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TUESDAY, JAN. 2(5, 1K75.
one iNiid, \ re per Square oftdn tines, flrst
Insertion, and twknty-I'l vk cents pei Square
for each subsequent I use ft lon.
The St. Charles Restaurant will he
"poned Wednesday morning.
The Orizaba arrived at Wilmington
The wires were down between Wil
mington nnd this place yesterday.
Tlie sailing of the Kalorama for up
per porta will probably be postponed
until to-morrow.
Orange Grove Kncampment No. 31,.
I. O. O. F. meets this evening. A full
attendance is requested.
The bridge over tlie Arroyo on the
Los Nietos road washed away yester
Our Auaheim correspondent says
there are 13,000 sacks of grain waiting
shipment at that point.
The stroets aro again muddy, ex
cept where the new grading lias been
Wo received yesterday five days'
mail from Santa Barbara, which was
detained by reason of tlie impassable
Our farmers and stock - raisers are
now almost as anxious for dry weather
as they were to have rain a tew weeks
Tke rain of yesterday morning was
accompanied, at times, with a heavy
wind. it, however, did no serious
A culvert at the corner of Spring
and Temple streets ia badly needed.
We commend tiie subject to our City
Fathers for consideration.
Superintendent Hewitt informs us
that he has received no information
that the bridge over the American
river at Sacramento is washed away.
Hy mail yesterday we received cop
ies of the Santa Barbara Pre*t from
the Kith to the 23d, inclusive. They
have had some rain over there.
Our dates from San Diego are up to
and including the 22d. Tlie rainfall
down there has not been so heavy
in this valley.
J. 1). Dunlap, Deputy United States
Marshal, has received tho appoint
ment of United Dilates Timber Agent,
and lie will at once enter actively
upon bis duties.
A little army of prisoners were
ushered into tho County Court this
morning to plead. Ibid and Cabezon
pleaded not guilty, and the rest will
say yes or no to-day.
A gentleman who called at our of
fice yesterday Informed us that it was
a good day for younii ducks. Such re
port* are encouraging for our agricul
tural interests.
Owing to tiie break in the railroad,
the sailing of th« Orizaba for Han
Francisco has been postponed until
to-day. I'asseiigers will leave ou tbe
10:15 A. M. train.
It is reported I hat the adobe bouse
on the corner of Commercial and Ala
meda streets, opposite the depot, has
been so injured by the rain as to bo
considered dangerous.
Postmaster Bent aud his clerks were
nearly Hooded out yesterday. The
roof on the building turned the water
the wrong way, and the result was a
general dampening of U. S. mail mat
ter and things, all but comfortable.
The San Bernardino Argun plays it
on our neighbor after this style: "The
Los Augeles Mar says the gas went
gracefully out at about half past eight
iv the evening. We suppose Ben left
the olllce about that time."
It commenced raining about eleven
o'clock on Sunday night,aiid at twelve
o'clock yesterday, according to IHi
commun's gauge, 3 00-100 inches had
fallen. Jwa makes a fractioa over 20
inches for the season.
The lot opposite the Pico House was
again a lake yesterday morning. The
street grade prevents the water run
ning on, and offers a tine opening for
an enterprising young man who would
like to start a duck ranch.
The filling in the gulches on Temple
street and at other points where Mr.
Beaudry has made improvements,
have stood the heavy rains very well.
No damage has b«en sustained, and in
a number of places above tlie rilling
the wash from the hills has tilled up
the low places with soil.
Mr. M. T. Herzogg of the People's
Palace, returned by the Orizaba from
San Francisco, where he purchased a
large stock of the latent styles of dry
goods and fancy goods. People in
tending to purchase, will do well to
give the People's Palace a call before
purchasing elsewhere. In style, qual
ity and pride we can suit everybody.
Our San Fernando correspondent,
under date o.f the 23d, says: "The
wheat crop looks line all over the San
Fernando valley. We have had 14J
Inches of rainfall this season. Farm
ers are all at work late and early, put
ting in more wheat and barley. A
large lot of early seed potatoes have
just arrived from San Francisco.
Tho necessities of Mrs. Fraser ami
family, of whom mention was made
iv the Hekald some days ago, are
met hy tlie Masonic fraternity. The
widow does not want for food or cloth
ing, but she is sick and needs the at
tention of her own sex. We trust
our kind-hearted ladies will need no
further potioe, and will call on Mrs.
