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SATURDAY, JAN. 80, 1876.
DNK DOLLAR parSqmua of ten lines, first
Insertion, nnd twenty-kivb cents per .Square
for each subsequent lusertion.
The Sun Fraucisco mail arrived at 9
o'clock last night.
Three days' mail from Sau Diego
arrived yesterday.
Tiie Mutual Aid Association has in
vested in a flve-hundred-dollar safe.
Tbe Senator is advertised to sail for
San Francisco on Tuesday.
The Ventura tailed for Sau Francisco
yesterday with 50 passengers ami 210
tons of freight.
Just received at the Grange Store—
a new supply from the East of the cel
ebrated Bain Wagons.
Two hundred and fifty boxes of or
anges were shipped to Wilmington
Mr. aud Mis. Hopkins and Miss
Whisler, wf our city, aro registered at
tlie Morton House.
The passengers from Sau Francisco
by the Senator will come up on to
morrow morning's train.
The San Fernando train now leaves
the depot at GA. M., taking passengers
for San Francisco by the overland
The meeting of the stockholders of
the Grange Co-operative Company has
been postponed until next Thursday,
February 4th.
Eight or nine hundred dollars ia
wanted on good real estare security
for two years at one per cent, interest
per month. Address Box G25, Post
Mr. H. H. Harmon, court reporter,
returned to the city yesterday from
Santa Ana, where he has heen rusti
catingand playing fannersiiiceChrist
Ahernathy, the man who plead
guilty to tlie charge of horse stealing,
was yesterday sentenced by Judge
O'Melveney to one year in the State
Superintendent Hewitt informs us
that a train will start for Anaheim
this morning, carrying passengers,
freight and baggage. After to-day
trains will run on regular time.
The railroad company lost a lighter
at Wilmington during the late storm.
It was cast away from its moorings
and totally wrecked, although the
cargo, consisting of lumber,\va9saved.
Mr. Geo. B. Davis has just received
a line lot of evergreens, flowering
shrubs, roses, etc., witli prune, plum
nnd other fruit trees. They can be
purchased at the Alden Fruit Drying
The crossing of Temple and Spring
streets is in a terribly muddy condi
tion and almost impassable for pedes
trians. We commend the subject to
the cousideratiou of the chain-gang.
The Vieuxtemps Brothers, who
lately duped the San Bernardino peo
ple, have just accomplished a similar
feat In San Diego, and skipped out for
Arizona, leaving an empty valise to
pay their board bill.
Messrs. J. W. Clark & Co., of Ana
heim,will soon removetheirstationery
business into the new Kroger building
and will occupy the entire lirst story.
In connection with their other busi
ness, they have been appointed agents
for the Eclipse wind-mills. An adver
tisement appears in another column.
Mrs. Wolenberg & Bettis have dis
solved partnership, Mr. Wolenberg
retiring. The firm will hereafter be
known as Bettis & Co., and the bttsi
uessof insurance, real estate brokerage
and collecting Will be continued at the
old stand. Mr. Bettis is already well
established iv the confidence of our
basiness community, and we believe
he will continue to merit a liberal
To parties desirous of renting fur
nished rooms, single or in suites, we
commend the Cape House, New High
street, opposite the Pico. The build
iug is new, elegant and commodious;
tlie rooms are furnished in the best
style with Brussels carpetsaud walnut
furniture, and the terms are reasona
A profound commotion was created
iv Chinatown last evening about 8
o'clock. A Celestial woman went to a
junk shop to buy a can of opium, and
iv paying for her purchase displayed
the astounding sum of $9 50. This
was too much of a temptation for tlie
merchant and one or two attendants,
and they attempted to rob the custom
er. A hubbub followed, when two po
licemen came to the rescue and suc
ceeded iv arresting the woman and
lodging her in the calaboose.
We yesterday passed through the
dining-room aud kitchen of the St.
Charles Restaurant. It is one of the
neatest and completest establishments
in the city. The dining-room lloor is
covered with a fine Bruasells carpet
and the large room has been curtained
off into apartments. The kitchen has
been thoroughly renovated and is now
as neat and clean as a new pin. The
whole is a quiet and cosy retreat
where a good meal may be had at a
reasonable price, eaten with all the
comforts of homo.
Postmaster Bent complains that
many papers and packages of mail
matter known as third class are
dropped into the ottice insufficiently
stamped. No less than nineteen in
stances of this kind occurred yester
day. Under the postoffice regulations
matter thus mailed cannot be forward
ed, like letters, to be paid at the office
of delivery, but must bo thrown into
the waste-basket. Many who are
sending papers and packages to their
friends will be disappointed. The rate
is one cent for two ounces or fraction
thereof. If there is any doubt about
weight, it can always be ascertained
at the office.
"B." in Trouble.
