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Special Notices.
To thk LADIBS.-YOU oan have <i Brosse
DKESB Chart with ftill Instructions for •.•til
ting and fitting all ouUdde garments, tor
$2 UO, at M. C. Baker's, bole Agency. febtttt
Insurance Agency —Oflioe, Commercial
street t (,Ducomruun's new building), Northern
Aasurance Co ,of London and Aberdeen, cap
ital, tl»,000,0<»; Hartford, of llartlbrd, assets,
$2,787i»0; Imperial and Ouecu bf London, cap
ital. Cntoa Mutual Life insurance
Co., assets, »S,tKHj,OOO.
JollxOAsWilN, Agent.
Lfverpool, London A Globe lotarrncc Co.,
assets mjmjKD: North British A Mercantile
Insurance Co., capital, $10,000,000; Fireman's
Fund Insurance Co., assets, •fl'ST.oou.
Wm. J. Brophicb, Agent.
Aputteatloue received for the insurance of
all kind* of property, and policies issued di
rect. ftr7*f
New Goods! New Goods! Marxaen liros.,
o! the new variety store, corner of Main aud
Third streets, keeps constantly on hand a
large variety or l»ry goods, Clothing, Gents'
underwear, Boots and Mho**, Groceries, . Its.
A large supply of new goods Just received,
and sold bl reasonable rates. All goods are
of the beat quality; no auction (roods sold by
us. We respectfully solicit the public to ex
amine our goods and judge lor themselves.
Goods delivered to any part of the city free of
charge. feb;i-t (
Divorces obtained In forty-five days; no
publicity; no fee In advance; legal every-
Wkifre; residence in Utah not required; an
extremely liberal divorce law; incompatibil
ity sufficient cause; terms moderate; unex
ceptionable references. Address " Lawyer, 1\
O. Box 1», Corlnne, Utah. 1 " Ja*7 lm
R. 8. Walker, Bill Poster and Distributer.
Headquarters at Star office. Orders left at,
any ofthe other newspaper offices tn the city,
will be promptly attended to. janltl
Agency Liverpool and London and
Globe insurance Company. Assets, 121,000,
-000, Agmoy state investment Insurance
Company, Fire and Marine. Assets, $380,000,
at Brodriek's Book Store, near thb Postoffice.
Go to the Fashionable Tailor, Fitz
patricjri, when you want a fine suit of clothes.
If you desire recommendation, ask any of
his numerous customers, and you will be
told that" Fitz." always does hit work wel I—'
flying tine work, good material and reasona
le prices.
Silver and gold plating; electrotyplng; ivory
and metal turning; glass and metal drilling.
Looks, keys, seals and key-checks, stencil and
door-plates made to order; knives and surgi
cal instruments ground and saws filed and set;
parasols and canes mended; musical instru
ments repaired; meerschaum pipes cleaned
and mounted; model making aud repairs on
all fancy work and machinery, from a pin to
a locomotive. All ktods of sewing machines
bought, sold and repaired. Come and see the
new sewing machine engine. Sewing Ma
chine Kxehange,3» Spring Rt. de3o tf
Bowling Alley, Billiard and Oyster Saloon,
in the basement of the O. 8. Hotel building,
formerly occupied by the Cuoamonga Wine
Deixrt, a Saloon with a first class stock of
Wines, Liquors, Cigars, etc., etc , and the best
accommodation tor customers. No charge
will be made to patrons for the use of Billiard
tables and Alley. A lunch will be served in
the evening. MELCHER.T 4 STOLL,
nov6tf Proprietors.
Moore's Restaurant, on Commercial street,
is the proper place to go fora good meal, with
a good cup ot coffee or tea to drink with It.—
There is probably no restaurant on the Pacific
coast where so many of the substaiuiais and
so many ofthe luxuries maybe had ior2scls.
Oon't forget the place—Moore's Restaurant,
Commercial ttreet. Private eating rooms have
been neaily fitted up for the accommodation
of laUies. . |6 _ u
Bancroft A Thayer, Real Estate Brokers,
No - 21 Spring street. City and County Proper
ty Bought, Sold and Exchanged. Loans ne
gotiated, money advanced on Keal and Per
sonal securities. Publishers ol tlie Los Ange
les Real Estate Reporter. declltf
Weekly Stage Line
For Pauoratnt.
