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Special Notices.
G. VV. Morgan offers one of the best
residence lots on the hills at a very
low figure. mrs:tf
G. W. Morgan offers 160 acres of
good land, capable of being irrigated
from artesian wells. Price low.
Removal.—Office of Pheenix Insurance Co.,
of Hartford; Home Insurance Co., cf New
York, and London Assurance Corporation, re
moved to New Postoffice building, Sp-ing St.,
Los Angeles. CHAS. K. JOHNSON,
mr 6 AgenL
•STThe principal organs of sense are con
centrated to the face. It Is therefore worthy
of being crowned by all Gentlemen, with one
of the superior hats which can be had at Des
mond's, Main Street. mart.
For Ladies and Families, the St. diaries
Restaurant is the nicest place in the city.
N. H. Mitchell at the Fashion Liv
ery Stable, Anaheim, announces that
he is now prepared to furnish all
kinds of livery turnouts on short no
tice and at reasonable rates. Persons
visiting Anaheim will do well to give
Mr. Mitchell a call; they will find
him obliging and attentive to busi
ness. Mar.2-lw.
We herewith wish to inform the
public that we will commence on
Monday, March Ist, 1875, to offer our
entire stock of dry goods, clothing,
boots and shoes, hats, etc., at and be
low cost, as we have decided to quit
business, and must sell our entire
stock in ninety days without fail. It
is no humbug, as we mean what we
say. Come and convince yourself.
Meyerstein <fe Winter, proprietors of
the Important, Main street, under La
fayette Hotel, f 28:1 m
Garden, Grass aud Tree seeds for sale cheap
Insurance Agency—Commercial of Califor
lfornia, Ftre and Marine, assets $500,000; Cali
fornia Insurance Co., assets 8500,000; Fire As
sociation of Philadelphia, Incorporated 1821),
assets $6,000,000. These companies transact
their business at the lowest paying rates,
charging for each risk according to the hazard
assumed, without reference to any insurance
combination or arbitrary triffs. All losses
promptly adjusted and paid.
B. McLELLAN, Agent.
Office of S, N. * P. S. S. Co.,
fe'2o «l Main street, Los Angeles.
Zero prices at the Bazaar for dry
goods, clothing, etc., for thirty days
only. Give them a call and save
money. f 20:1 m
Now is the time to lay in a good
supply of goods. The Bazaar, corner
Main and Requena streets, offers ex
tra inducements. Give them a
call. f 20:1 m
Insurance Agency — utnee, Commercial
street, (Ducommun's new building), Northern
Assurance Co ,of London and Aberdeen, cap
ital, $10,000,000; Hartford, of Hartford, assets,
$2,757,»<); Imperial and Queen of London, cap
ital, $18,000,000; Union Mutual Life Insurance
Co., assets, $8,000,000.
John Carlin, Agent.
Liverpool, London * Globe Insurcnce Co.,
assetssl3,ooo,ooo; North British & Mercantile
Insurance Co., capital, $10,000,000: Fireman's
Fund Insurance Co.. assets, 56»57,b00.
Wm. J. Bkodkick, Agent.
Applications received for the insurance of
all Kinds of property, und policies issued di
rect fe7 tf
To the Lames.-iou can have a Brosse
dress Chart with full Instructions foi cut
ting and fitting all outside garments, for
$2 00, at M. C. Baker's, Hole Agency. febUtr
New Goons! New Goods! Marxsen Bros.,
the new variety store, corner of Main and
I'Hjrti itxMtG IrAADs constant* on hand !l
large variety of Pry goods, Clothing, Gents'
underwear, Boots mid Shoes, Groceries, etc.
A larg« supply of new goods just received,
and sold at reasonable rates. All goods are
of the best quality: no auct ion goods sold by
us. We respectfully solicit the public to ex
amine our goods and Judge lor theuisclves.
Goods delivered to any part of the city free of
charge. feb-3-tf
R. S. Walker, Bill Poster and Distributer.
Headquarters at Star office. Orders left at
any of the other newspaper offices In the city,
will be promptly attended to. janltl
Sliver and gold plating; electrotyping; ivory
and metal turning; glass and metal drilling.
