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Itn Agricultural. « aiiufacturlnis nnd
Mineral Resources—Un Geographical
aud CouiHiereial Position*—lts Har
bors. Railroads ami Railroad System
—Statistics Relating to Climate. Soil.
Products, Ktc.
I»«,ICK. - - - - IS Cents.
This edition contains thirty-two pages of
double column matter, every article of which
Is descriptive of son thing or some part of
Los Angeles valley. I following ar.' tlie
titles to the lending articles: '-Los Angeles
County and L>s Angeles Valley;" "Tho South
ern Pacific Railroad;" "The Los Angeles and
Pacific Railway;" "Our Railroad Wants;"
•'Steamers, Rail and Stage;" "The Assessor's
Figures," "Spadra and tlie Surrounding Coun
try," "The El Monte District," "Los Nietos,"
"Wilmington." "Anaheim," "San Fernando,"
"Centinela Colony," "Compton," "The Tustin
Settlement," "Santa Ana," "Cienega and La
Ballona," "Westminster Colony," "Semi-
Tropical and Other Fruits," "Fruit Drying
Works," "What Grains Flourish Here," "The
San Gabriel Valley," "Potatoes in Los Anee
les Valley," "San Bernardino County,"
"Mines in Los Angeles County," "Mines in
ble Discoveries," -PetroleumOil,""Climatlc,"
"Fuel, Water, Gas;" "Banks and Commerce,"
"Public Library." "Schools in Los Angeles
County," "Churches," "Sea Bathing." Be
sides these there are many other articles of
equal Interest. This pamphlet contains more
reliable information concerning semi-tropical
California than can be found In any other
publication. II will be sold at fifteen cents
per copy—the cost of publication.
Special Notices.
To thk Lahiwh.—You can have a Brow*
DRESS Chart with full instructions for cut
ting anil fitting all outside garments, for
82 00, at M. C. BAKEit'S, Sole Agency. febMf
Insurance Aokxcy — office. Commercial
street, (Ducomuiun's new Imllding), Northern
Assurance Co ,of London and Aberdeen, cap
ital, $10,000,000; Hartford, of Hartford, assets,
$2,757,000; Imperial and Queen of London, cap
ital, $18,000,000: I'niou Mutual Life Insurance
Co., assets, JS.uoe.COO.
John Carlin, Agent.
Liverpool, London A Globe Insurcnce Co.,
assets J2;t,I*X),(HX); North British A Mercantile
Insurance Co., capital, $10,iHJO,000; Fireman's
Fund Insurance Co.,assets, 3607,000.
Wm. J. Bitonuu X, Agent.
Applications received for Hie insurance of
all kinds of property, and policies issued di
rect. . I'eTtl
New Goons! New Goods'. Marxsen Bros.,
ot tho new variety store, corner of Main and
Third streets, keeps constantly on hand a
large variety of Ory goods, Clothing, Gents'
underwear, Boots and Shoes, Groceries, etc.
A large supply of new goods just received,
and sold at reasonable rates. All goods are
ofthe best quality; no auction goods sold by
us. We respectfully solicit the public to ex
amine our goods and judge lor themselves.
Goods delivered to any part ofthe city free of
charge. feb3-tf
Divorces obtained In forty-five days; no
publicity; no fee In advance; legal every
where; residence in Utah not required; an
extremely liberal divorce law; incompatibil
ity sufficient cause; terms moderate; unex
ceptionable references. Address "Lawyer,P.
O. Box 19, Corinne, Utah." ja27 lm
R, S. Walker, Bill Poster and Distributer.
Headquarters at Star office. Orders left at
any ofthe other newspaper offices In the city,
will be promptly attended to. Janltf
Agency Liverpool and London and
Olobe Insurance Company. Assets, $21,000,
-000. Agency State Investment Insurance
Company. Fire antl Marine. Assets, $380,000,
a. Brodrick's Book Store, near the PostofHce.
Go to the Fashionable Tailor, Fitz
patrick, when you want a fine suit of clothes.
If you desire recommendation, ask any of
his numerous customers, and you will lie
told that " Fitz." ulways does his work well
giving fine work, good material and reasona
ble prices.
