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2U<jdc«s Icvatit.
SUNDAY, JAN. 3, 187"..
ONE hollar per Square of ten lines, first
insertion, and twknty-k: vio cents per Square
(breach subsequent Insertion.
The following postal changes went Into op
era! ion, July Ist, IS7I: All publications are
free of postage to subscribers in Hie county In
Which they arc published. Hooks and pack
ages of merchandise, to the weight of four
pounds, can be sent by mail ut the rate of one
cent for every two ounces or fraction over.
Tied packages may he entirely enclosed.
Some portion of sealed packages must lie
opened for Inspection,
Not a single arrest on New Year's
The Board of Supervisors meet on
Monday morning.
A stage leaves for Panamint on Wed
nesday; fare, $35.
Tlie Ventura will he here to-morrow
from San Francisco.
The Temple tluards, colored troops,
wlli parade to-morrow.
Deputy Sheriff Albert Johnson has
just returned from Pauumint.
On New Y'eai'* day Justice Tratt'ord
made Ramon Valencia and F.mma L.
Peables one.
The Sisters of Charity have just had
a fair at Santa Barbara and cleared
over $1,500.
Kearney's new hotel at Downey
City was formally opened oa New
Year's day with a grand dinner.
Over 170 passengers and 375 tons of
freight arrived from above, on Friday
night, on the Salvador.
There are messages at the Western
Union Telegraph Office for Samuel
Shorey antl Capt. W. P. Rurke.
D. A. Stern will soon return from
San Francisco and establish a second
hand furniture store on Aliso street.
J. W. Wohlenbiirg has been selected
to represent tho Knights of Pythias of
Dos Angeles in the next Urautl Lodge
of the State.
Two youths on Commercial street
had a lively fight on Friday morning
and both were considerably battered—
a bad beginning for the New Year.
Over 50,000 gallons of wine were
made last year at Pelancoui's wine
manufactory on Alameda and Wine
The Grangers are determined to live
well. A tine lot of the celebrated
Dupy hams have just beeu received
from the East at the (Jrange store.
Visitors from Arizona report heavy
snows in the northern part of that ter
ritory. This will make placer mining
lively next Spring.
The Good Templars have a social
re-union at Downey City on Wednes
day night next. Quite a party from
Ijos Angeles will be in attendance.
Itev. Mr. Packard, of the Congrega
tional Church, will deliver a lecture
belore the Good Templars on Sunday
uighl next.
Gur jolly friend Herman Morris is
.in the city to enjoy his New Year's
holiday. He will return to Downey,
his place of business, to-morrow.
The real estate and auction firm of
Dewey, Kimball & Co., has been dis
solved, Mr. Kimball retiring. Tlie
business will be conducted at tho old
Mtand by Mr. Dewey.
Our streets were lively on New
Year's Day witli gay equipages, filled
with callers. Quite a number of the
ladies were at home, and their visitors
were hospitably entertained.
During the year 1874 there were
18,250 new guests registered at the
United States Hotel. At the Lafay
ette there were about the same number
of arrivals.
The Salvador came into port from
San Diego last night. Passengers
booked ou this boat for San Francisco
will leave the depot this morning at
Superintendent Hewitt made a trip
over the railroad to Anaheim yester
day and found the road-bed satisfac
tory. Trains will be run regularly to
Anaheim on and after the middle of
this mouth.
During the past week quite a num
ber of tin mines, just as rich as they
can be, have been discovered near
Lyons' Station, some sixteen miles
from San Fernando. The excitement
runs high.
In the vicinity of Santa Barbara a
farmer last year raised over 60,000
pounds of Florida tobacco on thirty
acres of laud. He has sold tho same
at 40 ets. per pound for Eastern ship
The Santa Barbara Press says that
lit is very shabby for that county to
send its destitute sick to the hospitals
in Los Angeles and other counties.
Correct! build a hospital and keep
your sick at home.
A real estate sharp, some two years
ago, in San Diego, forged the name of
a Chicago man to a deed, added there
to a bogus notorial acknowledgment,
and sold property to the value of
$3,000. He fled to Peru, but couldn't
keep away from California. He has
come to grief.