Locks, keys, seals aud key-checks,stencil and
door-plates made to order: knives and surgi
cal instiuments ground and saws tiled and set ;
parasols and canes mended; musical instru
ments repaired; meerschaum pipes cleaned
and mounted; model making ami repairs ou
ail fancy work and machinery, from a pin to
a locomotive. All kinds of sewing machines
bought, sold and repaired. Come and see the
new sewing machine engine. Sewing Ma
chine Exchange,3o Spring St. de3o tf
Moore's Restaurant, on Commercial street,
is the proper place to go fora good meal, with
a good cup ot coffee or tea to drink with it.—
There is probably no restaurant on the Pacific
coast where so many of the substantiate and
■o many of the luxuries may be had for 25 c!s.
Don't forget the place—Moore's Restaurant,
Commercial street. Private eating rooms have
been neally fitted up for the accommodation
of ladies. (5-tt
Bancroft* Thayer, Real Estate Brokers,
No. 21 Spring street. City and County Proper
ty Bought, Sold and Exchanged. Loans ne
gotiated, money advanced on Real and Per
sonal securities. Publishers of the Los Ange
les Real Estate Reporter. declltf
The light-runniug Domestic sewing
macine, the great favorite of the East,
is now to be had at the new furniture
business of Johannsen & Grossen, cor
ner Main and Commercial. *
The new furniture store in Ducom
mun's new building is now open;
Main street, corner Commercial. *
Have you been to the new furniture
store of Johannsen & Grossen, iv Du-
commun's new building on Main
street, corner Commercial? *
A large lot of furniture from the
East and San Francisco, at the new
furniture establishment in Ducom
mun's new building, Main street, cor
ner Commercial. *
j3I ties Interested in tlie opening of seventh
street from Pearl sireet West ward, to furuisli
the city with deeds to tlie land required for
the opening of said Seventh street.
fe27 Clerk of Com. Council
from G. W. Whltehorn's up-town wood
yard, will And a drop letter box In the ironi
part of the new Postoffice. The box will hf
lettered thus: "Orders left for uptown wooc
yard." G. W. WHITEHORN.';
The Los Angeles Petroleum Refin
ing Company.
Principal Place of Business, los
Angeles City, Los Angeles Com
ty, State of California.
a meeting of the Directors held on lon
day, March Ist, 1875, an assessment of fl<e (5)
dollars per share was levied upon the utpaid
capital stock of the corporation, the sad as
sessment being levied to meet liabllltiej and
satisfy claims of creditors. Said assesiment
Is payable on or before Apri' sth,
1875, to John D. Blcknell. Secretary, at his
office, No. 41 Temple Block, in said cltj or Los
Any stock upon which this assessment
shall remain unpatd on the said stfc day of
April, 1875, will be delinquent and udvertlsed
for sale at public auction, and unlets pay
ment Is made before, will be sold on th« 20th
day of Ap'll, 1875, to pay the delinqueni as
sessment, together with costs of advertising
and expense of sale. _
raarfWm Secretary of said Ce.
Going to Work.
A committee composed of F. P. F.
Temple, Col. J. G. Howard, Major
Frank Ganahl and Chief Engineer
Crawford, leave this morning for
the Southern part of the county on a
canvassing tour for subscriptions to
the stock of the Los Angeles and In
dependence Railroad Company. The
rumor that the people of Anaheim
and vicinity were so opposed to the
building of the Independence Road
that they would take no stock in it, is,
we are informed, without foundation.
We are not astonished to hear this.
The people of the lower portion of the
county cannot overlook the fact that a
continuous line of railroad from Ana
heim to the mines of Inyo county will
be a mine of wealth to them, by af
fording a ready market for their sur
plus products of every kind. In fact
every portion of Los Angeles valley
will be benefited by the building of
this road. We want a market for
what we grow that will not cost half
the value of the article in transporting
it to the place of sale. Every farmer
and every producer iv this valley must
see that railroad communication with
the mines gives not only a good mar
ket but one that will buy all we have
to sell. This is an important fact aud
one that cannot be set aside or covered
up. The people of Anaheim and the
farmers of that part of the county will
not stand in their own light, and we
believe they will meet the committee
with the spirit of enterprising citi
The Queen of the Antilles.