For passage or packages, enquire of F. We
ber, or corner of Aliso and Alameda streets.
The tide of immigration Is steadily set
ting iv, aod the flm thing eastern people do
ls to throw away their New York Hats and buy
a new one ol Desmond. They say there Is no
comparison between the two. 2>£o
important to the Walking and Riding Public.
Silver-mounted walkiug-sticks,canes
and riding whips just received from
England, at the "Identical." Dog
collars for poodles and mastiffs, dog
leads, dog chains, and various other
articles required for sportsmen and
others. Apply at once at the ;< Iden
tical," 38 Slain street, under Backman
House. fe7 lw
Be considerate and thoughtful for
the poor man. Actuated by this hu
mane sentiment, W. H. J. Brooks,
Searcher of Records, No. 8 Temple
Block, offers for sale several fine lots
at prices ranging from $250 to $400,
situated in the southwestern part of
the city on the principal streets, only
a block or two from Main street and
easily accessible by the Main street
cars. They can be bought for one
quarter cash, one-quarter every six
months thereafter, with interest at one
per cent, per month. The lots are 60x
166 feet, perfectly level—all ready to
build on. jan27*2w
At the well known
Hp ring street, adjoining the Postofflce,
Is offering totals friends and the public in
general, the finest assortment of Standard
Juvenile and Miscellaneous Books, Plain
, and Musical Work Boxes, Musical i)e
canters, Writing Desks, Portfolios,
Guitars, Violins, Accordeons, Banjos,
Concertinas, Flutes,
And many other useful articles suitable for
And hundreds of other articles, too numer
ous to mention.
No pains will be spared to meet the wants
of the public, und I hope to merit a fair share
of patronage.
Certificate of Partnership
doing business In the city of Los Ange
les, county of Los Angeles, Htate of California.
We,the undersigned persons, hereby certify
that the above described partnership Is com
posed otthe following persons and no others,
whose names and places of residence are as
follows, to-wit:
Theophllus Euphrat, Los Angeles.
Frederick Euphrat, Los Angelea.
Da witness whereof, we have hereunto af
flxed our hands and seals this fourth day o
February, 1875.
Statk of California, )
County of Los Angeles. /
On this fourth day of February, In the year
1875, before me personally appeared Theophl
lus Euphrat and Frederick Euphrat, known
to me to be tha persons whose names are
subscribed to tbe within Instrument,-and
acknowledged to me that they executed tbe
i— < —, Witness my hand and official seal
(„., 1 this — day of February, 1875.
j mrai. t A. W. POTTS, Clerk,
i—, —i By E. H. Owen. Deputy.
SATURDAY, FEB. 13, 1875.
A Desire for Land.
Manager Martin, of. the Centinela
Colony, arrived yesterday from San
Francisco, and will remain here ULtil
after the sale, which commences on
Monday. About two hundred gentle
men came down on the Senator who
intend to become purchasers and a
large number of them went out yester
day to examine the land. Several
lajge parties will visit the rancho to
day. A great many shares of stock
have been sold within the last few
days, and yesterday tho company re
ceived orders hy telegraph from Santa
Barbara, San Luis Obispo and San
Buenaventura for stock. Altogether
some fifty shares were sold yesterday
and last evening. The favorable re
port of all who personally examine the
rancho has created a general desire
among land seekers to become pur
Appropriations Needed
A Saa Francisco paper—the Post—
ohides Congressman Luttrell for
endeavoring to obtain appropriations
for improving the channels of our
rivers, sind asserts thst we do not need
such appropriations. It seems to us
that our rivers miglit be greatly im
proved. There has been an immense
destruction of property in this State
during the present Winter by over
flows, much of which might have been
prevented by the expenditure of a few
thousand dollars on river channels.
The serious obstructions to the naviga
tion of the Sacramento, San Joaquin
and Feather rivers can be removed
and channels made which will be
amply sufficient for ordinary steamers
at low stages of water. The flow of
gravel from mines in the foothills and
mountains which filled up our river
beds has comparatively ceased, and
improvements made on those channels
now will be permanent. The appro
priations certainly are needed.
