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FRIDAY, JAN. 1, 1875.
Leading- Events in I.oa Angeles City
and County for the Year 1H74.
The subjoined resume, for the year
just dead, of leading events in Los
Angeles county and city, has been
carefully compiled from the columns
of the Daily Herald. To the resi
dent of tho county it will prove an
interesting review, recalling to mind
the varied incidents of the entire year
—the ups and downs, the joys and
griefs—the entire social life of the
community for that long period. To
the stranger this resurnc will show
that Los Angeles has an active com
munity, that her people are fully
awake to the advantages of this fa
vored section, and determined to make
avail of those same advantages to the
very utmost. The criminal record
shows that Los Angeles, with its pop
ulation of mixed races, is just as or
derly as cities of its size on other parts
of the Continent.
Ist. Gov. Downey serenaded. Clar
endon Hotel races at the Park. At
tempted suicide in high social circle.
Grand African jubilee.
2d. Judge Sepulveda assumes the
official ermine in the District Court,
and Judge O'Melveny in the County
Court. Officers Golden Rule Lodge,
I. O. O. F., No. 160, installed.
3d. First rain Tor the year. Work
commenced on Main Street Railroad.
La Cronlca, the organ of the Spanish
speaking population, celebrates its
third birthday. Skating Rink opened.
4th. Forty tons of bullion received
from the mines. Grand reunion of
the Fort street M.E. Sunday School.
sth. Lively races at the Agricultural
Park. Shipment of oranges com
mences in earnest.
6th. Proposition agitated to secure a
suitable hall for the Public Library.
7th. The Masons pay the last rites
to Peter Wence, who was one of the
oldest and most respected residents of
Bth. The Chamber of Commerce
takes action to increase the facilities
for the exportation of our fruits. The
ranchmen make complaints of horse
oth. The Grangers have an enthusi
astic meeting and decide to establish a
"Grange Co-operative Company,"
with headquarters at Los Angeles.
10th. Visitors from Pennsylvania
inspect the oil wells and refining
works at San Fernando and are greatly
pleased with the prospect, pronounc
ing the oil superior to the Eastern ar
11th. Two hundred and fifty China
men sail for San Francisco. The
First Presbyterian Church organized.
12th. The public schools open their
doors after the Christmas holiday.
The Dexter saloon robbers arrested.
13th. The Sheriff with a posse goes
out to El Monte to drive trespassers
from the Potrero Grande grant. They
fire on the Sheriff's party and wound
one of the deputies, Gabriel by name;
the principal offender, Newman, is
lodged in jail.
14th. Petty thieves lively in their
work. Death at Anaheim of August
Schenck, one of the pioneers of that
loth. Convention of the wool grow
ers of Southern California, and a per
manent organization resolved upon.
16th. A wool-packing house at Wil
mington organized with a capital stock
of $500,000.
17th. The railroad company ftas to
order additional cars to meet tlie in
creased freight demands from the
landing to Los Angeles.
18th. Heaviest storm for six years.
The rivers and creeks all "booming."
The railroad bridge at El Monte
washed away. Man killed at Calarosa
19th. A Mexican killed at Encino
ranch. The Library Trustees want a
one-mill tax for library purposes.
20th. Death of Christopher Henne,
E renounced "one of our noblest and
est of citizens." Apparatus received
for the High School.
21st. A $10,000 fire, damaging New
bauer's furniture store and Stormer's
gun-shop; the Herald office makes a
narrow escape. The coldest day of the
season. James Johnson, a sheep
herder, drowned in the San Gabriel.
22d. Teamsters out of humor as the
streams are higher than for ten years
previous. A new hotel demanded to
keep pace with the largely increased
travel. Grand ball by the printers.
23d. The Congregationalists deter
mine to build a $10,000 house of wor
ship. At a Granger meeting the stock
of tlie "Co-operative Company" goes
ott'like hot cakes well buttered.
24th. An organization formed to
promote the cultivation of tobacco.
Officers of Los Nietos Lodge, No. 197,
I. O. O. F., publicly installed.
25th. Organization of the Second
Congregational Church of Los An
26th. The teetotalers determine to
organize a "Band of Hope." The op
position line of steamers cuts down
freight and passage to San Francisco
to low figures.
27th. The Chamber of Commerce
passes ti "vote of thanks" to Congress
for its prompt attention to the inter
ests of the people of Southern Califor
nia. Another company organized to
develop oil wells north of the city.