For three centuries the Kings of
Spain have ruled with despotic power
over the destinies of the people of
Cuba, aud, until recently, over all
Mexico, Central America, and a large
portion of South America —their title
to the same having been acquired by
the sword, and the subsequent grant
of the Pope of Rome. During all this
time these vast possessions have been
treated by them as the "land of
Ophir," whence their coffers were re
plenished, and their courtiers and ad
herants rewarded by office, with carte
blanche powers to oppress and eat out
their substance. This policy contin
ued uninterruptedly down to the year
1776, when the North American colo
nies of Great Britain startled the
world by their manly Declaration of
Independence. From that time the
Spanish colonies took courage, and
began to consider the situation. The
Orita de Libertad enunciated iv 1810,
at the small town of Moselia, Mexico,
by the patriot Hidalgo, was the re
sult, aud since that time all the vast
continental colonies of Spain have suc
cessfully thrown off the Spanish yoke
and entered upon the experiment of
Republican government, with varied
success. In all these great struggles
our Government granted no material
aid, but individuals did, aud the elo
quence of Clay in Congress, in behalf
of these struggling patriots, was as
an "army with banners." In propor
tion as the power of Spain decreased
on the continent, it was concentrated
on the "Queen of the Antilles," which
was always held as her base of opera
tions against her continental colonies,
and down to the present hour she
holds that beautiful island within her
enfeebled grasp, notwithstanding the
numberless unsuccessful attempts of
her patriots to throw off the galling
yoke. These frequent miscarriages
and failures, instead of crushing out
the spirit of liberty in that island,have
been the "blood of the martyr in
strengthening their cause." Hence
for the last five or six years, has the
wail of the patriot been wafted across
tbe waters of the gulf to our shores,
and re-echoed from valley to hill-top,
and from city to hamlet, calling upon
us,as the great conservatives of Liber
ty, to reach them an assisting hand
Their pathetic appeals have reached,
the hearts of nine-tenths of the people
of this Republic, and yet our Govern
ment seems so absorbed in its own
dirty schemes of personal agrandize
ment, that their appeals have failed to
attract its attention, and these
straggling patriots, almost with
in hailing distance of our shores,
are left to the tender mercies of the
"Bourbon butcher." Viewed only in
t national point of view, this question
iemands the prompt aud serious con
sideration of our Government. This
island lies almost within the lips of
the mouth of the Mississippi, and is
the natural key to its commerce—a
river that, including its tributaries,
drains a country capable of feeding and
clothing one-half the civilized world.
In the possession of effete Spain, Cuba
is, at least, a living menace to this
Republic; in the possession of a great
naval power it would be humiliation!
But, says the casuist, it will never fall
into the hands of a great naval power.
Are we sure of this? Politically, Eu
rope this day is a Vesuvius, ready to
burst forth at any time. With heavy
balances to adjust, we see war with
rapid strides approaching from every
quarter. Russia is again turning her
attention to "the sick man of Tur
key," and Eugland is Jealous of her
possessions in the East; France is
abiding her time and awaiting her
opportunity, whilst Prussia is prepar
ing for every emergency, and Austria,
writhing under the disgrace inflicted
upon her a few years ago by Bis
marck, is sullenly awaiting the turn
of events; and effete and revolutionary
Spain, after passing through tie throes
of maternity In bringing forti several
forms of Government, has a length
discarded the counsels of Cas"ellar,
the noblest and purest statesuan she
ever produced, and gone batk, like
" the sow to her wallow," ant called
upon the putative son of Ssrkano
and Isabella to give her pea®. The
boy has already ascended the throne
and is now loudly calling up»n sur
rounding monarchies for assistance in
maintaining himself in that position,
with nothing but the "Queen jf the
Antilles" as a consideration! Under
these circumstances, what assirance
have we that this island —the key to
the Mississippi —will not fall into the
hands of some great naval power with
treaties of alliance, offensive ai,d de
fensive, with others? The slothful
statesman may say, in answer to all
this, "Sufficient unto the day is the
evil thereof;" but we hold that the
true standard of greatness in the
statesman is to avert dangerous com
plications rather than to successfully
meet them at great public cost in blood
and money when they arise. With
Cuba in the hands of a great naval
power, the history of the Dardanelles
may be repeated and Havana become
the port of entry and clearance for the
commerce of the Mississippi, and trib
ute collected beneath the frowning
guns of Moro Castle, whose thunders
may be heard on the capes of Florida,
one of our sovereign States. As a lib
crfy-loving people, it is our duty to
aid the struggling patriots of Cuba and
to grant them at least belligerent
rights. In a national point of view,
our safety demands that Cuba should
be ours. In 1844, when a speck of war
appeared in the horizon with reference
to our Northwestern boundary with
England, "Fifty-four, forty or fight!"
was grafted as a plank in the platform
of one of our political parties. The day
is not far distant when the legend,
"The Queen of the Antilles—a star in
the American constellation — peace
ably if we can, forcibly if we must,"
will be adopted as a leading plank in
the platform of the American people.
