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£or. Srttgde? herald
THURSDAY NOV. 5, 1574.
oni; DOLLAR perisquare of ten lines, flrst
Insertion,and twkntv-kivk cents perMquare
torcacii subteeueet tuscriion.
1 •OrS'LW 1 . ( ll .VNtnos.
The foiio« iic.' postal changes went into op
eration,. Inly Ist, 1ST!: All publications are
free ol postage lo subscribers In the county in
which they are published, books and pack
aitesof Merchandise, to the weigh I of four
pounds, nun be sent l>y mail at the rale ofolM
cent for every two ounces or fraction over.
Tied packages may bfl entirely inclosed.
some portion of sealed packages must be
opened for inspect ion.
Fine weather.
Montgomery Queen is in Bantu
Our city still progressess in the ac
quisition of hoodlum hoys.
11. \\. 11. will find a letter at this
ollice for him from Virginia City, Ne
A new Wilcox A Gibbs sewing ma
chine can be purchased cheap for cash.
Apply at this office.
The Florence Kent Company left
for Anaheim yesterday to give tin en
tertainment at that place.
The Orizaba sails far San Francisco
and Santa Barbara to-day. Passen
gers will take the 8:45 i\ at. train.
It is said (lint not a single half-dol
lar is left In Sonora Blued the conclu
sion of the Fair and the departure of
tlie, circus.
l.os Angeles is not 111 a Condition to
appreciate entertainments al the pres
ent time. Her small change is all
'There are telegrams at the Telo
graph offle* for Mrs. fit. l>. Jones, G.
VV.|Wlilte, James Ham age and Jose
M, Ontibaes.
Mr. Lehman wishes us to stale that
the parly who steals his supply of
inillv in the morning Will confer a
favor by returning the pitcher.
The civil case of Gabriel vs. New
luan was brought up in the District
Court yesterday and sot for November
25 th.
Gay slill prosecutes his labor of
love in constructing the Main street
Bewer. The Cily Fathers and tax
payers are elated at the idea of getting
the sewer for nothing.
Charlie Hush leaves on the Orizaba
to-day for San Francisco. He goes up
for the purpose of purchasing large
additions to his stock of watches and
other tine jewelry.
The next regular session of the Los
Angeles and San Bernardino District
Council will l>c behl next Tuesday,
November 10th, at Compton. A full
attendance is particularly requested.
There was a fair attendance al Little
Mac's Minstrel performance at Turn-
Verein Hall last night ami the enter
tainment passed oil with Its quantum
of fun. The troupe will hold forth
again at Turn-Vereiu 11:1,1 to-night.
Game is abundant in the vicinity of
Will Tell* Seaside House, A number
of gentleman from tbe East have re
cently spent a week iv that locality
and report au abundance? of fine duck,
plover, snipe and geese.
The Lyceum nt its meeting next
Friday evening will discuss the ques
tion of capital punishment—whether
it is detrimental to the morals and
welfare of humanity and ought lo be
The Grange Store is now receiving a
full line of wagons and farming im
plements which are sold with A slight
percentage added to the actual cost.
Read tlie new advertisement of the
Grange Store to-day and you will
know where to go to procure goods
cheap, whether you are a Granger or
The Annual Teachers' Institute of
l.os Angeles county will meet in this
idty at Good Templars' Hall, on Mon
day, November Oth, at 1 V, St., and
continue in session for five days. Pri
vate school teachers, public school
trustees and others interested In the
Cause of education are invited to be
The plat of Township 1 N., 7 W. is
on file in the Uniteil Slates Land Of
fice and the land therein is now sub
ject to homestead or pre-emption en
try. The land lies in the valley near
the Cucamonga Homstead property
and comprises a good farming section,
Upon winch, no doubt, water can be
secured by boring artesian wells.
There are also some springs (lowing
from the sides of the mountains, but
tbfl present water rights are all taken
up. Tlie land is held at $2 50 per acre
by Government.