28th. Meeting at Temple's Bank and
an organization formed for tlie erec
tion of new gas works. Tlie Grangers
indulge in "harvest feasts."
29th. The cry for "more houses" is
heard on all sides. All the mechanics
in the city overrun with work.
Nib. Faro by steamer to San Fran
cisco reduced to $3, meals and state
rooms included.
31st. A yoking man named Atkinson,
from Massachusetts, Commits suicide
in a lit of insanity.
Ist. Revival in Presbyterian circles.
2d. Dr. Hay ward, of Rich land, elect
ed President of the Agricultural and
Mechanical Exposition of Southern
3d. The Grange Co-operative Com
pany incorporated. Ores rich in gold,
silver and copper, discovered in the
Santa Anita Mountains, twenty miles
from Los Angeles.
4th. Mr. Beaudry determines to
erect a million gallon reservoir on the
hill) with a steam pump of the capaci
ty of 50,000 gallons per hour.
sth. The San Gabriel Orange Grove
Association increases its capital stock
from $25,000 to $50,000. Death of Don
Pablo de la Guerra, ex-Judge of the
Ist Judicial Distictof California.
Oth. Rev. Mr. Birdsall, of the Epis
copal Church, arrives in the city.
7th. Grand carnival and skating
contest at the rink. Races at the Park
and half a dozen other entertainments.
Bth. Unusually large number of
strangers come in by steamer.
9th. One of the chambermaids at
the Clarendon Hotel falls out of a
third story window and is terribly in
10th. Miss Florence Bent, long con
nected with the public schools of the
city, retires from the service.
11th. Death of Mr. McGlothlin, an
old resident of Los Angeles,and a lead
ing Odd Fellow.
12th. The Directors of the Mutual
Aid Association report business rapid
ly on the increase.
13th. Robert Burke, a blacksmith,
shot at Pazo's saloon, and wounded in
the abdomen. Cause, rum.
14th. A rainy St. Valentine's Day.
Opening of the Palace Saloon, fitted
up at a cost of $20,000.
15th. More rain, and all the streams
on a bender.
16th. Andrew Weinechank, a veter
an of the Mexican war,fallsdead,while
picking oranges.
17th. An entire week of rain—mud
dy streets and much grumbling.
18th. Destructive wash on the rail
road to San Fernando; the bridge
across New river washed away.
19th. Grand Lecturer Caswell, of the
Grand Chnpter,R. A. M.,of California,
visits the craft in Los Angeles.
20th. Man drowned iv attempting to
cross the San Gabriel.
21st. Heavy shipment of orangos
that realized $45 per thousand. A car
load of oranges received from Sau
Gabriel Mission.
22d. The ministers make Washing
ton the subject of their discourses.
23d. The Herald it purchased by
the business men of Los Angeles as a
reform organ.
24th. El Monte under water. Rev.
Mr. Birdsall refuses the Episcopal pas
25th. The Chamber of Commerce
urges that the owners of vessels that
have done away with lighterage be
patronized by the community.
26th. The Compton Grange receives
a large accession of new members.
The Grangers around Anaheim de
mand a sub-co-operative store at that
27th. An agent of the bee-keepers
goes to San Francisco to make ar
rangements for the sale of honey.
28th. The Turners give a grand mas
querade. The Ancon, an elegant
steamer of 1,000 tons burthen, put in
the Los Angeles trade.
Ist. "The Los Angeles City and
County Printing and Publishing Com
pany" assumes management of the
Herald, to labor earnestly for the
public good. The Mexican war veter
ans place in the grave their deceased
comrade, Capt. Atkinson.
2d. The new county officials put on
their harness.
3d. County Clerk Potts receives his
commission for a second term.
4th. Rumor that Vasquez and his
gang had robbed the stage and were
secreted near Los Angeles.
sth. Col. Jones reports favorable
progress on the new wharf at Wil
mington, being erected by the South
ern California Shipping Association.
6th. The Herald Printing Company
incorporated under the provisions of
the State law.
7th. Large receipts of bullion. Large
accession to the membership of the
Los Angeles Grange.
Bth. Governor Safford of Arizona
entertained by the citizens ef Los An
9th. Large orders from San Fran
cisco for Los Angeles oranges, as they
outrank all other varieties. Compton
has an elopement.