After many unavoidable delays and
vexatious interruptions, we think, we
may safely say that dredging has
fairly begun. Those who have wit
nessed the working of the machinery,
that are capable of judging, say that
everything is in excellent running
order. And had it not been for the
worthless chains scut from San Fran
cisco, from time to time, dredging
would have been under full headway
several weeks ago. Another chain
was received yesterday from the same
city. We hope it will stand. But
acting upon the principle, we suppose,
that "a burnt child dreads the fire,"
General Boschke has ordered an Eng
lish chain from Mew York, which has
been thoroughly tested. When this
arrives, which will be in a few days,
We expect to chronicle some rapid
work. The dredging machinery is
very powerful; but so far, not one-half
of its capacity has been used. The
weakness of the chain wouldn't per
mit it. As it was the number of
breakages of the chain didn't allow a
half day's work.
We, as well as others, have care
fully watched the preparations for this
great enterprise, with no little inter
est, and all agree that, from some
cause or other, Gen. Boschke has been
grossly imposed upon. A man came
to him with good recommendations to
put the machinery together, yet lie
proved to be notoriously incompetent,
and his entire work had to. be over
hauled. While there were some good
men among the less responsible em
ployees, yet many of them were the
merest shirks, which was a double
misfortune, occurring when It did, be
cause the Railroad Company had
every available man in this commu
nity employed upon their improve
ments. The best iron was purchased,
and a good price was paid to a San
Francisco man, who had a reputation
for such work, to make a chain. This
is almost worthless. There were also
many other interruptions which we
will not mention. Yet, in the midst
of all this, General Boschke displayed
a perseverence and a good temper that
is highly creditable t« that gentle
But we turn to a more pleasant
phase of our enterprise. Constant
changes are going on in the bay, and
they are all in our favor. The break
water is daily becoming more im
bedded; as we said some time ago,
about ten thousand cubic yards of
sand in the line of dredging has been
carried away; and the water is cutting
a new and straighter channel next to
the ocean. More recent examinations
have disclosed other changes. Three
months ago a dredging map was made
for seven feet of water at low tide, in a
certain locality; a month later, for
eight feet: more recently, for nine
feet. In the line of the channel it is
also discovered that holes are being
scooped at intervals, where the bot
tom is soft ; and at the point of the jet
ties where the water gets a sort of a
whirl, the excavations are very deep.
This induces the belief that the scour
ing of the water only needs the aid of
the dredger at the rocky, hard points
to perform a greater portion of the
work. And it must be borne in mind,
too, that the drift is all seaward, while
there is no evidence of shoaling on the
outside. As to the direction of the
current that scatters this sand, we are
not able to say. We merely state the
Again we record our convictions
that our harbor prospects present
nothing but the most convincing evi
dences of its ultimate, and not very
distant, success.— Enterprise.
■ ■ —
The Panamint News of February
25th refers as follows to a new mining
district in that vicinity: Parties vho
have been prospecting some tweity
miles to the Southeast of this conp
came in a day or two ago, brinung
with them some very good ore, md
one or two others have become sone
wbat elated and have returned vith
them for the purpose of forming a .lew
district. Some of the croppings from
there assay $12 in gold. Wood nd
water, we are told, are plentiful, and
plenty of good food for animals. Wiere
the exact locality is, we are unabfe to
ascertain, as tbe parties making the
discoveries are quite reticent In »'a
tion thereto. We are promised * re
port of the new find soon.
Pacific Coast Matters at Washington.
