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Special Notices.
Borrowing Money.
Hoi rowing money upon the Installment
«> nit.•ruled with these advantages: The
loan can he repaid in small monthly amounts
tfhieil include the interest and part of Ihe
principal, so that by the expiration ot tlie
term it can lie all paid without any great In-
MnventenQs to the borrower. The rate of ln
• nerallv lower. The expenses or ob
taining the money an- not so great as In orui-
Ban lii ma, nnd if It Is borrowed upon good
paying pioperty tlieu It often happens that
(lie rents will meet the monthly installments
and hi time isiy off Ihe debt.
For further and other i>articulars inquire of
\gent foi Savings and fx)an Society,
muy HMf. No. 12 Spring street.
Money io loan ut one per cent, in sunn of
of $3,000 to MM* 10. The undersigned an
nounc>s with pleasure tlie expected arrival
of Mr. John Archbold, ofthe San Francisco
Savings Union. He comes for the purpose of
lending some ol the surplus funds of the
wealihv eorporatton which be represents.
Those wli laveaeedto borrow will do well
to avail thcmselv*s of this opportunity. Ap
plications will be received by the agent ofthe
Bank W. if. .1. BBOOKS,
iiiyM'i-tl N«. 12 Spring street.
( lock repairing a specialty. Mr. A.
W. Pratl, a practical clock maker from
the Ansouia Clock Manufacturing Co.,
ami late adjuster for the National
Clook Co. of Sun Francisco, has taken
the new show window at 39 Spring St.,
where he will repair clocks in a ftrst
cluss manner. Satisfaction guaran
teed. ml2tf
Boy city lots planted with orange
trees. Mr. Morgan now offers to the
public at No. 4, Temple Block, Spring
street, about one huudred fine resi
dence lots, being about ten min
utes walk from the Postoffice, each
lot beitig planted with orange trees,
live years old and iv good condition.
These lots are subdivisions of the
"Thomas Timet," lying and fronting
on the South side of First street, about
one hundred and fifty yards from and
East of the railroad to Wilmington.
On the West the tract fronts on Hew
itt street. Prices moderate. Terms
easy. Enquire at the Real Estate of
fice of G. W. Morgan, No. 4 Temple
Block, Spring street. May9-lm
Ladies' two-button kid gloves at $1
per pair; one-button bid atB7j cts. per
pair. Extra heavy brown and bleach
ed sheeting at 12* cts. per yard; good
brown and bleached sheeting 10 yards
for $1, at the Bazaar, corner of Main
and Kequeua streets. ml:lm
125 gents' cheviot suits, in frocks
and sacks, at $14, worth $20; 500-pa ire
heavy cassimerc pants at $4 per pair,
worth $6, at the Bazaar, corner Main
and Requena streets, opposite the U.
S. Hotel. mlrlm
One of the finest Improvements in
the city Will be the re-building of the
Lafayette Hotel. The whole of the
back of the house is already being
torn down, and the front will shortly
be built up. The stores will be just
half as large as they are now, and, as
the Important has a very large stock
on hand, they will not have half room
enough for their goods and in order to
prevent them from being damaged by
dirt and dust, they have decided to
sell all their Spring goods at less than
cost.aud others, such as cottons, table
linen, etc., at exact cost. We advise
all to call at the Important and con
vince themselves of the great bar
gains, Such bargains they can never
gel again, aud in order to prevent a
gi at rush, we advise all to call early
ami take advantage of the building of
the Lafayette Hotel. al6
IB pieces summer poplins, reduced
to 25 cts. per yard; 50 pieces grass
• loth, reduced to 15 cts. per yt.rd;
|,awns Pieques Nansook Grenadines
and other dress goods in great variety
at the lowest prices at the Bazaar, cor
ner of Main and Requena streets, opp.
U. B» Hotel. mlrlm
The auction sales of the Santa Ger
trudes lands fixed for the 19th, 20th
arid 21st of the month have been un
avoidably postponed in consequence
of the ilness of the surveyor and the
managing agent Mr. Edward McLain.
The postponement contemplates the
sale of the pioperty on the 26th, 27th
and 28th of May. »aprl7:td
If you want a good suit of clothes
for a little money, go to the Bazaar,
corner of Main and Requena streets,
and get one of those $12 suits, worth
$17. ml:lm
ttJs~The principal organs of sense are con
centrated to the face. It is therefore worthy
of being crowned by all Gentlemen, with one
of t he superior hats which can be had at Des
mond's, Main Street. mari.