San Francisco's Selfishness.
Our personal knowledge enables us
to say that tbe San Francisco Chroni
cle is a diligent and tireless gatherer
of information, and we are willing to
concede that it aims to make its col
umns a compendium of news from all
parts of the State. But we are inclined
to arraign it on a charge of manifest
ing a slight prejudice against South
ern California, and to assume that it
partakes to a slight extent of the doc
trine held by a number of San Fran
cisco papers, that San Francisco is the
Pnoifio Conet and Montgomery street
the State of California. It was an old
time theory that the country made the
cities, but so many of our San Fran
cisco journalists have seen only so
much of this State as their sleepy eyes
could gather from the window of a
Central Pacific car, that they imagine
California is bounded by the Potrero,
North Beach, Lone Mountain and the
bay, and any proposition to inaugurate
an enterprise outside of these bounda
ries is outside of the world to them,
and if they say anything at all about
it, it is to oppose it. The Chronicle is
not guilty of all this. Its publish
ers are not wedded to the notion that
the city makes the country, and they
have editors and writers in their em
ploy who have seen the hills and val
leys of California. They know the
country and they write intelligently
concerning its resources and develop
ment. Yet in opposing aid to the
Texas Pacific Road the Chronicle lays
itself open to the suspicion of not
fully understanding the wants of
Southern California, or of yielding
slightly to the prejudice against this
part of tlie State. The argument, that
because the Government subsidized
one transcontinental road it should
not assist in building another,
is more logical than convincing,
the construction of one road has fully
demonstrated the necessity for an
other. The conclusion that if the
Southern overland road is built by one
company the trade of Arizona, which
properly belongs to the Pacific Coast
will be drawn Eastward, is only enti
tled to consideration on the assump
tion that the entire road will be built
from the East to the West. We expect
to remove this danger by requiring
that road building shall commence on
both sides of the continent aud stretch
from East to West and from West to
East until the connection shall be
made in the middle of the nation. The
Chronicle admits that if San Diego was
its home, as San Francisco is, it would
see the Southern Overland project in a
different light. This is a frank and
honest acknowledgment, and the paper
that can make it will find no dfficulty
in recognizing, and it ought to concede,
the claims of the journals and people
of Southern California. Referring to
the fear that San Diego will divide tlie
trade of San Francisco, the Chronicle
does not hesitate to admit the selfish
ness of San Francisco. This admis
sion offers the Herald an opportunity
to say that it is this innate and ever
apparent selfishness of the great city
that is impelling the interior of the
State to seek other markets and to ask
for the opening of other avenues of
trade. It is thiß selfishness of San
Francisco that gave birth to and fos
ters the desire to divide the State. It
is this selfishness that will aid the
building of the Southern Overland
Railroad and ultimately create the
I State of South California.
Misdirected Energy.
Thoro is enough misdirected energy
la this world to more than duplicate
all the great improvements that now
exist, and something to spare. A
youthful canine of the right breed
will gnaw at a root until one would
think he never intended to let up.
Hunger may come and teeth may
give out, but tho pluck, energy and
hang-on-ativeness of that puppy is for
all time. We always admired pluck,
and in a contest between a rum and a
gate-post, our sympathy is always
with the ram. We cannot endorse his
juugment, but the steady persistence
with which he goes for that obdurate
old gate-post, never fails to excite our
admiration. This trait or characteris
tic in our nature impels us to a pro
found sympathy with the misdi
rected energy and puppy-at-a-root
stick-to-it-ativeuess which crops out
in some of our Couucilmeu. There is
more of the ram-at-a-gate-postquality
of determination to do something,
without the vaguest idea of how to do
it.in our City Council than is developed
in a school rebellion or tho stragetic
efforts of an old maid to capture a hus
band. If that energy could be prop
erly guided and judiciously directed,
Los Angeles - would furnish, ideas,
plans, models, suggestions and muni
cipal axioms for all the cities in the
world; but alas! the power is .vasted—
the mighty engine is useless. The
moment the throttle-valve is opened
the machine runs away with itself.
