
ton, is that Pavia's assumption of
power was made with the consent and
approval of Castelar.
The bankruptcy bill of the Senate
Judiciary Committee, offered in lien
ofthe House proposition of repeal, re
quires the concurrence by one
fourth of the insolvent's creditors to
force him into bankruptcy. It allows
protested paper to run sixty days, and
permits a majority of the creditors to
take the case out of bankruptcy at any
time. It also permits any number of
creditors to make a composition of
their own claims, after the British
Speaker Blame expresses a decided
opinion that the tax on tea, coffee and
incomes, will not be restored.
Nkw Yoiik, Jan. 4.
The bark Polly, from Pensncola for
Liverpool, was lost December '20th,
and nine of her crew were drowned.
Pacific Coast Telegrams.
San Francisco. Jhii. 5,
No tidings yet of the steamer China,
now overdue.
John R. Sharpstein has been ap
pointed Judge of the Twelfth District
Court. •
It is reported that Tom Scott and his
associates have agreed to the following
plan for the Texas-Pacific Railroad:
The Government to guarantee interest
on low-rate bonds and the Company to
give up to the Government all its as
sets, excepting a fixed percentage to be
used for running expenses; the Gov
ernment to appoint a commission to
take charge of the sale of the Com
pany's bonds and to pay the receipts
into the treasury, to bo used as a fund
for the settlement of the interest ac
count; Government also to retain all
sums due the Company for transpor
tation of mails and Government ma
terial. Scott will be in Washington in
a few days and will then decide on the
course for the Company to pursue.
MiTllnif «f tti* Legleli-tiircUo««r«l
for Tn«M|ue«.
San Fkancisco, Jan. S.
Tlie Legislature met to-day. A bill
was introduced in the Senate, offering
a reward of $15,000 for the capture of
Vasquez and his murderous gang.
Bowers' San Diego railroad bill,
granting the right of way, and certain
lands in that city, to the Texas and Pa
cific railroad, was indefinitely poat
poned. • \
Fall ol n Wall A Bntrli ol' Convic
tion* Dividends Man Killed.
The wall of an old building on the
corner of Jackson and New Montgom
ery streets fell this morning, while
several men were at work. All but
two escaped without injury. One of
these hail his leg broken; the other
whose name is Alexander Lamed, was
completely buried by the falling wall,
and was taken out in a dying condi
tion. His face is mashed, and both
arms and one leg broken. His injuries
are fatal There is no blame cast on
any one for the accident.
KateVarncy, an old offender, was
arrested for grand larceny, and as the
evidence is pretty conclusive, she
stands a good show of going to Kan
David Patton, chief of the new crowd
of hoodlums, was sent to the county
jail to-day.
Wm. Dunn, under indictment for
robbery, was sentenced to 200 days in
the county jail for an assault on Offi
cer Crook a month since.
The Belcher Company declared a
dividend of $5 per share to-day,
amounting to !57>°.0,000, payable on the
10th Inst.
Tlie Dalmatian arrived to-day from
British Columbia, under short sail,
leaking badly, and the crew exhausted
by labor at the pumps.
Mr. Frledlleb of the Committee of
Investigation on City Hall affairs,
states that he has found the books of
the Commission correct, and kept in
excellent style. The Committee will
await the report of tho architect, be
fore making their final report to the
James Barton fell from a window in
Cubery's printing establishment, and
received injuries that caused his death
soon after.
A r rest Kidnapping- Ansa nil Ha
beas t'orpns,
Wm. Harrington, against whom a
warrant was issued some five months
ago, f i assault to commit murder,
was arrested this evening. The wit
ness, a half breed who had been living
with him as his wife and who made
the complaint, had disappeared, and
officers are looking for her.
Ah Chung, a Chinese merchant, was
arrested to-night for attempting to
kidnap a Chinese woman on Spofford
alley this morning. He claims she
owed him a hundred dollars and he
was only attempting to collect it.
A Chinaman was brought to the
station house this evening by several
of his countrymen. He has a serious
knife wound in the head which he
says was Inflicted by another China
man. Detectives have the clue and
expect to have the assailant to-night.
The habeas corpus case of Capt.
Kinsey and wife and three others, ac
cused of the murder of Harvey Green,
at Pescadero, occupies the attention of
Fourth District Court this evening,
and will not be concluded to-night.
The two witnesses for the prosecution
who were expected to testify that Kin
sey laid the plot, pdjd the money and
gave weapons to the other defendants
to kill the Greens, flatly contradicted
each other. Ono man named Warner
testified to that effect; the other, Brad
shear contradicting him.