John Bcnner, the thoroughbred
butcher, bought a fine bull of the
Saxes yesterday, liull-y for him! Mr.
Saxe leaves for San Francisco on the
12th, and starts for the Sandwich Is
lands on the 28th. He has only three
bulls left in lsos Angeles, which shows
.that our people appreciate fine stock.
On the Ventura, due here to-mor
row, are the following passengers, viz:
\V Cogswell, D A Williams, F V Hol
maq, R P Chapin, T W Person, Thos
Barton, G H Alden, J M Crow, R W
Ready, A W Edwards, Nicola Rogsi,
F B Benton, J Barenz, M Whaling,
E W Reynolds, J P McNevin, Miss
Tuorndike, J H Carr, (} R Goodwin,
Mrs Berkley, Miss X Borden, James
McKnight, J W Roop, James Pearson,
J Barnard, Lawrence Cloetz aud fam
[Written for the HERALD].
s. p. smith.
Farewell, farewell to old Seventy-Foil";
'Tlh gotio wltl. nil Its sorrow* ami Issra—
'Tis gone with Its ho,»es, ami Joys evermore,
With its pleasures, its sadness and tears.
How lleetlug is timet
Shall we pouder it well?
While ut midnight we bid
The Old Your farewell.
Tls gone! and with It ourcastles In air,
We'd reared for tho future a twelvo-month
An 1 our pidsp'ets and plans that then bid
us fair,
Have vanished life... dew-drops when early
wiuds blow.
And when we had hoped
Thai all woul 1 be woil,
Disappointments have come-
To the Old Year, farewell.
'Tls gone! and many who started out then
With bright golden dreams, and cheerful
in heart,
Willi hopes mounting high—have faltered,
and when
Their bright visions vanished huve failed
lv their part.
Then, Joyous and happy—
Now sorrowing dwell;
As at midnight we bid
Tho Old Year farewell.
'Tls gone! and oh how many loved ones,
Have passed from its stage of action and
Borne amid weeping friends at their homes,
Some far away, or mid carnage and strife.
They are gone! and with us
Sad memories dwell,
As at midnight we bid
The Old Yeur farewell.
'Tls gone! why lament the Old Yoar's adieu?
Worse tiiau folly now to grieve or com
Then with glau hopes let us welcome the
Gird on the bright armor of action again.
With faith In tho future
That all may be well,
Now at midnight we'll bid
Tbe Old Year farewell.
Then ring, ring y>> bells in merry chime,
For 'tis the birthday of Old Time;
King till the nation's heart shall feel,
The Joyous shock of every peei;
And every soul un anthem raise,
To welcome in tho golden days.
Uiug for the new born, loud aud long, v
Not for tho Old Year, that were wrong.
Though Seventy-Four's forever lied,
It is not numbered with tho dead;
As poets In the olden time,
Iluvesungiu many a plaintive rhymo.
Hut all our actlons,ull our lives
Are folded up In Heaven's archives;
A perfect transcript written clear,
Of right and wroug transacted here.
Ring then aloud, the New Year's come!
Let every heart and every home
He light aud happy, choerful, guy-
To greet another New Year's Hay.
And we, who in this favored spot,
This sunny slime, have cast our lot;
Uhul anthems nomeach lip should fall,
Of "Happy New Year" unto all.
Los Angeles, Cal.
[Written for the HERALD]
'Tis looked Within my memory,
An>l naught but death can tear from mo,
Tli' impression left by one sweet, word,
Perchance tho dearest over hoard.
1 know, perhaps, by some 'twould seem
An idle thought of sweet -Ixteen;
Hut what you said, it must be true,
for naught but truth oould come from you.
Home, moulded by the hand of Kate,
Aro born to Jove, or born to lime,
And sprinkling doubt with pure alloy,
Are such as earth deprives of joy.
■ball I, my pretty cherub maid,
Believe untrue what you have said?