Insurance Agency—Commercial of Califor
ifornia, Fire and Marine, assets 8500,000; Cali
fornia Insurance Co., assets 8500,000; Fire As
sociation of Philadelphia, Incorporated 1820,
assets $6,000,00 i). These companies transact
their business at the lowest paying rates,
charging for each risk according!,! the hazard
assumed, without reference to any insurance
combination or arbitrary trifts. All losses
promptly aililisted and paid.
B. MoLELLAN, Agent.
Office of fl., N. & P. S. S. Co.,
fe2o 61 Main street, Los Angeles.
silver and gold plutiug; electrolyping;ivory
and metal turning; glass and metal drilling.
Locks, keys, seals aud key-checks, stencil and
door-plates made to order; knives and surgi
cal insttuments ground and saws tiled and set;
parasols and canes mended; musical Instru
ments repaired; meerschaum pipes cleaned
and mounted; model making and repairs on
all fancy work and machinery, from a pin to
a locomotive. All kinds of sewing machines
bought, sold nuil repaired. Come and see the
new sewing machine engine. Sewing Ma
chine Exchange, 39 spring St. de3o tf
500 gents' cloth Summer hats, at 50
cts. apiece; extra heavy gents' satinet
pants from SI 50 up to $3, at Isaac
Norton «fe Co.'s, corner Main and Re
quena street, opposite the U. S. Hotel.
Moore's Restaurant, on Commercial street,
Is the proper place to go fora good meal, with
a good cup of ooffee or tea to drink with It.—
There is probably no restaurant on the Pacific
coin! where so many of the substc.ntials and
so many of the luxuries may be had lor 25cis.
Don't forge: the place—Moore's Restaurant,
Commercial street, Private eat in groom shave
been neailv fitted up for the accommodation
of ladles. |6-tl
Wm. Farrcll, at No. 19 Court street,
attends to all business iv the way of
plumbing and gas and steam pipe fit
ting. He guarantees satisfaction in
all cases anil charges reasonable prices.
He also refinlshes old gas fixtures,
makiug thetn as good as new. Also,
agent for the "Empire gas-burner"
iiud "Economic gas-governor"—both
valuable acquisitions to fixtures of a
house aud great Bavings over the old
style apparatus. Remember the place,
No. 19 Court streei. mrlOrtf
Confections and Wedding Cukes mode
to order. Strawberries and uream, Iced Soda
Water, tine French and domestic Candies of
our own make, a line new stock of Clgars.Tea,
Chocolate Coffee, ere. mylS tf |
SATURDAY, MAY 29, 1875.
The careful manner in which the
San Francisco papers touch the half
dozen different schemes for supplying
that city with water shows that none
of the projectors have got down to
Hon. Thomas Beck of Santa Cruz
county is a candidate for Secretary of
State at the hands ot the Democracy.
Senator Beck is a popular mati at
home and abroad and possesses the
qualifications required in the office to
which he aspires.
Heavy failures are reported to have
recently occurred in England and San
Francisco commercial dispatches in
dicate an unusually heavy drain on
the banks and heavy commercial
houses. The fear that the money
market will be so tightened in this
State as to be seriously felt is enter
tained. The fact that we shall not
export as great an amount of wheat
this year as usual, will add to the de
pression. Our business men will see
in these indications sufficient reason
for keepiug their houses in order.
Forewarned is forearmed.
Infuriated, passion-blind, reck
lessly-inclined females, with blood in
their eye and a revolver in their hand,
are becoming too common in San
Francisco for the safety and comfort
of lawyers. The latest legal victim is
the handsome Col. W. H. L. Barnes,
whom one Mrs. Loomis sought to take
in with her little pistol. It was all
about her daughter Georgia, well re
membered by those familiar with the
theatre purlieus of Bush street. The
Colonel's only fault appears to be that
of .having been so generous aud kind
hearted as to invest about fifteen hun
dred dollars in food and clothing for
the mother and daughter.
The Bulletin refers to the Republi
can primary as a "funereal" affair,
though whose funeral it was is not
indicated. There was a time when a
Republican primary was regarded as
preparations for a Democratic funeral.
Times, however, are changea, and
things are not now as they used to be.
