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Special Notices.
.Inhmiusen * (Dosser have lust .reeelred it
invoice or Knstern Wulnul] Furniture,
which I hey «re selling very cheap, t'n stairs,
eornei Main and Commercial st reels. Je»
Selling; Out.
Selllug out! Selling out our entire stock of
Dry Oishls below cost, as we intend ln future
to keep only Clothing, Gents' Furnishing
Good*. Boats and Shoes, and all that pertains
to rfeidlemen's wear. We therefore offer to
our pa irons and tun publlo in general the
gr»->ue*i bargains ln Dry Goods ever offerd In
this ell\. For further Information, call at the
Bazaar, corner of Main A Requena streets,
opposite the U. S. Hotel. JelT
Burrow lag Honey.
Borrowing money upon the Instalment plan
la attended with these advantages: The loan
can be repaid In small monthly amounts
which include the interest and part of the
orlßClpal.sothal by the expiration ortheterm
ft c.n be all paid without any great inconven
ience to tbe borrower; the rate of interest Is
generally lower; the expenses of obtaining
the money are not so great as in ordinary
loans, and v it Is borrowed upon good paying
property then It often happens that the rents
will meet the monthly instalments and In
time pay off the debt.
For further and ether particulars enquire
or w. hVj. brooks,
Agent for Savings and Loan Society,
jels tf No. IS Spring street.
Mr. John Archibald has arrived and is pre
pared to loan money at 1 per cent, per mouth,
in sums ot $3,000 to $200,000. Applications will
be received at the offlce of W. H. J. BROOKS,
corner Spring and Temple Sis., Allen's build
ing (upstairs). my2stf»
Messrs. A. J. Johnston A Co. have removed
lo the corner of Temple and Spring streets,
Allen's building, rooms 1, 2, * and 4. Je9 tf *
Just received by S. Hellman, about 20 differ
ent styles of babies' carriages, direct from the
Eastern factory. which we will sell very low.
je9 2w >
Jobannsen A Grosser do the best aud neat
eel upholstering and cabinet work iv South
ern California. If you have anything to be
dove In their line, giv* them a mSL They are
reasonable intheircharges.andkeepall kinds
of Furniture aud Bedding In their ware-rooms,
imeuinmun's building, Main street, corner
Commercial. Jel6tf
Now ia Your Time.
Now is your time! No such chance again in
one hundred years! The Bazaar is selling out
their entire stock ol Dry Goods 25 per cent,
below cost, as they intend giving up their dry
goods business and keep only Gents' Furnish
ing Goods. This is uo bogus sale, but a genu
ine sailing out of our entire stock of Dry
Gry Goods, as you will find out by calling nt
tbe Bazaar, corner of Main and Requena
streets, opposite Ihe U. S. Hotel. Jcl"
$500 Reward.
S. Nordlinger, the Jeweler, on Com
mercial street, offers the above reward
to any parties who can prove that he
does not keep the finest and largest
stock of Watches, Diamonds and Jew
elry in this town. He would also In
form the public at large that he does
not keep any plated or Cheap John
jewelry in his house. He also will sell
till further notice 4 oz. silver Bartlett
Waltham Watches at $30; 14 karat
gold Gents' Chains at $1 10 a penny
weight; Watch Crystals at 25 cts.each.
In fact, he will sell 25 per cent, cheap
er than any other house iv this town.
For further information call at his
store, No. 3 Commercial street, and
examine his fine stock of goods.
Mr. Ed, Dupuy has established a stable and
feed yard at vi J Santa Monica for Ihe accom
modation of the visiting public to that popu
lar reso't. An ample stable and corral have
already been constructed and teams will be
well cared for at moderate prices. Mr. Dupuy
also has a livery connected with his estab
lishment, and will keep some fine rigs to let.