Tk..nr* ~,],(. I .!...,, ...J ,1. .
i»u/./., V, in/., oium —i»iii4 wj MIO
time everybody has got out of the
way, the crazy thing has reversed its
motion and is going the other way
with lightning speed. Now, all this
might be remedied by a balance-wheel,
but the machine ain't made for a bal
ance-wheel. There is no place to put
it; nothing to fasten it to. A wonder
ful waste of eloquence and energy. At
one meeting of the Council it is or
dered that saloons shall pay a fabu
lous license orclose up. The machine
is on the moral tack. At the next
meeting of the learned body the Mar
shal reports that if the license ordi
nance is enforced, a great many sa
loons will close up and the city's
monthly revenue will be reduced Aye
hundred dollars. The machine re
verses motion and the license ordi
nance is repealed. The machine is on
the pecuniary tack. A little later and
the machine goes off at a tangent—
there shall be no license. The ma
chine is on the imbecile tack. Still
later, and the machine goes for closing
up saloons at midnight. Tbe machine
is on the spiteful tack. Oh, the mis
directed energy of our Council! Un
der an efficient overseer how it would
grade a railroad, dig a canal, develop
a mine, or rush brick up a ladder!
The Work Goes On.
Still more active measures are about
to be inaugurated in the Los Angeles
and Independence Railroad enter
prise. Chief Ejigineer Crawford re
turned from San Francisco yesterday
with instructions to commence opera
tions immediately on the wharf at
Truxton, and the grading between the
water and this city. Cajon Pass, the
only practical gate through the bar
riers which oppose the passage of a
railroad from this valley to the open
country East of the mountains, is now
in the possession of the company and
a force of men will be kept on that
part of the road until it is ready for
the ties and iron. Mr. Crawford's
instructions are to have the road in
running order from Truxton to CajVi
Pass within five months from to-day.
To do this he will work every man
whose services can be made useful and
expend a large amount of money.
The surveying force will take the
field at once and early next week grad
ing will commence at Truxton. We
are unable at present to name the line
of the road, but that it will be built is
a foregone conclusion. Mr. Craw
ford reports the San Francisco capi
talists, who are interested in the Pan
amint and other Inyo county mines
and consequently in the road, deter
mined to push it ahead as rapidly as
men and money will do it. They
argue that cheaper transportation than
they now have or than the Southern
Pacific can furnish them is a necessi
ty which can only be met by this
road, and taking this view of the case
they hold that the sooner it is com
pleted to a point that will reduce the
cost of transportation to and from the
mines, the better. Hence they are
anxious that the cars shall be running
between Truxton and Cajon Pass
within the next five months.
California Appropriations.
Washington, February 9th.—Tbe
House Committee on Commerce-
Chairman Wheeler absent — unani
mously agrees to report favorably on
appropriations for San Diego river,
$80,000; Wilmington, $30,000; Oak
laud, $100,000; but it is expected that
Wheeler will insist on retrenchment,
in which case, one item may be cut
Clayton is working to secure $25,000
for the Sacramento river, but it is now
doubtful if he will succeed.
Captain Mullin, claiming to repre
sent settlers on the line of the South
ern Pacific, says the settlers are wil
ling to pay $2 50 per acre, instead of
$1 25, as proposed in the amendment;
but oppose giving the Southern Pacific
the right to demand any greater
Senator Mitchell Creats a Sensation.
Washintton, February 9th.—Sen
ator Mitchell met Crawford, corres
pondent of the Chicago Tribune, on the
floor of the House and accused him of
being the author of an article in the
Times more than a year ago, contain
ing statements concerning the life of
Mitchell, referring to his former ca
reer under the name of Hippie. Quite
a scene followed. It is reported that
Mitchell told Crawford that he would
hear from him again.
Tilton's Relations With Victoria
New Yoke, February 9th.—The
cross-examinution of Tilton was con
tinued this morning, but nothing new
or interesting was brought out, it oe
iug simply a repetition of statements
made in tlie direct examination with
regard to the arbitration with Bowen
and business matters. Witness was
questioned as to how Mrs. Woodhull
trot the information upon which she
based the story she published in No
vember, 1872. Witness went to see
Mrs. Woodhull in May, 1871, when she
mentioned to him nearly all the ex
travagant stories she subsequently
published, but she did not give him
any authorities. Wituess had not
thought that the words "eminent
teacher" mentioned in her statement,
would be understood to mean Beecher.