One moment's doubt Is bitter woo,
I cuunot think it—no! no! no!
As trav'lers plod some unknown way,
Without a light, or single ray,
Henighted leave them moving on,
To lind some spot not so forlorn;
Now here, there Is no doubt in this,
For lost they cannot go amiss,
They had already gone astray,
And find their exit any way.
You took the apple from ths shelf,
And ate it, dear, your own sweet self;
I named that's very true Indeed,
You told me thou what said the seed.
Then doubt is banished from my heart,
And|fro|ii me never will It part,
When "naming" comes as nopos above,
Oh joy! "tut loves, she loves, both love."
Believe me then, what's said is truo,
1 take it all in all from you.
Ho let the Old Year pass away,
And hope smile brightest New Year's Day.
With some, perhaps, of colder cllmo,
.Such words are thought as "passing time;"
To those by nature warm,oh never!
Once he loves, the loves, both forever;
Tho apple spoke, and grafted, let it be,
Ou our hearts toall eternity,
Now don't be angry with me dear,
For what I mean is very clear.
Why naming apples now-a-days,
Is eholoe among our parlor plays;
Aud though unpleasant now and then.
Apples are apples and men are men.
Los Angeles, New Year's Eve, '7-1.
The Disciples of Christ held a re
union on New Year's night, at the
German church, on Spring street. Tho
music especially deserves and received
applause; besides the choruses, Mr.
and Mrs. Linton sang "Parting
Hours" very pathetically. After re
freshments Kris Kingle made his ap
pearance, loaded with toys, which
were distributed among the children
present, both members of the Sunday
Schools and outsiders. The Sunday
School has been organized but a few
weeks, ami the fact reflects extra
credit upon its members for the sue
cessful ending of the year.
The annual ball of the Los Angeles
Social Club, given at their spacious
and elegant on New Year's eve,
was largely attended by the best peo
ple in the city, and from the first
promenade to the farewell gallop
everything went off in first-class style.
Tlie hall was elegantly decorated and
all the arrangements were perfect.
Tlie Terpsichorean Social Club had
a most enjoyable ball on New Year's
night at Deck's Hall. The hall was
neatly decorated, the (ladies' toilettes
were faultless, the gentlemen were
most gallant, and all present enjoyed
themselves to the very utmost. The
youug ladies will anxiously await a
repetition of the party.
The preliminary examination in
the case of the State vs. J. C.Wallace,
charged with the killing of Henry
Neilson, was pending yesterday be
fore Judge Gray. The examination
will not be finished until Monday
Dr. Brenan's Last Lecture.
Dr. Paul M. Drenan delivered his
final lecture last night, at Turn-Vereln
Hall, before a large and highly pleated
audience. His subject, "The Brain,
tlie Langs, the Heart and the Stom
ach," was handled iv a masterly man
ner, and many new truths were told,
calculated to do much good, both to
the afflicted and to those sound in
health. We regret that it is impossi
ble, for want of space, lo give a full
synopsis of his views, as expressed
last night. Dr. Brenan does not be
lieve in the old idea, still entertained
by many physicians, that the remedy
for each disease is one and tlie ftntnej
he believes iv the old adage, "<Ro
man's meat is another man's poison,"
and in his treatment lie pays especial
attention t<> the temperament of (he
patient. At the conclusion of his lec
ture he recited "Shanius O'Brien'' to
the immense delight of his auditors,
besides establishing tbe fact that he is
a gifted elocutionist, as well asa gifted
physitian. Owing to the many pro
fessional calls made upon him during
the past week, and t he fact that many
difficult cases are still under his treat
ment, Dr. Rrenan lias consented to
remain one week longer. His office
has been removed from the Pico
Hoype to Abbot's building, on Main
street, next to the Fashion stables.
The stockholders of the Southern
District Agricultural Society held
their annual meeting yesterday
and elected Dr. McDugall President of
the Association for the ensuing year,
with J. F. Burns as Secretary.
The civil docket in the County
Court will be called on to-morrow
morning at ten o'clock, when cases
will be set for trial. All appeals should
be placed on the calendar.