The great party—great in numbers, at
least—has been shorn of its strength,
and like the grasshoppers of Kansas,
after everything else is devoured, it
has devoured itself. Alas, poor
Yorick. Time and innumerable thefts
have told upon thee, and to-day thou
1 iest a putrid corse which no man dare
approach unless with a burning rag at
his nose and the assurance of a fat
Federal office as a reward.
Our neighbor, the Evening Express,
begins to throw out indications that it
does not intend to be left out in the
cold during thecampaigu of this Sum
mer. It wants to be an organ, pro
vided its elevation is accompanied by
sufficient collateral to maintain with
proper dignity the importance of the
position. We have read the story of
Daniel in the lion's den; we have
shed tears over the narrative of the
little boy who could have stolen ap
ples but wouldn't; we have listeued
with agonizing suspense to the recital
of the escaped nun, and we have suf
fered all the agonies of a night inter
vening between the promise of a
birching and the fruition of the prem
ise, but none of these have so affected
us—have so excited our sympathy and
wrung our heart—as the pathetic ap
peal of last evening's Express for the
vacancy in the Independent party.
We trust its moans will not be un
heeded by the Federal-officer-Repub
aud-you-may-go-to-the-deuce Conven
tion which is to be held in the Court
House to-day.
Needed Improvements.
We are doing good work in the way
of improving our streets. We waked
up to tbe necessity of filling up the
ancient lakes and ponds and grading
our streets up to high water mark and
the modern standard rather late, but
we are awake now and are mending
the condition of things so rapidly that
in a short time the streets of Los An
geles will compare favorably with
those of any other city in the State.
But the people of this vicinity have too
long neglected one essential improve
ment, and we call attention to it now
In order that it may receive that con
sideration which the comfort of our
rapidly increasing population de
mands. We refer to the thoroughfares
by which people reach and leave the
city. All roads lead to Rome; which
means that all roads in this valley
lead to Los Angeles, yet it is an unde
niable fact that none of these roads
are good outside of the corporation.
Indeed, many of the outside streets
are at times almost impassable and
at no time pleasant drives. These are
matters which should receive the
early attention of the Common Coun
cil and of the Board of Supervisors.
The inlets to the city should be im
proved as well as the streets of the
city. There is now no inviting drive
of any great extent, yet there is a
great deal of pleasure and recreative
riding done by the citizens and vis
itors of Los Augeles.
Justice TrafTord yesterday bound
over Patrick Goodwin in $200 for the
action of the Grand Jury, for shooting
at his partner, Frank Toll. The latter
was put under $100 bonds for his ap
pearance before Judge TrafTord this
morning on a charge of shooting at
Goodwin. If tbe best man wins then
Goodwin ought to come out ahead,but
if not, just remember that we TbM-ed
the whole story.
Editor Herald: lam not in the
habit of rushing into the public prints
for the purpose of seeking redress for
grievances, either real or imaginary;
but after repeated wrongs upon myself
aud others, and when forbearance
ceases to be a virtue any longer, then
I feel it my duty to defend our rights
and" property. In view of the fact
that the American people very often
have to be driven into every advance
ment for the good of the great major
ity, that same fact holds good here in
the minor department of Los Augeles
government. I sneak particularly of
the water and irrigating privileges.
These, of the greatest importance to
us all, are the least understood or
cared for by those wh" run the city
machine. Yet the authorities manage
to take the irrigator's coin,
with a permit to get the water if you
can. This can be more directly ap
plied to those who live in the suburbs
ofthe city, where little or no atten
tion is paid to either bridging cross
ings or even providing a ditch of suffi
cient dimensions to carry the water.
But still a more grievous imposition
have many of us to complain of, aud
that is the practice of selling a greater
number of permits than either law or
ditch capacity admits of. For instance,
a ditch carrying less than two " irri
gating heads," on which is frequently
sold two, when only one; and often
from two to four heads, when posi
tively the zanja will only contain two
heads of water. Now then, where Is
the redress ? We hold a permit to get
the water, if we can; the city has got
our money; we paid it in good faith,
and now we demand good faitli from
the city.
One more item: Whilst the area of
irrigable land and agriculture is
spreading oeeanward, what is being
done to husband the water? Plenty
of water for us all, if judiciously
managed. Wake up! Give us water!
A Strange Case.
Yesterday Judge Gray was occupied
in trying tlie case of the People vs.