Editor- Herald : I am nervous,
vexed; have not slept for a week until
two or three o'clock in th© morning;
my health is fast fitilingand very soon
there will be a solemn funeral ami a
long obituary, stating that I died of
some disease to which the doctors will
give a scientific name requiring twenty
letters to spell it and which nobody
living can understand, when the fact
ofthe matter is, I shall be literally
howled to death. My neighbors have
a score of curs that make night hideous
with howling. Nothing undermines
health like tlie loss of sleep, nnd
when health fails, nothing makes
one so nervous as the howl
of a dog. If the truth were
known, I have not a doubt but
there are fifty victims now sleeping in
the silent grave in this city who were
howled to death. I iove a good dog;
one that will quietly watch the house
avid obey when spoken to, and has
sense enough to knew that no howling
is permitted in aeivilized community.
Civilized people wiil not permit any
other kind of dogs to live, especially
in a city. We have a stringent dog
law in this city, and we have officers
to enforce tho law ; but so far ns we
know, there is perfect harmony
between the officers and tlie own
ers of dogs. Occasionally the
vicious curs will pounce upon a woman
or a child and nearly devour them,
then the officers will sputter around
and sell a dozen or two brass c dlars
for two or three dollars each, and that
is the end of it—all quiets down uutil
another outrage is committed. Is there
no law to make officers execute this
law? If not there ought to be. I give
the City Fathers timely notice that
heavy damages will be claimed when
I die. I have engaged the lawyer and
posted my heirs, and tlie city must
pay for it. The only means ot escape
from this loss is for the city to put the
dog law in force and save my life.
La Ballona.
[Translated from La Cronlea.l
The nearest point of commencement
of La Ballona .Ranch from the Court
House, of the city of Los Angeles, in
a Southwest direction, is just three
leagues. Extending thence to the Pa
cific Ocean, taking in tho favorite
watering place Santa Monica and Will
Tell*; it embraces an area of 13,919
acres, a little less than twenty-two
square miles.
The origin of the name La Hallona
may be undeistood in the following:
There being, however, two versions
both of which will be ottered. The
lirst is, that an immense whale was
once carried ashore (by the way the
skin and bones of one is on the beach
at the present time) and out of respect
to his "whale-ship" one letter having
been dropped from his name, ami an
other inserted, tlie ranch was called
Ballona instead of Ballcna (whale.)
The second is, that valle (valley)
often spelt Balle, by suppressing
when a vowel the last letter, accord
ing to rule, and affixing the augment
ative oiiu becomes in Spanish "Bal
lona," in English, meaning large val
ley. As this answers both analogical
ly" and descriptively, for Ballona is
Indeed a large valley, it is probably
the correct version as to the origin of
the name.
El rancho de la Ballona was orig
inally granted to Seftores Dons Au
gust in and fgnario Machado, Felipe
and Tomas Talamautez on the 27th of
November, 1839, by Juan B. Alverado,
then Constitutional Governor of the
The present owners, prominent
among whom aro the Machados,
Youngs, Hoses and Sanfords enjoy the
title of U. S. patent for their respect
ive portions of this, one ofthe most
beautiful sections of Los Angeles
county, which in brief is to com (tare
it in general loveliness with any part
of the known world. Of tlie original
grantees but two now remain, Srs.
Dons Ignacio Machado and Tomas
Talamautez, the others having gone,
after living to a good old age '• to that
bourne from whence no traveler re
turns," leaving behind them, howev
er, as dashing, handsome, intelligent
representatives as any that California
can boast of, and of whom La Ballona
is justly proud. But time, though it
may tyke from their gaze, conuot dis
pel from their memories the fond rec
ollections associated with their ances
tors "aud often will the tear of regret
intrusively swell" in the dark eye of
a young air orila at the mention of
those cherished names, and though
in sorrow, still she loves to dwell on
associations connected with her abut
Sr. Don Ignacio Machado at the age
of 85 is a magnificent type of the na
tive California!!. Though suffering
at times from a slight chrouic infirm
ity he is still stroug in body and vig
orous in mind, and finds pleasure once
in a while in riding a "bronco" or
doing a good day's work, in spite of
the protestations of his careful and
affectionate children. Don Ignacio
possesses a wonderful memory, and
from time to time regales his numerous
children and friends by narrating
incidents connected with early La
Ballona,which,historically considered,
are worthy of notice, aud may be pre
sented to your readers when space may
be found in the columns of your paper.
La Ballona, Jan. 24.