Silver and gold plating; electrotyping; ivory
and metal turning; glass and, metal drilling.
Locks, keys, seals and key-checks, stencil and
door-plates made to order; knives and surgi
cal instruments ground and saws filed and set;
parasols and canes mended; musical instru
ments repaired; meerschaum pipes cleaned
and mounted; model making and repairs on
all fancy work and machinery, from a pin to
a locomotive. All kinds of sewing machines
bought, sold and repaired. Come and see tlie
new sewing machine engine. Sewing Ma
chine Exchange.3!) Spring St. de3o tf
Bowling Alley, Billiard and Oyster Saloon,
In the basement of the O. H. Hotel building,
formerly occupied by the Cucamocga Wine
Depot, a Saloon with a first class stock of
Wines, Liquors, Cigars, etc., etc , and the best
accommodation for customers. No charge
will lie made to patrons for the use of Billiard
tables and Alley. A lunch will be served In
the evening. MELCHERT A STOLL,
novOtf Proprietors.
Moore's Restaurant, on Commercial street,
Is the proper place to go for a good meal, with
a good cup ot coffee or tea to drink with it
There is probably no restaurant on the Pacific
coast where so many of the substantial! and
so many ofthe luxuries may lie had ior 26 els.
Don't forget tlie place—Moore's Restaurant,
Commercial street, Private eating rooms have
been neaily fitted up for the accommodation
Of ladles. j.Vu
Bancroft A Thayek, Real Estate Brokers,
No. 21 Spring street. City and County Proper
ty Bought, sold and F.'xchanged. Loans ne
gotiated, money advanced on Real and Per
sonal securities. Publishers ol the Los Ange
les Real Estate Reporter. declllf
W. C. Hughes ACo.'e
Weekly Stage Line
For Panamint.
For passage or packages, enquire of F. We
ber, or corner of Aliso and Alameda streets.
**. The tide of immigration is steadily set
ting in, and the first thing eastern people do
ls to throw away their New York Hals and buy
a new one of Desmond. They say there ls no
comparison between the two. s% O
Important to the Walking and Riding Public.
Silver-mounted walking-sticks, canes
and riding whips just received from
England, at tlie "Identical." Dog
collars for poodles and mastiffs, dog
leads, dog chains, and various other
articles required for sportsmen and
others. Apply at once at the " Iden
tical," 38 Main street, under Backman
House. fe7 i w
Be considerate and thoughtful for
the poor man. Actuated by this hu
mane sentiment, W. H. J. Brooks,
Searcher of Records, No. 8 Temple
Block, offers for sale several fine lots
at prices ranging from $250 to $400,
situated in the southwestern part of
the city on the principal streets, only
a block or two from Main street and
easily accessible by the Main street
care. They can be bought for one
quarter cash, one-quarter every six
months thereafter, with interest at one
fer cent, per month. The lots are 60x
65 feet, perfectly level—all ready to
build on. jan27*2w
£Os JtUflcieci JfrrnU
WEDNESDAY FEB. 10, 1875.
The New York Herald desires that
President Grant shall vacate the
White House, and enquires, Will his
Excellency resign? The question
might be invested with a more royal
significance by putting it thus: Will
his Majesty abdicate?
In view of the fact that the South
ern coast counties have long been ig
nored by many of the leading papers
of the middle portion of the State, and
that their great wealth aud import
ance cannot now obtain a recognition
through those columns, the following
editorial paragraph from the Call is
worthy of reproduction:
The agitation ol Scott's proposition for tlie
Texas Pacific Railroad in Congress, has satis
fied the public, at least in this State, that we
must have a railroad down the coast touching
Los Angeles and terminating at San Diego.
The coast counties are of great Importance al
ready; too much importance to permit, rail
road arrangements which will interlere with
them. So the great overland railroad must
go to San Diego and Los Angeles, with tho
main lino, or by direct branch roads.
As the day of sale draws near, the
interest in the Centinela Colony in
creases. A large number of people
have went out from this city and vis
ited and examined the lands for them
selves. So far we have not heard a
single adverse comment from any one
who has inspected tlie premises. This
speaks well for the projectors of the
colony and to a great extent removes
all doubts, if any existed, as to the
correctness of the representations
made in the company's pamphlet.