Fraser and render her as comfortable
as possible.
An lowa correspondent says his
wife has an abhorrance for such ani
mals as the bed-bug flea,and mosquito,
and wants to know whether wo have
them in Los Angeles. Speaking from
personal experience, we have never
encountered a bed-bug here; wo have
seen only a few of the smaller and
mild-manuered species of mosquito,
and formed the acquaintance of only
one flea, which staid with us all Sum
Attention is directed to the cart! of
Dr. Paul M. Brenan, which appears
this morning. The Doctor will remain
with ns four days longer, and during
that time he can be consulted at his
oflice, No. 9 Downey block.
Postmaster Bent received a tele
gram yesterday, informing him that
the Eastern and San Francisco mail
would be forwarded that day to- Los
Angeles by steamer. We will, there
fore receive no mail of tiiis kind until
to-morrow, at best.
Mr. M. C. Baker has well nigh ac
quired the title of being a universal
genius. In ull manner of repairing,
from a needle to an engine, as well ns
in silver plating, brass casting, work
ing in iron, steel, etc. Call on him,
when anything breaks loose.
Attention is directed to the adver
tisement of Messrs. Jones & I , .l;ind--a
new firm who succeed Noyes & DuilVc
and will conduct at the old stand, op
posite tho llkrald oflice, a general
real estate, money brokerage and
auction business. Mr. Jones is a gen
tleman of means, recently from the
East, and Mr. Bland, late of tho firm
of Ruggles & Bland, is well known in
the city. We predict a lively business
for the new linn.
We are troubled, like many of our
neighbors in these wet times, with a
leaky roof. It is not that tho water
comes pouring down upon us iv tor
rents that we complain, for then we
could swim for our lives; but there is
a continual dropping which is aggra
vating in the extreme. As wo bund
over our desk to write, it comes drop
drop-drop—striking us in the nap of
the neck and thence meandering
down our back in a way which is at
once cooling and exasperating. The
water has been dammed several times,
but it still continues to drop as before.
Too Xmcli wf a Uood Tiling:.
After three days of sunshine, and
when everybody was beginning to
congratulate everybody else on the
beautiful weather, Sunday afternoon
brought some portentious clouds. Tlie
evening came on with hardly a star
visible and about 11 o'clock at night
the threatened rain commenced. At
iirat, it was a steady shower with a
slight fall, but towards morning a
strong wind set in from the North
east, which amounted almost to a
gale, and the rain came in torrents.
The wind subsided during the fore
noon yesterday, the rain gradually
slackened, and by 5 o'clock, we were
very nearly treated to a glimpse of
Was done by the storm in blowing
down trees, fences, signs, etc. On the
corner of Spring and Franklin streets,
a line pepper tree was thrown over
against the fence; on Mr. de Celis'
place, in tlie Southern part of the city,
several large walnut trees were ruined,
the bodies being broken oil' near the
ground. It is feared also that much
damage may have been done to the
growing fruit, now in various stages
of development.
The effect on the different railroad
branches running from this city was
most disastrous. All of the recent re
pairs were washed away and the roads
were left in even a worse condition
than after the previous rains. No
trains were run on the Wilmington,
Anaheim and Spadra branches, but a
successful trip was made to San Fer
nando, tlie train bringing down our
Northern and Eastern mail at 3 i>. If.
The Wilmington road is damaged near
Cerritos, rendering it impassable.
The Anaheim branch has suffered the
worst of all. A dispatch to Superin
tendent Hewitt from Mr. Higgins, at
Downey City, stated that near Coyote
creek tlie track was two feet under
water for a distance of fifty feet and
the water was running with a strong
current. The false work this side of
that plaj(e was carried away. New
Rjver was very high ami still rising,
bringing down much brush. The
bulkhead at the Los Angeles river
was washed away. At Jamison's,
about 400 yards of track was washed
off and at many places the water was
making a complete destruction of tho
Nothing was attempted on the Ana
heim branch, except to save ties and
stringers from being swept off by the
flood. Forces of men were at work on
all the other roads, but they labored
against hope, while the rain continued.