Washington, March 2d.—The fol
lowing Items of appropriations lor the
Pacific Coast are contained in the
•Sundry Civil Service bills,which have
passed the House since the close of the
report last night, the House
remaining in session until 4 this
morning: For the continuation of
coast survey, charts and publication
of coast pilot, including compensation
of civilians engaged in the work, en
gineers, etc., $231,000; rent of offices
iv San Francisco, $2,000; construction
and equipment and outfit of small
steamer for insidehyrography,sss,ooo;
steam tender for light-house service
on the Pacific coast, $100,000; Point
Reyes Light Station, enlarging as
nhaltum water-shed, $3,000; Pedros
Blanco Station, completing station
and establishing fog-signals, $15,000,
Surveyor-General of California, rent,
fuel, books and incidental expenses,
$7,000; surveying public lands in Cal
ifornia, $70,000; surveying private
land claims in California and office
expenses, $20,000; Benicia Arsenal
and carpenter's building, $35,000; ar
tesian well at Benicia Arsenal, $5,000;
repairing roads, drains and sewers,
$3,000; grading grounds, $3,000; per
manent repairs of post, machinery for
shops, fences, etc., $4,000; Mare Island
Navy Yard, continuation of Apprais
er's Stores building at San Francisco,
$100,000; out - buildings, sewerage,
fences and grading for new Marine
Hospital, $15,000. Total in Sundry
Civil bill, $869,674.
The Pacific Coast items in the Defi
ciency bill not acted on are as follows:
San Francisco mint, wages to continue
operations to June 30, 1885, $37,000;
contingent expenses of same, $11,000.
Total, $48,000. Also, item to reim
burse the city and county of San Fran
cisco for expenditures made in im
proving streets in front of United
States property, 8,296. The appropria
tions for the Sioux and Apache In
dians, amounting to about $200,000
each, which were struck out in the
House, will probably be restored in
the Senate.
Congressional News.
Washington, March 4th.—Page's
Coolie bill and bill for the relief of set
tlers on the restored railroad grant, has
passed and been signed by the Presi
The River and Harbor Appropria
tion bill, as it became a law, contained
all the Pacific Coast items heretofore
The Sundry Civil Appropriation bill
is enacted. It contains the following
items: $200,000 for Mare Island;
$100,000 for Appraiser's stores, San
Francisco; $150,000 for Marine Hos
pital; $47,065 for Benicia arsenal;
$3,000 for Point Reyes light; $15,000
for light and fog signal at Piedras
Blancas; $10,000 for department of
buoys and supplies; $15,000 for fog
signal on Goat Island; $231,000 for
Pacific Coast survey and deep sea
soitiuHiitrs; $70,000 for Pacific land sur
veys of California, $60,000 for Oregon,
$40,000 for Washington Territory and
$30,000 each for Nevada, Utah and
New Mexico, and $20,000 for Arizona.
The Force bill failed through want
of action by the Senate.
The President has signed the bill
granting railroads tbe right of way
through public lauds and the bill ad
mitting Colorado.
The Louisiana Legislature Adjourned.
Nrow Orleans, March 4th.— The
Legislature adjourned last night sine
die. The members will await arbitra
Arizona News.
Florence, March 4th.—The first
election in the new county of Pima
took place on Monday last, aud Flor
ence was chosen the county seat by 50
The Black Hills.
Cheyenne, March 4th. — Parties
from Black Hills report the finding of
gold, but the weather is too severe for
San Francisco News.
San Francisco, March sth.—The
investigation of the affairs of the Tax
Collector's office by the Finance Com
mittee of the Board of Supervisors,
was continued yesterday afternoon
and adjourned to resume in a few
The investigation into corruption in
the appointment of teachers was
opened yesterday at the Lincoln
School by a special committee of the
Board of Education. Reporters were
excluded. The testimony will, how
ever, be made public on the conclus
ion of tke investigation. Yesterday
the committee examined about fifty
witnesses, and the inquiry was re
sumed this morning. From authentic
information it is known that the ex
amination yesterday brought out the
fact that Owens, ex-janitor, and Kuh
nert, a recent German teacher, who
has gone East, approached parties,
offering to procure them situations in
the School Department for a consider
ation. Some witnesses testified that
they knew teachers who purchased
positions through Owens, Kuhnert
and Stewart, but In no case was money
traced to any member of the Board,
though suspicion is aroused that some
went that way. Eight subpoenas were
immediately issued. Owens, the ex
janitor, is said to be a man of some
education, shrewd and cunning. The
teachers, in the light of what is now
shown, begin to understand many
heretotore mysterious changes in their
Democrats Victorious in Maine—Mu
nicipal Elections.
