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Sdkiavh gticssers do not hesitate to
say that Ihe suit of the Water Com
pany against the Heuai.D is a spas
modic effort to defeat the election of
Mr. BEAUDKY. We regret that a
worthy gentleman and valued citizen
should be made responsible for a real
or imaginary animadversion of the
Herald, but our regret that people
see tit to attack him because they are
enemies of the Herald la In a great
measure removed by the knowledge
that Id tlie case of the, Water Company
the assaults upon Mr. HbauDRT will
only add U) his popularity with the
The organ of the Water Company
says that corporation did a very
unwise thing when it sued the Her
ald lor doubt Ing tlie purity of tho
water sold to the residents of this city.
This admission on the part of the /'>
press is sighitieant of a disposition to
weaken on the part of the company.
We hope they will not withdraw the
suit before the case reaches a jury.
We are anxious that the peo
ple of Los Angeles slvill know all
about the water they drink. There is
another reason —a selfish one—why
we hope the company will not with
draw the suit. It will make theHER-
Ai.D a thousand friends and patrons
where it now has but one. Let the
suit go on; it will add to the Her
ald's already extensive circulation.
People like a paper that in the cause
of right fears neither man, devil nor
exclusive franchise courpanies.
The suit of the Water Company
against the Herald will work seri
ous injury to the city of Los Angeles.
It forces the Herald Publishing
Company to assume the defensive,and
they will use every honorable means
to prove that the water which the
company has heretofore furnished the
city is impure and dangerous to the
health of those who drink it. Of
course people from abroail will not
care to visit a city supplied with water
of such doubtful character that its
owners feel themselves called upon to
meet every adverse comment with a
libel suit. If the company are dam
aged to the amount of $25,000 by a
newspaper paragraph, what will be
the extent of their damage when the
last of the Herald's witnesses leave
the stand? Our method of computa
tion is not, equal to the task of fur
nishing the figures.
Til k Express of last evening is full
of blackguard attacks on thoHKRAi.D.
We anticipated this course on the part
of the little traitor. It is enlisted in a
bad cause, and being without argu
ment resorts to personal abuse and
poll-parrot vituperation. Theconcern
has never had the slightest influence
iv this somtnunity since it betrayed
the Republican party, to which it was
indebted for its very existence, and
with the effrontery of a purchased tool
advocated the election of a Democratic
candidate, and since its unprovoked
insult to the (Jerman-boi n citizens aud
tacit acknowledgment that it is the
mouthpiece of the Water Company it
has sunk, if such a thing were possi
ble, to a still lower level. Tho Hek-
At.o has a rod in pickle for the little
traitor, which it will feel when the
details of that interview in tlie Super
visor's room are given.
The Rock to be Avoided.
IVople who have not carefully
studied the situation are liable to fall
into error regarding the causes which
produced the great political revolu
tion that is now convulsing the party
organization of the nation, and none
are more liable to be deceived in this
respect than the leaders of the Deino
eratic party. They suddenly find
themselves lifted from the Slough of
Despond to the pinnacle of hope,and as
parties as well as individuals are prone
to attribute the result of accident, the
effect of consequence, the combina
tion which produces good luck, to bet
ter tact and sound judgment on the
part of themselves, it is more than
probable that Democrats will regard
their recent victories as a tribute to
their superior management and purer
principles. Such a conclusion would
b} erroneous, and if fallen into, will
nullify the victories already gained,
wither the fruit that the party ought
to gather, and rob the people of the
g od they hoj>ed to gain by yotlng as
they have. \Vu warn the Democratic
leaders of their danger; we council
them to mako haste slowly; we urge
upon their consideration the impor
tance of redeeming to the letter each
and every pledge upon which they
have secured theii recent successes.
Too much power is tho mill-stone
which has dragged the Republican
party beneath tho wave. A confidence
in their invincibility made them care
less in the selection or public servants,
indifferent about the redemption of
their pledges and almost strangers to
the time-honored principles of the
party. They have reaped the reward
of th* carelcs* aud untrustworthy,
and the Democratic party is as blind as
a mole aud as reckless as a spendthrift
if it does uot profit by the lea»on of
their discomfiture. The successes Iv
the r&ist will manufacture thousands
of Democratic candidates. They will
swarm like the locusts of Egypt, and
unless frowned down will [prove alike
disastrous to the couutiy. It is well
for all parties, aud especially the Dem-,
ocratic, to reuieniijK'r that the people
are at last aron-ed to Uie importancc
the necessity- of selecting as public
servants only men of Integrity and
ability. The old leaders will not do.