10th. Death of Mr. Reiss, assistant
agent of the Pacific Steamship Com
pany. Temperance prayer meetings
11th. G. D. Compton elected Presi
dent of the Grange Co-operative Com
pany. Public school exhibition at
Tum-Vereiti Hall.
12th. The Grand Jury report in favor
of a new jail.
13th. The Los Angeles Bar testify
their realization of the great loss sus
tained in the death of Unas. .Sumner.
14th. Entertainment for the benefit
of the public library. The Southern
District Agricultural Society decides
to have "spring races."
15th. A German named John Hirt
hangs himself atthe Tujunga. Bishop
Kip discourses at Templars' Hall.
16th, Material arrives for the con
struction of a new light-house at San
17th. The Irish people celebrate "St.
Patrick's Day" and have a grand ball
at night.
18th. New cars received for the Los
Angeles Division of the Southern Pa
ciflO Railroad, Orange Lodge, Inde
pendent Order of B'nui B'rith, organ
ized by the I[ebrews.
19th. Coeur de Leon Cominandery,
No. 9, Knights Templar, holds its an
nual election; U.S. Orme selected as
Eminent Commander. The Chamber
of Commerce ask Congress to assist
in the construction of the Texas and
Pacific Railroad.
20th. The ladies organize a Temper
ance Club. Mrs. Mary Ann Median
dies from Intemperance and destitu
21st. "Tangle-foot" kills an Indian
near Anaheim.
22d. The women appeal to the
churchmen to unite with them in
lighting king alcohol. Five confirma
tions at the Episcopal Church.
23d. Mr. Jacobs of Pananiint ad
dresses the Chamber of Commerce
and pronounces the new mines ex
haust less and very rich.
24th. Enthusiastic temperance rally
by the ladies and a "street crusade"
25th. The Orient saloon burglarized.
Silver Grange, Patrons of Husbandry,
pass resolutions of respect to the mem
ory of Catherine Lower, a deceased
26th. The Odd Fellows determine to
erect a handsome hall at Los Nietos.
27th. The firemen demand horses for
their "steamer," under threat of dis
banding In case of refusal.
28th. The Grangers have a "Harvest
Feast" in Los Angeles. Liberal sub
scriptions made by citizens for a road
to Panamint.
29th. Revival among the Methodists.
30th. Three alarms of fire—one at
the Clarendon, another at the New
York Brewery, and a third at a Mexi
can hut iv the suburbs.
31st. A visitor from San Francisco,
S. Levy by name, drops dead in the
street. The colored population rejoice
over the 15th amendment,
Ist. The Grangers have a grand re
union and ball.
2d. Tlie Hebrews observe the Pass
over feast.
3d. Mr. Standiford killed by Con
stable Lilly at Spadra, in self-defense.
4th. The firemen disband their or
ganization, but say that they will
hold themselves ready for work incase
of an emergency.
. sth. Easter Sunday observed by the
churches and Bab bath Schools. Grand
Sacreil Concert by the M. E. Sunday
6th. The establishment of a coal-yard
agitated. Prof. Fowler, the phrenolo
gist, examining bumps.
7th. A laborer named Gille killed
by a falling wall on the premises of F.
Sth. Silver ore discovered within a
few miles of Los Angeles that assayed
$1,600 to the ton.
9th.—J. M. Bassett, late of the San
Francisco Chronicle, assumes editorial
charge of the Herald.
10th< The name of "San Pedro"
changed to "Wilmington." Rejoicing
at the harbor. Martin Gasse, a French
man, cuts his throat at his boarding
house, while under the Influence of
11th. Reunion of Mexican war vet
12th. The Herald complains that
there are too many races on the streets
for Sunday.
18th. Mr. Beaudry makes a success
ful sale of hill lots. The " Independ
ents" want a $2,700 Babcock Extin
14th. A call is made for the estab
lishment of a paper mill. John A.
Brown assumes charge of the Claren
don Hotel.
15th. Two laborers on the railroad
thrown from a band-car and badly in
jured. The U. S. Railway Commis
sioners, accompanied by prominent
railway officials, arrive in the city to
examine the railroad from Los Ange
les to San Fernando and from Los An
geles to Spadra; they report the roads
built fully up to the requirements.
16th. Meeting of citizens in favor of
the building of a narrow gauge road
to Cerro Gordo. Vasquez makes a raid
on Rappetto's ranch, near the Old
Mission; our authorities start in pur
suit, but fail to make a capture.
17th. Fire in a Chinese tenement on
Los Angeles street; little damage, but
big excitement.