If you want a good comfortable bed to sleep
on and which adapts itself to a person's body,
you should getone of Johannsen A Grosser's
new kind of spring bed. They are superior
ior wear, easiest to handloand give more com
fort than any other spring bed made. Go and
see il for yoursell at their furniture ware
rooms, Main street, corner Commercial, up
stairs. jel.jtl
Ou Monday, June 7th, at the Spring
street school house, Mrs. F. A. Parker
will open a school for a term of seven
weeks; term to close one week before
the re-opening of the public schools.
Tuition for the term—for Third reader
and all below, $4; $5 for all above the
Third reader. For further particulars
enquire of Dr. Lucky, City Superin
tendent of Schools. jn3:tf
125 gents' cheviot suits, in frocks
and sacks, at $14, worth $20; 500 pairs
heavy cassimere pants at $4 per pair,
worth $6, at the Bazaar, corner Main
and Requena streets, opposite the U.
8. Hotel. ml:lm
If you want a good suit of clothes
for a little money, go to the Bazaar,
corner of Main and Requena streets,
and get one of those $12 suits, worth
$17. ml:lm
MdrTue principal organs of sense are con
centrated to the face. It is therefore worthy
ofbelug crowned by all Gentlemen, with one
of the superior hats which can be had at Des
mond's, Main Street. mart.
Insurance Agency—Commercial of Califor-
U'ornla, Fire and Marine, assets $500,000; Cali
fornia Insurance Co., assets $500,000; Fire As
sociation of I'liiladeipiiia. Incorporated 1820,
assets $6,000,000. These companies transact
their business at the lowest paying rates,
charging for each risk according to the hazard
assumed, without refereuoe to any insurance
combination or arbitrary trlffs. All losses
promptly adjusted and paid.
B. McLELLAN, Agent.
Offlce of G., N. A P. 8. S. Co.,
fe2o 61 Main street, Los Angeles.
silver and gold plating; electrotyplng; ivory
and metal turning; glass and metal drilling,
l/.'-ks, keys, sealsand key-checks,stencil and
door-plates made to order; knives and surgl
eal instruments ground and saws Hied and set;
parasols and canes mended; musical Instru
ments repaired; meerschaum pipes cleaned
and mounted; model making and repairs on
all fancy work and machinery, from a pin to
a locomotive. All kinds of sewing machines
bought, sold and repaired. Come and see the
now sewing machine engine. Sewing Ma
ehlue Exchange,39 Spring St. deSOtf
500 gents' cloth Summer hats, at 50
cts. apiece; extra heavy gents' satinet
nants from $1 50 up to $3, at Isaac
Norton & Co.'s, corner Main and Re
quena street, opposite the TJ. S. Hotel.
Moore's Restaurant, on Commercial street,
is tbe proper place to go for a good meal, with
a good cup ot coffee or tea to drink with It.—
There is probably no restaurant on the Pacific
coast where so many of the substantlals and
•o many of the luxuries maybe had lor 25 cts.
Don't forget the place—Moore's Restaurant,
Commercial street. Private eating rooms have
been neatly fitted up for the accommodation
i ladles. |5-tf
Wm. Farrell, at No. 19 Court street,
attends to all business in the way of
plumbing and gas and steam pipe fit
ting. He guarantees satisfaction in
all eases ana charges reasonable prices.
He also refinishes old gas fixtures,
inakiug them as good as new. Also,
agent for the "Empire gas-burner"
and "Economic gas-governor"—both
valuable acquisitions to fixtures of a
house and great savings over tbe old
style apparatus. Remember tbe place,
So. 19 Court streei. mrlo:tf
Room 98 Temple Block, Los Augeles.
Houses let, loans and insurance negotiated
grift bills collected. Irls tf
St v s 3U()rU$ i'un:!
SUNDAY JCNE 27. 1576.
The prompt action of t lie t ity Coun
cil lv ordering a new steam tire engine
met with our hearty approval. The
successful trial yesterday justifies their
purchase, and the people endorse their
city representatives.