They have been weighed and found
wanting, and if parties yield again to
their leadership, they need but expect
a renewal of the defeats thc.\ hive
suffered heretofore.
Mr. Tiffany's Paper Lies.
What tho /■l.rprtns expects toaccom
plish hy repeating day after day that
Mr. Beaudky is the owner of an ex
clusive water franchise granted by
this city, is something which is just
now puzzling those who were until
recently Mr. Tiffany's best friends.
The statement is such a, bald, palpable
and seemingly premeditated false
hood that its daily repetition is lie
coming monotonous to the people.
The fact i s > tfjili it has been several
times set forth in the columus of the
Herald, that Mr. Beaudky has no
exclusive water franchise in this city.
Mark how plain a story shall nuil Mr.
Tiffany's organ to the wall. In 1572
Mr. Beaudry obtained permission to
convey water to a portion of the city
to which the Los Angeles Water Com
pany refused to lay their pipes. He
did not ask for, did not receive and
does not claim an exclusive franchise
to furnish water in that or any other
locality. The Los Angeles Water
Company may lay down pipes by the
side of those now laid down by Mr.
Beaudry and he will not otter the
slightest objection. This does not
look as though Mr. Beaudry held or
claimed an exclusive franchise. Asa
settler to the Express' imaginary fears
that the city may lose by aconflict be
tween Mr. BEAUDRY and the Los An
geles Water Company w,e quote from
the proceedings of tho Council of
October 24th, 1872 as reported in the
Star of November 24th, ls;2. The
subject under consideration was the
Mayor's veto of the BEAUDRY water
Dr. Griffin (of tbe Water Company) here
■poke. He said lie had been advised by legal
authority that the contract as drawn might
lead to litigation hereafter. They hoped Mr.
Beaudry would xtrlke water, tail they wanted
tlie ordinance so drawn t bal l here could be no
interference hereafter with their right a,
The contract was read.
Dr. tlriftln said tlie document did not slate
where the water was coming from. Hit Were
inserted that the water should not be pro
cured fram the zanjas and the river his com
pany might have no objections. They had
paid for that water jind I hey wanted to be pro
tected by a positive declaration to that effect.
The President put tlie question whether the
Council would adhere to the ordinance as
passed, notwithstanding tlie veto.
Mr. Beaudry said lie thought tlie ordinance
should stand, as he was willing to give every
guarantee to the Witter Company that he. Ids
heirs and assigns would convey the right to
them whenever they saw tit to reimburse hi in
for what he bad expended.
Mr. Dennison said be saw nothing to gain
by amending the ordinance. The WaierOom
putty had certain rights which Mr, Beaudry
nor any one else could Interfere with.
The question was put aud the veto was sus
tained by 3 ayes to I noes It requiring a two
llilrd.x vote to override the veto.
Mr,* Beaudry offered to Insert In t lie contract
that he would nut use in bis pipes any water
from Ihe Eos Angeles river, -Messrs. Teed and
Macy Having suid they would vote for it with
such ameiidmetit.
Dr. UrifHn having asked, Why not Include
the zaujas'.' Mr. Beaudry said lie thought tins
Hoard was elected to look alter the interests
of the people, but he found that whenever a
proposition was made for the public benefit
opposition was met from the most unexpected
quarters. How could we expect men ot enter
prise lo spend their means and energy lv a
place where such potty opposition had to be
met. Did anybody suppose he would have
bought that hill properly if lie thought he was
going to be prevented from getting water
there. The objections wore petty and ridicu
This settles the question of~eontiict.
If Mr. Beaudry did not take the
water from the zanjas or the Los An
geles river, the Los Angeles Water
Company did not object, in fact, con
sented to his conveying water on the
hill lands. He has not taken the
water from either one or the other.
A Much Needed Institution.
Within a few weeks, from four to
five thousand yonng women and girls
have been instructed gratuitously in a
range of household and kitchen duties,
of which they were before partly or
wholly ignorant. The instruction
they have received in this short time
has raised them from a state of penury
aud dependence to an independent po
sition, and capable of earning from
thirty to forty dollars per month be
sides their board. This truly benevo
lent work has been accomplished
through the labor and energy of one
noble woman. She had means, and
she saw the great necessity
of aiding tlie industrious helpless
young women iv New York. She
was willing to contribute to their re
lief, but she saw also that the benevo
lent associations had failed to accom
plish the much needed object. She
hired a cook who was master of his
trade and rented a room, then adver
tised that she would give instruction
gratuitously to all the women and
girls that would attend. The cook
would prepare his dishes and lecture
at the same time to all present, ex
plaining all the processes by which
such dishes are prepared. Iv this way
he went over all the list of all the
most desirable dishes, turning them
out ready for th© table. The girls saw
the process, and learned it. The con
sequence was, tire thousand girls, who
could at best earn but four dollars a
week before can now earn three or
four times that sum. The name of
Mrs. HODGE of New York will go
down to posterity as a benefactor of
her race. We presume this will soon
become a permanent institution in all
the thousand cities of our country.