The favorable reports are numerous
and eomfirm all that has been said of
the soil, products and location of the
Centinela grant. The company have
received information that a large
number of persons in San Francisco
who design becoming purchasers will
be present at the opening of the sale.
The general interest now taken in
Centinela indicates that the sale will
be a great success ami that the greater
portion of the land will be purchased
by persons who intend to settle
Take Stock.
The good work is progressing as fa
vorably as. under the circumstances,
we have a right to expect. The sub
scription list to the Los Angeles aud
Independence Railroad lengthens
daily, and we shall be surprised if
$200,000 worth of stock is
not taken by the people
of Los Angeles county alone. The
subscription now aggregates about
$150,000, and the city is not yet en
tirely canvassed. No work has been
done outside of the city, and many of
our wealthy merchants who have ex
pressed their determination to take a
large number of shares have not yet
added their names to the list. By
way of encouragement to others and in
commendation of a wise and praise
worthy act, we will record that Mrs.
Lucas, a widow lady living in the
vicinity of La Ballona, has taken fifty
shares of the stock and does not hesi
tate to say that she regards it an ex
cellent investment. We commend
her example to the merchants and
land owners of Los Angeles valley,
and advise them to go and do likewise.
If, in proportion to their means, all
will manifest a like spirit of enter
prise and progress with Mrs. Lucas,
within the next five days we could
telegraph to Senator Jones that Los
Angeles county had taken, not $300,
--000, but $500,000, of the stock, ani in
a few months trains would be speed
ing back and forth between Truxton
Landing and Cajon Pass. Every
month would add to the length of the
road, and almost before we knew it
we should have a railroad not only to
Panamint, but stretching East to a
connection with the Union Pacific
and opening a route to New York nine
hundred miles shorter than the one
we now have to travel. Take stock.
It is a good investment.
A Useless Trial.
The Beecher-Tilton, or Tilton-
Beecher case—for outside of the title
it is difficult to say which is on trial
drags its slimy length slowly along.
It is a singular trial—a trial that will
exhouorate no one and must blacken
the plaintiff and defendant and all
who are drawn within the vortex of
the murky maelstrom. It seems more
than probable that Beecher will
come out of this trial legally white
washed—with a verdjetof not guilty;
but what will it avail him ? There
has been too much smoke for no fire.
The idolatry of Plymouth Church
may not be shaken. The hideous idol
is beautiful in the eyes of the worship
per. But the world has not heard the
the eloquence of Beecher; It has not
felt the magnetism of his presence nor
yielded to the majesty of his mem.
The world renders a verdict in all im
portant cases, and that verdict though
not always based on law, is yet
founded in equity and in accordance
with the facts. It does not place a
rope around a man's neck nor confine
him within the walls of a prison. It
dees more than this —it places the
brand of public opinion on him; it
leaves him with the mark of Cain—
the curse of Salathiel—and though
he walks about and is seen by all, he
is loved and trusted by none. It ap
pears beyond human power that
Beecher should come out of this
trial with an unstained character.
Circumstantial evidence is held to
be the strongest evidence In
in the world, yet a small link—a link
so small as to be entirely overlooked
by the common mind—may be want
ing and an innocent man be hanged.
If legal acumen point out the break
and save a life, the common mind will
read the evidence and hold the man
guilty. Circumstantial evidence is
strong against Beecher. It seems
that he must be guilty, and public
opinion is that lie ought to be and is
guilty; yet there may be a link miss
ing, without which this chain of cir
cumstantial evidence is as weak as a
rope of sand. The lawyers may find
and point out this break in the chain
and avoid a legal verdict of guilty as
charged, but what will it avail? Pub
lic opinion has seen the great black
cloud of smoke, and the world's judg
ment is that there is some fire. It is
useless to plead the missing link. The
world holds to its equity principle that
a man of Bef.cher's precepts has no
right to be a man of Beecher's prac
tices, and points to the facts—the
admitted facts—iv support of its ver
dict. It is the minute atoms that
make up the great blot. The great
teacher's daily life should be so spot
less that the little atoms of a lifetime
all compressed into the last day of
being would not leave a stain on the
transparent fabric. Beechkr has
taught this, and had he practised it all
the demons of earth could not have
harmed him. As it is, no verdict at
law will restore him the respect and
confidence of the people. His sun of
usefulness has set—gone down in a
cloud of doubt and distrust, and will
rise again nevermore.
