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jsilg ftetionalfttnarrat.
The Civil W ur in. Missouri.
The Union's St. Louie correspondent fur
nishes the following, under date of June 18th.
Colonel Brown’s regiment and Colonel Salo
man's battalion left this city on Saturday by
t he Pacific Railroad.
They go to Kolia, in Pl elps county, on
the Southwest Branch, whence, with Col.
Siegel's regiment, they will march to Spring
ji e jJ, and to the southwest corner of the
State, to prevent the assembling of troops iu
that quarter by the Governor, and to pre-
T ent the threatened irruption by Ben. Mc-
Culloch’s army from Arkansas. McCulloch,
jt is said, has a camp in Benton county, Ar
kansas, where he has gathered a force of Tex
ans, Indians, and Arkansas troops, variously
estimated at from 1,200 to 5,000 men. From
Greene county we learn that there is a force
of Union men, estimated at 1,200 men, under
John S. Phelps, organized for self protection.
They will probably cooperate with the
United States troops. In the same county
there is also a camp of 600 men, organized
under the Military Bill, who ure expected to
support the Governor.
IVhat may be the final result of the war in
Missouri we cannot now determine, but it is
jn every way probable that the State forces
will meet with an inglorious defeat. The
Evening News, of the 17th says;
It may be that two thousand militia, re
sponding to the Governor's call, will rally at
Boonville and demand a battle with the Fed
eral troops ; but instead of making an en
gagement with a superior force advancing
both west and east from St. Louis and St.
Joseph, it is probable the Governor will he
compelled to retreat from Boonville also,
evacuate the State with his chief adherents,
aud endeavor to escape to Arkansas. Wheth
er even he will succeed in making his escape
through n region swarming with Union me.:,
and with the strong column advancing from
Rolla, in Phelps county, to Springfield, to
cut off his retreat, would seem alarmingly
doubtful. The Federal army engaged iu the
interior of the State consists of 10,200 men,
%500 of whom are at Herman aud Jeffereon
City; 8,200 at Rolla; 2,500 at St. Joseph
and on the Hannibal and St. Joseph Rail
road; 1,000 on the North Missouri railroad,
and 1,000 at Bird's Point, opposite Cairo,
in addition to this, there is a force of 2,500
remaining at St. Louis, which could be in
eia ised to 7,000 in a few hours by the ac
cession of the regiments in camp at Belleville,
Jacksonville, Springfield ond Quincy.
Col. Boernstein, who was left by General
Lyon, in command of Jefferson City, issued
the following proclamation to the people ol
Jefferson and vicinity;
Citizens: I have been appointed by the
Commanding General, commander of this
place, with the v'.mv of extending my au
thority over Cole county* and the adjacent
counties, in order to preserve the peace and
tranquillity of all citizens, and to assist the
civil authorities in the maintenance of the
Government and of the Union, and the en-'
forcemeat of Hie constitutional laws of the
By the precipitate flight of Gov. C F. Jack
son and others, you have been left without
State authorities —without Gu\ eminent This
state of tilings would have produced lawless
ness and anarchy, and alt their consequent
evils. It has been deemed necessary to sup
ply this lack, by appointing a Commander of
this place, having the surveillance over the
city and its vicinity. 1 therefore call upon
the city authorities, as well as on the author
ities of this county, to continue iu the legal
exercise of their otfieial duties, and 1 w ill al
ways he ready to lend them my assistance
for the enforcement of the constitutional laws
of this country. 1 do not wish to interfere
with their official business, neither do I in
tend to meddle with the private business of
the citizens. Your personal safety will he
protected. Your prop rty will be respected ;
slave property will not be interfered with by
any part of my command, nor w ill slaves be
allowed to enter *.y lines without written
authority from their musters ■ and nut with
standing that we ure in times of war, I shall
endeavor to execute my instructions with
moderation and forbearance, but at the same
time i shall not suffer the least attempt to de
ttroy this Uuion ami its Government, or the
perform a nee of any unlawful act; and I shall
prosecute aud deliver up to the proper au
thorities, all traitors and their accomplices,'
aiders and aud abettors. I cal! upon nil the
friends of the Union, and upon all good citi
zens. to form themselves into companies of
Home Guards, for the protection of the Un
ion— to arm themselves and to drill. I will
be very glad to have them, os far as possi
ble, instructed by my officers, and to contri
bute with alt my power to their military ed.
weation. Every citizen of the place who has
business With the commander of the place, or
intends to bring some complaint before hint,
will have free access to my head-quarters,
from 10 to 12 o'clock a. m. My soldiers will
observe the strictest discipline, aud I hope
that the support of all good citizens will en
able me to keep this city aud vicinity in per
fect peace and order, mrd to keep far from
then the terrors and devastations of the war.
Hunky Bokrnstkiv
Col. Commanding 2d Reg’t Mo. Vol.,
Commander of the Place.
Headquarters, Capitol. )
Juniiiusox City, June 17, 1861. }
Fatai. Accident in Ybksa.—Ou Wednes
day evening Inst, while n cumber (if men
were employed in erecting the pavilion at
Yrekn, says the Journal, n serious accident'
occurred, resulting in the death of Mr. Ed
ward Taylor, of that place. The particulars,
are ns follows It became necessary to change
one of the guys attached to the center pole,
and for this purpose Mr, Taylor was sent
aloft. Before the workmen could get reedy,
he grew impatient and cut one of the ropes,
supposing he would be able to hold to it
with his hands, No sooner, how vc-r, was
the rope cut than it was jerked out of Ids
hands and the pole commenced falling. The
workmen below. The workmen below called
to him to slide down, hut it seems he had
not presence of mind enough to even make
«n effort to do so, though all who witnessed
it say the pole moved very slowly until with
in twenty or thirty feet of the ground, when
it fell with a heavy crush. He was instantly
picked up, but life was extinct. It was as
certained that his neck was dislocated, and
his left arm and thigh, which were around
the pole, crushed. When it became apparent
to him that he was falling, he exclaimed, “O,
any God,” but never uttered a sound after
wards. No possible blame can be Attached
to any one hut himself, as he had positive
instructions not to out the rope until all was
nmdo fast below. What makes his conduct
appear more strange and inconsistent is tlie
fact that lie was an experienced sailor. He
was a native of Salem, Massachusetts, and
thirty odd years of age.