The China is overdue from Dec. 23,
instead of Jan 1.
Five or six Chinamen entered a
house ou Spoflbrd alley occupied by
Chinese women and threw a quantity
of redpepper on their faces, blinding
and stilling them, and then robbed
them of all their money.
Madrid, Jan. 4.
A new Ministry has been formed, as
follows: Minister of Foreign Affairs,
Nagasta; Minister of War, Savola;
Minister of Justice, Figucrola; Minis
ter of Agriculture, IJecerra; Minister
of Finance, Echegarray; Minister of
the Interior, Bull; Minister of Marine,
Topete. A decree has been promulgated
appointing Marshal Serrano Chief of
t he*Executlve power.
London, Jan. 4.
A dispatch from La Palma dated
yesterday, says the assault upon Car
tagena has begun, the Commander-in
chief advancing upon San Antonio, a
suburb 100 yards from the city. A des
perate engagement is in progress, the
issue of which is doubtful.
Paris, Jan. 4.
The French Admiralty Court has
pronounced judgment, declaring the
conduct of the Captain of the steamer
Viile tin Havre to have been blame
less, and holding the bad management
ofthe Lochern as thu cause of the dis
aster. The Court eulogized Captain
Nan Frnuclaco Board or Mrokrra.
Ophir. 305 Bacon 6'A
Gould 4s Curry 48 Bullion 37
Host A Belcher 43 Baltimore 8"«
Savage 138 Utah lOJfr
('hollar....- M Central 188
Hale* N'oreros 91 silver Hill HJ_
Crown Point 123 Eclipse V/ A
Yellow Jacket 125 French 9
Imperial 9% Chullenge 5%
Kmplre Vl Daylon 9 *
(ill Quartz •)_ Kock Island 4>
Kentuck 33 Dardells 6J_
Alpha 91 N V Con 5
Belcher llfX Patrick T%
Confidence 15). Pictou IX
Con Virginia 93 American Flat iy t
Sierra Nevada 31*1 Central No 2 44
Daney »H Kossuth 11
Kxch'equer 50 Woodvllle »
San Juan 29 Tyler 2%
Heg Belcher 167 senator IK
Overman 127 Occidental 6 l _
Justice 16' i Union Con 3o*
Buckcve 2}_ south Overman IJ_
Succor 3 3 j Mint IN
Julia Ilij Nevada t%
Caledonia 37 A 4 U 3
Knickerbocker Vi Globe 2';
Green 2 Patch W,
Jake Little 4 El Dorado, 9^
Andes 12 Hayes 1^
M Valley 13»4 N. Belcher 2
R* Kly 50 Independent..- 2%
Eureka Con i 4 Cedarburg 4
l'loche 8 3 Chart 20
Flug «X Newark 3^ 4
H. ft \% Monitor Bel 8
South Peak V\
I'ovt ufSim Ti'dro.
.fun. 4—Bark Tidal Wave, from Sun Francisco
with railroad material.
Birkentlne Eureka, from l'ort Discover}',
lumber for Griffith, Lynch A Co.
San l run Cisco Market*— By Telejrrapn.
Han Francisco, Jan. f>.
PLOUR-The local trade Is supplied at &75
WHEAT— Firm, at 82 30.
BARLEY — Coast feed 8137 H&i 1 40: brew
ing 81 52%rtt81 60; choice 81 05.
OATS—quotable at 80.
CORN—YeIIOW 81 .«IJ-i; yellow 81 35«140.
M AY—Bl3tf«Bl7 per ton.
POTATOES— Humboldts |1 IOOiITOI other
kinds DOccuSl 10.
ONlONS—Consignments received yesterday
sold at 81 80.
DAIRY PRODUCTS— New grass butter
from Point Reyes dairies, best lv market, sell
ing at 10c by box. Balance of Oregon lot, re
ceived by theamur closed out at 35c. Califor
nia eggs 45c.
Following is a list of exports received at the
depot, awaiting shipment:
January sth—l,ool bars bullion; j sks corn
meal: 115 sks barley; 12skscorn.
Real Estate Transact ion-..
Deeds filed for record for the 24 hours end
ing at 4 o'clock, Jan. 5, 1874, as reported for
the Daily Hkkalb by Judson 4 Olllette
Searchers of Records for Los Angeles county,
Vicente Elisade to I W Hellman—An undi
vided 101 70-100 acres in Rancho Tajanta;
81,118 70.
.John V Moore to Alex Nelson—Undivided
&of tot 4, Bee so, and lot i and 2 Sec 81, Til
It 13 w; also n c of n c l / t of Sec3o, T2s, R 14
west, San Bernardino meridian; 81.