The card itself did not convey that
impression to his mind, but her threat
to publish names terrified him. He
thought Woodhull obtained the in
formation indirectly from the lips of
Mrs. Morse. The story went directly
from her lips alone, not from witness,
nor Moulton, nor Beecher. When I
spoke of this story I never spoke to
Mrs. Tilton's disparagement, but I did
to Beecher's, and if it had not been for
Mrs. Tilton's protection I would have
allowed him to go to destruction four
years ago. I never had any confidences
with Henry Ward Beecher iv my life.
I was under no obligation to keep a
secret with reference to Beecher. I
selected whom I would speak to on th«
subject, aud told them what I saw At.
It was from Mrs. Morse's leakage that
tlie story on.mo ta Mr*. WnoHinilT. and T
told Mr. Morse the story. At the
time when I told it I knew she
would tell the whole world. Witness
saw Mrs. Woodhull frequently when'
he was acquainted with her—some
times at the house, sometimes at his
and also at Moulton's residence. Re
membered going to Coner Island with
her, but did not remember bathing
with her. Woodhull and husband
once spent Saturdtty night and part of
Sunday at his (witness') house. Never
remember being in the water with
her, though she always kept him in
hot water about this affair. Didn't
know where she got her reference to
the "Cathaline Gaunt" letter sent him
by his wife. He never talked with
her about it. She didn't get the in
formation from him. Witness march
ed in the communist procession, but
not with Woodhull. He was arm in
arm with John Swlnton. The proces
sion was in honor of young Russell,
shot by order of the French Govern
ment. He considered Russell a pure
young man and a martyr. Honored
him, and was proud of the part he
took in the procession.
Mr. Evarts read an extract from
Woodhull's biography, written by
Mr. Tilton, which contained an ex
travagant eulogy of her, saying that
her career had been as singular as
that of any heroine, her ability was
rare and her character of the rarest
type, aud whose personal sufferings
were a whole drama of pathos.
Evarts asked: "Did you express your
opinion of her at that time?" Answer
—"I believe she was a woman much
traduced. Mr. Beecher, Mr. Moulton
and myself were then engaged in an
effort to seal up this scandal, and I
wrote what I thought would please
Tilton's poem, "Sir Marmuduke's
Musings," was read and witness said
that some parts represented his own
Page's Anti-Coolie Bill.
Washinlton, February 9th.—Page,
with the Hon. Leonard Meyers, ohnir
nian of the sub-committee on Foreign
Affairs, had an interview yesterday
with Secretary Fish, at the Btate De
partment, with reference to Page's bill
m relation to Chinese immigration.
The Secretary warmly approved the
provisions of the bill, and said that he
would go to the utmost limits to put a
stop to the Infamous system of coolie
impertation. Page is preparing an
elaborate argument on the subject.
It will be published, together with
proven facts showing the iniquity of
the system.
Tom Scott's Road.
Washington, February 9th.—Scott
has succeeded in consolidating nearly
all the Southern Representatives and
will make a sectional fight. The en
tire Kentucky delegation, headed by
Beck, are pledged to support the Texas
———»-*-.. i ■
Senator Stewart in Washington.
Washington, February 9th.—Sena
tor Stewart was in bis seat to-day.
His vote is needed in the Pacific Rail
road Committee to decide tbe fate of
the Texas Pacific bill, which stands
five to five.
Washburn Rises to Explain.
New York, February 11th.—Minis
ter Wasbume telegraphs to the Iterald
from Paris denying the report that he
had received $10,000 or any amount
whatever for getting the Fremont
bonds placed on the Paris Bourse. On
the contrary, he surmised their fraud
ulent character and advised the State
Department concerning them.
The Louisiana Troubles.
New Orleans, February 11th.—The
proposition of the Conservatives for
the adjustment of differences, was sub
mitted to the Congressional Commit
tee and rejected by that committee.
Florida Sends a Democrat.
Savannah, Qa., February 11th.—C.
W. Jones, of Escambia county, Demo
cratic candidate for United States
Senator, has been elected from Flor
Congressional News.