Louis Runkel, the driver of a butch
er's wagon, charged with assaulting
Hing Tip, a Chinese gardener. The
jury was an unusually intelligent one,
and they listened patiently to the evi
dence, but received no enlightenment.
The first witness was a German lady,
who could not speak English, so Sam
Prager, a juror, was sworn as inter
preter, and soon found out she
knew nothing of the case. The
next was a Spaniard, who
could only tell what he didn't know
in Spanish, and Mr.Wolfskill, another
juror, soon ascertained that this gen
tleman could throw no light ou the
subject. The last witness was a French
man, who could only partlet Francain,
and the jury again furnished an inter
preter in Mr. Gravel, and the French
evidence muddled the case still more.
In despair tlie Constable rushed out
to find a Swede, an Italian and a Chi
naman for witnesses, but the jury has
tily wrote out a verdict of not guilty
and fled. Prager, Gravel and Wolf
skill threaten to shoot the first Con
stable they see who has any summons
for them as jurors on a Chinese case.
Death from Apoplexy.
Yesterday morning J. D. Connor, a
well known builder, was found iv a
dying condition iv Hagan's Head
quarters saloon, by the proprietor. It
seems the deceased had surreptitiously
retired to the card room, locking him
self in, about closing time on Thurs
day night, where he remained all
night. In the morning Hagan, the
proprietor, finding the card room
locked, had to climb through the tran
som, where Connor was found as
stated. Deceased was about forty-five
years of age, and leaves a wife and
several children to mourn his melan
choly death. Coroner Richardson
summoned W. S. Manning, E. Nich
olson, M. Goldbaum, D. Hoover, John
B. Knox and Wm. Monks as jurors,
and they returned a verdict of death
from apoplexy. He was a member of
the Los Angeles Guards, and will be
buried to-day with military honors.
Nowhere in the world has the art of
photography readied a higher degree
of perfection than iv San Francisco,
and among the many elegant photo
graphic establishments of that city,
the Elite Studio of Bradley & Itulof
son stands at the head. We are in
receipt of photographs of two scenes
In the drama of the " Two Orphans,"
In which the Lingard sisters are play
ing the leading parts, at the Califor
nia Theatre, which, as specimens of
photographic art, cannot be surpassed
anywhere. We are indebted to Mr.
Geo. B. Rieman, the gentlemanly
manager of Messrs. Bradley & Rulof
son's Studio, for these artistic produc
The First National Gold Bank will
be in French Renaissance style, two
stories high, brick, with iron front.
The banking room will be 24x40, di
rectors' room 16x24, and the vault of
large dimension and of the most sub
stantial Cincinnati make. The wain
scotting, fluted pilasters and cornices
of the bank will be of the most sub
stantial and elegant description. The
second story will comprise ten offices,
with all modern conveniences. The
bank will be finished by September
We learn from Mr. W. J. Welch
that in a few days some noted horse
stock will arrive from San Francisco
overland and occupy stables already
prepared for them at the Agricultural
Park. Among the expected wonders
are Roan Charlie, owned by Mr. Smith
of Logansport, Indiana, a 2:30 horse;
and Buck, a dun horse, owned by Wm.
Benbam of Salt Lake, and reported to
be a second Don Ellpha, having made
2:45 in his earliest history on the track.
The bids for building the new First
National Gold Bank of Los Angeles,
were as follows: Wm. Jorres, $15,180;
Price & Hove, $16,941; A. M. Shannon,
$16,000; C. R. Fickedt, $17,900; Buch
anan, $15,300; Chhikolm, $15,400;
Skinner & Co., $15,874. Mr. Jorres of
San Diego being the lowest bidder, ob
tains the contract.
A gentleman lost a pocket-book be
tween 7 and 8 o'clock last Thursday
evening in going from the Marble
Works to the Wine-Growers' building,
by way of Main and First streets. The
pocket-book contained papers of value
only to the owner. A reward of $50
will be paid the finder, upon delivery
of the same at this offlce.
The change of the route of the Coast
line stages between Los Angeles and
Santa Barbara goes into effect on
Monday next. The four-horse wagons
which the company intends to put on
between our city and San Diego, will
be ready by the middle of next month.
San Diego Items.
[From the World, 2Cth inst.)
A little boy, a son of Mr. H. S.