[Selected for Sunday's HERALD.]
Thy neighbor? It is he whom thou
Hast power to aid and bli mm,
Whose aching head or burning brow
Thy soothing hand may press.
Thy neighbor? 'Tls that weary man,
Oppressed in every limb,
Bent low with sickness, age and pain:
Uo thou and comfort him.
Thy neighbor? 'Tis that little child
Exposed to want, and sin;
Qo speak to her in accents mild,
Be patient, teach and win.
Thy neighbor" 'Tis the heart bereft
of every earthly gem;
Widow and orphan helpless left;
Oo thou aud succor them.
Whene'er thou meet'st a human farm,
Less favored than thine own,
Let sympathy thy bosom warm,
Olve ear to sorrow's moan.
Ob, pass not, pass not heedless by;
Perhaps thy kindly care
May save some heart from misery;
Go carry blessings there.
Take with theosmiles and gctitlo words
The suh*ering ones to cheer
Walk in tho footsteps of thy Lord,
HisHpirlt will be near.
Oh, point the wanderer's eye to Him,
Kneel when thou may'st in prayer;
And thou In Heaven may meet with them
Whom thou hast guided here,
O weary hands, that through the day,
Life's heavy burden scarcely bear;
Another hand shall take awiiy
This load of toil and sin anil care;
Not here, but there!
0 weary, Rolling, throbbing bruin!
() heart with doubt and sorrow riven!
There Is no toil, no love In vain.
In that blest home that Christ has given;
Not earth, but, heaven.
An Allegory—For the First Sabbath In the
New Year.
In a peaceful valley tliere Ii veil a
number of people whose leader dwelt
on a lull and guided tlie tillers of the
soil, weaving into their lives many
lessons of truth. They were supplied
with water from the mountain, which
was sent them every morning by a
carrier. It was the master's rule that
each should have his urn clean, that
the freshsupply might not be mingled
with the old. For a time all were
faithful; as each day's supply was
used, the urn was made clean for the
new. But — alas, for human weak
ness! so prone to fall from the line of
duty—soon (a murmur was heard
among the people.
"I have had no fresh water for
days," said one of a group standing
idly by the roadside.
"Neither have 1," said another.
"It's no use for the master to expect
us to labor," remarked a third, "if we
are not supplied with water. Life is
bard enough to bear with all we can
have to help us. Now there's our
neighbor, Cheerful, over the way—his
urn is full of pure, sparkling wator
each morning."
"And why?" broke in a voice in
tones of remonstrance.
Tlie idlers looked at each other, and
then at the face of Old Faithful, who
was just returning from his evening
walk and had heard their words of
" Let me assure you, my neighbor,"
he said mildly, yet witli force, "it's
all your own fault that your urns are
not filled. You each know the mas
ter's command that they should be
kept clean and ready for the fresh sup
ply. Have you all been faithful to the
They thought among themselves and
answered with but partial truth, say
ing, " We may not always have had
our urns clean, but why should they
be unfilled for that?"
" Because the new water would be
made unclean aud useless by being
mixed with the old. Our master loves
us all alike; but he cannot supply us
with fresh waters and new life if we
have not used the old and prepared for
the new."
"I suppose if we had them ever so
clean now the carrier would pass us
by," remarked one of the group.
"Try and see," said Faithful. "We
may always rest assured that if our
part is done the master will do his; for
no one, however kind and merciful,
can benefit, us if we do not put our
selves In a state to be blessed. If the
master sends us fresh water each day
and our urns are impure, is it the fault
of the benefactor that they are so? We
must prepare to receive."
Faithful went on his way. The sun
sank in his bed of Iteecy clouds; the
evening dew fell on the earth, and all
was still. The lesson must have pen
etrated the hearts of the listener*, for
on the morrow their urns, white and
clean, were full of pure, sparkling
Shall we from the beginning of this
new year, as each day comes to us fresh
and pure from the hands of the Ureat
Master, shall we look into our hearts
and see that the life from thence has
gone forth for good and made ready
for new, or are we idly murmuring
that we have no life waters? Can the
Father's life infiow if we do not give?