Washington, February 11th.—A
conference will be held to-morrow be
tween Secretary Bristow and the At
torney-General on Dillon's proposition
relative to taxes on the earnings of
the Union Pacific Railroad. It is now
thought tbe proposition will not be
accepted, but that some compromise
will be made.
At the instance of Sargent, the Sen
ate Appropriation Committee agreed
to recommend an increase of the item
in the Indian Bill ef Arizona and New
Mexico for the Apaches from $450,000
to $550,000.
Address by Matt Carpenter.
Milwaukee, February 9th.—Sen
ator Matt Carpenter delivered an ad
dress at the Academy of Music this
evening. He referred briefly to his
recent defeat, which he attributed
largely to the opposition of the rail
roads. He paid a high compliment to
Mr. Cameron, Senator-elect, whom he
knew to be a firm and consistent Re
publican. He reviewed at some length
the recent speech of ex-Sauator Doo
little, and commented severely upon
the recommendations of that gentle
man forthe abolition of thtotecret bal
lot and the establishment of educa
tional qualification iv the South. In
conclusion, he urged his friends to
forget personal disappointments and
remain true to the party.
The mammoth lighter of the Rail
road Company will be afloat iv a day
or two.
An Act to Prevent Cruelty to Animals.
A great many dogs are in poll! ol' boing
killed by being allowed to run loose in llie
streets, so lv order to protect the faithful brute
wo have Imported direct, from England H large
variety of handsome doi-eollnrs, chains, dog
lead*, bells and everything to keep a dog
comfortable in his own yard. We have'also
provided for the comfort of the human family
by iuiporting a large variety of elegant walk
ing-canes, lfnglish suspenders, Und with all
that, you must not forget that we pay particu
lar attention to the cigars and tobacco and
gent's furnishing goods. Iho firm under the
present departure are willing to exert them
selves to their utmost capacity to give entire
satisfaction to their customers gentlemen,
give us a call, but don't go in the wrong place.
Take notice ofthe address.
"The Identicals," 38 Main street, and
107 Main St., next to W., P. * Oo's Express.
Shominac Tribe No. 50, I. 0. R. M.
IjIVKRY-'M. mber'rtf tlil Vl rHie fs hereby or
<j dered to meet at their Wigwam (Good
Templar's Hall ihls morning, (SATURDAY
at 10 o'clock, to assist in the funeral ceremo
nies of their lata brother J. O. Allen. The
funeral will take place from the Wigwam at
11 o'clock Cbts morning. All Lunula of de
ceased are Invited to attend.
By order of the Sachem.
febl.i-lt 0. of R. pro tern.
- BY THE -
i no AMnci cc miADno
luc nnuLLLv) uunni/o
At their Armory, Steams' Hall,
February 22d, 1875,
\V itmli iii<;( onV I»iif Is <!;»> ,
Admitting ladies and gentlemen *2 OO
E. E. Fishkr. L. W. Thatcher,
Wholesale and Retail Manufacturers of
Have in stook the very finest
JTewelry, Diamonds, Watches,
CJlocks, Hilver-wn.ro,
Rogers & Bros. Celebrated Silver-
Plated Ware,
A t iDi del I Tinted and Black's Patent
Interchangeable Spectacles and
Eye O lasses—(The best In the
We make a specialty of Diamond Si tting,
making and repairing Fine liwelry of every
description. Also, ull kind of Fine
. Repairing of all kinds ut reasonable prices
for Hi d(. .1.... work. Wu ilu iitlvf*rt iwo to do
cheap work and sell the cheapest goods In the
market; but we do good work ns cheap and
sell good goods as cheap as any house on the
Keepers ofthe standard (observatory) time
for tho city, and S. 1". R. K.
febl2tf 07 Main St., Loa Angles.
8, 13.I 3 . I*. X*.
— TO
A N A H jfS I m
Fare for Hon ad Trip, - - kj 00.
Trains leave L. A. Depot at !):30 A. M. Ex
cursionists will have two hours at Anaheim.
feb7-lw Superintendent.
From various Standard Makers,
Thirty to Fifty Dollars per Month.
I'ianos Organs and otltcr nmsical Instru
ments repaired.