From the many letters of inquiry
which we receive daily, we select one
now and then for publication to illus
trate the general interest which is
awakened throughout the East regard
ing Southern California. The follow
ing may be considered a significant
straw which shows which way the
wind blows:
Sterling Centre, Minn., 1
January 18,1875. j
Editor Herald: I have] received
several copies of your paper and the
Herald and Centlnela pamphlet*. 1
have read them with interest and dis
tributed them all where they would
do the most good. One of my neigh
bors has sold his farm and will go to
California in the Spring. Two others
have spent eight months ln Texas,
looking out a location, but they did
not like the society there, and I be
live they will emigrate to your State
as soon as they can dispose of their
froperty. I shall do the same, if
rovidence permits. I send you the
names of a few parties who will be
glad to rend your paper. They are
men who have been contemplating a
change ot residence for some time;
have the "California fever" and wisli
a more congenkti (•lime. The tlwr
montete." bus been as low as 25° below
zero here for over a week past. [Here
follows a list of nine names.]
If I could leave home for a month, I
believe that I could muster up quite a
little company of pioneers,,all good
nun, who would do credit to any
community. You sec that I am In
earnest In this matter, and want to
benefit my neighbors as well as my
I remain, yours truly,
Wm. Russell, Jr.
Wilmington Items.
From the Enterprise of January £S.
Wilmington College has about 75
Tlie pile-driven are again at work,
and tlie new wharf is steadily stretch
ing its huge proportion! down the
We saw the steam rising from the
dredger this morning, which is proof
that General Boschke has fired up; but
we ate unable to give further Informa
The first train since Sunday Came
through from Los Angeles yesterday
afternoon, and broulit a large accumu
lated mail, much to tho joy of every
Last Tuesday evening a lighter with
a load of lumber, belonging to the
railroad company, broke loose from its
anchorage and drifted around and was
thrown on the beach of Rattlesnake
Island. The little steamer went this
morning to pull it off.
Major McClea left with his family
to-day for the purpose of making Los
Angeles his permanent residence. Mr.
Ames, his father-in-law, has rented
his farm up on the railroad, aud will
move to Wilmington to occupy the
Major's house.
Messrs. Thomas, French and Ma
teer, who were scalded and otherwise
injured, last week ou the railroad,near
Wilmington, are all getting along as
well as could be expected. French is
out and on the road,but looking some
what like a scarred veteran. Mateer,
whose injuries are principally burns,
is very iuuen relieved from his suffer
ings and only requires time to get out
all right. Thomas, who was not only
buried, hut received internal injuries,
is considered out of danger, but will
require careful nursing.
San Diego Items.
The San Diego river is coming down
in increased volume, and is pouring
an immense stream into the Bay.
This shows how heavy have been tbe
rains iv the country.
The bees iv San Diego county make
honey in December and January, and
continue in their work till late in Au
gust, when the wild flowers die. The
first honey of the year 1875 was
brought to town yesterday, being a
section box from the apiary at the
Sacatero Ranch near the head of the
Sweetwater river.
The Vieuxtemps skipped out to
parts unknown on Saturday evening
last. They left a small token of their
affection at the Lyon's House ia the
shape of an empty valise. Poordcvils,
they must be having a hard time of it
out in the storm which has pre
vailed since their departure. Any one
who may feel interested In tlie afore
said gentlemen may hear of their
whereabouts hy usiiiK the telegraph
between this place and Yuma. That
they are a pair of thoroughbred bilks
no one will doubt. Look out for them,
you Yuma folks, Newspapers through
out the country should give this brace
of confirmed humbugs a "benefit."
They are musically inclined, but tlieir
"plays" are of such a character as to
bring them up with a quick jerk one
of these days. They capped the climax
by promising a benefit for the Catho
lic Church,sold tickets, collected some
money and walked oil' with the plun
der most unceremoniously.— World.
Our storm has conic. After the big
rush or waters in the upper country,
Sun Diego is favored with a small del
uge. Durinn the last storm, while (as
it is reported) Los Angeles was
drenched with Vlh inches of rain, the
rainfall in this city measured little
over half an inch. It is true, we have
our doubts about the Los Ange
les story; twelve inches is a good deal
of water to descend upon the surface
of the country in two days. But there
is little doubt that the rainfall up the
coast was very largely in excess of
that at San Diego. On Sunday night,
however, our turn came; the wind
freshened up from the Southeast, and
it began to rain; toward daybreak
it rained hard; and during the greater
part of yesterday forenoon there was
a stiff Southeast gale and a steady
pour. Total rainfall ninety-live hun
dredths of an inch. And it is raining
again as we write. — Union, 1307 A.
A Rare Chance.
Those four handsome houses on
Main street, offered for sale by W. H.