UtiioN DtaioeaATid Ticket in Sack;.mi: vro’
The Sacramento County Convention com
pleted their labors on Saturday, by nomina
ting the lollowing ticket:
For Sheriff, II. N. Bugby; County Judge,
ft. C. Clark ; District Attorney, VV. W. Up
t°n; County Clerk, Jared Jt win; County
Treasurer, C. S. Bird; Assessor, E. Block
ftyan; County Surveyor, (i. W. Colby; Public
Administrator, J. J. Murphy; Coroner S. W.
Reeves; School Superintendent, F. W. Hatch;
County Warden, L. Harris; President Board
Supervisors, William Skattuck; Clerk
Board of Supervisors, Josiali Howell; Stute
l n en |ftor, J. W. Coffroth ; Assemblymen, 11.
p* Ferguson, J. C. Goods; J. B. Saul, —
reen aud John II. llousman.
mat they hate Sioi.en.— Besides the
post offices, mail bags, and various other de
ciiptions of property belonging to the Uni
*. states Government, seized and stolen, the
e els have now in their possessioa :
Fortifi ca ti 0 n S 17 Branch Mints 3
Houses 18 Navy Yards 2
A * ua,B 10 Vessels afloat 7
“ mor y 1 Vessels sunk 5
The Irish Press ou the War.
From tlie Dublin Irishman, May 11.
Tlii? American war fill? u? with pain and
disgust, such as wo have no words to convey.
Fratricidal It is; fur nearer kindred never
fought before than those men of the North
.*nd South who now thirst fur one-another's
And for what ? The ambition of a few
unscrupulous demagogues : the fanaticism of
a howling mob: the sordid greed oi a hand
ful of hungry traders.
Our sympathies are still with the South,
we confess. Not that we have any other
feeling for slavery, the curse of America,
than one of nborrence ; but because we be
lieve the South has been forced into this
quarrel by the arrogance and fanaticism of a
faction in the North.
Yet—shall we frankly confess it?—our
sympathy with the Southerns has been des
perately shaken sineo we last wrote. Why ?
Simply then, because we have, in the mean
time, found the leading newspapers in Eng
land defending that side of the quarrel.
A friend or two have already taken us to
task for what we said on this subject last
week. They have accused us of hacking up
slavery, of siding with the masters of the
poor Negro, and all that. That have ear
nestly protested that we are in the wrong,
we are inclined to confess now, that we fear
we were a '• leetle” in the wrong last week.
But understand. We have nothing to re
tract. on the " nigger” questions we have no
apology to make for supposed advocacy of
slavery. The one single reason why wo
think we were not altogether in the right is
this- we find the organs of England on the
same side.
When England takes part with the South,
she ean have no possible good object in view.
When she loudly hacks up the seceded States,
she must, have discovered that the integrity
of the Union was inimical to her piratical
power. Therefore, though the South seems
to have been right in this quarrel, we confess
to a pang of terror and alarm, when we find
our enemy—the enemy of humanity—Eng
land—backing up the quarrel of the South
When we Irish are side by side with
England in nny quarrel, we must be in tlie
wrong, it is the natural instinct of our race
to hate the English side, and take the other;
and if the Southern States of America have
England for their backer, they must look on
it as n tiling of fate to have Ireland for their
The special organ of English opinion— Hip
Times—sides with the Southerns, and talks
of sending ships to keep their coasts clear:
of course, that cotton may be still freely ex
ported. And the English government does
s«'iui ships of war into the Gulf of Mexico
accordingly. The smaller fry follow in the
wake ot the Times But judge our aston
ishment this week (yet why should we he
Astonished Y) when we find what professes to
be the organ of English Catholics-—a period
ical called the Humbler—backing up the
South with terrific energy, and praying fer
vently for their success over the North ! Aud
oil wlmt ground? Because, us the Rambler
openly declares, the great Republic of the
United States was tlie one great rival of
England on the high seas—an “arrogant”
rival, to be hated and abhorred—nr.d so this
blessed Christian journal expresses its earnest
hope that the said Republic may be broken
up, the “arrogant” rival destroyed, and the
pirate flag of England be free to float tri
umphant over the ocean!
We confess we were not prepared for this
startling view of tlm question ; and since we
have read these Engli-h pronunciumetitos our
sympathy with the Southern States nas re
ceived a dreadful blow.
la taking u side oa any quarrel, England
can only have her own base and Bcltish de
signs in view. These designs are essentially
opposed to the best interest of humanity.
The Southerners may have right on their
side originally—ns we believe they have; but
when England favors their quarrel, then
such nn enormous amount of wrong—direful,
unmitigated wrong—is leagued with them as
almost utterly obliterates their right, and
leaves the overwhelming balance of justice
on the other side. God pity these Sot herns,
blighted by the curse of English favor aud
We take the other side instinctively: for
our hereditary foe is over the way. Whoso
accepts tiie alliance and friendship of our fuc
(were he ever so right before) become our
enemy by that very act; and we cahnot
wish his cause success.
From the Dublin Nation, May 11th.
Our countrymen in America have resolved
to give their assistance towards maintaining
the integrity of the United States. We do
not suppose that they are all unanimous in
taking that course, but it is clear, from a
perusal of tlu-ir organs of the press, that the
vast majority of them have enthusiastically
ranged themselves on the side of the North,
in the struggle now unhappily commenced.