Rev. 1. S. Kalloch preaches this
morning and evening in Turn-Verein
Hall. Those who heard him at tbe
Masonic Celebration will be there,
and we can assure others that his ad
dresses are literary gems and polished
We desire to call Ihe attention of
the Democratic State Convention to
the communication of Judge Lindley,
in another column. The Judge seems
to know the wants of the community,
and we contemplate wise action by the
The prospect is that Los Angeles
county will have unexampled pros
perity this Fall. The crops in many
localities are unexpectedly large 4 and
our county is the objective point of
much of the immigration coming into
the State. We charge our business
men to guard faithfully the vital inter
ests of our county.
Moody and Sankey.
As these gentlemen are creating a
sensation in the religious and secular
world by their efforts as evangelists,
we may properly discuss their merits.
Of course they originated in the liome
of sensationalism—Chicago,—and the
he progress of Moody from his position
among bankrupt merchants to bis
claim of being an evangelist is worthy
of study. Sankey is not so generally
known as Moody, and perhaps he is
travelling kind of musical foil to
Moody's apostolic blows and knocks.
In one of the financial panics in Chi
cago prior to 1860, the firm of which
Moody was a member went down In
the general ruin. Finding himself a
financial and business failure, Moony
seized the Gospel plank and comfort*
ably floated to a prominent place in
religious society, under the protecting
care of John V. Farwell, the A. T.
Stewart of the dry goods trade of
the Northwest. For years he did noi
make a ripple on the pious sea of Chi
cago, but by perseverance and a free
use of printer's ink Moody at last be
came the acknowledged leader of the
Young Men's Christian Association,
the noon-day prayer meetings, the
Mission Schools, the Christian Com
mission, and the Sanitary Commis
sion. For a long time Moody's life
was a mystery to observant meu in
Chicago. A bankrupt, with no capi
tal, no occupation but talking, with
out any visible means of support,
Chicago was worried until it discov
ered that Faeweli. was backing tlie
energetic exliorter. About this time
the Methodist Church Block was the
centre of the religious excitement.
Merchants, lawyers, clerks, politicians
and loafers crowded the lecture room
at noon daily to see brother Moody
preside. The prayers were limited to
two minutes, and brother Moody's
little bell became as noted as Stan
ton's. If brother Smith, forgetting
earthly matters, knocked at the
heavenly door thirty seconds
too long, brother Moody promptly
tapped the bell. A second,
third and fourth tap followed it. If
Brother Smith failed to note Moody's
ding-dong, or did the brother seem
oblivious all earthly things,
Brother Moody would start
"I'm but a pilgrim—"
And then Brother Smith's heavenly
pilgrimage was over and he sat down.
Taking warning from this, when the
Chairman asked Brother Hawley to
pray he would charge him to "be brief,
brother, our time is limited." When
the hour had been crammed full of
religion of this character, Brother
Moody would close with the doxolo
gy, step down to Ambrose & Jack
son's restauraut and give about an
hour to their well-prepared cuisiue.