There is more need Jof such an in
stitution in the cities of California
than any place we ever saw. The San
Francisco Bulletin says: "On this side
of the continent our houses are filled
by Chinese servauts. They come like
the plague of Egypt, and they are re
ally as much or a plague. One in
ten of them make a tolerably good
servant, the other nine are not fit to
be in any decent house. They have
learned the art of rendering the
least and poorest service for
the largest reward and this re
ward roust lm continually, jhicVruscd
or .Torllf drops his apron and Hies ihe
track. We might fare even Worse,
But tUis fact is apparent: wo have xot
the be-1 service iv lb,, kitchen the
bronze servant will ever render, lie
is going down si ill lower, for he is ou
Hie down grade. He understands the
household necessities ami has learned
thai even less service than lie rentiers
will Command more p:iy. He has no
sympathy nor jeaelleal llltcresl in the
welfare of his employers and no Man
darin in his native eoimtiV better un
derstands the squeezing process than
John irt his new homo." What is
wanted In Loa Angelea to-day Is four
hundred well instructed young women,
trained under tbe eye of such a woman
as Mrs, lloliiiK. We eo.ild a! o:.e.
issue a declaration of Independence,
Can we not start an Institution of the
kind here? We have the oiler from
one man of the room .and the fuel and
he says his wife will attend every day
to assist in instruct lug, ami there is
not a more competent or rispectablo
latly In Los Angeles. We have heard
some women (who are hot girls) nay
they would be glad to take Instruction
from a good FrCNcn or American cook
who thoroughly understands ids b|t9t*
ness; and weare not BUrebUl that half
the housewives in this c ity would be
greatly benefited by a Pew lessons! in
the kitchen. Now have we not benev
olent men with means who n ill con
tribute enough to employ (he cook?
Lot us hear from our liberal men of
IiOS Angeles. We feel tuJSufod the
means can and will bo forthcoming,
provided a sullieient number of girls
make application. Therefore we in
vite all the girls who wish to receive
instruction to send us their names; we
promise not lo publish them.
Nevada Election.
Vikoima City, November 4th. —
Tlie counting of voles lias not pro
greased Very rapidly, ami present ap
pearances indicate that the business
will not be concluded hero till Thurs
day orFrhlay mormng. At 10:30
this morning the vole .stood as follows
at the Fourth Ward: For Governor —
Bradley (I)eni.), J2Bj llu/.lelt (Rep.),
04. Lieutenant - Governor Adam-,
(I)ein.j, 110; Bowman (Ren.L 78. For
Congressman -Ellis (Dem.y,9">; Wood
burn (Rep.), Ul- Average on the lcg
islativeticket — Republicans, 110; Dem
ocrats, SO. In (hi- Second Ward at
Gold Hill, at the same hour: Gov
ernor—Bradley, 3*6; Hazlott, 105.
Lieutenant - Governor — Adams, 2DQ;
Bowman, ivo. Ellis, 105;
Woodbtirn, 265; with the Sharon Le
gislative tfeket a long way ahead. At
tlie Second Ward at (fold Hill, Brad
toy has 125 majority and Adams 148,
with a heavy majority in favor of the
Sharon Legislative ticket;
Taking these tiiriiivs as an average,
they indicate,that the Sharon Legist
lative ticket will carry the county by
from 200 to Hot) majority: but I Iradloy
ror Governor and Adams for Lieuten
ant-Governor, both Democrats, will
CO lU* out with res] >cc table majorities,
and Woodburn (Republican) for Con
gress, wifl possibly beat. Ellis. Bbc
Irish vote, though polling Uie Deuto
cratic ticket for the other State offi
cers, was terribly scratched in favor of
Woodburn, a naturalized Irishman,
for Congress. The Democrats; expect
to curry all State officer*)] exo.opi < Jon
troller and Secretary of Stale. Some
concede Woodburn (Republican) for
Congress, but others Rgtrfe up a ma
jority of fifty for Ellis. Tlie contest
over Congressmen, in any event, seem
to be close, and may require tho oili
eial count to accurately determine it.