Our souls are sacred urns which He
longs to fill to overflowing with pure
and heavenly truths if we are willing
to receive and faithful to extend His
mercies. Mks. I. S. Adams.
Religious Services To-Day.
Congregational GrWtah, New High
street, Dr. Packard, Pastor. Preach
ing by the pastor morning and eve
ning. Tlie Lord's topper will lie ad
ministered after the morning service.
The public cordially invited.
11. E. Church, Itev. J. M.Campbell,
Pastor. Peaching at 11 A. m. Sunday
School at 12:30 P. M. Sunday School
reunion and concert at 7 P. m.
M. X Church South, service held in
Grange Hall, Main street, nt 11 a. m.;
preaching by Dev. Dr. Lucky, and at
7 P. It, by Rev. A. M. Campbell, Sub
ject: "A New Year's 'FhunksgrVing
The public services of the Presby
terian Church, conducted by Itev. A.
F. White. LL I)., will be held to-day
in Good Templars' HuII at 11 o'clock
a. m. and at 7p. M. Sabbath School
and Bible Class meet at a quarter past
The Rev. Wm. H. Hill will preach
in the Episcopal 'Church to-day at 11
A. m. and 7p. M, Sunday School and
Bible Class at 12:30 i. H. The Rector
will preach a New Year Sermon 111
the morning, and in the evening lec
ture on "Tiie Minuteness of Divine
Providence." Seats free and all cor
dially invited to attend.
The Disciples of Christ worship in
tlie Court House. Preaching at 11 A.
M. by Prof. (1. W. Linton; subject,
"The Witness of tlie Spirit." Sunday
School at 10 a. M. . All aro cordially
Baptist Church service, Spring
street, between fourth and Fifth.
Preaching by tlie Rev. John Francis,
at Bp. M. Seats free and all cordially
mv Ited.
German Church, Sprint; street, be
tween Fourth and Fifth. Regular
service will be held in the morning at
10:30 and in the evening at 7. Sunday
School at 2p. M. All Germans are
Professional Change.
The many friends of homeopathy in
Los Angeles will learn with pleasure
that the report to tho effect that Dr.
Chase was about to leave the city is
without foundation. Tlie marked im
provement which lias taken place in
the Doctor's health during his resi
dence here has induced him to decide
upon making Los Angeles his perma
nent home. In order that the rapidly
increasing calls upon his time may suf
fer no possible neglect, the Doctor has
arranged to associate with himself in
practice Dr, H. H. Lyons, lately from
the East, and a gentleman of largo
experience both in hospital and gen
eral practice. Chronic cases and those
requiring lurgioial aid will meet with
Speeiai attention, and persons thus
afflicted will have all tlie advantages
arising from tlie latest and most ap
proved methods of treatment.
Fine Buggy Work.
Messrs. Page & Gravel, at their
wagon manufactory on Los Angeles
street, near Commercial, are turning
out work of which they may well be
proud. An elegant buggy, perfect in
its make and handsome in appear
ance, has just been turned out at this
establishnie.it for Mayor Reaudry.
Page and Gravel understand carriage
making in all. its details and none but
the most skilled workmen are em
ployed by them. Their work cannot
be beaten east or west, while their
charges are always reasonable. Their
business is immense and steadily on
the increase. Orders are received
from ail sections of Southern Califor
nia, and the firm will soon be com
pelled to enlarge their present large
Tbe host imported cigar for 25 ets.;
the best imported cigar, three for 25
ets.; tlie best bit cigar in the city; the
best box of cigars for $1 50—at tlie
Palace Saloon cigar stand. j3:lm
If you want tlie best cigars, tobacco,
cigarretas, etc., get them at the Palace
Saloon cigar stand, whore the test in
the city can always be found, day and
night. j3:lw
The jewelry manufactory of Messrs.