In the eveniug, after supper at the
same fashionable resort, he would re
pair to the purlieus of Bridgeport]
Blue Island avenue or Chicago ave
nue and tell those miserable, poorly
clad and half starved men, women and
children of their moral degradation
and spiritual condemnation, while he
was clad in broad-cloth and feasting
on lake bass aud fried oysters. 1 n the
mission school on the North side he
offered expensive premiums for new
scholars aud great proficiency, and the
school became a kind of religious
race-course, where children from the
slums, hovels and dead-falls recited
vast numbers of bible verses and then
returned to their degradation for six
days longer. Finally, by means of
this mechanical system, the noon-day
prayer meetings in Methodist Church
Block became famous for the brevity
of their prayers, and the Wells street
mission collected a ragged army of
vagrants who responded to Moody's
gospel call. Brothers Smith, Jones
and Hawley, in the noon prayer
meetings, always prayed with their
eyes open, to watch Moody's little
bell, and when his unctuous hand
touched it, the supplication ended
simultaneously and, with a hurried
amen,the brother would drop into his
cold seat, with Moody's eagle gaze
full on him, murmuring mental con
gratulations that time had not been
called. At the mission chapel, at the
tap of the bell one thousand children
went through the Moody drill with
the precision of veterans, and still
wickedness flourished. During the
war, Moody prayed and prayed. Don
elson camo and Chicago rejoiced. Bull
Run ami Pittsburgh Lauding gave
war enthusiasm a cold chill. Chicago
was raising the Flftj-lirst Illinois, or
the Chicago Legion., A happy thought
struck Major Raymond — why not
have MOODY raise a Young Men's
Christian Association Company? Who
bo proper to lead them as brother
MOODY? L>i«l he not pray for the army
with the greatest fervency? Had he
not after Shiloh rushed to the front
with fruits, wines and other delicacies
for the sick and wounded? Hail he
not zealously exhorted the patriotism
of the survivors? Had be not risked
malaria on the Cirmberland and Ten
nessee rivers with Sanitary and Chris
tian Committees with well Idled lar
ders for the sick and wounded and —
the Committee? After all these cogi
tations, a committee was sent to inter
view hi in. At the close of a noon
prayer meeting, where the petitions
for the army and navy had been unu
sually fervent, the interview took
place. The committee tersely stated
the object, and brother Moony com
muned witli himself, apparently in
prayer. At last his face brightened.
Turning to the spokesman, who was
to assist him in recruiting, he said:
"Brother , are you a follower of
Christ?" On being informed that the
brother did not belong to any church,
he replied with a pitying glance, "I
could not go into such a solemn under
taking except with followers of Christ."
The interview ended. Moony still
took bia rations at Ambrose & Jac-k
--son's Restaurant! instead of hard tack
on the tented field. "After the bat
tle he was always the head and front
of Sanitary and Christian Committees.
" Before tlie battle " he never headed
auy sorties on the rebel works, but he
lias captured more redoubts and In
treuchmeuts from Satan than irreli
gious GRANT and Sherman ever
dreamed of. By a mechanical drill
and religious discipline he gathered a
large crowd into his chapel on Sunday
and compressed many frantic prayers
into the noou-hour prayer meeting.
Tbe children saug, listened to the or
gan, said their verses and worshipped
Mooov, by tlie tap of the bell. Their
elders at the noon prayer meetings
fervently supplicated the throne of
grace-, bill while thoughts went
Heavenward ihe eye watched
the little hell. JOHN V. FAR
WF.i.i. bad erected a magnifi
cent hall devoted to religious objects,
which was :i monument to Moody's
earnestnessand Farwell's liberality.
The merchant prince purchased Moody
a line residence, ids efforts erected for
Moody mission church, but at last
tin lire came and Farwell Hall,
Kakwei.i.'s store, tlie mission church
and Moody's house were swept away.
Sodom and Gomorrah was repeated,
and the righteous were involved with
the wicked. Thousands were home
less, sick, naked and hungry, and
Moody preached on the ruins his the
ology, but it did not satisfy the
scorched inhabitants, who wanted
earthly shelter, bodily health, clothes
for their backs and bread for their
stomachs. Preaching then was use
less and supplies were more needed.
Tins world was all they could see, hell
was seething aiound them,and heaven
to them meant food, clothes and shel
ter. So Moody failed. He is now in
Europe, not among the English work*
ingmeu, but the guest of Lords and
Dukes. We do not hear of him among
the meek and lowly, but under the
patronage of Gladstone, D'lsraeli and
others of the gentry and nobility.
The meek and lowly Savior preached
to fishermen, magdalens and publi
cans, in the vineyards and on the
mountains. The sleek and ponderous
Moody preaches in gilded temples,
smiled on by royalty and nobility.
We hope he may do good, but fear the
result. If it is mere desire for relig
ious display it may be pardonable, but
if he is engaged in selling musical in
struments of a peculiar make, it is an
outrage on religion. We trust there
is no truth in the published cable dis
patch from Moody to a musical in
strument maker: "Great success.