Pushing Ahead.
It seems to be almost certain now
that the Southern Pacific Railroad
Company have resolved to close the
gap between Bakersfleld and Ban Fer
nando as soon as men und money will
do the work. It is authoritatively
stated that a corps of engineers are
now en route to definitely locate the
line of the tunnel through the San
Fernando mountain. This tunnel is a
work of some magitude, being, as we
understand, nearly or quite one mile
in length. To finish it within the
time named—eighteen months—will
require all the force fnftt can be used
to advantage at either end, day and
night. Of course the character of the
hill to be tunneled is not definitely
known, but the examinations made
indicate that the rock is of a nature
admitting of rapid and comparatively
easy work. The track will be com
pleted up to the base of the hill on
either side long before the tunnel is
completed. On this side little more
than a mile will reach the hill, and the
hundred miles or so of track between
Tehachape Pass and the tunnel will
be pushed forward with all the haste
possible under the circumstances. It
is gratifying to the people of this val
ley to see this manifestation of energy
and dispatch on the part of the com
pany. The little speck of ill feeling
growing out of tho attempt to change
the route of the main line and delay
for a long period the opening of rail
road communication between this city
and San Francisco, will be forgotten
and forgiven and good faith and har
monious feeliug soon be re-established
between the people and the company
if the managers will redeem the prom
ises indicated by the energy now dis
Los Angeles.
Los Angeles, situated In the county of that
name in Southern California, is said to be the
most beautiful small city in the world. It is
back twelvemiles from the Pacific Coast, and
the land between is owned by the Centinela
Land Company, and said to be very fertile.
And here we wiil make a suggestion to the
Los Angeles Hbhalij: A grand boulevard,
extending straight from tlie city to Ihe sea
board and wide enough to admit of two rows
of shade trees on each side, would, in time, if
kept under improvement, become one ot the
most delightful drlvesin the world. If such a
project is practicable, the lands on cither side
ofthe boulevard, for genteel ami attractive
farm residences, ought to become very vara
able.— Winfleltl {Kmuus) I'low and Anvil.
If our Kansas friend could glance at
the map of the Centinela Company he
would see that his suggestion is not
new. The day is not distant when not
one but several tree shaded avenues will
extend from this city to the sea. They
will be traversed by hourly trains of
passenger cars and lined ou either side
with orange groves, garden homes and
palatial residences. We are only just
beginning the beautiful improvements
that are to make this valley the Italy
of the Pacific Coast.
The Texas Pacific and Southern Paci
fic Railroad Propositions.
Washington, February 6th.— There
is little doubt that the Texas Pacific
Railroad bill will be favorably report
ed to the House substantially as lirst
introduced, except with Houghton's
amendment compelling the construc
tion of thirty-five miles East from
San Diego during the first year, and
fifty miles each subsequent year; also
a proviso that the Commissioners
shall certify the actual expenses of
construction and equipment, and all
bonds in excess of such cost shall re
main under control of the Secretary of
the Treasury. The Southern Pacific's
proposition is rejected by the sub-
Committee, and that movement is.
considered to be practically dead. It
has no hope, unless the Central Paci
fic lobby are playing the game too
deep for discovery. Nobody professes
to believe it will be received by the
full committee or by the Senate Rail
road Committee. Tom Scott's friends
are remarkably confident that they
will pass the bill through both Houses,
but it is doubtful if it will make any
progress beyond a favorable report.
David Felsenheld has actively and
earnestly supported Scott's bill, as in
the interest of competition, and there
fore anti-monopolistic.
Senator Jones will co-operate with
Houghton and Luttrell opposing the
proposition to grant the Southern Pa
cific Railroad authority to construct a
branch road through Cajon Pass.
Condition of Wetmore.
Washington, February 6th.— The
suspicion of Wetmore's insanity is
deepened by a telegram to the Alta,
stating that be had been tendered a
dinner by the leading correspondents,
that his rooms were crowded with con
soling members of Congress, etc., all
which is entirely untrue. The corres
pondents generally are ashamed of his
attitude before the House and con
demn it as stupid, unless excused In
pity for lunacy.