To-day we have slight grounds for hope
that any ofthe roads will be in opera
tion, ami, should the rain continue, all
attempts at repairs may have to be
abandoned until the weather becomes
The raiu-gauge kept by the telegraph
operator at tho depot, Mr. Caffery,
showed a fall of 2.24 inches from Sun
day night to 4 o'clock yesterday after
noon. Mr. Ducommun's gauge indi
cated 3.90 inches up to yesterday noon.
There is evideutly a mistake in the
calculation somewhere, but it is safe
to say t hat over three inches of rain
fell. This makes, for the season,
about twenty-one inches. It is to be
hoped that the elements will give us a
respite for a time now, as another
storm like that of Sunday night would
work almost irreparable damage.
A correspondent at Anaheim gives
us the following points of interest con
cerning the doings of our neighboring
city: Tho work on the depot has been
postponed for want of lumber and the
carpenters are out on the road helping
the section-men repair tlie washes by
the late rain. Mails arrive quite ir
regularly. In speaking of tho late
homicide, the Gazette claims that
there was bad blood existing between
McArthur and Neilson, and that, as
usual, a woman —Neilsou's wife—was
at the bottom of it. This state
ment our correspondent con
tradicts flatly, giving Neil
sou and his wife good characters
and the reverse to McArthur, who
committed tho murder. Ho says that
McArthur after killing Neilson, re
turned from the kitchen into the din
ing-room, proceeding to wait on the
tatle with tho blood on his hands.
When some ot the guests asked him
what had happened in the kitchen, he
said, "Some light," but turned his
back and would not answer any more
[Written for the HERALD.]
While the vapory rain was falling,
Enshrouding the hills alar,
I took rroai Its place of hiding
My broken, unused gullar.
tIN ribb.ui hung torn end failed -
With dUII it was coaled o'er,
While the strings seemed mutely pleading
For a wakening tuuoh Once inniv.
And some of tho keys were mlsslue;;
Htll ail Hint MM then remained
I turned, ami essayed a mi astlre
Willi angers -sbl I ihg untrained
And I straightway saw a woman.
With a speaking Moorish face,
Who swept, the light, guitar si rings,
An.l danced wilh a Wondrous gruud.
Then fade.l away the picture
Wilh its graceful, em v ing line-.,
And I looked on a lofty mountain,
A lid I here, 'ileal II Ihe branching pines,
Snf many an arriero,
A 11 swart hy and Si.olit of limb,
And singing Willi reverent voces
The merciful Virgin's hymn.
Rut presenlly tills, 100, fide I,
And many another came,
Willi beautiful lints and tracings
't hat vanished like unfed flame.
Hut onJt-oftbttm ail the deaiest,
At least from my point of view,
Was that of a hntu—ah! kingly,
Willi eyes of the deepest blue;
And a proud, pale face, and a bearing
Full chivalrous unto me,
As he pointed the ship last Hearing
To curry mo out to sea.
Aml he said—for across my shoulders
My Spanish guttarm huug—
"O, play once again, my darling
Kre (lie chords arc all unstrung."
And 1 sang a song with the burden
"Farewell, for we soon must part;"
And II seemed thai its every echo
Was a dagger t hat pierced my heart.
• * • •
I started -my wandering Angers
Had wakened tho chords' again;
And all ofthe shapes In my fancy
Were shapes ofthe ghostly rain.
Eos Angeles, January 2Mb.
Editor Herald: A few days since
I received through the Postoffice a
package containing several documents
the object of which is explained by
the following, which is one of them:
Sir: The Centennial Commission is
now prepared to receive applications
for space in tlie buildings and grounds
of the International Exhibition. In
order to all'ord the data for an early
allotment of space ami its distribution
among tlie different nations, it is im
portant that all who purpose exhibit
ing should make known their inten
tion without delay.
1 forward you herewith a blank form
of application aad necessary informa
tion, and request that, if you Intend
participating in the Exhibition, you
will facilitate the work of the Com
mission by advising me at your earli
est convenience, iv accordance with
the enclosed forms.
Respectfully yours,
A. T. Goshokn,
Director General.
The forms alluded to are left at the
oflice of Judge Thompson, over tho
bank, for the convenience of any per
sons who wish to consult them or to
enter their names as applicants for
space. The people of this part of the
State have it in their power to make a
display at the International Exhibi
tion that will attract the attention of
tlte world and bring thousands of in
dustrious and enterprising families to
our valleys, which are the home of
all the semi-tropical fruits, as well as
as of all the products of the " States."