Fisher & Thatcher is making a great
many fine holiday goods such as dia
mond rings, studs and sleeve buttons,
gold chains, stone cameo and other
jewelry for ladies; also stone and fancy
rings of every description. 22-4t
Our assortment of gents' and boys'
clothing is complete. You can find
the latest style silk diagonal suits of
coats and vests; best quality silk vel
vet vests at the lowest prices, at tlie
People's Palace, 40 Main street, dll-liw
You can't name anything in the
smoker's line which Cohen & Davis
do not keep at the Identical, No. 38,
Main street. Their stock is of tlie best
quality and their prices down to bed
AVhen it conies to a cigar that will
afford you real satisfaction in smok
ing, it is to be bought of Cohen &
Davis at the Identical, No. 38, Main
The most extensive stock of gentle
men's furnlshiug goods, cigars, tobac
co and smokers' articles in tlie city, is
kept at the Identical, No. 38 Main
Threo hundred and eighty Christ
mas presents have been given away at
the People's Palace since the Ist of
December, and 2,000 presents are stiil
on hand, one of which will be given to
each of those buying five dollars worth
of goods. dll:2w
The finest and best silver-ware in the
market at twenty per cent, cheaper
than ever before. A splendid assort
ment for the holidays at Fisher &
Thatcher's. 22-4t
Twenty-five hundred pennyweights
of fine gold chains of Eastern,
San Francisco and Los Angeles make,
Bu.lt.ible for holiday presents at Fisher
& Thatcher's.
Holiday presents bought of Fisher &
Thatcher will be engraved free of
charge by the best engravers in the
country. 22-4t
The Identical still continues its
thriving trade. The reason for this is
that all goods sold at the establish
ment prove just as they are repre
For a stylish hat, a nice pair of boots
or gaiters, call at the People's Palace,
40 Maiu street. dll:2w
Agency Liverpool atid London and
Globe Insurance Company. Assets, $'21,000,-
OuO. Agency State Investment Insurance
Company. Kire and Marine. Assets, $:W),IKX>,
at Brodrtck's Book Store, near the Poßtoftlet'.
If you desire to purchase the best
pianos for tlie lowest prices go to
Patrick's, No. 60 Spring street, and
buy a Decker, Uuuhain or Emerson
piano. 88 lw
Go to the Identical, No. 38 Main
street, for your new pocket handker
chief and suspeuders. The best stock
of gentlemen's furnishing goods in tlie
city is to be found there
At the People's Palace you get seven
towels for $1; table covers, all wool, at
$1 25; twelve yards calico for $1;
four spools of cotton (Brooks') for 25
cents. dll:2w
Special Notices.
(Silver and gold plating; electrotyplng: Ivory
and ini'titi turning; class end metal arming.
Locks, keys, seals and key-checks,stencil und
dOovplatei made to order; knives and surgi
cal instalments ground and saws tiled and set;
parasols and canes mended; musical Instru
ments repaired; meerschaum pipes cleaned
ami mounted] model making and repairs on
all fancy work and machinery, from a pin to
a locomotive. All kinds ot tewing machines
bought, sold and repaired. Come and see the
new sowing machine engine. .Sewing Ma
chine Exchange,.spring St. deiJO tf
0. A. Stern, now in San Francisco, will
shortly return to hoi Angeles and establish a
second nand fornitutostore on Aliso street,
In Hi vara A Sungulnetlt's block. He has pur
chased a large stock of second baud furniture,
olall descriptions! including full sets and
everything iii the furniture lino. Jan 3-tf
Dr. Paul M. Brenan will be in Lot Angeles
in I short lime to deliver a course of lectures
on the Laws of Life and Health. We clip the
following from the San Jose Mercury concern
ing a allllllar course Which tlie Doctor deliv
ered in that place: "on Thursday evening
Or. Brenan delivered an Instructive lecture to
men only, which was largely attended and
highly appreciated. Hy special request of the
ladies who attended the lecture on Wednes
day afternoon,the Doctor will deliver another
lecture to their sex this afternoon at 2 o'clock.