J. Brooks, can be purchased for $5,000
each, and on the following terms:
$1,000 cash, the remaining $4,000 to be
paid as follows: $2,500 at oue percent,
in one, two, three, four or five years,
as the purchaser prefers. 11,500 for
the same term, also at one I>er cent,
per month, bayahfe In monthly in
stallments of 86j which, at the ex
piration of live years, would pay the
whole amount both principal and in
terest. Making the total monthly
payment which the purchaser would
have to pay $58 36, being no more
than a fair rent for that class of resi
dence, and with this further advan
tage that each payment would he for
the benefit of the occupant instead of
a landlord. jan23-2w
Be considerate and thoughtful for
the poor man. Actuated by this hu
mane sentiment, W. H. J. Brooks,
Searcher of Records, No. 8 Temple
Block, offers for sale several fine lots
at prices ranging from $250 to $400,
situated iv the southwestern part of
the city on the principal streets, only
a block or two from Main street and
easily accessible by the Main strict
cars. They can be bought for one
quarter cash, one-quarter every six
months thereafter, with interest at one
per cent, per month. The lots are Gt)x
165 feet, perfectly level—all ready to
, build on. jan27*2w
Special Notices.
Divorces obtained ln forty-five days; no
publicity; no fee In advance; legal every
where; residence In Utah not required: an
extremely liberal divorce law; incompatibil
ity sullicicnt cause; terms moderate; unex
ceptionable references. Address " Lawyer, P.
O. Uox 111, fori one, Utah." JasT IM
R. H. Wai.kkr, Bill Poster and Distributer.
Headquarters at, Ktar olllce. Orders loft at
any ofthe other newspaper offices in the elty,
will be promptly attended to, jun n i
Agency Liverpool and London and
Olobe Insurance Company. Assets, 121,000,
-t 000. Agency State investment Insuranco
Company, r Ire and Marine. Assets, $800,000,
at Brodrlck's Hook More, near the Postoffice.
yy t
Lovers ofthe weed, will pleuse to read,
Those few lines over.
And where to get. a gooJ cigar, you l,ot,
They'll early then discover.
Hugh Keenan keeps at No. In, Com. St.,
Cigars ofthe latest brand.
As Pedro Is all tbe go,
Its something uiee and grsud;
Artlsta It makes a fine display,
To those who desire,
Something tine to smoke all the time.
And never loose it's lire.
Yosemlte vale out beats green seal,
That you hea.-so much talk ahoui;
You may think its stuff bat pitch lili pull',
Sends all the brands quite out.
A man may pass a Joke about gymnastics
But pleasant it seems lo all
Those who want to buy or wish to try,
Picasegive Hugh a call, Juul3-2w
Go to the Fashionable Tailor, Fltz
nat rick, when you want a Hue suit id' clothes.
It you desiie' reoommtttidut-lou, ask any of
Ills numerous customers, and you will l>e
told that" Fits." always does his work well
giving tine work, good material and reasona
ble prices.
Howling Alley, llilllardand Oyster Saloon,
In the basement of tne J. «.Hotel building,
formerly occupied by the Cuoamoi g.t wine
Depot, a saloon wit h a lirst class stock of
Wines, Liquors, Cigars, etc., etc , and the best
accommodation for customers. No charge
will be made to patrons for the use of Billiard
lablesand Alley, A lunch will be served In
the evening. MEI.CHERT A SToLL,
novotf Proprietors.
Silver ami gold plating; eleetrotyplng; ivory
aud metal turning; glass anil metal drilling.
Locks, keys, seals and key-checks, stencil and
door-plates made to oAler; Ttnlves and surgi
cal Instruments ground and saws filed and set;
parasolsand canes mended; musical instru
ments repaired; meerschaum pipes cleaned
and mounted; model making and repairs on
all fancy work and machinery, from v pin to
a locomotive. All kinds of sewing machines
bought, sold and repaired. Come and see I lie
new sewing machine engine. Sewing Ma-
Ohlnu Exchange,.'W Spring St. de3U tf
Moore's Restaurant, ou Commercial street,
is (he proper place to go for a good meal, with
a gootl cup ol coffee or tea to drink with it.—
There Is probably no restaurant on the Pacific
Coast where so many of the substanttalj! and
so many of the luxuries may be had lot IS CIS,
Don't forget the place-Moore's Restaurant,
Commercial street. Private eating rooms have
been neatly fitted up for Ihe accommodation
of ladles. jd-ti
Bancroft A Thavkk, Real Estate Brokers,
No. 21 spring street. City and Counly Proper
ty Bought, sold aud Exchanged. Loans ne
gotiated, money advanced OO Finland Per
sonal securities. Publishers ul tbe Los Ange
les Real Estate Reporter. declltf
W. O. Hunt! f.s A Co.'H
Weekly si age Line
For Panamint.
For passage or packages, enquire of F, We
ber, orcoruer of Aliso and Alameda streets.
al. Tlie tide of Immigration Is steadily set
ting in, ant! the first thing eastern people do
Is to throw away their New York lialsand buy
a new one of Dkhmono. They say there ls no
comparison between the two. 2^o
New High Street, Opposite Pico House.
rpilis HOUSE i-i JtlsT FINISHED, AMD
1 Its rooms are large sunny, and elegantly
furnished. No house In the city is better lo
cated, and its rooms are arranged lo be used
single or in suites. The
First-Class Black Walnut.