We have been favored by Mr. Gates
with a copy of a contract entered into
between Mr. Welsh and Mr. Rome for
a trial of speed between their horses,
Vaughan nnd the Moor, to come oil*
tins month. Tbe contract will ex
plain i I self:
W. J. Welch matches bis horse
Vaughan with 1,. J. Rose's horse, the
Moor, in two races: the first l<> come
.ofl' Saturday, the -Ist of November,
1874, mile heals, best three 111 live,
Mr. Welch to drive and go to wagon,
Hose's entry to harness aud rule, for
two hundred and fifty dollars a side
und gate money to be divided. The
second race, two mile heals to harness;
Mr. Welch to drive, for the same
amount and otherwise to rule, the Sat
iirtlay following. There is a forfeit
put up of two hundred dollars each,
or one hundred dollars each on each
race, aud on Friday, before tlie lust
race, tbe entire amount lor both races
j.s to be deposited with the holder,
Thos. Gates, Fsq., when all the money
and both races shall become play or
pay. (Signed)
1,. J. Rohk,
W. J. Wki.ch.
l.os Angeles, Nov. 2d, 1874.
The pool selling ou these races will
take place at tlie Fashion Saloon of
Wolf & Gates ou the evening! preced
ing the days set.
The Templar Social Club gave their
first reception at Orange Hall last
night. The n(tendance was not so
large as might have been expected
for an affair in a measure connected
with so popular and numerous an
organisation as the Good Templar
Lodge. Enough were present, how
ever, to make the rooeplion very
pleasant, and the company enjoyed
the fiance to their hearts' content.
We shall have all the school mu'ams
in the county here next week.
Chas. Miller, the man who wan found
in possession of a lot of clothing and
JOWOlry Stolen from (he boarders at the
U. S. Hotel last August, had his trial
in the County Court yesterday. De
tective Officer Harris, who had tho
affair in charge from the outstart, did
not stop with the simple detection
and arrest of the thief, but succeeded
in weaving such a network of evidence
around him that escape from justice
was Impossible. -Miller was found
guilty by tiie jury ol' both charges
brought against him —petit larceny
and housebreaking—and he will re
ceive his sentence to-day.
Mr. Johnson in New York.
From papers received from Mr. J.A.
Johnson, we learn that his lectures
were to occur iv that city ou Tuesday
and Wednesday evenings, October
27th and 28tll. That our citizens may
Understand how Mr. Johnson prose
cutes his enterprise for the delectation
of the New Yorkers, we append por
tions of a circular of which he had
twenty thousand copies printed and
distributed in the schools, colleges and
hotels of the city. The circular states
that Mr. J. A. Johnson editor and
proprietor of the Santa Barbara Press,
and of tlie Illustrated Weekly Press
of Southern California, has had tlie
chief objects of interest in the six
Southern counties of California, the
semi-tropical portion of the Slate,
photographed by Professor W. F.
James, the photographer of the expe
dition to Egypt and Palestine, which
has been immortalized by Mark
Twain in his "Innocents Abroad." It
took eleven weeks, nearly two thou
sand miles' travel, and cost more than
two thousand dollars gold, to secure
these views, which embrace the or
ange groves, almond orchards, vino
yards, ranchos, cities, villages, old
missions, and scenery of Southern
Two hundred of these views are
presented to illustrate the two lectures
ou Southern California by Mr. John
son, who has resided t here eight years,
most of that time as Editor of the
Press, and who has just spent six
months in traveling over the six
Southern counties, where the photo
graphs were taken, and is able to
give full and r.liable information
concerning the localities most favora
ble for the cure of various diseases aud
the places best suited for agriculture
or business. By the aid of the steie
optlcon these views are magnified till
they are twenty feet square, so that
an audience of three or four thousand
can examine them with perfect ease.