Their views will bo found expressed in the
speech delivered by Richard O’Gortnnn at
tlie New York mass meeting, which will be
found with our American intelligence. It is
well known that hitherto the sympathies of
the Irish in America did not run all lengths
with the Northern or Abolition party. Ju
fact, the extreme men of that party frequent
ly charged them with being favorable to the
slave system, and tunny were tlie taunts
levelled at them lor having, as it was said,
run away from slavery in Ireland, to assist in
maintaining it in America. Tins, however,
was not a true deftcription of U»e lrish-Amer
ican position. Tlu-y left a land in which
they were oppressed, find went to one in
which they found freedom. Ac they were
enemies to the government that Injured them,
so they were friends to the constitution that
sheltered and protected them. As they hated
the Union .lack, and longed to see it trailed
in the dust, eo tii.eyk>\ed the Stars and
St ripes, and wished to keep it dying high
and free, and unsullied for ever. They stood,
therefore, by the laws of the Union, and up
held them, much against the will, in many
instances, of the Northern States. Now they
mean t;> uphold the same laws and the same
flag against the will of the Southerns. “We
swore,” say these IrMi-Americans, “to be
true to the Constitution of the United States,
and we will keep our oat h.”
So, the 69th Regiment of militia, every
man of whom is Irish—tue same gallffntregi
ment that refused to parade before the Prince
of Wales in America—lms marched away
from New York to defend the city ol Wash
ington—the capital of the Union. Aud Thus.
Francis Meagher has issued a call for Irish
volunteers to go under his leadership, on a
similar mission—a call which was almost im
mediately responded to b} T thrice the requi
site number of volunteers,
W e wished that this fratricidal war should
not have arisen; now wo can only pray that
ii may soon cease.
Catholic Item?. —From the San Francisco
Monitor, wc extract the following:
Ihe work upon the new Catholic Church
at Stockton has commenced—Lord, Confer,
& Co. having taken the contract for $11,200.
It is expected that the building will be com
pleted in four months or less time. At present
but a p rtion of the building will be erected,
but at some future day wings will be added
The building to be raised now will be forty
two feet in bight from the base to the eaves,
forty nine feet in width and sixty-seven feet
in length. The bight of the tower will be
seventy feet front the base. The building
inside will be finished at once. The style is
gothic, and there will be a great deal of
elaborate work about the vvindows.
Rev. 1‘. Pinto, of the diocese of Guadala
jara, was ordained Priest last Monday morn
ing, at St. Mary’s Cathedral, by the Right
Rev. Pedro Lose, Bishop of Sonora, assisted
by the Rev. Fathers Cotter, Harrington,
Gullagher and Cerano.
Rev. J 0S6 Maria Portugal, and his compan
ion, who were ordained Priests some time
since, in this city, for the game diocese, left
on the steamer of the 31st for Mexico.
T. W. Park, a native of Burlington, Ver
mont. now resident in San Francisco, has ad
dressed a handsome letter to Governor Fair,
banks, enclosing a check for one thousand
dollars towards defraying war expenses and
assisting the families of the absent soldiers.
I The^following additional details of Eastern
j news are from the Union :
I New York, June 18 —The entrenchments
. at Manassas are very strong. The rebels ex
| pect an attack from the Federal forces here
| on or before Thursday, and think they will
] repulse them, with great slaughter, and drive
them across the l’otomac. They do not say
whet they will do in case no attack is made
on them from this direction.
The Government has received information
that the rebels have set a trap in some woods,
fifteen miles from Alexandria, into which
they expect to draw the unsuspecting Feder
al forces. Several small batteries have been
erected by them on the outskirts of the wood
—a pretense —and by throwing up entrench
ments there, they propose to carry their
forces at no distant day, and dress forward
their pickets until a collision ensues. The
scout who brings this intelligence also states
that a number of Indians, dressed in army
coats, who are supposed to belong to the
savages who volunteered from North Caro
lina, were seen lurking around.
The Government, it is affirmed, is consider
ing the propriety of establishing submarine
telegraphic communication between Point
Lookout and Fortress Monroe. A guard will
be placed at Point Lookout, to protect that
station. Soundings have already been taken
the whole distance from Washington.
Jrffkrson City, June 19th.—It is reported
by two reliable persons, from Boonville, that
u fight lmd taken place between the Federal
and State forces, and that three hundred se
cessionists were killed and a number taken
prisoners. One report says 17, and another
that 19, Federal troops were killed. Gov.
Jackson fled, and the State forces were ar
An outbreak occurred at the Penitentiary
today. After dinner, ns the convicts were
about being conducted to their cells, they
made a rush upon the guards, and after over
powering them attempted to break through
the walls. One was shot and two or three
wounded by U. S. troops, who were prompt
ly on the ground and soon succeeded ip se
curing and placing them in their cells.
Wasiii.no ion, June 19.—There is no doubt
but file rebels are erecting batteries at im
portant points on the Potomac; they hope to
control the navigation of the river and expel
Federal troops from its waters, closing up the
connection with the North except by Anna
Persons arrived from Richmond state that
the rebels are making gigantic preparations
for the defense of Richmond. It seems as
though the first grand stand would he made
there. Masked batteries are placed at ad
vantageous points. The idea is strongly fa
vored. Not less than 30,000 troops are there.
A fleet of steamers has gone (low n the Ohio
if, is thought for the purpose of conveying
troops up the Kanawha river, to strike at the
heart of Western Virginia.
No advance was made last night on Vienna
or Fail fax.
Repairs on the Baltimore and Ohio Rail
road are deferred until the Government gets
possession of the route. About seven thous
and feet of the bridge were burned by the
Nine thousand Federal troops are expected
to arrive by Friday.
A special dispatch to the New York Tri
bune says troops under Beil McCulloch have
invaded Maryland.