The proprietor assures aft that they cannot
llnd a more respectable location or better ac
commodations ill iht! city.
WM. CAPE, Proprietor.
Jiu'io lm
36 Main St., Backman House.
Jh3o lw
J_ CO-OPE It ATI YE I DM PAN V- The stock
holders of said company are hereby notified
that there will be a meeting of Uie stock
holders of aula company ftt the hall, over the
Grange Store, In tne city of Los Angel -s,
Stale of California, on Thursday, the4th day
of February, at 11 o'clock a. m., for the tran
saction of such business as may come before
the meeting.
Hv order of tlie Board of 1 )irecurs.
Los Angelea, January 7,1875. 7ui
Vejar and San Pedro Streets,
A flue varoty of Fruit Trees, Including
Cheny and Plum, which are warranted to
grow and bear iiiauidaiiily every year.
containing about 3UO trees; also, a variety
of fruit trees such us walnut, Italian chestnut,
apple, pi ar, peach, olive, etc.. located iv the
city on the West side ol Main street, and con
taining 10 acres. Apply to W. 11. M ACK,
jau'.D-lm Posloluce box 361 Los Angeles.
St. Charles Restaurant.
' "V ."
J now opened for Day or We. k Boarders,
MVrmH ItenHOnablO.
T. SCALLY, - - Proprietor
i the city. The tables supplied with the
Bupstantials and delicacies which tbe market
St. Charles Hotel Building, Main St.
Ja27 tf
Willow Wood.
A FINE SUPPLY ot'this Wood constantly
on hand at mv Yard on Alameda Street,
below tbe Depot, All lengths. Orders left at
the Orange store will be promptly attended to
and delivered free of charge,
Jan23-lm J. J. MORTON.
(Lately from San Francisco)
new building on spring street, (Kast
Bide), between Second and Third. He solicits
tliouustom ofthe public, and will do
First-Class Washing and Ironing
At the usual rates, WAU HI.
Real Estate and Money Brokers.
Prompt attention paid to collections and ull
business entrusted to our care.
OFFIOE-No. 44 Temple Block, up stairs
Entrance, lirst stairwuy below the bank, on
Spring street. deetttf
Elegant Residences,
Situated un (lie North Mile ol' Mnln Nt.,
Between Second anil Tlilril.
APE now nearly completed nml will be
ready i<»r occupation on or about, the
Kitat clay of Ktsbriiary next.
They have been constructed wilh every re
gard to coin mod ions 11 ess, and arc provided
with alt tlie modern conveniences, and in a
style suitable for Ihe home of a genteel fam
Each lot Is 25 feet front by 167 feet doep, and
is divided from Its neighbors hy a high board
fence, inuking It entirely sepcrnte and exclu
Each iiouse contains elglit rooms. On tho
first lioor are two parlors, witli marble man
ties; a dining-room, kitchen and servants'
bed-room; a largo pantry, or store-room and
china-closet. Un Ihe second lloor are Ihroo
large bed-rooms with corresponding closets,
and a bath-room with witsh-fotiul aud patent
Both hot and cold water can be brought to
the upper StOITi and gas pipes are carried
Into every room.
'there are broad Vontndahl wilh porticoes
in front and rear.
Every house is hard-Anlshed th roughoot,
Ihe lower rooms having handsome center
pieces. The front winnows will have Inside
blinds; tlie side and rear ones, the new patent
blinds, panned same color as outside walls.
The rear yards arc 2>xB7 feel, and can be
laid out as a garden and the front lv flower
Bach resilience will have an ornamental
fence enclosing II from the street, with high
lattices dividing it from Its neighbors.
Situated iik they an l.pon the mttlustreet, in
close proximity P. ihe business center, any
one may purchase either of them with the
confident assurance that it will doubjo in
value iv the course of i he next two years.
Price $S.OOO for each house and lot,
and the terms can be made to meet the most
moderate means.
For (Urtber particulars enquire of
Searcher ol' Keeords.
j;uilti-lin No. (j, Teniph- lllock.
Real Estate & Money Brokers.
Notary IMiblic nnd Conveyancer.
OK MCE-No 11 Temple Block, upstairs -en
trance, first IfttlrWHy below the Hank, on
Hating streot.
For Bale Cheap!
3,000 Walnut trees 3 years old
1,000 Orange "3
2,000 " " 2 " "
10,000 " " 1 year "
1,000 Lemon " 2 years "
100 Fig " 2 " "
500 Pepper "2& 3 " "
1. Publishing and Printing Company.—
Principal place of business, I.os Angeles, I.os
Angelea county, state of California.
There Is delinquent upon the following de
scribed stock on account of assessment levied
on the 23d day of December, 1574, Ihe several
amounts set opposite I he names of the respect
ive shareholders, us follows:
V >. it.