Thus will the resources of our sunny
land—a land of flowers aud already
"flowing with milk and honey," be
developed, and the highway to a glo
rious future upon which we have now
entered, will be made more easy to
It is most earnestly hoped that, as
individuals, or by some concert of ac
tion, there may be a display made of
tlie resources of Los Angeles county
which shall be worthy of her citizens
anil of (ho land of their adoption.
Yours truly,
Wm. Porter.
Los Augeles, January 2<">th.
The genial, accconimodiiting con
ductor on tlie San Fernando road has
developed a penchant for hunting.
The other evening, while on the up
ward-bound trip, a drove of half a
dozen donkeys chanced to get ahead
of the train. Now everybody knows
that if there is one animal in the
world that resembles a deer more than
another, it is a donkey. The small
ears, slim legs, lithe form, horns, mel
low voice and general appearance are
identical. Our friend, the conductor,
fell into tho very natural error of
thinking that the donkeys were deer;
so he got out his revolver and tired
away at the drove with a vengeance,
counting on at least a dozen quarters
of venison to take back to his friends
in triumph. There is no telling where
the matter would have ended, but the
innocent creatures, taking fright at
tlie train and the hostile demoiistra
tions, fled for the interior. The con
ductor didu't kill any, thank fortune;
nnd he bas nobody's doukeys to pay
for, so he feels happy—and so do all
the railroad boys who have heard the
Financial Condition of Los Angeles County.
In the official statement of the value
of real property and indebtedness in
the various counties of the State, pub
lished In September last, the value of
property iv Los Angeles county is
placed atSI2,OSO,3GG, and its indebted
ness at 1626,949 08. Concerning this
indebtedness, County Auditor Gillette
speaks as follows:
Tho sum above named as the in
debtedness of Los Attgelea county, la
tbat giveu in my report to the Hoard
of Supervisors of said county, Juno 1,
1874. In that report the real property
owned by the couuty was valued at
$40,000, being three - fourths of the
property used by jail and city and the
Court-house property.
In my report of the 13th ult. to the
State Controller, I appraised said
property at $50,000 — nearer ita true
value. Owing to such increase of
$10,000 In county assets, the payment
of $22,313 coupons and the collection
of over $200,000 taxes (the balance in
Treasury on Jan. Bth being $200,000.10)
in my said last report to the Controller
the county indebtedness was giveu as
$308,585 IK). Against this reduction in
our debt we must remember that Un
tax monies are nearly all collected,
aud, aside from the amounts received
from licenses, the amount ou hand
must meet the expenses of the current
year, including the interest to fall due
on bonds.
A Rare Chance.
Those five handsome houses on
MaiDstreet, ottered for sale by W. H.
J. Brooks, can he purchased for $5,000
each, and on the following terms:
$I,ooocash, the remaining $4,000 to he
paid as follows: $U,o(>o ut one pe> cent,
in one, two, three, four or live years,
as the purchaser prefers. $I,fjoo for
the same term, also at one per cent,
per month, Imyalde in monthly in-
Kailments of $38 30, which, at the ex
piration of five years, would pay the
whole amount btwri principal ami in
terest. Malting the total monthly
payment which the purchaser Would
have to pay $38 MB, being no more
limn a fair rent for that class of resi
dence, aiiil with this fni!her advan
tage that each payment would he for
the benefit of the occupant instead of
a landlord, jam:;. lin
Special Notices.
Agency I,i wipmij and l»ndn|i ami
dots- Insurance Company. Assets, j'Jt.IKK),-
IKO. v Slate invest inei.l Insurance
Coiiip.'iny, I ire an.l Maiiuo. A ■■sets, K*>.UUO,
ill HrodricK's Hook store, near tilt I 'nsl olllce.
it. S. W.w.kui!, BUI Poster and Distributer.
Headquarters at Stir ottice. Ord 'H let I. al
any of the other newspaper offices In Ihe city,
will be promptly attended to. Janltl
Lovers of the wood, will please to road.
Those few lines orer.
And where to get a good cigar, you bet,
They'll early I hen discover.