John Parlo to James Furlong—Tract In Los
Nletos bounded, c by H J Reynolds, n by
Flores, w by E Taylor, near San Diego road,
racres not stated); 81 and counter deed be
tween same parties.
James Furlong to John Parle—Tract lv
same vicinity as above; *1 and the foregoing
Jose Anto Yoba to Jose Mascarel—Lot 30x
100 feet tleet on Alamedu stree; 81,100.
Sol Richardson to N E Carter—l 7 acres of
land In San Gabriel near Gen Stoneman's;
John R Marti i to \V J Smlth-The 40 acres
In Los Coyotes by grantor, bought of A Robin
son, trustee, reported to-day; 81.
w J Smith to J X S Tuffree-Tho property
conveyed grantor by east named deed; 81,400.
Simon Oxarart to Gaston Oxarart—W V% of
no 14, and c l / t of s w 'i of Sec 17 T 1 s, R 12 w,
160 acres; 86C0.
A Robinson, Trustee, to John R Martin—W
Kof n eI A Sec '/7, wWpf the south 40 acres of
the s c J, of Sec 22, T 3 s, R 11 w, S B M,
Rancho Lot Coyotes, 100 acres; 81,000.
Alex Weill and attorney to D II McKellow
—Lot 6 In Sec 30 of the Azusa do Duarte
Rancho, according to Frank Lecouvreur's sub
division map,4oacres; 8800.
State of California to Jese Dolores Sepulvo
da—N eW,s%of n w H, and sM of Sec 10, lv
T 2 s, R II w, containing 560 acres.
L XJ > CJ II !
Billiard Parlor,
Special Notices.
Fisher & Co. have a very fine stock
of Gold Spectacles. What Is a nicer and more
appropriate Holiday Present for an aged per
son. "
Another fine lot of Jewelry, Watch
es, Diamonds, and Clocks, Just received at
Fisher A Co..'s. c
(Special Notice.
It Is said that all those who have taken the
"Bethesda Mineral Spring Water" have ex
perienced very marvellous effects from its
use, especially those suffering from Kidney
and Spinal diseases. Many persons in the
Eastern und Southern States have testified to
the miraculous cures wrought by this cele
brated water. Try It Tor several (days, conse
cutlvely, and you will be convinced of Its
healthful effects. *
Of (Special Interest to Farmer*.
At the Esperanza Store, No. 108
Main street, will be found the largest and
choicest stock of Merchandise, Groceries,
Liquors, Cigars,etc., in Southern California.
It Is well known that at this store you can
buy nil goods In their line at from five to ten
percent, cheaper than at any other store In
Los Angeles; also that the highest price is
paid for all kinds ol country produce. All
goods delivered to auy part of the city free of
charge. •
Wonderful, lau't Itr
The amount of goods one can get for 81 00 at
the Dollar Store Is really astonishing; and
Dunsmoor Brothers deem It a pleasure toshow
their beautiful stock of Holiday floods to all
who may choose to call. Parties buying pres
ents for Sabbath Schools or Christinas trees
will find It to their advantage to call on Duus
moor Bros, before making a selection. "
Look at Tins'
The only place in the city to get
choice Engravings, Chromos, Oil Paintings,
etc., Is at M. V. Ponet's, 60 Main street, where
you can buy them cheap for cash, or pay in
weekly lnstnllmentsof from2scents to 81, ac
cording to the amount purchased.
BY All men ought to know that all kinds of
gentlemen's Clothing will be made with neat
ness and dispatch by n regular tailor. The
finest Imported and Domestic Cloths always
on hand at D. W. corner of
Court and Spring streets. *
»%. The tide of Immigration Is steadily set
ting in, and the first thing eastern people do
Is to throw away their New York Hats and buy
a new one of DKSMONn. They say there Is no
comparison between the two. o
Utß. Every style of Painting and Glazing
done in the highest style of art, and at roason
able rates, by C. Raphael A Co.
[Wants published at the rate of6M cents per
line for each Insertion, or 10 cents per line for
three insertions. No advertisement under
this head taken for less than 25 cents.]
LOST— A Gold Breastpin with coral
in the centre, probably near the depot.
A suitable reward will be given by leaving It
at this office. Jn6-tf
T7OUND—A Ring. The owner can
-D have the same by proving property and
paying charges, at the Clarendon Hotel.
WANTED— A Situation as Nurse,
by an experienced American woman.