The Plymouth Smirch.
New Yoke, February Bth.—ln tho
Beecher trial the testimony of Tilton
was continued, principally with rela
tion to the interview with Bowen, at
which the latter related to him numer
ous stories which were circulating
about Tilton. He also gave the par
ticulars of his writing to Beecher de
manding his resignation from the pas
torate and his departure from Brook
lyn, and his interview with Beecher
subsequently. He was then questioned
regarding his wife's health between
the 24th of December, 1870, and the Ist
of January following.
Congressional News.
Washington, February Bth.—Sen
ate.—Morton, of the Committee on
Elections, presented a majority report,
declaring Pinchback entitled to a seat
from the 4th of March, 1873. Pending
discussion, the Senate went into exec
tive session.
Wm. T. King was found about one
hundred aud fifty miles from Mon
treal, and subpipnaed to appear before
the Ways and Means Committtee.
The Senate Committee on Railroads
will, at the next meeting, take final
action on the Texas Pacific.
In the Senate Chase presented a
message from the President on Ar
kansas aft'airs, in which he says that
the testimony snows that Brooks was
lawfully elected Governor in 1872 and
was unlawfully deprived of office in
1874, and the Constitution of the State
overthrown by lawless revolutionary
measures. He considers the precedent
dangerous, and asks Congress to take
The Louisiana Investigation.
New Orleans, February Bth.—The
Congressional Committee to-night ad
journed to meet in "Washington. They
will leave here to-morrow.
The Committee of seventy to-day
passed resolutions to be sent to the
Conservative caucus, expressing the
opinion that the proposed compro
mise will be disastrous to the State
and the Union. Up to 11 p. m. the
caucus had reached no conclusion.
Protestant Church In Mexico Attacked
by a Mob.
City of Mexico, February Ist.—On
the evening of the 26th of January, a
mob, armed with machetes and rifles,
attacked the Protestant Church re
cently established in Acapulco by
Rev. Hutchinson, Superintendent of
the Presbyterian Missions. Hutchin
son escaped to a United States man
of-war in the harbor. General Mejia,
Commandant of the Castle, ordered
out the troops who charged upon the
mob. Four Mexicans aud one Ameri
can were killed, and elevan others
wounded. None of the rioters were
arrested. Investigation is in progress,
and reinforcements have been sent to
the city to protect the Judge who is
making it.
Fighting in Spain.
Hendaye, February 7th.—Fighting
continues near Estella. The Carlists
have concentrated and occupy about
the same position as when Gen.
Concha was killed. A large amount
of arms aud munitions for the Carlists
was landed on the coast of Biscay, on
Saturday. Pampeluna is saved. Al
fonso entered the city on Friday.
Beaten to Death by a Stepmother.
Kearney Junction, Neb., Febru
ary 6th.—Yesterday, in the family of
John Grobech of this city, a horrible
tragedy occurred, resulting in the
death of his daughter, four or six
years old. This is the same child who
so barely escaped poisoning at the
hands of her stepmother, Mrs. Gro
bech, supposed at that time to have
been accidental. Dr. Murphy found
the child dying about 1 o'block p. m.
There were black and blue spots on
various portions of the body, severe
bruises on the left side of the fore
head and the left eye had a black ring
around it. The only fatal injuries in
the opinion of Drs. Didlire and Mur
phy, were in the region of the heart.
The testimony shows that the step
mother knocked the child down and
jumped on her with her feet, with
other inhuman treatment. A verdict
was rendered that she came to her
death by injuries and violence at the
hands of Mrs. Grobech. Great in
dignation exists here at this terrible
Utah Railroad.
Salt Lake, February Sth.—The
Utah Southern Railroad is completed
to Santaquin. Brigham Young leaves
St. George, Utah, for Salt Lake on the
———■ — - ■ —
Supposed Suicide—Menzies Exonerated
—A New Assessor Elected—Casey
Pleads Guilty.
San Francisco, February 9th.—At
a late hour last night a man named
Meyer was found in his room at the
Branch house, Sansome street, in con
vulsions. Medical assistance was
called, but before a physician arrived
the man expired. It is presumed he
died from the effects of strychnine.