The Democrats express confidence In
having carried both Judges of the
Supreme Court. The Democrats have
curried the legislative tickets and all
else in Elko county aud tilery hope for
a majority in Humboldt, Nye, Esme
ralda and Churchill counties. There
is one consolation to the tax-payers of
Nevada in that there is every proba
bility for the re-election of Bradley
for Governor, so that no thieving bills
are likely to get through the Legisla
ture without his veto. To (he suh
sitfists this outlook is not cotnpromi
A lew dispatches have been received
in Virginia from small precincts in
various parts of the State, but do not
Affect general results. Silver City re
ports a Republican majority of ST on
the Legislative ticket. ■ Belmont, Nye
county, reports a majority of 21 for
Bradley and nine for Ellis. Gehao,
Douglas county, gives Ha/.lef \ I!.ip, I
for Governor 20 majoriry and an aver
age Republican majority on the
county ticket of 180.
The New York Press on the Elections.
Nkw Youk, November 4th.- The
Herald says yesterday's elections
was not merely a victory, but a revo
lution. This verdict of the people
closes the political career of Grant and
the third term is buried forever. The
Herald admonishes Grant to devote
the remainder of his political career to
retrieving the mistakes which have
brought discredit on his administra
tion and defeat on his party.
The Times says the result of the
election will not lie a surprise to any
body. It did all possible to avert the
defeat, but the Republican leaders
were deaf to advice or remonstrance.
Unless the Republican party is con
ducted with greater wisdom and good
fortune during the next two years, the
Tunes predicts TUden will bo Grant's
The Tribune says the verdict of the
country against Giantism is deli vend.
Thu questions before the people were
whether the administration deserves
public confidence and whether it ought
to be perpetuated. Both have been
answered in the negative. The public
has grown weary of six years rule re
markable only for blundering and
Tbe World says the election II as
much a victory for the patriotic mass
of tho Republican party as the Demo
crats, and they may be thankful that
the mad rioting of their leaders in the
insolence of ofliec has been rebuked
and arrested. This is a victory for
free trade, hard money aud home rule.
The Sun says Grant's administra
tion has been shivered to atoms. Its
overthrow is complete and (erritic. It
is the end of Grant and the linishing
blow to the third term.
The "Herald" on the Press Associations.
Nkw Youk, November 4tb. —ihe
Herald editorially comparing the
cable service of the American Press
Association an J the Associated l'ress
this morning says: ''We have ob
served that on several occasions re
cently the American l'ress Assacia
tion has had better dispatches than
the Associated Press, and its members
certainly deserve credit for their en
terprise, promptitude and accuracy.
Latest Telegrams.
ol (hi! 1.1 i i i'pool Colli Mll'i ( i n
iii aai.
San rfßAWt'iaco, November sth,—
The aehoooor < iivyhouwd arrived lo
dav Itiun T.dj:ili. Sbe rf>i>or(s tlie loss
ofthe 1.i\.1 |ii>.i. i iiul .-bi|i Cciilaus by
l're, August istli, near the Marquesas
arouryot islands, lv riWitfl the same
latitude as the ship Mogul was roeent
l.V biji ncd. \\ lien Opium Faster
lieteitnined flint tlie ship must be
abandoned, the boats were lowered
and headed fertile Murquesus Islands.
For Tour, days two of lite boats kept
company. A heavy Rale cain—Ul and
in the night i be boat ertßtnrttrftgf'tJap
tatu I oster and hi-< i|«eu was capsized.
The Mnte's crew dirf all (hey could to
saw them bill failed, owing tt> the
darkness and heavy sea, und alt per
ished. The number of the boat's
crew is not given. AHer drifting
around for scveitteeh day. l -, the male's
crew wna picked up by the Nautilus,
from this poftf. 11 WW afler*ards
learned thai the other male's bout
reached hurl iu-afety. losing but OIK!
man out of seven in tlie pcriUuis pas
Fatal Railroad aeciiienl.
ACS mm *\t jy w*Wf» ,'- eTW^*y
Stockton, 'November £d.-*fA -man
wliii.se name unknown was struck in
tiie lotvheed by lite local traltt'goiug
East to*uitfUL tvbout tt quarter of a
mile below Bautas. He lingered Un
til the Irain arrived at Lathrop. where
iie died while having his wounds
dressed. There was found on his per
son $2Q 2't in money, :i razor and a
dlrk-knife. He was carryinT a pair of
shoes and had slippers on his lect tit
the time of the accident. The remains
were brought here, where an inquest
will be held.
Bargains! Great Bargains!
Anyone desirous of obtaining aoliegpboji
of iiooil Havana eigais, should embrace this
opportunity and conn'a! once, a.> I intend lo
Clear out a large Quantity ot cigars al very
Uf I'KUKS to inaJlc loom lor ii large slock
now on ii> way l.mn the Knst. In lot lose
I his opporl un uy and eail al.
i. tyMidisMi m.