NAMES. 9 * ~
fa 1
Eseklel brown I 6 s-'eo OU
\v. 11. Macs 11 2 no mi
•lolintloldsworthy 22 1 40 00
T. S. stun way 31 i -to on
3, A. Stanley M 1 40 00
Joseph Shaw 43 1 41 00
And In accordance with law,so many shares
of each parcul of such stock as muy he neces
sary will be sold at the Hf.km.d offlee in said
city of Los Angeles on the 28th day of Febru
ary, A. 1). 1875, at 10 o'clock A. m. of such day,
to* pay delinquent assessments thereon, to
gether with the costs of advertising and ex
penses of sale.
Dated Los Angeles, January 28, A. P. 1875.
ISAAC! W. U>Klt.
|:i2B 2w Secretary.
the Common Council of the city of Lea
Angeles at Its meeting of February 4, 1875, for
the grading of Alameda street from Aliso
slreet northerly to its junction with Main
street. M. KREMER,
Clerk of Com. Council.
Common Council of the city of Los An
geles will receive proposals at, its meeting of
February 4, 1875, forthe construction of a sewer
according to the following specifications.
Clerk of l orn. Council.
The sewer on New High street, from Short
street to the Junction with the sewer in Main,
corner of Turner street, to be Hxll Inches in
the clear, inside to be built of 2-inch clear red
wood, the sides lo be laid lengthways of the
tewcr and the top and bottom to be laid eross
wavsottlie length ofthe sewer, the whole lo
be properly nailed with 40penny nails and all
joints and connections to be made tight, and
nil joints of side pieces to be covered with strip
of 2x(i redwood.
Ihe sewer OO New High street from the hill
in front of Dr. Bush's property to Its Junction
witli the sewer on New High slreet and Tur
ner street to be 10x10 inchesill the clear inside
to lie built, of 2-inch clear redwood, the sides
to be laid lengthways of the sewer and tlie top
nnd bottom to be laid crossways ofthe length
of the sewer, the whole to be properly nailed
with 40 penny nails and all joints and connec
tions to be made tight, and all joints of side
pieces to be covered with simp or 2xB redwood.
The sewer to be placed not less than 3 feet be
low the surface of the street.
celved at the oflice of tlie Chief Engineer
L. A. A I. K. IL, New High slreet, next door to
the office of P. Beaudry, Esq.. for the gradua
tion of the summit section of the aforesaid
road, situated atxlio head of Cajon Pass, Han
Bernardino counly.
Profile and specification's can be seen at the
Engineer's Office, and Information can be ob
tained upon the ground from E. Y. Buchanan,
Principal Assistant Engineer.
All bids must be made out in accordance
with the specifications, and endorsed: "Pro
posals for Graduation— Ujs Augeles and Inde
pendence Railroad; Box 4t!3,Los Angeles P. 0."
The < 'ompany reserves the rigid to reject any
or all bids, and will demand good and suili
oieni bonds tor the faithful performance ofthe
All bbls must be handed In on or before the
30th of January. J. U. CRAWFORD.
j,-i2l Id Chief Engineer.
Probate Notice.
ESTATE OF F. QOHB, deceased. -Notice
ls hereby given by the administrator of
th*abOVO named estate, to the creditors of,
and all persons having claims against said
deceased, to exhibit the same, with the neces
sary vouchers, within four months from the
first publication t.lan. 17, 187. : >) of this notice,
to the undersigned, at his ottlee, in the I.os
Angeles County Bank, Los Angeles City, Cal.
R J, 8, sI,A I'soN,
janl7-4w Administrator of said estate.
HAVING refitted my entire house, and
given up merchandising, 1 am prepa-ed
to accommodate boarders with pleasant
rooms and board at reasonable rates. I am
located at San Gabriel Mission, so Justly cel
ebrated for asllunatic and pulmonary com
plaints. Cmi leave for Los Angeles at t*
o'clock a. M.; returning, arrive ut ten Mala*
llles past.'!, V. M.
Hnn Gabriel, Jan. 13,1«75. janl3-lm
Signoret A Le Prince ls by mutual eon
sent this day dissolved. Tbe business will
hereafter lie conducted by F. Signoret, who
will receive all debts due the firm und will
pay all demnndsagalnst the same.
Dated January 0,1875. a, LE PRINCE.
Homestead Association!
City of Los Angeles!
106 feet front by 176 feet deep,
One Square from tbe line ofthe
Main street Horse Railroad.
8 300 OO!!!
Payable in Monthly Instalments
— of —
First Instalment Due Jan. Ist, 1875.
Lols lo be Distributed among Shareholders
on or about
31 A.V IST, IXJTi..
The I i nd ot the above Association ls situat
ed un Washington street, near Figueroe,
One and a half miles from the
Court House.