J. n* PATRICK, Piano Agent,
fo7 3w No. 60 Spring St., Los Angoleg.
— -
•SIB9JIH wpanmiv pu« saioSuv sol faoiag
'lea Jig osilV CI 'on
'NU3J.B 'V '0
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iliruo joj eouo %v ■jno ||as uvo 9u;d.>o}|.>snoq dn
-vi >I >:.».! i j vil |.i ml pu« IpAlpjap os liaqM SUIJOJ
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-asie jiuismpuMil ajojoct nui uo una oaHbm
op n\itt auif) jo Auv aoj sataBuv soq
U| ail|il.»,ill.«snoq o ( 03 o)2u|pua')U| SUOSJOJ
•puuq oro aRfLUNIiiM Mau jo fuaiu
-IJOSSB uy 'paStißqaxo puu pjos jqSnoq "\ T
soooo ONida:iiN:-ibUOH umillo on V
' I • " 7 t < jlfia#
s. c. FO V,
Importer, Manufacturer, Wholesale and Re l
tall dealer in
Saddlery and Harness of all kinds.
Sulk Harness, Trotting Harness, Heavy Draft
Harness, (JomilQO Concord Harness, Robes,
Blankets and Whips—in fact, everything per
taining to all i st-el ass Saddlery I loose.
The best brands of Saddle, Harness and
Sole Leather, always on hand and for sule at
wholesale and retail.
Harness Oils, Soaps & Blacking.
Repairing Promptly Done.
No. 17' Los Ait««lii» Htreeet,
•W Prices as low as any house on the coast.
haTu n
Thursday Evening, Feb. 13th,
Tho Beautiful Comedy hi Three 4 Acts of
Mr . VIVIAN ns Capt. Oaf tree.
Miss CUMMINS us Polly Kccles.
Mi-s UAFKAKTir as Esther.
Mr. ROBINSON as Kccles.
Songs, Sketches, Impersonations &c.
• i : j —7- — t ] ii"
Matinee at 2 o'clock P. Nl.
Bar Half Price to all parts of tho House.-««
llross Circle f. ". $1 00
(lallory - ,•• fit*
I'rivale R>xes 5 00
Box office at Lewin's Hook store (successor
to Brodrick A Col. Seats resoived without ex
tra charge, from 10 A. m. to "> f K.
febS Business' Manager.
.—i— — *
(J lion, choice varieties of
Etc., Ktc. Klo.
Choicest Varieties of
Fihe lot of
Monterey Cyprus and Pines.
From one to three years old
Fl«»>v«*i*ii*f>r Hhvntit*.
Parties having ordered by me had better
call at once. Apply at the
Alden Fruit Drying Works.
KTC., KTC, KT<'.,
Very Lowest Prices,
Are lo bo fourd at tbo
Under the
Nos, :t«. ;ts and 40 Main street,
liOS Anoei.es, Cat..
finished and thrown open to the public, is
furnished throughout with
New Furniture, Carpets and Bedding.
Rooms large, well lighted and ventilated
and supplied with water, gas and fire.
£1 £l -JO iii i- '" j,
Is Rujmlied wllh tlie best the* market affords
and no Chinese cooks employed.
For Eaiiillies, its accommodations are
For Business Men
And visitors, its conveniences ate unequalled
being centrally located, having a telegraph
otliee attached, und street cars passing every
ten minutes.
There is no Bar or Saloon
Of any kind on the premises, lt being the In
tention of the proprietors to muke lt a quiet
and favorite resort for families.
Board by the Day, Week, or Month
For persons not requiring rooms.
febltf Proprietors.
New High Street, Opposite Pico House.
its rooms are large, sunny, aud elegantly
furnished. No house in tlie city Is better lo
cated, and its rooms ara arranged to be used
single or In suites. The
First-Class Black Walnut.
The proprietor assures all that they cannot
tlnd a more respectable locution or better ac
cummodationsin the city.
WM « CAPE, Proprietor.
Ja3o lm '
To the Ladles.
FOR tho prettiest aud most tastefully and
elegantly dressed Dolls, go to the
Next to the Pico House.
A Million Toys for Sale.
Elegant Residences,
Situated on the Worth side of Mitln St.,
Beiweeu mvuml a«u Third.