Dougherty, was severely hurt yester
day, at the wharf, by climbing on the
cars as they were moving. By some
means he got in between the two cars,
and had the heel of one of his feet
badly cut. Mr. Simpson sent him
home, and he is doing well. Parents
really should give their children more
attention, and see to it that they are
not allowed at the wharf, where there
is constant danger.
The mail between this point and
Los Angeles is horribly out of joint in
some way. It is not in the carrying
capacity," for that is as prompt as the
sun, and never fails. But it is in the
"tlx up" along the live. About every
other day the papers of Los Angeles
fail to arrive. We feel sure the stage
could carry them, if put on it.
[From tbe Union of the 26th.]
A. E. Horton and party returned on
Monday from their excursion to the
falls of the San Diego river. They
have enjoyed a most delightful time,
aud are enthusiastic in speaking of the
remarkable beauty of the scenery,
which, they say, is surpassed in Cali
fornia only by that of Yosemite.
We are informed that Hon. Mr. Am
erman, Superintendent of the Railway
Postal Service, is on his way down the
coast, and may be expected here short
ly. We hope that he will speedily
rectify the detention of oi.r mails in
liOs Angeles, which has been going
on about long enough. We are in
clined lo believe that he will do it.
■ . ...■ — • ♦ — ■■■ —-
Items from Washington.
Washington, May 27th.—General
Rufus Ingalls is Assistant Quarter
master-General during the absence of
General Meiggs, who has been detach
ed for special service in inspecting and
reporting upon the organization of
foreign armies, especially with refer
ence to the Quartermaster Depart
ment. Gen. Meiggs will be absent a
Secretary Delano arrived this morn
ing. He held a Council with the
Sioux Indians and stated the object in
bringing them to Washington. Spot
ted Tail replied, but did not indicate
what course the delegation would pur
The President has issued an order
closing the various departments ofthe
Government on Saturday, the 29th, it
being Decoration Day.
Panama Ship Canal.
Washington, May 27tii.—The gov
ernment surveying party,to locate the
liHeforaship canal across the Isthmus
of Panama, have returned early. The
estimate of fifty-six million dollars is
not sufficient. The Nappa and Alrato
route is shortest, but requires five aud
a half miles of tunneling.
A Crash in a Church.
Springfield, Mass., May 27th.—
There was a terrible disaster at the
South Holyoke to night. The French
Catholic Church took fire from the
ignition of the altar decorations. The
building was crowded with people at
the vesper service. The audience
numbered about seven hundred. Those
in the body of the church escaped. Of
tho«e in the gallery many were crush
ed to death on the narrow stairs, and
others were crushed by jumping from
the windows to the floor of the church.
Many perished in the flames. There
are sixty dead bodies aud almost a
dozen others fatally injured. Several
hundred were more or less injured.
The scene beggared description. In
several instances whole families per
ished. The priest6did their utmost to
save the congregation, working hero
ically. The whole affair was over in
fifteen minutes, and the church en
tirely destroyed. Also the priest's
house in the rear of the church.
An Ecclesiastical Visit.
Washington, May 27th.—The Pa
gal delegation yesterday visited the
resident and Cabinet.
Evarts Begins His Piece.
New York, May 27th.—Evarts be
gan his argument for the defense in
the Beecher-Tilton case this morning,
continuing during tlie day.
Salem, Oregon, May 27th.—Harvey
F>. Newcome, a son of Hon. David
Newcome, of this county, was found
dead in his father's field yesterday
morning, having committed suicide
by taking strychnine. On removing
his boots the following note was
'•May 24th.—I am miserable, and
wish to live no longer. The cause of
committing this deed is known to my
self alone. Farewell, my friends, fare
well all. Signed, Harvey M. New
come." A bottle which had contained
poison was found in his pocket.
Earthquake in Asia Minor.
London, .1 ;y 27th. — Tlie 'Levant
Herald says thai a series of terrible
earthquakes o> , ,:tured |rj the begin
ning of May in llie province of Bou
roussa, Asia Minor. Six hundred
houses were destroyed and 160 lives
were lost and 187 other persons were
seriously injured.
Boynton Makes Another Trial.
Boulogne, May 27th —Paul Boyu
ton eutered the water here at 2:15 this
afternoon, and immediately started
for Cape Grisnez. An immense crowd
of people witnessed his departure. He
labors under the disadvantage of ad
verse winds.
Steamer Launched.