The President having sent Gov. Letcher a
pardon for a convict who lmd been sentenced
for robbing the mail, Letcher announced that
the President's powers were not recognized
by Virginia.
A vessel was ordered from tiie Navy Yard
to-day to attack the battery erecting at
Wbite House Point.
Vienna lias been occupied by 4,000 Federal
It is believed an advance will approach
Fairfax Court House to-morrow, and Manas
sas Junction before many days.
The forces of Generals Johnson nnd Cad
walader, it is believed, are destined to meet
at some point northwest of Harper's Ferry.
A special dispatch to the N. Y. Post says:
It is believed by' some persons here that
Beauregard is withdrawing his advance
troops to catch McDowell’s columns in am
buscade. lie will hardly succeed, after the
warning ut Vienna.
The people say the rebel army lost sixty
man killed by the fire cr{ the Ohio regimet.
Good tidings are received from Kentucky
in relation to the Congressional election to
morrow. The Union wen expect to triumph.
Chicago, June l‘J. —The Sturgiss llifles left
this evening for Cincinnati.
Schamboyke's Cavalry here, and Captain
Barker’s Dragoons, nt Cairo, are under orders
to proceed to Grafton, Virginia.
The Tribune has intelligence of Colonel
Curtis’ Second Iowa Regiment. On learning
that rebels were at Savannah, Mo., two miles
north of St. Joseph, and had driven out or
imprisoned all Union men in town, he went
there on Monday with 400 troops, and after a
slight scrimmage, in which two rebels were
killed, put things to rights, disarming seces
sionists, and giving muskets to Union men.
The Times' Cairo correspondent says G.
Bugnnt, a citizen .of that place, returned from
the South on Monday', lie says the hank of
tiie river seems to be filled with eotincn nt
Memphis. !u a few days a heavy battery of
twenty guns will be mounted, commanding
for several miles the approach to the city by
There are not many troops in the city of
Memphis, the main body being four miles
The heaviest battery in the South is at
Randolph, Tenn. It would be utterly impos
sible fur any force, however large, to come
within range. The number of men com
manding it is variously estimated from 1,600
to 0,000.
At Union City there is trouble among the
men—the Tennessee troops wishing to rally
nt Memphis; while the Mississippi troops ex
press a desire to march upon Columbus, forti
fy the town and provoke Gen. Prentiss into
The guus at Union City are of small cali
ber, except 04-pounders, a few howitzers and
02-pounders—while approaches to Columbus
are of each a nature as to render a battery of
such character as they would make by no
means formidable.
•The works on the fortifications at Cairo
arc progressing tjowly. Everything already
done Inis a permanent look, as if it was the
purpose of the Government to render the
place a military post hereafter.
Indianapolis, June J9th.—Tenders of com
panies still continue to pour in. Col. Meri
deth has had 20 compatiiestendered him, and
Colonels Brown and Milton are rapidly till
ing up.
'I wo guns, which are to accompany the
lltli Regiment, were tried to-day.
Grafton, June 19th—a courier has just ar
rived from riiillippi. It is ascertained that
(lie rebels, 1,200 strong, are encamped 12
miles from there on the Beverly road, to
which a reinforcement, from four to six thous
and strong, is advancing. It is said they in
clude three South Carolina regiments. An
attack on Phillippi is expected Tuesday.
Wm Gibbs and Win Martin, of Company
K of l ltli Ohio regiment, were killed by con
cealed foes, while scouting within five miles
of Phillippi. on the Beverly pike. A third
scout hud hjs clothea riddled with bullets.
Cairo, June lOtli—W. H. Russell, the Lon
don Times correspondent, arrived from the
South to-day. He says nothing in regard to
Southern allairs, but cumpluins that his cor
respondence has been tampered with by Se
cessionists, his letters delayed and altered,
and some not aeut from the Southern post
offices at all.
J. G. Newcomb, of New Orleans, was to
day arrested, charged with being a secession
ist. lie took the oath of allegiance and was
Lane, (III.) June 18tii—All quiet here.
T. D. Buskie, a rabid secessionist, was hung
ntten o’clock, by the citizens of this place,
upon the window in thecourt room. He was
charged with causing the destruction of arms
here on the 7th of December last. By the
assistance of a Chicago detective, bis guilt
was fully established ; also, that he had plan
ned the burning of all the business part of
the town.
San Francisco News.
San Francisco, July 1st.
The Bulletin of this evening says it learns
by l’ony Express that the steamship Canadi
an, on her passage from Quebec to Liverpool,
struck on a field of sunken icc and Bunk in
thirty-five minutes. About thirty liveswere
lost, one hundred uud seventy being saved
on ship’s boats.
The steamer St. Louis, Capt. Lnpidge,
armed with a Dahlgrcen and two other big
guns and with plenty ofsronlljarnis.and carry
ing 200 passengers and H,829t 84 in specie,
left soon after 9 o'clock this morning for
Goat Island was sold to-day by special
constable of the Cth District for f200 ; that
is, all the right and interest of Thos. II. Dow
ling in the Island sold for that amount.
Lawrence Stebbin, last evening, while
walking along Market street railroad, be
tween the railroad tracks, stepped to one side
to avoid an approaching train and was run
over by n train coming from the opposite di
rection. He was conveyed to the hospital.
Dr. Holman amputated one leg, above the
kuee, hut the patient never recovered from
the shock of the crushing, and died during
the night.
A fine liberty pole, 185 feet long from the
ground to lop of the topmast, is being erect
ed on Washington Square.
Yreka, July 1.
A letter from Jacksonville, Oregon, dated
June 30, says tliftt Jae. O'Meara, ex-editor of
the Sentinel, caned Mr. Deninger, the present
proprietor. The parties were separated!
This was in the forenoon of the 29th. During
the nfteruoou they again came together, and
after a severe struggle Deninger eucaeed-J in
taking O'Meara’s pistol from him and shot
him three times, one hall tnkiq effect in the
wrist, one in the leg and one in the side,
when Deniniger was caught by the bystand
ers. Mr. O’Meara is not seriously hurt, and
w ill probably recover.