Views of Yosetuite, scenes of the
railroad aud views of San Francisco
and the Golden (late, are also given
as Introductory to the first lecture,
which includes the counties of San
Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ven
The second leclcture embraces tho
counties of Los Angeles, San Diego
and San Bernardino,with views Of tne
orange gloves, vineyards, etc.
Enough is now known of this won
derful region to establish the fact that
Southern California has a climate
equal to any portion of Italy, or of the
world; but it is not generally known
that more than a half a million acres
of land which produces the tig, the
olive, the orange, the lemon, the lime,
the almond, the English walnut, and
the Italian chestnut, all in perfection,
as well as the ordinary cereals anil
ordinary fruits of other States of the
L'nion, has been put upon the market
within a few months past. The territory
represented by these six counties is
almost equal to the whole State of Il
These statements and the genuine
ness of Mr. Johnson's representations
are corroborated by favorable notices
re-published from tlie San Francisco
Alia and Call, Chicago Tribune
and Detroit Post) Tribune and
Free Press, The New York Times of
the 23th notices the lectures as follows:
Mr. J. A. Johnson, editor of the Santa
Barbara Press, opens a somewhat
novel exhibition at Cooper Institute
to-morrow night. He proposes to give
two lectures on Southern California, a
region which he calls "New Italy."
The lectures are to be illustrated by
illuminated stereoscopic views of the
localities, objects, and scenes described
by the speaker. As these views are
taken from nature, and the lecturer is
"to tbe manor born," the attempt to
bring that far-off land to our very
doors cannot fail to be attractive as
well as honestly made.
In a letter to the Santa Barbara
Press, Mr. Johnson states that South
ern California is a land almost as
little known to the intelligent men of
New York iv general as mid-Africa.
This ignorance of our portion of tlie
State, Mr, Johnson is doing his best
endeavors to dispel and If he does not
succeed it will be neither his fault nor
that of the method of eiUlgbteil
which he adopt*.
Los Aniiki.i.s, Cal., Nov. 4, 1874.
Miss Domingo Olivets;
We, the undersigned, your friends,
recognizing your musical talent and
the generosity with which you have
invariably responded to any re
quest made to you for your assistance
in concerts given for charitable pur
poses, take the liberty of tendering
you a complimentary literary and
musioa] soiree, to be given during the
present mouth, at such time and place
as may best suit your convenience.
Wo are, with high respect and es
teem, your friends,
John G. Downey, H. K. S, O'Melveny,
Wm. R. Rowland, K. B. Fisher,
Fugeue Meyer <fe Co., Charles E.
Miles, F. 1\ F. Temple, J. L. Ward
oi Co., Aaron Smith, H. McLellan,
T. E. Rowan, Polaski & Goodwin,
Workman Bros., B. L. Peel, Caswell
& FJlis, Wm. Pridham, Thorn &
Roes, a. w. Potts, w. J. Rrodriok,
I. Beputveda, and many others.
Los Angki.kh, Nov. 4, 1874
To (Joe. John G. JJoirnei/, 11. X, S,
(yMeltteney and others:
Gektlkmbn—Your very Battering
note has been received. 1 gratefully
accept your kind oiler, and with* your
kino permission will name Templar's
Dallas the place and Friday evening,
November 20th, us the time for the
proposed soiree.-
Very respectfully your ob't s'v't,
DoMINUO Olivas.
I r'rom IließcliKlo-l'hiiosoplilcnl .lou.ual.]
A subscriber moos the following. It
hilndeed curious and wen worthy of
That most .shrewd ot' modern observ
ers, the Rev. CO. OoltOll, laid it down
OS a truism that "men are tlie same,"
and wrote a book to prove it, yet in
a second volume he is Constrained to
say, "There is an idiosyncraey in
mind no less than in body, for some
individuals have a peculiar constitu
tion, both of head and heart, which
sets all analogy and all calculation at
defiance. There is an occult disturb
ing force within them that designates
them as unclassified anomalies and
hybrids; they form the eOrjM poHicu
her of exceptions to all general rules,
being at times full as unlike to them
selves as to Others." That his second
judgment is the more correct, will, we
think, admit of no doubt, and it is to
one of these anomalies in human na
ture we wish to call attention. In the
Summer of IMS it was the writer's
good fortune to visit the home of Mr.