Portland, Me.. March Ist.—The
Democrats to-day elected P. M. Rich
ardson Mayor, against a Republican
majority last year of 607. They also
elected Municipal Judge, and have
a large gain for Councilmen. A dis
patch from Kennebank states that
that town has gone Democratic by a
large majority, for the first time in 18
years. Bath elects Hon. H. W. Rice,
Citizens' candidate for Mayor, by
82 majority, over the Republican can
During Burglary at Lodi.
Lodi, Cal., March 3d.—A most dar
ing burglary was committed in this
town last night, and for boldness it
eclipses anything on record. The
store of J. 1). Ball, dealer in general
merchandise, was broken into and a
quantity of groceries and other plun
der carried away. It is said that the
Sheriff, P. w. Dougherty, has a clue
to the burglars and a speedy arrest is
Saloon-Keeper Shot in Visalia.
Visalia, March 2d.—A young man
named Harp shot and quite seriously
wounded a saloon-keeper named Gib
son, this morning. Gibson will prob
ably recover.
In the Second Degrer.
San Diego, March 4th.— In the
District Court to-day, Lleutin, con
victed of murder in the second degree,
was sentenced to ten years in the pen
Pacific Coast Items.
Visalia is at last to have a flour mill.
Five deaths have occurred in Pana
mint to date.
Tho Masons of Sacramento have
bought the Snnset Hill Cemetery for
The remains of Jasper Caldwell,
who met with a fatal accident at Sac
ramento on Sunday, have been for
warded to Visalia.
W. R. Alexander of Quincy, 111.,
has returned home to superintend the
removal of his woolen mill from that
place to Petaluma.
The annual Spring rodeos are now
being held in various parts of San
Diego county, furnishing novelty and
amusement for Eastern visitors.
A new mining district was organ
ized February 15th in Inyo county, 25
miles from Panamint. It is called Rose
Spring District, and R. D. Parker is
The new machinery for the Capital
Woolen Mills is daily expected from
the East. There will be about three
cur-loads of it, all of the most ap
proved pattern.
The Rio Vista correspondent of the
Vallejo Chronicle says: There never
was a better prospect for an extraordi
nary crop of wheat and barley than at
present in the Montezuma hills. If
nothing should befall us, we hope to
handle more grain this year than ever
If You Want
Anything In the line of cigars, tobaccos,
pipes, etc., or If you want gentlemen's
furnishing goods, call at the Identicals. To
tlie lovers of the weed, the goods of these es
tablishments present themselves with pecul
iar favor. A large lot of the famous Bouquet
cigars (three for fifty cents) have just been re
ceived. The best Imported cigar for two bits
in the city can De found there. At the estab
lishment. No. 38 M>ain street, is kept, In addi
tion to a full line fflf Cigars and tobaccos, fur
nishing goods, English walking sticks.canes,
dog collars, loads chains, etc.—all the nick
nacks of a sporting gentleman. Call at the
Identicals, Nos. 18and 107 Main street.
nut Proprietors.
Horses, Wagons, Carriages, &c,
One Large Chisel-Tooth Cultivator.
In desirable localities. Sale commence at 11
o'clock sharp.
that tenders will be received by tbe un
dersigned until Wednesday, the tenth March
instant, for the writing and indexing of all
the ordinances passed since August, 1872, as
well as for the supervising of the printing of
said ordinances in chronological order, and
of the said Index to be so made.
The Index must be ample and detailed and
will refer to matters contained in said ordi
nances in numerical order in code form.
The Common Council reserves tlie right to
reject any and all bids. M. KREMER,
Clerk of Com. Council.
Los Angeles, March 5,1875. mr6 5t
P I () N E E R
S. O. 3T O "ST ,
Importer, Manufacturer, Wholesale and Re
tail dealer In
Saddlery and Harness of all kinds.
Sulk Harness, Trotting Harness, Heavy Draft
Harness, Genuine Concord Harness, Robes.
Blankets aud Whips—in fact, everything per
taining to a tt, st-c lass Saddlery House.
The nesi brand.- ol Saddle, Hatiittn. and
Hole I .euilicr, always on hand and • *hlchl
Uh< |e-i,le untt H'Hil.