References given and required. Apply at the
office of Dr. J. H. Leal, No.'ss7 and 58. Temple
Block. Jn4-3t
fjft-fl ft TO $2 ' ooo WANTED
A }t)vv on a First Mortgago on
improved property near Los Angeles. Ad
dress X.Y. Z., Herald office. Jn4-3t
FOR RENT —To a Mingle gentle
man, or, to two wishing to occupy a
room together. A nicely furshed, sunny
room, bath-room adjoining, in a pleasant lo
cality. Apply at Herald office. Jaltf
TO RENT—A good Frame House
with 5 rooms, situated on Charity street,
between 3d nnd 4th streets,ou the Hill. Ap
ply at 143 Main street. de3o-2w.
WANTED— A dwelling house, con
venient to the business part of the city,
with four or five rooms. Apply at this office.
a house containing four rooms, and
a lot 100x165 feet on tho west side of Hill St.,
between tenth anil eleventh. Terms mode
rate. Apply on the premises, or at this office.
TO RENT—Two or three Furnished
Rooms in suits or single, with board,
fire, and home comforts. Apply to
Real Estate Agent, Main street.
■■■ — ——-•—
Silver-Plated Ware!
V .s Agents for the Same ?
Tbe following U h eovreet nopyof for
(lone of Letter* Jagg received
_ BY -
Keep Everything
und do Everything, und every klud of work
thut pertains to a first-class

• j
and have the will and means to hubstantlato
the same, and
Will Not Be Excelled!
We Defy Competition 1!
In quality of
Goods or Prices.
Our business for the past two weeks Is suffi
cient evidence, it shows for itself.
Extracts from Letters trom Rogers _ Bro.
Ist. ROGERS A BRO. is the only concern
ofthe name engaged in the manufacture of
Sllver-Plated Goods.
2d. Some manufacturers, envious of the
great reputation of ROGERS * BRO., have
gone around the country hiring men by the
name of Rogers and using the name on goods
that would not sell under their kkal name.
3d. ROGERS * BRO. still hold tbe Cham
pionship on Fine Silver-Plated Ware.
MESSRS. E. E. EIHHER—Gents:Y ours
the sth Instant is at hand, and are glad to
learn that the goods arrived safe and pleased
you. We will give you a good show In your
place for our goods, and will hot sell to any
one else there. Will send by mall photo
graphs of the latest styles to select from.
Yours, Ac.,
Waterbury, Ct.
G. ft WHITE, Agent,
203 Broadway, N. Y.
07 Main Street.
73 Main St.,
tate on commission. Has large traots lot
sale ln Southern California.
Country Homes,
Mtock Ranges,
HUeep Hansen.
City Ilomeii,
Special attention paid to the
To the Exhibition of Ores,
nnd general Information exchanged in regard
to the mines of our country.
Mining and other Stocks on Exchange
All orders promptly attended to.
No. 153.
A house of 6 rooms to let, furnished.
We have on sale a large list of first-class or
chard and Farm Lands. Houses and lx>ts, and
Ranches, Improved and unimproved, from 3
to B,oooacres, ranging fromBB to 81,300 »>er acre,
not advertised in the following list:
No. 151.
24>g acres nursery; 10,000 trees; good house;
orange and walnut trees; 812,000.
No. 128.
12,000 ncres; good grain or pasture land, near -
Bakersfleld. 8,000 acres good grain or pasture
land; 81.80 per acre; \ down and the balance
note and easy terms.
No. 152.
120 acres; one mile 8. W. from city limits;
sandy loam: water at depth of 6 to 12 feet;
artesian wells easily secured; terms easy;
81,500, or Sl5 per acre.
No. 149.
18 to 20 acres; business location; central p_j
of the city; choice land; 87,000; terms easy.
One half of a good frame house to rent; fur
nished Jf desired; three boarders furnished.
81,200 wanted for one year; on good real
estate; mortgage at 1& percent.
81,000 to loan for three months at 1 Vj, per
cent. Made certain to be paid when due.
NOS. 50. 51 AND 52.
4. 5 and 5% acre lots; pleasantly located;
goods soil and water privileges; from BUHJ up
NO. 123.
Fruit and Vineyard Ranch of 22 acres: wine
cellar, with casks and stock of wine; tools and
materials,with the crop; comfortable house
and other buildings. There is 200 per cent,
profit on wine at the present price of grape*.
Orange and lemon trees,us well as other fruits.
• ' NO. CD.
8 lota, 180 feet fronton Main street, and 180
on Spring street. We want money to build
houses with. &3.500.
NO. 115.
90 acres near the fair grounds, Just outside
tbe city llm'ts.ln the vicinity uf artesian wells
-* B '* oo ' no. lie.
80 acres good land; valuable without Irriga
tion; artesian wells easily supplied. 02,400.