The finest residences In the city are iv Us
vicinity, and the pipes of the Los Angeles
City Water Company are soon to be extended
to it,
O. W. CHILDS, President.
HON. J. G. DOWNEY Treasurer
11. McLELLAN Secretary.
For further information, apply to either of
the officers of tlie Association.
Subscription list at the oflice of the Secre
tary. 02411'
Poultry, Game. Fish, Fruit and Vege
table Market,
MAIN STREET, East side, two doors South
of Heller's Butcher shop.
All kinds of Poultry und Game, Fish, fresh
and cured; and Fruits and Vegetables in sea
son, kept constantly on hand and delivered
free to any part ol the city. Give me a call.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Amestoy's new building, southeast corner
ol Aliso and Alameda streels.
The best of
And even thing lo be found in a well assorted
stock of the Itind kept constantly on hand.
Southeast Corner Aliso and Ala
meda Streets,
de3l tf
puny, principal place of business being
Compton, Los Angeles county, State of Cali
Notice ls hereby given that at a meeting ot
the Directors held on the isth day of Decem
ber, 1871, an assessmentof eight and one-third
per cent, upon tho capital stock, the same
fielng Twenty-five Dollars per share, was
levied upon the capital stock of said corpora
tion, payable on or before the
15th Day or January, 1875,
To J. J. Morton, Secretary of said corporation,
at his office in Compton, said county and
Any stock upon which this assessment shall
remain unpaid on the said 15th.day of Janu
uary, 1875, wtll be delinquent and advertised
tor sale at public auction, and unless pay
ment is made before wJ'l be sold on Ihetiih
day or February, 1875, pay the delinquent
assessment, together wit,, cost of advertising
and expenses of sale. J. J. MORTON,
Compton, Los Angeles Co.,Stuteof California,
Dec. 1«, 1874.
At a meeting held January 16th, 1875, the
time at which the above stock becomes delin
quent was extended to January 30th, 1875, nnd
unless payment Is made thereon by UjtoSOth
day of February, such stock will be sold, ac
cording to iilsive notice.
Jan2;i-2w Secretary.
A Most Desirable Homestead for Sale.
JL. log from Figucroa to Virginia street,
neatly enclosed, containing 10n lemon, fin
lime, 10 almond aud 2n walnut trees, all in Ihe
most thrifty condition and commencing to
bear, ami vacant space Mufflclenl for shrub
bery and 75 or 80 orange trees. A pples, peach
es, pears and apricots ofthe finest varieties, in
good bearing. Also a fine strawberry bed.
from which was sold lasi year BWO worth of
strawberries. The lime trees can be depended
on for 50,000 limes for the next year.
Price $:i,."iOU; no ieduc.cn. Apply at the
IIKRAI.Ii oflice. j:ii7 1m
Livery and Sale Stable,
MAIN street, opposite Aroailia street.
Horses nnd Carriages, Single or Double, nnd
Saddle Horses kept constantly on hand for
the accommodation of the Public.
Horses hoarded by the day, week.ormonth,
at reasonable rates. Conveyances furnished
for private or public occasions at the shortest
notice and upon as reasonable terms as at any
Virnt-ClH.au JHJstiibliisliiiient
In Southern California.
Connected with tlie above stables are Plain
and Glass, which will be supplied, with or
without plumes, on terms
DefyinK Competition.
Jan 1211" I*roprietort».
# (Near tho Pico House.)
accommodate the public in tbe best manner.
The capacity oi t ni- i .hie .sgreatertl.au that
of any other in South em California.
Horses and Buggies and Csrrlsges, with
careful drivers, In let by the day or week.
Horses boarded and groomed bj the Day,
Week or Month.
Respectful I, solicit a share of public pain ns
age, pledging in return attention to business
snd a determination to aatisly their custom
The Home of the Orange and
the Lemon.
— OF —
— AND —
5, 10, 20 and 40 Acre Farms,
Monday, Feb. 15, 1875,
The sale will take place on tho Rancho.
Parties desiring to purchase SHOULD BE ON
THE GROUND a few days prior te the sale,
"Centlnela," with the addition ofthe "Hau
sal Redondo," contains 25,000 acres. Tbe
boundary of the Rancho commences three
and a half miles from the city limits of Los
Angeles, nnd extends to the Pacific Ocean.
" Centlnela" ls madeupof one broad, level,
fertile valley of over twenty thousand acres,
and beautiful fertile rolling bills near th*
The soli Is an exceedingly fertile loam, and
is, without exception, the richest and most
productive in (Southern California. Its vicin
ity to the ocean insures a crop without irriga
tion. Excellent wheet has been raised for the
last two years upon the hills adjoining the
ocean. This wheat field contains 1,000 acres
and covers the lightest soil upon tbe Rancho.