Hugh Keenan keeps at, No. In, Com. St.,
GUraM of the latest, brand.
As Pedro is all the go,
Ds iotrietfling nice un'd grand;
Art Is,a it makes a fine display,
To those who desire,
Something fine to smoke all the time,
And never loose It's tire.
Yoscmite vale out beats green seal,
That you boa/so much talk about;
You may think Its stuff hut high life puff,
Sends all the brands quite out.
A man may pass a joke about gymnastics
But pleasant it seems lo all
'i bono who want to buy or wish to try.
Please give I logo a call. jaul3-2w
Go to the Fashionable Tailor, Fitz
patrick, when you want a tine suit id' clothes.
If you desire recommendation, ask any of
his numerous customers, and you will he
told that " Fit /."always does his work well—
giving tine work, good material and reasona
ble prices.
Howling Alley, Billiardand Oyster Saloon,
in the basement of the U. 8. Hotel building,
formerly occupied by the Cucumoiga Wine
Depot, a Saloon with a first class stock of
Wines, Liquors, Cigars, etc., etc , and the best
accommodation for customers. No charge
will be made to patrons for the use of llllllard
tahlesand Alley. A lunch will be served In
Ihe evening. MHLCHKKT A STOLL.
novOtf Proprietors.
Silver and gold plating; electrotyping; Ivory
and metal turning; class and metal drilling.
Locks. Keys, seals and key-checks,stencil and
door-plates made lo order; knives and surgi
cal Inst 111 men tl ground and saws tiled and set;
parasols and canes mended; musical Instru
ments repaired; meerschaum pipes cleaned
and mounted; m.slei making and repnirs on
all fancy work and machinery, from a pin to
a locomotive. All kinds of sewing machines
bought, sold and repaired. Come aud see the
new sewing machine engine. Sewing Ma
chine Exclmiige,3lt Spring St, de;io tf
Moon 's Restaurant, ou Commercial street,
is the proper place to go fora good meal, with
agisxTcup ol eoll'eeor leu to drink with it.—
There hi probably no restaurant ou the Pacific
const w here so many of the substantial! and
so uiuiiy ofthe luxuries may he hud lor 25 cs.
Don't forget the place—Moore's Restaurant,
Commercial street. Private eating rooms have
been newly tilted up for tbe accommodation
of ladies. Jo-tl
llANt'ltoKT & Thaviok, Real Estate Brokers,
NO. 21 Spilug street. City ami County Proper
ty nought, sold and Exchanged. Loans ne
gotiated, money advanced ou Real and Per
sonal securities. Publishers ol tbe Los Ange
les Real Estate Reporter. uoclltl
W. C. Uuuhks A Co.'s
Weekly Singe Line
For I'niiamint.
Kor passage or packages, enquire of H. We
ber, or corner or Allso and Alameda streets.
o*-The tide of Immigration Is steadily set
ting iv, and the first thing eastern people do
is 10 th row away their New York Hals and buy
a new one of Dksmond. They say there is uo
comparison between the two. '2%0
eeived nt the ottice ofthe Chief Engiueer
L.A..VI. R. R,, New High st reef, next door to
the ottice of P, Beaudry, Esq.. for the gradua
tion of the summit section of the aforesaid
road, sit nated at the head of Cajon Pass, San
Bernardino county.
Profile and specification's can be seen at the
Engineer's olllce, and Information can be ob
tained upon the ground from E. Y. Buchanan,
principal Assistant Engineer.
All bids must, be made out in accordance
With the specifications, and endorsed: " Pro
posals for Graduation—l.os Angeles and Inde
pendence Railroad; Box IK),Los Angeles P. 0."
The < 'ompany reserve! the right to reject any
oral! bids, and will demand good and sulli
cieni bonds for the faithful perlormauce of tho
contract, ....
Ml bids must be handed in on or before the
aoth ol •January. J. 11. CRAWFORD.
ju24 td Chief Engineer.
Willow Wood.
A FINE SUPPLY of this Wooil constantly
mi hand at my Yard on Alameda street,
below the Depot. All lengths. Older! leftB4
tne orange store will be promptly attended to
and delivered free of charge.
Jantt-lra j. j. morton.
A Most Desirable Homestead for Sale.