Main SI., licxi W \V. E. & Co.'s Express.
The latent Illustrated Papers always on
NOTICE.— AH parlies wishing the pure'
uenieni gravel from Teed'e Hill lor gar
den or sidcrtjilks, will ploaco leave orders
with r. li. T KIUM'HON,
Corner Spring uud Court fis.,
novT-lw' : 1.0.s Alleles.

l have soi l my entire hiisine s and lood
will oi liill Post!iigj,.ld Ki«K.< nr.tl'HuVk a •, v-
Cy lo Holier! S. Walker. SAM IJElll.lC.
t Khali colVllllUe the l'dll Posting' iimNews
and Hook agency lmsifii ss lately carried ou
by Mr. !!• c. All business entrusieil' to Ine
will receive care and iitlention.
ItoliT. S. WALKEIt.
Addre s ai. communicat inns to llobeits.
Walker, Lid A ngeles, Cal., Htar office. I
T~6 LET. ~tiikee."..i: mci: eek'visi:
cd KoouisMiilalilel'nr l.ian and v' de wit b
out children; also, the use of Hie k itctoen.
Aluily ul 21 Fort street, he.lween First and
Second.' nov.V:!t*
ENVELOPES tor Ihe Policy Express ror
' 1 'a na in nit c.i ii be had at t be I ll I'oii lA NT.
No loiter* wUJ he . an a-d unless placed In
Ihn'sS , nvel.ip, s. Pi lee, Acts. lio'V II in
Quite a Contest.
'I'lierc was go •at excllcmeril \ ou
■Main street on rtCeouHTftf tbe I,in ill fulverllijcd
in an evening's paper to be given Itv Ihe
horse I bat made Ihe best, lime from tbe racur I
track lo A. ClSyns' Mc! ropoj itan Saloon, near
•the Pico House, in order lo try 'some of his
famous Eastern and Calf forh Ift OyHreW. The"
prize was taken away by a genlb 111:111 tscorl.
ing several hemniiul vonng Indies. eeJ:i tw
1 ; z I
Gt. U, r & P. Steamship. Line.
The mailing ofthe steamship
'f* JL •'• * ; ..,*
!'. r F,a"fi PTniiei and principal way pi rts,
bus been'/,' ,
i» om r r i» oin m i)
Sunday, November Bth, '74,
At 10 o'clock A. AL
.1. L. WARD, Agent,
no\7t l |,> Alain Si.
Grange Buiiding, Main St.,
'ftcs'pecmilly ciili Ihe attentYm ofthe ruiillo
(O Ibeir well selected slock of Choice
Groceries, Provisions,
Choico Toas a Specialty.
Ueucral Hiiiiiu;cr.
Will meet the fi ranges of
Los Angeles, San Bernar
dino and San Diego
Counties, as follows:
SATE I!HAY, Nov. 7fb, El Monte and Al
llaueo < .ranges, M El Monte, ut 3 O'clock P.
MOM HAY, Nov. ti. A/.usa Urange nl A/,iisa
School- house, 7 r. At.
TPESDAY, Nov. IOHi, I'islrlct Council at. 10
A. M., nnd Compton nnd Florouen (..'ranges
al 7 I*. M., at ('oliiptoh.
WEDNESDAY, Nov. 11, Fairview and West
minster (iiainn's, at .Masonic Hull, Ana
helm, at 7 P. M.
TIIOIWOAY, Nov. l-J.'.r»taiigo"ot'MV«;!»i IL'lr
Hull, al 'J p. M.; Emit land Grange, al s.o.i.a
Alia, at 7 P. Ml
EKIHAY, .Nov. I !. Vincbuid Grange, ~! T,in
fill cits, nt 7P. if. '
WATCKLAY. Nov. .H, Spadra and Lliijaka
(innigek, al 7 I. spadra.
MONDAY. \"ov. iti, Ulm Grunge, al, Itiij
coii, 7 P. M,
TUESDAY, Nov. 17, illviwdde Grange, ut
llivcrside, 7 P. M.
WFDNEsLAY, Nov, P- ,S:»ll IW'i im id; no
Orange, nl Kanjleraaruliio/z o <lo< k p. .\|.
. I'ltWio jidduiitf af Jl U. m. ~ ~ . ...
' KltfflAY, Nov. Sli "S-lu .tn-lnfo <.ran" ■. at
ten Jaeinto, san UtUfo county, ai 7 p. m,
The cbiuiges above from the published ap
pointments In the Hunt PftMm have b. n
made necessary by tlie meeting of lie I>Lsj
triel Council on fife si crmd Tuesday of No
vember, instead of the flint.