Eganii ss Oils, Mon,pa£c Hluchinit.
Kepniriii,;- (Promptly Oi.ue.
N t>. t7 I .or. V agfles Streeiti
tti" Prices as low hi any house on the const.
Grand Masquerade Ball
— To come off at
Saturday Eve'ng, March 6th 75
Will surpass anything of the kind before
given in the City of Los Aug. let, no money
having been spared to make it an culi-e suc
Admisriim (f.r Gentleman and
Ladles iv musks)
-AxliniMNion U'orspeclators) each 1,00
Tlchels fur masks, only to be had from the
following t 'ommlliee:
Mr. Rkinecke, B. Nkitzke, J. Hchbokokk,
at the Store of Marxskn Bros., cor. Main and
*1 Bis., and H. Shindlkh, No. 52 Main St.
Spectators tickets can be had from all the
members of Ihe Society, and ou the evening
ot the Bal lat the door. Reserved seats can be
procured at the store of L. Lewin, successor to
Brodrick & Co., at 50 cents extra.
Entrance of masks from the rear of the Hal 1.
Two Valuable Prizes,
now on exhibition ut the Jewelry store of
Usher 4 Thatcher, will be given away, one
prize each to the best Lady and Gentleman
character. An ample supply of
Entirely new and made to order for the occa
sion by tho Society, can be procured at
Turners' Hall, Monday March 2d,
from 2 to B and from 7 to 9 P. M.
Towards the evening of the Ball, a lady will
be present to wait on ladles who wish to select
At 12 o'clock, unmasking and the floor to be
rresforall dancers.
Arrangements will be made to havo a
All improper persons will be excluded from
'he Ball. fel,24td
Willow Wood.
A FINE SUPPLY of this Wood constantly !
on hand at my Yard on Alameda street
jelow the Depot. All lengths. Orders left at
he Grange store will be promptly attended to
md delivered free of charge.
Jan2B-2m J. J. MORTON.
The Bazaar, comer of Main and Rcquena
J-|as decided to close out their
pntlre Kail and Winter stock of goods
gelow cost, for thirty diiys only
opportunity to buy Goods at
£ero will not be found In this city,
the prices at the Bazaar,
you will not tail to buy.
Remember the store, opposite the U. 8.
Ho'el. re 1)20 lm
Homestead Association!
City of Los Angeles!
106 feet front by 176 feet deep,
One Square from the line of the
Main street Horse Railroad.
Payable in Monthly Instalments
. OK
First Instalment Due Jan. Ist, 1875.
Lots to be Distributed among Shareholders
on or about
may ist, i&vs.
The land of the above Association Is situat
ed on Washington stiect, Bear Kigueroa,
One and a half miles from the
Court House.
The finest resiliences in the city are In ils
vicinity, and the pipes of the Los Angeles
City Water Company are soon to be extended
to It.
0. W. CHILDS President.
HON. J. G. DOWNEY Treasurer
H. McLELLAN Secretary.
For further information, apply to cither of
the officers of the Association.
Subscription list at the office of Ihe Secre
tary. dc24tf
— THE —
Real Estate Associates
Ol* Loh AiiKTolosi,
3. o o LOTS,
60 Feet Front, 117 and 127 Feet Deep,
16 Feet Alley in rear of Lots.
Located on line of
Orange, Seventh antl Kigbth Streets,
Ten minutes' walk from
Spring and Sixth St. Railroad.
810 First Instalment, and $ti per monlti
ulthont interest.
Members of the Association will have the
right to select und. purchase lots until March
Ist, 1876. After Muich Ist, any person can
purchase the lots.
$ioo Each. $5 a Month.
Maps can be seen, and further information
obtained, at the temporary officel>f the Secre
tary, in U. S. Land Office, Temple Block.
By order of tlie Trustees.
I he Secretary's office will be located in part
of the front of tlie room of the new Postoffice,
opposite the Court House, about Mail Ii M
1875. iebaitf
lion, cho 00 varieties of
Ktc, Ktc. Ktc.
Choicest Varieties of
Fine lot of
Monterey Cyprus and Pines.
From one to three years old
Flowering Sl»rut>».
Parties having ordered hy me had better
call at once. Apply at tho
Alden Fruit Drying Works.
ja„23ti Proprietor.