I_ Ing from Figueroa to Virginia street,
neatly enclosed, containing IUO lemon, 50
lime 40 almond and 20 walnut trees, ull In tho
most thrifty condition and commencing to
bear and vacant space sufficient for shrub
bery and 75 or NO orange trees. Apples,peach
es, 'pears and apricots ofthe finest varieties, in
good bearing. Also a hue strawberry bed,
from which was sold last year tm worth of
strawberries. The limo trees can bo depended
on for 50,000 limes tor the next year.
Price *3,500; no leductlon. Apply at tlie
[iBHALD office, Jal7lm
Elegant Residences,
SltiiatMl ou the Worth side of Mnlii St.,
■t< i v •■<-■■ KeroiMl MM Third.
ADCnow nearly completed and will lie
ready lor occupation on or about the
BHtMt tiny of February next.
Tbev bnve boen constructed with every re
tard to cominodtousness, and are provided
with all the modern conveniences, aad in a
stylo .suitable lor the home of v genteel fnm
fewh lot Is 25 reet front hy If feet deep, Utj
is divided from il* neighbors by a high board
fence, making H entirely Reporuto and exclu
"'klu-Ii bonse contains eight rooms On the
first rtoor are two parlors, with marble inaji-
I1m; a dining-room, kitchen and servants
bed-room; a. large pantry,or store-room and
China-closet. On the second floor are ihreo
large bed-rooihs with corresponding closets
and a bath-room with wash-lount and patent
water-closet. , . ...
Both hot and cold water can bo brought to
Urn upper story, and gas pipes are carried
Into every room. , , ~, ~
There are broad verandahs With porticoes
In front and rear. .
Kvery house is hard-finished tliroughoul,
tho lower rooms having handsome center
pieces. Tbe front windows will have inside
blinds; the side anil rear ones, thu new patent
blinds, painted same color tut outsiue walls.
The rear yards arc 2>xK7 leet, and can t>e
laid out as a garden and the trout ln dower
P Each residence will have an ornamonUl
fence enclosing it from tlie street with high
lattices dividing it from its neighbors.
Siliialcd aslhey aronpouthe main street, hi
close proximity to the business center unj
-008 may purchase either of them wl li tile
oonfldenl assurance thai M will double ln
value la the eoimse Ofthe next two yours.
Vrlce #!VOOO f..r each house and lot
inn! Ihe termsOM be made to meet the most,
moderate means.
For further particulars enjiulrc ol
Scorcher or Kcmrds.
JanlO-lm No. 8, Temple Block.
| • t
The Home of the Orange and
the Lemon.
— OF —
r ro\vr.w lots
— A N 1) —
5, 10, 20 and 40 Acre Farms,
Monday, Feb. 15 1875,
AND cuvrisi'H
Tho sale will take place on the Rancho. j
Parties desiring to purchase SHOULD BE ON
THE GROUND a few days prior to tbe sale,
"Centlnela," with the addition oflhe "San
aa) Redoiido," contains 2f>,Uoo acres. The
boundary of the liancho commences three
aad a halfmlles from the city limits of Co.
Angeles, and extends to the i'acitic Oce.m.
"Centlnela" is maileupof one broad, level,
fertile valley of over twenty thousand acres,
and beautiful fertile rolling hills nei&r the
The soil Ir an exceedingly fertile loam, and
Is, wlthcut exception, Ihe richest, and most
productive In Southern CaUfornia. Its vicin
ity to the ocean Insures a crop without Irriga
tion. Kxcellcnt wheet has lieen raised for the
last two years npon the hills adjoining the
ocean. This wheal field contains 1,000 ac reft
and covers the lightest soil npon the Raincho.
There Is no alkali or barren land.
Semi-Tropical Fruits.
There are a few bearing orango and limn
trees upon tlie Centlnela, and the fruit they
produce is ot the largest and finest quality.