P.itrOli-f wiilmuke nece*mry nrran .emeuis
and give full notice.
Till »S. A. G \HKV.
Master Hisiriet Council.
J. F. M ak^ib, Secretary. novt id
— O X T 11 ■ —
Monday, October 12. 74.
i ■
Eugene Meyer k Co,,
51 &, 53 Main Street
Will open Their
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< 2 t'lMMHefii;
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•! wj *»
I'AKTiI TI.AII A l TL'NTION is called to
Hi!-: Hue vi' goods', Tiefng ot'i i- if I reel lin port a
tion from iho reicm-ntcd manufactories of
Lyon (Frnncc), nnu which will be nolo nl Im
porter's I'rices.
. rr— . ■ . ' tm — ij
Plain Black Goods:
km Fit ess cloth,
ioi LAltl)r>,
A complete slock of the latest styles of
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Mil to stu? Un« inei , * I i
!n treat variety ot tlie latest styles.
Gents' Furnishing Goods,
Corhprlslnt; n full line of the celefifated
California Made Underwear,
Etc., etc., etc.
Complete Assori ment
California and Eastern Hade
& ij
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goods, Our stock is complete in every branch,
huvinn exlinorilinnry facilities iv thepurchase
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sell them al lower prices than other bouses
' re. We shall continue thu
(Successors to S. LAZARD & Co.)
*J. :. II jj£.u l*J C,i.\s. K. Ill) AM..
Real Estate and Money
the FIRM or
Will negotiate Rcitl Eslnle s.ilcs nnd Mblicj
I .onus, I-1 7W 1-2 liwmV P.'ock. • •louiui
Irally.hh a ted. si.x i. oms wll Ii luili :' mi.
Ci-nuilits and tiers in perfect ennuilloh. Sold
with or without Fiirnilnre, lUiddiftt bargain.
streei below A Ininedii—runs through l->
New Coiiihicrciai. l'riee, $7110.
FOR SALE- rvi'i'STV- \cki: ti: \< T
adjoinim; eiiv. | turn choice vines, hoar
lUg. and Mlxini ]i«i orange threes. Willow
fence. price, gLfli 0,
FOR SALE. -TN THIS CITY, one L.-ncrc
11 in I, tv 11 \ set'ln walnut trees, Good lo
enlity and will he sold ul n bargain.
FOR SALE. RANCHO (iV ir.n Acpfs
wi:h iwo houses, weil with thirty ftjel ol
wider. One hall under fence. 3.000 Orange,
I.line. Leuiou, Walnul anduUier trees. :;<>..
000 Vni.'K. -Ainpp' supply <«i w.iler forirri
gllt ion. 'Jit It- pel ice.
FOR SALE. : »° \< RRS F\i:M;v.;i.,nd
w.ili dweiTing house. Under qifnivuilnn
he l ye.ll. [/icntlon, near bowui'y Cit.tyflei*"!.
Winer dtTPli runs through the tract. I'iiie,
FOB SALE.-«» <fcC«KS excellent
corn or Tonacco lund iv Arum Township,
l'riee, scto peraoie.
ship, evil iv.ded garni Ul PiO acres, v. il h
hou-e, ham, corrals, cle. Located neaelt. 1!.
depot. I'l ice, $115 per acre.
FOS? SALE.-55 ACRES LA\'l> -pari of
San Antonio Ifaiicho—splciidd Innil.
Price, Ni.'nm.
FOR SALE. PiroicW Hi'iLi'Lv: lots
Or this cily rrt prfes ranging frnfiT c- _'iie to
$1,500, Apply lo
J. Iff. ftALOWIN,
tiiomul floor, Downev lilock.
Nearly opposite I'oslollice and Court House,
CiO T/ \(\ Vr'lLL dl£v V I'LPT OK
fiP'aSj t* " I fa city rots, coxTcS fee*,
fronting; on three si reels, improved a- fol
A (small) dwelling with oul-houses, elc.
'Jim orange, trees in nursery four years old;
60 orange trees in orchard folir. y ears (kid:
ii lehion trees, Bertfttig;
k lime trooa bearing;
And about lon other fruit Irci s bearing,
llrnainenlal shade trees, shruhboiy and
(lower rfarden, Locusl fence, elc., etc.