There is no alkali or barren land.
Semi-Tropical Fruits.
There arc a few bearing orange and lime
trees upon the Centlnela, and the fruit they
produce is of the largest and finest quality.
There is an orchard containing 0,000 orange
trees three years old, and 1,700 almond, Hate
and lemon trees. The almond, lime and
lemon trees will bear fruit in 1875. The or
ange trees will bear iv five years. 'There are
7,000 three-year-old orange trees In the nur
sery near tbe orchard. Elg, pepper and gum
trees grow without Irrigation. The entire or
chard can be taken care of by three men with
six horses. The orchard will be kept undi
vided by the company to save the expense of
each shareholder having a few trees to take
care of. Each share will entitle the owner to
about IS trees lv the orchard and about the
same number ln the nursery. The almond,
lime and lemon trees will yield an Immedi
ate return. In five years each orange tree will
produce $20 per annum, or $3UO per share for
those now pluuted. There are flowers ln the
garden in bloom every day in the yea
After the lambing season In January the flock
of sheep will number about H,«W and they
will be kept undivided, to save expenses to
the snan holders. This will give about thirty
sheep to each share. The sheep will produce,
ln Increase and wool,over $2 each yearly.over
expenses. They will be grazed upon outlying
and unsold lands of the company. The "no
ience " law Is in force in Los Angeles county,
to supply every lot with crystal, cool, sweet
The climate ofthe Centlnela is, without ex
ception, thu finest aud most equable ln the
world. It varies but little throughout the
year. The mean temperature is about 60 deg.
The mercury falls hut little below 60 dec in
Winter and rises but little above 60 deg. ln
Summer. You sleep under one pair of blan
kets and with your bed-room window open
every night in the year.
The soil of the Centinela Is admirably
adapted for all kinds of grain, vegetables and
The Centlnela creek rises upon the rancho
and runs through the northern portion of the
tract. It affords an abundance of clear spring
water. The source of the Centlnela creek
consists of several natural artesian springs,
showing that artesian water can be obtained
by boring.
The Town.
A square mile ls laid off at an eligible point
on the tract, with lots 25x140; avenue 100 feet
aud streets 80 feet wide.
A stream of water can be brought in so aa
to supply every lot with crystal, cool, sweet
Provision will be made Cor a College and
Kami School.
A large lot will bo set apart for each relig
ious denomination. A block will also be
Si yen for tbe erection of a large hall by tha
ifferent Fraternal, Grange and Temperance
Parties desiring to visit the land should
take steamer tram Ban Francisco to Los An
geles; fare. $12. By inquiring at Tentpie A
Workman's Kan It, in Los Augeles, they will
be directed to tlie Rancho.
Apply to
Wm. 11. MARTIN,
General Agent California Immigrant Union,
KM Cull lorn la street, Ban Francisco, bet.
Montgomery streets; to
TEMPLE A WORKMAN, Bankers, or Gen.
SHIELDS, Los Angeles; or
O. L. ABBOTT, Corresponding Secretary State
Grange Immigrant Aid Association, Santa
P. B.—A second sale will take place on the
liancho, commencing on MONDAY, the Bth
of March, 1875.
Further information will be furnished by
the officers aud Directors of the Centlnela
Land Company of Los Angeles, who are:
F. P. F.TKM PLE, President; P.P. HOWARD,
Vice-President: J. S. SLAUSON, Los Angeles
County Bank, Treasurer: W. H.J. BROOKS,
Secretary; J. M. GRIFFITH, of Griffith,
Lynch A Co., Los Angeles: General J. H.
SHIELDS, Lot Angeles; O. W. CHILDS, Los
Angeles; D. FREEMAN, on tbe liancho.
de 2 W. H. 3. BROOKS, secretary.
Sax FXAJfCiaOO, November 28,1874
Wm. H. Maiitin, General Agent California
Immigrant Union—Dear sir:—l have Just vis
ited the "Centlnela and Sutisal Redondo"
Kai.cho, and drivcuovertbe land described lv
your advertisement. With all my experience
in tho southern part of California, I have seen
nothing to sui pas- this tract I n fertility of soil,
beauty of location, aud ad vantage of easy ac
cess and salubrity of climate. Forpurpososof
colonisation, I know of no large body of land
so near a growing commercial centre, in Cali
fornia or elsewhere, to equal it No part of it
is unavailable for farms, orchards or home
steads. It can be subdivided into lots ranglug
from five acr •■! hundred acres and
every acreiH it can be made pro .active. Wetor
Is abundant and convenient. The laiitl is
dourishes in Los Angeles or Santa Barbara
counties. It Is my e-.; detent ogmion 'battle
vntneof shares in this magnitleent tract will
be quadrupled within t»«. ■...»—sin- .!..
extraordinary oiiim M w.iiol*ratk» ,o the

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