Saved six souls and sold forty or
gans.' 1
Letter From Monte Vista.
Mr. Editor:—The Democrats are
soon to meet in Council, aud enclosed
are some thoughts in the form of reso
lutions, which I deem proper to sub
mit for criticism. As I am not a men
ber ofthe Convention, I know no bet
ter medium than yourself and the col
umns of your paper and others for car
rying them to the members of the
I have not the assurance to suppose
that the resolutions contain auy
thoughts that others have not con
ceived, nor that they are in any better
form than the Convention would put
them, still they are the result of much
reflection upon the subject, the two
first resolutions being substantially
the same as those introduced by my
self ln the Convention of 1861. I have
been specially moved to write these
resolutions, by seeing a newspaper
paragraph to tbe effect that a distin
guished jurist has said that the 14th,
loth aud 16th amendments change
the character of our govern ment, mak
iug it, instead of a federal, a central
ized national government. I trust,
Mr. Editor, that the Convention, of
which you are a member, will make
such nominations and frame such a
platform as Independent Democrats
can support. There must be solid
characters composing the ticket, if it
is expected that the large body of In
dependent Democrats will vote it.
Itr,Bolvcd,Tb&t the United States Gov
ernment is one of limited sovereign
powers delegated to it by the several
States or the people thereof. It is su
preme to the extent of the powejrs del
Eesolved, That the State Govern
nionts have all tbe geueral reserved
powers of sovereignity Hot delegated
to the United States Government, or
not Inhibited by its constitution.
They are also supreme to the extent
of their reserved powers. There is no
paramount sovereignity, but a co-or
dinato sovereignity.
Resolved, That neither the late
civil war, nor the 14th, loth or 10th
amendments has altered the funda
mental character of the general gov
These amendments simplj delegate
to it a few additional gprcided powers
and create additional, limit,- i inhlh-
Itations upon the State.. Phey are
■Übjeot to the Rams strict rtih ol con
struction as tbe original Instrument,
Resolved, That both the States aud
General Government to the extent of
their respective sovereign powers art
operative on all the persons and prop
erty within their respective territorial
limits, aud each has right to maintain
and use police and multary force for
the execution of its laws.
Resolved, That for the immediate
determination of all questions of pow
er as between the several States and
the United States, without "case
made," there should be provided by
constitutional amendment a High
Court of States, consisting of Que
Judge appointed and paid by each
State, and a Chief Justice to be ap
pointed anil paid by the United States.
The President, Congress, Governor, or
Legislature, and possibly other public
officers of any State, when a question
arises in their official action, involv
ing a conflict between the constitution
or laws of a State, and the constitu
tion or laws of the United States,
should be required to submit to this
High Court such questions with all
the official facts pertaining thereto.
If thought proper, this court could be
divided and clothed with the functions
of the present Supreme and Circuit
Courts, in the transactions of ordinary
civil aud criminal business, giving the
Supreme Court to the dlnerent sec
lions of the country.
Chas. Lindley.
New YORK, June 25tb.—-Nothing
yet from the jury in theTllton-Becch
cr case.
At the Plymouth Church prayer
meeting to-night Beecher created a
sensation by referring to tlie trial for
the first time since it went into Court.
He said he would still continue to net
as pastor of Plymouth Church because
he felt, no matter what the verdict of
the jury might be, his congregation
would still have faith in him and stand
by him.
Inundation In France.
Paris, June 25th.—General DeCis
sey, the Ministerof War, accompanied
the President and Ministerof the In
terior to the scene of the inundation.
The Municipal Council of Paris has
voted $20,000 for the relief of the suf
ferers. Eight persons were drowned
ln Verdun. Eight hundred houses
have fallen in Toulouse. At Bordeaux
the Garonne is much swollen, but no
serious catastrophe is reported. It is
said, altogether, over a thousand lives
have been lost.