FOR SALE.-ueai tieul ciu>pehty
inside city limits, I l .', miles from I'osl
ollice-- 111 aeins, choice and excellent, land,
covered witb fnlit Irees, many or mem bear
ing, consist inn gfOfaiute, I .enioii, Liino, Cit
ron, Apple, f'eiir, Peach, Appi ieol, Almond
and Walnut Irees. Also, übolll 2,01*1 (OTqigll
Urape vines bearing, and a large variety of
Flowers, Hlirubbery ,*c. (iood Hons,' of oik N
rooms in good repair, Kara, Henhouse Ac.
tiood well of ekeulienl wnLei, Also the styeft
consist!ng; of 'J horses, 2 cows, 2 hogs, chick
ens, Wagon, harness, on fts plows and farming
tools Ac, Ac., incliideil. This is one of the
most desirable places in (lie market, and will
be sold at a bargain, Price, ptf»BOO.
1,-MHt KAI.F, A I'OMMOblurs IKt.ff X-
Jj stead pnipejty [ilcasaiilly 10.-un-d near
1 bo centreotitic city, ready for imm.-lial -
laipatiOll (with fill inline, llilcllell lllclisils,
fuel, chickens, etc., il so desired by Ihe pur
chaser,' will he sold on moderate and easy
brins, ll'apidicd lor so Ii icej JfsdUO,
17i«tt WALK.- so aches imon l:\N!»
(Hand loam sol I) located wlljilu a tew rods
ol Ihe Hace Track. Splendid soil loi Ibe cnl-
Inrr ol oraii'jre and lime mv.'. Price | . i i ,
f33 (.(I.
|,->«Ut NA I.K.- -10 ACt;»;,'i.L\in:fl\ I
J 1 Land, arlcslan well, good house and ban)
"±M boHi'ing viue.-;, ami a our. cr;, i .t :;i.n.i . v ■„
Klige dibits. lM»-afe<: v i 11, i n I i, v,. . i
Posloflloe, Price, ; l,i:i.a,
noit na!,»:.- \N i\Vpi:iivkii f.vL.m or
MJ «0 acres, good boost)of live looms, r:il
trraueiy anil artesian Will. Located near
Florence. , Frice, t.i.000.
* in city limits, wilh Ulfl w.ah r |)rivlle(iesj
A line ( banee lor specula! on.' The properly
can lie subdivided and sold logical advan
tage. Price, Ifff.OtW,
near College, UdxlUj. l'ric. , »I,:kJD.
iugLolsou Sepiilveda, luinei and ilan
nlnu' sireeis. Prices from j'-iK) lo -: ua. Terms
easy. I
near i- loieiiee, well impinyed, Tiiruis
Real Estate Brokers,
Nearly oppositePostolltce anil Courl House.
„ ... - ,
VV Spanish Merino ewei from is to ;;o
months old. Address
OO0:3ft Los Angelas I'oslollice.
WANTED. -a vorxti woman w h.>
is v Firsl.L'lass FrencVcook, lalely nr
rived IVoiu Saij Francisco, wishes tysituatloii
in v private family as cook br in other <jof
mestfe capaojlles, She will g.v good refer
ences. Apply to Mr. and Mis. Foil ill'ef,
Coiiiineieiul si reel, opposiio Mn-. i. i' ■ 'd
iug. ,-M
WANTED. -A Mi:-T-ci.A.s.-s cuacil
inun. line who v i iderstands gai di 11 : n
piei'ei'icd. Must have ii good character, in
quire at. J, JONES'
novl-lwt 1,1 Los Angeles SI.
excavate 2,200 cubic yards of earth,
Apply lo C. BBATTDUY.
oot2ol f
riMI I,IX -Ttt'u NICKL\ FI'KMfSII 101'
_1. and very plensanlj.v silnated rooms al E.
Dunbar's, we~Bt*sldo of Hill stroet, .between
Second nnd Third, near new buildiir-'. First
Class board can be bad near by. oet LSI f
j llsh, Geftftan or French. Translations
eon icily made. Terms ■mm lei ale. AppL
P. <>. IU,X 1.17 oct 17- lin'
j 22,000 aores,*7 50 per acre, Address P.ox
iso, Ijos Angeles Postoltioc. ocUI-l'w
Los Nietos Mills,
D.C.Wilson, Proprietor.
<l unlit il y to sypply the market.
Ground Feed a Specialty.
.All orders from customers pr 'Uiptly filled.
Tills mill has recently been i ell tied, and has
SUfUCieUI CapiUilly to grind
"probate notice.