There Is an orchard containing ti.uoo ol nnge
trees threo years old, ana 1.7(H) almond, lime
and lemon trees. Tho alumna, Unto and
lemon Irees will bear fruit in IS7o. Tte or
ange Irees will bear in live years. Tbego two
7,(XK> three-yoiir-old orange trees in tho nur
sery near the orchard. Fig, pepper and gum
trees grow without Irrigation. The enln c or
chard can \xi taken care of by three men willi
six horses. The orchard will be kept limit*
vided by the company to save the expeii.se ol
each shareholder having a few trees U» lake
care of. Each share will enl It lo the owner pi
about 15 trees In the orchard and about the
same number ln the nursery. Tlio alnl ond,
lime ami lemon trees will yield an Imaiedl
ate return. In live years each orange tres will
produce 420 per annum, or B'iOO ncr shai c for
those now planted. There are flowers ie the
garden in bloom every duy la the yea
Afler the lambing season in .lan nary the lllock
of sheep will number alsiul 11,100 andjthey
will lie kept undivided, to suvo cxpensjes to
the shareholders. This will give about tl ilrty
sheep to each share. The sheep will prog UOB,
in Increase and wool,over $12 each yearly] over
expenses. They will be grazed upon out ! ying
and unsold lands of the company. The "no
fenoe" law Is in force in Ijon Angeles coil oty.
to supply every lot with crystal. euol.s/weot
Thecliinale of the Centlnela is. witlioul ex
ception, the finest and most equable iui the
world. It varies but. little tlirwiighouN the
year. The mean temperature is about . uo.dcg.
The mercury falls but little below tKideg. in
Winter and rises bat little above 40 deg. in
.Summer. You sleep under one pair of lilan
kels and with your bed-room window open
every night 111 the year.
The soil of tho Centlnela is admirably
adapted for all kinds of grain, vegetables and
Tbe Centlnela creek rises upon the rancho
and runs through the northern portion of tho
tract. It affords an abundance of clear spring
water. The source of the Centlnela creel
consists of several natural artesian springs,
showing t hat artesian water can bo obtained
by boring.
The Town.
A square rnlle Is laid off at an eligible plaint
on the tract, with lots 25x140; avenue 100 Lfeet
aud streets 80 feet wide.
A stream of water can be brought In sw as
to supply every lot with crystal, cool, s . eet
water. .
Provision will bo made for a College mill
Farm Hchool.
A large lot will ho set apart for each r.rllg
inus denomination. A block will also bo
given for the erection of a lurge hall by tho
dillerent Fraternal, Grange and Tetnpentneo
Parties desiring to visit the land should
take steamer lrom San Kranclwsi to I»« An
geles; fare. $12. Ry Inquiring at Tctapln &
Workman's Rank, in I.os Angeles, they brill
be directed to tho liancho.
Apply to
Wm. H. -MJLlt'riTS,
General Agent California Immigrant Union,
531 California street, Sun Frtuieisco, l>et.
Montgomery streets; to
TEMPLE * WORKMAN, Rankers, or Qen.
SHIELDS, Los Angeles;, or
O. L. ABBOTT, CorresjMOiulltig Secretary State
Orango Immigrant AJd Association, Santa
P. B.—A second sale will take place on the
Rancho, commencing on MONl>AY,the Uth
of March, 1875.
Further Information will he furnished hy
tho officers and Directors of the Centlnela
I .a nd Company of Los Angeles, who are:
F. P. F.TBMPLE, President; X.l*. HOWAKD,
Vice-President: J. S. SLAUSON, Los AngeUes
County Bank, Treasurer; W. H. J. IIROOIi.S,
Secretary; J. M. GRIFFITH, of Griffith,
Lynch A Co., Los Angeles; Oeneral J. JL
Sill ELDS, Lot Angeles; O.W.OHILDS, ILos
Angeles; 1). FREEMAN, on the Rancho.
dc 2 W. H. .1. BROOK'S, Secreuu V.
SAN FItANCtSCO, November 28, lS7t
Wm. 11. Maktin, Oeneral Agent California
Immigrant Union-Dear Slr:-I havejust. V li
lted the "Centlnela and Hausal Redondo'
Rancho, and di ivenovertho land described lv
vouradvertisement, With all my experience
in the southern partof California, I have seen
nothing to surpass this tract In fertility ol lOflf,
beauty of location, and advantage ol easy 1(0
-eess and salubrity of climate. For purposes ol
colonization, I know of no large body of Mid
so near a growing commercial centre, in Cali -
fornia or elsewhere, to equal it. No part ot; it
is unavailable for farms, orchards or home
steads. It can boHitbdlvlded Into lols vangKig
from live acres to several hundred acres an d
every anreof itesn be made productive, w »WM
Is abundant and convenient. The ■••" ,, n l *
subject to easy irrigation; and lean voueli (la
the fact that It will prodttce anything tit
nourishes In Los Angeles or Bant* J. I , ~' 1
counties. It Is my Confident opinion that ...
value of shares In this nmpnihsmt tract wilt
be quadrupled within two ycars-Mieo tA lie
extraordinary Influx ol lin migration to lUe
,Sy.l'lis Angelea at the present tune
Wishing you success lv your »^^'"* '■>
I am, very truly yours. J. Ross ukownk.