Monday Evening, July 1st, 1801,
His Honor the Mayor in the Chair. Present —
Aldermen Davis, Dickey, Hudson, Mann, Shields,
Walker, Weeks, and President Thomas.
Petition from II. Barrett for coupon for $25 to
be issued in place of one lost in transmission to
Ne'v York. Referred to Finance committee.
Committee on Streets and Itoads reported ad
versely to petition to sprinkle Third street, be
tween E street and the Levee. Report concurred
Report of same Committee in favor of accept
ing proposition of McCready & Bros, to put down
stone street-crossings, and track in Eureka En
gine Co’ house. Received and laid on the table.
Finance Committee reported the following bills
correct: Rice, Collin & Co. $11 50, Marysville
Water Co. $34 30, (I. B. Hunt $25 80, .’Jos. F.
Smith $76, N % Wescoatt $98, Stokes & Chinn
$113 50, E. C. Ross At Co. $6 50, E. T. Leavctt
$2, J. O’Brien $10, Geo. Howard $ C. N Cray
$5 00.
Committee on Fire and Water reported repairs
on Warren Engine House made at an expense of
$22. Sundry accounts of City Marshal which
had been referred to Examining Committee, were
by them reported correct.
Mayor’s quarterly message read and ordered
printed. Quarterly report of City Marshal, Trea
surer, Clerk of Recorder’s Court, City Clerk and
Powder-house Keeper received and ordered to be
Resignation of City Recorder, J. B. Kyle, read
and accepted.
City Clerk authorized to draw Warrants in fa
vor of parties named iu report of Finance Com
Resolution of Aid. Shields, authorizing the City
Clerk to draw warrant, in favor of the Mayor, for
$250, to be appropriated in celebrating the*Fourth
of July. Aid. Walker moved to lay on the table.
Carried. Aid. Davis, Dickey, Walker and Weaks
voting in the nliirmative, and Aldermen Hudson,
Shields and Thomas in the negative.
Mayor authorized to act as Recorder, if it be
ascertained that he can do so legally.
Clerk authorized to draw warrants in favor of
city oliicers for monthly and quarterly salaries.
Committee on Fire and Water, in connection
with the Foreman of Eureka Engine Co. No. J,
authorized to sell Eureka Engine, and appropri
ate the proceeds to the purchasing of a steam tire
E. Hamilton allowed $15 for burying a pauper.
Jose Gonzales allowed $109 75 for hauling
gravel on alleys of Cemetery.
Summons of A. Wedel, issued by Justice Mer
ritt, to Mayor and Common Council, claiming
$72 50 for work done as Jauitor of the Public
Schools, read by the clerk. City Attorney in
structed to defend the suit.
Clerk authorized to diGw his warrant for $250
in favor of Trustees of City Library. Aid. Hud
son, Walker, Weaks and Thomas voting in the
atlirmative, and Aid. Dickey, Maun and Shields
iu the negative.
Committee on Streets and Roads authorized to
cover Sewer on 4th street, between A and B sts.
work to be done By chain gang.
Same Committee authorized, by casting vote of
the Mayor, to have excavation made front the
upper end of D street Sower to north line of 4th
street, for the purpose of continuing said Sewer;
work to bo done by chain gang.
Bills for repairs made bv authority on Warren .
Engine House ordered paid.
Examining Committee and Financial officers o. r
city ordered to meet next Friday, at City Hall, to
examine accounts of -city officials.
Ordinance allowing Lincoln <5t Scott to p.ut up
twelve bulletin boards on street corners, passed
to third reading and laid on table.
Ordinance relating to gutters and sewers taken
up. A substitute was ottered, which passed to
third reading, and was undergoing a protracted
and animated discussion when our reeporter left.
Arrivals at the U. S. Hotel.
June $9 1861.
Clark os Sutter Bradley A I) Parks’ JJar
TurlFrey L Parks’ Bar Burrell M B St Louto
Bristow Jno W “ McGee A Colusa co
Ricton W F Camptonville Nelson J II IlansonvilLs
McGowan Jno Long Jiar SJurman
Farrelly M San Juan Sample D R Quin to Ranch
Lambert E U Butte eo Ryan J M city
Verney L B Orovillo Ledyurd E C Dry Creek
Mtganigal J R Plumas Paschell D B “
Culver Tom, Ban Juan Grisham J P “
Skill' E 44 Billow Michael Colusa
Good Jo 41 Palphrey A J city
Tryon E B 44 Woohsey J II Woolsey Flat
Bodkins D II Long Bar Crow Matt Butte co
JernisonGeo 44 Fay J II Alleghany
Bailey D E Solano Schooley Dan city
Atchtson S M Yuba co Wilder K Sutler co
June 80th.
Crowell Sarah Parsons C San Fran
Lee Geo A Colusa Platt J W Sue River
Booth Mervin “ Lenon J K 44
Teunent A lady US F Broeder Hy S F
Waring R Colusa Spillman J D Oroville
Chapin E “ Brown Rohl city
£}lcson L Colusa Bloom W Eureka
Hays Itobt Morristown Clark Jas Sutter
Rive Peter Va City Steel Jno M Coast Range
Kelly M D Colusa Meiner Jos “
Johnson A t Mrs San Juan Eaton E Sac City
Gould Jacob 8 GibsonvlllcCnrpcnUr A
Abrahams I) Happy VaUeyBlUow Michael Colusa
Davis A San Juan * Law J J Grass Valley
Wall Thos Montezuma HillNewroan Jno “
Brannan W 44 Herring F A
KetinadyM 44 Talbott Dr city
Baley Miss E Gardner M|j
Coffer Win Croville Jones B Plumas
Farrelly P 44 Bouger Pearce Sutter
Lawrey Chas Grass Valley Harris II M
Bj oorHC San Juan Bartrand A Brown’s V
Err.merson G W Monted’to Patterhon C
Gifford E '* Fisk L F Sierra Valley
Arrival* at the St. Nicholas Hotel.