Samuel Book, near C'onneaut, Ashta
bula county, Ohio, an elderly gentle-'
man, whose extraordinary character
is perhaps without a parallel in
history or romance. His eccentric
ities were not suffered to find their
"way into tho newspapers during his
lifetime, but tbe facts here given are
voched for by a large circle of ac
quaintances, and now that he is be
yond the reach of prying curiosity
there is less restraint in giving them
He was then, as for many years be
fore and afterward, living alone in a
little farm cottage well furnished with
household articles, books, pictures,
mementoes, etc., and as tidily kept as
any in tiie village. Ho was a man of
perhaps sixty-five years of age, of me
dium stature, prepossessing in appear
ance, and, Considering his years, re
markably erect and active. He was
well informed on most of the topics of
the day and un agreeable conversa
tionalist; had given considerable at
tention to mechanical inventions and
in a sort of private curiosity shop he
kept an assortment of models and sev
eral fonts of wood type which he had
whittled out with a jackknife. Hut
what is most unaccountable, this man,
though neither a lunatic nor hermaph
rodite, was living a two-fold life. At
the time of our visit he was dressed as
as lady, and received and entertained
visistors as such. He had on a costly
black silk dress of the "Lady Wash
ington style, a pattern just then af
fected by the most fashionable ladies
of the village. His hair, which was
touched with gray, and when free fell
down on his shoulders, was tastefully
done up and secured under a black hue
cap, becoming his age. The clear coin
pies ion and smooth lace, the unstud
ied air of ease and gracefulness, and
even the insinuating gossip, rendered
the illusion perfect. The dress was
made by the village n/antua-maker,
who reported that he was extremely
fastidious about the lit, showing genu
ine womanly solicitude for all the de
tails. So complete did he enter into
all the thoughts and feelings of a
Woman, that Be was evidently uncon
scious of acting a borrowed part, and
lo all intents and purposes he w as, for
the time being, what he assumed to
be, a woman. At such times he would
speak of himself as Mrs. Buck and of
Mr. Buck as absent. When the morn
ing work was done and Uae liour ar
rived for working in tlie field, the
dress was exchanged for male attire,
and the feminine character gavo place
to one every way masculine. Mr.
BuOk had returned and Airs. Buck was
now absent, and so remained until do
mestic duties called her home in the
evening, when the metamorphosis of
tho morning was re versed.
That this was not a mere childish
conceit is almost demonstrable. There
is every reason to believe that he was
not fully conscious while in one state
of what he had said or done while iv
the other. Such incidents as the fol
lowing are well authenticated, and
were of almost daily occurrence. A
neighbor calls in the morning and
"Mrs. Buck, 1 called to pay you for
that cow."
" What cow?" he asks in surprise.
" Why, the cow I bought of Mr. Buck
"Well," he rejoins with evident
chagrin, "you will have to see him
about it; he didn't say anything tome
about selling the cow , or 1 would have
Opposed it."
By-and-by a lady calls for some ar
ticle of lady's wear and finds Mr. Buck
at home. He obligingly overhauls the
wardrobe, trunks, etc., in masculine
style, but returns with a confused look
and says: "Really, madame, you will
have to wait until Mrs. Buck returns,
for I don't know where to find it." If
the lady called in the morning, as re
quested, the article was forthcoming
at once,ami if the purchaser of the cow
came at noon when Mr. Buck was at
home there was U6difficulty in having
him recall all the particulars of the
contract, as Mr. Buck was always con
scientious in his dealings, while Mrs.
Buck had the reputat ion of being close.