NO. 119.
House and lot with 40 acres, to be divided to
suit the purchaser: with or without house or
Improvements, In 6,7>_ or 10-aore lots near tbe
city limits. 8750, 8937 or 81,500.
About 1,200 acres of choice fruit land, end
the best vineyard lond ln tnls country, well
watered; water all rises on the place, 812,000.
NO. 126.
600 acres, same as above; improved; 30 miles
from Los Angeles. 830,000.
NO. 88.
8,000 acres unimproved land, with water pri
vilege, at 86 per acre. Apply at this ofllou, or
teG. D. Compton, at Compton.
NO. 21.
r2 acres of choice land, all ln orchard nda
vines ln full bearing, located In U_e central
part of the city. Extra good water privilege.
Good house, barn, and all neoessary out-build
ings. Pays well. 812,000^
120 acres nt 815.
NO. 98.
House and lot, 81,200.
NO. 101.
House and lot, 81,000.
NO. 103.
Bee ranch, Improved; IBoacres; 8500.
NO. 128.
12,000 acres unimproved; 8,000 do; farming
land; 81 80 per acre.
NO. 118.
11 acres orange trees on Washington street i
$7 '°°* NO. 69.
97 aores unimproved; 830 per acre.
NO. 87.
160 acres at Florence; 830 per acre
NO. 88.
2,800 acres at Compton; 816.
NO. 89.
12 to 1,500 acres at 812 per acre.
NO. 90.
3,000 acres at Compton; 825 per acre.
NO. 93.
5 ac es orange, lemon and lime trees, In tlie
city, for 82,600.
106 acres, fruit, grazing and farming land,
best in the country for semi-tropical fruits:
water free and ln abundance; greatly tm'
proved; 87,000.
V NO. 137.
20 acres on Washington street at city lim
its, west side; good location; rightt. plenty of
water; KM NO. 188.
100 acre* good greln land to rent lor one
crop; very cheap.
NO. 135.
Two houses and lots ln central part of vie
city; 81,500 and 82,300, or the two for *2,600
4 acres orange trees, smnll house, horse,
cart, and farming tools, stove and kitchen
furniture, to let for two years, at 85 per month
and care of trees.
3 furnished rooms to let, wltn board, stove
nnd home comforts, ln a private family.
NO. 58.
15 acres unimproved, \% miles from court
house; a fine corner location on a main street.
Good, land: easy of access by public convey
ance: fine chance for city home.
NO. 8.
600 acres unimproved land, one tulle from
town, on railroad; near church and school; ln
a good neighborhood.
NO. 112.
House and 10t,80x120, on Main street: fine
residence; modern built house; 86,000; cheap.
NO. 865,.
Building Lots 100x156 feet, for 810 each.
NO. 80.
Three sections of land near Riverside, at
82* per acre. NO . 12.
40 acres improved- 1,000 choice varieties ot
grapes; 25 walnuts- 475 orange tree!; 30 appie;
good house; splendid land; 84,000.
NO. 140.
A good business lot, about 35 feet front, o
Main street; 83,000. q <
55 ncres on Jefferson street ln tho city; $200
Per ttCre ' NO. %
3 2-5 acres highly.improved, ln the central
part of tlie city; good house of 7 rooms: about
260 orange trees; I,ooochoice grapes; all kluda
of choice fruit ln abundance, bearing. No
cost for water; 86XO0.
100 acres good grain land, well watered, t«
rent for one crop. West end of the city; cheap.
NO. 86. „
100 shares Central Land Company or Oak
land, for sale or exchange; 82,500.
NO. 76.
Two lots, centrally located, for 8125 eack.
NO. 120.
One lot on Spring street, near Fifth, 8760.
NO. 130.
House containing 4 rooms and lot 100x165
fc6t: NO. 109.
One and one-hall lote on the hill for 8200.
NO. 82.
Nine lots, or over 4 acres, ln tbe suburbs ot
Bau Francisco; W. M
Forty acres Improved, house aud buildings,
teams, tools, crop, good fences, well watered,
at Compton; W,ooo^ o
A full set of artesian well tools, two augers
and coupling for 600 feet^
20 acres of land on Alameda street, very
ches,p for cash.
A valuable silver mine for sale very oheap.
no. in., „ .
100 acres oak timber land, on railroad, a
$40 per acre.
aarßuyersare at no expense whatever when
the purchase money Is paid at my office.
NOT Persons paying money outside tho office
will be beld responsible for my commissions.
B. U. BUIOHT, Be«I Estate Ajjeut Ma
Buslneaa Broker,
78 Main street, Downey Block,

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