June 29, 1661.
D F Kerry A 1 Santa Rosa Oh&s N Davidson A i Sac
Mrs Cryen Miss Anna Dwidsop “
w S Day Indian HU4j J Hall Forest City
John GTrue Oroville W J Post Yolo co
W F Small Sutter co J M Post “
Mrs Leeinan “ Chas A Uaskln San Iran
Geo Gifford A 1 San Juan James 8 McDonald,
James Winne “ C Corkly San Juan
John N Morris SacraraentoT G Vandiver city
Mrs Tittle “ Win J Cronk San Fran
Mr Joventbal A Bro O F Watson “
June 80 th.
A W Aubrey city A Woodruff San Juan
Miss Hart Long Bar Curtis Woodruff “
John 8 Berry Oroville M Chase A 1 Suisun V|
8aml Gordon Wm F James Sutter co
A Greenleaf Chieo Henri Endel
W Howes San Francisco Amos Hill city
Mrs Bishop Grass Valley Geo Wood
I N C Miller San Juan Chas Wood
Geo M Fuller A 1 Yuba co W F Park** dty|
8 O Green San Juon C Barnes Oregon
John S Cary A 1 Sac city W Jones “
Geo Howard “ Judge Aud city
Chas D Voy Nevada J McDonald
G T Wilson N C F Lane Grass Valley
T G Baxter Napa City Warren Henderson “
' M M Henderson Grass V
The unconditional Union Democracy of Yuba
County will meet in the several precinct*, at the
place* when* the jmiIJs were held lust year,on SAT
URD \ Y, JULY 20th, and elect I). legates to tho
County Convention to ho held at th-> Court House
iathecitv of Marysville, on » ATI KDAY, July
27th, 1861, at 12 o'clock M., for the purpose of
nominating County Officer* to be supported at the
ensuing election.
It is recommended that nr other test be requir
ed than the approval of the present eff >rt* of, and
a willingness to support, in all reasonable ways,
the Federal authorities in maintaining the integ
rity of ti e Union, the Constitution and the Laws.
The respective precincts will bo entitled to tho
following number of Delegates, the basis of rep
resentation being one Delegate for every GO votes,
and oue tor every traction over ten votes;
First Ward, 331 votes. 6 Delegates
Second Ward, 4S5 4 * 8 4<
Third Ward, 489 “ 8 44
Fourth Ward, 542 *' 9 *
Honcut, 57 44 1 44
Zabri.-kie’s Ranch, 53 44 1 44
Sewell’s Ranch, 85 “ 2 44
Yuba Ranch, 58 44 1 “
Seven Mile House, 17 44 1 44
Sand Flat, 50 44 1 4 *
Lander*’ House, 43 44 1 “
Wing House, 71 “ 2 44
Round Tent, 59 44 1 14
lias well’s Ranch, ‘24 44 1 44
Christian Hill, 58 44 1 44
Johnson’* Ranch, 11 44 1 44
McDonald’s Mills, 58 44 1 44
Kennebec Bar, ‘22 “ 1 44
Lander’s Rar, 10 44 1 44
Rose’s Bar, 20 44 1 “
Sucker Flat, 200 44 4 44
Timbuctoo, 3u9 44 5 •*
Brown’s Valley, 54 “ 1 44
Peoria House, 87 44 1 44
Long Bar, 286 44 4 ,f
Poverty Bar, 26 44 1 * 4
Parks’ Bar, 71 •* 2 44
French Town, 59 44 1 44
Martin House, 73 44 2 44
Cumptonvillo. 250 5 14
Galena Ilill, 87 4 ' 2
Slate Range, 3 3 44 X
Willow Creek, 30 44 1 44
Freeman’s Crossing, 78 44 2 “
Strawberry Valley, 96 44 2 44
Bagiev i lie, 7 2 4 4 2
Hampshire Mills, 46 44 1
Compton Mills, ‘23 44 1
Natchez, 2 6 44 1
Hausonvillc, 73 44 2
New York House, 4G 44 1 44
Clayton’s Ranch, 72 44 2 44
Brownsville, 47 44 1 44
Mount Hope, 19 44 1
New York Flat, 7 2 4 4 2
Indiana Ranch, 00 44
Dobbin’s Ranch, 35 44 1 44
Foster’s Bar, 83 4 4 2 44
Oregon IIill, 74 44 2
Young’s Ilill, 83 4 - 2
Chairman County Committee,
J. Af. Refsr, Secretary.
Introduced Mstrcli id,
M BUSS i> O R F F E It' S
Hat Manufactory.
Corner D and Second Streets.
Cgars, Tobacco, etc.,
Wou’d announce to the public, that notwithstanding
the advanced prices of Cigars in San Francisco in eon
scijuencuofUhe War—he still -continues to sell the
best quality <»t Cigars, and with no advance in price.
I have on hand a large well selected stock of
Havana and American Cigars,
Genuine Meersham Pipes.
(the An eat assortment in the State at reduced prices.)
Chewing Tobacco, Matches &c.,
Which will be sold at the lowest cash prices.
Western House Cijrar Store,
Country orders promtly filled and forwarded.
j.une5-lrp A. LEWIS.
Van Muller & Co.,
Corner 12 and Sccwiui st*.,
(liroccriiN, Pro* i*ions, I.i
(|iioi'«, Flour, Urniii etc.
A D VA A c E ntl \ E V
On Grain, Flour ,
Wool, etc..
Stored in their own Ware
houses or sent for sale to
their House in San Fran
Receive and Forward Goods to all
parts of the Country.