His subject will be' Health, Happiness and
Beauty Of Women.' The ladies ol San Jose
should turn out and fill tho Opera House.
To-morrow evening he will deliver his last
lecture for both sexes. Subject,' The Present
Condition of Society.' The lecture will be free,
delj tf
Bancroft A Tiiavkh, Heal Estate Brokers,
No. 21 spring street. City and County Proper
ty Bought, Sold and Exchanged. Loans ne
gotiated, money advanced ou Heal and Per
sonal .securities. Publishers ol the Los Ange
les Heal Estate Reporter. declltf
W. 0. Huohes A Co.'s
Weekly Stage Lino
Eor Panamint.
For passage or packages, enqutreofK. We
ber, or corner of Aliso and Alameda streets.
es. Tho tide of Immigration is steadily set
ting in, und the first thing eastern people do
is to throw away their New York Huts and buy
a new one of Dksmond. They say thei els no
comparison between the two. 2J^j
Go to the Fashionable Tailor, Fitz
patrlok, when you want a fine suit of clothes.
If you desire recommendation, ask any of
his numerous customers, and you will be
told that" Fit z." always does bis work well
giving line work, good material and reasona
ble prices.
For bill posting, distribution of circulars,
programmes, cards, election announcements,
etc., leave orders with R. S. Walker, the only
and regular Hill Poster in the city. Office at
the Star office, or orders may be left at any of
the printing offices,
Bowliko Alley, Billiard and Oyster Saloon,
in the basement of the Q. 8. Hotel building,
formerly occupied by the Cucamonga Wine
Depot, a Saloon with a first class stock of
Wines, Liquors, Cigars, etc., etc , and the hest
accommodation for customers. No charge
will be made to patrons for the use of Billiard
tables and Alloy. A lunch will be served in
the evening. MEI.CHERT ,t STOLE,
novOtf Proprietors.
0 ]•'( IKSALE. —Good locality, near busfneM
centre. Isjng lease, low reni, aad lining good
business. Satisfactory reasons" given for sel
ling. For further particulars address BOX lSti,
Posiofiice. decKB-lni
that they have opened a MUSIC STOKE
at No. 00 Spring street, where they Intend to
keep an assortment of the newest and most
desirable songs und Sheet music fur piano,
organ, violin, etc., as well as the most ap
proved Instruction books.
A small but select assortment now ou hand
and a
Will arrive iv a few weeks. Orders from
teachers, singing and orchestral societies
filled promptly upon advantageous terms.
detfl Un No. 0O Spring Street.
— AND —
city, a large number of vacant lots on
the Installment plan, Improved farms iv the
country, and a large number of small pieces
of land, suitable for homesteads, In and
around tho city.
A Horse and Buggy, Free of Charge.
Stands ready for your convenience.
delO tf
New Stationery and Book Store.
No. IS Mala Nt., ;td door north of Lafay
ette Hotel,
HVS opened an exteusive assortment of
Plain and Fancy Htationery
-1 sinrii, Dooltn, Attmmit, Bc>ool
Supplies, Clironio*. I-.it.lio
jiniplis, lecture Frames,
Toy - liooliH, "Vat»eH,
Which she offers at reasonable prices.
j fainl u.j-openaive Association.-r-Loea
lion of principal placo of businoNn, l.os Ange
les »lalifornla.
Notice is hereby given that at a meeting of
the Board of Directors of said Association held
in this city on the 21st day of Dooemb'T, 1874,
nn assessment (No. 1) of TWo nei.LAKS
upon the capital stock of said Association,
payable Immediately in Dotted state gold
coin to the Secretary at his office, No. 1%
Spring street, Los Angeles, California.
AIIV stock upon which this assessment shall
remain unpaid on thelHd day or January, 1ST"),
will undeclared dcllimuentuud will be adver
tised for sain nt public auction, and unle.-s
payment Is made before will lie sold on tbe
Oth Day ol February, 1573,
To pay deUflflUMt assessment, together wilh
cost oi'advertising and expense off sale.