18th. F. P. F. Temple elected Presi
dent of the Los Angeles and Inde
pendence Railroad.
19th. Col.Walsh, a prominent Dem
ocrat of San Francisco, visits the city.
20th. Excursion to San Fernando to
witness the christening of that town.
21st. Ah Kong, a Chinaman, worth
$20,000, on trial for murder, is scut to
the penitentiary. The Sheriffs of Ala
meda and San Joaquin counties here
after Vasquez.
22d. Foot-pads assault citizens on
Spring and Fort streets. Vasquez
again gives his pursuers the slip.
23d. W. W. Kimball, a ranchman
above Spadra, dies from the rupture
of a blood vessel.
24th. The Los Angeles Tobacco As
sociation commence active operations.
25th. J. W. Gillette elected Worthy
Chief of Merrill Lodge, I. O. G. T.
The Los Angeles Grangers have an
other "Harvest Feast."
26th. Bold robberies near Sau Ga
briel Mission.
27th. The Odd Fellows have a grand
celebration of the 55th anniversary of
their Order in the United States.
28th. Large receipts of bullion.
29th. Two Chinamen sent to San
Quentin for ten aud six years respect
ively,for muderlng a brother Celestial.
30th. Grading completed on the new
horse railroad, and track laying com
Ist. Grand Oranges picnic. Tlie pub
lic schools closed and the childrcn»go
a-Maying. ,
21. Mr. Caldwell starts out to locate
a direct wagon road from Los Ange
les to the Pananiint mines.
3d. Picnic and ball by the Turn-
Veiein. Sycamore Grove alive with
happy Teutons.
4th. J.Oi Angeles offers live acres of
land for the establishment of fruit
drying works.
sth. The Mexicans in Sonoracele
brate thi! expulsion of the French,
under Razaiue, from Mexico.
Sth. A debating society organised by
the young people of the city.
7th. Delegation of Odd Fellows leave
to attend the Grand Lodge.
Bth. Reward offered for arrest of
Vasquez—sß,ooo for the robber alive or
$6,000 for his dead body.
9th; Hooka opened for subscription
to the Los Angeles and Independence
10th. Rumor that Vasquez is in the
city—fortunately without foundation.
11th. A Mexican woman, named
Rafaila, dies in Sonora, from ill treat
ment by her husband. Gold and sil
ver discovered seven miles northeast
of Los Angeles.
12th. The Patrons of Husbandry
have a satisfactory re-union. Annual
meeting of the Library Association.
13th. The Grangers decide to erect a
warehouse near Anaheim and to es
tablish a Grange store in this city.
14th. Vasquez, the noted bandit,
captured and lodged In jail amid im
mense excitement. Little Billy Ru
bottom, of Spadra, run over by the
cars and killed.
loth. Vasquez tells the story of his
life to the Herald editor.
16th. Vasquez still " lionized." The
Grand Officers of the Knights of
Pythias visit Los Angeles to institute
a lodge of the Order.
17th. Samuel Kyle, while on a spree,
commits suicide. The Red Men picnic
at Arroyo Seco.
18th. Considerable interest excited
in the gold and silver discoveries in
Les Pelones Cafion.
19th. Last rails laid on the Spring
and Sixth Street Railroad.
20th. Mexican lad fatally injured by
a runaway team on Alameda street.
21st. The Panamiut mines excite
ment increases, owing to glowing re
ports by \V. B. Caldwell and others.
22d. Bold operations by Mexican
foot-pads in Anaheim—a lady garroted
in one of the principal streets.
23d. Vasquez taken from the jail and
removed to Salinas City. The Los
Angeles Savings Bank with capital of
$300,000 incorporated. Grange at Spa
dra organized.
24th. Engineer Crawford returns
from the Cajon Pass and reports that
a railroad from Los Angeles to Inyo
county can be cheaply and readily
26th. Views taken by Mr. Johnson's
party of the sights in and about Los
Angeles to enlighten the people of the
East and North.
26th. An Indian named Jose is found
dead in the zanja near the ice-house—
whisky the cause.
27th. Beaudry's Water-works on the
Hill completed and put In successful
28th. Complimentary banquet to Mr.
Beaudry for hla enterprise as displayed
in the Water-Works project.
29th, The lawyers decide to organize
a "Bar Association." A military
Company organized under the com
mand of Maj. Sacriste. Commence
ment of the Spring races.