Insurance Company.
apl9-my is
the undersigned and rocoromended l«»
,7 a all parties that have lately received and read
the warlike news to rail on them and buy some of
their choice brands of
Havana Cigars,
For quieting the nerves, consisting of the finest brands
ever imported.
Also cn hand a large lot cf
ImiUUiuci Havana Clears
And a large lot of the very best Chewing
Of all brand* and Varieties, too numerous to mention,
all of which we offer to the public at greatly reduced
Traders and Country Drillers
are especially invited to call and examine our well as
sorted stock before they purchase elsewhere, as it will
surely pay for their trouble. AH we aak is a trial.
New Corner Tobacco and Cigar Store,
Corner of Second and D streets, Marysville,
rra v14
Hlgbst., between First and Second
IIA KVSVI I. 1 .1- .
Ladie’s and Gentlemen’s Hair Dresser,
(101 Second street near C, Marnsville,)
RESPECTFULLY informs tha public in general
hat for the accommodation of everybody h*
has reduced the prices ofilair Cutting and Shampoo
ing a* follows:
Hair Cutting 25 eta.
Shampooing 25cte.
Spring and Summer
Tj wli cl. they would invite the attention of the pub
lic, consisting in part uf —
I'reneli Organdie*. ;
rVeneli Jaeoiiet* :
Freneh Cliinlzcs;
.Tliislinsi HiU'f'ifcs!
I'oplius; Clininlnnjs;
X* nrn sols;
Ladles’ and Misses’ Hats.
Boy’s Hats and Caps.
Housekeeping Goods
J.illCEl mill CiiII«!I SliiTlin-s;
l’iliow Cum* Cotton nml I.iik ii ;
Tnl»l«* I.incn nml \ii|>Kin<> ;
Which they offer at the very lowest prices for Cash.
ftpto my NO. H l) 8 IKKET.
Coal Oil Lamps.
Downey’s Celebrated Coal Oil
Light in color anil free from smell.
The largest assortment of Coal Oil Lamps
North of San Francisco.
Table Lamps,
Suspension Lamps,
Milliard Lamp*,
Sti(ehen Lamps,
ESraehei Lamps,
Side Lamps,
Hall Lamps,
TVaglil Lamps
titamlellors—a, a atitJ 0 lights;
\\ ick, tifobes, Chimneys, Shades r.iu!
It l ushes.
josi.imi ri i Kiiit’s,
Successor to WM. A llliOTT,
7 1 l> Street.
FALL, & CO.,
First street, Marysvillo, Cal.,
Wholesale Bealcrs,
Have on hand, and receiving daily their usual large
and general assortment of —
LI<IU0R8, full assortment,
CLOTHING, Duck, Sheetings, Ac.,
TOBACCO, Cigars, Pipes, Matches,
NAILS, Oandles, Deans and Rice,
CALIFORNIA Meats, Lard and Butter,
FLOUR, Corn Meal, Buckwheat Flour,
I CAMPHKNB, Lard Oil, Polar Oil,
COAL OIL, California ami States Cheese,
GOLDKN Syrups, Piekels, Ac ,
POTATOES, Barley and Corn,
With every article of Goods wanted by ihe trade in
our line, whleh »e offer at small profits. We invite
buyers to call ami examine our stock.
Orders tilled promptly and and goods warranted.
Marysville May 1st, 1801.
c si E A i*
For Cash and Ca*1t Only !
Uoot,‘j nud SifiocB,
And very little money, we are desirous of making
80MB chanok, and are Hilling to give the advantage of
trade to those that have more money than Shoes.
We have a fine stock of
Imported since the fall of prices hi the Eastern States.
Cali and examine before- purchasing.
\o*. 10 atari (»«> I) street.
ap21 L. MANN.
Horse Medicines.
■IO W H A A >S Ofl \T n F X T
the cure of ail kinds of Raw Sor«v», Woundi and
Brui - **?, WiiKRhTHK skin is BitOKfcN, and for
and contracted Hoofs it has i»o egual. It has proved
a sovereign remedy for
Bowman’s Condition Powder
Is an excellent purifier <f the blood. It gives the ani
mal strength ami ap. etite, promotes digestion, loos
ens tbe«km, cleanses the water, and invigorates the
whole system. It is found to be of especial benefit in
tty: following, viz :
And every other disease arising from an Impure stale
of the blood.
Bowman’s Liniment
la very unlike the ftliby compounds of grease and tar
so much in me, which only besmear the surface and
aggravates the disease. Being a penetrating as well
as a clean preparation, it is alike beneficial to man
and beast, and the hest article in use for
Prepared aud sold by
H. BOWMAN, Druggist,
2C0 J street, (opposite Plaza), Sacramento,
And byC. P* POLL A119, Agent, Dit.,
next to the Western House, Marysville. ma 1 3mi»
FI Dorado Saloon.
fWllIIS old and well kin wn Saloon continues to be
3 as it always has been, the test
Kept in this City,
J. B. HUMPHREY, Proprietor.
J. B. REAM AN, Agent.
t ior.it: cider::
by last steajner, a large supply of RUSSET CIDER
il rei t from the Atlantic States. To those acquaiutci
with this braua, it only require, ou our pert an asau
ranee that it is the genuine Ru wet Brand.
J B. HtTMPHRKY. Proprietor.
J. B. LEAMAN, Ag>nr.
Notice to Contractor*.