Marysville, May 27th.— The steam
er which has been building here this
Spring on Steamboat Point, Feather
river, was successfully launched, to
day. A large crowd gathered to wit
ness the launch. The steamer's deck
was crowded with ladies and geutle
meu, and there was a number on the
shore. The boat was christened D. E.
Wilmington Items.
[From the Enterprise.]
The next term of Wilson College
will begin on the second Wednesday
in August.
A vessel is now anchored out at Sau
Pedro, freighted with 1,500 tons of
railroad iron, ten flat cars and a pile
The longest train we have yet seen
left Wilmington this morning for Los
Angeles —27 cars, 11 of which were
loaded with lumber.
Mr. Hinds has a nice little patch of
alfalfa on the edge of town antl he tells
A National gold note bank is to be
established at Tomales with $100,000
capital. Nearly all the stock has
been subscribed.
us that, he lias mowed it four times
this year. It will soon be ready for
the scythe again.
The World speaks of the San Diego
Cold Bank at Los Angeles. Our
neighbor is getting a little confused.
We notice that he draws upon Los
Angeles for a large proportion of his
local items.
McCREA.-In this olty, May 28t!i. to the wife
of .1. McCrea, a daughter.
The Los Angeles and Independence
From Shoo Fl v (don't yon bnilder me) Landing
In being rapidly c.instructed, and will he v
great benefit to this olty, but not lo he comp
ared with the immense stock of cigars, to*
Baoeos, smokers' articles, gents' furnishing
and fancy goods which is always lo be had at
the well known placesnf the advertiser. They
beat anything on record, They should be ex
amined by everyone before purchasing else
where. A tine iitting shirt with a nice tie,
walking cane of the latest style, leading a pel
dog With au English collar, a two-bit or three
for-a-iiaif liouijuet iin a meerschaum bolder),
such Is life. All this can be enjoyed hy call
ing at the " Identicals."
38 Main si., under Baekman House,
And at 107 Main St., next to W., F. A Co.'s
Express. mrai
DAY (Saturday , May 29th, at !) o'clock
■harp. In full uniform, to attend the funeral
of your late brother,.). I). Connor.
liy request ol Ihe Committee,
it D. W FTTZPATRICK, Command'g.
masonic Notice.
JL Committee of Arrangements, F. &A. M.,
at the office ol S. C. Hubhel, Esq., on MON
DAY, the 31st inst., at 8 o'clock sharp. All the
Committees that have been appouited prepar
atory to the celebration of St. John's Day un
expected to be present.
By order ofthe Chairman of Committee.
Los Angeles, May 28, 1875. my 29 St
Board of Education of Ihe city of Los
Angeles will meet NEXT THURSDAY, JUNE
3d, 1875, as a Board of Equalization, to equal
ize tlie assessment roll of the Los Angeles
City School District. M. KREMER,
my 29 td Prcs't Board of Education.
To be Sold at Auction,
The entire stock of
Furniture, Classware, Crockery,
Looking-Classes, Bedding, Etc.,
Belonging to the estate of R." Davis & Co.,
Bankru) ts, nt
Mo. 5 Araeaclia Block, Los Augeles Nt.,
— ON —
At 12 o'clock, consisting of tuarblc-top Cham
bar SUttee, marble-top side-boards, black wal
nut extension tables, hair-cloth parlor suites
In black walnut, etc., lounges.crlbs, tumblers,
goblets, wine-glasses, bedsteads, chairs, ta
bles, mattrasses, wardrobes, dinner and soup
plates, and other goods too numerous to
mention. The trade may look for special
bargains, as the goods will be put up In lots to
suit. Terms of sale, U. H. gold coin.
mX C. SCHREIBER, Assignee.
JONES & NOYES, Auctioneers. in 29 It
JL will assemble at their Armory Hall, In
Steams' Block in full company uniform, to
attend their target practice, on SATURDAY,
MAY 29th. at 12 o'clock sharp. All members
are compelled to attend.
By general orders.
D. W. FITZPATRICK, Commanding.
W. D. Barncm, Orderly Sergeant. m2B 2t i '
- OF 1 THE -
— of —
St. John the Baptist,
Thursday, June 24th, A. D. 1875,
The Oration will be delivered at MERCED
THEATRE at I o'clock p. m. by
JPast Grrnnd Master
The BANQUET will be given at TURN
VEREIN HALL at H% o'clock p. m.
The following Officers lor the occasion have
been selected :
s. C. FOY, President.