30th. Sudden death of W. L. Jones,
a prominent resident of El Monte,
while viewing tha races.
31st. Grand excursion to Spadra.
Serious depredations by sheep thieves
In vicinity of city. Boy killed in So
hora l»y falling from bis horse.
Ist. " The Co-operative Nursery and
Fruit Company of Los Angeles Coun
ty," capital stock $250,000, incorpor
ated, with Thos. A. Qarey as Presi
2d. The police arrest " Spanish Joe,"
charged with robbing a lady on the
highway in Anaheim.
3d. Two Mexicans and an American
make a raid upon a ranch near El
Monte, and attempt to murder the pro
prietor and his wife. The Los Ange
les Petroleum Refining Company olect
F. P. F. Temple its President.
4th. Public examination at the High
6th. El Gordo, the desperado who
committed robbery and attempted
murder, is captured and hung by
masked men.
6th. Representatives of the Texas
Pacific Railroad visit Los Angeles and
are "well pleased."
7th. Quite a number of gold and sil
ver hunters leave for the new mines in
San Bernardino county.
Bth. The Coroner fails to ascertain
who swung up El Gordo. The citizens
give a rousing benefit to Miss Anna
9th. Gabriel Mendioroz shot dead by
Jaime Fernandez, the result of a fam
ily feud.
10th. Constable Sam Bryan shoots a
ranchman named Schmidt, in self de
fense, but the wound fortunately is a
slight one.
11th. The citizens resolve to cele
brate "The Fourth" In fitting style.
12th. The school examinations are
concluded to the satisfaction of all con
13th. Olive Lodge, No. 26, Knights
of Pythias, Instituted. Nicholas Fe
lis, while drunk, drowned In the zanja
near the Catholic Cemetery.
14th. Exodus of citizens to Santa
Monica and other resorts.
15th. The Farmers' and Mediants'
Bank take possession of their splendid
new quarters.
16th. Los Angeles demands a col lege.
Exhibition at the Sisters' School.
Military ball by the Los Angeles
17th. H. Burdick elected N. G. of
South Star Degree Lodge, No. 7, I. O.
O. F. The Grangers start to San Fran
cisco after goods for their co-operative
18th. The Council refuses to levy a
tax for Library purposes.
19th. Over $200,000 of the capital
stock of the Los Angeles Co-operative
Fruit and Nursery Company taken.
20th. The Turners have a grand au
nlversary celebration and ball.
-Ist. Ono hundred ml more make
an excursion to Spadra. me Episco
palians worship in their new church,
22d. Wells, Fargo & Co. compelled
by increased business to enlarge their
2:iil. Visitors from Pananiint again
stir up the blood by reports of Immense
ore discoveries.
24th. Excursion to the San Fernando
oil works to witness the new process
for refining kerosene oil.
25th. The Council refuses to make an
appropriation for the Fourth of July
20th. The citizens contribute liber
ally to the relief of tho Louisiana suf
27th. Tlie firemen have a grand
torch-light excursion. Excursion on
the street-car line.
28th. Excursion to San Fernando.
Frenchmen picnic at Arroyo Seco.
29th. John McDonald, the keeper of
a cheap boarding-house, kills his wire
with a butcher knife, while she is
nursing her babe.
30th. Picnic of the Hebrew Sunday
School. Fears entertained that Mc-
Donald, the wife murderer, will be
mobbed, and the jail guarded by sol
Ist. A new company organized to
prospect for oil. Dr. J. H. McKee en
ters on tlie duties of Health Officer.
2d. The Counciluien, as individuals,
make liberal donations to the 4th of
July fund.
3d. John O. Wheeler goes to work as
Deputy U. S. Collector. Carmen Lugo,
who murdered a lad at Verdugo
Ranch, arrested in San Diego county.
Great land sale at San Fernando.
4th. The "glorious Fourth" ob
served in grand style. The Grangers,
soldiets, firemen, Turners, Mexican
war veterans and citizens generally
participate. Not a single accident and
"nary" arrest. Ten thousand visitors
in the city.
sth. Mining machinery shipped to
6th. The Los Angeles Savings Bank
commences operations, a dairyman
named Welch attempts suicide on
Main street.
7th. The Grangers at Azusa decide
to contribute to the fund for the com
pletion of the national monument to
Washington on the Potomac.
Bth. Col. J. J. Warner appointed U.
S. Commissioner in Bankruptcy. Ma
sonic honors to the memory of John
Goller, deceased. The Turners select
Joseph Kurtz as their President.