SEALED PROPOSALS, for the completion of til#
foundation tid kANfni«ot story walls, to the height
of th** iw nrtng M • ortho window arches of ths 3ta»e
Capitu', as authorised by an Act of the Legrblatnro
amendatory of an a»-t to provide for the construction
of the State Capitol in the City of Sacramento, ap
proved May th- *iOth, l-'dt ; said work being the same
«s contract.«<i to be performed by Michael
Fennell, will be received by the Board f Commission
era, at the (»< vernor's office,in said city, from and af
ter the lJth lay of June, until the 4th day of Ju
ly. Infle, at In •' ■ i.-k, A. M. fbi: I inindatioD to he
v. instructed an I basement to be erectod in accord
»nce with plans and speriflrafciom adopted hy sa!4
Commissioners and to be seen at the office of the Sa
ps rntendent on the Ca; dol Grounds in the city of
.-acramei to during the above mer.tl med period Ail
hills mii't in* *e»icd nr> and air c.t“d to the Board of
Ccimrissi >ners appointed to contract for the erection
..( (he State • apit -l, at the offif e /the Governor, and
the same will ne opened by said Commissioners in the
Assembly Chamber of the present Capitol building, %;
12 o'clock M . on Wednesday, July 24ih, 1861.
The Commissioners reserve the right to reject ali
bids, or any one or more bids, wfien in their opinion
the same are unreasonably high, or when the bidder
Khali fail to give satisfactory bond* for the faithful
performance of his contract, or when In t.heir opinion
the best interests of the State require the rejection of
such bid*.
Kach bid must be accompanied with a good and suf
ficient bond in the sum of sixty th usand dollars , the
work to he commenced immediately after the signing
of the contract, and to be completed in eight montha
The attention of all those making bids is called to
the Act providing for the construeiwn ..f the 2ta:*
Capitol, approved March ‘<9 h, 1860, an 1 to the Act
amendatory thereof, approved May 20th, lndl.
by order of the Board,
junel3 11 C J. TORBERT, Secretary.
K E n o V A L .
yfllff cor. O, anti TJ»ir«JSf.,
iFJ continuous (tutu work, without seam or creyl
co« Restoration of the naiural form of the mouth and
face, "here the muso|. s have become sunken. Also,
Gum Teetn on Go»i| Plate,
My facilities fordoing ftieehar cal and operative
De.itistry arc superior to apy Dentist in tpii SuU.
Disease* of the mouth and gums cured
J. \V. \\ . has prac ticed Dentistry ia this city
ten years.
Prices same as other poo.’ Dentists.
All operations warranted. febM-my
Blank Books and Stationery,
Magazines, Periodicals, Newspapers,
School A ITH'coIlniteons Kooks,
Legal Blanks,
Childrens’ Carriages, Cabs and Wagons,
Featlier Dusters, Toys and Flue Cutlery,
tVood ttiid Willow Ware,
itlagazinc§ A New*papers
Received by every Steamer and furnished to subscri
bers at the lowest rates.
The attention of Country Dealers to my stock is so
All orders will be promptly filled and forwarded.
Odd Fellows’ Building, D street, a few door* below
the Post Oflice, Marysville,
ml..‘11 S. «i. U1LLIA21IS.
iv, r.
TKKTU utavly and substantially filled with p'ir^
My Skeleton Atmospheric Plate is still predominant.
Its advantages over all other artificial work, are—
First. — A very narrow plate, tliuj preserving all
the modulations of voice.
Second.—Its adaptation and ease to the mouth.
Third.—It does not rock as other plates do after a
little use, but when once fitted remains so; nor does
it require any perceptible e/Tort on the part of the
patient to keep it in the mouth.
Call and see specimens.
Operations tor Cleft Palate performed ; also Pala
tine Obturators Inserted. Strict attention paid to all
diseases of the teeth.
Ofiiee on 1> street, between Third and Fourth, oppo
site the Odd Fellow’s Hall, Marysville.
Janl8 ,
H a ir dware
Agricultural and Mining Implements.
Ill/vc 1:. «uiii til«’ Tools
Cordage Powdei, Fu«e, Ac,, Ac,
To Farmers.
We have the following Machines which we will sell
at greatly reduced prices :
Esterly’s Self Making Reaper & Mower «
Which gave better satisfaction to Farmers last sea
son than any other Machine. Also the
Kentucky Harvester,
A combined Reaper and Mower. AUo
Ketchem's Ahorse Reaper and Mower f
KETCH EM*8 one and two hor$) Mowing Machines.
Abo the justly celebrated
Buckeye Mower,
The b st Mowing Machine in the World. Ita superi
ority over other Machines, is that it has two driving
wheels, which support the whole weight of the Fram*»
Gearing ami driver, iriving it nearly double the power
of a machine which has but one Driving Wheel. It
has a doubie hinged finger bar. (which belongs exclu
sively to the Huekey»* Mower,) which can be raised to
pass obstructions. Tic* Bar can he folded over tho
top of the Frame with perfect ease, so that it can b«
move I from place to place wit! <'ut.trouble. It has no
Co»r Gearing in the Driving Wheels ; it is entirely free
fro*} aide-draught. and <ta* no weight on the tongue or
horses* nee 1 . The d’augUt li lighter thau ordinary
plowing. Also
UuMtcll'K Patent Threshing Machines,
Made l<y Nourse, Mason A Co., £os'on Mass.
Fanners w 1 find it greatly to their advantage to
cull and examine these Machined, bciora purchasing
for the coming Harvest. For sale by—
Corner of E and First streets,
apl3-2m Marysville.
Bar and Billiard Saloon
JANIES P. STONE, Proprietors.
jtinelS Od l Fellows* Building, Marysville
lop Stale.
Stevens* patent hay presses, made witn
improvements for 1S61. HAWLEY A CO.,
june 13 Comer of E and First street#.
P. M. Steamship Company’s
Uncle Sam,
Will leave Tv Isom Street Wharf
At t» o’clock A. M. punctually,
I’ O IX X* IV IVY A. m
Passengers will be conveyed from Panama to Aspin
wall by the Panama Railroad Company, and from As*
pin wall to New York by tins Atlantic and Pacific Steam
ship Company.
W. P. BABCOCK, i A8 “ uu -
Come r Sacramento and Leidesdorff streets,San Prar
utneSJ f

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