The Independent.
Sacbamknto, Juno2">th.—A genera)
beglra of the delegate* took place by
the morning train, via Vallejo. The
few delegates left behind took their de
parture by the Marysville and East
ern-bound trains.
The State Central Committee met
lust night and organized by the elec
tion of Judge Cow Tea of San Francisco
as Chairman, J. \V. Currier Secretary,
and F. Soule Treasurer.
It is authoritatively stated that Sen
ator Booth will be ready at the call of
the State Central Committee to take
the field in behalf of the State ticket,
and institute a vigorous campaign for
the Independent cause.
General Bidwell has announced that
in about two or three weeks he will
have his business so arranged that he
can commence the canvas of the St ate,
and continue it until the election iv
San Francisco, June 26th.—There
is a growing conviction here that the
Independent nominations are strong
ones and that the ticket will be a pop
ular one. It is generally conceded
that no fault can be found with it and
that it will grow in popular favor.
Rifle Teams.
Dublin, June 25th.—The Irish and
American teams practiced at Dally
Mount to-day. The scoring of the
Americans was remarkably fine, the
total points made being sixteen above
the victorious score of the year at
Creedmoor. The members of the
teams, accompanied by the Lord May
or, attended the performance to-night
at the Royal Irish Academy of Music.
San Francisco, June 25tb.—The
shooting match between company E,
of the First Regiment N. G. C.,'and
company D.Twelfth Regiment of New
York, will take place to-morrow, the
former shooting on Patterson's ranch,
Alain eda,mwl the latter at Creedmoor.
The contest will be opened at the same
time, allowing 1° difference in longi
tude on both ranges.
San Francisco, June 26th.—The
preparations are complete for the
inter-State rifle match between tLe
California and New York teams,shoot
ing simultaneously, the former at
Patterson's ranch, Alameda county,
the latter at Creedmor Range, Long
Island. No stakes are to be shot for,
though, no doubt, much money will
change hands on the outside. The
match creates a good deal of interest.
San Francisco, June 26th.—Flour,
extra jobbing lots, [email protected] 60: wheal,ex
porters paying $1 [email protected] G2A for good
shipping; millers are unable to secure
the choicest lots of old for less than
$1 72i©l 75; barley, choice bay brew
ing, SI 57*; old feed $1 42}®! *U;
new $1 [email protected] 45; oats, good coast
feed, $2 05; range for all kinds of feed
$1 80®2 12$; potatoes, Early Rose
from wharf, $1 50(3,1 57; greenbacks
I inents are requested to meet punctualTy
at 4 o'clock v. m. at squire Hubbell's other on
MONDAY, the 28th inst. Sub-committees arc
also requested to attend and bring all ac
counts etc., for the purpose of settling nil mat
ters pertaining to the Masonic celebration.
By order of the Commit lee of Arrangements.
Je27 it p. i). l. PEEL, Chairman.
strayed or was stolen from the Agricul
tural Park.v brown American Mare with lion
Joaquin Sepulveda's brand. As up to date no
one has given notice according to law of hav
ing found her, this will servo to notify the
public that after the first day of July I will
not be responsible for the expenses of keep
lug said animal, and tlmt, on the oontrary, J
will hold responsible for damages any person
who has said mare in his possession.
Je27 2w ,T. It. RAMIREZ.
Spanish Items
[Translated tor tin- HmSat.pfrom LaCronlcaJ
Messrs. Pancho Corouel and G. M.
Stone left yesterday for San Luis
Obispo, on a pleasure seeking expedi
tion. We are glad to know our young
friend Pancho lias recovered from his
long illness
Our Editor in Chief, Mr. E. V. de
Cells, has returned from his hunting
expedition to the Llebre Uaneh,accom
panied by the usual trophies. He
looks hale and hearty, and, no doubt,
his intellectual faculties greatly re
Special Notice—No Blowing.