ARE how nearly completed and will be
ready for occupation on or about, tho
Kil«t <lny of FVbrimry next.
They have been constructed with every re
gard to commodiousnew, nnd are provided
with all tho modern conveniences, and In a
style suitable for the home of a gonteel fam
Each 101. is feet front by IK7 feet deep, and
ia divided from its neighbors by a high board
fence, making It entirely seperale and exclu
Each house contains eight rooms. On tho
first floor are two parlors, with marble man
ties; a dining-room, kitchen and servants'
bed-room; a large pantry, or store-room and
china-closet. On the second floor are threo
large bed-rooms with corresponding' closets,
and a bath-room with wash-fount nnd patent
Both hot. and cold water can he brought to
the upper story, aud gas pipes, are carried
into every room.
There are broad verandahs with porticoes
in front and rear.
Every house Ir hard-finished throughout,
Hie lower rooms having handsome center
pieces. The front windows will have Inside
blinds; tho side and rear ones, the new patent
blinds, painted same color as outside walls.
The rear yards are 3«.\K7 feet, and can be
laid out as a garden and the front in flower
pi an i.i.
Each residence will have an ornamental
fence enclosing ii from the street, with high
lultlccfl dividing It from its neighbors.
Situated ns they arc upon the main street, In
closo proximity to the business center, any
one may purchase ellhci of them with the
confluent ussurancc that it will double in
vnlue In tho course of the next, two years.
I'rice $fi.t>oo (or each house and lot.
and the; tonus can be made to meet the most
moderate means.
For further particulars enquire of
tt . 11. J. BROOKS.
Searcher nt Record*.
janlG-lm No. 8, Temple Blook.
o. N. JONKH. J, h. hi.-\ > i>
Real Estate, Money
O Auctioneering and to HUGO EES &
BLAND in Real Estate. Both branches of
business carried oh as formerly.
13. W. NOYEB
Retained in charge of the Auction Depart
The Division of Large Ranches and
Auction Sales Thereof
-A. SPE O 1-A.ljT"srT_
We have also a nuiatier of small pieces of
land, suitable for homesteads, in and around
the olty. Part ies in search of such will do well
to give us a call. Conveyance free of charge
M>see any property we have for sale. Busi
ness entrusted to our care will reelve strict
Auction Stand, corner of Temple Block,
Spring street.
GOO J*. 61* 132 H
A. JNo. 1 Lihkl to Kent.
More than half of it Moist Land, adjoining
Ibe new city of San Fernando, and within
400 yards of tlie Railroad Depot. Two crops
ran be raised each year. Apply at the office of
Jan24-tf -~^i~:m*K.-~'*m».
New Wilson Sewing Machine I!
The People's Favorite and Ladies'
Friend. 1
Shuttle Lock Stitch Sewing Machine
Is at last conceded by all to be the BEST now
muse. Being so Simple and Light Running
that the most delicate lady'or child can use It.
Can regulate Tension or change stitch while
Is best adapted for all varieties oi family tew
ing irom tlie lightest fabric to the heaviest
cloth or leather.
Every Machine Warranted
for five years without expense to purchaser.
awarded at the Worlds Fair, Vienna and State
Fairs and Expositions throughout California
and the Eastern States. What better superi
ority over all others.
Price from $10 to $15 Lower
than for any other flrst class Machine. Send
fordescfiptivo catalogue free.
Ofhce—White House, corner Loe Angeles and
Commercial streets. feb4-6m
(Lately from San Francisco)
new huildliiL' on Spring street (East
side;, beiweeuiHfcuJiu and Third, flesollcits
the custom of the public, and will do • !
First-Class Washing and Ironing
At the usual rates. WAIT HI.
Ja2l lm"
list i'JC* f 11 M C!_ TiT M V
Liquor aod Wine
Mlg-noret's Bulldlutf, Main street.
Los Angeles.
The abovo named 11 rui lake pleasure In In
forming tho public that they have purchased
the Wholesale Liquor establishment of Mr. I.
D. Cook, and as we are connected with the
best liquor houses in Bordeaux, we are confi
dent we will be able to give perfect satisfac
tion to all who favor us with their patronage

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