Ou one occasion he went to the dress
maker's to get a new dress for Mrs.
Buck, adding with the utmost naiv
ette, "It will be necessary to go to the
house for the measure, as Mrs. Buck
is quite ill and unable to come over."
Some boys passing the house one
morning commenced blackguarding
the person in petticoats, who burst
into tears and sobbed, " if my hus
band was here he wouldn't see me
abused so." Returning later in the
day, the same person in pantaloons
took after them with a cudgel, yelling
in unmistakable masculine tones,
" Ha, youd—d blackguard.-; I'll teach
you to insult my wife while I'm
The part of the garden set opart for
(lowers was tended exclusively by
Mrs. Buck; that for vegetables, exclu
sively by Mr. Buck. The former de
lighted to arrange little bouquets for
the children; tho latter would drive
them from his premises as intruders.
When Mrs. Buck went visiting she
took her knitting anil gossiped, and
when she received company she pre
pared tea ami hot biscuit in fashion
able style. When Mr. Buck called, it
was to discuss the crops and politics,
and when called upon he would show
his visitors his live stock or his curi
osity shop, often expressing a regret
that Mrs-. Buck could not understand
or sympathize with his inventions and
begrudged him the time he spent upon
them. Mrs. Buck invariably drove
tho intruding cows or swiue from tho
door-yard with a broom-stick; Mr.
Buck with what he could first luy his
hand on. He kept two separate purses
and two accounts. The taxes and
wages of hired heli) were paid from the
sale of crops ami stock, but when he
marketed his butter and eggs the pro
ceeds were invested in articles for the
Household or trinkets for Mrs. Buck.
I rider strong excitement Mrs.
Buck's feelings found vent in tears;
Mr. Buck's occasionally in oaths, but
never rice versa. Mrs. Buck was fond
ofsnuH'and carried a snuff-box con
•tantly about her person: Mr. Buck
could not endure it. Notwithstanding
these and many other differences,
however, they were never known to
come to blows, nnd the tenderness
with which the old man regarded his
Ol her elf hud even a .touch of pathos
ih it. When on his death-bed and
over seventy years of age, he sum
moned Judge Lushing from Jefferson,
twenty miles distant, to make his
will, assigning as a reason: "The
Judge is the only one of my acquaint
ances who neverspokc an unkind word
of Mrs. Buck." He died in 1872, on
the same little farm which lie had oc
cupied for more than half a century.
Of his early history little or nothing
was known, but tradition said he came
from Pennsylvania and that he had
lived the same dual life from boyhood.
Whether it was some inexplicable
hallucinasion, or, what is scarcely
conceivable, twin souls alternately
controlling and sinking into abeyance
in the same body, is an enigma we
leave us we found" unanswered.
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Atltlis, the popular anti-monopolist
photographer will he in I.<os Angeles
with his Cottage Booms about the
loth of November. Wait for pictures
till he comes. *3t
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vite everybody, guaranteeing com
plete satisfaction. Mr. Barbier cures
headache iv live minutes by applying
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Special Notices.
The Saxe Brothers are en route for
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Main street, near to the Lafayette Store. All
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PHCKNIX Insurance Company, Hart
ford. Connecticut; Home Insurance Company,
New York; North British a Mercantile In
surance Co., London und Edinbuig; Com
bined Assets, 930,900,000, gold.
53 Temple Block,
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-. v
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Koom No. .1 Downey Hloek.
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j 0c127-lm
For Mnysr.
At the requestor many influential citizens,
will he a candidate for Mayor at the coming
municipal election. octfl
l''ur Mayor,
I am a candidate for the office of Mayor, nt
the next Municipal Election, and solicit the
support of my friends. Oct2l
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Poultry Market!
126 & 128 Main Street,
Is the only place in town where you can get a
— at the —
Lowest Market Rates.
They keep constantly on hand
All the Delicacies of the Season,
of every description.