I have received n Urge stock of genuine im
poiii d Pomerlegas and other brands ol Ha
vana* to soli I for 18 cents. Also the very
llnest brands at 36 cents eaeb, 6 for standi
for 80 cents. My slock of domestic cigars can
nol be bent, a box of good cigars from si up
a mil line ot gents' furnishing and fancy
goods, pipe*, cutlery and different other arti
bias, at prices lower than any other house lv
ibis city. I do not resort lo troubling my
neighbors, and only mind my own business.
Mon'l forget Ihe " Identicals."
:lH Main St., uud*r Backmait ib iisc,
And at 107 Main si., next to W.. I . At'o.'s
N. !'».—Do not mistake the place, as l have
no connection With Indian territory. nirlil
ileiiuests all Societies,
Military and Civic,
ANl> A 1,1.
tlt a BMrn, MA si it Ac f : it i: R N
And organi cation, lo communicate to
At the Clerk's office, their acceptance of the
general Invitation to participate in theeele
bi vi lon of i lie coming
>f oii<l ti y TV ex t ,
At lo o'clock a. k., ms n meeting of the
K.\eci tit*: ron n ITTKC
Will be hold at n o'clock ou tom day,ai ihe
AI Which time the Qmnd Marshal will be
present to arrange the programme. .127 it
-- -or THK
St. Patrick's Benevolent Society,
To be given at their Hall,
MT K. -v ft N f*" BLOCK,
Monday Evening, July Sth.
Ticket«, - SI. go
Je27 i.i
Monday, June 28th.
Second Grand Concert!
I A. TV 1> LAST]
The wonderful Violinist and
Tlie great Planlste, assisted by
Sign ora I tin Valoi-yrji,
The charming Prima Donna,
roc distinguished Guitarist, una
The brilliant Tenor.
Aceoinpiinlst MR. V. sen All
Ail Entirely Yew i'r«(rrniiun<> ol' Musi
cal Uciiin.
By Signora Valerga, Madame Careno-Sauret,
SeAor Arevalo, and Mons, Entile Sanret,
Admission Ml »'0
Reserved Scats 1 90
Ticket Office open on Monday, 2Stb lnst.,al
Lewin's popular Bookstore, Temple Block.
Je2. at
— AND —
Notice is hereby given that Invitations have
been extended to all Military and Civic Socie
ties, and all Traders, Merchants and Mioiii
facturers to participate in Ihe celebration of
the lib of July prox.
All who wish to participate will please no
tify tlie Secretary of the Executive commit
tee, S. Lacy, Esq., ns early as possible, that
they may be assigned positions In the proces
I.os Augeles, June 21, 1871.
Je2stf Grand Marshal,
Tuesday. June 29, 1G75.
WW For particulars see small blll«."*«
JeSI td
HPltll*tGl rtTREKT,
Near corner of Second,
All work done in first-class style, ami
Je2l 11
Asphaltum Roofers.
V* A. V m M EIN V S
— A T T II ■ —
High Street, Near Mascarel Street.
,jcSl"> I 111
Old Santa Monica,
Jimc 'Jot), and vil ill.
There will be fl
Mnatc furnished by
Great care will he taken t<» have tbe aflalr
select in every way. Je2o lw
THE HOME of Mr. Donaldson In Cn-
I buengo Pass, eight miles from the city,
Is a popular place of resort for Invalid gentle
men. A mild sea-breeze prevails there all
t he lime, and Mrs. Donaldson provides excel
lent fare. Two or three gentlemen can Und
accommodations there al this time. Join lm
Old Santa Monica,
NOW OPEN and prepared to accommo
date tlie public with the best of fare
board and lodging.