The Coroner was notified. Nothing is
yet known of deceased.
In the Board of Supervisors' meet
ing last night the Finance Committee
made a report completely exonerating
Supervisor Menzies from the charges
brought against him by Barker.
Opinions have been received from
the City, County and Special Attor
ney, stating it to be the duty of the
Board to elect an Assessor to fill the
vacancy occasioned by the ousting of
Rosener. On the seventh ballot Alex
Baldwin was elected.
Joseph Casey plead guilty to forgery
Some Powder Burned.
Sucker Flat, February Bth.—Some
eighty kegs of powder were exploded
in the Union mine to-day. The ex-
Elosion demolished the company's
lacksmith shop and injured other
buildings. The mines are working a
full force.
According to the Oroville Mercury,
Surveyor Edmunds has been at work
for some time making a survey of a
route by which the waters of Feather
river can be brought to the bluft above
Oroville. Commencing at a point
some seven miles up the river, at the
confluence of the North and Middle
forks, it was found that a canal or
large ditch could be made without
encountering any serious obstacles,
that would have a fall of some seventy
Among the 1882 legal voters of Val
lejo are fifteen persons named George
LAVKRY—SHERMAN.—In this city, Febru
ary Sth, at the Catholic Church, Mr. George
Sherman to Miss Mary Lnvery.
M ANNING—H ARTNE V.—On Tuesday even
ing, February »th, at the catholic church,
T. Manning to Miss Josle Hartner, both of
tills city.
COFFIN.—In Oakland, February ti, Belle M.,
wife of Ueorge F.Cottin and daughter of Rev,
Wm. H. Hill, of Los Angeles, aged 211 years,
6 months and 8 days.
An Act to Prevent Cruelty to Animals.
A great many doga nre in peril of being
killed by being allowed to run loose in Ihe
streets, so in order lo protect tlie faithful brute
we have Imported direct from England a large
variety of handsome dog-collars, chains, dog
leads, bells and everything to keep a dog
comfortable in Ills own yard. We have also
provided for the comfort of the human family
by Importing a lane variety of elegant walk
ing-ennes, English suspenders, and with ail
that you must not forget that we pay particu
lar attention to tlie cigars and tobacco and
gent's furnishing goods. llie firm under the
ptosenl departure are willing to exert them
selves to their utmost capacity to give entire
satisfaction to ;lieir customers. Gentlemen,
give us a call, but don't go in the wrong place.
Take notice of the address.
"The Identicals," its Main street, and
107 Main St., next to W., F. A Go's Express.
County of Los Angeles, state of California.
—Notice Is hereby given by the undersigned.
Administratrix of the estate of Thomas A.
Mayes,deceased, to the creditors of and all
persons having claims against thu said de
ceased, U» e:\Mibit them, wiill tie- necessary
vouchers, within four months after the lirst
publication of this notice, to the said Admin
istratrix, at Ihe office of tier attorneys, Messrs.
Whiting & King, In Downey Block, in tlie
city of I<os Angeles,or at her residence In El
Monte, California.
Administratrix ofthe Estate of
Thus. A. Mayes, deceased.
Dated at El Monte, California, this 9th day
of February, a. D. 1875. fell) Iw
m. i 3. r. ».
TO —
Jti IV j\ XI E I M
and return— beginning
FEBRU ARY Tth. lf*7!?Z m
Fare for Hound Trip, - • S3 00.
Trains leave L. A. Depot at 9:30 A. M. Ex
cursionists will have two hours ut Anaheim.
feb"-lw Superintendent.
From various Standard Mnkers,
Thirty to Fifty Dollars per Month.
Pianos, Organs and other musical instru
ments repaired.
J. 1». PATRICK, Piano Agent,
fe7 liw No. 60 Spring St., Los Angeles.
ETC., ETC.,. ETC.,
Very Lowest Prices,
Are to bo founl at the
Under the
Homestead Association!
City of Los Angeles!
106 feet front by 176 feet deep,
OneSquarp from the line ofthe
Main street Horse Railroad.
Payable in Monthly Instalments
of —
First Instalment Due Jan. Ist, 1875.