- — -ty- — —
Fresh Eggs and Butter
Received everyday from Ihe country.
Vegetables, Fruits and Nuts,
Olioicte V«»{rettil>los!
Received by every steamer from San Fran
Also, a full supply of
Pickled Pigsfeet,
IfolojLfiui Bausa(ro,
Bmoki>il Beef □Tongue,
Swiss, Limbcrger, Hot land, Cream, Eastern
and California
White Fish,
Pickled Salmon,
Russian Sardines,
and Caviar.
Fresh CruulierrieH,
And inuuy more things too numerous to
Orders from the country trade ure promptly
attended to at lowest wholesale prices.
Consignments of
Respectfully solicited.
Come and see our stock und convince your-
Thoroughbred Stock.
The Saxe Brothers
gelai with
Of nil ages, brought
Dlreot from Kentucky,
They will arrive about
November 10th,
When Ihe stock will be placed on tbe
A fine opportunity will thus be offered to
stock-raisers to Improve their breeds.
Downey Block, Cor. New High and Temple
streets. octll-2m*
Hellman's Block, Cor. Commercial and Los Angeles sts.
Has just received, direct, an immense and well selected stock
of goods for the Fall and Winter trade, consisting of fine
Black and Figured Alpacas. Poplins, Diagonals.
Wrapper goods. Mohair goods. Shawls of the
latest patterns. Eastern and California Flan
Also a good selection of
An endless variety of
Embroideries and Laces, Ladies Neckwear, 500 Pieces different
Brands of Cottons.
Also a very large stock of
Clothing, Hats, Boots and Shoes,
Trunks and Valises,
Boys and Youths' Suits.
200 Colman Bros. Fine Dress Suits. Prices to suit everybody.
Don't forget the corner, Hellman's Block.
Immense Sacrifice!
Corner Commercial and Los Angeles Sts.
500 Prs. Men's Tap-soled Calf Boots, ist quality, $6 00, for
merly $7 50.
500 Prs. Men's Single-soled Calf Boots, ist quality, $5 50, for
merly $7.
500 Prs. Men's Calf Boots, 2d quality (San Francisco make)
$4 50, formerly $6.
500 Prs. Boys' Calf Boots, ist qual., $4, formerly $5 50.
500 Prs. Boys' Kip Boots, $2 50, formerly $3 50.
500 Prs. Ladies' Balmorals, $1 25, formerly $2.
500 Prs. Ladies' Balmorals, ist qual., $3 50, formerly $5.
500 Prs. Ladies' Buttoned, $3 25, formerly $4 50.
500 Prs. Ladies' Buttoned, ist qual., $4 50, formerly $5 50.
Misses' and Children's Shoes equally as Cheap.
Btaf Anyone who reads these prices can see that T sell my Splendid and
Well-assorted Stock of Men's, Hoys' and Ladies' Wear cheaper than any
house in the city.
I must clear out my present Stock at once to make room for the extensive
Winter Assortment now arriving. augl/itf
I beta of the 1,. A. & 8. f. Railroad.)
— AND —
Houses Rented, Bills Collected. Buy every kind of Country
Produce. Money Loaned.
Agency of the Trans-Atlantic Fire Insurance Co.,
of Hamburg, - - Capital $750,000.
OFFICE at the Telegraph office, Main street, No. 36.
Business hours, from 9 a. m. to 5 p. M. octltf
I*aiii.ts, Oils, Yn,i-iiislies,
Brushes, 3a ii«l OS lass.
Looking-glass Plates, Walnut, Rosewood and
Gilt Mouldings of all Styles and Sizes.
California Chemical Paint Company.
TO mys 3m IS
Main Street, Lost Angeles.
A First-class House - - J. A. BROWN, Proprietor.
Aro large aud well ventilated, and In the best possible condition.
No «xp*>n*e will b* to make the Hotel equal to any on the Coast. aH-tt—*

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