Manuf Jewelers,
Havejust received a complete new stock of the very
— A. X D —•
A Fine lot of Goods of our own- manufacture in stock.
We have unequaled facilities
Manufacturing and Buying.
JpP" therefore will sell i 'inf. Goods as
Mat *~ KiiKftivliiß in all its brunches excelled by none
A" 9°° dB 80, d b Y «« engraved free.
67 MAIM STREET, ■ - - Los Angeles, Cal.
l/aJuts, OilH,
and Glass.
Looking-glass Plates, Walnut, Rosewood and
Gilt Mouldings of all Styles and Sizes.
California Chemical Paint Company.
. TO my 6 3m 13
Homestead Association!
City of Los Angeles!
106 feet front by 176 feet deep,
one Suture from ihe Hue of the
Main street Horse Railroad.
Payable in Monthly Instalments
First Instalment Due Jan. Ist, 1875.
I/>ls to be Distributed among Shareholders
on or about j
m>wtl' IST, iwrrs.
The 1 md of Hie above Association Is slloat
edon WashfegSS sueet, n«ar Flgueroa,
One and a half miles from the
Court House.
The finest residences In tho city are In its
vlllni. y and the pipes ofthe
City Water Company aro soon to he extendi v
to U,
O. VV. DglU* .....lTosl.lonf.
HON. J. O. DOWWEf „Tr-asurer
11. McLKLLAN Seer. . a, . v.
For further Information, apply to cither ot
the officers of the Association.
subscription itstattho office of theSeojjc
tarv. .
Jj leslrous of improving the ~ual ly o
their cattle, I will state that i i,e i l, ( .r.aigl.l.ivd
ihorthorn 6urham, "West Duke/ will state
at No. 40 Etenllt) Street. For particulars and
,K,,lgrceln, ( ..heof (j WIHTF.HORN,
Jal7 IV Proprietor.
FOR SALK.—Good locality, near business
(••■nli<>. Long lo—B, low rent, and doing good
business. .Satisfactory reasons given for sel-
I ing. For further particulars address Box Istf,
Fostofliee. decß-lm
Poultry, Game, Fish. Fruit and Vege
table Market,
MAIN MTIIF.ET, East side, two doors South
ot Heller's Butcher shop.
All kinds of Poultry and Game, Klsh. fresh
and cured; aud Fruits and Vegetables iv sea
son, kept constantly ou hand and delivered
free to any part of the city. Give me a call.
rhUlsfaeHrm guaranteed. :t
Amestoy'a new ballding, southeast corner
of Aliso and Alameda streets.
t The bostof
And everything to be found In h. well assorted
slock ofthe kind kept constantly on hand.
Southeast Corner Aliso and Ala
meda Streets,
Ml tf
Probate Notice.
ESTATE OF F. GOHR, deceased.—Notice
Is hereby given by the administrator or
the above named est ate, to the creditors or.
and all persons having claims M»lni*
deceased, to exhtbrttheaairte, with theneoes
sary vouchers, wllhin four months tromhe
arit publication (Jan. ,«> «M»
Cthe undersigned, at his oth.. , 111 «>• » Lot
Angeles County Bank,
|anl7-4w Administrator of aflitl estate.
HAVING refltted my entire bouse, and
tflvon »l> merchandising, 1 am prei'O'ed
lo acoommodaU. boarders with;
rooms and board al reasonable rates. I am
• KSit cd »t B»n Gabriel Mission, so justly eel
! rued for asthmatic and P«'>J""" W e? tt9
Dial tits. Can leave for Los Angeles at »
,7clock A. h.; returning, arrive at ten mln
utes past 3, v. M. U.WID F. B ALL.
San Gabriel, Jon. I* Wm\ j ••«•*»

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