Vice Presidents :
J. D. BICK'NKI.I,, Tiikodokk Rf.isek,
N. A. Nakhonnk, C. C. Citmminos,
1). A. Rhkii.
Chaplains :
A. M. Camphei,!,, A. W. Kiiki.man.
ti. FRAtIER Urand Marshal.
Marshal's Aids:
0. Meyek, T. W. Tempi,i:.
Ben. a. Si'anahd, M. Ryan.
Assistant Marshals:
J. M. Bassett, W. WooDWOBTB,
C. N. Wilson, P, Thompson,
J. F. BnuNS, A. satter,
A. H. Dk.nker.
Note.—Members arc requested to meet at
Masonic Hall punctually at 1 o'clock. A cor
dial invitation is extended to all Brothers ln
good stnnding to participate. Ittflftd
—or the—
held ln Los Angeles will take place ut
Next Sunday, May 30.
All sorts of games will be practiced to make
this the most enjoyable Picnic that was ever
held in Los Angeles. The Committees have,
at a large expense, secured a
Great Number ot Valuable Prizes
For the different games. The games for girls
and hoys will be an attractive feature.
Will be in attendance. Nothing will be left
undone by the Company to niuke the day en
loyahle for the picnickers.
IVext Saturday,
The Company will hold their
At the same place, at which there will be a
world of fun. All are invited out to see the
fun. my2s td
new advertisements:
■Bk m i ■■ #% SSM ■ SH SSB
nb A L talAlc
No. 1 Temple Street
A few of the Great Bargains they
are offering for Hale are as follows:
ELEGANT VILLA on Main street, opposite
the residence of Gov. Downey: one ofthe
moststylixh honipsin theclly..surrounded
by beautiful fruit and ornamental trees;
lot 107x315.
Pico street, containing?acres, embellishe I
with 75 Orange, 25 LetnoQ, 80 Lime, 80
Walnut, 10 Pear, 25 Peach, and 25 Apricot
trees, all bearing; 2,(j00 Foreign Grape
Vines, splendid Artesian Well; a beauti
ful house of 8 rooms, wit h all the charms
of the country and conveniences of the
city. A great bargain that will not remain
long on the market.
street, corner of Third; 5 rooms; stable;
Fruit Trees, Flowers, etc A nice and
comfortable home al a bargain.
TWO COTTAGES on Turner street; both
rented, at $20 per month each; Insurance
for one year; a splendid paying Invest
ment. Price, 11,900, the whole property
A NEW, handsome and vmy convenient
Cottage,in centre of the city. The lot Is
55x200, fronts on two streets; can lie di
vided; surrounded and shaded by bearing
fruit trees.
ALSO, S3 ACRES, with House, ou Jefferson
street; Main Street Railroad will pass it.
We have Farmfl of all sizes, im
proved and unimproved, in all the de
sirable portions of the county and
most popular towns. A few of the
best are as follows:
Seventy acres, all fenced, embracing 40
acres of Vineyard: 4,000 Raisin Grapes,
bearing; oilier choice varieties; good
house; stables,etc; Water Bight teemed.
$8,000; one-third cash.
ALSO, SEVENTY ACRES, partly improved;
Fenced; Water Right secured. The two
above sold together or separate. $90 per
A FARM OK 2."> ACRES, fronting on Santa
Monica road; iV* miles from Court-house;
now in hurley; will be sold lorn few days
at an unusually great bargain, as the
owner litis more than he can attend to; $00
per acre.
ARTESIAN FARM-49 24-100 acres next to
City Park; the most popular and success
ful of any new settlement in the state.
Terms easy.
the above town, ut jt>s per acre. Cheap,
12% ACRES on Adams and Figuerou si reel,
in the neighborhood of Gen. Umi street's
beautiful residence and next to.I. F. God
frey's residence. For sale at a bargain If
applied for immediately.
Largo Villa lots,suitable locations lor costly
houses, ln al! the mosl charming parts ofthe
city. Some of the lots arc in locations that
can only be secured once in v life-time.
VILLA LOTS ON THE 11 ILL, back ofthe
residence ol Mayor Toberman. A few only
of them unsold:
One lot 80x180.
One 10l 80x200.
One lot 80x300.
i me lot 80x320.
$1,000 each; easy terms; win be worth
double In six months.
LOT 80x186on HiHstreet, between Fourth and
Fill Ii streets; $»50.