L. M. HOI.T, Secretary,
Los AngelPS, Cal., December 21,1871.
de 22 tja22
Manufacturing Jewelers,
Have just received a complete new stock of the very
— A. IST D —
A Fine lot of Goods of our own manufacture in stock.
We liave unequaled facilities
Manu'aoiiiring and Buying,
tiierefore will sell Fine Goods as
k^y?^ affV Kiigrnyiiii; in all its branches excelled by uono
' All goods sold by tis engraved free.
67 MAIN STREET, - - ■ Los Angeles, Cal.
I*ainis, Oils,
Bi-iislies- and Ol&ss.
Looking-glass Plates, Walnut, Rosewood and
Cilt Mouldings of all Styles and Sizes.
California Chemical Paint Company.
TO myo3m 13
Main Street, Eos Angreles.
A First-class House - ■ J. A. BROWN, Proprietor.
Are largs aud well ventilated, and in the best possible condition.
No expense will In spare 4 * to make the Hotel equal to any on the Coast. s2K-»f—6
Cash " 95 19,000
Capital, - - 5300.000
J. F. HoruHTox, tJesMent,
o. H. Howaki '*»• President)
11. H. Rkiulow ueneral Manager!
0. K. htokv Secretary,
K. 11. Mauii.i., General Agent,
H. H. Caswki.i., 8. H. Mor:, H. b. lUnuows,
Which Branch Includes Lo* Angeles and
San Bernardino counties. All moneys re
ceived for premiumi win be Invested under
the control of the Trustees of the Los Angeles
Branch within the district. All Losses ad
justed and paid hy the Directory.
dcc?4tf Manager.
Almond Trees.
J AAI ny« .-airing seven feethlgl
side, on Kigueroa stsent, ffc miles south ol
I'osiottlee. i'rice $80 per hundred,or 45 per
dozen. Also,
1,000 Orange Trees
Fouryears old; ami Pepper trees two years
old, ten feet high, at ten dollars pet hundred,
or eight for one dollar, j. jn. STEWART.
Los Angejes, Dec. ftb, 1871. lm
I have sold my Silver-plating, stencll-c-d
-ting, Meemhakmt pipe ana general Jobbing
business with nil apparatus, bjuls, stock. Hint
«ood will, nnd retire from biMue-.s, In I'n.VSl ol
M. C. Bake' 1 . Thanking the public foi Rgwn
erous patronage, 1 hike pleasure in recom
mending my successor as an expert workman
and my patrons to him.
decwr V. THUMPER.
I pany, principal place of bi:si;iess being
Oompton, Los Angeles county. State of Cali
Notice Is hereby given that at n meeting of
the Directors held on the Kth dey of Decem
ber, IsTI. an asseSSBMM of Sigh! nnd one-third
per cent, upon tbe capital stock, tlie sumo
being Twenty-elve Dollars per share, was
levied upon the capital siock of said corpora
tion, payable on or before the
13th Day or January, 1573,
To.I. J. Morton, Secretary of said corporation,
:d bis otllce In Compton, said couniy and
Any slock upon which this assessment Shall
remain unpaid on tit" said loth day of JanU
uarjr, 187. r ), will be delinquent and advertised
for sale at public auction, and unless pay
ment is made before wJM be sold on thetith
dayof February, 18TS, pay tlie delinquent
assessment, together wit/, eosl o# advertising
and expenses of sale. J.J. -MORTON,
Compton, T,os Angeles Co.,Stateof California,
Doc. IS, 1871. delB td
liberal <Ju*l» Advancements on
Merchandise and Produce,
Al Liberal Hates, J. L. WARD,
dXHm 15 Main St.
Semi-Tropical and General Nurseries.
Man street,
(near corner of Washington, two miles south
of Court House.)
A large nnd choice assortment of
Hciiil-Troplrnl nn<l Northern Frcilt
Also, a choice assortment of
Kastern Eortvl U'reee,
an ! d her shade and or anienai trees and
s hrnbbery. Corns and see our stock.
Catalogue and price bm sent free.
I,os Augeles, Cal. d27tf

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