Lots to be Distributed among Shareholders
on or about
MAY IST, 1875.
The land of the above Association is siluat
ed on Washington street, near Figueroa,
One and a half miles from the
Court House.
The finest resiliences In the city aro In its
vicinity, nnd the pipes of the Los Angeles
City Water Company are soon to be extended
to it.
O. W. CHILDS, President.
HON. J. O. DOWNEY Treasurer
H. McLELLAN Secretary.
For further Information, apply to cither of
the officers of the Association.
Subscription list at the office of the Secre
tary. de24tf
Grand Opening Night!!
Great Success and Second
Night of
Wednesday Evening, Feb. 10th,
Will be presented for tlie lirst time in tills
city, the beautiful piny of
Little Treasure.
Miss CUMMINS as Gertrude, the l ittle
Mr. VIVIAN as Capt. Walter Maydorblush.
Characters by the full Company.
To conclude with the farce of
Lottery r X' , iol*'et»!
WM. SIMMS and company in the cast.
Several novelties in preparation.
Dress Circle 81 00
(iallery 50
Private Boxes 5 00
Dox otliee at Levin's Boe>k store (suoeAuoi
to Brod rick A Co). Bents reserved without ex
tra charge, from 10 a. m. to . r > eM.
febs ltusiness Manager,
<><" I .ox A iigclcfs.
Under the directi.>n of
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.
Evenings, Feb. Sth, »lh and 10th, 1875.
Stage Manager, - - - A. 3. AVERS.
Pianist, .... trot. FA LX EN AD.
The Entertainment will consist of Bradbury's
celebrated Cunlami,
The Beautiful Queen !
In Four Acts, with the following casts:
AHASi'Kill's, King of Media and
Persia J. F. MOHN
Hainan, Overseer of the Realm...O. W. Parker
Zeresh, Hainan's wife Miss Nellie While
Monte'al. Uncle of Esther Mr. R. Fanning
Miss Belle Mallard
Judith, Mordecai's sister Miss Jennie Hill
Queen's nwWds^;;;;;;;;;;;^-^!-^
Miss Mallard
Zeresh's maids J. .... Miss Lucky
[ Mrs. Parker
Hegai Mr. S. Reese
Ha I -Ir mail
Axlinitssion - - - 01 00.
Doors open at 7 o'clock, commences at 8.
■•"Tickets for sale at the Book Stores.-
Reserved Seals may be secured at Fatke
nau's Music Store, No. 60 Spring street, willi
out extra charge. Janlil
Uon, choice varieties of
Ktc, Ktc. Ktc.
Choicest Varieties of
Fine lot of
Monterey Cyprus and Pines.
From one to three years old
Parties having ordered'hy me had better
call at once. Apply at tho
Alden Fruit Drying Works.
No*. 36, 38 and 40 Mnlu Htreet,
Los Anoet.bs, Cal.
finished and thrown open to the public, Ii
furnished throughout with
New Furniture, Carpets and Bedding.
Rooms large, well lighted and ventilated
and supplied with water, eas and Are.
Is supplied with the best the market afTords
and no Chinese cooks employed.
For Eani «. Ita accommodations are
For HuuinesH Men
And visitors, its conveniences are unequalled
being centrally located, having a telegraph
office attached, and street cars passing every
ten minutes.
There is no Bar or Saloon
Of any kind on the premises, lt being the In
tention of tlie proprietors to make it a quiet
and favorite resort for families.
Board by the Day. Week, or Month
For persons not requiring rooms.
febltf Proprietor*.
New High Street, Opposite Pico House.
its rooms are large, sunny, and elegant ly
furnished. No house In the city is better lo
cated, and its rooms are arranged to be used
siugle or in suites. Tho
First-Class Black Walnut.
The proprietor assures all that they cannot
find a more respectable location or better ac
commodations in tho city.
jaaoim WM - CAPE » PfWetor.
Real Estate and Money
Will negotiate Real Estate sales and Money
Loans, at T9 1-2 Downey Block, ground
Horso and buggy kept for convenience ot
customers. Apply to
7" 1-3 Downey Block, ground floor.
FOR SALE. — Eleven-acre tract Inside
city limits, Improved and advantageous
ly located.