Second and Charity streets; splendid
view; $650.
near Spring Street Railroad Station; no
grading; best lots in Ihe block; $450 and
$400 each.
TWO LOTS Of tWOAcres each on Downey St.
Just tho tiling to raise fruit on; J750.
LOT 42.0x165 feet corner of Charity and
Eighth streets, joining the lot on which Is
being built by Mr. Starbuck seven of the
most beautiful cottages in the city.
4% ACRES near corner of Washington nnd
Main streets, next to Mrs. Martin.
And Other Fruit Trees. For Sale.
ap24 tf No. 1 Toiuple St.
__ 1.1.. —■
r\ ciildi m tola, rented or exchanged on easy
\li kinds or Hewing Machine Attachments,
Needles, Oil, etc., on hand.
General Agency for Southern California for
Remington and Victor Machines at Sewing
Machine Depot of
A. M. 3 A IV KS ,
Has just returned from '■> inelsco with a
complete Sunm. slock Of
— »H I) —
He Invites his friends lo cull on him nnd ex
amine ills stock al tlie well known stand, cor
ner of Los Angeles and commercial sieects.
mylS tf
iS o. i: t AMmo Stretft,
ke! villi
la <> XT > ii 1: £*> ,
Genera; Upholstering.
The proprietoi a praetioa)
and guarantees satisfaction in all cases. Or
jdern -olicited.
Lately purchased from
Will be sold
To close out and make room for new goods.
Fnmtture and household goods bought, sold
and exchanged. Bepahieg also done at low
rates. myl2tr
r i o rye m r
■ v>.
S. C. P O V,
importer, Manufacturer. Wholesale and Re
tail dealer in
Saddlery and Harness of all kinds.
sulk Harness, Trolling Harness, Heavy Draft
Harness, Genuine Concord Harness, Robes.
Blankets and Whip-—in fact, everything per
taining to a ffrsbewa Saddlery House.
x s.
The best brands of Saddle, Harness und
sole Leather, always .in hand and ior sale at
wholesale nnd retail.
Harness Ollw, tSonpn & Blacking,.
Kenitlring Promptly Done.
No. I?' Lou JVnu:<;leM Wtreeet,
i! ii' Prices as low as any house on the coast.
Kept in European Style.

B. FLOTE &C. CASON - - - Prop s
Main street, Bignon •'s lliiildlng, Opposite the
I'ico Hon I os Angeles.
For Families and banqneu. AH kin.fc.oi re
pasts prepared for weddings,etc,stextremely
moderate prices.

Hoard per week $« to $7
.Single meals 60 to 75 els
Meals b;. list at \ . moderutc prices.
Orders received for all kinds of pastry for
weddings, banquets, balls, picnics, etc.
All orders promptly and carefully attended
to, aplstf
I leave to Inlorin tlie public that
Ibej have for sale a ohoica lot, or ortaa-JBIVR
mental trees, shrubs, Dowering plants Inputs.
Everything In the line of
Seeds, Flowers and Plants
Constantly on hand. Bouquets, wreaths,
orof -, etc., made to order at reasonable
prices ai : be Garden. Wilmington street, near
New Commercial, we have also
A Practical Gardener,
Who will layout and lake care of gardens,
either by contract, per month, or by the day.
wishes to purchase land and stock to know
where he ton get thai which is good, Inde
pendent of designing men and land-sharks,
1 will olfer on
The »«3tfa of 3lay
Ofthe VERY BEST ol corn land for sale to
the highest bidder. The sale to take place on
the land, which Is located 'IK miles Northeast
of Coiupton Station. I will give a warrantee
deod to the land. 1 have Hist water right to
I he san (inhrinl river, and I here is no ipn si lon
ah .vi settingartetian, water ai a depth of 100
or no foot. overs2,(HKi (forth of improvements;
six acres of alfalfa.
N. ll.— If you wish stood land and good slock
come to the sale. The lund Is under good
cultivation', and one-fourth of ihe crop will
come to t he purchaser.
Immediate possession will be given to one
ol the houses on Ihe place. Tlie sale will
commence at luilf-pn-i one o'clock on Ihe
28th of May, IS7"i.
myll td \V. it M ALCoI.M.
No. 17 Msdnstreet,SignoretM New Bu.it.ng.
Cigars constantly on hand. Billiard Tu
ble in conned ion with the saloon,

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