Panamint and Coso,
Made through reliable connections and with
Promptness, j. j,. ward,
febSltf 36 Main street.
Stockholders Meeting.
rpilE Annual Meeting of the Stockholders
X of the Los Angeles City and County Pri nt
itig and Publishing Company for the election
of Directors, will be held at the Herald Print
ing office, city of Los Angeles, on the 17th day
of March, 1876, at 10 o'clock A. M.
Isaac W. Lord. President.
Secretary of the Los Angeles City
and County Printing and Publishing
r2Btd Company.
Don't go to a Grocery Store to buy Li
quors, or to a Liquor Store to buy
Importers nnd dealers In
Voreign and Domewtic
No. 2 Arcadia Block, Los Angeles St.,
Take pleasure in announcing that they have
established in tlie City of Los Angeles, the
most extensive and complete
In California, outside of San Francisco, and
are prepared to offer to Retail dealers, bar
gains which cannot be equalled.
And all kinds of
appertaining to the' business, of the best de
scription and most favorite brands, will be re
ceived by each steamer.
Can and will give you better b ugnins than
you can obtain in San Francisco. Come and
examine our stock, ascertain the prices and
become satisfied. teblS-6111
prietors of saloons and bars, that they
are required to give satisfactory bonds to His
Honor the Mayor in the sum of $3,0u0, before
the Marshal can deliver them their license
for the month of March.
Notice Is also given to proprietors of hacks,
drays, I rucks, carts, express and Job wagons
to pay their license in future at tlie Marshal's
office. J. J. CA RRILLO,
lw Marshal of Los Angeles city.
City intends grud ing and improving
Temple street,from Hie junction of Spring and
Main lo Fort street.
fe27 Clerk of Com. Council.
spring wagon in good order for sale, can
near ol ft purchaser at a reasonable price by
applying to A. M. SH AHRuCKH,
at tlie Fashion stable.
jfe — NOW
12 oalize >V Inn*
I. perience have demonstrated; that no
enysieiau in general practice can give to
• iiiio.Nir diseases the time and investigation
in ee-sary to insure perfect success, 1 have,
therefor.-, decided to make a speoialty of
M«»<lieui and Bitrg-ical,
And ant prepared to give the most careful
study tf> each ease, and to treat diseases in
the mott scientific manner. I furnish the
purest drugs, and all the latest and best Med
ical and Surgical appliances, and devote my
lime, skill and medicine to the relief of the
atllleted, at reasonable prices.
A Mule over one year's practice in Los An
geles, us well as the many warm expressions
and nets-of gratitude on the part of those I
have iivati d, has satisfied me that my ser
vices are appreciated. References; my
Office: Nos. 57 & 58, Temple Block.
Entrance on Main street, and between Tem
ple Bank and Portugal's store, second floor.
10 to 12 A. M. and 2to 5 p. M. At other times
by special appointment.
J. H. LEAL, M. D.
SAN Gauriel, April 20, 1874.
My little boy, over two years old, has suf
fered terribly for more than a year from ob
struction of the urinary organs. All means
of relief seemed unavailing, until I was ad
vised to consult with Dr. LEALof Los Angeles.
Alter a critical examination he found and re
moved a stone from the uretha weighing live
grains. Immediately relief followed, and my
child Is now well. W. J. JONES.
Grateful, not only for entire relief from terri
ble suffering of seven years' Standing, hut v
perfect cure of Internal piles by an operation
scarcely more painful than toy dally suffer
ings before the operation, i feel it a duty]
owe to those similarly ufllicled to give this tes
timonial oi ihe skillful and efficienl treatment
of DR. J. H. LEA of Los Angeles, Dr. Lenl's
success Is more highly appreciated from the
fact that several of the prominent physicians
of Los Angeiss had healed tne without under
standing my disease, and of course wiihout
success. ISA I Si) L MARTIN.
San Gabriri,, March H, 1874,
To the AffllcteJ.
Wilmington 7 , March By, 1874.1
11 vlng suffered severely witli chronic in.
flaminailoii of tlie eyes, I hud determined to
go to Sun Francisco for trentnient, when I was
referred to DR. LEAL,of Los Angeles. Under
his care for v single week my eyes are perfectly
well, and now my sight Is better than It has
been lor the past ten years.
myl-3mw Wm. McGILLIVERAY.

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