FOR SALE. —Choice ranch of 72 acres,
fust outside clly limits; plenty of water;
houae of nine rooms; 50 bearing and 11,000
Other Irees. Will he sold at a Bargain to a
cash purchaser. Jn3l tf
Elegant Residences,
(Situated on tlie North aide of Main St.,
Between Second and Third.
ARE now nearly completed and will be
ready for occupation ou or about the
Kited, day of February next.
They have bean construcled with every re
gard to commodiousness, and are provided
with all the modem conveniences, and in a
Style suitable for the home of a genteel fam
Each lot is 'J") tael front by 1(17 feet deep, and
is divided from its neighbors by a high hoard
fence, making il entirely seperale and exclu
Each house contains eight rooms. On the
first floor are two parlors, wllh marble man
tles; a dining-room, kludien and servants'
bed-room; a large pantry, or store-room and
ciiinn-c losel. (in !he second Soar are threo
large bed-rooms wllh corresponding closets,
and a Ualli-rooin With wash-fount and patent
Both hot end cold water can be brought to
tlie tipper story, and gas pipes are carried
Into every room.
There are broad verandahs with porticoes
in front and rear.
Every house is hard-finished throughout,
tlie lower rooms having handsome center
pieces. Tlie front windows will have inside
blinds; the side and rear ones, I he new patent
blinds, painted same color as outside walls.
The rear yards are 25x87 feet, and can be
laid out as a garden and tlie front in (lower
Each residence will have an ornamental
fence enclosing It from the street, with high
lat! ices dividing it from its neighbors.
Situated as they are upon the main street, In
close proximity to the business center, any
one may purchase either of them With the
confident assurance that it will double in
value in the course ofthe next two years.
L»rice $C>,ooo Tor each house and lot,
and t he terms can be made to meet the most,
moderate means.
For further particulars enquire of
W. li. .1. ItItOOKN.
Searcher ol' Keeordtt.
janl6-lm Nn. 8, Temple Block.
Real Estate, Money
ll n < > X i; it s
Auctioneering ami to RUUGLES &
BLAND In Real Estate. Both brandies of
business carried on as formerly.
Retained in charge of the Auction Depart
The Division of Large Ranches and
Auction Sales Thereof
We have also a number of small pieces of
land, suitable for homesteads, in and around
the city. Parties in search of such will do well
to give us a call. Conveyance free of charge
to see any property we have for sale. Busi
ness entrusted to our care will recivo strict
Auction Stand, corner of Temple Block,
Spring street.
ja.'dtf JONES Sl BLAND.
•s"j99.iifc vpearary pun Mfoflay mo[,>h
'teens oshv CI 'ON
'NU3J.S 'V 'a
osuodxo puu ruini.fouuv 'Anpip i|tt o.ves puw
ip>-co joj oouo jw pro tpis ova dn
liuiHUdjq so||jud pun I l)o.i I sop OB uoi|M suiJ.i)
■>[qujoAtii uo ONiiq JJ udU [||A\ t ra •■u.iq.n
-is|.i SnißVßsand .uojoq eui uo [pro oj hjav
op 'own joi|)2u.i| .fuii.ioj MfaSav eon
u| oj os o)9uipuopi| equated
puui| uo MBaj,ixUU.>l *eu jo pioiu
-JiOSSH UV "p ir.uiei.ix.i pUM pp>s jqiJuoq TT
New Wilson Sewing Machine!!
The People's Favorite and Ladies'
Shuttle Lock Stitch Sewing Machine
r. ■ - U »
Is at last conceded by all to be the BEST now
In use. Being so Simple and Light Running
that the most delicate lady or child can use It.
Can regulate Tension or change stitch while
Is best adapted for all varieties ot family sew
ing from the lightest fabric to the heaviest
cloth or leather.
Kvery Machine Warranted
for five years without expense to purchaser.
awarded at the Worlds Fair, Vienna and State
Fairs and Expositions throughout California
and the Eastern States. What better superi
ority over all others.
Price from $10 to $15 Lower
than for any other first class Machine Send
fordescrlptlve catalogue free.
K. C. GLIDDEN, A B ,. n | .
Ofhce—White House, corner Los Angeles and
Commercial streets. <eM-6n»

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