Oth. California capitalists come to
Los Angeles with heaps of coin and
loan the same out at one per cent, per
10th. The Aliso Flour Mills destroyed
by lire. Loss $20,000 on building and
machinery; insurance $7,500; also
heavy loss in Hour and grain.
11th. San Francisclans in the city
purchasing thotfsanda of sheep.
12th. Samuel Prager elected Presi
dent of tlie Hebrew Order of B'nai
B'rith, and visiting brethren from
San Francisco entertained. Deatli of
John Reed, a respected pioneer of Los
Angeles county.
13th. The people of Los Nietos decide
to build a huge hotel.
14th. The Good Templars excurt to
Gallatin. Geo. Mlllikenj of the City
Ice Works, thrown from a buggy and
badly injured.
15th. The Chamber of Commerce
pronounces the "Local Option Law"
dangerous to American liberty.
16th. Joe Murphy in town. Effort
to drive the "scarlet women" from
the city.
17th. The Los Angeles Tobacco As
sociation commences to gather its first
crop, a fine one. The Grange Store
doing a stunning business.
18th. Prof. Denton delivers a course
of interesting lectures. Circus in town.
19th. Big row in Sonora; the mob
fight the police, but are conquered.
20th. The Castac Water Ditch and
Placer Mining Company organized, to
operate on tlie Santa Clara river.
21st. Large orders received from the
East for Los Angeles wines.
22d. The Jews pay their annual visit
to the graves of their dead.
23d. Messrs. Potts & Co. purchase
200,000 orange, lemon and lime trees.
24th. The Grangers decide to erect a
paper mill. Fire at Wilmington.
Corona, an accomplice of Vasquez,
found guilty of robbery.
25th. The subscription list of the
Herald looming up beyond prece
dent; sixty-six subscribers to the
weekly and seventeen to the daily in
one day.
26th. Big rush to the surf baths at
Santa Monica.
27th. The people of San Bernardino
iv mass meeting pledge themselves to
co-operate with Los Angeles in build
ing a railroad to Inyo county.
28th. Firemen's ball at Turner Hall.
Man stabbed In Sonora. The authori
ties at Anaheim shoot a desperado
named Moreno.
29th. Attempt to blow open a safe at
tlie railroad depot at San Gabriel.
Destructive prairie fire near Spadra.
30th. Officers of Olive Lodge No. 26,
Knights of Pythias, J. W. Wolenberg,
P. C, installed.
31st. The Good Templars censure the
members of the Chamber of Commerce
for their denunciation of the Local
Option Law. Gold excitement at San
Ist. Our officials go on a hunt for
Cbavls, Vasquez's lieutenant, who
kills another man in Soledad Cafion.
Col. Peel returns from his petroleum
wells with most favorable reports.
2d. Arrival of Geo. B. Davis to erect
works for the Alden fruit drying pro
cess. The pleasure-seekers at Santa
Monica suffer from sneak thieves.
3d. Row among the saw-bones about
diplomas. Sum Meyer elected Presi
dent of the Hebrew Benevolent Soci
4th. Visitors from Inyo county re
port a slight earthquake in that sec
6th. A big squad of Chinamen start
for Los Angeles.
oth. Wilmington and Los Nietos
refuse to close up dramshops. Comp
ton shuts them up.
7th. Fine specimen! of gold and sil
ver ore from San Fernando presented
to the Herald otiice.
Bth. A shoemaker named John Hen
singer suicides with opium; cause,
9th. Arrival of railroad officials to
commence active operations on the
Anaheim branch.
10th. Miss Mollie Binford presents
oil paintings to the Public Library.
11 tli. The Etheopiansorganize amil-
Itary company—the Temple Guards.
The Compton Grangers enjoy them
selves In the woods.
12th. Attempt to assassinate Judge
O'Mulveny's Chinaman. Death of E.
C. Phelps, a member of Los Angeles
Lodge No. 42, F. & A. M.
18th. Row in Chinatown among the
14th. Frank Tedrow, of Gospel
Swamp, killed by Frank Edwards in a
den near the Plaza —a woman the
15th. Mr. Davis, having secured a
site for his fruit drying factory, leaves
for San Francisco after machinery.
16th. The Masons at El Monte de
cide to erect a college. Father Flana
gan presented with an elegant watch
and chain.
17th. Red Men determine to organize
a "tribe" in Los Angeles.