Alameda Street. Near Commercial,
THE UNDERSIGNED having pun :,a ed
i the above-named House, is prepared to
accommodate boardenby the day i i we k,
ami would inform those Wishing IxtaiM or
l.ioa-rd and lodging nt the flguns ninniioe. d
b low, that, they will receive bei.te, sal'fac
tion at bis House i nan at any oili re* at hs-ii
ment in tlie city, all the vlc'unl* being well
cooked, the tables supplied with tie bt*i he
market affords, and ihe bed% comfortable and
Board and Lodging, per week :*w on
Hoard, per Week S5 OO
p i o m io ie »<
S. C. FOY,
importer, Manufacturer, Wholesale ami Re
tail deal, i in
Saddlery and Harness of all kinds.
Sulk Harness, Trotting Ila ivus, Jlenv.\ iirafi
Harness, Genuine Concord liariiess, . Robes.
Blankets and Whips In ( ci, e\. j-< thiliij |ter»
talnlngtoafliaUelagNsaddieiy ii" - •.
The best brands of Saddle, Harness and
Solo Leather, always on band and lor sale at
Wholesale and retail.
ilnrnessOlls, Soups* BllMJgtnf*
KcnnlriMg Promptly Ooue.
No. 17 •ViiiM-w-H Htr«a«t.
B>«f" Pries as low as any house on theooast,
fabltt f
Comumcrts of Water of the I.n* 4nge
leu City Water Company:
Consume™ East of Hill and New Higli
streets will be allowed water forgardeusbe
tween the hours of 7 and 0 a. m. and 5 and 7
i\ m. Any useless waatfl of Water at. any time
iv wnterclosets, gardens, etc.,or any infringe
ment of this rule, will necessitate tlie shutting
oft of the waler, which will not, be turned on
again but on the payment of J2 and a lull
compliance wl'h these rub', street sprink
ling from hose strictly prohibited.
By order of tlie Hoard of Trustees.
mj-13 tf Supt. L. A. City Water Co.
Cash Asaets, - - - $600,000
Capital, .... $300,000
J. K. Hoiouton Presides)
U. 11. Howaimi Vice-Presldeul
11. 11. Umici.ow General Manege*
C. K. STOKV Secretary
R. H. Maoim depend Agenj
S. 15. (.'ASWKI.I,, H. D, BARROWS,
S. H. MolT. .1. S. SI.AI'HOX,
K. P. F. TKM M.lf.
TKKASi 1.l I!.-.
Which Branch Includes i.«. \ngcleSaitd
sun Bernardino nnunikM. '.II m iicys
eelved'or premium* win !.<• invented under
i lie control of the Tru does vi iho Lou Angeles
Branch within Ihe ul*liltit. All losses ad
justed ami paid by the Directory.
myB7 tl 4. H. MMMItV,
Phoenix Insurance Company, of
Hartford. Conn.;
Home Insurance Company, of
New York;
London Assurance Corporation,
of London;
Capital, $30,000,000.
Policies iHsneil Direct, ti-oui thta
posTi.t-rit'E BUILDING.
my2B lm
w«m——iMm i rmmmfmmmmmmmammk
Stockholder's Meeting.
I ihe stockholders of Uie Main Street and
Agricultural I'nrk Railroad Company will he
held at tlie ofhee of the Secretary, No. TtfW
Oowney Block, at o'clock v. M. MON
DAY, JULY 6, i s:.),
l.i«s Angeles, June ft.
lelOhl ( HAS. E. BEANE, Secy.
IS'o. 13 Aliso Hti'eet,
ket with
1 j <> WJIS <i E & ,
A S 1)
Genera! Upholstering.
The proprietor is a practical manufacturer,
and guarantee* satisfaction in nil rases, (jr
ders solicited.
— ALSO —
Lately purchased from
Will be sold
13 > w cost
To close oiil and make mom for new goods.
Furniture and hauaehold goods bought, sold
and exchanged. Repab log al-o done at low
rates. my 12 If
d 1 h ;
n i 0 *
H H T * g
HU 3 <
Oi t i i i
Is - Q N
n i w Qj
H * X i
n. ; *
Take your thai Is at
Where you will get the beat oi fare, Qncly
cooked, and.al
* jeB tf

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