TN THE PROP \TH COURT, Slate of Cali
1. fornia. Oirtfrrty of Lrts A Ihe
Matter of I he iOstiti' of Lemuel p. Wcbber.de
ccased. N it Ice fhr Puhllrttitloii or t lm« loi
proving Will, Elc. Pursuant to nn order of
Ibis Court made this day, noHcc is hereby
given, thai. Monday the sixteenth day of No
vember, A. 1). lK7f, at ten o'clock, A. M., <if
saiil Uay, ut the tloin I ihsiio of this dun I. in
I -os Angeles City, County" of Los Ang-1.-s, hiu.
boon apiioinU'd for hearing flic upplieatJoo of
Maria .1. Webber, praying that a document
now un tile iv this Cimri, pur|ioi't •ng to be the
lasl Will uud lestiilnenl of J .eniih I J. Webber,
-housed, be aduiilled to Probate, and thai
idlers teslnmenlnry he issued Ihereon lo the
said Maria .1. Weiibor, at which lime and
place all persons Inleresled flier, hi not ap
pear and contest (be same.
Haled November lib, IST L
Witness A. W. Polls, Clerk, Willi tbo Seal ol
said Coin t hereunto.
A. W. POTTS. Clerk.
By E. 11. OWKft, Lepuly.
Attorneys. novl-lOd
Curlier WiiIii <tu<l Seeoml Ms.
Oon"t buy a Pianp until you have
The o:.e (Un\ look tlin
i i «; & r pi;iz i-z
At the BmtO Kail ill 1ST I. A1*0 Ml* Now York,
now exhibiting at 11 ip ItiiiU.
octuii r ,;.
MeNprel fully eallstlv al'entloii Of Hie I.a
<Ii>of tbJ/1 City to i lie in. i i luil ha is prepared
to supply tliein wit'n
nntl rvny .nil.-le in
II 13 31 .V IN II A I It.
Ladies-' own lialr minuitiict m ed rrl the ihorl-
Cst notes!., and in
San li'i'smi'isi'n ViatoH.
43 Main street.
0>!t - S: '
iChampion of the World!
London 1862, Paris 1867.
Vienna 1872.
• •!:i»t 1 •
Stockton 1874. San Jose 1874,
Modesto 1874.
Vallejo 1874, Sacramento 1874.
Special attention given to or
ders sent to
"So. I fHWiflUk st -- , -'»* Aii^elesi.
K. W. II AKKAL. (.0 n. Awml,
...yiofim '-' 7 • M, '"^'"" -OH,m "^-
»«.r»H Mil?
And weniemi todo t he laiv Mrtng with :he
public. Nni sell a lew leading articles b«low
eosi, and make it up on other t»oo(ls; but wu
Will sell
All Class of Goods
at merely a living profit. Vou will find now
ill our store, the very h. si sto:jk of
' ALSO, —
Aft)|| line oft lie newei i and prqtticfit
i: '.• ISkmwik ,mi . £
Black Silk,
Fancy Silks,
Delaines, &c,
pvet to Ibis market. I'm I hern)ore
the hist, make of
California Boots and Shoes,
For Lollies; don/s. Misses, Boys and Children.
Also, a 0111 linn of the best
Clothing and Furnishing Goods.
We do not blow nor brag, but If you wish to.
ho Convinced, eoine lo the store
main sTitiCKrj:,
(ITiiderthe Lafayette Hotel,)
And you will find
Cheaper than elsewhere.
oelltJIf .
Perry & Riley's New Building,
o.v si a i n s r n: i-:nyr.
Has recently been completed, and Is now be
in;; put in shape for occupancy. This build
ing is.a Lftiire LliK'i-story brick, situate*! in i,;„
central porfidli ut the inly, between tfie l'leo
Uousv aini.th'' i laivmlon lJolel. !Mia0rsl
lioor U occupied by btisluosii liunseR.'und ti
second ami third lloors are Mulshed oil' lor
rooms lor single gentlemen und fam
ilies. The building is finished in superior
style, the lirussels carpels in the halls ami (ho
Has fixtures, alone costing upwards of Mm.
The building is suppli. d with gu,s und ejty
Furnished romiiK lu sinjju' ;;eji(leinen for
froiiv %\:> to s^a.
Furnished rooms with double beds for sin
gle genllciiu n for lium -/J) to $J8j.
!s>ulte;, of roojus, unfurnished, for fi'jali.l
.suites or rooms, furnished with elegant
marbk -|op An iiitm. , for from $;io to JftO.
A miiiibi r of rooms :ui: til rou^y'.en
KiisterSi V-DO tors coining to Lox Angcle* for
I heir health w ill lind here the most com fort -
.ilpleiiiid pleasniu moms lu the elly.
Iteal K*€mtm Ajrriit,
oct'-Mt t Room 10, ut head of stairs.

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