18th. Thos. A. Garey organizes a
Grange at Rincon.
19ih. Donation of books to the Li
brary by Hon. A. Higbie, of Compton,
and others.
20th. The Germans resolve to estab
lish an efficient German School. The
Grand Jury goes for the demi-monde.
21st. New discovery of oil wells, of
the finest quality, in the Sau Fernando
22d. The Gas Company compelled to
enlarge their works.
23d. Louis Arnold, a printer from
San Francisco, out of money aud
friendless, commits suicide at Ana
heim. The Presbyterians organize a
Sunday School.
24th. Ex-Gov. Marcus L. Ward, of
New Jersey, visits our Orange groves.
Compton Grange loses a valuable
member, Wm. Morton.
25th. The Anaheim extension ready
for the iron.
26th. Major Mitchell appointed Dep
uty Sheriff. Mr. Garey leaves to es
tablish Granges in San Diego county.
27th. Child drowned in zanja on Los
Angeles street, but life restored.
28th. The Grange Co-operative store
reports cash sales of over $6,000 per
29th. Influx of miners from Pana
mint with rich specimens of quartz
and flowing over with excitement.
30th. Excursions to the coast.
31st. The Los Angeles Coast Rail
way Company organized, witli Judge
Thompson as President, to build a
narrow gauge road from the city to the
Ist. Rev. Dr. Francis, of the Chinese
Mission, arrives with intent to work
for the salvation of the Celestials.
2d. Stealers of timber from Govern
ment lands come to grief.
3d. Excursion parties to the sea
shore and Santa Catalina Idand.
4th. The newspaper men have a
watermelon lunch at Temple's Bank,
on melons three feet long.
sth. Carl Luther dies suddenly at
San Fernando.
6th. Organization of the Baptist
Church, Rev. J. C. Curtis pastor. Am
brosia Salazar almost burned to death.
7th. Ground broken for a new Post
office block. Los Angeles oranges
shipped to Europe.
Bth. The Los Angeles Guards mus
tered into the State service.
9th. Every mechanic hard at work
and still the cry is more houses. TJ.
S. Senator Stewart in the city after
Panamint mining property.
10th. Mark Carleton, a promising
pupil at the High School, accidentally
kills himself with a revolver.
11th. Los Angeles Lyceum organ
ized. Two noted horse-thieves, Bias
Robles and Marquis Leiva, lodged in
jail. Arrival of excursion party from
New England.
12th. Arrival of Senator Jones, of
Nevada, en route to Panamint. The
Los Angeles Grangers denounce the
removal of Prof. Carr from the State
University. The Hebrews' New Year
strictly observed.
13th. Excursion to the camp meet
ing at Los Nietos. Excessive indul
gence in whiskey kills Dionicia Velas
quez in Sonora. The Germans organ
ize a political club.
14th. The Steams flour-mill destroy
ed by lire; loss very heavy.
15th. Senator Jones subscribes
$220,000 to the Los Angeles and Inde
pendence Railroad.
16th. The Mexicans celebrate the
anniversary of Mexico's release from
Spanish rule.
17th. Arrival of 800 tons of freight,
en route to the Panamint mines.
18th. Celebration of Chilian Inde
pendence. Heavy flres in San Gabriel
19th. Thos. Peters, stage driver to
San Bernardino, presented with a $300
watch by W., F. & Co., for his bravery
In protecting the treasure-box from
20th. Grand revival in Chinatown.
21st. Funeral of Hannah Dickinson,
a pupil of the Sisters' School.
22d. Great land sale at Downey City,
at rates from $25 to $165 each.
23d. Visit from the Grand Chan
cellor, Knights of Pythias, of the
24th. The citizens petition the Coun
cil for better protection against de
structive fires. Ex-Lieut.-Gov. Holdeu
in the city.
25th. Death of Rev. L. P. Webber, a
pioneer of California, at Anaheim.
One Chinaman tries to scald another
even unto death.
23th. Rev. J. R. Tansey appointed
Presiding Elder of the Methodist
Church for Los Angeles District, and
Rev. Mr. Campbell pastor of the
church. A hall demanded for the 600
! Odd Fellows of Los Angeles. A sheep
herder murdered at a fandango at the
Rincon. •
27th. The Herald enters on the
third year with the brightest pros
] pects. A Chinaman drops down dead-.
28th. Rates by steamer from San
I Francisco to this city reduced from

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